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Alamogordo Daily News Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1990, Page 3

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Alamogordo Daily News (Newspaper) - April 10, 1990, Alamogordo, New Mexico Best copy available at with Send come into my Kitchen and smell a fraud on the shelf dear Abb Alamogordo Day nows tuesday april to 1990 3 get thee Back to Shakespeare to discover what he meant he an a time urn i i in a n i by Erma Bombeck i done to understand marketing experts. There a a new product on the grocery shelves called a Faro Matican Rice. It smells like Popcorn when you Cook it. How much of a Challenge can it be to make Rice smell like something it Isnit when it does no to have any smell to begin with when they can make Brussels sprouts smell like pizza or disguise sauerkraut so that you done to pass out when you open the can give me a Call. I done to know where the idea came from but ill bet my last Dollar it was inspired by kids. Children Are naturally suspicious of food served to them by their mothers. There is dialogue about it before they even dip in their spoons. Questions like a what do you Call this stuff a a Are you going to eat it a a what Are those Little bumps on the Side a then they will sniff it and ask a is it supposed to smell like this a i once passed out ice Cream Cones to my kids. They smelled them before they took the first lick. When i asked them Why they did hat they said a because you Are always trying to trick grow up America. Our entire society is being tricked every Day into making things smell like something they Arentt. Our bathrooms Are sprayed to smell like a Forest of Christmas Trees our dishes Are washed to smell like a Lemon Grove and our cars Are scented to smell like grape Bubble gum. Our soap smells like peaches and our shampoo like strawberries. Its not that in a opposed to making some foods smell better. Its just that there Are other foods that need help More. Take fish. Please. Every Day i wish with All my heart that i loved fish. But i done to. If they could just remove the Heads from fish and give it a beef odor when it cooked and perhaps add a Little More fiber for consistency they be be onto something. I even have a name for it Steak. Most cheeses need work. I done to want to be in the same country As Goat cheese. It always tastes the Way a Yak looks in one of those National geographic specials. Cooked cabbage has the capacity of nuclear fallout. The odor travels too to 200 Miles a Day and is capable of making eyes water within a thousand mile radius of where someone removed a lid. It could smell better. Somehow the idea of renting a film and sharing a bowl of Rice. Just does no to do it. Dear Abby a Short single and fed up in Fresno wrote a most of the singles ads in be seen indicate that Only tall thin attractive blondes need respond. Short Over 35? a few pounds overweight Well get thee to a nunnery and forget about dating and Romance in today a culture obsessed with youth and Abby that line a get thee to a nunnery from Shakespeare a Hamlet did not mean a to a the word a a nunnery in that context meant a House of ill this was pointed out to me by my daughter who studied Hamlet in her High school English class. I read Hamlet in High school too and was never told about this. Perhaps English literature would have been More interesting had we been taught what it really meant. Donna g., Ballwin to. Dear Donna thanks for the Lowdown on the nunnery. I too thought it was a Convent. Dear Abby in a recent eol urn you came up with the word it is not in my pocket dictionary neither n it in my big one. I searched through the a a he so a starting with a a Haarlem All the Way to now dear Abby will you please explain the mean ingot the word a a humongous for the enlightenment of your Many devoted readers including Bruno Van Aalst san franc Hsc it hmong huge or up often unless you i fishing Iii Hawaii. Dear Abby a Phi a noon a wondering How to find a word in the dictionary when you done to know How to spoil it. Reminded me of what i did when i was once faced with this probe in. I a taking dictation from a safety Engineer who referred to Mercur Chrome Type injuries. I did no to kno Hovy Jos pc Chrome a so i i tied t the dictionary j la Loo Mac Jure Nae. Rime dear Bra oust is Sla extremely Lai however i a hum a Humour a in my webs collegiate consulted dictionary language and there i Nuku nuke for a pig in a which is for of i _ could not find Iii Kunukau punter s ninth new dictionary in i in random House r Cen As i of t ult could t fire the local ii woman Vahi phone to pm Bigdi Tiona either. Tiler and the Cie Over to t he Road if to i by Tho u find Burrito Luau n Max air d it in under id j till / called of the i t o fish ome of Mescalero Natick Ary ifs time to buy a new dictionary. The More recent dictionaries do contain the word websters ninth new collegiate lists a a humongous on Page 87. The random House dictionary of the English language second edition unabridged mentions it twice spelled a a humongous and a a humongous a on pages 932 and 933. Dir Abby i need one of oui wonderful one liners in Ponse to this question a when they going to get married a my daughter lives with her Friend. They Are both mature Elal i would just like to let people know first of All that i really done to know the v r and second it is really i of their business. I am tired trying to think of something new t it say. Carol m. Diah Carol How about by done to you ask them a ish hair her i i cd Barth artwork on display artwork by Molly Gamboa Barth will be displayed in an exhibition entitled a reflections of the past at the Corbett Center Art gallery at new Mexico state from today through april 20. The exhibit includes Watercolours oils embossing Handcart paper works and collages. A free opening reception is set from 1-4 . Today. Barth a native of Las Cruces has lived in the Southwest All her life and it is the primary focus of her artwork. Barbara Giesecke has been selected to manage the Mescalero National fish hatchery on the Mescalero Apache Indian reservation. She assumed her new position in March replacing Dean Chase who retired in december r 1989. For the past five years Giesecke served As assistant hatchery manager at the Mescal Ero facility. She moved to Mescalero from Alchesay Williams Creek National fish hatchery near Whiteriver ariz., where she served As a fishery biologist during her 13-year career with the . Fish and wildlife ser vice Giesecke worked at Tishomingo National fish hatchery in of Ithoma Anil also served at the for Worth at Bish la boiler in Texas Giesecke attended Texas lutheran co1 t Ai son Luvi a a Texas state v hts in a native state of Quot a a a the Mescal re a tonal i in hatchery is Era fish throughout the Hatche i crested lug r named to n near Sierra Blanca. Trout of there Stock that Reserva Waters As Well As other Waters throughout new Mexico my i to of Bacilli Britts remember drug dealers never see the end result. Dorothy s. 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