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Aiken Standard And Review Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1953, Page 1

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Aiken Standard and Review (Newspaper) - June 29, 1953, Aiken, South Carolina S0uth Caro uni of s Llor Gay cd Ooi i covering Aiken county news for Over eighty years aim seem Tori attic it Cut Cox devoted to the up building of Aiken and Aiken county United press wire news telephoto pictures published daily. Monday through Friday United feature and King >eatu7� comics. S. C Aiken weather copy warm partly lonely with widely a Oatt red showers or thundershowers monday. Daily by a copy eighty fourth year the journal and review established 1869 a Aiken South Carolina monday june 29, 1953 the Aiken Standard the South Carolina Gazette try xt.-. Of St 28 established 1b2b established 192b v i of Taft says government faces a a of staying red for some time the 1954 deficit forseen by Taft would Only be about $1,000,000,000 less than the $8,000,000,000 peacetime record deficit the Treasury is expected to find when it closes the Hooks on fiscal 1953. Taft said he has been told that Federal income for the current fiscal year is about $1,500,000,000 below Tho estimate the administration made last month when president Eisenhower sent his tax pro Gayn to Congress. Quot he Ohio senator s forecast for fiscal 1954 was More pessimistic than estimates of government fiscal experts who have put the deficit at $5,600,000,000 to $6,6 10.000.-000. Most of the $1,000,000,000 spread in these estimates was caused by uncertainty Over tile excess profits tax. If continued until Jan. I As or. Eisenhower has requested it would bring in about $800,000,000. Both the Eisenhower and Truman administrations overestimated government Revenue for this fiscal year by $1,500,000,000. The Truman administration figure on Revenue was $68,700,000,-000. On the basis of tafts report. It will be nearer $65,700,000,000. The last daily Treasury statement. Showing the governments Hooks As of last wednesday put the Federal deficit at almost $8.-300,000.000 with one week of the fiscal year to go. Washington june 28 up a Senate Republican Leader to Quot Burt a. I aft said today the government faces an a apparently very serious threat of operating deep in the red for some time after the current fiscal Vear ends tuesday Midnight. He depressed fear the deficit for the 1954 fiscal year beginning july i will run about $7,000,000,000, even if the excess profits tax is extended Tor another six months. Congress is scheduled to vote on the Issue tomorrow. A a a Aiken realtors hear augustan the Aiken Board of realtors held their monthly meeting with a luncheon in the Pine room of the commercial hotel last thursday. The Board was honoured by having As their guests or. Albert hem Street. President of the Augusta Board and or. Bernard Stulb Secretary treasurer. Both addressed the members informally answering questions and giving helpful suggestions garnered from their Many years experience in the Augusta Board which was organized Back in the Early twenties. Other guests included or. La. E. Schulte and or. La. J. Connell of the Goldman realty co. Mrs. Re Bye Ratchford president of the Aiken Board presided Over lie meeting. The augustans brought an invitation to the Aiken realtors to attend their luncheon in Augusta at the Richmond hotel july 9th which was accepted with thanks. City to get More Money for water a us has info source in russia9�?T-Stassen president asks action on refugee Bill Washington. June 28 it president Eisenhower has requested immediate action on his special anti communist refugee Bill and hackers of the proposal will try to Force it out of a Senate committee tomorrow. Or. Eisenhower privately informed lawmakers Friendly to the measure that he regarded it As a key Point in his program to lend encouragement to anti communist forces in Russia captive nations. However. The administration specifically Lias refrained from j listing the Bill on its formal Sehe Dole of �?o11111x1&Quot legislation lest it be rebuffed by the same forces that so far have kept it bottled up in committee. Such a Rebuff it was explained could be used by the soviets in their anti american propaganda Campaign. Hilt or. Eisenhower wants too measure passed before adjournment which congressional leaders. Have hopefully scheduled for the end of july. Following or. Eisenhower leanest chairman William Langei in. D. Of the Senate judiciary committee agreed to a petition i signed by eight committee members which asked a special meeting on the legislation. Despite vigorous opposition from other members this group i Hopes to win committee approval for the Hill tomorrow and quickly bring it to Hie floor for debate. The refugee Bill would provide 240.000 special immigration visas mostly for anti communists in soviet controlled Eastern Gennady i a new Section would authorize 5.000 visas for Asiatic nationals but experts estimate that Only about 1.000 asiatics would qualify. The housing and Home finance Agency has approved an additional Grant of $50,000 for Aiken to co ver Cost of bids above the amount estimated for construction of a j ter facilities it was Learned yes j ter Day. The Hyfa previously contributed $403,800 for this work. Mayor Charles m. Jones said last night that the City May get another Grant if approximately $50,000 can he raised to match he government s offer. This Money. If it is received will probably go to improve water facilities in residential areas adjacent to the City it is understood. Rea granted $130,000 loan the Aiken Rea has been granted a $130,000 loan by the Rural electrification Agency in Washington according to William Schreiner. Local Plant manager yesterday. I or. Schreiner said the Money will be used to build a Power line from the Warrenville sub station to the new Ellenton area. The line will be fed from the new 115.000 Volt line from Clark Hill and the Santee Cooper generating plants. Or. Schreiner said. Work has already begun on the Warrenville few Ellenton line it was announced. to have reached agreement in principle on armistice Washington june 28 a chairman Gordon Dean of the atomic Energy commission said today the United states has a sources of information Quot inside Russia on soviet atomic development. Dean who retires from the dec tuesday said the United states must he careful in informing tile american people of russian atom i ice they would have to pay if they attacked this country. Dean appearing on a National broadcasting co. Program first recommended telling Russia How Strong this country is in a Quot Farewell news conference Las week. In reply to a question lie agreed that u. S. Atom Power would a frighten Quot russian leaders Quot if it was known to them Quot he denied in Power and informing Russia of that acc a bomb tests in the Nevada deserts was an attempt to a frighten Quot russian Quot we have been shooting them off for an entirely different Dean refused to say whether this country Lias actually produced a Hydrogen bomb or to give any indication a what stage of develop fent Quot such a bomb May have reached he also declined to say what effect an a bomb would have if dropped on Moscow. U. S. Atomic might a program he has advocated As a Means of lessening the chances of a russian attack a we do not want to tip off Russia on tile sources of information we have in the he said. Dean said there is Quot no question Quot but that this country is still Well in Advance of Russia in atomic Power telling Russia of the capability of la s. Atom bombs he said might help prevent the communists from a teeing off an atomic he said Russia now has a a rough approximation Quot of u. S. Atomic strength hut he said he wants to make certain that the russian Quot big brass Quot really know what a Public welfare office to close on fourth the Aiken county department of Public welfare office will he closed on saturday. July 4. 1953. Celebrating Independence Day will Truman Rin for Congress Kansas City. To june 28 or a in ormer president Harry s Truman s cryptic statement saturday the it he had been in politics 40 years and in t Quot out of it yet Quot set off a Ripple of speculation today in Missouri democratic Cir Clos. Some politicians said they hoped he would run for Congress but All said if or Truman plans to run he is keeping it secret. Or. Truman s Home congressional District is now represented by a Republic a first termer Jeffrey Hillelson. When the District was created last year republicans cried a Gerrymander Quot and hinted it was tailor made Tor i Truman if he desired to run. A honeymoon Over Atlanta. June 2s advertisement in sundays Atlanta journal and Constitution offered a a honeymoon Lodge with big Stone fireplace Long windows Mimosa Trees and garage. Rustic and the and ended Quot reason for leaving honeymoon threat of Hurricane has passed new Orleans. June 28 or Tho weather Bureau said Here today that the. Hurricane threat in the Gulf of Mexico has disappeared with the Westward movement along the coast of a suspicious area of squally weather. A spokesman said the possibility of the disturbance developing is extremely improbable there is no Center to the Squall and no definite circulation. The winds have never reached beyond 30 Miles per hour he said it is about ready to Quot Wash out the disturbance was located this afternoon Iii the extreme West part of the Gulf of Mexico from Beaumont. Tex., to too Miles East of Brownsville. Tex the seasons first tropical storm. Quot Alicel developed Iii the Gulf june i but winds never attained Hurricane velocity. Predict excess profile Bill w ill be passed playgrounds swimming pools deserted As health officials prepare to inoculate children Washington. June 28 Republican leaders predicted today that tile House will vote tomorrow to extend the excess profits tax despite charges of some members that the administration resorted to Quot dictatorial Quot tactics to Force a show Row n on the eve of the vote tile bitter tax fight erupted in some of the harshest words yet hurled is democratic and Republican members of Congress against president Eisenhower and his five months old Goh administration. In the other band. Tin commended speaker Joseph Martin. Or. For using action to assure a House vote on extending the tax before the it Levy on corporations Al Midnight tomorrow per i i Montgomery. Ma., june 28 up hundreds of doctors nurses and volunteers were mobilized Toda As Montgomery comity prepared to inoculate some 30.0 h children with Gamma Giolma in to halt flu spread of crippling polio. Health officials held High Hopes that the vaccine to head Misisti red Shuting i be slav would reverse the rising tide of infantile a Rah Sis which juts infected 73 persons Here. Throe victims have died. Quot there wont lie any reduction in polio the first week after Montgomery county health officer. Or. A ii. Graham j predicted Quot but or expect the number of cases to drop it to about 80 percent after until the mass vaccination program starts most children were kept at Home by their anxious parents Many of w Horn went to j Church today to Pray Large sign with the warning in big Black letters Quot no children under six allowed Quot stood in front of the City auditorium children were advised not to attend any mass meeting. One Hundred doctors the medical staffs of the Maxwell a id Gunter air Force bases dozens of nurses and hundreds of volunteers were mobilized to help inject the serum into All children under to years each child was to receive 14 cubic centimetres half a Tea spoonful. Per iou pounds of weight of Gamma globulin some 30.000 half Inch Needles and 15.000 syringes were shipped from the i s. Public health office in Atlanta for the mass inoculation some of the youngsters accepted tile idea with resignation others looked on it As an adventure. Quot gee. In a awful excited Quot said eight year old Sylvia Stokes daughter of or. And mrs s a. Stokes Quot and i m not scared because All my friends will tie there Quot but Jerry wills 6. Who went to stay with is grandparents at Hartford. Ala., decided by did t want to return Home Quot no sir. I Don t War. To get stuck with that Needle he firmly but politely. Parents generally agreed that the immunisation program was a Quot darn Good Quot in a Al for said George Rivers who has four children two j of them under to Quot maybe it will j help and maybe ii wont but anything is Worth a the 67-gallon shipment of Gamma globulin largest Ever sent to one locality will be distributed to the 18 schools which will serve As emergency vaccination centers the children will be Given injections in alphabetical order during the four Day program. Parents swung wholeheartedly behind the plan. Local parents teachers associations formed Cai pools to get children from Rural areas in for their shots other with nurse training volunteered to help. Some cancelled or postponed vacations to make sure their children were inoculated or. Graham emphasized that it would he at least a week before the Gamma globulin would take effect rut he also said that contacts made at vaccination stations should not be harmful since polio takes at least a week to in Eurate or. William Coriel who direct try experimental programs with i Anima globulin at Sioux City i Bina. And Houston. Tex., was ex-1 beefed to arrive Here tomorrow from Hie University of Pittsburgh i to serve As a consultant. Way by passed hoist floor Tokyo. Mon., Juno 29 up the United states and South Korea have reached an a agreement in principles to end president Seligman Rhee a revolt against the the United nations truce terms a High South korean official reported today. \ less optimistic u. S. Embassy spokesman refusing to comment on the South korean report said Only that negotiations were continuing. Another meeting was set Tor this morning. President Eisenhower s special envoy Walter Robertson said after a sunday session with Rhee that he was confident they could Hammer out an agreement aimed at Clearing the Way to a Quick Arma Tice. Red China Hou Ever. Attacked a proposed american South korean Security pact and the official piping radio said ominously that the shadows deepen Over the Prospect of an one of the most persistent rumours. In Reoul where Robertson and Rhee were bickering was that Robertson offered a Compromise on Rhee s proposal for a military Alliance with la United states and a three month time limit on i Post armistice political Confer one killed in county car Accident an Aiken Colin in woman was instantly killed late Friday aft it noon when she fell from an automobile and under the wheels of the vehicle according to Coroner i Jimmy Gregory yesterday. Coroner Gregory said mrs Maggie Hardin. 62. Of the Shaw s Fork Community apparently fell beneath the wheels of the Yehiel Quot when the Driver was at1�?~m t in to Back the ear he sad the or of i w heels missed Over Tim e Iii r of Lier Hod. The drivel of the veil fold Kiev and Ann he Ger. Sarah Henriell p fell from i he ear a1 so bul Hurt. The aside Ocie r a seven Miles nor n of a of i of in Ign by 21 5. Coroner f b won said an inane would a Quot held today it the exam i la dle to tie High a ii him Only it Side i out. Korean official who agreement in Princi a few a details on the were left to be about i just Ming mute doctor i to i findings were sub Cannon Mccreary is ordained Deacon i Ernest Cannon Mccleary of Aiken yesterday was ordained Deacon by the it Rev. John j Gravatt. I. Bishop of the episcopal diocese of upper South Aioli a. The Rev Mccreary became the first resident minister Iii charge of Trinity Church. Vib Hevila in Over 3b years the son of or and mrs. Ernest a Mccleary of Aiken. The Rev or Mccreary was graduated from the in University of the South. Sewanee. Reimand the Virginia theological Seminary. Trinity Church after Many years of inactivity was opened by 1948 by the Rev Mien we bet Joslin. Rector of the Church of the resurrection. Greenwood since that Lime the communicant strength Bas grown a Church school and woman s auxiliary a w been organized and till Ctm Reh building has undergone great repair and improvement. Present officers of the Church Are William m Barnwell senior Warden John g. Beckwith Junior Warden. William e Parker. Treasurer and vestry men. Wade Goth ran. Percy Leach. Frank Harrison. Frederick of Skillie Arni Austin f Jones Assi Ting the service id Erdmamn were the key or Joplin tin Rev Marlin Tilon redid Quot i Grace churl. Anderson and Iii Japan Lins Oral blood in Llis Loi a Wmk it i in .1. 29 Ijar report Ted i t mid in i inn t reial i number i lured at la v i Moi Load Quai to if 9 a in Linda ii la .,11�?z,11 tricked in nil i cd a v i motile Oil at bib a ii in lure la the Chi a at i Nee St kill Rankin missionary Leader Dies Richmond. A. June 27 fill nine year old or m. I Heron Rankin executive Secretary of the Southern Baptist foreign Mission Board died at his Home Here today. He was a native of new Berry. S his death was caused by leukaemia the condition was discovered by Erat weeks ago while la Rankin was being Given a physical examination in Advance of a scheduled trip to South America Ile continued to work until a w Eek ago w Hen his condition he ame worse. He became critically ill three a ego. A i Bret Al service will be held it 3 o clock monday Aliet noon at the first Baptist Church Here. Or Rankin for Metlov was a missionary. To China he became sector the Orient in 1935 Ile used the Southern Baptist s Mission work in China and led ret a super is boards i a pan Dunn East Iii Kon a Mold in sept cml Ile in world War la by the japanese d was interned in Llong in a six la. Repeat i i he Cio w Quot drastic Quot of 82 exit Aid the adm Nistra Ion was Quot quite right in calling for the action that was Takin. The big labor organization deterred to the fact that Republican leaders ordered the hoist and Means committee to get the Bill to tilt was and Means chairman Daniel a Reed ii n v staunch toe of the tax had ret used to it ins committee vote on the Tion urgently requested by or Eisenhower in a Seldom us Man Euver. Hit House rules committee finally sent the Bill to the floor any wha or Eisenhower wants the tax extended to provide sonic $800,000,000 in additional Rev a race i Nurey Mil Bael k of Christ Chun and tonne rec sent a e a a b Lect of i j 11 it Church. Ait ii the choir s a ii tile i Tup he of tin Iii t a of a b Lukin n re ill i eel Ion it refill Oil. Ii i a. I a a. In Quot aim nil to Majk j r Bailey t i ice churl. Amici Quot ii to Iii 1 a Hind a a pc v Gladys Coo a ii the music Vav till All Alf Edith j. Rhodes of Green Olls Dow a r. President Nami ism Mish at a Ash ung Ion 1 a pie a Korea worke tin i ported agreement in Fri Nicole would mean that 1. Rhee and the United state a had found mutually acceptable terms for a truce. 2. Gen. Mark Aav Clark would be Able to assure he communists that the South korean government would co operate with the u. N. Command. 3. Clark could assure the red a hat the legally constituted government of South Korea was included in the armistice agreement. Informants suggested that and agreement reached now in Seoul would not Call for Rhee to round no the 27.000 anti communist North korean War prisoners freed from Camps on his orders a South korean government source suggested that the red were a realistic Quot and would not hold out indefinitely for the recapture of the prisoners Quot the communists set the precedent by releasing 50.000 some time the source said a we followed their example if they want us to round up the 27,oho we turned Loose we May agree to do that it Lime round up the 50.000 they timed Robertson and Rhee held an unscheduled meeting alone yesterday morning after which the Washington trouble shooter told newsmen he was a confident a can reach a Mutual agreement the piping radio after Days of heralding the likelihood of an armistice soon. Turned sour yet Al Day. The official voice of red China said if the armistice is signed Rhee and his american supporters will take advantage of the in Iii Ary Alliance with the United states to wreck the political conference torpedo the peaceful see lenient of the korean question and launch another War. As they Aid three Kori an ambassador s re War will break a Hen user re Ady Washington june 28 u put a pm can ambassador you Chan Yang predicted today that a third world War will break out when in a is Tull prepared and hat a ack piled enough atomic bombs. Quot Poi this reason. In added there i no reason to fear that a military Victory in Korea would it off w Oihi War Iii he said a positive Maud militarily Quot instead would permit the uniting of North and South Korea and would be the moral Quot position new Vork forint i esp Man took a St Nile just like Long before i were nut of the nation but la ill nov to fill an will in in Tith Fisun Bower fins Call on Rou it of crippled children no s to let it expire Date that a Seho it it Cut in i Dividu is due to become line. His plan Jan i. The sate ruled to per e a1 income taxes effective most of the opposition is exported to come Trout Demon Al with the Aid of a Small group of republicans who object to the manner in which the Bill reached the House floor. But Martin said he is confident the House will approve the Bill. In a speech for insertion in the congressional record. Rep Samuel w Yorty a Calif charged that the administration had resorted to Quot dictatorial High handed pressure tactics Quot in going Over the head of red and his committee brisk about he coven Gular morn companies his secret Ai a Waldorf or trim in a Light fit Black a Panama Haas he cat Hedra i. Halted his his hand a fifth stopped his the window patrolman to shake to hand and i words Mattl it till Camp in response to Handwritten invitations from two eight year Olds. Marcia Rosenfeld of Baltimore and Mark Sundquist of Arlington a a. Both Are polio Vic a Ord i. Eisenhower us lit Blue dress with Small polka dots disclosed that tin id ont Las been doing some Rookie us at Camp David a of know what the pin did this morning Quot she a they looked Over the Campen he got up and mad Jupko As he left. Or Fin who wore a Light tan breasted silk suit and v headed waned and said kids i May see y of next i Dnn f know Quot Woit 4 la White pres of the Side int now doubt

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