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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Akaroa, Canterbury The Akaroa mail tuesday february 7, 1939, death that Hare a cosy Way of resting and refresh my you Are served Quot As you like it a every afternoon Here. Everything is of the very highest Standard. Ask your friends to f. Davis Koohai Tea rooms. Akaroa Rhodes on february 4, at his residence Balg Erie Street Akaroa Alfred beloved husband of the late Mary Viles Rhodes and beloved father of mrs riches Akaroa and or Arthur Rhodes Wellington in his 87th year. Tuesday february 7, 1939 state Highway wanted rainfall records i re a nor rvs amp i. A y a. A Click Click knitting Needles Are Busy again wools Are being chosen a patterns selected a from Baua Tynes Wool Section. Paton so Kana strap Wool in Coronation Gold Scarlet bottle Green wine saxes 1/3 Loz. Hank Kaj Apoi 4-ply Wool in Scarlet runner red wine dark Clover of blood Mermaid Coral bottle Lime Fawn Gold Mustard Nigger Maize rust skein aim Marl and Tweed mixtures new sports flecks. Lod skein Azotea 4-ply Wool in powder Blue sky. Saxe Light Navy Navy Gold Orange tan rust Henna Rose Cherry Scarlet wine Reseda bottle Fawn Brown Margaret Rose Lavender air Force Blue Light mid and dark Grey also Marl mixtures 9d Loz. Skein a comprehensive Range of knitting books including a new idea a Paton a specially Paton a leaflets a stitch crafts and a a Vogue a 3jd, 6d, 8d, Lod 1/3, 2/6 shop by mail postage is free and careful attention is assured. J. Ballantyne to co. Ltd. Akaroa a Entrance requires improvement lowest rainfall for january for Over 22 years the winning Way in 1939 5 per cent interest on savings for rail trips new sealanders the fact that you Are Busy with another years work is a reminder that if you do your duty thoroughly you will deserve a Holiday in due course. Your railways department helps you by granting 5 per cent on savings for rail trips. Travel Stamps 1/-, 2/-, 2/6 and 5/- and 10/ vouchers Are obtainable at any office red station. Make a Start today i 1 you will find the Best selection of Akaroa souvenirs in chromium plate with Akaroa Crest . Native Woods made locally from selected Timber. Postcard views of the town and All interesting places. Packets of 12 selected views comic postcards Kodak selo and Aga films at Thompson s drapery Ltd. Beach Road Akaroa phone 57 a parochialism in history a a parochialism was the word chosen by or George Manning Christchurch City councillor at the Centennial conference at Duveau Chiles on saturday in a criticism of the proposal to build a Early settlers Ball at Akaroa As a Centennial memorial. Or Manning based his criticism on his own suggestion that any interesting relies of Early Days of the first settled District in Canterbury should be housed in the Canterbury Public museum. There he anticipated they would be More readily accessible to the Public particularly to school children who could enrich their knowledge of Early provincial history. Hut or Manning in his own suggestion was parochial. If the memories or other Days should not in Public opinion be housed at Akaroa it would undoubtedly be parochial to present them to the Canterbury museum. If they Are considered of such intrinsic value in Early new zealand history there is Only one rightful place in which they should be exhibited and that is in the National Art gallery and museum in Wellington. Akaroa although now in commercial insignificance to a thriving Industrial City such As Christchurch still possesses a heritage of which it cannot be robbed and that is a glamorous history which rates at least 10 years beyond that of Chrisi Kurck. A settlers huli at Akaroa would be an added Ull Raomon to visitors actually on the scene and where the dramas of the past were staged and where the actual relies played their part big or Small in the lives of the pioneers in the Canterbury museum the relies would have no Sigui Heaney apart from the fact that the museum is so cramped for space that it is doubtful w lie liter they would be displayed prominently if displayed at ail. It would be comparable to Send the relies of the Christchurch pilgrims to some other Centre. Economically Akaroa must he a inseparable part of Canterbury and Chitre Church but historically the Borough has in Divide duality an individuality that must be preserved on Banks Peninsula itself. The fear expressed by or. T. H. Mccombs . That the relics would deteriorate without expert attention is groundless. Surely Banks Peninsula will be proud enough of its past to see that her history is preserved. Or Mccombs also suggested j that the preparation of a history of Banks Peninsula was unnecessary duplication of the work of the Canterbury Centennial Council but lie failed to disclose that Bauks Peninsula will have to be satisfied with one Small chapter in the history of Canterbury a space totally inadequate for even a sketchy outline of the important features of the past of Banks Peninsula which the government has recognised As one of the Only links in the South Island with the British race 100 years ago. Transport difficulties forseen the main highways Board will be again urged to declare the Christ Church Akaroa Road a state Highway when it visits Banks Peninsula on thursday. This was announced by local body representatives on Banks Peninsula at a special Centennial conference held at Duveau Chiles on saturday. Or f. Coop chairman of the Wai Rewa county Council said that his Council would do All possible to have the Highway constructed. That alone would be a fitting Centennial memorial. Or w. H. Montgomery asked if they knew just How far the government was prepared to go. The mayor of Akaroa or f. R. E. Davis said that no further intimation had yet been received from the government but in the meantime All local bodies should cling to the idea of planting the Highway with ornamental Trees. Transport difficulties or c. B. Thacker chairman of the Akaroa county Council said that in View of the tens of thousands of motorists who would be visiting Akaroa at the time arrangements should be made for the construction of a new and wider Entrance to the town with the possibility of a Boulevard. Or t. Ii. Mccombs said that the . Railways department and the Union steamship company would possibly arrange for excursions to Akaroa and would assist generally in transport problems. Archdeacon Petrie also suggested that the widening of the Road to the Green Point memorial was of great importance. Pigeon Bay e. Hay of Pigeon Bay did Well with his horses on saturday at the Ric Carton summer meeting. He won the trial stakes with Sparton while his horse dividend ran second in the Brush Handicap. Records taken by or d. Richards Kuti Valley Little River show that the january rainfall was the lowest for Over 22 years Only 50 Points were registered Spithead Over four Days. The highest daily fall was .24 on the 24th. The rainfall for january 1938 was 3.38 inches. The next lowest january rainfall was in 1932, when 1.05 inches was recorded. In january 1927, the rainfall was 1.07 ins. And for january 1929, 1.17 inches was recorded. Pulaha records the rainfall for january recorded by or j. Harty was 48 Points falling in six Days. The maximum fall on any one Day was 16 Points on the 24th. For january 1938, 3.50 inches were recorded. Obituary or. Alfred Rhodes there passed away on saturday february 4, at his Home Balg Erie Street one of Akaroa a most respected residents in the person of or. Alfred Rhodes. Born in Flea Bay on september 1, 1852 or Rhodes Washin his 87th year. He was the fourth son of the late or and mrs Irael Rhodes of Flea Bay who were amongst the earliest settlers on Banks Peninsula. He took up farming with his Brothers at Tea Bay retiring to Akaroa in 1908. Ii was married at St. Peters Church Akaroa on june 20, 1886 to Mary Viles Chapman and celebrated his go idol wedding in june 1936. He was a staunch member of St. Peters anglican Church. Mrs Rhodes predeceased him in 1938 is survived by one daughter mrs . Riches Akaroa erne son min a. R. Rhodes Wellington and Lour grandchildren. Or Rhodes took the keenest interest in All classes of sport and at the time of his death was a vice president of a number of clubs. At the time of his death or Rhodes was the oldest resident born at Akaroa. His health had been causing his family some anxiety and his death was not unexpected. The funeral the funeral took place at St. Peters cemetery yesterday afternoon when there was a Large and representative attendance. Archdeacon Petrie held a Short service at the Home before the funeral. The burial service was conducted by Archdeacon a. J. Petrie. The chief mourners and some members of the Rhodes family present were messes Arthur Rhodes Sony. G. Riches son in Law. A. Rhodes a. I. Rhodes j. V. Chapman brother in Lawa. R. And h. O. G. Haylock Ken Cecil Roy Stan and w. H. Rhodes j. Stewart and e. Funnell. The mayor or f. Davis and or r. Bruce represented the Akaroa Borough Council and there were representatives of Many firms and institutions1 also present. The pall bearers were messes f. C. And w. A. Newton g. E. Whelch e. May j. G. Lelievre and a. G. Shuttleworth. The following is a list of the wreaths a Ett. And Percy Arthur Gert and family Annie Eric Dorrie and the girls or and mrs c. Innes Nell and Nora Haylock Bob and Betty Waller Marion and Frank Hugh Kath. And children or and mrs Reg. Keegan mrs b. P. Hammond and children Fred and Gladys misses Jacobson the Wethey family or and mrs f. G. Armstrong and family Lena and Louis Mangioni Roy Carlene and Owen m. And e. Parsons Edward Mabel and Esric or and mrs c. W. Leete and Dorothy or and mrs b. W. Henning or and mrs Keegan and family Bill and Aileen or. And mrs Edginton Etienne Lelievre aunt Annie the girls Ernest and Innes mrs Clark Elsie and Phoebe or t. E. Taylor and family m. And r. Bruce or and mrs a. V. Lelievre and family mrs Phillips and Ida May or and mrs Dennis Nar Bey or and mrs j. Glynn Meares Williams and Holmes Shuttleworth family mrs Richardson and Pat Muriel and Austin Lucy Holdsworth Rhodes Naismith family or and mrs f. Davis and family or a. R. Mun. To Nancy and Norman Cree or and mrs g. Whelch and family Gordon Florrie and family Herbert Mucie and Ken mrs m. J. Lelievre and family Akaroa Borough Council Martha Geoff and family Mary and history for Centenary importance of having Book Public notices personal items mrs w. Of Brien and her daughter miss Ada of Brien Hamilton North Island who have been visiting relatives and friends at Little River have returned Home. Or and mrs j. Ware and family Hals Well who have been the guests of or and mrs t. Ware Skains Bay have returned Home. Or and mrs a. Up Rosden Christchurch have Boen the guests of Miami mrs Clarence Mason Skains Bay. Miss h. Ware Hals Well is visiting heir i sister mrs g. Wathom Skains Bay. Mrs a. Prichard and her daughter miss Ida Withers Christchurch have been the guests of or and mrs j. R. Haines Duvauchelle. Or l. F. Webster Pulaha has returned from a motor trip to Southland. Mrs Morris North Island is visiting her Mother mrs s. D. Curry Long Bay Road. Mrs Byers Palmerston North is visiting mrs s. D. Curry Long Bay Road. Or w. Henning of the Auckland air Force department is visiting his parents or and mrs b. W. Henning Akaroa. Miss Cox Garden Road Fen Dalton is visiting Akaroa and is staying at Ilfracombe private hotel. Or and mrs h. Clark South Westland have returned Home after spending a few with mrs Clarks father or f. G. A. Wright Wai Nui. Miss Thelma Hayward Christchurch is spending a Holiday v the her parents or and mrs w. G. Hayward Wainui. Or and mrs k. Or Creon Ami in or. By have returned Homo to Christchurch after spending several weeks at the in Wainui. Mrs r. Donovan French farm has returned Home after spending a fortnights Holiday with relatives and friends in Christchurch. Local and general Akaroa District High miss Townsend Methven is acting As relieving teacher in place of miss oed who is on sick leave. Or Lay Bourne Auckland has been attached to the school As a supernumerary. Loyal perseverance Loyal perseverance Lodge held their fortnightly rejecting in the Lodge Hall on saturday february 4, . Bro. H. O. Haylock presiding Over a Small attendance. Sick pay for several members was passed for payment and one maternity claim paid. Owing to so Small an attendance and harvesting it was decided to hold the next meeting on March 4. Akaroa sailing sailing race for the trophy presented by or p. G. Riches was sailed for last sunday but owing to the Breeze being so Light the race could not be finished in time. The Rascal had a Good Lead in the first round but in the second round the lady Jane overhauled All the other boats and looked an easy Winner but the wind dropped and she was becalmed within 20 Yais of winning and could not reach the buoy in time. This race with same handicaps will be sailed next sunday. Flag 500 and dance a very successful Flag 500 and dance was held in the town Hall Little River on thursday evening. Or h. Stuart was in charge of the cards and the winners were messes e. Fahey s. S. Barclay and s. Cattermole. For most Points gained during the evening mrs m. Keenan was the Winner. Music for dancing was supplied by miss Myrtle Webster and or h. Stuart. Or p. Ussher was m. C. A Cushion Competition was won by or j. Foley. In appreciation for her services rendered during the season miss Myrtle Webster was presented with a pottery fruit dish. The importance of having a Book printed covering the Story of the settlement of Akaroa and Banks Peninsula was stressed by or f. Davis mayor of Akaroa at the Centennial conference at Duvauchelle on saturday. Or Davis said they were indebted to the late h. C. Jacobson for compiling the Early history of the District some fifty years ago and with a tales of Banks Peninsula., included a most interesting record could be made. This was one of the proposals put Forward for acceptance by the conference and was supported by or f. Coop chairman of the Wai Rewa county Council. Or Davis also said a record of the Early families peopled the District for the first fifty years of settlement would be most valuable. Or t. H. Mccombs ., in referring to a history of the District As one of the Centennial proposals said the government was receiving Many such offers and he considered if the Banks Peninsula Section of the Canterbury history were printed a history of the District was not necessary. The proposal to print a history of the District will come up for consideration1 later. The Section in the Canterbury history referring to Akaroa a and Banks Peninsula history will be confined to less than Twenty pages and this will include All the District s history and development so that it must of necessity be Only an outline and can hardly be expected to cover smart new p8saks to suit every pocket. Arthur Akaroa Lawn Tennis club mrs fends Pearl Arthur Jack and Basil or and mrs h. W. Oliver and family or and mrs t. Masefield and family Akaroa flunked society or and mrs a a. Narbey and family Winnie Denny and family Lai Elsie and family or and mrs w. H. Taylor and family or and mrs c. D. Sealey and family or and mrs Robt. Woodill and family or and mrs Haley and family Jeannette Frank and family Joe Evelyn and family g. A. And e. Hammond Helen and Gordon or and mrs d. Woodill and family. Imagine the thrill of one of Kodak a smart new cameras a give a Kodak the gift that keeps on giving a few of the models Small Brownie i j a popular Brownie to s a 10/6 Brownie Junior 14/6 and 6/6 folding Kodak Good Lens 37/6 All kinds of films in Stock for Best results use Kodak ver Chrome r. S. C. Stewart .s. . Chemist and stationer a phone 2 a phone 2. The Story of one of the most historically interesting places in new zealand. Bruce hotel Akaroa the season s greeting s or. And mrs. Sam Hollander of the Bruce hotel extend to the people of Akaroa and Banks Peninsula their Best wishes for a Happy new year. Holiday season stocks in introducing themselves to local residents the new proprietors of the Bruce hotel wish to assure them that As Canterbury a first hotel a a the Bruce will be Able to Supply All needs for the Holiday season. Special stocks of whiskies wines liqueurs Beers Etc. Have been procured for this purpose and your orders will receive prompt attention. A make a selection for your Holiday. Requirements and ring Sam Hollander proprietor Bruce hotel Akaroa Telephone 14. Make sure you try the new a Bruce Cherry liqueur cocktail a its a Winner of of Var is Sipl Ujj. Is Law avoid cheapness but get your Money a Worth exact time for life Loewe and sir Roger pipes for the particular smoker 1939 chiming clocks outstanding value my stocks contain just the right articles for you has a. Fantham tobacconist and jeweller Lavato Street Akaroa. A phone. 66 ;