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Aiken Standard And Review Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1945, Page 4

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Aiken Standard and Review (Newspaper) - September 19, 1945, Aiken, South Carolina Editorial Page tit a amp Smth re nth an Cowitt Liam his moral Ruot minor in a roil Cohu to a forestay Aiken Standard and review devoted to the up building of Aiken county established 1869 published wednesday and Friday at 1809 Richland Avenue Aiken Aiken county s. C., by the Aiken Standard and review inc. B. J. King editor and Busine manager Anniel King. Associate editor .3.50 3.00 2.60 1.60 .76 .06 subscription rates on year foreign countries pm year out of state. Ona year in South Carolina. Biz months. Three months single copy. Entered a second class matter at the Post office in Aiken s. Cards of thanks resolutions obituary notices notices of excepting for religious and educational benefits where an admission is to be charged or other notices not of a great news value will be charged for at Kines or a minimum charge of fifty cents. And yet they would not Hearken unto their judges but they went a whoring after other gods and bowed themselves unto them they turned quickly out of the Way which their fathers walked in obeying the commandments of the lord but they did not 2 17. Wednesday september 19, 1915 my prayer for today mrs. Albert Lambert Woodruff s. God give me strength and Grace to live each Day As Best i can and As i love myself teach me to love my Fellowman. Let me refrain from saying things that would be Best unsaid inspire me with a word to cheer and Gladden hearts instead. Keep me Humble every Day and Grant that i May see myself not As i think i am but As Christ thinks of me. More Faith and strength to carry on these Are the things i ask to know my help still comes from him w Hen heavy grows my task. I Prav for Wisdom to apply what knowledge i possess in All i do. Or Sac. Or think a the name of Christ to bless. A and in All Worthw i things i do from now on through All my Days to look not on them a my own but Gie to him All Praise. I do not a a for worldly Fame when i have gone but in Christ s name. Non. Phil a i live Lor courage to keep on. Towns Are very diligent in their efforts to get this Highway. I cannot see that tile Small industries or the Highway would in any Way affect our w inter Colony business and if we had tile three Aiken should grow by leaps and Bounds. Ten years from now might be too late for us to act. Let s put Forth our concerted efforts now to get these tilings. L. In Holley a Golden Opportunity. In answer to our editorial let Jet Busy in last Friday s Issue the following comment has been received which we it a a Oil to out Leudie. A to the editors please allow me space in your columns to compliment you on the splendid and timely editorial which appeared in Friday Issue of Yoni Standard and review. Iou will know. From our conversation on tile Street. Rev attitude on the future development clout Gotti Little town of Ike. In my opinion i Golden Opportunity lies just ahead for us. Plodded we take advantage of our possibilities. In past years Aiken has enjoyed a wonderful inter business from our Winter Golov for Ahu la we Are very grateful hut i Ani wondering. A Many other Are whether or not Aiken is ill be Able to compete with other Section of tin work. Nice aviation i developing so rapidly. Times and habit Ane changing very rapidly and will continue to Bange nun ii faster in the pol War Era. Industry wants to move South and is moving South. As i see it Aiken would do Well to seek some of the Mailer industries industries which should not in any Way eau a damage to oui w inter bit iness. That is to a. Industries without Large Moke tacks or Dis Favorale doors. In addition Aiken should do everything pus Sihle to see that the new proposed Federal super Highway from Maine to Florida continues on no. I Highway and through the City. Other a go to Church a a movement that Aiken is aroused economically is seen from the above. We Are glad to note there is also a movement which leads to a religious Awakening in our City. On last sunday a group of men from All protestant denominations in the City met to formulate plans for a a Quot go to Church lib movement. October has been designated As a go to Church month and this group of men Are formulating plans for personal visitation for the purpose of urging everybody in Aiken to attend the Church of his Choice during the month of october. Civic clubs and patriotic organizations will be urged to sponsor the movement. Would it not he a Fine thing if Aiken were to become the Hest Church going City in die South the whole world has received a positive proof that the life of love and of cooperation is its Only Hope for survival. The atomic bomb furnished the convincing evidence. The weight of this responsibility rests upon the churches a responsibility to Lead the world to the new Way of life which Means love and cooperation. A Fine Way for Aiken to demonstrate this spirit is for the various denominations to cooperate and work together in this a go to Church movement. Post War Economy confronted with the problem of converting this country from a War to a peace Economy has Congress groping in confusion. Fearing inflation yet More scared about deflation such As caused a depression a few years after the last War. Congress seemingly does not know what to do. There seems to ire those who want to trim spending and those who want to spend More and More. Already the National debt is nearing die $300,. 000,000,000 figure with taxes taking one third of the National income. And yet Iii tile face of that there is advocated a program to spend $91, 000.000.000 through the budget in the next 22 months. On top of that there is being advocated a 3 a hour government work week at a not estimated at $2,000,000,000 a year. Why anybody Houghl expert tit gain a livelihood working Only to horns per is a cd i certainly beyond the keen of a of hour a week newspaper Man. It i nut Only time for the government to r Ali a thai it workers must work along with those w to pay the Hills hut government agencies and departments must he made to realize that to a time i Here for War workers to he Enfa a urged to find jobs in private Enterprise and not id lie absorbed in continuing government agent irs. Many of them evidently have thus far tailed to realize this. Senator Bvrd has jut released figures which How that xxx till the War Iii Europe ended Tun month the in Rea a of Federal employees wa-11.vt Here i Iii anal i men anti part of Quot i lilt War agent b s showed increase in personnel and 2 i other department Anil agencies showed -i111ilar increase. Ninet in til these department and agencies which showed i lie teases were Tali Ament essentially engaged in peacetime Lulu Lions of government. I he largest of the a increases occurred in agriculture e Width Jit i seasonal employees not previously re. Ported Interior. 503 new employee labor. 21 i in Loff ic.-5. Too Tate. 136 Treasury. 639 Federal Security. 291 Federal works. I it it it general accounting office 200 reconstruction finance corporation. 516. Department anti agencies lie made to realize that the War workers Are to in encouraged to find jobs in private cuter Prie. And not to lie absorbed in continuing government agencies. Many of them evidently have thus far failed to realize we Are glad to note that Aiken i Awakening not Only to the Opportunity that is ours hut sees in the getting of Industry to locate in Aiken a necessity for economic stability. War fund continued from Page one pain which we Are to enter upon october 1st will be the final one in behalf of the National War fund and its participating agencies. The fact that this is the last Campaign adds emphasis to the importance of the approaching program. Each participating Agency will continue its program through the last hour of need. War fund agencies i. Service agencies Uso United service organizations United seamen a service War prisoners Aid inc. American Field service ii. European Relief agencies american Relief for Czechoslovakia american Relief for France american Relief for Holland american Relief for Italy american Relief for Norway belgian War Relief society friends of Luxembourg greek War Relief association polish War Relief refugee Relief trustees United lithuanian Relief fund u s. Committee for care of european children United yugoslav Relief fund Iii. Pacific Relief agencies philippine War Relief United China Relief Community Chest again this year As last year the Community Chest will be a part of the forthcoming drive. It has been found advantageous to coordinate into one fund raising Campaign the annual appeals of county wide organizations. The organizations who will participate in the Community Chest will be announced later. It is made Clear Here that the forthcoming drive covers Only the organizations and agencies herewith listed. That this drive does not include the american red Cross which makes its annual drive in the Spring and which has been confused in the minds of some contributors As having been a part of this drive. Executive committee to meet or. We. R. Byrd has called a meeting of the executive committee for thursday september 20th, at 2 00 p. Rn., in the Council room of the Aiken municipal building at which meeting vital matters concerning the drive will be inc. Insurance real estate surety Bonds Tel 40, Aiken Rife Only Fth fool i a that thinks he knows it All we done to claim to know every thing. Hut we do know our business if it s electrical. We can fix it. Let the Croft Jah amp electric company keep you. Present equipment in working order. Place your order Foi new hot Point equipment with us. Now Croft Cas Ioji Hectric co. Ivc Sill the by St Amo sift of ii kist Moze j39 9f.ert, . In memory of our son and brother staff . Wesley m. Garvin who died two years ago today sept. In 1943. There a a Gold Star in our window there san empty place at our Side there Are Many things to remind us that another hero has died. When the first bomb fell and Uncle Sam gave out the distress alarm he left his Home and Many friends and answered the Call to arms. And now the world is right again. Your memory like a Light will Burn for you were our first to go away never again to return. Mrs. Bessie Garvin Mother. Mrs. Ruth Emeneker sister. Leonard Woodie and b. W., Brothers. Notice of final discharge notice is hereby Given that i will make my final return to the probate judge for Aiken county at his office in Aiken on the 19th Day of october 1945, at 11 00 a. Rn., As executrix of the estate of William Wesley Mucken fuss deceased and will at the same time ask for final discharge. Mrs. Laura Edgerton Muckenfuss. Executrix. September 19, 26�?z oct. 3, to. Probate Sale state of Suth Carolina county of Aiken in the probate court Inez Bush As administer matrix of the estate of Thelma Mabry also known As Thelma Freeman and her own right Petitioner is. Mary Mabry Leon Mabry Margaret Hillery Herbert Mabry Otis Mabry Bracy Mabry and Simon Freeman respondents. Notice is hereby Given that pursuant to an order of the probate court in the above entitled cause dated the 7th Day of september 1945, i will offer for Sale at Public auction to the highest bidder in front of the court House at Aiken s. C., during the Legal hours for Public sales on monday october i 1945, next the following premises of the estate of Thelma Mabry also known As Thelma Freeman in Aid of assets for the purpose of paying the debts of said estate namely All that certain piece parcel or lot of land with the improvements thereon situate lying and being on the East she of York Street in the City of Aiken county of Aiken and state of South Carolina on said York Street eighty nine 89 feet anti seven c7 inches and running Hack of equal Width one Hundred and fifty nine 159 feet anti nine ii inches tan old Fence being hounded on the North East and South by old fences Anil being hounded on the North by lot formerly of John s. Pardue. Now of Earl Walker on the East by lots formerly of Eliza Williams and estate of a. B. Mcgee on the South by lot formerly of a h. Beekman and on the West by York Street. Being the same lot of land conveyed unto Rev. R. In Mabry by deed of Ella it. N Orris dated september 12, l�?~.i22, recorded september to 1922, in the office of clerk of court for Aiken county in title Rook .�?~50, Page 205, and being the same lot of land and improvements devised unto Thelma Mabry by will of Rev. It. B. Mabry duly probated and recorded in the office of the probate court for Aiken county in the year 1043. The terms of Sale will be for Cash the purchaser to pay for deed and Revenue Stamps. The successful bidder at said Sale will he required to pay the sum of five net cent of the amount of his bid in either Cash or by certified Check As Earnest Money to bind the bargain or else his bid will be disregarded and the premises will be immediately resold. James e. Parker judge of probate for Aiken county s. September 7, 1945. Sept. 12, 19, 26. Notice of final discharge notice is hereby Given that i will make my final return to the probate judge for Aiken county at his office in Aiken on the 27th Day of october 1945 at 11 00 a. In. As executor of the estate of miss Mary Hartley deceased and at the same time ask for my final discharge. Charlie Hartley executor. Aug. 31, sept-7-14-21. Notice of final discharge notice is hereby Given that i will make my final return to the probate judge for Aiken county at his office in Aiken on the 2nd Day of october 1945, at 11 00 a. M., As executrix of the estate of miss Frances Elizabeth plunked deceased and will at the same time ask for my final discharge. Mrs. Ida Plunkett Sanders executrix. Aug. 29, sept. 5, 12, 19. Notice of final discharge notice is hereby Given that i will make my final return to the probate judge for Aiken county at his office in Aiken on the 2nd Day of october 1945, at 11 00 a. M., As administrator of the estate of we. Butler Duncan deceased and will at the same time ask for my final discharge. Louis w. Noel ancillary. Administrator. Norman e. Cullum attorney. Aug. 29, sept. 5. 12, 19. Aiken City recreation ordinance. Whereas the City of Aiken owns a swimming Pool on Newberry Street and owns or is charged with the maintenance and Upkeep of Eustis Park As a playground and owns or is charged with the maintenance and Upkeep of other playground or recreational facilities within its corporate limits and it is anticipated that other like playground or Redrea ional facilities May be established from time to time As the future needs of the City May require making it necessary that the playgrounds and recreational facilities of the City have a responsible directing head to the end that the interests of the City might be thereby Hest promoted and the most Benefit arrived therefrom now it is hereby ordained by the mayor and City Council of the City of Aiken i. That there is hereby created what shall be known As a Aiken i Ity recreation commission a which shall he charged with the future management and control of All present and future playgrounds and recreational facilities owned or to he owned by the City of Aiken that five 5 persons one of whom shall he the mayor of the City o Aiken who shall serve As sex offi Cio chairman thereof and a a Quot in i i citizens and resident tax payers of the City of Aiken v ing Tor terms of four years Bret Veals two years and one year expect Ivelys that the mayor if i he Ity of Aiken is hereby authorized and directed to appoint tile four members of said commission for their initial term of office and to designate tin term of office of each member so appointed that hereafter annually As the terms of said commissioners expire their successor shall be appointed by the Mayo. Of the Ity of Aiken Only Bona fide citizens and tax payers of the City of Aiken shall he eligible of appointment to said commission that any commissioner whose term has expired shall be eligible Fri reappointment so Long As said commissioner remains a Bona fide resident and tax payer of the Ity that said Aiken City recreation commission shall serve without pay that the clerk and treasurer of the City of Aiken shall be and hereby is designated As clerk and treasurer to the said Aiken City recreation commission shall said commission shall consist of attend the meetings of said commission record the minutes thereof and carry out the lawful orders of the said commission shall receive for said commission any property or thing of value contributed by any person club or other organization for the Benefit of said Aiken City recreation commission and to keep a record thereof shall keep record of and Deposit in Bank to the account of the City of Aiken and All Cash monies which May be paid in or contributed to Aiken City playgrounds from any source that said Aiken City playgrounds commission shall elect one of its members other than the mayor As vice chairman to preside Over the the absence inability or refusal meetings of said commission in the absence inability or refusal of the mayor to preside and said vice chairman shall have the coequal right with the mayor to Call the said Aiken City recreation commission together in meeting for the purpose of transacting any business which is deemed necessary. 2. That said Aiken City recreation commission is hereby charged with the full responsibility for the management operation and maintenance of All playgrounds and recreational facilities now opened up and conducted by the City of Aiken together with such other facilities As May be said commission opened up and conducted upon property of the City of Aiken in the future that the general Quot management maintenance and Upkeep of Aiken City playgrounds shall carry with it the right and authority on the part of said commission or a majority thereof in their discretion to employ a supervisor or directness and such assistants and labor As said commission May see fit to the end that the playgrounds for the City of Aiken May he at All times properly kept up conducted and maintained that the compensation to be paid for the services of a supervisor or directness assistants and labourers shall be fixed by said commission full authority and discretion being hereby vested in said commission for All of said commission for All of said Pur poses. 3. That said Aiken City recreation commission or some member thereof designated by said commission shall meet with the mayor my City Council of the City of Aiken once each year before the Ity budget is made up and rend i an annual report respecting the income expenditures and general status of said Aiken City for the year then expiring and shall submit a proposal Bedget reciting the needs of said Aiken Ity playgrounds for the next ensuing year that appropriations made for said Aiken City i Lav grounds shall he expended by said commission Only for the uses arum purposes outlined in said budget that the City clerk and treasurer shall pay the Hills and disburse the funds to the credit of Aik. N it recreation commission. All such Hills having first been approved by the mayor of lie Ity of Aiken or by the vice chairman of said commission. 4. I hat All ordinances and Laws of lie City of Aiken inconsistent herewith Are hereby repealed. This ordinance shall become effective immediately upon its approval by the mayor of the City of Aiken. Done in regular meeting of tile mayor and aldermen of the by of Aiken this loth Day of september a. I 1915. K. Ii. Wyman mayor. Carlos l. Townsend t. G. Carpenter h. O. Weeks h. J. Warneke a. Oakley aldermen. Mayor s approval approved by e. Of. Wyman. Mayor of the City of Aiken and attested by Sarah ii. Busch City it Leek and treasurer to which the Seal of the corporation is hereto annexed this loth Day of september a. I 1945. K in Wyman mayor of the City of Aiken attest Sarah h. Busch it it Jerk and treasurer. Sept 19

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