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Alamogordo Daily News Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 1

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Alamogordo Daily News (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Alamogordo, New Mexico my it. Jim or ii a to Vlah 21. A a a i 1 $ a Moon tests monkeys sprint made 65 space news by the associated press firs firings of the super fast sprint missile a new component of the proposed . Anti missle system highlighted aerospace activity in new Mexico in 1965. Other top events included first tests of the Moon Landing vehicle for astronauts and frequent flights of missiles from Utah into White Sands missile Range. Even a Small group of it rained monkeys made contributions to space knowledge. Tests of sprint Are under Way at White Sands. The first successful test was announced Dur j ing March and Only a few weeks ago the army announced that sprint had been fired from an underground silo for the first time. Sprint is designed for Low a1 j Titue interception of enemy intercontinental ballistic missiles. Another lightning fast missile zeus was developed at White Sands for intercepts at greater ranges outside the atmosphere. The National aeronautics and space administration also was Busy at White Sands conducting two escape system tests for Apollo astronauts and continuing evaluation of the Moo Rock it components for the first lunar flight. At its facility at White Sands Nasa has been testing for More than a year the Apollo service module which will provide most of the thrust for the trip to the Moon and All the thrust for the return. Tests began in 1965 on the la Lar excursion module the vehicle in which two astronauts will descend to the surface of the Moon. The escape system tests Are to determine if the three Apollo astronauts would be Safe should their Saturn v Moon rocket explode during launch. A test May 19 failed when a Little Joe ii rocket failed to boost an Apollo Moo ship to the desired test Altitude but a test june 29 in which no Little Joe ii wus used i was successful. I a third escape test scheduled for december was delayed until january. The army a Lance missile designed As a replacement for the honest John and possibly the Little John artillery rockets also underwent its first test in March. White Sands where maj. Gen. John m Cone was named the new commander during the year also was Busy with its program for firing missiles into the Range from hundreds of Miles away. Spokesmen said that More than 25 Athena missiles used in a reentry study were fired from Green River Utah to White Sands Molt of them sue coast ally. Thirteen Pershing ballistic artillery missiles were fired Tow Ai d White Sands As Well four from it. Wingate army depot near Gallup and nine from Gils rih Butte Utah. Three of the Gilson Butte Pershing Lio Wever went astray and had to be destroyed. On each occasion extensive searches were conducted for the components. At least five air Force hound dog missiles also were fired from near it. Wingate toward White Sands but spokesmen said that Only Oliree were unqualified successes. Ixo Alamos scientific Laboratory used six Rhesus monkeys from the 6571st aeromedical research Laboratory at Holloman air Force base in a study to determine if astronauts caught in a sudden Shower of deadly solar radiation could continue to perform their duties. A los Alamos scientist said the tests seemed to Demon Strate a they could. Other 1965 new Mexico space age milestones a Nasa explored at White Sands use of the highly intense Light from a laser for possible future space communications. Scientists from Sandia base Kirtland air Force base and i of Alamos w Ere in specially equipped Jet planes High above the Pacific Ocean to conduct studies during the May 30 solar eclipse see Moon tape 6 volume 71�?no. 300alamnnoriio Satin Nrma Alamogordo new Mexico monday december 20, 1965 to pages�?10c guard repulses Cong by Thomas a. Reedy j rear of the truck and exploded the communists took no Holt Saigon South Viet Nam in the Street injuring Only one Day in the Field. Apr forces guarding Saigon am Ioa notice said two vie Cong companies Al against communist terrorist Ata two outposts of the Tuy tacks on the fifth anniversary of i incident occurred despite in Nuon special forces Camp in the Viet Cong beat off a Compa the tightest Security Iii years in the Plain of Reeds 40 Miles West by size enemy band monday j the City of More than 1.4 million night five Miles outside the Cap to guard against any maj or of Saigon. The u. government forces threw Back ital near a vital fuel and am birthday incident. Officials said the communists with tactical viewing the damage wrecker Driver Earl Nicholson left and when the car struck its rear wheel. Ernesto Jasso 26, a passenger in local patrolman Louis spore View the damage to a 1951 Buick Satur the car was described today As in critical condition the car s Driver Day night at the scene of its Impact with a Large truck near the Star Eulogio Rodriguez 28, As in Good condition charges were pending at Lite drive a theater although investigation reports had vat been lest report staff photo plated today officers indicated the truck was attempting a a turn Cadi Ljung. Loll i Wittrin Winil laugh lines the career girl was showing three Hurt in four smashes munition dump. The City limits heard the rattle of Small arms fire and the rumble of artillery. The action was East of Nha i be site of the biggest Supply depot of fuel and ammunition in the country. An american officer said the Viet Cong probe apparently was i not intended to get at the dump but it bumped into alerted forces which at first May have suspected this was the target. The depot on the Saigon River is a critical area for the South vietnamese. . Advisers say a single tracer round fired. Into one of the fuel tanks or one i the wave of terrorism could air support and claimed 29 Viet continue until the now year. Cong killed. Winners chosen Sands Art show opens no mar in Ani Albuquerque a acquaint Anees two Albuquerque youths walked condition of crash victim still critical two men injured in one of four a still Eulogio Rodri Dent were not yet completed to winners in the annual Art a mortar round hitting an Ammu-1 digit at White Sands National nation ship there could set the Monument were announced to entire arca ablaze. They add Day by Monument officials Coin that ignited Tael spilling into the cadent with the opening of a pub River during an incoming tide i he showing of All the entries could Send a Wall of fire sweep to continue through the Bolling into Saigon. Days. F Ull details of the fighting on selection of winners in the Annie outskirts were not immedi Nual Competition was made by lately available. Prof. Paul w. Mannen Well _ _. The Nha be storage area was known artist and professor of Heen from i iou Croft by fully lighted More so than Usu Art at new Mexico state uni Elaine v. Flint received a first place was awarded to a summer storm Over White Sands a by Arthur r. Bond. The second place award went to a stars above w Hite Sands a by Richard c. Green. A Edge of the Sands a by Elcho a. Johnson was chosen for the third place award and a White Sands As i. Ill. Via a he we Vrh 1 out of rugged Sandia Moun accidents investigated by area Suez 28, 117 Pennsylvania was Day and charges reportedly lies just a dig Oia a jew Arn Tams to after becoming lost police Over the weekend still described As in a Good j were pending. Alamogordo City could have country boy but Sweet a she a to to or on a hike and spending the night were hospitalized today a third rec us Ted budding in below freezing tem Mani injured in another Acci led head injuries and Rodriguez earlier saturday a Cloudcroft authorities said Jasso receive police investigated the incident. A1, As though the defenders verily. Were taking no chances the rumpus in mid evening n intended by the Viet Cong to Mark the anniversary. Earlier in the evening a terrorist hurled a grenade at a in sir he barn let it is an pt7 Lues Dent a was reported held Over-1 suffered multiple abrasions and Man was reported to the local a they Are Steven Loy 14, who night for observation and release contusions Over his entire body Hospital for observation after re ,. Was taken to a doctor for treat sunday. When the car in which the two ceiling abrasions of the face truckload of . Soldiers on a Niento of Frostbitten feet and spokesmen at Gerald Champ were Riding struck a truck sat and both Knees when his car Bridge on the Northern outskirts inn Dinni a this a morn Urdaz oil1 i it near the Western ainu get m a Mil Rowit Mil. Of the clinic hours the Otero county health department will hold its regular immunization clinics on thursday mornings on dec. 23, dec. 30 and Jan. 0 instead of the usual Friday times during the Holiday parted Only officials of the department noted today. Regular Friday clinics will be resumed on Jan. 14 i Robert Brule 18. Sandoval memorial Hospital this morn urday night near the Western struck a guard Post .2 Miles West route to a . T a Utu rho Riff pain r or a Uraih i. _ cd i i hasp late news briefs tuesday Doin s county sheriff Polo Baca said ing Sai j condition of Ernesto City limits Young Brule was More suitably jass0 26, 211 Maryland was official reports of the dressed. The youths walked up to the House of k w. Gregg of Placitas which is Well to the North of where they had intended to come out at the foot of the seven mile la Luz Trail Down from 10,678 foot Sandia Crest. Young Brule said after the youths lost the Trail they had j Farmington us a Lloyd to Stop about Midnight when Miles Farmington Justice of the Loy was having difficulty walk and municipal judge said ing. Brule said they found Shel Loday he is continuing to Conter from the Snow in the Brush i seriously seeking the demand that he Lay on top of Loy in Herat la nomination for beaten til sunup when they resumed and governor. He said however that he a a won to make a final aces All members and others interested in the program of the local historical society Are urged to attend the groups regular walking _ meeting on tuesday night at the Trail is the same one decision until after the first of powerful rocket now in use will be two Experiment communications satellites a satellite which will study activities of the Sun and a fourth Satal Lite for Ham radio operators. Liftoff is scheduled for 9 . Est. The Public Library when a Down which . Supreme court regular business session will be Justice William o. Douglas was held and reports from commit Snow shying i cd. 15 with a Par tee chairmen Are expected to a . Forest service Lotfi the Santo Domingo Domini be heard. Also tuesday eve Falls when deep Snow and Wear today a _ pm mess forced the party to halt Ning there la be a White elephant party at the teen Cen an it wait. Ter with All teen members in brought up from Albuquerque cited. The shindig opens at 7.�?~jo he fires Range or said tem and admission will be a White elephant gift to be auctioned during the evening. Anyone hav j ing items to donate to the pro for horses to be see missing Page 6 Gram May drop them off at the Center from 7 30 on tomorrow night. Boost line Alamogordo and other new Mexico Points helped boost Frontier airlines to a new High for november in passenger traffic eclipsing the line s Overall growth percentage with in 34 percent pain in travel originating in this stat. Tho airline s total gain for the month was 22 per cent Over the same month a year ago. The local Frontier facility boarded 401 passengers a 27 Par cent increase while Farmington was up 37 per cant Albuquerque 35 Par cent and is Chavez expects race opponent Santa fear behind the scenes politics have Fabian Chavez or. Running hard for lieutenant governor even though various parts of Santo Domingo shaken by a violent Exchange Between dominican army regulars and former rebel fighters in Santiago 120 Miles North of hero. Heavy gunfire could to Hoard throughout Tho City Early this morning and sunday night but there was no report on who was involved. Chicago apr Jim Gra he a the Only declared candidate Bowski record breaking full for the Job now. Back from the University of Hli a while its True no one has Nois signed a three year con declared against me Chavez tract for a reported 1250,000 a Democrat said saturday with the Green Bay packers of official says i 968 persons Nave a a in a campaigning As if i did the National football league completed Derai training in 1 have an opponent because the today possibility is always there. A a in a aware there Are certain forces within the party who Are trying to find an opponent for j me. While it Hasni to necessarily i broken out into the i Chavez former state senator from Santa be contended that sen. Joseph Montoya in m., and his associates a Are Var City 25 Par cant Gallup working overtime to try to find sat wailing Wall papa 6 an Cape Kennedy Fie. Ois a a triple Barraia air fore Titan 3 is scheduled to kick four separate data Litas into an orbit Mort than 20,000 Miles Abo it the Equator tuesday to Climax on of the Moat Complex unmanned apace missions Ever planned. Riding on the nose of the three legged Booster la nation meat of Cloudcroft state police patrolman Drexel a Doolin said Edward p Eksund 26, p. O. Box 281, Cloudcroft i was driving West on u. S. 82 in a 1961 Triumph when he failed i to make the curve amt struck the Post. Eksund was cited for failure to use due care. Patrolmen Felix work and i neb Curran said sunday that a pair of Las Cruces youths escaped without apparent serious injury when the 1962 vol swag i in in which they were travelling Robed twice North of Tularosa. The officers said diaries Newton Holmes 16, p. O. Box 161, i la Cruces was driving North with his brother Robert d. Sea crash Page 4 site look is planned for blk project a site inspection trip will be held thursday Jan 6, for prospective bidders on construction of a 7.000-Cuble Yard earthen pit Type Reservoir j. W. Young Bureau of land management District manager has announced. The site is in the to Trulo mountains 40 Miles West of Elpaso. The trip will begin at 8 at the blk District office 1705 North 7th Street Las Cruces. Prospective bidders should plan on a six hour round trip to ult site Young added bids will be opened on Jan 14. And work will begin within to Days. A flow bidder will be required a carry All and rippers electronics office work Auto to meet our specifications Lee Fields i Thurman Ulm Engineer added Santa feb a a highly critical audit report on the City of Carlsbad general fund and its joint water and sewer fund was released today by state auditor Alex Armijo Washington up Bra Biden Johnson and Watt Gar Many s Chancellor Ludwig Erhard talked Over a Broad Range of world problems today in the first session of e two Day aerie of talks aids reported. 1,968 trained to assume jobs Albuquerque of a state base the grenade bounced off the court martial begins for Bliss officer Elpaso Tex. A the court martial of an army lieutenant who participated in a demonstration against us involvement m Viet Nam began at it. Bliss today. On trial was 2nd it. Henry Howe or. 23, Boulder Colo. He is charged with conduct unbecoming an officer conduct to bring discredit upon the armed forces and contempt for officials honorable mention. Exhibit of the paintings opened this morning at the visitor Center and will be open for Public viewing every Day from 8 . To 6 . Unto sunday Jan 2, when the exhibit will close with an afternoon recep i lion for the artists and presentation of awards by the Alamogordo chamber of Commerce. Participating artists this year chose a wide variety of approaches to the theme features of the White Sands a As indicated by such titles As a Moonrise a a a Spring blossoms a a Solitude a a fantasy of the Sands a special feature is the display of one of professor manners own paintings a Long red Cloud Twenty six artists Are represented in the show 12 of them from Alamogordo a a. L. Anderson s. S Brunbelow j. Do More a l. Fortner e. A. Johnson l. Mcafee a. Mcmullen l. Mcrae c. A. Robbins. W a. Stevens e. Willard and f. Yung. Six Las Cruces artists brought entries a a. R. Hollywood api Comedi 501?1, in i a hoi i in i i a . A a Gupta Rel to to. C. We Smi Faul w Mannen marriage Short for comedienne Enne Phyllis Diller has separate Howe a attorney was expect a from Lier husband of less de to move again for a change ban three months a spokesman of venue. An earlier such to announced Tion we denied. I the spokesman said enter in spokesman _ Howe stationed at it. Bliss Tamer wards Donovan moved i a a. Julian and t m trom l. F. Wilcox. The remaining eight entries came from five other nearby places two from Elpaso d. Cooper and b. B. Rodehaver two from la Lim took part in the recent anti War out of the couples West los an demonstration in Elpaso. When getes Home la get week. Miss Dill Beau two from Holloman ii e. Gordon and g. A. Hooks program to develop skill for j the state s unemployed. J. Bayes Williams employ j ment Security commission executive director said nurse train ing and schooling in welding to use mechanics Ami other were being utilized j Complete information special trading is underway at Ros i cations and old forms May be Well Santa be Albuquerque. Las races Clovis Tucumcari Koloa Espanola and Hobbs. Obtained at the blk office in Las Cruces or from personnel conducting the ump Mehmi trip. Virginia Renews Faith in spirit of Christmas hit j or Jln Kjier Lar children by a am one each rom org Rani he had his military identified previous marriage will continue a k Bihum Vernm Tion card in his there. Halek this year s exhibit commemorates two events establishment of the Monument 33 years ago and the 50th anniversary of the National Park service. The Monument came into being on Jan. 18, 1933 the National old Chatham . A Jai of a handsomely restored old Furk service was established the Virginia whose childhood farmhouse. Aug. 25, 1916, through a Bill question about Santa Claus in a 8 a Quot Vlra Ini we m Ato o Hanlon wrote to the new York Wilson which for the first time a a Demous editorial 68 a in As ing Foj the truth about provided a uniform basis for years ago is especially aware of Santa Claus. In an editorial the Christmas spirit this year. Francis p. Church replied two months ago mrs. Virginia a yes Virginia there is a san of it lob Douglas 76, fled the to Claus he exists As certainly burning Home she shared with As love and generosity and de her daughter mrs Robert tem-1 Votion exist. A pie and her family. J a we have really experienced they were sheltered first by the spirit of that editorial a said neighbors then by relatives i mrs Douglas. A we know Thamy warmer afternoon tempera Nauy a couple offered the rent love and generosity . Affine National Parks and monuments under one Agency. Weather Rei Ori fair through tuesday. Slight warmer afternoon u lures. Low 28, High 52

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