Akaroa Mail And Banks Peninsula Advertiser Newspaper Archives February 03, 1939 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 3, 1939, Akaroa, Canterbury , throughout Akaroa lot Tough Akaroa county Wal tewa it. Herbert county districts published in the interests of residents through out this area. And Banks Peninsula advertiser news Raul personal items of local inter it correspondence on All subjects with District affairs published free of charge. Vol Xiii no ,6505 published every tuesday , Canterbury . Friday february 3, 1939, ?2stabmshed 1876. Many ail Akaroa a Canterbury official Quot Organ of All important local bodies in the a District p. O. Box 9 phone 13d advertising charges conditions Banks Peninsula mail services Post 0pfi81, Akaroa Public notices casual advertisements Public notices meetings amusements tend a ,�tc.,_4/ per Inch. Classified Smalls wanted for a Sale lost found strayed situation Etc., up to 12 words 1/- three insertions 2/6. Up to 18 words 1/6. If booked a Quale rates charged. A rth. Death marriage in 2/6 per insertion up to 80 words. If booked 3/-. Casual Reader advertisements inserted in news columns 6/ per Inch. Front Page advertisements be set in the style adopted by the paper Only. Changes of matter for contract splices May be made when required a a Cost of 4d per Inch. Replace copy must be in the a Printer s bands by noon on saturdays wedge Biays to insertion on tuesdays fridays respectively. Stereo matter May be changed each Issue free. They it is Raa Arvad to refuse Awad Vertis ipg matter the publisher May deem Sac to Leipf the Ltd per the exercise of Sufle Luot Ibe bold Misny a a Way top ape aha a terms of the contract. A feb printing a department latest machinery installed having recently installed a Model-5 Linotype which recognised throughout the world As the Standard machine far newspaper production Job printing work the company is keeping in line with Progress to give subscribers advertisers . Buyers of printing a first class Quick service. This machine carries at present nine distinct Type faces covering the requirements of most printing offices the fresh impression from matrices for newspaper jobbing work assures subscriber printing customers the Best possible impression. The office also carries a Large Range of jobbing Type faces to meet customers requirements for All classes of printing work with this equipment presses used in production the Best of work can be guaranteed. We shall be pleased to quote for printing of All classes including the following posters handbills magazines souvenir booklets show Cord programmes invitation cards Plain fancy tickets of All classes visiting cards business letter Heads private letter paper envelopes business envelopes letter paper Jhu Heads of All classes uni script bullheads duplicate account books counter books duplicate books of Al descriptions Manilla Linen tags receipt a id delivery books Bale circulars Price lists balance sheets prospectus forms pamphlets wed Dong social invitations gummed labels stickers always on hand envelopes an. Agapiou Simses paper for typewriting a other purposes note is risks time y.wlmf�8 block.3 ruled foolscap with or without pm. By cd it cj3oaks<-Carbon-Paperi Apil Tew d Miniute �ftok3<tdtc. Of a. Room it 1�?~cee.c.u Pion of All orders. irate a notice of mails outwards. For the under mentioned places Christchurch Forward mail closes jdatiy�?7,90 agn. Us 2.46 . Wednesday�?7 . Little Akaroa Sholton be boats Bay Okata a Bay Pigeon Bay Taka Matue Robinsons Bay via do Vauchee. Mail closes daily�?7.90 . And 2.45 pan. Wednesday�?7 . Little River Mai closes datiy�?7.30 . Am 2.45 . Wednesday�?7 . Barrys Bay we Fauri French farm via Little River. Mail closes baity�?7.99 aau. And 2.45 pan. Wednesday�?7 . Wellington mail closes Dally 2.46 . From the under mentioned places Christchurch arrival daily ii . And 6.30 . Wednesday�?7.10 . Satusday�?5.5 pan. Duvauchelle Tak Matua Little River Robinsons Bay barrys Bay Wellington arrival daily 11 . Eastern Bays arrival daily�?8 the perpetual trustees co. Ltd. In such matters As administration of estates management of trusts makes the appointment of the company As executor of a will or trustee of a marriage or other settlement a particularly a Wise decision. The officers of the company who Are at All times available to give advice or help to clients will be glad to Supply full information to enquiries regarding the classes of work undertaken. Established 1884 a. C. Bretherton Christchurch manager 145 Worcester Street Christchurch women s Institute Little Ryjer Branch special. Meeting miss Melya Webster presided Over a special meeting of the Little River a omens Institute held in the Triangle Hall. On Friday afternoon. A schedule of approximately 56 classes was drawn up for Flower How Shieh will be held in september employment offered postman s deliveries daily�?9 . And 11.30 . Postal. Box clearances. Beach Road Grehan Valley William Strait bal Guerio strut daily�?7.16 an. And 2j0 pan. Wednesday morning only�?6.4b Telephone Exchange sundays holidays 8 . To be parcel Post daily to an. The 6 pan. Telegraph office open 9 . To 5 . Closed sundays holidays. J. patented Peninsula Telephone services we Are buys of cock foot Cali see us before you Soh Akaroa county Council four wheelers wanted a wanted four men for wheelers for county Crusher Plant. A applications addressed to undersigned will be received up to 4 . On wednesday february 8, 1939. C. Stewart county clerk. The noxious weeds question Survey of Banks Peninsula amusements Akaroa week-days�?6 . To Midnight. Sundays departmental holidays 8 . To 8 . Duvauchelle week-days�?7 . To 9 . Sundays Good Friday Anzac Day Christmas Day 9 . To 10a.m. And 5p.m. To 6 . Departmental holidays 9 . To 10 . And 7 . To 8 . Little River week Days a . To Midnight. Sundays departmental holidays 8a.m. To-8 . Private line owners Ataa Hua 9 . To 5 . Clown 1 . Wednesday. Lei Bons Bay 9 . To 5 . Closes 2 . Saturday. Little Akaroa 9 . To 5 . Closes 1 . Thursday. Mot Karara 9 . To 6 . Cleasta 1 . Saturday. Okain a Bay 9 a on. To 6 . Oie Oes i . Saturday Pigeon Bay 9 . To 5 . Closes 1 . Wednesday. Wainui 9 . To 19.90 ., 11.30 to 5 pm. Public notices h. W. Armitage a.p.a., .a.i.a., . A Public accountant. Auditor company Secretary income tax returns prepared. 213 Manci Zlotek Street Christchurch phone 30-806. Appointments May be made during f monthly a flits to Akaroa. Consa outs shaming twine corsages seaming twine we have stake ave Habte fee prompt sole i Ipili for a Uclea awed be up dumb a feed m owe a fear Oaks a name Ghr Ewere Wright Stephenson co. Ltd. Cashel Street Christchurch walkers Grain produce store Duvauchelle wheat Oats chaff bran Pollard in Stock horse cow covers harness Etc. Buyer of pigs cattle horses open a tuesdays saturdays Sale Days for personal interview telephoned orders to no. 3, Duvauchelle will receive prompt t attention Akaroa pictures saturday february 4. Saturday february 4.saturday february 4. Saturday february 4. The worlds greatest singing Star in her crowning screen Triumph. Blazing a magic Trail of Melody mirth from the Jungle Glades of Africa to the Forest of Manhattan a Spires towers Lily Pons Lily Pons Lily Pons Lily Pons Jack Oakie in a hitting a new High speaking at the Canterbury Progress league meeting on wednesday night or f. Coop Drew attention to the spread of noxious weeds on Banks Peninsula. In the discussion on the Gameral spread of noxious weeds Canterbury Farmers stated that the trouble was that Farmers could not pay the labour wages to have their farms cleared. Or p. R. Climie Secretary of the or Etc Bur a Progress league said that h. Had been endeavouring to have a Survey made of Banks Peninsula. The three county councils had been asked to donate �20 towards the Cost two had agreed while the third county had not met As yet he hoped the Survey report could in arranged he Felt sure this would influence the government. Or f. Coop said landholders on All parts of the Peninsula were alarmed at the spread of noxious weeds. At Ahtl meeting the opinion was expressed that the government should be asked to assist with the Clearing of the land. Profit in fitness new High a new High new High new High new High new High new High a hitting a a hitting a a hitting a a hitting a a hitting a a hitting a a hitting a a hitting a new High a hitting a new High a hitting a a hitting a a hitting a a hitting a a hitting a a hitting a a hitting a new High new High new High new High new High new High new High insurance the South British insurance to., Ltd. Fire Accident motors Marine guaranteed Bonds get in touch with the agents. C. W. Leete Akaroa. F. G. Harris of Ajna a Little. Akaroa a. Goodwin Pigeon Bay. A. E. Williams. Be Ron a Bay. Or with Canterbury Branch 137 Hereford Street Christchurch. P. H. Harris manager. Royal Exchange Assurance . 1720 assets exceed �10,000,000. Fire a Marine Accident annual subscription prepaid �1 a i prep in 5/3. If booked 7 per Quarter. Akaroa mail company limited All classes of insurance at lowest current rates. J. .m.s.i., ,. Registered Surveyor Valuer claims assessor the Yorkshire buildings. 104-106 Hereford Street Christchurch. Phone no. 36-520. Res. -no.-82-288. To e. Mckee pie. Local agent w e. M. Jacobson agent Akaroa. Christchurch Branch 167 Hereford Street p. White Parsons manager. For All a a wanted end o let notices use the a a mail columns you will be More than please with the results obtained. T twelve words is. Three insertion 2s 6d. With Eric Blore Edward Everett Horton John Howard Eduardo Ciannelli approved for Universal exhibition a a Eming session floor ls-6d, gallery 2s, plus tax 3d. Children 9d 1s 6d. Public notice by Diamond engagement m we Diamond engagement rings have the largest selection in Christchurch about half the prise of other shops. Watches i if you want a reliable watch buy a Roamer watch ladies or gentlemen a a to suit All pockets radios electric or Battery relax radios Are unsurpassed for tone reception Price. Beautiful sons a Manu factoring jewellers -279, High St. Ohristo Gurch a perpetual dividend on cows ? the county Hall War packed while the Dairy inspector lectured on a a cows that pay.�?�.,Baving concluded he announced that by Way of an encore he would Short talk on a a cows that wpn�?Tt-suddenly at the Back of the Hall the town grocer started clapping vigorously shouting a give it to them professor the Halls full of already several Friendly critics have asked whether new zealand so fitness week will be merely a spectacular demonstration then a forgetting. The truth is of course that Hie week will be practically a a a curtain Raiser for continuing acts similar questions were asked when fitness campaigns were arranged in great Britain a it is an interesting speculation As to v. is going to be the ultimate effect of All the new i in the Airee Tion of physical fitness comm ted Quot the morn Cipal journal it a in a beneficial results of the Camp Ign cannot of course be immediately forthcoming but its Progress is a matter with which local authorities must be actively concerned. They have indeed much to gain from every Agency which seeks to promote the. Physical welfare of the nation. Hence their deep interest in the provision of such facilities for healthy recreation As Parks playgrounds swimming pools gym Nasia so on. Anything which is calculated the. Needs of the people from the Medicine bottle to natures ways of preserving health is to be cordially welcomed for surely this is the Best kind of Public health expenditure in the Long run. But for the tangible results we shall have to wait. They will not be apparent next year or the year after but provided All this new enthusiasm is continued my schemes develop along the right Ines the general effect must eventually be considerable. In the meantime it occasions. No Surprise that local authorities generally speaking Are preparing to meet a higher Bill in respect of this. Phase of their health what is a perfect health everybody has heard or read the original or a translation of the old roman line a omens Sana in Corpora Sanoy a a sound mind in a sound body. Well Here is an. Enlargement of that line by sir Ian Colquhoun chair Ian of the National fit Leste Council of Scotland a a a a a perfect health has been defined As a proper functioning of the mind body in a harmonious balanced relationship the one dependent on necessary to the other. But i think it May be admitted the influence of the mind is predominant greater than the bodily Rel actions of the mind. Many great men have overcome serious physical disabilities by sheer Force of will enough to. Allow them to carry on their work successfully. Bwe recognise the mind As the sen-101�?T partner a. And we. Do not want to do anything which will disturb this position but just because of this fact we want to ensure that the body can Cope easily effectively with All demands made upon it. We want the kind of physical fitness that makes brain work a pleasure the mental alertness Tholf automatically ensures tho body being Jept improper the farm labour muddle some drastic measures necessary wanted for of ale lost found situations a Ribe you. Kaow ? a scatter pars Etc., ,12. To feeds 1/- three insert Lens 2/6. Additional wording at above rates. Double rates charged if booked. In an article under the above heading the new zealand Dairyman attacks the labour governments present system of providing employment on Public works undertakings at a Price beyond the Ordinary Farmers Powers of payment. , an. Other Side of this question which is worrying Many Dairy Farmers. They employ their own sons who Are discontented because they work for 60 hours a week for a lower wage than the Man on the Public works at .40 hours a week. The Farmers son forgets that he is working for the ultimate ownership of a farm the result is that the Dairy Farmers troubles Are mounting up continuously. There is another Point that the Man on general labour works forgets that is that in times of financial stress the Man on these Public works undertakings Are the first to feel the Pinch the production of food or the manufacturing of goods Are reproductive works that must go on. These Points up not considered by the Ordinary worker who looks at the ruling pay other than the future. Certainly the. Problem of the labour on farms is aching a critical Point. The . Dairyman a remarks on the subject Are As follows a a the Supply of farm labour is More than Ever engaging the attention of producers workers organisations the government. Following the Sug Tion by the minister of labour the Hon. P. C. Webb a held in Auckland the other Day Between representatives of the labour department the Auckland provincial executive of the Farmers Union. A More representative conference will open in Wellington on february 22, Hile a further conference will take place in Christchurch sometime next oath to discuss whether there will 1 any change in the existing farm order so agreement which has been n existence for nearly two years As entered into by the Farmers the government the workers organisations. The whole position bristles Ith difficulties was accurately mined lip in a recent statement issued by the new zealand Farmers Union to the effect that a the whole Root of the farm labour problem is in the ability of the Industry to it would be absurd to maintain that a labour shortage what does exist is a Mal distribution of labour brought about by la set of circumstances for which the primary producer the last to be blamed. It stands to reason that with 20,000 Able bodied men employed on Public works at Ages working hours on a basis the average Farmer cannot possibly compete with the farm labour problem will never be solved. On the contrary every reason to believe that during the coming year the Farmers difficulties will be intensified unless drastic Steps Are taken to Correct the existing anomaly of unemployment on the one hand shortage of labour in our Basic industries on the other. A glance through the advertising columns of our daily newspapers already reveals steadily increasing demand for labour by the secondary industries As a result of the import restrictions imposed by the government. As the auction Quot of imports makes itself Felt Hiu. Demand is bound to increase ii Layment will be offering in the ties at award wages and1 a five Day City hour week. With such conditions prevailing labour on farms is net Likely to gain in popularity no matter How Many conferences May be id to discuss the position. The time has arrived1 when actions rather than Odds should be resorted to with a a to finding a solution. The whole our unemployment scheme should be viewed the ranks of casual labour combed for men suitable not Only for manufacturing industries but also for farm workers. In All cases Here suitable employment is offered refused the benefits derived from the employment fund should be terminated. After seven years of subsidised employ spent transition stage m inevitable but the immediate future will show clearly unmistakably that nothing but drastic action by the government will bring the remnant of available labour Back into the Channe where it is urgently required if manufacture production Are to expand in accordance with labours planned Public not Akaroa service station All electric pumps open seven Days a week if you Only need air come to the Akaroa service station be welcomed. Complete Marfak service with High pressure air gun. Rex Davis proprietor ing 17m. Akaroa. Rigoll Bros. Ltd. of fat sheep lambs will gain be operating on beak Peninsula throughout the exporting Avasou g. L. Nicoll. Representative. Co or j. N. Megowen Artie River Telephone 47. It Tonish to i is. V Wist the Wise Farmer mures. His Stock i it is ust As important to make adequate arrangements to carry on your farm when the time comes for you to relinquish control. Consult tie p a 1 l i c t 1 if 1 t s j the Canterbury new zealand seed company. Limited 208 Cashel Street Christchurch we can Supply at current rates. New sacks twine j. G. L. Vernon manager. Farmers Dees it matter whether ii i the guaranteed Price or the prise if you Are going to Lee As the result of an Zuzu Eleesa us a wapt or be fined Sot offences. On wittingly Somm iwed avoid even the to of unpleasantness know where you stand by nire hang a copy of the . Farmers Legal handbook off we. F. Johns barrister solicitor to be supreme court of new sea land. The Only Book Apea Tuy written for sufi tag to to everyday me Bosi Anam do tag so of Al Matte. Illustrated by 160 interesting it 81 certainly a any interesting 0 have Quot Dopf. A a Rose vote Java Taffi a i find the Book Moat state Tang or r. D. Dox fled Horotio. A i would not Rke to be wish oat. My copy a or w. J. Han a Taoka a Worth three times the ,.Price asked a or f. Moultrey Oke Rydre. Price 5/-�?�addrens orders,.to Akaroa mail go. Ltd Akaroa ;