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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Akaroa, Canterbury Circulating throughout Akaroa Borough Akaroa county. Wai Rewa and it. Herbert county districts and published in tho interest of residents throughout this area. A t Banes Peninsula advertiser news and personal items of Lecal interest. Correspondence v on All subjects and articles Deal hug with District affairs published free of charge. Vol. Lam. No 6506 published livery tuesday and Friday. Akaroa Canterbury . Tuesday february 7, 1939, established 1876. My Akaroa Canterbury official Organ of All important local bodies in the District p. Q. -jbox>9. Phone 18d a advertising. Charge Sand conditions casual advertisements Public notices meetings amusements tenders etc., 4/ per Inch. Classified Smalls wanted for Sale lost found strayed situations to 12 Worde 1/- three insertions 2/s. Up to 18 words 1/6. If booked double rates charged. Birth. Death marriage and in memo Riant notices 2/6 per insertion up to 80 word. If booked. Casual Reader advertisement inserted in news columns 6/ per Inch. Front Page advertisements will be set in the style adopted by the paper Only. Changes of matter for contract spaces May be made when required As a Cost of 4d per Inch. Replace copy must be in the printers hands by noon on saturdays and wednesdays to ensure insertion on tuesdays and fridays respectively. Stereo matter May be changed each Issue free. The to Gukis reserved to refuse any advertising Iatter. The publisher May deem Obi my a Way or contrary to the rec Tice of the paper and the exercise of such to Igic Hall not he held in any Way to a Joel the terms of thereon Banks Peninsula mail services Post �f2t�8, Akaroa notice of mails outwards. For the under. Mentioned places Christchurch and Forward mail closes daily�?7.30 an. And a46p.m. Wednesday�?7 . A Avau Heite ,0fcoett�, u done a Bay aka to a Bay Pigeon Bay Taka Matua Robin Sony a Bay via due Auchst mail. Toses baily�?7.30 . And 2.46 pan. Wednesday�?7 . Little River mail closes dasy�?7.80 . Am 2.45 . Wednesday�?7 . Barrys Bay Wainui French farm via Little River. Maili Gleavea daily�?7.80 . And 2.45 . Wednesday�?7 . Wellington mail closes daily 2.45 . From the under mentioned places Christchurch arrival daily 11 . And 6.30 pan. Wed&lsday�?7.10 . Saturday�?5.6 Jsu. Duvauchelle Taka Matua Little rivet. Koine on a Bay barrys Bay Wellington arrival daily 11 . Eastern Bays arrival daily�?8 . Public notice Job h printing. Department latest machinery installed postman a deliveries. Daiiyr-9 . And 11.30 . Postal Box clearances. Beach Road Grehan Valley William Street Balg Uarie Street daily�?7.16 . Sad 8.80 Pau. Wednesday morning enly�?6.45 Telephone Exchange open. 6 son. To Midnight sundays but holidays 8 am he p.1-parcel Post daily�?4> Ami. To 6 Pun. Telegraph office open . To 6 Pun. Creeed sundays and holidays. J. P88nd8rga0y, feet Ojeator. Peninsula Tel phone lbs vices having recently installed a Model 6 retype which recognised throughout e world a the Standard machine r newspaper production and Job inting work the company is keeping line with Progress to give sub Ribers advertisers and buyers of a inting a first Olas and Quick vice. This machine carries at resent nine distinct Type faces cover a the requirements of most printing bees end the fresh impression from atries for now Papor and jobbing Erk assures subscribers end print a customers the Best possible impression. The office also carries a Large Range f jobbing Type faces to meet Ous imers requirements for All classes printing work and with this equip ent and presses used in production in beet of work can be guaranteed. We shall be pleased to quote for printing of All Clae eee including the allowing posters handbills Magn Ines souvenir booklets show cards to grammes invitation Garde Plain and fancy tickets of All classes siting cards business letter Heads private letter paper and envelopes business envelopes and letter paper of Heads of All classes uni script Lille of duplicate account books , duplicate books of All Esen Tione Manilla and Linen tags receipt and delivery books. Sale firc Filas Price lists balance sheets a respect us forms pamphlets wed info and social invitations gummed Abels. And stickers always.,on hand envelopes in urious Sites paper Tor typewriting implicating and other purposes note Alq Ckuj time and a wages blocks ruled foolscap with or without Jones columns newsprint receipt looks Carbon paper any sea r us it and minute books etc., prompt execution of All orders. A Luuloa week-days�?6 . To Midnight. Sundays and departmental holidays 8 . To 8 . Duvauchelle week-days�?7 . To 9 . Sundays Good Friday Anzac Day and Christmas Day 9 . To 10 . And 5 . To 6 . Departmental holidays 9 . To 10 . And 7 . To 8 . Little River week-days�?6 . To Midnight. Sundays and departmental holidays 8 . To 8 . Private line owners Ataa Hua 9 . To 6 . Close 1 . Wednesday. Be Bons Bay 9 . To 5 . Closes 2 . Saturday. Little Kaloa 9 . To 5 . Closes 1 . Thursday. Mot Karara 9 . To 5 . Closes i . Saturday. Okain a Bay 9 . To 5 . Gleams 2 . Saturday Pigeon Bay 9 . To i . Closes 1 . Wednesday. Wainui 9 . To 16.30 ., 11.80 to b a it making a will should be considered As an Ordinary business matter As it is merely the setting out in a formal manner of the desires of a testator As tothe disposal of his assets and the income after his decease. If you have not already made a will or if owing to changing conditions your present will requires to be altered Consul to the perpetual trustees co. Ltd. And obtain the advice of its officers. Established 1884 a. C. Bretherton Christchurch manager 145 Worcester Street Christchurch we Are buyer of Cockshoot Call and gee us he fews yen sell corn8aoks shaming twins horns Coxs seaming twine we have seeks available fee a wept is dreary. Sole i goads ter a Floey Dragash a Marsea taste pwt Brt can a a Davix Quot Baa Headon a Feur Oft less Bun throwers right Stephenson and co. Ltd. Cashel Street Christchurch Walker a Grain and produce store Duvauchelle wheat Oats chaff bran and Pollard in Steek horse and new Cavers harness Ete. Buyer of pigs cattle and horses open a tuesdays saturdays and Sale Days for personal interview telephoned orders to no 8, Duveau Ethehe will receive pro c t attention Public notices insurance. W. Abm it Ace a.p.a., .a.i.a., . Public accountant. Auditor and company Secretary. Income tax returns prepared 213 Manchester Street Christchurch phone 30-806. Appointments May be made during monthly visits to South British insurance Accident motors Marine guaranteed Bonds get in touch with the Agente. C. W. Leete Akaroa. F. G. Harris okapi to a Bay or Little Akela. A. G00dwin. Pigeon Lay. A. E. Williams be Ron a Bay. Or with Canterbury Branch 137 Hereford Street Christchurch. P. H. Harris Exchange . 1720 employment offered Akaroa county Council four wheelers wanted1&Quot ranted four men for Wheeler for county Crusher Plant. Applications addressed to undersigned will be received up to 4 . On wednesday february 8, 1939. A. Stewart county clerk. Amusement Akaroa pictures wednesday february 8 wednesday february 8 wednesday february 8 a wednesday february 8 a Sanders of the River a a show boat a a King Solomon a mines and now the mighty voice of the singing Star supreme comes to thrill you anew in this glorious desert adventure Romance. Paul Robeson Paul Robeson Paul Robeson singing Star supreme in a a Jericho a a Jericho a a a e r i c h 0�?� a a a e r i c h of Quot Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho Quot Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho a a Jericho Quot Jericho a a a e r i c h of a a a e r i c h of a a a e r i c h of a a Jericho with Princess Kouka Henry Wilcoxon Wallace Ford recommended by censor for adults evening session floor is 6d, gallery 2s, plus tax 3d. Children 9d and is 6d. Public rate fort annual subscription prepaid 61 1/-. Arterly prepaid 6/8. M booked per Quarter. A Ahins mail Coa Paay limited assets exceed �10,000,000. Fire a Marine Accident All classes of insurance at lowest current rates. If you Are particular about your eyesight and wish to have a thorough optical examination for glasses by an optical specialist who has had Over 30 Veavor experience at the work. Then consult Procter a the Premier opticians Christchurch who will be making the next visit to Akaroa on Friday March 31, and saturday april 1 appointments can now be made by calling writing or a phoning mar. S. C. Stewart a phone no. 2. Chemist Ujj. A Davis . Surveyor Valuer and claims assessor the Yorkshire buildings 104-106 Hereford Street no. 38-620. Rea. No. 82-288 a i. Mem Teal a a w. A m. Jacobson agent Akaroa. Christchurch Branch 167 Hereford Street p. White Parsons. All a a wanted and a do let notices use. The a email Quot web intr you will be More than pleased with the results obtained. Twelve words is. Thres Iaser jew it Peninsula v. Mid Canterbury a a Diamond engagement rings we specialise in Diamond engagement. Rings and have the largest selection in Christchurch about half the Price of other shops. Watches if you want a reliable watch buy a Roamer watch ladies or gentlemen a lifetime watch to suit All pockets radios electric relax radios Are unsurpassed. For tone reception and Price. Beautiful me Sand sons manufacturing jeweller 278. High st.,1 on saturday next february 11, Peninsula will play a Browning shield match against mid Canterbury at the . Courts. The following players have been selected to represent Peninsula ladies misses k. Kay p. Bro Cherie m. Webster n. Henning mesdames c. Minifie a. Radford miss h. Kelly and miss a. Haley. Reserves a misses a. Wright b. Allen v. Reynish and h. Savage. Men a. Rankin c. Minifie i. Kay j. Lewthwaite f. Lewthwaite w. Bulman j. Wakelin e. White. Reserves e. H. Giddens Kelly t. Haley a. Radford. All players Are requested to be on chs Akaroa courts by 10.15 . And anyone not Able to play is asked to notify v. Bro Cherie at once. Rhodes cup Competition matches the following Are the scores in the Banks Peninsula Rhodes cup Competition matches played on saturday. Little River a v. Akaroa played at Little River Little River names mentioned. First. Ladies singles miss Webster beat miss a. Haley 6�?3 mrs a. Radford beat mrs f. Williamson 6�?2 miss h. Savage beat miss d. Leete 6�?4 miss e. Harty beat miss n. Wright 6�?2. Mensa singles w. Bulman beat f. Lewthwaite 6�?5 a. Radford beat f. Williamson 6 1 r. Harrison beat e. Haley 6�?0 c. Bryant lost to f. Newton 4�?6. Ladies doubles miss Webster and mrs a. Radford beat miss Haley and mrs Williamson 6_2 miss Savage and miss Harty lost to miss Leete and miss Wright 4�?6. Mensa doubles w. Bulman and a. Radford beat f. Lewthwaite and f. Williamson 6�?4 r. Harrison and c. Bryant heat e. Haley and f. Newton 6�?1-combined doubles miss Webster and w. Bulman lost to miss Haley and f. Lewthwaite 2_6 or and mrs a. Radford beat or and mrs f. Williamson 6�?1 miss h. Savage and r. Harrison beat miss Leete and e. Haley 6�?1 miss Harty and c. Bryant beat miss Wright and f. Newton 6�?4. Little River a. Won by 13 sets to 3. Kuti v. Wainui this match was played at Wainui Kuti names mentioned first ladies singles miss Allen lost to miss a. Wright 2 6 miss n. White beat miss m. Macphail 6�?4 mrs j. Lewthwaite beat miss j. Hooker 6�?3 mrs Allen beat miss g., Hawker 6�?0. Mensa singles j. Lewthwaite lost to h. Rankin 4�?6 e. White beat l. Wright 6�?4 Reddie beat a Wright 6�?2 r. Tait lost to s. Humm 4�?6. Ladies doubles miss Allen and mrs Lewthwaite lost to misses Wright and Macphail 2_6 miss White and mrs Allen lost to misses Hooker and Hawker 5 6. Mensa doubles j. Lewthwaite and e. White lost to h. Rankin and l. Wright 5�?6 h. Reddie and a. Tait lost to n. Wright and s. Humm 4�?6. Combined doubles miss Allen and j. Lewthwaite lost Toh. Rankin and miss a. Wright 1�?6 miss n. White and e. White beat miss Macphail and l. Wright 6r-2 mrs Lewthwaite and h. Reddie beat miss j. Hooker and n. Wright 6�?2 mrs Allen and b. Tait lost to miss Hawker and s. Humm 5�?6. Wainui won by nine sets to seven. Little River b v. United a this match was played at Duvauchelle with the following results Little River b. Names being mentioned first ladies singles miss m. Webster lost to miss k. Hay 1�?61 mrs p. Of Connor lost to mrs 0�?6 miss Breitmeyer lost to mrs j. Haines 4�?6 mrs l. Oliver lost to miss. Samuels 3�?6. Mens singles w. Rout lost to c. Minifie 1�?6 p. Ussher lost to a Bailey 1�?6 e. Ussher. Beat a. Reid 6�?5 l. Oliver beat l. Vogan 6�?1. Ladies doubles miss Webster and mrs of Connor Loit to miss Kay. Andr. Mrs Minifie 0�?6 miss Breitmeyer and Jurs Olivar lost to mrs Haines and miss. .samuels2-s�?6 a mans double i a rout and up. Ussher Gost to Minifie and r. Bailey -126 e. Ussher and l. Oliver beat a. Reid and l. Vogan 6�?4.colonial Hall at Akaroa a parochial spirit alleged criticism at Centennial meeting a if the relics Are kept at Akaroa Many people will come to see them. If they Are housed in the Christchurch museum Well it is doubtful whether Many people will visit the these were the comments of the mayor of Akaroa or f. R. E. Davis in reply to criticism of the proposal for an Early settlers Hall As a Centennial memorial at Akaroa made at a meeting of Banks Peninsula local bodies at Duvauchelle on saturday. The proposals were criticised by or t. H. Mccombs . And or George. Manning a member of the Christchurch City Council who attended the meeting. The proposal was made by or Davis who suggested the construction of a suitable Hall to House Early Banks. Peninsula relics As a suitable memorial. Or Frank Coop chairman of the Wai Rewa county Council stated that he did not think that the Hall should be the concern of the other local bodies on Banks Peninsula but that if the Akaroa Borough wished to support this proposal it should be their financial responsibility alone. He was supported in this opinion by or w. H. Montgomery. Location of Hall or George Manning said that he did not consider that the position of the Hall would matter. The delegates should not have parochial ideas on that Point. A but Why be parochial at All. In this matter a he continued. A if the relics Are Quot going Quot to be a collected .7at Akaroa Why not House them in the Canterbury museum. If you keep these relics in Akaroa How Many people will visit them but if they were housed in the Canterbury museum thousands of children would visit them every year and add to their historical knowledge. Expert attention of relics or t. H. Mccombs also criticised the proposal suggesting that the relics would not receive the expert attention at Akaroa that they would receive at the Canterbury museum. Or Davis said he failed to see Why the relics should be sent to the Canterbury museum. Many relics were a Heady kept in the Akaroa Borough Council building and these had not deteriorated in any Way. The proposal was left for the consideration of the Banks Peninsula executive. A Public service station All electric pumps open seven Days a psf a if you Only need air come to the Akaroa sir vice station. And be welcomed. Complete Marfak service with hic a pressure air Davis proprietor i. Bros. Ltd. Exporters of fat sheep an lambs will operating on Bank Peninsula.1. Throughout to exporting mob L. Nicoll . Co. Or j. N. Mcgowan Littfe River Tel apron 47. This valuable a. Help you to safeguard your family a future. It is free and. Can be obtained at any Branch office of the Public trustee. Write Call or Send for p u b l i c t1 u s t i ii combined doubles miss Webster and w. Rout lost to or and mrs Minifie 1�?6 mrs of Connor and p. Ussher lost to miss Kay and r. Bailey 5�?6 miss Breitmeyer and e. Ussher lost to mrs Haines and a. Reid 0�?6 or and mrs Oliver beat miss Samuels and l. Vogan 6�?>3. United won by 12 sets to 4. Pigeon Bay v. Domain the match Domain versus Pigeon Bay was played at Domain on saturday Pigeon Bay winning by nine sets to seven. The following Are the scores Domain names mentioned first a a ladies singles miss p. Bro Cherie beat miss h. Kelly 6�?4 mrs Jordon lost to miss o. Reynish 3�?6 miss n. Robinson lost to miss b. Kelly 2�?6 miss d. Armstrong lost to mrs Blomquist 3�?6. Mens singles 1 v. Bro Cherie lost to h. Pentecost 1�?6 d. Giddens beat a. Kelly 6�?4 n. Prendergast beat j. Reynish 6�?3 a. Harward lost to a. Reynish 3�?6. Ladies doubles miss p. Bro Cherie and mrs Jordon beat miss h. Kelly and miss v. Reynish 6�?4 misses Robinson and d. Armstrong beat miss b. Kelly and mrs Blomquist 6�?5. Mens doubles v. Bro Cherie and d. Giddens lost to h. Pentecost and Kelly 2�?6 n. Prendergast and a. Hayward beat j. And a. Reynish 6�?4.combined doubles miss p. Bro Cherie and Bro Cherie defaulted to miss v. Reynish and h Pentecost miss n. Robinson and d. Giddens lost to miss h. Kelly and Kelly 3�?6 mrs Jordon and n. Prendergast beat miss b. Kelly and a Reynish 6�?4 miss a Armstrong and a. Haywa Iod lost to mrs Blomquist Ond a. Reynish 8�?6. The Canterbury new zealand seed company limited 208 Cashel Street Christchurch we can Supply at current rates new sacks and twine j. G. L. Vernon Farmers does it matter whether its the guaranteed Price or the Price if you Are going to Lea mice result of us unsuccessful lawsuit or be fined for offences ,. Unwittingly eos emitted avoid Evem the to Abb to of and astr tee you atsed by Pawich Naling a any aft the . Farmer Legal handbook by we. F. Johns ban Tetaz end amp Miler of the supreme Gowert of Mew 7anilmifff the a Ray Bosk Apea Tuy Wittum the of Fetig their everyday Hie Aad Tisl fans Era daa tag with Koal of film illustrated by in Fate eating _ a it b Ewt Wiatr a Vag . Put Katchm Lor any Fanger to my a or a. A. Roea the Kay whoa. A i find the Book nto iat Omatto and or a o. Sure Froid Hootie. A i would not like to Seiw Taboa my be Jyz afr w. J. Hall mat a Worth three time of Gro asked a Mir f. Mouldey of Kotalo. Price 6/ address orders to Akaroa mail co. Ltd Akaroa ;