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Alamogordo Daily News Newspaper Archives Dec 12 1999, Page 3

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Alamogordo Daily News (Newspaper) - December 12, 1999, Alamogordo, New Mexico Alamogordo daily news sunday december 12, 1999 3a t to k i to Texas project should be smashing atoms by Alex Lyda associated press writer Waxahachie Texas apr in this Small town about 20 Miles South of Dallas november came and went with a whimper a not with the bang of big disco f by that scientists had imagined. By some projections it was the month that Texas Mammoth High Energy physics project was supposed to have started exploring fundamental atomic mysteries and the origins of the universe. The superconducting super Collider a a 54-mile underground Loop planned around Waxahachie a was to have started whirling. Scientists hoped to answer centuries old questions about the origins of matter by crashing beams of subatomic particles into each other at near Light speeds and observing the collisions. If scientists could have used the instrument to see the future the scene in Waxahachie at 1999�?Ts end would have shocked them. Instead of being a bustling Hub of International physics research the atom smashers 10,000-acre site is being sold in tracts of varying size making Way for Dallas suburban expansion. A poster from the projects heyday touts the Promise the Collider held for the millennium a the discoveries resulting from the superconducting super Collider could have As great an Impact on our lives a and the lives of future generations a As the discovery of fire had on prehistoric Man or As the discovery of electricity has had on our but an inability to explain the esoteric projects quest in simple terms helped Seal its Fate in a Pinch Penny Congress that viewed the Collider As nothing More than a bloated Over budget science Experiment that the nation could ill afford. In 1993, Congress pulled the plug on the $11 billion program once envisioned to Cost $4.4 billion. By then taxpayers already had spent $2 billion. Little of the original science remains. The building that was to House the powerful magnets used to accelerate the particle beams is now a refrigeration manufacturing Plant. Concrete fills the Large cryogenic Bays used to work on the magnets. Parts of the 15 Miles of underground tunnels that were bored have been filled with gravel and the huge shafts leading to the tunnels have been capped. A company that makes radioactive isotopes for nuclear Medicine has bought the linear accelerator where the particles would have been fed into the main Tunnel. A Hollywood producer used other buildings scattered along the Loop to film a Universal scientists hardly could have imagined a More Eclectic result for a project that brought researchers from All a you had people coming from All Over to work on this project. You had All of these cultures that you had to blend together in a common purpose to work at the worlds Foremost physics research facility. A Daryl Newsom Over the Globe to work on the worlds largest and most powerful atom smasher. The town that had pinned such big dreams on the project sadly watched the scientists flee when the funding dried up. A you had people coming from All Over to work on this project a says Daryl Newsom a property Engineer working at the super Collider when it went bust. A tou had All of these cultures that you had to blend together in a common purpose to work at the worlds Foremost physics research Newsom now works for Tyler refrigeration corp., which owns one of the buildings. For now the vacuum of scientific research from the super colliders demise has been filled by the Cern Collider in Geneva a smaller accelerator that would have been eclipsed in Power by the Texas particle accelerator. And although there Are other colliders in the United states a Fermi lab outside Chicago and the linear Collider at Stanford University in California a both labs Are smaller than Cern. Al Cornelius an Engineer who moved in 1991 from Nasa in Houston to work on the super Collider said these labs actually benefited from the super colliders cancellation. A other government labs came in and we had a huge garage Sale a Cornelius said. Some scientists were crushed to see other labs picking Over the Bones of the super Collider he added. A let me Tell you there were some people who had severe emotional problems Over this. It was a heart wrenching experience a said Cornelius one of the few scientists who stayed in Waxahachie. He later became the county judge. Buck Jordan chief executive of the Waxahachie chamber of Commerce said the projects collapse Cost 2,300 Collider employees their jobs. A it really Hurt us to lose the kind of brain Trust we had Here a said Jordan who headed the Energy departments outplacement Center for scientists seeking new employment. A a few scientists stayed in the area. Some went to Switzerland and some went All Over the world. Many scientists left Las Cruces police chief Steps Down Las Cruces apr police chief James Bonnell who was Given a vote of no Confidence by members of the Las Cruces police officers association has resigned. Bonnell declined to say whether City officials had asked him to step Down. Jim Ericson interim City manager also declined to say whether Bonnell was asked to resign. Bonnell resigned Friday a one month shy of completing three years As Las Cruces police chief. A this is the first time this has happened to me in 33 years a Bonnell said. A at this Point i done to have anything to say. I May have More to say later but at this Point in a talking to the City and considering my Deputy chief Bill Baker a 22-year Veteran of the Las Cruces police department was appointed interim police chief Ericson said. Bonnell a employment contract would have expired next month Ericson said. A this contract was made with the former City manager Jesus Nava for three years. It would have been my decision to rehire Bonnell Ericson said. Mayor Ruben Smith said Bonnell a resignation was a Little surprising. A a it a been no secret it appeared there were severe morale problems within his department a Smith said. A i think he a tried some Good things. Some people were pleased and some people weren to pleased. I got messages from both sides. It was a difficult Issue a Smith said. The association in its october no Confidence vote cited Low department morale and a Lack of Trust Between Bonnell and the departments line offi cers. Bonnell had said he was hired As an a outsider and there was reason time for change time to understand that some tradition must be embraced a while change is he said the department was top heavy and he was proud he he Iii ated some banking officer positions to make room for More Amr Ormid officers to patrol the streets. 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Sunday. 15 minute pick up i 434-3030 811 first Street urge Pepperoni and said they would never get involved with a . Government project for a few residents however the Collider s demise actually was a Relief. Retired schoolteacher Dow Anna Mcgregor owns a House that once sat on property claimed by the government for the Collider under an eminent Domain clause. She refused to sell the Home which had been in her family for generations and paid a company to move it a half mile beyond the super colliders reach. A they the government came in Here and roughshod ded Over people All these houses were just squished. Nobody talked about How sorry they were. Instead of coming in on a White horse they came in Here on a tractor a is. Mcgregor said. A there was nothing but frustration in seeing your family heritage go Down the toilet because of this thing that did no to have to ultimately 800 to 900 property owners were displaced. Through recent legislation however the state has offered displaced owners first dibs on buying Back any remaining property said Reggie Mcelhannon chief of staff for state rep. Jim Pitts a Waxahachie a key supporter of the measure. Prospective buyers of super Collider real estate now cruise around in luxury automobiles surveying the property. A stately mansion sits in the raid die of one of the tracts the Home of a Dallas lawyer who wants a taste of country living. And local Industry in putting some of the buildings to Good use. A a we re going to have our production lines out Here and you even be Able to r Tell that the super Collider was. Here a said Craig Ladner project Leader at Tyler Refrigeri. Tion. A everything has almost been stripped to the ceiling with the exception of conditioning. 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