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Aiken Standard Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1990, Page 4

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Aiken Standard (Newspaper) - April 6, 1990, Aiken, South Carolina Arm am fas pm mtg it s a humanitarian award. For jamming those sitcoms the . Was broadcasting on to our View soviet Strong Arm tactics won t extinguish demands the leadership of Lithuania a Independence movement has begun to yield to the relentless intimidation of the Kremlin. In the near term this May help ease weeks of bitter standoff and the growing risk of soviet military intervention. But in a longer perspective Moscow a Strong Arm tactics Are not Likely to extinguish Lithuania a legitimate demands for liberation from 50 years of illegal soviet occupation. With soviet foreign minister Eduard Shevardnadze now in Washington the Bush administration has an important Opportunity to underscore unwavering . Backing for an Independent Lithuania and a strictly peaceful Resolution of the confrontation. As Shevardnadze and Secretary of state James Baker prepare for the planned Bush Gorbachev Summit in june Moscow must be made to understand plainly that any resort to violence in the Baltic Republic would jeopardize the full Range of soviet american cooperation. Mikhail Gorbachev has already fudged on his pledge not to use military Force in Lithuania unless soviet lives Are threatened. Although soviet Armor has been deployed in a bloodless manner so far it has nonetheless served its purpose a to coerce the breakaway Republic into a tactical Retreat. The soviet military command has gone out of its Way in recent Days to enforce Gorbachev a warnings of a grave consequences for Lithuania a separatists unless they annul the March la declaration of Independence. Dozens of armoured personnel carriers rumbled through the streets of Vilnius the other night from the Railroad depot to the main soviet military base. The Armor is to bolster the letters to the editor saying no to sewer line libertarians Are very concerned that the residents of Jackson new Ellenton and Beech Island May not have the same Opportunity to say not to forced sewers As did citizens in the Breezy Hill water and sewer District and those in the Valley Public service authority District. The reason residents in the Valley and Breezy Hill said a a not is because the average tie on to sewer will be approximately $1,900 and the average monthly Bill would be $52.08. In addition to the extremely High tie on and monthly Cost these residents were also informed by the Aiken county libertarian party that South Carolina Law forces individuals to tie on within 30 Days or face fines property condemnation and jail. In spite of objections by a majority of those polled Aiken county councilwoman Lawana Mckenzie and others intend to continue trying to deprive citizens of their private property rights by using threats of balloon financing and dec declarations making septic tanks illegal. Residents of new Ellenton May be surprised to find that their mayor Randy Shaw has already entered into a multimillion Dollar sewer contract. Most new Ellenton residents and at least one City councilman Axel Adams or it a in Ufa of of Cut. V a firme Aiken county citizens from the Valley and Breezy Hill recognize the fact that sewers taxes and zoning Are the tools frequently used by government coupled with big business to run fixed income property owners off of their land. Libertarians Hope that citizens in Jackson Beech Island and new Ellenton realize what is happening before it is too late. If not they will not be the first to lose their property to land speculators for Only the Cost of delinquent taxes or sewer Bills. Timothy Moultrie 2015 White Pine drive North Augusta 29841 opinions Ai Kytt Standard publisher Scott b. Hunterjr in f Boyette 1,1 business office manager Ellen Priest Dunn not a director Melanie l. Arney circulation director Daniel s. Holland production director sue s. Brown Page 4a, Aiken Standard Friday april 6,1990 some thoughts on a child care Bill additional soviet troops who have been transferred to Lithuania As reinforcements for the 30,000 soldiers ordinarily stationed there. Highly visible troop forays have been occurring almost daily in the lithuanian capital As soldiers have seized half a dozen Public buildings. Even More damaging to Lithuania a appeals for Freedom Are the Kremlin a vigorous moves to silence open dissent. Foreign correspondents who have reported on Moscow a crackdown and disseminated Lithuania a pleas to the world have been expelled. Meantime the main printing Plant in Vilnius has been taken Over by troops. The aim is to suppress pro Independence newspapers which the Kremlin has denounced As a anti soviet a a chilling throwback to the Brezhnev Era. As a result of the crisis glasnost has been sharply redefined in Lithuania. Openness soviet style no longer includes the right of the saudis Independence movement to argue its Case in print. It May be Only a matter of time before the military also seizes the television Center in Vilnius. Vytautas Landsbergis the republics new president has offered to negotiate with the Kremlin a at any but Gorbachev continues to spurn the outstretched hand relying instead on the threat of Force to pressure Lithuania into submission. When foreign minister Shevardnadze returns to Moscow he should be carrying with him an unambiguous message from the White House. Washington should leave no doubt that if the soviet military crushes Lithuania a bid for Freedom it will crush the Promise of soviet Ameri can cooperation As Well. Washington a each House of Congress now has completed action on its own child care Bill. Both measures address the same problem if it is a problem but they address it differently. After three years in the legislative cooker what emerges is a bowl of bureaucratic Mush a and formidably expensive Mush at that. A threshold question never has been satisfactorily answered is there a child care problem so critical that it compellingly demands an elaborate Federal program the self evident fact is that the children who would be affected by the pending Bills Are now being cared for a somehow. They Are not lying unattended in City streets or country roads. Most attention focuses upon the estimated 8 million children under 5 whose mothers Are in the labor Force. Census data suggest but do not firmly establish that 3.3 million of them Are staying with a relative usually a grandparent. Another 2.3 million Are with non relatives. As Many As 2 million children Are in Day care centers mostly operated by churches. The others Are in a variety of situations. Some unknown percentage of these toddlers Are doubtless in less than Ideal circumstances. They May not be getting what the legislative sponsors term a a Quality care but evidence on this score is shaky. Last year a Harris poll found that almost 80 percent of parents Are satisfied with both the availability and the Cost of the child care they have arranged. Plainly there is no a a crisis that demands immediate Resolution through a Multi billion Dollar Federal program. Both the House and the Senate Bills James j. Kilpatrick Universal press Syndicate take a crisis for granted. The Bill just passed by the House is the More elaborate a and the More unacceptable a of the two. It splatters Money All Over the landscape through a bewildering Maze of Grants appropriations incentive funds and earned income tax credits. In the first year actual Federal outlays might be pegged at $1.75 billion but costs would explode thereafter. Child care promises to become the most costly entitlement program since medicaid. We Are talking about a real budget Buster but Cost is the least of the objections to the Bill. Both versions will undermine to some extent the venerable principle of federalism. Both implicate a kind of statism that is profoundly disturbing. At the moment a but Only at the moment a the program does not mandate specific detailed National standards for providers of Day care services. This will not last Long. The animating spirit behind Federal funding is Federal control. In order to qualify for Federal Grants the states eventually will have to accept a a guidelines on child staff ratios the qualifications of child care personnel and All the rest. In this process a priceless ingredient of federalism will be frittered away. Under our system of government the states Are supposed to function As laboratories of political Experiment. That is what the 10th amendment is All about. But when the Federal straitjacket tightens As it i surely will the areas of experimentation a will be greatly diminished. Let us look Down the Road and let us reflect upon the secular role that lies ahead. Roughly one third of the eligible children in need of Day care now Are cared for in Church related facilities. There they receive not merely food for their bodies but food for their minds As Well. They get at least some instruction in sound moral and social values. But such values Are of Small concern to the secular bureaucracy that this program would create. Millions of poor children will become for most purposes wards of the state. The competing House and Senate Bills leave the question of child care vouchers up in the air. Such powerful lobbies As the National education association Are fighting bitterly to prevent the voucher theory from finding a foothold a yet a system of vouchers redeemable through any Quali fied provider offers a Freedom of Choice that otherwise would be lacking. A constitutional Means must be found that will not Cut the Church related facilities out of the picture. A conference committee will now go to work on resolving differences Between House and Senate. In the nature of things a Compromise measure will emerge. Not 50 of the 535 members will understand the final provisions. All that will be clearly understood is that both parties will have responded after a fashion to what is misguided by perceived As a critical National need. President Bush Sharpen your veto pen the tide turning against Thatcher i Ondon a the mob reached its flashpoint on the soft saturday after a i noon just As the tourists strolled Back from matinees in the West end theater District. The angry Roar of the crowd reached into the boutiques of covent Garden and along Regent Street where the Royal family buys its boots and scarves and raincoats. A Hundred shop and restaurant windows were smashed some As the diners huddled fearfully behind overturned Tea tables. An Auto dealers showroom was trashed. A Porche parked on the Street was set on fire while Young males danced and chanted. In Trafalgar Square while the fountains splashed in the afternoon Sun behind the Stone Lions the mounted police charged like troops from some British movie epic. But this was no film extravaganza. I was standing in the crowd in front of St. Martin in the Fields a the Church that gives noontime string concerts and at night houses the homeless a when the mounted police Rode up the Steps horses hooves clattering on the ancient Stone. One woman protecting a child went Down hard. I helped her up. The child was wide eyed but Safe. The woman a hand was bleeding. A a what a happening a she asked shaken. She said she was Canadian Here on a package tour. A this country has gone insane. I thought England was civilized. All i want to do is get out of later a tourist from new Jersey daunt Lessly clicking his camera at action scenes right out of Watts and Detroit in the �?T60s, would ask Why the police did no to open it was explained to him that in England the police done to carry guns. Dorothy Storck Knight Ridder newspapers a in that Case a he said a they ought to get some real they re calling it the a Battle of Trafalgar Square a although the rampage spilled Over Down Whitehall past Downing Street with its new cast Iron Gates Down Haymarket where a the phantom of the opera is still booked solid. The Battle count As Many As 450 people injured 331 of them police 22 horses Hurt 339 people arrested. This week As the Dulcet Spring weather continues undeterred the British Are Busy assessing what went wrong to turn a peaceful anti tax demonstration into a riot. Police criticized by the press for failing to anticipate trouble and a some say a for losing control in the heat of Battle insist that the rally of 40,000 people organized by an umbrella group to protest the new Community tax was taken Over by a Small Core of anarchists. They Point to the indisputable fact that Black flags a hoary symbols of anarchy a were raised during the course of the March from South London and that hooligans clearly prepared for trouble were carrying plastic bags filled with bricks to Stone the ramparts of the privileged classes. A a anarchy and a class War a strange terms to american ears Are terms that crop up More and More frequently now in Margaret thatchers England. She the High priestess of Middle class Faith was cheered into an unprecedented three terms by a citizenry that found itself for the first time Able to save As Well As spend and also a with Low interest rates and the rising Pound a Able to buy a Home. It was a Long Long honeymoon. Now As with most marriages the scratchy parts Are showing. Interest rates Are at an All time High with Banks beginning repossessions of property. Last years water privatization was highly unpopular. Current changes in the National health system that most holy of sacred cows is causing Public worry. And the new per capita Community charge a commonly known As the poll tax a is much higher than anyone including the tories Ever expected. The poll tax the Bill arrives in the mail this month replaces property taxes and is theoretically the same for Rich and poor. However each Borough a and in London these Are dominated by the labor opposition a determines what it will need to cover Community services like Gar Bage collection that were formerly fund de by the government. In some Low income London neighbor a hoods the charge per head is triple that for wealthier areas. No matter How much Thatcher insists like a Stem Nanny that people will in time accept the new tax the resentment is clearly not limited to the at Buckingham Palace the other Day an elderly War Veteran Winner of the Victoria Cross limped to the Gates to turn in his medal. He was unable he said to pay his taxes and he refused to keep a decoration from a Sovereign who would allow poverty to Dishonour him in his old age. It was not a protest to match the Battle of Trafalgar Square but it had its own Impact. In London As the tourist season opens and the tories walk among their wounded the wind is rising. Census figures just wont add up want to write the Aiken Standard welcomes letters to the editor for publication. Letters must be signed by the writer and they must Bear the writers mailing address. Letters must be legible preferably typewritten. Letters that Are Brief and to the Point Are preferred. All letters Are subject to editing and condensing. There is no limit to subject matter. Please Send them to the editor Aiken Standard Box 456, Aiken s c., 29802. I got the Long form the one that a supposed to take 43 minutes to fill out. I done to believe in the census anymore. Of i believe that ifs important. I just done to believe the numbers. The census Bureau delivers 106 million packets. Most of you slobs get a 14-question form. Seventeen percent of american households a we Are the elite a get the Long form with 45 More questions. In a the sort of Overly conscientious a of compulsive a person who a pleased to get the Long form. I like to be counted. Till i actually started filling it out. A what Are the yearly costs of utilities and fuels for this House or apartment a for electricity for Gas for water and for Oil Coal kerosene Wood Etc. How do i know being a compulsive person i found an old Utility Bill in my files. My Bill has a years Worth of charges on it. I added up the average daily Cost of each service for each month divided to get an average daily Cost for the year and multiplied by 365 for a yearly total. Only the Bill was a year old so its really my costs for 1988, not 1989, when rates went up but i done to have a front until it Hill Joanne Jacobs Knight Ridder newspapers Long formers who get a Bill that just lists their monthly charges Arentt going to have a clue what they spent for Gas or electricity in a year. Multiplying the March Bill by 12 does no to work because use changes depending on the weather. I asked a census lady in Washington How they know the numbers Are Correct. A your guess is As Good As ours a she said. A we have no Way of Well that makes sense. Then there so what is this persons ancestry or ethnic origin a lets see russian jewish. No a your guide for the 1990 . Census form says a a religious group should not be reported As a persons i actually read the guide. So its russian. But a persons who have More than one origin and cannot identify with a single ancestry group May report two ancestry in a russian lithuanian German i guess. My daughter is your Basic russian lithuanian German scottish English dutch and probably Irish to judge by her freckles. One of her friends is russian Cherokee swedish German English. But the census Bureau counts Only the first two ancestries you list which hardly does Justice to the american heritage. The form asks about your Job. A describe the activity at location where i could have put complaining about management waiting on hold for somebody who can to answer your questions anyhow gossiping lunch. But they gave examples and one of them was a newspaper publishing a so i put that. Is this manufacturing wholesale Trade retail Trade or a a other we do manufacture newspapers but somehow i done to think of myself As being in the manufacturing business. I put a other a which implies in a engaging in agriculture construction service or government. Service nah. The census folks have tried really hard to make the census simple. But its not simple unless you think doing your taxes is simple

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