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Alamogordo Daily News (Newspaper) - December 12, 1999, Alamogordo, New Mexico December 12, 1999opinion Alamogordo daily news editorial kids in crisis h Ere s what life looks like for far too Many american children one in five lives in poverty As a result there Are More Likely to be health emotional school readiness and achievement problems Many Are victims of abuse and neglect. About 80,000 abuse victims leave Foster care to live independently each year half of them without jobs or a High school diploma. Six in to of the girls in that group become pregnant within four years joining the i Mil lion other Young women who find themselves with child by age 20. Half of them give birth and often must choose poor or mediocre Chile Oare a if they can find it at All an estimated la million children under 18 have no health insurance. And those children Are More Likely to land in overcrowded class rooms where learning takes a Back seat to chaotic conditions and the consistent concerns about violence. So the Cycle continues a and kids keep falling through the cracks. But those Bleak statistics for children can be reversed with the right political social and financial commitment from american adults. That is the Welcome message from a National coalition that has identified the most serious dangers to children and suggested general solutions to the problems called Quot to critical threats. Warning signs for the millennium Quot the study was done by the National school boards association the National league of cities youth crime watch of America the Joe Dimaggio children s Hospital and the National association of child advocates. The most serious risks the coalition identified Are poverty abuse and neglect violent crime Early sexual act Ivity kids having kids inadequate child care absent parents Lack of health care pressures in school and exposure to environmental dangers. Wise solutions suggested by the coalition include efforts to strengthen poor families through better Access to child care health care and education. The coalition also recommends raising the minimum wage strongly enforcing requirements for child support improving and expanding Quality out of Home and after school care working to curb drug and alcohol abuse among children and adults and intensifying anti violence programs to keep guns and other weapons away from children. In a related report recently a group of police prosecutors and crime victims gave the new Federal budget a justifiable Quot a Quot Grade for its investment in protecting children from violence and crime. Even though Congress and the president raised spending for afterschool programs and head Start there were no increases for child care and $134 million was Cut from programs to deter Young people from criminal activity the issues identified in both reports Are not new the children s defense fund has Een sounding the alarm on these questions for 20 years. However a new improved and stronger commitment to addressing them should be on the National Agenda As the United states approaches the opening of a new a millennium. America s tomorrow depends a upon How Well it does with children today. Reprinted from the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Today in history by the associated press today is sunday dec. 12, the 346th Day of 1999. There Are 19 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on dec. 12, 1979, in response to the Iran hostage crisis the Carter administration ordered the removal of most iranian diplomats in the United states. On this Date in 1787, Pennsylvania became the second state to ratify the . Constitution. In 1870, Joseph h. Rainey of South Carolina a became the first Black lawmaker sworn into j the . House of representatives. In 1913, authorities in Florence Italy announced that the a Mona Lisa a stolen from the louvre museum in Paris in 1911, had been recovered. In 1917, father Edward Flanagan founded boys town outside Omaha neb. In 1925, the first Motel a the a Motel inn a opened in san Luis Obispo Calif. In 1937, japanese aircraft Sank the . Gunboat a a Panay on China a Yangtze River. Japan apologized arid paid $2.2 million dollars in reparations. In 1947, the United mine workers Union withdrew from the american federation of labor. Let me get this straight. Your client is suing the in Ficco Incuse Yanthis employer because he developed car amp a Tunnel syndrome on smoking t a letters policy a the Alamogordo daily news welcomes letters from its readers. All letters must be original. No copies form letters or thank you letters Are accepted. Letters must be signed by the author with the author s full address and Telephone number. Published let ters will contain Only the author s name and City of residence. All letters Are the authors opinion and do not necessarily reflect the opine Ion of the daily news. Letters up to 300 words in length will be consid ered for publication and the worthiness of publication is the editors decision. All letters will be verified prior to publication. All letters Are subject to editing for length grammar propriety and Reader order to provide a forum for As Many people As possible the editor reserves the right to limit the number of submissions from a writer. Contributions should be hand delivered to 518 24th St., Alamogordo or mailed to letters to the editor Alamogordo daily news 518 24 St. Alamogordo . 88310. Walter Mears from a maybe to a you be by Walter r. Mears a special correspondent Washington a by Steve Forbes political reckoning the rival candidate who says he will consider an unpopular step is saying in code that he intends to do it. Especially when the subject is social Security and the candidate is Texas gov. George w. Bush. A and that a Why the place to attack it and fight it is now a Forbes said of his offensive against Bush. The attacks came in Campaign debates and in television ads after the Republican presidential front runner said he would look at increasing the social Security age for future beneficiaries. Bush countered that he had been answering a question about options for the Long term financing of the Benefit system and that he had said he hoped such changes could be avoided. The gop dispute showed the risk a candidate is taking in talking about Steps that could be politically painful. In the Abc interview that prompted the Forbes and Bush said that As president he would spend political capital and take a hit in the polls if necessary in order to Deal with a projected shortfall in social Security financing As the baby Boom generation retires. He is not so daring As a candidate repeating passages from his Standard speeches whenever they fit in Campaign debates with five rivals for the gop nomination. There will be another debate in Des Moines on monday night. Pressed on what he would do about his proposed tax Cut should budget surpluses shrink Bush would not say. A i refuse to accept the premise that surpluses Are going to decline a he replied. In the democratic Campaign Bill Bradley had been taking hits for saying what he would consider if projected surpluses evaporate and undercut his plan for financing a $65 billion a year health care plan. He said it might require a tax increase. A a in a make a judgment at the time a he said in an interview with the Washington Post. A not vice president Al Gores Campaign translated in a press release a the wants to pay for All this by raising Gore then said it was not responsible for Bradley a to propose a tax increase because that is the Only Way to cover the Cost of his health care proposal not As a hedge against economic unknowns. Bradley said that was dishonest. A a in a not proposing raising taxes a he said. He also said it would be irresponsible to Rule it out should economic circumstances change. Gore would not foreclose the possibility either. A nobody has a Crystal Ball a the vice president said. He said he has no intention of proposing a tax increase a under current economic nor does anyone else in the 2000 contest. The six republicans Are pledged against new taxes their debate is about rival tax Cut plans. A if you done to take a firm hard pledge against raising taxes it Means you la take the first excuse to do so a Forbes said. Bush promises to veto any increase in personal or corporate tax rates a less dramatic version of the a read my lips a no new taxes Promise his father used in w inning the White House in 1988, but could not keep. He had to editors note a Walter r. Mears vice president and columnist for the associated press has reported on Washington and National politics for More than 30 years. Letters ailing Hale Alan Hales thorough treatise regarding our data system daily news dec. 3 was most interesting. I was particularly gratified by his rationale relative to the a a millennia 99 urn. In be wondered for some time Why the Media and most other entities hype the year 2000 As the Dawn of the new millennium. A millennium is 1,000 years Long not 999. This one will be completed at the end of year 2000, not 1999. Are or. Hale and i missing something Dewey l. Wiens Alamogordo protect our children school violence has happened again. This time in Oklahoma. It has happened in Las Cruces and Deming. It will happen Here in Alamogordo. It is our responsibility to protect our children. Anger management counselling does not protect students. School uniforms do not protect students. Closer Parent teacher involvement does not protect students. The shootings in Littleton colo., took place Over 45 minutes. Where was school Security nonexistent politicians say we must not turn our schools into fortresses. I am calling for just that. We have secured our airports against terrorists. We must secure our schools. It is our responsibility to protect our children. We need two armed and uniformed guards at every Entrance. We need armed and uniformed guards in every Hall. Students learn Best when they feel Safe. The cold War is Over. Why can to training for the National guard now include school Security procedures then when properly trained guardsmen rotate duty at All our schools. Anger management does not protect students. Uniforms do not protect students. It is time for drastic action. Armed uniformed guards in schools Are not a precursor to a police state. It is our responsibility to protect our children. Richard Haskell Alamogordo Isno to Public land Public historically in the United states the Public has been allowed to travel on lands in the Public Domain unless it is specifically prohibited. This is exactly the Way it should be a travel with reasonable restrictions where a need is demonstrated. However we Are seeing a trend management policy specifically in the Forest service toward keeping our Public lands closed unless posted open. While the Forest service might like this step backward to Feudal european policies it is completely unacceptable to those of us who use our Public lands. To say that we the Public cannot Access our land unless the Federal government gives us permission is in fundamental opposition to the freedoms on which our country was founded. Consequently we Are writing to assure you that we Are willing to work with the Forest service to find ways to balance Public Access with Protection of our environmental resources and that any attempt by the Forest service to continue to lock the Public off the land they own will be fought vigorously. We cannot stand idly by and watch our right be abolished to travel on land we the Public own. Jerry tinting Alamogordo a locally operated member of Lii Community newspaper holdings inc. Alamogordo daily Ruih Richard Coltharp publisher Jay George advertising director Robert Telles press room Foreman Rick Hicks circulation manager Lisa Bates composing supervisor Carol Gilliland office manager doonesbury renege his worst mistake he later said and the turnabout was among his liabilities when he lost in 1992. As the democratic nominee in 1984, Walter f. Mondale began by saying there would be a tax increase whether he or Ronald Reagan were elected. Mondale was right but it was an Issue against him although no turning Point against Reagan whose re election was never in real doubt. A emr. Reagan will raise taxes and so will i a Mondale said. A the wont Tell you. I just president Clinton and Gore campaigned in 1992 promising a tax Cut for the Middle class. In office Clinton decided that action against deficit spending would have to come first saying the situation was worse than he had thought. So the Cut yielded to an economic plan of spending restraint and some tax increases passed with Gore casting the tie breaking vote in the Senate. In the age of Quick response campaigning discussing what if options is a hazardous undertaking. To acknowledge that an unpopular step May be considered is not to advocate taking it but close enough for a rival to make an Issue of it. All the solutions cannot always be painless. A Campaign silent on what May have to be done in hard times will not Tell the voters much about what to expect in a crunch

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