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Aiken Standard And Review Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 4

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Aiken Standard and Review (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Aiken, South Carolina Aiken Matt Iurii sub Wui Elu i voted to the Ubu Iloilo of Aiken and Aiken county Aiko Smith , monday Kove her to 1967 pug 4 Lar Rev weaponry # i i mph Moon viewpoint of Ollie a it a Treen calculated that on an Ca re til the i Nitzl stat al it take out 120.000 invested capita to Prole one Job. That investment takes of form of land building equipment Aud tools. I he 120.000 per Job figure of Dilt ates that something in the neighbourhood of one and a half trillion Dollar has been in rated in the 75-million jobs in this country. This total invest i it represents the savings of million re our citizens from the widow s mite to the to Coon a millions. It would seem to an unbiased observer that the nation has been making a pretty relentless War on poverty throughout the 178 years since our Constitution rat fit the private Enterprise it Stem. Stalling with less than 4 million people bunched along the Atlantic Seaboard our population has spread across a completely undeveloped country to the Pacific. Meanwhile the population has increased 2n0 Mil i on. Enjoying the highest Standard of living and less poverty than exists am w heist in the world. The reality of the situation is that even the poorest among tis Are fortunate than a majority of the rest of the world s Peoples. This is not to say that something should t in done about the poverty frit Ken among us. But it in to Point out that what is taxed from the to give to the a As the president expressed it will not he available As savings to by invested in the land buildings and tools which provide jobs. Small business bankruptcies Are increasing at in alarming rate. A typical ease in Point is one reported recently by a spa who liquidated a bankrupt business and found that Quot if the Bush Ness had been Able to retain what it paid Over a 20-year period in increases in state and City taxes and for outside accounting sen ices in preparing necessary cite state and Federal tax returns it would till he in b miness and 22 people would still be employed. Note that the accountant did hot mention what was paid in Federal taxes. It comes to mind air that nut Long ago it was calculated that in just two of our major industries Railroad and steel was costing $ 100 million annually. That amount of Money would create a lot of jobs. Jsn would that $114 billion in Quot foreign Aid Quot which we have scattered abroad. Government can give to some Only what it takes from others of government the $20,000 which would otherwise go into creating a new Job then it is defeating a tried and proved method of overcoming poverty in our land. By the n Mill Recs on tile 20th Day of the month he a i Ite a Heck number 2626. Account. Number 0241-1896, Bank number 0210 0009, fills in credit card i tuber. 225-789,981 indicates be is paving invoice null it or 27557985, charged to automobile licence Ntuu-1m r a Viz 682, serial number 52222, registration number 80928880. He makes the Check payable in amount $21.95. Plus $-.66 tax total $22.61. Ile addresses envelope to p. O. B a 42291, zip Codo 07070, writes own address. P. O. Box 462, zip code �oo51t phone number 202-67-52400, records the Check As a business expense is code 3892, Section 38a, on state form number Scci-1o0m-7-20-65, and Federal form number 941, then runs the letter through Portage meter number 442050. Notes the Aerial number of the guarantee certificate of item purchased. Mn-2204770, puts same in Wallet with Drivers License m 21555 88667 0655980, alongside voter registration number 667640, and automobile insurance policy stub 809588610, end of transaction. A 20th Century citizen. Social Security number 855-02-5508, has bought a tire for his car and paid for it. \ Emily his Days Are numbered. Town and gown traditionally there has always been a certain amount of friction Between the students and faculty of a. University and those who live in the a Community where it is located. Quot town \ and gown a to use the old phrase ii ave often come into conflict. In some countries notably in latin America universities Are in a definite a ens above the Law. Police Are not permitted on Campus and to All inputs and purposes the Law is admin bored by University officials. A a result students have often run roughshod Over nearby communities and june then made themselves immune to a commit thy works unto the lord and thy thoughts shall be established. A a proverbs 10 3 Aike Standard and review devoted to the up building of Aiken and Aiken county established 1867 pub. Isl led monday through Friday at pm Richland a vt., vv., Aiken s. C. Of second Clasi postage paid at Aiken 0. Triage of address p. 0. Box 456, Aiken 0., 29801 file in Ber of the United press International til United press International b entitled 10 hic use for republication of All local news 11 by a die Aiken Standard and review Benjamin Josey King 1934-1951 Annie in King publisher a. T. Howell editor Wilbur g. Howell bus. Mgr. Except saturday and sunday in carrier.25c per week of Mali Post office and City delivery j., oath a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a $ 1.50 months a. 4.00 months. A a. $7.50 car a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a $13.00 F. D. And outside Aiken county state and overseas months .��?���?��?��?��?��?��?��?�.�?�,�?���? $ 3.50 i it nth a a a a a a a a $ 6.oo ear. A $10.00 police action by finding Sanctuary behind University Gates and Walls omm nista have of course made capital of thin situation. It is no secret that in the sheltered environment provided by fellow travelling professors and University officials they have repeatedly plotted and carried out riots and demonstrations often involving the loss of life and vast property damage. I Hen they have thumbed their noses at the police from their privileged sanctuaries. Until recently this was a foreign phenomenon restricted to such places As Bogota and Havana. Certainly we told ourselves such an outrageous setup would never be countenanced in a United states. However our great society seems to be developing this As pee. Of permissiveness too. Students at Brooklyn College recently mantled that they be made a Sun touch on a nips and similar -3 Are being made elsewhere. There is no need to specify the Cam pus element that is making such demands. You have seen their faces or some of their faces behind the filth Ani the beards. You know what these characters stand for because they shamelessly proclaim it. Nor they make any secret of their utter contempt for Law and order and for the townsmen who live by the Law s Protection. To put such kooks queers and mommies beyond the reach of the la by making campuses off limits to Law officials would be the height of Folly. But considering the state of the nation that too can happen Here. Cannelton ind., news Quot Why Lake land out of Timber production and designate it Only to recreation and wilderness lets keep it As much As possible in multiple use management and whenever possible leave it in private ownership which has the added Benefit of paying i Leon / a tor Nixon foresees gop Victory Richard m Nixon estimate thai. In trims of who o. I ilmenite the republicans have at least a ins percept better Chance to win the while House in 1968 than he did. Or. Nixon Agios however that the Pio Vernia Skunk is aul it to How up at the Miami Garden Patty. He not men counting the texan Bow nut of democratic gov John b. Connally very in Poi tan last year in precedent winning of the governorship of Florida and tile november 7 winning of Kentucky a governorship for the first time in in year. These Are All pluses on top of the Nixon comparison John f Kennedy took the pre. Sideny from or. Nixon by half. Of vote per precinct Only ii. 550 votes out of 68.536, East substantially in than the jump elation of a single Chicago us Burh or of Trenton n. C. Nixon got 49 55 percent of the popular vote and in the electoral College the votes if even democratic Florida. Oklahoma Kentucky. Tennessee. Virginia and half of Alabama were not cast for the Kennedy John son National ticket. But Nixon lost by a disproportionate 303 219 in the electoral College s counting system. When Nixon ran the republicans had Only it governors and both legislative House in Only six states. Today the g o p. Has Mote than half of All tile governors 26. These represent states with 5.x percent of the nation s population and 302 electoral votes. Only 270 Are needed to elect Ute 1968 presidential ticket. In addition the g. O. P now to urn Alexander control 20 state Legislatures instead of six. Bott houses in new Jersey having come into the fold this Paf election. The base for this change in the O. P str. Titre was the november Ion election which was a Republican Victory in greater depth than generally Leah a. The rep Uhli ans gained three Senate seals 47 douse seats and to governorships hut it also gain it it. Slate legislature seats. These Are close to the grass roots and winning them More than recouped the Hiss of 529 in the 1961 Johnson landslide. Nixon demonstratively the he i political forecaster in the business not Only exact in fore East these governorship and congressional wins hut also came within a few of predicting the legislative seats As Well an As. I Oun Dingey accurate analysis publicly made the night before the balloting. Registration figures notwithstanding it s utterly passe to Call the republicans a minority party any More in that 1966 election the aggregate Vole of Republican senatorial candidates exceeded the democratic vote in 33 states. Executive of Arkansas sen. J olm l. Mcclellan unopposed the final National figures were 13,654.734 Republican votes against 12.971.157 democratic. In the 35 gubernatorial elections the Republican votes total cd 21,165.916 democratic 18.-696.213 minor parties and write ins 1,584,394. Tile South and the West will have More Delegate votes 682 than the Midwest and Northeast 634 at the Republican nation al Tom mention in Miami. There s clearly a Quot go West my son Quot in the Republican to wet equation now. Rut. As indicated St the governors Virgin islands conference at Leas 15 men controlling 666 Voles one Short of the t.67 needed tot nomination will go to Miami a favorite sons lids shattering of possible so. Lid fronts Breaks All rentals since boo when 13 men won votes on the first ballot before Wendell Willkie was chosen on the sixth. Apparently again no leading candidate will have enough Advance strength to win. Whereas favorite sons and vat iou opponents will have the veto Power Over Vav to can get the nomination rut what then people vote against not for in most elections. Quot throw the rascals out Quot admittedly remains the thing that works if anything is to work against the entrenched Power of Hie ins Quot and this is where the Oft repeated Sjo Ecter of form cd gov. George c. Wallace of Alabama will hang Over the Miami Garden party end a with an amazing upsurge in 1966 in Dixie the Republican party a popular vote was Only 3-1 percent if Wallace runs he ran polarize Large parts of the protest vote with an effect that agonies Republican professionals far More than anything publicly stated because the boundaries of the Wallace splinter strength Are totally unknown. This Harbinger Moon Over Miami loom larger and larger All the time. No time for obstructionists Washington C a you think would you that Fellows like javits r., n. Y. And Muskie i Maine would throw themselves athwart a Senate Effort to find out what happened in More than too riots in 140 american cities since Jan. 196-1? you a like to believe i guess that javits and Muskie would we ant to pull their weight instead of dragging their oars in this important expedition of the ship of state. I mean the president has set up his own commission to investigate civil disorders. The House of representatives has assigned a committee chaired by rep. William tuck d., a to go into the same matter. And the Senate after a tentative Start by the judiciary committee to find out what a going on turned the investigation Over to its crack outfit for fact finding. The elite truth seeking unit by common consent is the Senate permanent subcommittee on investigations chaired by John Mcclellan d., aik., tile most masterful committee chairman in the nation. The investigations subcommittee originated As Tho celebrated Truman committee of world War ii made its name by uncovering some live communists like William Remington in 1948, went on to expose 5-percenters, labor racketeers the bugs in the tfx aircraft and i Dunno what else. Honest i bet this is the one committee in town whose purity of reputation might cause a Liberal to be turned into a pillar of Salt for hollering a a itch Hunt at it. Done task me what javits and Muskie Are up to. I Only know what i see and hear. Every time i drop in at the theater like hear ing room there a a competent witness like a police officer or a mayor from Houston and Nash Ville trying to get tilings on re Cord so that the Mcclellan committee can get on with its work and there a javits Muskie and sometimes Harris d., okla., trying to fudge tile facts. Nip facts Are you can to blame the riots in these cities on the horrible conditions you find up North in housing unemployment and schooling. A cop was killed in Houston and bystanders wore stoned and snipped at in Nashville and everybody knows these were snick operations. They were deliberately planned and brazenly organized. In Nashville unless you want to say that mayor Beverly Briley is a liar and came in with rigged testimony the regional office of the War on poverty not Only help. Cd to promote a hate school but is Ripe with ineptitude and fraud Mcclellan a committee Nam nod with More than 20 skilled investigators is just beginning. After it collates the data on Houston and Nashville it will look into disturbances at Plainfield Englewood Newark Detroit and other battlegrounds. I want to anticipate Mcclellan a findings As to a pattern if there is any and i Haven not talked with him on the subject. But tile other Day javits broke Down and half apologized lot obstructionism. It was about Lime he did and the same could be said for Harris and Muskie. All three of them seem to be under some sort of compulsion to foil the pattern finding to Pettifor whenever testimony Pomi this so in Moke Cotton Moon Hon in is fumes in Smith car tins a nil Leon la w ill be interested in the feet that the government i moving to attempt to Bike Cotton production a 65 per cent next near die Ai Tion i ame As a result of this year a Short crop which Btl virtually wiped out he country s Large Sui plus of High Glade Cotton the i in pal change in the program for nest year will be a t Edam Ion growers will in cepe for not planting Cotton considerable payments have been made Foi due Ted a Ltd age under the j9i6 and 1967 pro i Ains while Mill 9 6 million Ane were planted to Cotton to the county this year. Unfavourable weather prob Ash did Mot to Cut the Hal ves than the in Cage reductions of is hoped that it i million acts will be planted in St year with improved Spain for this Section of the country bringing Piem Tum i ices because of us Grater Bleak St length failures in South Carolina arid Georgia May find it desirable to fake advantage of an Opportunity to product Mort Otto next year. Anderson Independent holy l sum % it fortunately. South Cai Olina has experienced fewer baffle fatalities in 1967 than dining tire same period inst year How err i ail Field county be regret to re poit has had mole deaths in this category than in the correspond big months of 1966 apparently this a Pelt die Aiea is a Dan coins one in which to i Ive or local people an a those passing through by less careful or Mote unlucky a die most treacherous Dan nit the Calendar lie ahead some s3 of them in the remainder of the year and if can happen to anyone Ani where. Tiding or w Alk lug i his then is another pie to play it Safe. The Carolina traffic safety Council suggest some practical precautions it safety Check your car for Wintel div. Ing conditions by impelling tires Windshield wipers deflower. Brakes 2� be especially watchful for ice on roads in Shady arca where the Sun docs not penetrate Bridges freeze Over More quickly than roads and other approaches. 3� constantly watch out for children who Are Ike to Lait from Pink. Cd Cai is a y hut i y Boma from achoo. Also keep on the ale i lot school buses be sure to Stop al Railroad Crossings and Tafft Ltd into acct Ion Ami obey All la rules of Hie Road they Aro it and to protect you and others also reduce speeds of dusk and at claim and remember that w Intel motoring is hazardous Iii Ive defensively and keep an Eye on the other Guy he May forget to watch you. A their is quite enough of sadness sickness and tragedy in out Ama la county and linty. Man seem born to it outline As the Sparks Fly Nunn lid Quot i al % our Ion al bended Best to keep bom adding to Lite list of Lite injured and the dead Ness Herald on Kipini. By a 11 some time ago a tot said the breakdown of blood Vel in the human iwo a in Rosed four times As Many deaths a cancer Ile of Intoci stated that what real la i ills people is liter Wear out then latties tidily year Bai soon what did the doctor propose people to prevent blood vessels from breaking Down his answer was to Quot eat Well and not too much rest Nell and get auf. Flient exec Cise Quot a i Trio Star if Kinny Werk al it f Quot of grandma a vim alive today. Quot perhaps quite naturally that was the Way a Young society Page Tutei began a piece a tout a partly taking its theme from the Days of the . That in of Innon Cut intent set to sputtering smite sex flapper who definitely Dei lined to ire listed among the deceased twisting the knife in the wound the Ini Dei went on to speak of the sex flappers is sep Tege Merians Quot which presumably was intended for Quot septuagenarian Quot or ii sons Between 70 Ami he since the time of the flapper we As in the Early 1920s, sex flappers. Being Twenty or less now would Only be in their sixties. Aii tins Yoes to suggest that the Young who contemplate Poison of his Poi my a senile Eany a add of even spell a Raleigh new a urn observer meandering political campaigns ate Tike fivers the longer they run. The More they tend to incan Sci Neva slav open forum toward instigation to muss up any Trail that loads to skulduggery in the office of economic Opportunity which wages the War on poverty. It must have been a Long while certainly never before in t Century Ainee there was much overt civil disturbance our country. Not oven president Kennedy a assassination caused a Senate committee a House committee and a while House commission to search independently for the roast us Why javits Harris and Muskie Haven to been helpful. Instrument society meet set tuesday the Savannah River Section of Tho instrument society of America will hold this months meeting at the Dixie Lee restaurant tuesday evening november 21. Guest speaker will be C Johnson aircraft systems engineering superintendent for Delta airlines in Atlanta a. Or. Johnson will speak on Quot flight instrumentation in High Speed tile social hour will begin at 6 30 . Dinner will be served at 7 30 . For reservations Contact Curtis Chaplin Srp ext. 2251, John Williams. Srp ext. 4158, or Arthur Jones Srp ext 2728 editor Aiken Standard amp review 213 Richland ave w. Aiken. S. C. 29801 dear Sii proper display of the american Flag is something to be concerned about As evidenced by the Many letters in your open forum column recently but of the citizens of Aiken want to get concerned Almut something even More vital it could ire the safety of the Many students who attend local schools anyone who watches the school buses As they Load and leave the school grounds Iii the afternoons can see How they Are grossly overloaded beyond the capacity As stated within the buses. So Many Are standing that you can hardly see Daylight from one Side to the next. Students Are packed into seat so that there is hardly room for the books and other items they must carry. Then the Many Garden clubs in Aiken have so assiduously beautified our City that there is scarcely an intersection left whose View towards oncoming traffic is not of Stroeter by a nine Bush or other one Mut proceed past a Stop sign to decide whether it is Safe to enter an intersection or not. Why these same Garden clubs dedicate themselves to the knobs True Ting of these same intersection.? cyclists and pedestrian As Well As motorists could then be spared Many frightening neat collision. Sincerely mrs. W w. Seeby j 823 e. Rollingwood re Aiken. S. C. J november 17. 1967 tile editor Aiken Standard be review Aiken. South Carolina dear sir having read the dignified and factual letter of senator Framp ton Toole and the bitter to Rad of Tai Decuman Gilbert Mcmillan t think one of Harry Truman a famous expressions should close the matter a dem republicans Sho get mad when they lose. Respectfully Leroy Craig roller ii Stear successful invest men is ii King Stock Price curve need As inflation hedge q my husband is nine years away from retirement we own our Home Clear have $6,500 in savings and $3,500 in f. Bonds we Are deeply worried about inflation. How can we invest our surplus earnings and protect our selves against that menace would Crown Zellerbach be a Good investment for our particular purpose a w. J. A inflation is becoming a matter of grave National concern. And the Best we can Hope for is that it will be kept within moderate Bounds. Stocks with a rising pattern of earnings dividends and prices offer Lon term Protection against inflation since their potential Rise in value Over a period of years should at least keep Pace with the dollars depreciation. Crown Zellor Aeh in my opinion is a financially Strong and Well. Managed company. However like Many other stocks in Hie paper production group it has failed to make much Progress Over the past decade. It is an excellent holding for Good secure income but its expansion has been accompanied by a lowering of the earnings multiple which is the principal determinant of a Stock Market value. For your purpose. I pre for Georgia Pacific which has had a generally rising earnings and Price pattern since 1957. Q Are in our 30s with two children we have a limit $500 in savings a rental House with a Small mortgage and a Home Worth $10,200 on which we carry a debt of $8.,800. Should we Clear up our mortgages or invest in stocks and should we sell our rental property r s. A i advise you to reduce your Home mortgage and build up your Cash position before embarking on a Stock Purchase program. All stocks Are subject to fluctuation and should never be considered As an emergency Reserve. If your rental property pays you a reasonable return and is Well situated i see no reason for you to sell if. His. Ing costs of new building should enhance its value in tin years ahead. Roger Spears 4r-Pago guide to successful investing now in its 8th printing is available to All readers of this column. For your copy clip this notice and Send $1.00 with your name and address to Roger e. Spear a of this newspaper Box 1618, grand Central station new York. N y 10017

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