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Alamogordo Daily News Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1990, Page 4

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Alamogordo Daily News (Newspaper) - April 10, 1990, Alamogordo, New Mexico 4 tuesday april to 1990opinion Alamogordo daily news editorial open up the communication channels tonight the employees of the department of Public safety will be going before the City commission asking for recognition of their Alamogordo Public safety officers association. Al forehand president of the organization said the group just wants to have a larger say in policy affecting them directly. They seek direct Access to the City commissioners. Forehand hinted that communication breakdowns within City management has been a problem in relaying needs and requests. The fact Dps employees feel there is a need for a communication vehicle to the City commission suggests some frustration with management. Its not uncommon in any Chain of command for requests to get lost in the Maze of management. We urge the City commission to explore the reasoning behind the formation of the police association. Specifically its important to open up any blocked communication lines. Opening up the communication channels will Benefit the employees management and the Cit v commissioners. Today in history by the associated press today is tuesday april to the 100th Day of 1990. There Are 265 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on april to 1925, the novel a the great gatsby Quot f. Scott Fitzgerald a poignant evocation of empty materialism shattered illusion and faded Romance during the jazz age was first published by Scribner a of new York. On this Date in 1847, american Newspaperman Joseph pulitzer was born in Mako Hungary. In 1866, the american society for the prevention of cruelty to animals was incorporated. In 1880, Frances Perkins the first woman to serve on a presidents Cabinet As Franklin i Roosevelt a Secretary of labor was born in Boston in 1912, the luxury liner rms titanic set Al f rom Southampton England on its ill fated Maiden voyage. In 19.12, German president Paul von Hindenburg was re elected w Ith Adolf Hitler coming in second. In 1953, the three dimensional horror movie a House of Wax a produced by Warner Brothers premiered in new York. In 1959, Japan a Crown Prince Akihito married a commoner Michiko Shoda. In 1963, the nuclear powered submarine i is Thresher failed to surface off Cape cod Ain a disaster that claimed 129 lives. In 1972, the United states and the soviet Union Loire i ome 70 nations in signing an a. Keement Banning biological warfare. I 197 i. Cobia Meir announced her resignation As prune minister of Israel. In 1978, Arkady Shevchenko a High -1 inking soviet citizen employed by the United nation ought political Asylum in the United states. In 1981, the Long awaited Maiden launch of the space shuttle Columbia was scrubbed because of a computer malfunction. Ten years ago ignoring a Call by president Carter for Concrete action against Iran members of the european economic Community opted instead to Issue a strongly worded denunciation of the hostage crisis. Five years ago House speaker Thomas p. A a tips of Neill and three other congressmen met in Moscow with soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev a meeting described afterwards by of Neill As today a birthdays actor Harry Morgan is 75. Actor Chuck Connors is 69. Actor Max von Sydow is 61. Actor Omar Sharif is 58. Soviets still pilfering technology Mikhail Gorbachev is hungry for Western technological secrets and hell get them by Hook or by Crook a most Likely the latter. The soviet Leader met recently in secret with the chief of the Kab Vladimir Kryuchkov and authorized Kryuchkov to increase spying for High tech secrets from the West. Kryuchkov made an unusual pitch for a spy Agency but a pitch that is necessary in the austere soviet Economy a that spying gives a respectable return on the Ruble. . Intelligence sources told us that Kryuchkov convinced Gorbachev that the Kab was a a Cost effective spy organization. He made the Case that the Kab record of stealing Western technology had saved the soviet Union billions of rubles in military and civilian research and development costs. Why spend a Fortune developing some widget when you can wait for the americans to develop it and then steal it from them Gorbachev was impressed. He understands the reality of these times that while cold War rhetoric and weaponry is passe the Covert War of spies and intrigue is just getting going in Earnest. The Central intelligence Agene and West european intelligence agencies Are preparing their counter espionage experts for a full scale assault on Western technology by soviet spies. At the same time As each is plotting against the other the Cia and the Kab Are sweetly working out the details of joint operations against their common enemies a drug traffickers and terrorists. Top Cia officials Arentt against the jacks mini editorial the Senate recently acquired a new computer system and inexcusably re fuses to disclose the Price. The old system a just 2 years old a Cost $5 million but was not reliable. So the manufacturer swapped it for a new system. But the Swap was a straight across Trade. The Washington Post recently Reno Ted that the new computers Cost the Senate $4 million More but the Deal was supposed to be kept a secret because it was it Reba Grassing to the supplier and the Senate. We must have missed the Pant in the Constitution about the right to deceive the taxpayers i to save face. Cooperation but they Are leery of getting too cozy with the Kab. Cia chief William Webster believes the revolutionary changes in the soviet Union Are genuine and lasting but that does t mean he wants to share methods sources or agents with the Kab. All a Tern intelligence services have seen evidence of Kryuchkova a r a Ami i As. They see fewer Subserve activities by the Kab at Home and abroad and a decrease in propaganda. But since Gorbachev came to Power in intelligence sources have Al of seen an increase in Industrial e peonage Gorbachev is desperate to bring sock t society into the 20th Century before the 21st Century cames along the soviets Are decades behind the West in All technology exc ept defense. A sign of Progress in a soviet department store is an outdated adding machine instead of an Abacus to ring up the Bill. A secret Cia report on soviet techno spying explains the Kab methods a soviet acquisition mechanisms include Legal Means like approved Trade channels open purchases of literature science and technology exchanges and conferences. And it includes illegal Means a Trade channels that deliberately evade . And other Western Export control procedures Covert acquisitions by soviet and East european intelligence services and Industrial the Pentagon has been arguing behind closed doors that the United states should not be lulled by the current love fest with Gorbachev. But the Commerce and state departments Are not As cautious. They have been pushing for fewer restrictions on exports to the soviet Union. They believe As does president Bush that Gorbachev needs help to sustain his reforms. The news of the secret meeting Between Gorbachev and Kryuchkov will be used liberally by the Pentagon to bolster its argument. Lessons from Japan a americans like to Tell themselves that even if Japan outpaces them economically the american lifestyle is still Superior. That Blind chauvinism belongs on the trash Heap. Consider these examples the japanese government offers two forms of Long term health care for the elderly and the sick there Are also Homes for the elderly and disabled sponsored by labor unions and churches. J a a n is not alone. Many industrialized nations take better care of their people and they do it with systems that done to bankrupt the government or the not aware of Law due to the tremendous number of inquiries i have received regarding the Village Council meeting this past monday i feel obligated to provide concerned residents of Tularosa the following facts and information. Last August a petition presented to the Council was accepted but not acted upon due to an erroneous belief that the municipal code of new Mexico did not allow petitions for recall or referendum to municipal ties with a mayor Council form of government but Only to municipal ties with a commission manager form of government and Only to those municipalities with 3,000 or More population. Subsequent research revealed that in june of 1989, the state legislature amended the population count from 3,000 to 1,000 and allows any Munici Pality with 1,000 or More population to submit a petition to the Council to change the form of government from mayor Council to commission Man Ager and thereby gain the privilege to recall elected officials and the referendum of Public policy. Those Are the facts. I and i know i speak on behalf of a lot of people am concerned with Only two things i the general welfare of our people and 2 the dignity of the individual. No one is going to Tell me that i a Don t county and not expect a fight from me. The . Constitution the a supreme Law of the land clearly states in amendment i of tile Bill of rights that a Congress shall make no Laws respecting. Or the right of the people to petition the government for a redress of for eight months i we have searched for the key and now we have it and Are going to use it. Its unthinkable and unacceptable that such a vital piece of legislation has been Law for to months and the Council was not aware of it Jackie Sandoval Tularosa addresses All members of new Mexico s congressional delegation who represent Otero county have offices in the Runnels Federal building 200 e. Greggs ave Las Cruces. Las Cruces office phones Are do men id a 526-5475 Bingaman a 523-6561 Skeen a 527-1771. Sen. Pete Domenici room s a 434, Dirksen Striate office building Washington . 20510. Sen. Jeff Bingaman 502 Hart Senate office building Washington . 20501. The following Are the addresses and Telephone numbers of area leg slaters. Sen. Maurice Hobson . Box 1728, Alamogordo 137 2892. Sen James Lee Martin . Box 1006, Socorro n m 87801, 835 3863 or 835-5981. Rep. Leonard Sheffield or a Box 1908, Alamogordo 437-8948. Cheney is a budget Hawk in military budget Battle by Walter r. Mears a special correspondent it was Only a joke hut one with a message when Secretary of defense Richard b. Cheney heard the Berlin Wall had been torn Down he wanted it rebuilt. A the said it was the Only thing standing Between us and the Kus sians a speaker of the House Thomas s. Foley kidded Cheney at a formal dinner to Days ago. Cheney is the administrations ranking budget Hawk these Days he a being needled and challenged on All fronts. He makes a logical tightly reasoned Case for a slow and cautious reduction in defense spending but the pressure is intense to Cut More r. Tin it Lack Case is made with a Bing ii Gic and with the Adan to. Of rep re rating change in a time a ii ii amate a orld change. I he minute Dick Cheney walked through tin Pentagon door he Ordo a it i All the locks set Back to i in a joked Foley a Friend and a uni. E Coin ague before Cheney joined the Cabinet. A a a matter what you be heard in a not a relic of the cold Cheney joked Back. A but. Somebody in this town has to worry about what we re going to do when Stalin there Are serious numbers behind All that beginning with the $295 billion defense budget the administration seeks for the year begin Ning next oct i that a More dollars than this year but it represents a 2.6 percent reduction in inflation adjusted spending. Cheney recommends 2 percent cuts in each of the following four budget years. Democratic leaders and now two Republican members of the Senate armed services committee say those reductions Don t go deep enough. Sens. William s. Cohen of Maine and John Mccain of Arizona said thursday that the defense budget can be Cut by twice As much As the administration is proposing to save at least $50 billion More Over the next five years. Foley said their proposal will not preempt democratic demands for sharper defense budget cuts. Ile said it shows the administration does opt have wide support for the up onding Levels Cheney is advocating a a the administration is really quilt1 isolated in this a a the speaker said Friday. Cheney has been arguing his sick of the Case in congressional testimony speeches and Pentagon state ments. He put it All together in an address to the american society of newspaper editors last wednesday saying that the administration a has moved aggressively to change defense proposals so As to fit changing see Mears Page 12 a locally operated member of the Conrey Media group Donald w. 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