Akaroa Mail And Banks Peninsula Advertiser Newspaper Archives February 10, 1939 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 10, 1939, Akaroa, Canterbury A circulating throughout aka Koa 1.1 , t Akaroa Gunty i Waw was ands it Herbert s t a Fluffy beatricts a of published in the invests of resident Threath a a out this and Banks Peninsula advertiser news and personal lems of local interest correspondence on All subjects and articles dealing with District affairs published. Free of charge. Vot Lxi published every tuesday and Friday. Akaroa Gaff spicy Friday february 10 1939, Ort Ablahed 1876.maroa mail arar0a a Canterbury official Organ of All important local bodies in the District p. 0. Box 9 a phone 130 advertis1ng charge Sand conditions. Casual advertisements Public notices meetings amuse Mentor tender Etc., 4/ per Inch. Classified. Smalls wanted of Sale lest found strayed situations Etc., up to 12 word 1/- three insertions 2/6. Up to 18 words 1/6. A booked double a a to a charged. If birth. Death marriage and in 2/6.per insert Leo up. To. 80. Words if booked 11 casual Reader advertisement assorted in new column 6/ per Inch. Front Page advertisements will be set by the paper Only. Changes. Of matter for contract spaces May be made when required a a Cost of 4d per Inch. Replace copy must be in the printers hands by soon on saturdays and wednesdays to ensure insertion on tuesdays and fridays respectively Sterio matter May be changed each Issue free. The right is reserved to recuse any deem tract. A a a s a amp a Samsula mail services Row 0fh#s, Akaroa notice of mails obtwar0s. For the. Under mentioned places Christchurch and Forward mail closes daily�?7.30 an. And 2.45 . Wednesday�?7 . Little a elea a Hatten to Bong Bay Okala a Bay Pigeon Bay Taka Matua Robinsons Bay via Duvauchelle. Mail closes daily�?7.80 . And 2.46 . Wednesday�?7 . Little River mail closes ssdiy�?7.86 . Anc 2.45 . Wednesday�?7 . Barrys Bay Walnut French farm via Little River. Mail close daiy�?7.36 a a a Aad 2.45 . Wednesday�?7 . Welha ton mail closes daily 2.46 . From the under mentioned places Ghrist Church arrival daily 11 . And 6.30 . Wedmedey�?7.10 . Saturday�?5a pin. Duvauchelle Taka Matua Little River Robin Aeu a Bay barrys Bay Wellington arrival daily 11 . East Era Bays arrival daily�?8 . Public notices w j0#u Prin Rig or eastment latest machinery installed postman a deliveries daily�?9 . And 11.30 . Postal Box clearances. Beach Road Grehan Valley William Street Balg Erie Street Dmiyr-7.15 Aja and am Pun. Uday Meysing enly�?6.45 table Shoin Exchange open d Aja. The Midnight sunday and Bob Daya of an. To 8 . Parcel Post daily�?6 an. To 5 . Telegraph office qpoa.9 aun. To 5 pm. Closed sundays and Boi Days. J. Peninsula Tel phone see vises having recently , line Type which recognised throughout thy. World As tho Standard Masbate for newspaper production and Job printing work the company is keeping in line with Propest to give end scribers advertisers and buyers of printing a fibreglass and Quick service. This machine carries at present nine distinct Type fees covering the requirements of most printing oozes and the fresh impression from matrices for newspaper and. Jobbing work assures subscriber and printing customers the beet possible impression. The office also carries a Large Range of jobbing Type faces to meet customers requirements for All classes of printing work and with this equip ment and presses used in production the beet of work can be guaranteed we shall be pleased to quote for printing of All classes including the following potters Handbill magazines souvenir booklets show cards programmes invitation cards Plain sad fancy ticket of All Dosee visiting card business latter Heads private letter paper and envelop business envelopes and letter paper of 11 classes uni script off Jwo duplicate account books Founten books duplicate Book of Tai descriptions Manilla and Linen tags receipt i and delivery Book Sale Cir Colinta pries. Lists balance sheets or a rectus fens wed dips and social invitations gummed la1$jf and sticker the perpetual trustees co. Ltd. Directors messes w. E. Raynolds chairman. Edgar. C. Haslett James Begg c Stanley Smith Hon. A. Downie Stewart Otago Robert 7. Gimour Southland Edward g. Kerr Timaru. K. Ireland Oamaru. R. Turnbull h. S. Lawrence Christchurch. Offices Christchurch Timaru Oam ave Dunedin and Invercargill. Established 1884 a. C. Bretherton Christchurch manager 146 Worcester Street Christchurch lost and found to to a bag. Of Wool Between Taka Matua and Akaroa. Apply e. C. Kotlowski hotel Metropole. Amu8hmbntscocksfoot cock foot cock foot we have buying orders for first Quality seed submit samples to Wright Stephenson and co. Ltd. Cashel Street Christchurch Akaroa week Days . To Midnight. Sundays holidays 8 . To 8 . Davau theile week-days�?7 . To 9 . Sundays Good Friday Anzac Day and Christmas Day 9 . To 10 . And 5 p. M. To 6 p. M. Departmental holidays 9 . To 10 . And 7 . To 8 . Little River week-days�?6 . To Midnight. Sundays Aad departmental holidays 8 . To 8 . Private line owners Ataa Hua 9 . To 6 . Close 1 . Wednesday. Be Bons Bay 9 . To 5 . Closes 2 . Saturday. Little Kaloa 9 . To 6 . Closes 1 . Thursday. Mot Karara 8 . To 6 pm. Closes 1 . Saturday. Okain a Bay 9 . To 5 . I fees 2 . Saturday Pigeon Bay 9 . To 5 . Closes 1 . Wedoe Day. Wainui 9 . To 16.30 ., 11.30 . To 5 Public notices. W. Armitage a.f.a., niza.i.a., . Public accountant auditor and company Secretary Altaj psf on hand envelops in various sizes Pape for typewriting due lion time and other purposes note is Flea a and with or without sous amp uses size p p. Of fat exert no fall. A Rob a. 7 per Quarter. Jakaree Man company limited income tax returns prepared 213 manc Kloiz Elk Street Christchurch phone 30-806. Appointments May be made during monthly visits to Grain and produce store Duvauchelle wheat Oats chaff bran and Pollard in Static horse and new covers harness Etc. Buyer of pigs cattle and horses a pen a tuesdays saturdays Aad Sale Days for personal interview telephoned orders to no. 3, will receive prompt t attention insurance the South British insurance co. Ltd. Fire Accident motors Marine. Guaranteed Bonds Karga pictures saturday february. 11 saturday. February 11 saturday february 11 saturday february 11 the islands ring with Melody in a tale of bold adventure and the Silver throated boy you love sings again Bobby Breen Bobby Breen Bobby Breen in a Hawaii Calls a a Hawaii Calls a a Hawaii Calls a Hawaii Calls a Hawaii Calls a Hawaii Calls a Hawaii Calls a Hawaii Calls a Hawaii Calls a Hawaii Calls a Hawaii Calls a Hawaii Calls a with Ned Sparks Irvin s. Cobb Raymond Paige and his orchestra approved for Universal exhibition evening session floor is 6d, gallery 2s, plus tax 3d, children 9d and 1 0d. Public not Scab get in touch with the agents c. W. Leete a area. F. G. Harms Okain a buy or Little Kaloa a. Goodwin Pigeon Bay. A. E. Williams to Ron a Bay. Or with Canterbury Branch 137 Hereford Street. Christchurch. P. H. Harris manager., if you Are particular about your eyesight and wish to have a thorough optical examination for glasses by an optical specialist who has had Over 30 year experience at the wok. Then consult Procter s the Premier opticians Christchurch who will be making the next visit to Akaroa on Friday. March 31, and saturday april i. Appointments can now be made by. Calling writing or a phoning or r. S. O. Stewart a phone no. 2. , l. Davis , registered. Surveyor Valuer and claims assessor the Yorkshire buildings 104-106, Hereford Street Christchurch. Phone no. 30-520. U re. No. 412-388. It e. Mekenzie. Local Royal Exchange . 1720 assists exceed �10,000,000. Fire a Marine Accident All classes of insurance at lowest current rates. W. E. M. Jacobson agent Akaroa. Christchurch Branch 167 Hereford p. White Parsons manager-1 for. All and a Ajo let Quot a to a ,.use1, Chwi you will be More than pcs psf do dts the results obtained. Twelve words is. Throo Tabor Tzoar 2i 6d. Women Institute be Bons Bay Branch mrs thelning presided at the february meeting of the be bans Bay a omens Institute. The Roll Call was a a Book i. Like mrs Eade of Southbridge judged the Competition and made the following awards. Han worked Tea Towel miss g. Leonardo 1, miss e. Elliott 2, mrs o. Thelning 3. Tumbler of annuals Mijs j. Dalglish 1, miss e. Elliott 2, miss n. Bailey 3. The hostesses were mrs h. Barker and miss j. District High school meeting of committee Diamond engagement rings we specialise in rings and have the largest selection in Christchurch about half the Price of other1 shops Quot watches if you want a reliable watch buy a Roamer watch ladies or gentlemen a lifetime watch to. Suit All p�cke4l ?. A / i i a 11 t a a = a a radios electric or Battery relax radios Are. Unsurpassed for tone reception a Dij ice a Lautif us cabinets. And the monthly meeting of the Akaroa District High school committee was held on monday evening when there were present messes f. G. Armstrong chairman. C. Naismith Hon. Treasurer. E. Mckenzie Hon. Secretary or. W. J. Edgin ton f. C. Newton w. Jacobson and w. E. Brown. The Hon. Mrp. Fraser minister for education notified that he had authorised the acquiring of further land to extend the playing area at the secondary school. The annual inspectors report was received and considered very satisfactory and the committee passed. A Resolution congratulating the headmaster and staff. The chairman also congratulated or c. B. Arnold and miss s. Brown of the secondary school staff upon the Success of pupils who sat for the matriculation examination. The Young a omens Christian association wrote thanking the committee for the use of the manual training building during the enclosing �1 towards the commit teen a funds. It was deeded to thank the association. Headmasters report the headmaster or Jackson reported primary Roll 98 average attendance 73, secondary a Hool Roll 50 average attendance 37. The Rolls for that Clay were primary 92 and secondary 46. Miss a. Townsend was relieving miss oed on sick leave and or a. E. Laybourne was acting As supernumerary. During february the Ordinary curriculum would be suspended and time devoted mainly to educational activities out of doors. If weather permitted special. Attention would be paid to swimming and life saving. The dressmaking instruct Ress had notified she would not continue classes until improvements were made in the class room and it was left to the headmaster to get in touch with the manual department. Two new Type Quot writers had been received and it was decided to ask the education Board to Supply new tables and chairs1 for the typewriters. Two old telephones had been delivered at the school for instructional purposes. The Peninsula school sports would be held at Akaroa this year but the a Date had not yet been arranged. Authority was Given for the Purchase of �2 Worth of weaving Wool. It was decided the school join the travelling Library again this year at a Cost of about �6. No Interior decoration work had yet been carried out at the primary school. It was decided to enquire again when this would be done. A wireless set was very necessary for the secondary department and the headmaster stated for music lessons alone it would be Worth while. It was decided to ascertain the Cost of a set. Or d. Lang rope had taken care of the school grounds during the holidays and it was decided to thank . Swimming sports it was left to the chairman and the Hon. Secretary to fix the Date of the annual swimming sports and life saving display and the chairman reported. Or a Hollander had kindly offered assistance in life saving instruction. The headmaster said ele rpm notary life saving a certificates and swimming certificates would be issued at a later Date manufacturing jewellers 278 Hichi St. Clbri8w31po�chi Public notices Akaroa county Council 10% penalty on rate Jubilee of schools part of Akaroa Centennial celebrations Peninsula schools to be circular ised at a meeting of the Akaroa District High school committee it was decided to circular ise All Banks pin in Sola schools suggesting that during the Akaroa Centennial celebrations next year schools should hold jubilees and invite old pupils to take part. The chairman of the committee or f. G. Armstrong said he Felt this would be an added attraction for the celebrations and As there was a Good Deal of relationship Between the schools on Banks Peninsula it would mean a most interesting gathering of people interested in the District including those who had left the District to take up their residence in other parts of new zealand. He had mentioned this proposal at the conference to consider the Centennial celebrations the previous saturday the proposal was approved by the committee and an offer to assist in the organisation of the Jubilee of the Akaroa schools had already been received. It was considered a Start should be made with the organisation at a nearly Date. The Akaroa school was opened about eighty years ago and the committee have a Complete Roll of pupils during its existence. Public ngt1gr8akaroa service station All electric pumps open seven Days a we Akaroa horticultural society meeting of general committee a meeting was held on monday evening when there were present or f. Davis president in chairmen Dames c. C. Narbey. M. F. Richard son r. Waller g Kearney misses n. Haylock e. M. Jacobson e. M. Lelievre d. Leete and p. Kearney messes j. Truman and w. H. Davis. Apologies apologies were received from mrs. W. Pool sister White miss a. Bio Cherie and or. W. J. Edginton. Or Geo. Lewis bulb specialist Christchurch wrote offering to donate a prize of bulbs at the next Spring show and to have a display of his own bulbs. Or f. Davis moved that or Lewis be thanked for his offer of bulbs and display of Flowers at the coming Spring show seconded by mrs Waller and carried. Mrs Geo. Hammond wrote making a donation to the society a funds. Garden Competition the Akaroa Centennial committee wrote asking the society to organise a Garden Competition As it was Felt that in this Way the Standard of gardens would be raised and Akaroa would be improved during the Centenary celebrations in 1940. After discussion it was decided to hold three competitions 1 gardens half an acre and in under. A 2 gardens Over half an acre. 3 a most improved Garden. Miss n. Haylock suggested that a Competition for the most improved Garden would increase the interest and moved to that effect. The motion was seconded by or j. Truman and carried. It was decided to invite entries for the first two classes about August next and make the improved Garden Competition an open one the judges to make the first round of the gardens about August next. Motion sympathy in moving a motion of sympathy with or and mrs p. G. Riches and or Arthur Rhodes in the death of or Alfred Rhodes or f. Davis referred to or Rhodes continued assistance to the society. The motion was carried in the usual manner. Miss e. Jacobson Hon. Treasurer reported on the january show and moved that a shop in Aid of funds be held on Friday March 3. Seconded by mrs c. C. Narbey and carried a vote of thanks to the Quot chair closed the meeting. If you Only need a a come to the Akaroa is vice station and be i welcomed. Complete Marfak. Service with High pressure air gun. Rex Davis proprietor Cong 17m. Bros. Ltd exporters of fat sheep and lambs r 1 will Agrin be of plating on Peninsula throughout exporting Moi g. L. Nicoll redraw Nativ co. Or j. N. Mcgowan let River Telephone 47. The <3 "otice1 is hereby Given that Thea statutory 10% penalty will be imposed on All Rafes Ai Quot 4ipa a of wednesday the 22nd iday of march/1939.�?T g. Stewart county t0u know that miss i. Mahones milk shakes As Well As ice creams Are perfection a a that if you want a taxi for trips in Akaroa and the Bays on the Peninsula you will obtain instant and efficient service by ringing mrs a. J. Read no. 6 Telephone Akiua. This valuable it / to older a s.iit� ?�s8siwwt Lowthe Public twist office can help1 you the your family a future. It is free and Cari by obtained at any Branch office of the Public trustee a write Call or Send for Public t 3 u 1 i i to is theban Teeky Milia cd seed company limited 8 Cashel Street Christuf Ucli we can Supply at current new sacks and twine i. G. L. Vernon it. Dees it matter whether if the guaranteed Price or the Leeap emanated Price if you Are going to Lea a the result of an unsuccessful lawsuit at be lined far Ofreneo. Unwittingly eos netted avoid even the pm a tyo it unpleasantness and knew Wio you stand by Imp hmong a a qty if the . Farmer Legal handbook or we. F. Johns barrister and Solli itar of tho supreme quart at new flite Niimd the Way Book Spe Etty writ Teti fair Faig their everyday Fife a Farmer Dea tog a Titi Legal Ness. Quot illustrated by 150 interesting cases. A it is certainly a put ideation fora Fainie to he of a or x a. Slote a i find the boric Mort Natasa Josg and instructive Quot a or s. D. Enfield Horotio. A i woo i Sot Tytko to to my copy Quot a or w. S. Hall a Worth three times the asked a our f. Moa Day Price 5/ address order to Akaroa mail co. Ltd ;