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Aiken Standard And Review Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 1

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Aiken Standard and Review (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Aiken, South Carolina Over j to be of service to a Sun i mfr ave of Atli Krit Tete devoted to the up building of Aiken and Aiken county it a v a a sir Gla capt to published daily monday through Friday United press International wire service United press International wire photos change of address p o. Box 456, Aiken s. C 29801 Bority or pork comment e on men amp modes by Gilmore Ideo a to sociologists agree that the British Dole was i Sencial a during the first world War but Many question d the necessity of the first social Security Law Iden advocated by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The charitable intent was so apparent that Alf London was Defeated in 1936 when he had the temerity to up wove the Roosevelt initiative. Charity like virtue is not something to denounce. However crude the statute politicians resist corrective legislation preferring to take Refuge behind the wave of popular emotion to keep themselves in office. This is what president Johnson is now doing. His tactics Are expedience his objective the Quot Black Quot vote that Bard Core that has already Sav re his democratic majority in Columbia Philadelphia Gary anti other Industrial cities and which even last week saved the Lay for the democrats in Aiken local elections. Filar try and pork efforts to Correct a malfunctioning Law when it relates to Public assistance or Charity has always proved difficult. Political beneficiaries of Quot pork Quot discover the ease by which they tan deceive the Public. The action this week on the Deo appropriation is reminiscent of what happened thirty veal a ago to the original social Security Law before it was no gated to an actuarial be thereby eliminating its ext i is gun is and inequities. Irist week the House of representatives was pics i i cd to rut the annual appropriations in he of and to Transfer much of the management to fume of the permanent departments of the government when appeals were pent broadcast to save the program from annihilation. Sargent Shriver announced he w Ould resign should any such plan be enacted and then began to Delime members of the House with appeals threats and demands that the Oso be saved. Such tactic was a masterful display of strategy. By waiting until the last minute by allowing current funds to be Cut off by inspiring All the telegrams and letters from the Field was the thing which compelled the House to hesitate and hesitating their better instincts were subverted and the Day lost. The Admonis to at Ion is still not satisfied with w hat the House Bill provided and Hopes for better treatment in conference with a More lenient Senate. Boll Weevil amendment the Quot Bosses and Boll Weevil Quot amendment inserted in the House Bill will return to the mayors and the court House crowds the dispensation of poverty funds. It reestablishes local political control Over those funds and thereby Cut from under the republicans the support they had hoped to gain from Southern members. The White House also sent agents soliciting the support of Liberal republicans in the North. In new York senator javits governor Rockefeller and mayor Lindsay were appealed to come to the Aid of the Leo and to use their influence to prevent the Republican opposition from cutting the appropriations too drastically. Sentiment for some poverty programs has been very Strong despite All the proof of Wurte extravagance and mis for Nago ment. Clarity is something that no v la intentioned Man can oppose. People of Goodwill have always found Means whereby they can afford uror to tile less Fortis to. But there has not always been a Well designed Means a donated to assure that All that is appropriated goes for Charity. Tie republicans Are mindful of Tho need for economical Man-a1 Ament a fair and just manage it. Some of the programs it Haa been proved were costing Tho government More to manage than they gave in assistance to Tho poor. More Money went to political workhorses than went for the needs. If the Public could be assured that the Leo programs would no longer be used to keep a political party in pourer but merely for the purpose of assisting those who Are incapable of assisting themselves the South Carolina Gazette established 1923 Aiken. South 20, 1967 the journal and review established 1867 King feature Cut the Aiken hcs and unite Standard vol. 101 a speculation prime minister tells britons cheapening found necessary Washington Gen. William c. Westmoreland right commander of american forces in Vietnam and u. S. Amb. To Vietnam Ellsworth Bunker appear on a nationwide television program meet the press Abc the general said a halt in the u. S. Bombing of North Vietnam Quot is the Best Way i know to prolong the up telephoto. Fifty sewn pm Carbon monoxide fumes kill three Akron Ohio up a two Sisters and a bridegroom died Early sunday when Carbon monoxide fumes seeped from a swimming Pool Heater into the ventilating system of the Plush Yankee Clipper Motel near Here. Fifty seven other guests were stricken ill. Police identified the dead As Bruce Plagman 22. Of Cleve land who was married Satur Day Mary Bishop 56, and her sister Betty Bishop. 50, both of Elyria. Ohio. Orders evacuation police chief Wallace Boers of Boston Heights ordered the evacuation of an entire Wing of the 200-room Motel just off exit 12 of the Ohio Turnpike. Boers said when he walked into the Motel Quot the air just smelled flagman and his Bride Joan 21, were honeymooning at the Motel. The Bride was admitted to St. Francis Hospital. Boers said about too rooms were affected by the fumes. The trouble began about la p m., saturday when two guests complained to the desk that they were in. They were taken to St. Thomas Hospital a Motel spokesman said. When two other guests became ill about 1 30 a m., sunday Motel officials called police. Boers ordered the rooms evacuated. Several persons were revived at the scene and others were rushed by Amilian Ces to hospitals in the Akron area. Pool Heater Boers estimated about 30 persons were taken to hospitals. He said the Heater was located inside the building and was used to heat an outdoor Pool. The fumes affected More guests after the first four were taken to hospitals. Gov. Romney attacks Johnson for openers Detroit up a gov. George Romney sunday opened his Campaign for the Republican presidential nomination with a stinging attack on president Johnson s foreign and Domestic Polise. An acceptable solution to the War in Vietnam cannot be found by the democratic administration because it is Quot bound Down with past mistakes Quot Romney said. A i think i could find a better solution to it than under present policy Quot said Tho 6< year old Michigan governor who threw his hat into the Campaign saturday. Attacks lbs Romney attacked the president and defended his own policy statements in a nationally televised interview Quot face the nation Quot lbs which was taped saturday for viewing sunday. On Domestic matters. Romney said he would ask for a Federal Law guaranteeing negroes the right to buy and rent housing of their choosing if he is elected president. Romney said it is Quot time to put up or shut up Quot on americans declared principles guaranteeing negroes equal rights and equal opportunities. Romney was asked to explain what he meant several weeks ago when he described Johnson As a Quot political Wilson solemn Haggard London up a in an emotional address to Hie nation sunday prime minister Harold Wilson urged All britons to join his beleaguered labor government in a massive attack on the economic Quot straitjacket Quot crippling this Island country. He said the decision to devalue the Pound would produce hardship but he appealed to everyone to it As the springboard Foi solving Che crisis the conservative political opposition in Britain pressed demands for Wilson resignation accusing him of wrecking the Economy during three years in office. The 14.3 per cent devaluation in the Pound Sterling from 2 80 to $2.40�?will Pinch the already strained pocketbooks of every briton. Shock Waves Wilson spoke sunday night Over a National radio and a television Hookup just 24 hours after the devaluation was announced and the Shock Waves spread around the world. France in an encouraging reversal let it he known even As Wilson was speaking that it would join the industrialized nations of the world in contributing to a $1.4 billion loan to help Britain in its hour of crisis. An official French government statement sunday hailed Wilson s program As Quot courageous and president Charles de Gaulle has said Many times that Britain must devalue before he will relent and approve British membership in the common Market a move that would help the Economy of this nation. In Washington the Federal Reserve Board announced sunday it was raising the discount rate from 4 per cent to 5 per cent in a move designed to tighten International credit and thus further Shore up the Pound. Follow Lead Ireland Israel and Hong Kong a whose economies Are closely linked to the Pound followed Britain s Lead sunday and devalued this currencies. Wilson blamed the crisis on Quot successive we aves of speculation Quot by people trying to make Quick profits by Selling and buying pounds Quot whenever Britain ran into Short term solemn and Haggard Wilson went before television cameras to explain that Quot it would have been irresponsible to go on dealing with these successive Waves of speculation by borrow ing for Short periods at a time without attacking the Root cause of the devaluation May depress Stock prices Kew York up de. A Hon of the British of undoubtedly will dept Ess i t on stot k exchanges ill York at the beginning of Trad monday morning Wall Sti spokesmen predicted sunday these observers a dded i fully that stocks should de i Over Only a Short term there would not be in adv Long Range effect. A re line and Newton Ala. A to car freight train of the Seaboard coastline Railroad derailed near Here last night causing 49 cars to leave the track with some of the cars on fire and a threat to a tank car of chlorine might explode. Ala. State troopers National guard army teams from near by it. Rucker and All local people moved into the area to evacuate people. Up telephoto. Bunker and Westmoreland Diplomat military be Progress of War Effort officials St both r York Stock Exchange and to e american Stock Exchange were expected to make a detailed study of All issues by the British action before to pining Bell. Fears were expressed by Exchange spokesmen and leading brokerage houses that some uncertainty will result in spate of Selling. Quot a lot will depend on Bow american investors will rend the Impact of the Devah no of the British Pound Quot a spoke a a Man tor the Arr Ric a Stolt Exchange said. A there in a a he some Selling in a scats train bums Tanker of chlorine threatens to explode Washington up ambassador Ellsworth Bunker and Gen. William c. Westmoreland leaders of . Diplomatic and military missions in Vietnam said sunday that the Progress of the War Effort indicated some american troops could begin returning Home within two years. Quot we Are making steady not spectacular Progress Quot Bunker said. Quot now we Are in a position to accelerate our rate of Westmoreland said this Progress made it conceivable that the United states could withdraw some of its troops in two ears or less and the South vietnamese would be Able to take the jobs of the withdrawn americans. Special program Bunker and Westmoreland appeared on a special hour Long television interview program meet the press no. Both were in the United states for meetings with president Johnson and congressional diplomatic officials. Gen. Omar Bradley said in another television interview opinion Washington metro Media that Quot we Are making great Progress in Vietnam hut the problem is that we have no solid line for measuring Progress As we did in world War Bunker cited the South Vietnam governments fight he said that the Viet Cong had been unable Quot to win a major Battle of that the North vietnamese had a serious manpower problem and the enemy Quot has been very hungry for a Victory. He become very Tion. Quot to Stop the bombing would create additional casualties in our ranks which i is re nobody he said banker backed Westmoreland s position on bombing halts has but for a different reason. He said that Hanoi had show n that the spokesman us d to american Stock sex Chen. Which lays claim to Bern the largest Market for fore stocks in the United St if a. Wil be watching the activity a issues from the United Kin Dom. Westmoreland added that a it was uninterested in Neotia halt in the bombing would j tons during i e pre ions change this picture and allow bombing pauses and he did not North Vietnam to Supply its believe a new bombing pause men in the South with More would bring the communists to food equipment and Armuni the bargaining table to give these n Quot the in mainly concern orderly partner at the pain 17 planes Down Newton Ala. Up a nearly 2,500 persons w Ere evacuated before Dawn sunday As masked soldiers and firemen retreated from the flames of a burning freight train where a tank car of chlorine threatened to explode. At least five persons were overcome by fumes that leaked from two tank cars filled with anhydrous ammonia. They were ruptured when 49 cars of a 110-car Seaboard coastline Railroad freight derailed saturday night. The Fly were not seriously injured. Railroad officials said the Tanker had Baun ripped through its outer Shell but the cards inner casing was believed holding the poisonous inside. B. C. High Seaboard transportation expert said it would be at least monday morning until experts could reach the chlorine to insure it had no leaks. The evacuated residents must remain out of tile Small Southeast Alabama town and the area near it until then High said. Charles Brackins police and fire chief for the town said flaming ammonia tank cars fertilizer loaded cars and rail it Ussatis Tore Kaok from the wreckage sunday. Alabama state troopers and military policemen from nearby it. Rucker had sped through Newton waking residents and sending them out of a three Square mile danger zone. The train derailed at a trestle 70 feet Over the Choctaw Hatcher River near the Waterford Community one and one half Miles from Newton. A Chalky White Cloud of smoke poured like a funnel from the trestle 30 Miles South to the Florida Panhandle. Officials said it held no chlorine fumes but helicopters patrolled the Low lying Cloud throughout the Day its Nom no Tion Hanoi claims us airmen captured Saigon up Hanoi radio claimed Mig Jet interceptors and antiaircraft guns blasted 17 and or. S. Warplanes ouf of the skies Over North Vietnam sunday and said a Quot sizeable number of american airmen were captured. There was no official com ment available in Saigon on the report tile highest single Day bag claimed by North Vietnam since air attacks on the North were launched in february 1965. V s. Plane tosses generally Are reported the Day following american spokesmen in the Field said the communist body count totalled 51 Bur gave no explanation for the discrepancy with the South vietnamese figures. It was Learned government casualties totalled at least 34 killed and 140 wounded. Quot we will have stocks a lot of att i spokesman said. There will be some about the need for in Robert b. Johnson. A in charge of research brokerage firm of Webber. Jackson and Curtis v new York said he behave s there will be a Strong Selloff monday morning but it will ghz investors a Chance to buy St it cos at bargain prices. Various reactions a a around world against corruption among officials land Reform tax Reform. °1hk, and the movement toward a in he ground War heavy democracy As signs of Progress fighting was reported around he added that Quot the will of the Pak to in the Central Highlands South vietnamese people nowhere american and South continue tile War is Strong it vietnamese troops have been is battling Strong communist for Ces for almost three weeks murder suspect in jail Here Westmoreland said lie could cite innumerable statistics to show that the War was being won and Progress being made but he said the most significant thing Quot is the attitude of the people the vietnamese people have an attitude of Confidence and growing optimism it prevails All Over the Quot i think that it is conceivable that within two years or less that the enemy will he so weakened that the South vietnamese will be Able to Cope Quot said Westmoreland. At that time lie said Quot we can progressively phase Down the level of our Westmoreland said however that initial withdrawal of troops might involve Only Mihora reports from the Fieldsa d . Paratroopers spent a bruising Sunray trying to wrest control of another strategic highpoint from the communists but were beaten off its jangled slopes. One american company was Cut off for a time during the fighting South vietnamese paratroopers were More successful reporting the capture of Hill ult after an on and Oft Battle that raged for two Days. The South vietnamese said they killed 250 communists in the Battle including the Deputy commander of a North vietnamese battalion and reported Token their own casualties were a Man suspected of the slaying of two persons Iii aug1, a ga., on Friday has to lodged in the Aiken county jail to await his return to Georgia of cd by United pres International reaction around the world sunday to Britain s devaluation of the Pound ranged from surprising French Praise for a Quot courageous a act to a soviet charge the move was intended to soak British workers. The French Praise from finance minister Michel pen was accompanied by Autho rim five reports France h is decided to Back massive enter nation Loans to support the Pound at line w level. Quot Britain took courageous and difficult Steps which Merit Success Quot Debre said basically ame the minister up k ally for tile government indie at France would Nati a finials. Freddie Mims said to have resided in the North Augusta area was brought to the jail by his father John Henry Mims who also brought the alleged murder weapon. Mims is suspected of the shooting of his estranged wife Annie Mac Mims 428 Park East apts and Floyd s. Carpenter of 123 Augusta Homes. The shooting took plat at the Home of the woman. Aiken count sheriff department bloodhounds were taken to near North Augusta Friday night when it was Learned that Mims had been seen in the a ret devaluation As a pretext to vet Britain s application to to i to european common Market. Ii said the situation a Ltd ii. Britain s application Quot has n u been basically changed european common Market ministers who met in Paris sunday night to discuss the crisis announced full support of the British move. The soviet Union through it official news Agency Tass used the occasion to take a swipe at capitalism. It said devaluation would be beneficial to a by Industrial monopolies Quot but place Quot a heavy Burden on the shoulders of tile working onto

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