Akaroa Mail And Banks Peninsula Advertiser Newspaper Archives February 07, 1939 Page 3

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Akaroa, Canterbury We Akaroa mail tuesday february 7, 1939, Quality is essential when you Are preserving use Only dependable supplies you can depend on Sealey a f0r the following preserving pans aluminium preserving pans enamel Jam spoons Certo and Zett for Jam setting Jelly jars nests Jam jars 1 s and 2 s tie overs Jam covers i s and 2 s cellophane Jar rings narrow Queen and Large preserving jars pints quarts and Gallons in Agee and Queen. Remember you can re supplied with everything you need for preserving from Chas. D. Sealey general merchant Akaroa telephones 3 amp 93 amp a phone 69 miss m. G. Mahon general Draper Croghan House summer Sale starting Friday january 27th. Ladies silk Ilose from .1/3 a pair. Ladies singlets from us each ladles silk it 11 loom Elk from 1/11 pair ladies silk it in a tettes scant1es, Slicks. From 2/ i a pair ladies silk it nightgowns from is. I each ladies Sll knit slips from ill. Maids from a i i oddments in corsets liar of Price childrens7 silkn1t frocks 1 sin to 22in from 2/11 each childrens silk rompers from 1/11, Tennis son from 9d pair ladies White silk frocks from 2/11 each mens sox from 1/ pair anti crease ties 2/d now 1/3 a few mens and boys striped blazers half Price 2/ in the a discount on All regular lines. Terms strictly Cash Hayes Hay win the Best value in the world 12 months guarantee�?16,000 sold during the last 18 months. Akaroa croquet club Akaroa Centennial programme match against Kai Apoi the Kai Apoi croquet club will visit Akaroa on saturday to play a Pennant match. The following will play for Akaroa miss m. Jacobson mrs a. E. Kingston miss e. Jacobson mrs a. V. Lelievre mrs w. Ramsay and miss l. Mangioni. Price of cock foot seven Pence per Pound considered too Low representations will be made to merchants at a meeting of the Akaroa cock foot seed growers association at Duvauchelle on Friday the chairman of the. Committee or p. G. Armstrong reported that the Best offer for the new seasons seed was seven Pence per Pound. The prospects for tha crop were Good for Quality weight and germination. He contended that cock foot could not be economically grown on Banks Peninsula for less than eight Pence to 10 Pence per Pound. The fact that Ashburton and Plains seed which this year was of better Quality and weight than usual was being offered to merchants at from sixpence to seven Pence was prejudicing the position for Banks Peninsula seed which would reach the Market later. He placed before the in voting figures showing Farmers returns Basing his figures on the 1938 crop which was a heavier one than usual. These figures refer Only to seed production and do not include land tax depreciation of fences and general farm maintenance nor the income from the grazing. The figures showed he said that a poor yield would have meant a very poor return and owing to harvesting costs it was very necessary that prices should be maintained on a High level to give growers same crops. Guarantee for their costs of production production for 1938 was High and a unit yield would have meant a loss. Or aim is to stabilise prices to maintain the Industry and give our growers some guarantee for their crops. The figures for 1938 Are As follows where Farmers let their seed to contractors on a a halves a a s d a s d Gross return per acre a a rental on land valued at �25 per acre a a 15 local rates. A 3 unemployment tax 2 2 9 0 1 10 6 net profit acre. Per 18 6 where Farmer employs labour to Harvest crop a Gross value of seed harvested 4 18 0 harvesting Cost 3d per la 1 16 6 local rates 3 4 unemployment tax 2 2 rental on land 1 5 0 3 7 0 Nett profit per acre 1 11 0 assistance from provincial Council provincial and government approval a proposed programme for the National celebrations of the new zealand Centennial on Banks Peninsula will shortly be drafted by a special executive committee. This decision was reached at a conference of Banks Peninsula bodies and representatives from Christchurch held at Duvauchelle on saturday afternoon. The following committee was set up consider a programme Quot Quot to Banks Peninsula Telephone services Centennial observation dates improvements being carried out consolidation of services will be considered later see the Peninsula agent Chas. Fantham in ring Akaroa for a free trial a phones Christchurch depot Akaroa 178�?res. Of . Express co. Ltd. Aim Fra 17m�?depot w0 ital Eta stat Akaroa freight service w. W. And e. M. Reid proprietors a the business that service is building collection and delivery in Christchurch is free our parcels service is Complete from door to door. R you Are ordering goods from Christchurch to say. A bring the . Express co., they will collect my the average weight of seed per acre was 1471b and valued at 8d per la would realize �4 18s. The total of seed harvested was 10,467 sacks from 5,339 acres average yield 1.96 sacks per acre reckoning sacks of co. 751b of seed. Average production per acre the particulars of production in the from the Many proposals already submitted to be approved by a Public meeting of Banks Peninsula residents and then submitted to the Canterbury provincial Centennial Council a the mayor of Akaroa or f. R. E. Davis the chairman of the Wai Rewa county Council or f. Coo the chairman of the. Akaroa county Council or c. B. Thack Erthe chairman of the it. Herbert county Council Archdeacon a. J. Petrie messes e. Hay and w. E. M. Jacobson and Tom Robinson representing the Maori race. It was resolved that the executive should have Power to approach the minister of internal affairs the Hon. W. Parry regarding the programme and the necessary finance for the National celebrations. There were present at the meeting the mayor of Akaroa or f. R. E. Davis who presided the mayor of Christchurch or r. M. Macfarlane or George Manning Christchurch City Council messes Frank Coop and w. H. Montgomery Wai Rewa county Council c. B. Thacker a. R. Haylock and c. Stewart Akaroa county Council. Chapters and p. R. Climie Canterbury Progress leaguer. Bruce a. G. Shuttleworth Archdeacon a. J. Petrie and p. G. Riches Akaroa Borough Council messes t. Robinson representative of the Maori Racel. Mangioni and w. E. M. Jacobson Akaroa Centennial committee and f. G. Armstrong . Farmers Union and h. Thacker Skains Bay Road Board. Or p. Cut. Riches town clerk of Akaroa and Secretary of the Akaroa committee was Secretary. Congratulations for suggestions or r. M. Macfarlane congratulated the conference on the number of suggestions that had been made Foi the celebrations. The main cel Bra tons at Akaroa would ire National ones. Banks Peninsula could depend on it that tho government if App Voa Ched would assist As far As possible and the Canterbury Council of which he was chairman would also assist in every Way possible. The suggestions should be condensed and submitted to the government. In answer to a question by or r. Bruce or Macfarlane said that the provincial Council would accept responsibility for some of the main functions. Or George Manning added that if the Canterbury Council were to accept some of the responsibility for some of the functions they would naturally want a say in what form the celebrations would take. Or t. H. Mccombs . Said that he had approached the department of internal affairs and or Parry would probably be visiting Banks Peninsula soon to discuss both the financing of the projects and the actual programme. It would be necessary later to appoint a permanent organiser to make detailed arrangements. Messes t. Charters and p. R. Climie offered to assist the preparations As far As possible. The Akaroa county Council recently asked the Canterbury Progress league to go into the matter of consolidating the Banks Peninsula Telephone services with the Post and Telegraph department so As to give longer hours and continuous services As far As possible. In a letter to or c. B. Thacker chairman of the Akaroa county Council or p. R. Climie Secretary of the league reports that or Brent District Engineer Christchurch stares to would prefer to have the government Telephone lines on Banks Peninsula brought to a higher Standard of efficiency before he discussed the question with the subscriber. A number of linesmen were still working to improve the lines and this would continue for another two months. The service would be considerably improved by this1 work and remove cause for complaint. The subscribers could decide what further improvements were required by them at inter Date. Mock Maori Battle suggestion for the Centennial suggested they should be continuous the difficulties regarding the dates for the National Centennial celebrations at Akaroa next year were emphasised at a conference of local bodies on Banks Peninsula and Christchurch representatives held at Duvauchelle on saturday. It was pointed out by the mayor of Christchurch or r. M. Macfarlane that the Date of the Centenary of hoisting the Flag at Akaroa would clash with the National week in Christchurch and that if necessary the trotting authorities should be asked to postpone their fixtures. The subject was introduced by the chairman of the / Wai Rewa county Council or f. Coop who stated that the celebrations should not be divided but included in a set period v he was disappointed that the proposals so far were not comprehensive. Akaroa was the Pivot on which All the South Island celebrations would turn. Unless1 there was a United Effort they would be robbed of their prerogative. They should not he divided into periods the Spring and autumn hut should be Macfarlane said that the Canterbury programmes should be coordinated. If the celebrations were not compact they would suffer in support and All should make sure that they were not infringing on other. Fixtures. It would be a pity if the celebrations were not a Success because of a clash in dates. Archdeacon a. J. Petrie suggested that the proposed functions could be sorted out into National and local fixtures. Or George Manning said that he was afraid that divided dates would test the loyalty of the Public in keeping up their enthusiasm. The programme should be concentrated. Cleaver expert a Why did you break you engagement to Tom a a the deceived me. He told me he was a liver and kidney specialist and i found out that he Only worked in a butchers celebrations on Banks Peninsula construction of Model pah various districts is As follows a sacks area ave age of acres sack District seed yield Akaroa 2674 1520 1.75 Duvauchelle 2066 898 2.3 Wainui 307 215 1.42 be Bons Bay 1560 686 2.27 Skains Bay 1452 820 1.77 Little Kaloa 399 190 2.1 Pigeon Bay 1492 715 2.08 Little River 517 295 1.75 totals 10467 5339 1.96 a a it will be noted these figures vary from the annual report figures As the latter include a Large amount of 1937 season seed. Representatives of the association will meet members of the country seed merchants association this week to discuss the position. Those present at the meeting were messes f. G. Armstrong chairman. H. Moore c. E. Kay l. A. Brown and e. N. Moore. The chairman a figures were approved by the meeting and it was1 decided to circular ise growers and to include the figures prepared. It was also left in the chairman a hands to arrange for the deputation to meet the merchants. Eighty cigarettes a Day m. Aristide Briand a the Strong Man of French politics a smoked 80 cigarettes a Day a and lived to be old. Yet the enemies of the Weed will insist that smoking even in moderation shortens life but that depends on the tobacco. The fam Ous Frenchman a Favourite blend must have been of exceptional purity to admit of his indulging so freely. brands there Are in plenty which it would be simply suicidal to smoke to that extent owing to the Quantity of nicotine they contain. Tobacco absolutely free from nicotine is unknown but our . Brands Are not far off the Mark. The coating they Are subjected to at the factory accounts not Only for their comparative Freedom from nicotine but for their peculiarly delicious flavour and unequalled Aroma. They do not be it noted affect the heart and Are the Only toasted tobaccos. That they posess an in re stable attraction for smokers is pro Ved by their extensive Sale. There Are Only five toasted brands Riverhead Gold desert Gold Cut plug no. 10, Cavendish Cut no. 3. But a Ware of imitations a the / i he summer styles the latest in summer shoes Canvas. Calf and Neubuck in courts straps and Sandal strap now in Stock Canvas gym. Shoes for All sporting us see them now at Evans shoe store a where Good shoes Cost t make use of the a a mail classified advertising columns�?12 words is Cash and you will be gratified with the results construction of a Model Maori pah the enactment of the massacre of the South Island tribes by the Rau Parana at Onawa Peninsula and several other native functions were included in the Centennial plans submitted to a conference of Banks pen Ula local bodies held on saturday afternoon at Duvauchelle. Suggestion will be considered special executive set up for ranks Peninsula and later submitted to the Canterbury provincial executive for approval. Those proposals were tabled in answer to a question by or w. H. Montgomery one of the delegates from the Wai Rewa county Council who stated that the Maori race should play a Large part in the National celebrations to be held at Akaroa. Not a credit to Wakeha a the land dealings in this country Are not altogether to the credit of the Wakeha a said or Montgomery. A they Are the real pioneers of this country. I think also that there should be some memorial to the the chairman of the Wai Rewa c. Unto Council or Frank Coop suggested that a Model Maori pah could he built in the Vicinity of Akaroa during the celebrations to be inhabit ted by the natives at that time. He had noticed that special War canoes were being built for the Wai Tangi celebrations so there was no reason Why a special pah should not be built near Akaroa. The mayor of Christchurch or r. M. Macfarlane said that at a new zealand Centennial Council meeting sir Pirana Ngata . Had inquired about the South Island National Celebie actions at Akaroa. He had also stated that Many North Island maoris had asked about the Akaroa celebrations and were anxious to visit the a function and assist where possible. Maoris will assist in celebrations the representative of the Maori race on the committee or t. Robinson said that the celebrations had been discussed at Utah ii last year and it had been proposed that special sports and dancing competitions should be arranged before the actual functions and the maoris would then be free to assist in the celebrations. It was suggested that a committee should be formed at the annual Maori competitions at South Canterbury later in the year. Suggestions were made by Archdeacon that the maoris should re enact the was Between the Rau Paraham a tribe and the South Island maoris at Onawa Peninsula and that the Maori Church at the Kaik dedicated by Bishop Selwyn in 1840, should be re opened. / the suggestions were left to the executive to recommend for submission to the provincial Council at a later Date. C. C. Narbey and sons the Akaroa butchers we Stock the highest Quality and Shu at town prices the oho Ngouv beef corned Small Mutton Deef veal goods a belgian pass of tongues Sefc saw Angea pork and beef Saui Anjes a . Try some you will have no b1qb1hb 11 phone Fob \ c. 38 Narbey prompt dbl via and sons or Farmer new sacks threshing sheets All sizes seaming twine and seed riddles now Stock at current rates in Akaroa Supply company Ltd. Tujo phone. I i Law sports Coats with a Quot swish of smartness they re a swish a smart Snappy or any other adjective which conveys the Idee of reel style. Yes you will the the Cut Eald finish of this new tenge of fashionable sports Coats for men. A. \ /. Smart tweeds Quality flee. Nels etc., in Many Fine shades Are featured in Many Arey a fitting styles. / \ coma in try on on or Tern. A the i list Malm buying easy. A. E. Kingston Lavau St. Akaroa ;