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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Akaroa, Canterbury Miakaroa1 tuesday february 7, 1939, wheels within Frank Howel Evans author of a five years a a the Cinema girl a Etc. Chapter i two letters a a that a the last Post i suppose Blayre a. A yes miss. Is there anything else you require a a a a no thank you. Good night Blayre a Good night Blayre an elderly rather stooping Man with Grey hair and the clean shaven passive face of the typical English manservant who has passed Hia life in easy comfortable service moved towards the door. He half turned the handle and then looked Back at the girl seated in a Low lounging easy chair by the fire. She Wasny to More than one or two and Twenty this girl with hair the Colour of Ripe com with a Clear Cut Cameo like face with a Low Broad forehead and eyes of Sapphire Blue shaded by up Curling lashes so Long that they almost touched the delicately pencilled eyebrows. The complexion even in the mingled Light of the fire and shaded electric lamps could be seen to be real delicate and peach like in its Bloom and As she looked up to say Good night to the old ser a want Gladys Tremayne a smile was winning Sweet and kindly showing a set of Teeth which quite deserved the term perfect. She was in evening dress soft Black her neck and shoulders rising from the delicate decollete showing up in charming contrast her Aims were Bare to the elbows and showed dimpling and round with tapering hands. Her voice Sweet and Low rippled musically with just a Little faint lingering touch in tone and enunciation which hinted at foreign associations. She looked casually at the two letters which tar old Man had handed to her on a Silver Salver and then locked up at him again As he stood by the door hesitating. A yes Blayre a one said. A did you want to say a or thing a yes . I the old Man straightened his stooping shoulders a Little and took a step Forward. A a in Man old Man and i served or trem amp one Ever since i was a boy so i Hope you wont take it amiss if i speak wha t is in my mind a a no Blayre of course not Why should i i always heard my Uncle speak of you in the very highest terms and when i came to London it was coming to a House where there waa an old Friend waiting to Welcome me a Blayre a Pale Cheeks flushed a Little he looked pleased and there was just a hint of moisture in his eyes and his voice Shook a Little. A nah he was a Good Man was or Tremayne my master a he went on. A it broke him up when the mistress died seven years old you were at the time miss. A i remember you so Well a Little thing in White you were mists with Golden curls All Over your pretty Little a yes i often remember the big Strong giant who used to carry me up and Down Staris Blayre. How very big How very Strong you seemed to me when i was a Little child a a yes that a eleven years ago miss a big slice out of a Many a life when he a getting on. But there in a getting talkative myself and forgetting what i wanted to say. Done to you find it lonely miss Here All by yourself Haven to you any forgive me miss for taking the Liberty any Young friends you could ask to come and stay with you you seem so All by a a that a just How i feel sometimes Gladys looked into the fire. A i done to seem to have had a Chance to make any friends. I had just a few schoolgirl friends while i was at the Convent in Bruges and then Well in be been travelling with Uncle for the last year and living in hotels so in be just a few acquaintances that Sall. Uncle said Thwait we would come Back Here to London and then we should soon gather friends round us. And now Well in be Comei Back alone without him. Thank you Blayre for taking such an interest. I daresay after a time the friends will a yes i Hope so miss. I Hope so. Young people want Young friends. That Sall i had to say miss a just that i should like for your Sake to see the House full of people to hear music and laughter and see happiness everywhere. It would be splendid to have too much work to do. That Sall miss. And now in a say Good night once More unless there a anything else you want a Gladys had risen by now and was standing with her foot gently resting on the fender. Slim and tall her figure was in just the right proportions and As she moved across the room to the old Butler with outs ret printed and published Tor the Akaroa mall company a limited by pc. A Jacobson and Law. E. Jacobson Akaroa at the registered printing.,office of the cd Papy Corner Balg Erie and Jolie streets,.- Akaroa in the province of Canterbury new zealand. Tuesday february 7, 1939 Ched hand she showed that she had that All too rare accomplishment of walking Well and gracefully. A thank you Blayre thank you a she said As she Shook his hand. You re quite right. The Housie does want brightening up. In be been moping too much. Of i daresay i shall soon get to know people,.and then Why we shall run you off your legs. Good night Blayre old Friend i May Call you that Maynet i for i knew you when i was a Little tot and Uncle Al ways taked about a my old Friend a a Good night and god bless you miss a when the old Man had gone Gladys looked round the spacious Leigh Ceil winged Oak panelled room the Library of the big House in Kirton Square left to her together with seven thousand a year by her Uncle Reginald tre Mayne who had died on the continent but a Brief three months ago. Up to the age of seventeen she had been educated at one of those delightful Convent schools in Belgium seeing her Uncle Only during the holidays. Her aunt had died when she was Quito a child and of her own blood parents she knew nothing. Her Uncle had told her As a child that her father and Mother were both dead and that to and his wife had adopted her but beyond that she could get no information out of him and though at times she yearned to know More of those parents yet she had been so attached so devoted to the kindly Stout Loving old Uncle that a sense of blankness of missing something hardly entered into her1 life till he left it. And now she was alone. Reginald Tremayne had died suddenly leaving her All his property and when the last sad duties were performed and she stood for the last time by the Stone which marked where the old Man slept his last sleep she came to England to take up her heritage. It was lonely in that big handsomely furnished House with its. Reception rooms its wide Square Hail its luxury its appointments of wealth of taste of rarity. But Gladys knew no one in London her whole life had been spent abroad. A wait till we Settle Down in the old House in Kirton Square a her Uncle used to say to her. Quot ill take up the old threads again if any of them Are left and Well soon have plenty of Young people for you to enjoy yourself with. Eleven years it is since we lived there and i said id never go Back to it but now Well i must get you married. So next year we 11 go Back to London. A but i done to want to get married Uncle a said Gladys. �?�1 done to want to leave you. That would be selfish. A tut tut tut tut a said old Tremayne. A that s what you say now Dearie but wait till or right comes along and then you la prettily pipe a different tume i know. Yes next year Well go Back to the old House and Start entertaining. A and now he Lay sleeping in the protestant part of that Little foreign cemetery and she his sole heiress was alone in this great House. Just a month she had been in Lon Don a lonely solitary month and again Gladys sighed it is bad for one so Young to sigh a As she looked round the comfortable room with its evidence of wealth and Good taste everywhere. A ooh dear a she said to herself softly suddenly pulling herself together a this will never do if i keep on grumbling and drizzling like this i shall got and she Bent Forward on tiptoe and looked at the pretty Little face re fleeced in the Glass Over the mantel pice. A Well so far there Arentt any a she assured herself. A ooh Good gracious me in be forgotten my letters circulars or something like that i suppose. There is no one else who would be Likely to write to her situation really was rather pathetic. A pretty Rich Young girl without a relation in the world that she knew of without really an intimate Friend alone in this great House with Only a staff of servants and Blayre. Of yes Blayre had known her since she was a child he was almost a Friend. There was hardly any one who would want to write to her. That was a sad thing for a girl of eighteen to have to say or think. She looked at the two letters idly then reached Over and took a quaint old fashioned Silver paper knife from the Side table and opened the first envelope. She looked at the address with a puzzled air hotel Riche Pich on. Pichon Pichon ran through her mind. Pichon of yes of course that was the Little place on the Southern coast of prance a dear Sweet Little place with a Sandy Bay. Of yes she remembered it quite Well now and the hotel Riche yes that was1 where they had stayed. Strange who could be writing to her from there a dear miss Tremayne the letter began and the Colour mounted to her face Asi she read the next few lines a i should like to say Gladys if i might i wonder if i might a quickly she turned to the signature which consisted of just one word Guarden. Guarden yes of course she remembered now lord Guarden. She and her Uncle had met him at that hotel Riche at Pichon on their visit there a rollicking reckless daredevil Young fellow worshipped by children and immensely popular with men and women alike just a tall Brown curly haired straight climbed English gentleman clean bodied clean minded his Creed being that a fellow ought to go straight owe no Man anything look the whole Wor in the face and fight like a Demon if it was necessary to stand up for yourself or anybody weaker. A lord. Yes he was a lord a peer of the realm but poor As a Church mouse ass Peers go for when the charges on his estates were settled he had a Bare three thousand a year on which to live and for a peer this is almost pauper Dom. But still he laughed Rol licked Joliet his Way through if a and he and Gladys during their months stay at Pichon became fast friends motoring and golfing together and enjoying Frank comradeship on either Side. And now mow he was writing Sci a a letter a letter of love. Gladys read it through once read it through twice end the second time there was a Little Ini i before her eyes. A dear miss Tremayne i should like to Sav Gladys if i might i wonder if i might please try and read this letter right through without tearing it up. 1 run an awfully bad hand at Vav Rihm a letter but it is like this. I Here at the old hotel the hotel where i first met you and everything reminds me of you so badly or should Iby so beautifully i have been Why 1 let you go without asking you something for i have been Tvr yen Ever since. How Long ago a it Only five months but of it has seemed five years to me. It was Chance or Fate or something which brought me Back Here. I was so mis Era Hie and i seemed to think that i should lie happier if i came to the Whei e you had been where we had met. I knew then Gladys More surely than Ever that i loved you. I never ought u have let you go before a Kinf you if you could care for a to tits sort of a fellow like me. I won do whether you could that a Why i said might i Call you Gladys will you write to me by return and let me in m my Fate one Way or the other pc t love you i love you i love you that Sall i can say but its singing in my heart ail the time that and your name a Gladys Gladys Gladys a and the letter was signed just simply a Tgu ardenes but there Ward a postscript which made Gladys smile such a Sweet Little smile As she read the letter through la. Second time. have a Christian name and it is Jack or rather John but people who like me Call me Jack i wonder whether you will Call me Jack a . Again i done to think your Uncle quite objects to me because he gave me his address in town to which i am writing saying that it would always find him and now i am writing to you there. I have taken a Long time to Pluck up courage to do it and dear dear you wont ire unkind to me will you a when she had finished Reading the letter Gladys sat quietly for a moment looking into the fire thoughtfully wistfully. Then with half a sigh she read the letter through again and then again. Then As if communing with herself she Shook her head slightly put the Sheet of paper Back in its on Volpo and sighed again As she Laid it on a Little table by her Side. A what a pity what a pity he thinks about me like that a she said half a loud. A i wish i could of but there site a no use its no use and he was so Nice too a she passed her hand across her eyes with a Little shiver and then took up the other letter. Who can this be from she thought As she scanned the address. A a Pommering ranch Manitoba the leter itself began abruptly almost brutally it seemed to her As she read the lines. A almost As soon As you get this it ran i shall be Over in England with my wife and son to contest the will. Old Reginald Tremayne had no relation in the world except me and now i see by his will in the paper he has left All his Money to you. You can either give it up quietly and peace fully or you can fight the matter in the Law courts i done to care which. I am just a Plain Blunt Man and this is to let you know that i intend to have my rights. That Sall in be got to say at present. John Gladys flushed As she read the hard insolent words and she crushed the letter in her hand for a moment As if to throw it into the fire but quickly calmed herself and unlocked a Little Cabinet at the same time picking up the other letter the one from Jack lord Guarden. A no a she said suddenly a you shall go there because you re a Nice she put lord Guarden is letter in another drawer. A poor boy i wish i could answer As you wish and you a you shall go in there and Stop there until you go with me to the and she put or Raymes letter i another drawer. Then she locked the Cabinet and went up to her bedroom but that night sleep was almost out of the question these two letters seemed to have brought new things into her life. Lord Guarden loved her wanted her to marry him and she thought regretfully of the handsome laughing lady he was Little More than that who had charmed everyone. She liked. Yes but she did no to love him she knew that. No her heart had not been touched. He did no to know of her riches of her position he Only knew that she was the girl he loved she saw that in his letter and it Hurt her to think that she answer As he wanted her to answer. And then blotting out his face there came the memory of that second aquarium and research station Akaroa not considered suitable location reply to request from minister Market reports additional proposals Duvauchelle monthly Stock Sale fat cattle at Addington rates for Akaroa Centennial celebrations floodlighting the town the Akaroa Progress association recently approached the government with a proposal that an aquarium should be established at Akaroa for fishing research work. It was considered the aquarium could to erected for something like �300, that Akaroa would be a suitable place As fish to Stock the aquarium were available Here. The site for an aquarium was also approved by professor Percival of Canterbury College. The minister of Marine the Hon. Or p Fraser has sent the following reply to or t. H. Mccombs . Through whom the association made the request to the minister a in further reply to your letter of the 12th december last in reference to the establishment of an aquarium at Akaroa i May say that some time ago government gave consideration to the provision of an aquarium and research , in new zealand but it was decided that the fisheries would be better served by providing a vessel which coma do simple research work at sea my Cher with a Small Laboratory in Wellington and this is the policy now being followed. A i notice a report in the a Akaroa mail in which it was estimated that the Cost of an aquarium would be �300. This sum would be quite inadequate. The Cost of an aquarium which would function satisfactorily for fisheries would be anything from �3,000 to �30,000 according to the scale of the establishment and the annual Cost of Upkeep would be a �1000 including the salary of a resident biologist. A in selecting n site for an aquarium the following requirements Are almost essential a 1 availability of suitable water and fish for stocking purposes. 2 proximity to a population Centre so that the greatest possible number of people could Benefit and possibly contribute to its support by paying for entry. 3 if used for study of fish life location should be arranged so that work would be conveniently controlled by the scientific staff of the government department. A Akaroa would meet requirement 1 satisfactorily but for requirements 2 and 3 Akaroa is not suitable and on that account i must View unfavourably a request for government assistance towards the establish ment of an aquarium in that locality women a Institute Akaroa Branch monthly meeting the Ordinary meeting was held on Friday when miss e. M. Lelievre vice president p sided Over a Large attendance of mime cars and visitors. Motion of sympathy All stood in silence when a motion of sympathy was passed with the relatives of the late or Jack Woodill. The North Canterbury federation gave notice of a meeting at Kai Apoi on february 16 to carry out the work of subdividing the federation. Mrs g. A. Hammond continued the Golden thread talks with an address on the discovery of refrigeration and at the conclusion was accorded a vote of thanks by acclamation on the motion of mrs Gordon Kearney. Next meeting As easter week Falls in the first week of april it was decided to hold the next meeting on Friday March 31. Next years program there were two entries for the programme Competition and these were read and submitted to the special committee. Letter the one from or John Raymes. Who could he be was1 it blackmail or what Well to Morrow she would see or Cowan her uncles solicitor and ask him for advice. At length after Many weary waking Houiss exhausted nature forced sleep upon her and it was with a Start that she heard her maid say the next morning that it was nearly eleven of clock. A you were sleeping so soundly that i did no to like to disturb you miss Quot said the girl. A shall i bring you up some Tea now and or Blayre said to Tell you that a lady and two gentlemen were waiting to see you in the Library. They re just a eleven o clock Good gracious me How disgraceful a said Gladys. A Quick get my Bath and everything ready and some Tea too Ellen. Did those people give their names a a the name of Raymes a. Answered the girl. To be continued. There was an entry of about 230 head of cattle at the monthly Stock Sale at Duvauchelle on Friday and a fair attendance. About half the Yarding consisted of fat cattle which sold Well up to Addington Market rates. Though there was a Good Yarding of store cattle bidding did not reach owners reserves and practically the whole Yarding was passed in. The continued dry weather was responsible for the easing in demand for store cattle. Two and a half year old steers were passed at �6 10s and a pen of Young Hereford Black pole Cross cows were passed at �4 18s Range of prices the Range of values was As follows fat steers �8 5s to �12 15s. Fat cows �3 17s 6d to �9 15s. Fat heifers �5 to �10. Bulls �2 7s 6d to �10 12s fid. The following sales Are reported a . Farmers Coop association sold on account client 5 cows �4 to �6 10s j. Cunningham 4 cows �4 to �6 5s s. Waghorn 3 cows �3 17s fid c. Marshall cow �7 12s 6d, 2 at �4 m. Dunn cow �5 10s f. Wright cow �5 12s fid t. Robinson 3 cows �3 17s 6d to �8 t. W. Weir steer �10 10s, 2 heifers �7 17s 6d c. E. Kay 3 heifers �8 17s 6d, 2 at �8 15s, 2 at �7 15s, 2 cows �6 p. Bro Cherie 2 steers �8 2s fid account clients cow �4, 1 at 30s, Springer �9 15s, Bull �2 7s fid 1 at �7, 1 at �5 5s, 1 at. £10 5s messes Pyne Gould guinness sold on account p. Barrett 3 fat cows �5 j. G. Truman 2 fat cows �6 5s, 2 cows with dealers at foot �7 5s to �8. Messes h. Matson and co. Sold on account client 5 cows �5 j. Ferguson 2 cows �4 10s to �7, one at �9 15s of f. Bro Cherie cow �7 10s, cow and calf �6 f. Mason 2 store cows �2 7s go r. J. Bailey 11 steers �8 17s go e. Moore 2 cows �6 17s 6d p. Moore 8 steers �11 to �12 15s of 3 heifers �10 a. W. Coffin 8 steers �7 12s fid to �9 7si fid 3 heifers �7 2s 6d r. Craw 2 cows �5 7s fid to �8 12s. Fid 3 steers �8 17s 6d to �11 15s, 6 heifers �8 17s 6d to �9 r. Donovan 3teer �8 5s of 6 heifers �7 to �8 12s 6d client 5 cows �4 to �5. . Loan and mercantile Agency co. Ltd. Sold Bull �10 12s fid on account e. N. Moore 2 cows. £5 15s 0d j. A. Mcdonald cow �8 10s c. Dutton 8 cows �5 to �7 2s fid a. Salt 5 steers �8 5s to �9 7s 6d, Heifer �9 2s 6d. The following additional proposals for the Centennial celebrations were made by the chairman of the waive a county Council or f. Coop at the conference of local bodies at Duvauchelle on saturday. Invitations governor general and suite the prime minister and Cabinet members of Pioneer families Maori rang Tiras and other distinguished visitors including military naval and air Force Heads representatives of red Cross the churches and the . French and British warships sea a planes Maori War canoes from the North Island. Military Camps Camps for detachments of the Canterbury yeomanry cavalry infantry. Artillery and mechanised troops scouts and cubs Royal new zealand Navy voluntary Reserve. Visit of band from Centennial exhibition visits of official parties from Bluff in South Nelson in North and Hoki Tika in the West to arrive simultaneously. Entertainment by soldiers and sailors. Highways planting of Trees by distinguished visitors mile stones on Highway by Pioneer families bearing their names. A history presentation and publication of a history of Banks Peninsula or tales of Banks Peninsula. Accommodation a erection of special Camp for accommodation of visitors. Lighting floodlighting of Akaroa this could possibly be done by warships. Beason on French Hill or other important peaks. Scenic Tours by cars and launches. Wanted for Sale lost found situations a ibo you know a scatter pars Etc. Up to 12 words 1/- three insertions 2/6. Additional wording at above rates. Double rates charged if booked. Mrs Glynn moved that the birth Day party be held on the second thurs Day in july seconded by mrs Kearney and carried. It was decided to hold the Hus bands evening on thursday May 25 debate the debate a who have done the most for the world married or single women a was held the speakers being mesdames h. J. Lelievre and d. Narbey for married women and misses i. Mahon and p. Kearney for the single women. The speaker s caused much amuse ment and carried out the debate very capably. At the conclusion the single women debaters won by a Small margin. Miss e. Jacobson gave a Short report on the voluntary organisers meeting at Geraldine in december. The South Island members had raised the Point that the Dominion conference should be held in Christchurch at least once in every three times to give South Island people a better Chance of attending. It had been decided also that the a omens Institute court at the Wellington exhibition should contain Fine needlework As Well As articles made from natural materials. In connection with the Fine sewing miss e. M. Lelievre make an Appeal to members to Send in articles. During the afternoon mrs Byers Sang a just for to Day and As an encore a i wonder of Ever a Rose. Mrs Morris acting As accompanist. The winners of the Best Bloom Competition were a mrs g. A. Hammond 1, mrs Aitchi son 2, mrs r. S. C. Stewart 3. The hostesses were mesdames w. J. Edginton e. May c. B. Arnold and e. you know that miss i. Mahones milk shakes As Well As ice creams Are perfection 1 that if you want a taxi for trips in Akaroa and the Bays on the Peninsula you will obtain instant and efficient service by ringing mrs a. J. Read no. 6 Telephone Akaroa. Equine sagacity a would you mind walking the other Way and not passing the a orse a said a London Cabman with exaggerated politeness to the fat lady who had just paid a minimum fare. A Why a she enquired. A because if be sees wot be is been cavity in for a shilling Ell a ave a the worlds Good news will come to your Nome every Day through. The Christian science monito1� International Dotty nates Fiafia it records Tor you the worlds clean. i Doe foot exploit crime or sensation Neubort Dan it but Debs Correct ively who them Ftp lure Tor Busy me including the week Matt Tahoe 8eettea the Christian sole Nee publishing so tot a Quot one. Norway Street. Bax on. Plato enter my sub Erld Tion to the Christian sete Aee period of 4 l year 912.06 6 to Apps $6.60 my Nafes 53.w 1 Ato Tift Woden Fedar tout. Magazine Metton 1 year 68.60. A Cwm Sample copy on request the a acorns of a Fanti try aut knig talks of Early ajear6a and Banks Peninsula when h. C. Jacobson contribute moot of the tales recording history of Early a Turoa and Banks Peninsula about 00 years ago the participants in the a a minions a Early history were Able themselves to describe these Manfray old happenings. The a a atmosphere of those Early Days is contained in a tales of Banks Peninsula a As Well As amp a aut Eaic reverd which makes new zealand history. As the Centenary approaches interest will he kindled not Only in the Dominion but also overseas new Issue available a new Issue of the third edition of the a a tales is now available ats a any bound and containing extra photographs and is rank of its pages gives first it bad Al with which every new Sealander should be Denver Sant. A 400-Page volume profusely has stated. Pro curable from a a Akaroa mail a Akaroa and from booksellers. Price 8/6d. Posted to any part of new zealand 9/.-..r. Road services Little River a area Hoter and rail sift if. Timetable 8.30 . Motor daily. 2.30 . Rail and motor saturday. 3.50 . Bail and motor. Monday tuesday thursday it Friday. 4.15 . Bail and motor wednesday. 7.10 . Motor and rail wednesday 7.45 . Motor and bailmon., tues., thurs., Fri. And sat Akaroa depart 3.0 . Motor daily. . Depart . Depart . Depart . Depart Ajearia depart Akaroa depart through fares motor single 14./- return 22/6. Rail and motor single 10/10 return 18/a.special week end excursion Christchurch to Akaroa saturday to my no a through motor return 17/6 rail and motor return 14/a these tickets Are not is name Dee. 12 to Jim. 91 a a Etc a year special one Day excursion from Christchurch daily. From Akaroa wednesday Only. It Christchurch to Akaroa motor return 17/6. Akaroa to Christchurch motor and rail return 14/3. A a special parties catered for by font rate. Christchurch depot newmans garage Gloucester Street it a i Enid a and parcels booked at Akaroa depots mrs a. E. Price Lavaux Street. A phone 54. Lbs a. J. Read William Street. A Phene 6 ;