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Aiken Standard and Review (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Aiken, South Carolina Aiken tan bark Auh Rij Feia devoted to the meding of Aiken and Aiken Voi to Aiken South Carolina monday August 14, 1967 tags 4 an u underlying problem the people of the halted states have been subjected to a nationwide rail strike. It climaxed a Long dispute during which strike action was repeatedly threatened As six shop Craft unions representing less than 30 per cent of rail employees refused to accept successive recommendations of specially appointed impartial mediation boards. As picket lines were established the rail system of the nation gradually ground to a halt. Viet Nam War shipments were quickly affected. Mail service for All but airmail and first class was stopped. The vast Mountain of food and Faber and manufactured products whose uninterrupted flow sustains our economic system was halted. The rail strike was of Short duration. It had to to. It proved what has Long b on stated the i Niter states cannot afford to have a r Iii strike. It brought into focus too. Thu present state of labor relations. In such disputes As this the t concentrated Power of National labor organizations is used against the Public a Large and goos far beyond the Bounds of economic bargaining Between labor and management. The legislation pass fool for hailing the new depression i roof Era of a finely tuned government managed Economy of perpetual abundance As a Complete Success the Fol towing facts should be noted i. Since Loio. The population of the United states Bas grown by to per cent. Since 1960. The personnel comprising the civilian bureaucracy of the Federal government Bas grown by 25 per cent 3. Since 1960, a Defonse expenditures of the government Ore up 97 per cent 4. Since 1960, expenditures for National welfare and health programs Are up 210 per cent. The deficits for the eight years since i960 will total $50 Billon and for the decade will probably be about $75 billion. Cd by Congress under emergency strike conditions ordered rail employees Back to work and provided for the appointment of a five Man presidential Board to try and win voluntary settlement. At the end of 90 Days a settlement will be imposed of voluntary efforts fall. Such a settlement could remain in effect until Miary i 1969 but during this time May be modified by any voluntary agreement reached. And so the Railroad strike is ended for the time being but the underlying problem of excessive concentration of economic and political Power in the hands of National labor organizations has not been solved. Such Power has been used in an irresponsible fashion and can be used again under similar circumstances to deliver ultimatums to the Congress and to the people of the United states and finally to Stop the operation of essential industries. Such a breakdown of collective bargaining leaves Little recourse but to establish permanent machinery for compulsory arbitration to protect the Public s interest in such disputes. Iii on Quot fit the National debt will be up approximately the same amounts. Forty two m in Ion people now receive regular checks from the Federal government cipher directly or from states under Aid programs financed largely with Federal funds. Or. Maurice h. Stans former director of the budget Points out a the government can spend Only what the people provide either directly in taxes or Indi redly through inflation. If the people Ore constantly led to expect More than can be delivered to them the result is bound to be frustration and unrest and worse a nation w without ships during the past few years much has i in written and said on the revolutionary Impact of the nuclear age. Among other things push Button warfare was for some time visualized As obliterating any need for manned aircraft. By the Token in the realm of National of curly Many so called experts considered naval and merchant fleets obsolete. Events Are proving them wrong. As a result the maritime picture is taking on a new look. Not Long ago Secretary or transportation Alan s. Boyd proposed a number of Steps to substantially strengthen the u. S. Merchant Marine. One of his proposals would permit the con a motion of some u. S. Merchant ships abroad. To addition he would provide for building approximately 30 merchant ships a year in Domestic shipyards a doubling the current annual number thus strengthening the capability of u. S. Yards. The committee of american steamship tines an organization representing i Drew them with cords of a Man with bands of love Hosea 11 4. It _. _ v j i a fahd so nip Viqi Zilp devoted in of ii Alna end Aiken county big published monday through Friday at 213 Richland av., we a Aiken s. Second class postage paid at Aiken. S. Change of address a o. Box 456, Aiken s. C., 29801 member it the United press International the hinted press International la entitle to the use tor republication of All local news by the Aiken Standard and review Benjamin Joey King 1934-1951 Annie h. Kino a. T. Howell Wilbur g. Howell publisher editor bus. Mor Aiken Standard amp review published daily except saturday and sunday by Carrier .25c per week by mail Post office and City delivery i month �?��?�.�?���>��?��?��?��?��?��.,. $ 1.50 3 months a put $ 4.00 6 Mont a $ 7.50 i year a a a a a a pm $13.00 r. F. D. And outside Aiken county state and overseas 8 m Oti Tbs �?��?��?�.�?�., i. Ian $3.50 0 months $6.00 i. I tar. $10 00 viewpoints of others the Good life 1967 tir it i mrs al Exon Der Parkinson s Lamen t the lines that operate under government contract Over specified worldwide routes supports Secretary Boyd s proposals. These operators have borne the Brunt of the responsibilities for maintaining the Backbone of the modern u. S merchant Fleet. Theirs has been an Uphill task. In commenting on the Secretary of transportation a proposals for a stronger merchant Marine Ralph k. James executive director of the committee save a the next five years Are the truly critical years in the future of our merchant Fleet. Basest on the need to replace a merchant ship after 25 years of life a careful review of the present elements of our merchant Fleet segments indicates that in the bulk Carrier Fleet and the no subsidized freighter Fleet there will be a shocking reduction in the number of ships under 25 years of age Between now and 1972, while a serious reduction will occur in the Tanker Fleet and the subsidized liner Fleet. Unless action is taken now to cure our deficiencies in modern ships our nation will be in peril by the Early 1970�?Ts.�?� a Strong u. S. Merchant Marine is essential. It is one of the primary tools preserving a free world civilization. Keep it a Happy Day labor Day is just around the Corner. The symbolism of the Day has been lost to Many in the enjoyment of the Good life. Never in history has such a High level of Well being been the lot of so Many people. For most of us the struggle and deprivation of the centuries have faded into the limbo of history and Are no longer comprehensible. Since this is the Case it May be Tho better part of Wisdom to consider some of the practical aspects of labor Day As it is now observed. Coming As it does at the end of summer it is an invitation to one last fling. This Means countless millions of us will take to the highways and byways to mountains lakes and the sea. An army of attendants maintenance Crews firemen police first Aid and Rescue personnel will be on hand to minimize the casualties. Their task is formidable at Best and unless Holiday throngs co operate it becomes a hopeless rearguard action. Washington from Norman Thomas and Martin Luther King Down to such senators As Clark a l. Mcgovern d. Was and even Rob Ert Kennedy social Zers arc also the pacifists with varying degrees of opposition to the War in which we Are engaged. The form was set in the Span ish civil War of the 1930 s wild eyed socialists in Britain and the Usa did not fight much against fascism though they pamphlet ered and visited the fronts. It was the Anglo american communists who joined the combat risking and giving their lives. A socialist becomes a communist Only when he gets religion. Since ardent democrats and even fascists also have a religious Fervour for their beliefs the wars to must Light at the mid a Century Are religious wars. But socialism is not less harmful to democracy than communism is. In his Karl Marx to har old Wilson history of British so statism c. Northcote Parkin son or Paul non s Law is writ ing a slow death of pestilence which is As disastrous to a nation As a military Detent would be. This Book to be published hero in october by Houghton Mifflin is a diagnosis of Britain s decline and prognosis of the same impending collapse in America. While not As Good an anti socialist document As anti socialist de serve a bit too Frankish As Tho Henry j. Taylor Pun title suggest sit should be welcomed to our shores. Socialism which advocates melting Down the guns into but Ter would leave any nation defenceless. But its Peculiar virus is just As fatal in peace As in War. A nation can recover from military defeat the american confederacy is a local example but socialized Britain showed How irrevocable Are the results of a socialist Victory. The colonies of Tho Empire cannot be repossessed Tho industries that have been nationalized never recover from the seizure the tories with every whipping at the polls be come less conservative and the Competition in political ideas does a phase out. To be sure such democratic countries As Britain and America have to consent in the election of socialists but capitalistic democracies give consent Only because they Are bamboozled into believing that a classless society is desirable in terms of human Progress and Felicity. British history from Marx to Wilson shows this to be a fallacy. The politics of Domestic underdog Gery a debacle in Britain and a menace in America brings economic and intellectual Stag nation. It forecloses All Hope of a re nascent Golden age. It leaves the victim nation with a past and no future. A classless society without aggressive successful wealthy citizens is without economic re sources. It can no More fight its enemies than it can fight off the spread of poverty As it advances from the slums to the suburbs. The Rich however much they May be envied for their privileges Are the pioneers of privilege. Parkinson Points out that the Seaside Holiday was the invention of George Iii that Box Spring Beds upstairs bathrooms and outdoor swimming pools Are All examples of the poor following Hie Rich As Are All the sports that Are now enjoyed by the populace. George Bernard Shaw the laureate of intellectual Zed socialism had no sentimentality for the poor. He proposed to abolish them by paying a Dole which required Money from the Rich. A Money Quot wrote Shaw a is the one sound spot in our social conscience. It represents health strength Honor generosity and Beauty As conspicuously As the want of it represents illness weakness disgrace meanness and As to National leadership without which every country is doomed Parkinson finds it easier to Breed than to procure by Chance. The classless society would Rob the poor of Church ills and Kenn Edys alike for they Are the products of their forbears wealth. Parkinson a lament for Britain is a warning for the Usa. Tile socialists will get us if we done to watch out. Hidden facts a Jolt Brussels. A this nato Headquarters knows the truth about our nuclear striking Force compared to the soviet Union. The hidden facts Are a Jolt. Again we Are the victim of misinformation. As part of his a a let a get this country rolling a pitch in his i960 Campaign for the White House president Kennedy performed a profound disservice by proclaiming to our country and thus to the world that America was behind in a a missile Gap Quot when in truth we were overwhelmingly ahead and there was no missile Gap at All. Or. Kennedy a claim brought fear to our allies and Allun committed countries and Joy to the entire communist world finally denied As not True by the new Secretary of defense Robert s. Mcnamara himself after or. Kennedy selection was Over. But the fact that we Are behind has become a reality today documented in official testimony to the House armed services committee which has found its Way Here. Our nuclear stockpile in Europe was established in 1957. On september 23, 1966, or Mcnamara told the nato commanders then headquartered in Paris that the United states had 7,-000 nuclear War Heads deployed in Europe a a too percent increase in the past five on january 23, 1967, or. Mcnamara issued a posture statement extolling our strategic balance with the soviet Union. Our nato allies find it frighteningly misleading. The . Defense Secretary did pot consider the 900 known soviet Badger bombers in stating our favourable strategic balance. Yet russians badgers have intercontinental Range with inflight fueling and the soviet itself classifies them intercontinental. These 900 bombers Are comparable to our phased out b-47s, which or. Mcnamara previously listed As a powerful part of our strategic forces. In fact the russian badgers Range is As great As Tho Multi purpose fb-111, which the defense department says can be a a strategic next the posture statement did not consider Russia s known 750 or More intermediate Rango ballistic missiles based in Western Russia and among satellites As part of the soviet strategic Force. Yet this part could eliminate the major defense and cities of our nato allies. Nato has neither an adequate warning system nor retaliatory system against those placements. Moreover Many Are Mobile and difficult to target. Our submarine launched Polaris missiles Are supposed to counter them but the defense department already includes the Polaris in the . Intercontinental ballistic missile count. Thus nato Headquarters does not see How Washington can count the Polaris missiles twice. Next the posture statement credits the United state s with 934 intercontinental ballistic missiles and Tho .s.ii. With 340, As of in id-1966, even exclusive of our aircraft carriers a figure often quoted. Who is Washington kidding mid-1963 was Tho absolute turning Point. The truth comes in the total Mega tonnage delivery capability of All strategic weapons systems and although the 1j.s. Has More weapons the .Sjl has heavier weapons. In 1960 our superiority was a and you can believe it every time we pick up anew Piper we rend about efforts of special committees appointed by the president to determine whether or not there is anything subversive or organized about the riots that have Tom asunder Many of our Large cities during recent weeks. Seems a though we read something Tho other Day about Fri director j. Edgar Hoover saying his department could find no evidence of such. The Star wonder where the us people Are marching for evidence. Have they Ever considered or investigated the in one of the a act a acc. And others of the alphabetical organizations of a revolution Quot have they checked the lists of Contri hut it is t o tax write offs by some of this nation most powerful corporations where do people like Ste Kely Carmichael and a a rate Brown get their Money to travel constantly Over the United states rent buildings for Headquarters pay for diluted materials and finance elaborate military tactics who picks up the tab for soirees in Europe Cuba and fliers unknown of yes there is to nose definite. To a Wall organized group of revolutionaries in this country. And our Fri knows All about them. Tile truth is. Rur government would not find it Petit really expedient to admit just what is Ming on. Of course. It might All he in Gal. Just Tike it is Legal to allow known communists to organize and work for russians and red China a Hest intercut. Just Tike it is Legal to release convicted red spics on trivial technicalities of the Taw. Just like it has been Legal to break the Laws of cities and states u t As Long As it is uniquely beneficial to special National individuals and interests a Rose is a Jose by any other name. Evidence has already been produced by governor Romney of Michigan that the Detroit rioting was More than something spontaneous. Well Laid plans for previous riots failed to materialize in Detroit and other rifles. But the right combination of ingredients a finally reached. Tile criminal our government is looking for is not a hand painted Villi in with Glassy eyes. Snag. God Teeth Long bar wrinkled face All humped Over and carrying a gun. Or maybe a human characterization of Hruschov currying a Bear and sickle and wearing a Black suit with the map of Russia designed in blood red. Tile Villann we re after is one wearing dress of respectability. Or camouflaged in the cloak of poverty. He a there Well organized and Well financed. And you ran believe it a Marion Star out 50.000 Megatons against Russia s estimated 37,000 our Public is not told the appalling fact that our capability has gone downhill Ever since. Russians has steadily gone up. . Capability has fallen to around 29,000 Megatons Only about half our 1960 level while russians approaches 37,000. The crossing Point occurred in mid-1966 called a Zero year Quot Here and projected at this same rate the massive megaton age Gap we face against us by As Early As 1971 is 15,000 versus a russian 50,000. Behind Tho scenes As Long ago As 1963, a joint chiefs of staff report to the Senate committee on foreign relations warned a the .s.r. Is ahead of the untied states in the High yield technology. And in Tho yield weight ratios of High yield russians 100-megaton warhead weighs in the Range of 15 tons. Tho warhead of our largest missile Tho Titan weighs Only a oui half As much As its soviet counterpart and its yield is est mated to be about l-10th As great. What has actually happened since 1960 is that Russia has achieved at least a 5-to-l advantage Over us in yield weight ratio and thus a colossal relative change. But once again you have to go abroad and out of tile defense departments Washington censorship to get the truth. of Carmi Cha al. Urged we agree with senator Strom Thurmond who last week called on tin Justice department and president Johnson to prosecute Stokely Carmichael of the a Black Power Quot advocate returns to the United states from communist Cuba whore he has been attend Long a Castro Asp Rcd convention on communism. Carmichael should be charged with a advocating the overthrow of the american government by Force and encouraging the of the president and other National authorities a senator Thurmond stated. To Back up his statement the South Carolina senator read news dispatches from Havana quoting the negro agitator As calling for a guerilla warfare Quot in the cities of this country and the assassination of the president Thurmond was further quoted As Sav ing a the american people must understand before it is too late that the leadership of the civil rights nun it intent has passed into Tho hand of Tim Black Power a Ivor ites and that this nation at this moment is experiencing an open rebellion. A us not think for one to Merit that these Black Power advocates would not be in he Whit House bet e in Congress in control of our governmental Agen ties. Cities and armies if they had the fire Pov of just what effect the senator # remarks will have on attorney Gen ral Ramsey claim a Man whose ability we Arentt too sure of is not known. If he pussyfoot around As he has in other instances sine being appointed to his present Post we can Only surmise that it will have no # of fact. In which Case we Hope that Steps Are taken by the Congress to remove him from office. A Barnwell people Sentinel dear Abby dear Abby i am married and have children but of you print this please Don t say How Many i ran honestly say that v Hen it comes to being a wife nod Mother. I m one of the Best. My husband is a swed Loving and devote what More could a wife ask for Well for the last three years i have had a or ret desire for in a Hgt a Man my husband has no idea that such a thought has Ever entered my head and of he knew head die tile other Man does no to know How i feel ahead him. T Sec him All the time. And the thrill i get out of just looking at him is indecent. He manages the supermarket where t Trode. To is married and Bas a family too. So nothing could Ever Rome of this but i can to help How i feel about him. I can to Tell any one else about kids As the a Kyi Book says that to lust after sum one is the same is committing adultery. I feel so homed and tormented. A by. I something wrong with toe secret 1/ dhar secret there is no i a a wrong with you that Isnit wrong with the rest of human to. You Are indulging in fantasy. Which is Normal. And it s harmless. The guilt feelings Over your Day dreams Ore doing you More harm than the Day dreams. Now. Go us the Kitchen floor mid take a cold Shower. You la feel better. Dear Abby at 19 i mar lied without my Pard is consent. My husband and i then moved to another state. At first my Kotlier wrote to me addressing the letters to Mav Smith which was my Maiden name. I kept returning those letter unopened marked a no such person finally she compromised and started addressing my letters to Mary Jones Jones is my husbands name. Those i accepted and rend but a year has pass cd and she stil refuses to address me As this May strike you As being a trivial matter but it is very important to me. What do you make of this mrs Robert Jones dear mrs. Jone s yet Zur Mother is determined to remind you that she Hasni tas yet recognized your marriage which does no to make you any less married. Ignore it. Dear Abry your advice to the woman who had a baby out continued on pug f Roger k Spear successful investments Pai k demands Montevideo Uruguay up High school students sunday barricaded themselves inside 16 school buildings to Back demands for lower student fares on Public transport v Chicles bait for Price reversal on fast sunup stocks. By Roger e. Spear q. A i am a Young Engineer recently married 24 yearn old. We have adequate savings and have extra Money available for investment. We would like to build a portfolio to Benefit ourselves and our hoped for family in the future. Should we concentrate on growth or speculative stories or a mixture of Tho two any suggestions would be approx r c. A. It is a genuine pleasure to help someone like yourself to provide for the future under different Market conditions i would suggest a plan including Bot i growth stocks and Specula Tivo issues in tile latter group i would favor science related equities which were speculative Only in tile sense that they wore volatile and had not yet established a Strong earnings Bas. Many issues of this sort which i have mentioned Here earlier have been run up sharply and Are now Selling at three times their level of a year ago and at relatively High multiples when and if prices come Down again i suggest you look at e it amp g cult on and Conran at present i advise growth stocks which represent effective merchandising in the consumer Field and Are relatively unaffected by rising costs i suggest Avon products Bristol Myers Baxter laboratories. Q. A a in a considering giving a Mutual fund to my Small grandchild. However i soc in your column that you done to approve of funds. What suggestion would you make Quot a. K. A. If you will allow me to say so you Are entirely wrong As to my opinion on Mutual funds. I done to disapprove of this Type of investment far from it. What i do object to is lumping them together As if nil were alike in their objectives and performance records. Funds a like All stocks vary materially with regard to both those elements and should be purchased Only if in All respects they appear to meet your requirements. I advise you to consult a dealer As to the Best fund for future growth. Roger Spears 48. Page invest ment guide is available to All readers of this column. Clip this Coupon and Send $1.00 with your name and address to Roger e. Spear in care this newspaper Box 1618, grand Central station. New York. To v

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