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Alamogordo Daily News (Newspaper) - August 14, 2015, Alamogordo, New MexicoTopini Chimo Iionno dash vows Carol Burgess general manager Duane Barbati managing editor Rick Gwaltney circulation a edition Friday August 14, 201s a More at Facebook editorial 1w Lvie cos compulsory school attendance Law nothing beats tie smell of Green Chile roasting. The Aroma of Rig jims tossing Over an open flame just brings a smile to my face. And it s not just because its time to restock the Freezer with one of my favorite foods. No the smell of Green Chile also Means it s my favorite time of the year. Time for my kids to go Back to school by John p. Sugg guest column All joking aside nearly everyone recognizes that a Good education is the key to a child a future Success. According to the . Census Bureau a High school dropout can expect to earn an annual income of just $20,241. That a $10,386 less than a High school graduate can expect to earn and $36,424 less than someone with a bachelors degree. And while it is Clear that education plays a vital role in future Success our nations High school dropout rate remains one of the highest in the world among developed nations. Over 1.2 million students drop out of High school each year. That Means a student drops out of school every 26 seconds. Nationally new Mexico performs horribly ranking 49th in the country with less than 70% of our children graduating from High school. There Are so Many factors that contribute to our dropout rates and 1 am by no Means an expert in the education Field. However it goes without saying that if a child does not attend school regularly he will most Likely not graduate. That is where compulsory education Laws come in to play. The Laws which require children to attend school hold parents accountable when their kids Stop attending. Every state in the nation has a compulsory school attendance Law on the books. Under our a compulsory school attendance Law a All children under the age of 18 Are required to attend either a Public or private school or be Home schooled unless they graduate Early or earn their . If a child has ten Days or More of unexcused absences within a school year the child is considered a habitual truant. Once the child is considered a habitual truant the school is required to give the parents written notice of their child a truancy. Not Only does the notice notify the parents that their child is not in compliance with the compulsory school attendance Law but it also includes a Date time and place for the Parent to meet with school officials to develop intervention strategies that focus on keeping the student in an educational setting. If unexcused absences continue after the written notice is sent to the parents the student is reported to the local juvenile probation office. Juvenile probation officers Are then required to Complete an investigation to determine whether the students truancy is a result of neglect or whether the truancy is being caused because the child is in a family in need of services. For those cases where the child is not attending because the family is in need of assistance the goal is to have Early intervention to help the families so that the kids can stay in school and learn. But if probation officials determine that the child is missing school because of the neglect of the Parent the Parent can be held criminally responsible. When a Parent knowingly allows his child to continue to violate the compulsory school attendance Law the Parent can be charged with a Petty Misdemeanour. If convicted a Parent can be ordered to perform Community service and face a Fine of $2 7 to $100 for the first conviction. If truancy violations continue a Parent can be fined up to $500 and ordered to serve six months in jail for each subsequent conviction. Many of the kids that dropout do not have the support they need at Home. The state can help some of these kids by intervening Early and requiring their parents to take responsibility for keeping them in school. And while 1 joke about eagerly awaiting the staid of the school year so that 1 can drop my kids off at the schoolyard the reality is that i truly am Happy to know the beginning of another school year is upon us. Each year my kids sit in the classroom is another year of learning that will help them be better equipped to take on the world. For those parents who have not come to the same realization our compulsory school attendance Law can play an important role in keeping their kids in school. John p. Sugg is Ait attorney in Ruidoso and can be contacted at 575-257-7402 or email him with questions through his website at take p2g15 creators com acc it mpg Loigom Tom Sti Guch creators Syndicate commentary Obama sad Man works Washington a Huma and Man Mark Putnam has a dexterous sense of loyalty. He is proud of his work on the presidents 2008 and 2012 campaigns. His website boasts that he wrote and produced Obama a 30-minute infomercial in 2008, a the most watched and highest pro file political and in american the site further notes that he a continued his work on the Obama Media team in 2012, a creating Many nationally aired television and now Putnam is repaying president Obama for the Faith he placed in him by working to defeat the signature foreign policy achievement a and one of of the top Overall priorities Obama a presidency. Putnam was hired by citizens for a nuclear free Iran a front group created by the american Israel Public affairs committee for the purpose of undermining the Iran nuclear agreement in Congress. The Washington posts Steven Muf son reported that the group is expected to spend As much As $40 million and Politico reports that the entity has already spent More than $11 million. Putnam a spot a classic attack and features ominous music dark and scary shots of ayatollahs and the warning a Congress should reject Abad �?o1 am More grateful to president Obama than i can Ever express for being Able to help him in two presidential campaigns a Putnam told me via email. A i have strongly supported every other initiative he has undertaken. On this Issue however i like other democrats have a Heartfelt position against the for Obama it probably brings to mind the old adage if you want a Friend in Washington get a dog. Obama is learning that truth anew As he tries to Shore up enough support to sustain his expected veto of the Legislatures anticipated disapproval of the Deal. Republicans naturally have been in lockstep in opposing the Iran agreement. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu lobbied american jews against the Deal saying that a More people will die because of it. A few key democrats have come out against the agreement. The White House expresses president Obama said critics of the Iran nuclear Deal Are of the same a a mindset responsible for the Iraq War. He claimed that Iran went from Zero to several thousand centrifuges on the George w. Bush administrations watch. Confidence that it will have enough votes at least in the House to sustain a veto. But Obama wisely has decided not to let opponents to ads go unanswered. He countered critics of the Deal in harsh terms in a speech at american University on wednesday. He said critics of the Deal Are of the same a a mindset responsible for the Iraq War. A a it a easy to play on Peoples fears a he said a to magnify threats to com pare any attempt at diplomacy to Munich but none of these arguments hold he claimed that Iran went from Zero to several thousand centrifuges on the George w. Bush administrations watch and he mocked critics claims that a a better deals was achievable a walk away from this agreement and you will get a better Deal a for Obama offered a Sharp response to Netanyahu a i believe he is wrong. As president of the United states it would be an abrogation of my constitutional duty to act against my Best judgment simply because it causes temporary friction with a dear Friend and the sunny 30-minute info Mercial Putnam made in 2008 included this Promise from Obama a a in la renew the Tough direct diplomacy that can prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons now Obama says he has done that and he Calls this a the most consequential foreign policy debate that our country has had since the invasion of but his and Man has a new client. Dana Milbank is a columnist for the Washington Post. As we learn details the latest Quin Lipiac poll shows that the american Public rejects the presidents Iran Deal by More than 2-to-l. This is astonishing. The Public generally gives the president deference on major treaties. Just a few weeks ago a majority supported the Deal. What happened people Learned what a in it. And done to be fooled by polls that present As fact the administrations position in the very question. The Washington Post Abc poll assures the respondent that for example Quot International inspectors would Monitor Iran a facilities and if Iran is caught breaking the agreement economic sanctions would be imposed again. Do you support or oppose this agreement a Well if you put it that Way sure. But it is precisely because these claims Are so tendentious and misleading that Public a and congressional a opinion is turning. 1 inspections everyone now knows that a anytime anywhere a indispensable for a Clandestine program in a country twice the size of Texas with a Long history of hiding and cheating a has been changed to a a you be got 24 Days and then we re coming in for a Surprise Snapback sanctions everyone knows that once the International sanctions Are lifted they Are never coming Back. And then came news of the secret Side agreements Between Iran and the International atomic Energy Agency. These Iran pad concern past nuclear activity and inspections of the Parchin military facility where Iran is suspected of having tested nuclear detonation devices. We done to know what a in these Side deals. And we will never know says the administration. Its a Standard practice a you see for such Iaea agreements to remain secret. Well this treaty is not Standard practice. Its the most important treaty of our time. Yet Congress is asked to ratify this a historic diplomatic breakthrough Obama while being denied Access to the heart of the inspection regime. Congress does no to know what a in these Side agreements but Iran does. And just this past monday Ali Akbar Velamati a top adviser to the supreme Leader declared that a entry into our military Sites is absolutely this tragicomedy is now in the hands of Congress or More accurately of congressional democrats it is Only because so Many democrats Are defecting that Obama gave the american University speech in the first place. And Why he tried so mightily to turn the argument into a partisan Issue a those warmongering republicans attacking a president offering peace in our time. Obama stooped Low accusing t he Republican caucus of making a common cause with the iranian a hard liners who shout a death to does Obama really believe the death to America hard liners Are some kind of Kkt fringe they Are the government for gods Sake a the entire state apparatus of the islamic Republic from the revolutionary guards to the supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei who for decades have propagated encouraged and applauded those very same a death to american chants. Common cause with the iranian hard liners who More than Obama for years they conduct a rogue nuclear weapons program in Defiance of multiple Security Council declarations of its illegality backed by sanctions and embargoes. With this agreement this repressive intolerant aggressive supremely anti american regime a the chief exporter of terror in the world a a is stronger and More entrenched than it has Ever been. Common cause Public i urns against Tum rum letters to the Edl Tot letters must be original no More than 300 words and will be edited for clarity fairness grammar and length. The editor reserves the right to limit the number of submissions from a writer letters must be signed with the author s full address and Telephone number published letters will contain Only the author s name and City of residence phone 575-437-7120 email Sbarbati to Attar follow Facebook leave mall letters to the editor Alamogordo news Corn Send sweets to comments at Alamogordo daily news 518?4th St. Please do not include a Alamogordo Alamogordo no 88310 any attachments news Alamogordo

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