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Alamogordo Daily News (Newspaper) - August 10, 1955, Alamogordo, New Mexico Page 4 Alamogordo daily news Alamogordo daily Dir a established 1898 published daily except monday and saturday by the Alamogordo news co., Rolland Jacquart it Dent 4 Alamogordo new Mexico. The Alamogordo news absorbed the Otero county advertiser january i 1913, and the Alamogordo Clou crofter August 27, 1922. Entered As second class matter at the Post office at Alamogordo new Mexico under my act of March 3, 1879. Subscription rates by Carrier in the City 25 cents per week $1 per month by mail in Otero county $12 per year outside Otero county $12 per year out of state $15 per year. Billie Holder publisher h. Oriynn Bruer managing editor Virginia Chappell society editor Bern Price advertising manager Leo Schorn circulation Man Ager de Webb mechanical superintendent Lyle Kathman commercial superintendent purpose is the same at present the world is resting a Little easier believing that As a result of a change of heart in the Kremlin or As a result of the Geneva conferences the cold War has been eased. This kind of thinking is the very thing the communists want in America. As we Are led to believe they Are trying sincerely to Lessen the tensions of the world lets take a look at the work being carried on by communists in other spots of the world. First to look at the recent stories of torture coming from the hands of the chinese reds causes us to revolt. They cannot be sincere in thinking that we will Overlook such tortures and it believe the reds want peace in the world. We cannot forget either that there Are at least 5 i known. Americans remaining prisoners of the chinese and Many others As yet unaccounted for. E at the same time communists Are shelling Matsu and other offshore islands near Formosa and pressures Are being _ tightened on the big nationalist stronghold. In Korea the truce treaty is being violated. Reds Are i building up forces there under the very Protection of that truce and the ultimate outcome of such movements cannot be Good Terr in Indonesia according to journalists nearby communists j we gaining rapidly and at present hold the initiative and Baile Alice of Power. A Quot a in India the communists Are giving Nehru trouble. In Germany while russians in Moscow Grin and offer the Friendly Sweet talk thousands of people Are fleeing to the Western Section. The strangle hold by the communists is being ? tightened. R red agents Are stirring up the arabs causing Many anti French riots. These Are Only a few instances. But they Are enough to cause us to believe there is a scheme \ behind the sudden efforts to Lull the world into believing that Russia wants peace in the world. If they do they have an ulterior of motive and peaceful intentions would serve their evil purpose. Wednesday Augustio 1955 will Camuso any More bargains today no Ai Iamb in Law Santa be aug. To a a special session of the legislature As suggested by gov. John Simms to Deal with the welfare Money problem would Cost Between $17,000 and $42,000 if its duration were Between five and 14 Days. Pay of the members at $20 a Day 87 of them and the Lieuten by ant governor at $40 runs1 the daily Cost for that group to $1780. Average pay for employees during the recent regular meeting was $1031 a Day. Cost for getting them up Here and Back Home at to cents a mile would be $2,928. Without estimating anything for printing Telephone supplies janitors and other overhead items the Cost of a five Day session would come to approximately $17,000, a two weeks meeting $42,20 1 members indicate that they Arentt about to serve without pay unless other people in the administration do the same. In Success Breeds Success private Industry has created jobs for nine million workers since the end of world War ii. During the same time the Force of workers has increased by an almost equal figure. But the spread of employment brings to mind the fact that the Idle manpower of the country is no greater now than it was in 1945 even though population has increased drastically. American ingenuity can continue to care for itself. These figures creating nine million jobs does not include the Hoard of workers added to the governmental payrolls nor does it include the farm workers. It proves too that the improved automation methods never will wreck the labor picture in America. When every new method is introduced in the Field of production it creates a need for another skilled worker. As has been seen time after time improved production always can provide additional distribution and before the Cycle is completed the number of employee will be and smaller Toffan the. Labor saving devices were inaugurated. Creation of technological advances in production is the Way to gain. Throttling of new ideas or the destruction of productive methods for the Protection of jobs is merely placing a stranglehold on Progress and at the same time does not accomplish the end it started to work on. % Sitione i \ a a a a f american Industry is paying off its debt to colleges and universities they have realized for years the importance of College training in the employment of younger people and it has been years since the College graduate has had to look for a Job. Let Justry is standing ready to absorb each new crop of grads. Along with this importance comes gifts from american corporations to Aid colleges and universities in their training programs. Gifts this year have increased and the figures now Tun Injo the millions of dollars. This is exactly As it should be. V7hile most institutions of higher learning Are usually hard put for funds to keep abreast of times and provide first training methods and tools with which to train,.it should be that people profiting from the i efforts of the institutions should help pay for the k becomes a Chain reaction. American business is support a system of higher education and education in turn should teach the function of the american economic system and the need for perfecting and protecting it. Crossword Puzzle a a a across i. Finished a a 6. Period a 8. Stain Abs 12. Month Factor by i. Showed the Way id. Own 16. Liquors i humming. $7. Expert aviators is. Bey Agata to. Bevel it extend t across a 22. Honer 26. Consume 27. Help so. Ocean $ steamers v 22. Poor i 24. Working gathering 25. Urchin 27. Passageway 88. Feels self reproach 40. Compact 43. Is unsteady 47. Above 48. Young dog 49. Silkworm 50. Had on 51. Feminine name 52. Unless let 53. Witnessed 54. Lamprey 55. Achievement Down i famous poet by is a Quot of is a m Khz khessb9 barn Aas in has k n solution of yesterdays Puzzle 2. Valley 3. Supplements 4. Reestablish 5. Make proud 6. Adore 7. American College ? town 8. Kind of Rock 9. So. American rodent 10. Part of a stove 11. Trial 19. Warded off 20. Locate 22. Ripple 23. Vestment 24. Gaming cube 25. Number 27. Public notices 28. Poorly 29. Scotch River 31. Juice of a tree 33. Expand 36. Tune out 38. Mature 39. Asiatic kingdom 40. Cutting tools 41. Siouan Indian 42. Learning 44. Large Lake 45. Increase 46. Uttered 48. Crusted dish Chatta problem Buck Beeson now of St. Louis and a few years ago a resident of Dawson n. M., is intrigued by new Mexico a advertising program in hot Belt newspapers. A a we be been wanting to come out for sometime a he writes a but can to make up our minds whether to a rest or he a ribbing us about the first of the new advertisements which invite people to come to new Mexico and tells them to a rest or relax As the mood moves kind of a hard decision there whether to rest or relax. Kentuckian favored George w. Hubley jr., the Kentucky expert hired by the new economic development commission to work for a couple of months at $1,000 a month setting up the operation of the commission is Likely to wind up As the permanent director. An officer of the commission disclosed that an Effort is afoot to keep Hubley on the Job. If that goes through it is almost sure to encounter difficulty from new Mexico a Law against importing outside brains or ability. He could hold the Job under the Law Only if it were demonstrated that no one in new Mexico has the tile ability and is available for the $1,000 a month Post. A recent tourist Bureau director was caught in the provincial ban. Melvin Drake who was nominated for the tourist Post to handle a budget three times As much As that of the Edc and with similar business seeking responsibilities had to sit at his desk for three or four months without pay until he had completed a years residence in the state. Edc might avoid the Law by writing specifications for the Job that Only the Kentucky Man could fill. Texan no savvy Auto titles Buster Weldon of 4900 Trowbridge St., Elpaso who until a few months ago was a resident of Carlsbad fears he might land in jail unless he can Spring a title to an automobile out of the Bureau of Revenue in Santa be. June 2, he reports he wrote the Bureau for a duplicate certificate of title and sold the car involved with the thought that he would have the papers in a week or two. He was sent an application form from Santa be dated july 12, mailed july 27 and delivered july 29. Meanwhile the Elpaso Man travelled to the Bureau of Revenue office in Carlsbad on july 21, paid $1.50 fee for a duplicate title and Vas told it would be along shortly. It did no to show up and this week the sex Carls Badan was summoned into court by the Elpaso District attorney to show cause Why he return the dough to the Guy who bought the timeless car. A spokesman at the Bureau of Revenue in Santa be said there was no record of any correspondence concerning Weldon either from Elpaso or Carlsbad and suggested that maybe he did no to get his title because of the possibility of a Lien on the car involved but Wasny to sure. Whatever the cause it looks like Buster has lost a Sale and somebody in the motor vehicle department will catch it for the june 2 a aug. 5 interlude of nothing happening. Title clearance for automobiles is seemingly never ending problem in the statehouse. Some years ago people did no to Start fussing until they had waited six months. Writer cites indignities the a a indignities heaped on old agers and other Relief clients keep piling up a Reader writes. He notes that a committee to work on the problems of the indigent aged which was Given $3,000 a year by the last legislature Hasni to been named. The old committee which functioned without an appropriation expired the first of the year. The Belen correspondent who signs business Mirror investment advisor must be blend of Many characteristics by Sam Dawson new York us a seems there Are a number of people in these prosperous times with troubles like this they have a goodly sum of Money coming in. They a like to put it into securities. They Are too Busy to keep the required watchful Eye on a Stock pro portfolio. They a hire the services of a professional investment counsellor. But they Arentt sure How to select one. The growing business of furnishing a How to guides has now got around to this subject. The american Institute of management will soon Issue for its members St a How to choose an investment adore re brochure it is aimed particularly at business executives and others who see securities As one Means of building and maintaining income in the face of heavy personal taxes. Some companies forbid their executives to dabble in stocks because to do so successfully would take too much of the company a time. Other executives done to want to take the time. And some done to have the necessary Confidence. Forty two firms specializing in such service Are listed by the Institute As members of the investment counsel Assn. Of America. Fifteen have offices in new York and one or More Are located in 13 other cities. They Are distinct from advisory services or brokers customers men or Trust departments of Banks. Securities valued at six million dollars or More. Some counselling firms however specialize in Small accounts. Their fees usually Range from i Viper cent for a $5,000 portfolio to iv4 per cent for one above $20,000. The Institute has some general words of warning. It believes that a far too Many men of inferior Caliper can today find their Way into this potentially lucrative Field without training or probing search of moral character and with Little Public it also takes a dour View of advisers who try to serve too Many clients. It says a adequate supervision of More than 15 substantial accounts a or 20 accounts of any size a a is impossible the adviser who exceeds this number eventually gives inadequate attention to Krop to Channel 4 wednesday 4 15 love of life. 4 30 4 45 5 00 5 30 6 00 6 05 6 10 6 30 6 45 7 00 8 00 8 30 9 00 10 00 10 30 10 45 search for tomorrow. Bob and Rusty show. Superman. Chuck Wagon serenade top of the news. Sports slants. The Weatherman. Julius Larosa. Patti Page show. U. S. Steel hour. In be got a secret. To readers digest. Frankie lame time. The millionaire. Life with father. Late news Roundup. The successful counsellor Many advisers to individuals wont Deal with accounts under $100,000. Their fees usually Range from is of i per cent for handling a portfolio of that size to a a of i per cent if the portfolio contains himself �?o45 years a new Mexico taxpayer a lumps the inaction on the old age committee with that of nearly doubling the amount the welfare department pays hospitals the big truck Law the anti bargain Law and advanced statehouse salaries As a a indignities which the a aged and dependent children Are paying for through reduced Grants from the welfare the Institute says a this strength lies in ability resulting partly from his own inquiring mind to interpret developments before even Industry itself has perceived their and the Best Way to judge this ability is by checking the results of following a counsellors advice Over the last to years say. An adviser who a appears to believe that out guessing the Market is his main task often stumbles the Institute says because this can Lead to overlooking intrinsic merits of individual issues. And the Institute says your investment Counselor a should have nothing to sell either directly or indirectly except his services. Brokerage fees cover the Cost of a different function and should be kept a thing for the rest the adviser should have wide contacts in Industry and the financial world. And like All trustworthy business executives the adviser must have All the big three qualities Industry integrity and ability. Davy Crockett Superman serve at fort Knox fort Knox a up the Battle of the Century May be shaping up at this army Post. On one Side is Davy Crockett on the other Superman. All that a needed to spark this bout into a decisive contest is another song a about Superman to tickle the fancy of youngsters and jangle the nerves of oldsters. As a starter the Ballad might try this Superman killed no by ars at the age of 3, nor was he Horn in Tennessee. He was born on a mount of Mars. And spent his youth among stars. A citizen of outer space he sped with lightning Grace from Dorado to Scorpio or Diablo to Capistrano. It is High time doubtless to explain that Davy Crockett and Davy Superman Are soldiers at fort Knox and getting plenty of attention because of their names. A descendant of the famous Pioneer Crockett is a native of foothill ky., while Superman is a native of Springfield mass. It never Fauls the world today men facing final Choice of living and dying altogether by James Marlow associated press news analyst Washington lift a if you lived on a Star and had been watching Man on Earth through the Ages you could not help but Cross your fingers As you looked Down upon the worlds atomic scientists meeting this week in Geneva. You might wish them Well. But you a have to wonder a will they make it this time a for Many times from the perspective of a Star As you watched the generations of Man you must have said aloud a Why does he always have to make a fool of himself a there were the empires that withered a the egyptian the greek the roman the French the German the British. With them were their wars always fresh testimonials to Many a inability to get along with Man. But now Man a driven by his conceits and inferior ties his primal urges and studied cunning his neuroses and the endless restlessness that blessed and cursed him through the Ages a at last has reached a Peak. Now at last Man in the knowledge of the atom that he holds in his head has the Power to destroy himself and every other living thing on the face of the Earth if he cannot finally learn to live peacefully. Table for the mid-20th Century when because he has Learned too much he is faced with the last Choice Between living and dying altogether. Delegations from 72 countries a including leading atomic scientists from the United states Russia Britain France Canada a opened their atoms for peace conference in Geneva this week. History of Many a combined Wisdom it is almost As if the whole and Folly has been heading Nevi the meeting had its origin in president Eisenhower a invitation a delivered before the United nations on dec. 8, 1953 a to the worlds nations to Pool their knowledge of the atoms peaceful uses for the Good of Mankind. If the nations can go on from this Point and Exchange their knowledge of what the atom can do a in creating Power in Medicine in agriculture in Industry a Man has a future undreamed of before the bomb fell on Hiroshima in 1945. But will they go into a real Exchange of ideas and if they do will they be Able to continue to do it at the moment they meet other scientists Back Home in the United states and Russia Are devising uses for the atom in War. A 1 the Geneva meeting is being held during a strange Lull in the cold War a a period of almost cordial relations Between the East and West a when the big Powers Are talking of keeping the atom for peace Only and abolishing it for War. Salt a Lei 6 00�?alarm clock club 6 15�?farm amp homa of int tues. Only 6 30�?world new 6 45�?alarm clock club 6 55�?calling All Driver eth m 7 00�?new Mexico news 7 05-trading Post amp bulletin 7 15�?morning Roundup 7 30�?robert Hurleigh news 7 45�?alarm clock club 8 00�?cecil Brown 8 15�? alarm clock club 8 30�?krait five Star news 8 35�?alarm clock club 9 00�? Florida calling 9 25�?morning devotional 9 30�?queen for a Day 10 00�?sammy Kaye to 15�?homemakers news of tune time to the 10 30�?new in Brief 10 35�?new Mexico news 10 45�?music of Manhattan 11 00�?fashion trends my of Stock quotations tue let s go to town the 11 15�?mutual music Box Mya Freddy Martin to the 11 30�?ray Perkins show 11 55�?holloman reports 12 00�?cedric Foster news Wagon gang of Tularosa m 30�?fulton Lewis or. 45�?tune time 50�?harry Wismer 55�?cecil Brown ooh Gabriel Heater 15�?melachrino strings 12.00 game of the Day Alamo tire scoreboard 30�?Alamogordo report 45�?coots bands ter ooh world news Spanish 05�?sports Roundup 15�?date in Hollywood 30�?top secret files m Treasury agent t squad room w off 8 Ocial detective the counterspy f ooh Broadway cop m John Steele t sentenced w 3 00�?tune time 3 30�? Phon Orama time 4 00�?Roundup Tim 5 00�?terry and the Musk 6 00�?news Roundup 6 15�?guest Star 6 30-serenade in Blue 6 45�?tune time 7 00�?hawaii Calls 7 30-Lombardoland Usa 9 55�?news 8 00�? record go round 9 59\6�?sign off sunday crime fighters the family theater f 30-1230 club 30�?record go round 55�?news 5916-sign off god god saturday to the of the 12 15-world 12 30�?chuck 12 45�?news of country pick ins 1 00�?warmup, game Day Alamo tire scoreboard 4 00�?Roundup time 5 00�?long John Silver my of Preston of Yukon the a 5 59%�?sign on 6 00 alarm clock club 6 30�?world news 6 45�?alarm clock club 7 00�?new Mexico news 7 05�?trading Post amp bulletin 7 15�?morning Roundup 7 30�?alarm clock club 8 00�?frank Hemingway news 8 15�?alarm clock club 8 30�?mccoy s birthday party 9 00�?alarm clock club 9 30�? reservation news 9 45�?morning devotional 10 00-Alamo Public Library to 15�?ft. Bliss army Parade 10 30�?news in Brief 10 35�?new Mexico news 10 45�?freddy Martin 11.00-world news 11s 15�?country pickins 11 30�?calvin Boles 8 00�?world news 8 15�?or Gene ires 8 30assembly of Church 8 45 tune time 9 00-Assembly of 9 15�?church of Christ 9 30 Back to god 10 00�?morning melodies 10 30�?bill Cunningham news 10 45�?record review 12 00�?baseball Warmup game of the Day Alamo tire scoreboard 3k>-Rin Olin to 3 30�?true detective 4 00�?Public prosecutor 4 30�?bob Considine 4 45�?sports time 5 00�?hour of St. Francis 5 15�?guest Star 5 30�?lutheran hour 6 00�? Nick Carter 6 30�?world news 6 45�?this is Holloman 7 00�?wonderful City 7 30�?hour of Charm 8 00�?drew Pearson 8 15�?tune time 8 30�?enchanted hour 9 1416�?sign off inside baseball for Little leagues by Mickey Mcconnel major league scout and instructor Marzo for Cano or the Kansas err athletics is an effective Relief Pitcher because he knows How 70 use is a3/l/ty. A stretching wind up helps pitchers keep their Muscles Loose. Or is a Good idea to Quot straddle the pitching rubber to avoid Makino a balk when thera Are men on Aase. 17. How often have you seen a Young Pitcher walk Halfway to Homo plate after a pitch to take the return throw from the Catcher then turn and Circle the Mound and finally walk Back up the Hill from the second base Side like Teddy Roosevelt charging up san Juan Hill before stopping at the rubber to look for the next signal to will receive from his Catcher if you have seen much baseball you have watched this Type of operation All too often with the Pitcher expending much Energy in wasted motion instead of pitching the Ball getting set to Field any Ball hit in his direction and then retreating directly to the rubber if the Ball Isnit hit to he ready to make his next pitch. Once he has his signal he should know How to use a Windup to help him and to confuse the Batter. The purpose of the Windup is to keep the Arm and shoulder Loose through a stretching motion but Clever pitchers like Harry Brecheen and preacher Roe Learned to vary their motions to keep the Batter off balance. They might pump once before the first pitch three times before the second pitch twice before the third pitch and continue to Chang the number of times they pump before pitching As the game progressed. Mario Fricano is one of the promising Young pitchers who has profited by studying these details and any beginner would be Wise Halo Avam Alft. / sponsored by Worley s Fine jewelry your Keepsake dealer

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