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Aiken Journal (Newspaper) - February 21, 1874, Aiken, South Carolina MEER 158 part ofjm coun-deatny® by fire. ntiiePor^ ginned at rips ti mo* Loss w*# pW MM^sl perns bo ai trembling [Returning pair of litj^IK^lSr, 8. O., FEBRTJ-A.    .SI, 1874. $2 PEB ANNUM, IN ADVANI: [For the Journal. piaEN UR A INS >.-• f - must be true thyself thou the truth would teach ; jy heart must overflow, lf thou another soul would’st Teach, needs the overflowing heart •^Po give the heart full speech. link truly, and thy thought Shall the world’s fame read. 8pe$k truly, and thy word Sfcuvll he a faithful seed. Love -.ruly, and thy life shall be irooA    end noble deed. 1 ime since they covered two sturdy dim-J but that one lookjd hippy enough for lied legs, which were wont to run all I a dozen. That youth, overjoyed, ap-day long until they weie “so tired, so proached her, and insisted that he should 'ired,” carrying about a bright curly J have every other dance and the ones haired boy, so good, so affectionate.— I in between ; but the lwllc, with asmile %$5ach little trinket that we take from the I “so peculiar,” (and “which is why I pjpcket is more valued by us than silver I remark,”) gave him IWR one of thos e or gold or precious stone. The “old I two which conies first in order of those barlow,” with its notched and rusty J not between and no other, and that only blade, a couple of marbles, a top with by way of* contrariety. The Belle had E. J. A. [    1    [For    the    Journal. “Toys.” Tfyere are few things that bring back stats news. Death of It. C. DoLargr.—The death of this colored ex-member of Congress, who took a prominent part in the politics of this city and State after the close of the war, occurred yesterday morning, at his residence in Calhoun street. He had been in bad health for some time, and for three weeks prior to T':    ; r ; T ii 1 A A - A*Ch sunnlicant had his W* decease was confined to his bed. Belts twine, an old fashioned yarn ball, a lier card, and as eacn supplicant naa ms I    . ,    .    ...    .    A    .J arac wmfit.fr linum fore the war he conducted the tailoring broken eimblet, three links of a cfem, prayer granted, and was writmg down    © ...    ,    1    .    „    ;.    ,    business. He figured as a member of and a pretty little jet anchors ah ! well, his name, a dozen other petitioners re“    **•/*■*•    4 ,    .    .    ,    ,    ,    .    I ....    li«rV.f    in    fHH r the Reconstruction Convention, and was put them away, it makesthe heart ache garded him w^th the same ii0nt in their    ...    •    .    *    v \emjM ioog, for we will j m did C.t. loot ap.. Abl    TSTl'l to linger over them^of What great comfort to turn and read: then think of “what might have been.” j he made Zillah a Widow. Soon the I Gov‘He became a member ' dance begari,aud the<§lph-Kke movements the General    8nd    T<md “Suffer little children to come unto I of the Belle, as she .floated through the out childhood days more vividly than j* the display of toys in a shop window , When a.costly doll that would opbn its Ii eyes wit considered a wonderful acquisition by an affluent neighbors’ daughter bis son, the happy possessor of a gaily , comparisoned rocking horse, another little flock, with less expensive, but numerous other toys, consisting of sets of diaheSj miniature kitchen, and sots of furniture, etc., etc. Such a day of n^lteyea. happiness, nearly all of us foil/ remember. The tea and dinner I parties were of hourly occurrence, and ^ the first tlay of possession was passed in JtuAjj^cy ®f delight. With the close ¥\ of the second day, less care is manifest I" and less interest taken j perhaps the doll I bas fallen and broken its nose j some of I* ^ the dishes have mysteriously disappear-^ fed; a rockef is off from the tiny era* 4\e, the novelty * wearing away so that by the third day they are nearly if not quite forgotten. The necessity fit' being so careful at first, and the ill success in keeping tbs toys unbroken and up to their standard of cleanliness, is too broch for the noisy, independent little miss to endure. With what evident raUef did we tiro to me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” *    Mel. [For the Aiken Journal. The Aiken Belle of1874. mazes of the dance, would have done honor to Terpsichore^ herself. I shall never forget the sight. I was in love, aud from my far off point of observation, I thought if I couil only portray the dazzling vision, IHold “hold the mir— commissioner, and ran for Congress against Sheriff Bowen, got the credentials and held a seat for a while in that body A contest ensued, which resulted in his being ousted—neither he nor his opponent being seated by the eonv* mittee which investigated the election. UaLltlliiU V AO AVF Ut    ^    auv    amas    |    #    ,    .    .    I • t -    After    sojourning rn Columbia tor some ror ap to nature: trot I am fearful Dame    ,    J    .    .... *    .**4^    I    Ii    a    urn    a    nnn.MAfaH    it    Inn    I    moi    I    Aa — Judge Graham refused to grant a new trial to the Duff us brothers, who killed young West, in Charleston, and on Thursday lost. sentenced James A. Duffus to be hanged on Friday, the 26th of June, 1874, and B. L. Duffus to hard abor in the penitentiary for . ten years. Mr. Porter made a motion in. arrest of judgment, when Judge Graham issued the following order: “Ordered) that oxen cution of judgment in this case be suspended until the motion iii arrest of judgment for new trial be heard.” The Greenville A Columbia Railroad has reduced the rates of freight on shipments of flour from Greenville to Anderson. The price formerly charged was forty-eight dollars per car-load of eighty bar els, or sixty ecnts per barrel^ It has been reduced to thirty-two lars for each.car load. On the 28th ultimo the grist cotton gin of Dr. Few and drick, in the northern part; ty of Greenville, were Last week I wa* sighing, but this week J am h ippy ; and these aru the reasons :    About one year ago, as I full we I remember, Aiken had a winsome Belle. Bhd was the then altogether charming one par excellence; but to re sons peculiar to society, she lost her ror up to nature,    am icuiui Dime    -    .    .    .    .    1    * Nature would to), ‘Wit vision hasbeen J tltDe> be was appointed a Ina jusuce, Thero was a iarge quanti -    I    Ka Ka.#! nttfii Kid rl Auf n find ♦ no I    j    #    .    •    .    I    I    _    •    I    I    •    <    a an office he held until his death, and the duties of which he performed in con nection with an occasional appearance in the Criminal Court as an attorney. ♦    [iVctt’* amd Courier. The Validity of Cotton Liens.— cotton in the building at over six thousand doliai Messrs. R. M. Steele son, Jr., of York, hav< Ku-Klux and bound two thousand dollars b. wa- • arrested as in the sum of to appear at reign. reflected in a mirror a hundred times while in artful preparation.” The Belle wife quite captivating; but now and then some rival would attract her attention iuthe guise bf contempt— peculiar to society, vne lost aer 1 a feminine tibia for zealousy. She.    .    # ■ Ithought, in my ignorance of    would notbe ririflatriral for the world,    An implant case, showing the hindu*    court rn Charleston.., the fair sex, that her successor could    because she, ibm constant practice,    character of cotton liens aud the abso-    Engineer Jo^n L^.-^ not be found and this is why I sighed    was naturally «#*r«L She did not    Me necessity of planters complying with    mg served the Greenie    an% E<dWih|a last week.. ' I am happy this week °be-1 seek attention,' Itemise 'she had it in the .trie, terms of thm.• conto^s>s Badroad (bv twcnt^rs^^ rcihep “Tha Hells of 1874” has Dre«ent-1 abundance. Hejkiles were endless, I j081'>een decided at Anderson 8i|^i. J w«.k « i her ch^n • and we gladly alk Bowk    -ob beau thougffipoe was intended for    We quote from the Iuedigwf#* »be    The tdi herfLd render unto her our    him ; but, as a .totter qf fact, they    12th inst: “The State vs.    | collected homage Leis if pomiblc prettier    were part and pared! of her beauty—    Majors, selling personal property on    | lye ha, sent ^ * V1 ? P f P I    „    ,    ..    '    ,    j    I    which a lien existed, without giving no-1 A qudr^l at ,b„ «.Mof 1873, .odby f., mo,. Omm*, Wppajlf.**    ^    J    ^RtlSM, —**• —f “d    > b,f * j**1!—■■ <‘:*g? "J    OMO of thi. MW AH boo come op, MS » few men would use the lsist expression s^h and whisper softly, and to show    ,    .    a    J    A    • p    :    " if they had once felt the magic of her W faultless teeth iud .he dimple ip her I much .merest was evinced^ The influence,without he saw herman minutes J cheek. She, wa. apparently happy, U^’* ^ after amllinff sweetly unon another I hut I was disconsolate J for that man explicit.en the law points, and the jury Dari, given on f of the 13th. • »nd -pies, rimt Its color, (which by the way was of no matter of. consequence) and pmito awsse head to determine, then such ab assortment of crockery and queensware, bits of broken cups and saucers and gobies, portions of old jugs, th** pieefr retaining the handle intact very highly prized, old ,fruit cans and many other things only known to and fully appreciated by little, happy, contented children. The boys with their ~ stick horseajViaually an old broom handle; and jstedfe and wagons, made from old barrel staves or refuse boards of odd lengths, with nails of every conceivable size driven in as thickly as the surface would admit, playthings that are always in the way, to be tumbled over at night, and which kicked about aud anathme-tized during the day by those that forget they were once young, has caused many a quivering lip and tearful eye, to the sturdy little owner Old cand e boxes coing double doty as table and carryke latter, providing a stray rope has been fou ,d (and you may bo pretty sure that it has,) that will answer to harness with and haul by, and many other contrivances, which in construction and application answered in our ideal to the full measure of grown up folks’ happiness. Happy, joyous days of childhood As we write this we think of the little ones sleeping so sweetly, so innocently, and wish in our inmost heart that we were Uke them. And now that we pause to speak to her that has been our fast, firm friend for many a year, the uncomplaining, careful, tender ond mother, in prosperity as in ad-not one word is uttered. She Co divine my question, and With she goes to another r»*om. she places before, me a I little pants, and with a gentle upon ray shoulder retires. May God hear her prayer and bless her. Ah I little torn, ragged trousersr how precious they arc to us j how short the one else finished the old story. Look out for her at church on Sunday.— Whether she will smile upon half a e sterner sex. She entered the Academy between 8 and 9 o’clock. Her head was lent slightly to the right—the side her escort was on; her brows, I wish I could t^ll the exact color natme had painted them, arched in a most naturally artistic manner ; her eyes, so gentle, deep and lustrous,cequetishly cast downward,becauss she knew every eye was upon her, and that modesty is so becoming to a lady. Her cheeks and lips,distractingly be autl fill—so rich and rose-like were they I posture colored, and kennouth—well, it beg-1 88 other women are. gars words to describe it. Her hair, I will not say it was brown and not ilack, or what was its color, arranged in the latest fashion, and sub rosa, some of it a for tbi* yRiSP8iad4# lur iud totable HmT desperate, anTasfaJfor    Ipro^ I    »,,d    *•    I    ~ nade. I was charmed, arid began thiit *>“ I*5™" to W 8 fin« of“* do,lart Aiken chai irilig old story, when the Belle re- and serve tw. lve months in the State    ^    — marked, “Stop a minute,    my    eyebrows I penitentiary at bard labor; saying that    ^ ^ peb feel rumpled.”    I    did scop,    and    some-    he intended to have the people to un-    10 0»clock; a. derstand that when they made a con- J 0f 0|caK) the    in! tract for supplies, furnished under the    &qq otber jmportantv acts of 1866 and 1872, they had to stick hand, a prompt stud of members is particularly — Prompt, positive French’s Embrocation has dozen young men waiting for a glimpse, »P to them o, boar the consequences or look upon the ground, will depend The following additional particulars upon the style of ber bonnet. She will of the brutal^murder which took plaeein .......... ...... _ kneel in clmreh.in a heavenly and scien- Sumter, on Wednesday night last, have blessing to many of suffering huiMdi osture, and thank God she is not been received :    About seven o’clock of by affording instintaneons relief tot that evening, as Mr. Henry Widdekiod,    rf rheumatism, etc, A »umb«r: in the employ of Messrs. Ferriter & rf testimonials from residents of Aitoa Ricker, was on his way home from tke can he furnished as to effiriooey. For store of those gentlemen, he was as- Laie by Si, (J. Sat tort hwai^l^|ea4 for Observe Her. Florida Beef. Only those who are fortunate enough    knocked    down    aad    “«d^d    South Carolina. J    ^    I    set.lk    mm.    1%    a    t    aV»    a4    Kit    i    WA    AAI    Amil    HlAVl    FITT    I    /T    flfVfl e of it Univ those wnOiare iortuna:e enougu . ,    ;    ,    ,    ,    .    ,    --------- ^    >    J    ^    ■    ■ ,    •    •    .    A V kl    Un    AEEHrnn    i^th can annreciate Wlth 8 katchet, by two coior^ men by _ Go to Thorne & Co. for looking suspiciously fashionable, especs to possess castiron teeth can apprec ate    Abraham    whUe    and    .TeUolr    Onion    Sets, reoerted tally that charming earl, and to give the peculiar flavor of some of the Flor-|606    .    .    .    .    ..    lw“rtewW    U.nK»    aeis, Wwns. .    i    ..    a    4    I    Bradford, who were secreted on the side which its bewitching appearance, she I ida beef when properly masticated. J    1    .    .    -aru* 115 D8Wlw'IUDn appediauvc, D c    r r *    .    J    rf the street and lying m wait for him.  New crop raisins, fcrs. dates, ii would occasional!v and s^mi*occasiGnally I Great judgment is necessary in picking j    I    ■    ®r    ,    >    o    t    ™ wouiu ocuus.ouduy *iuu s.uh uv^    v    |    .    -    ,    .    .    IT a was thpn rohbed of a sum of monev. I a    LU. out the animals for slaughtering , those throw her head into the most attractive attitude. Hor habit was, ex necessitate I with the most rings op their horns are ret, calico ; but it was such a dear, pres considered the best, and cows that have ty calico, when worn by tho Belle, that J ceased giving more than a gill of milk I mentally decided silks, etc., an cxs per day bring fancy prices, sometimes as pensive luxury, and I at once swore a1- much as five dollars per head being paid, legianee to calico. Oh, that figure! I They are fattened on sand and saw dust, would have thought it the crowning I the former to give the betel* firmness and success of perfect science, had not my I elasticity, and the latter, the sponginess faith iii woman’s dignity assured me that I that furnishes the meat with its own wait was beneath a womau’s grandeur to tor for gravy. Very little profit can be call upon science and art. As she walk** made in butchering of these animals, the ea from the door her carriage was su- I hide being only worth four or five dol-perb, her head slightly bent forward— lars and the meat Irom eight to twenty-and to the right, just a Ii tile,—her cloak J five cents per pound. Good sausage thrown artistically over her left arm, can, however, be made from the fore leaving but half of that dainty hand ex- J quarters, selling at twenty-five cents por posed, and her queen-Uke step was I pound. Attempts have been made to grace, as some would say, personified.—-I make tripe irom the intestines, but it She took her seat in a rather retired I has proved too rich for delicate stomachs, part of the hall, b.ut where all could see I aud the grittiness from the food eaten her, notwithstanding the crowd upon I by the animals cannot be easily eradi-the floor.    I Gated- It is now contemplated imping Whenever ono of the gentlemen I them into glue.—Jacksonville Union. placed his hand in the basket to draw I    . his cravat, that charming calico dress • —Satterthwait’s is headquarters for was before his eyes, as I heard a dozen J choice ejections, fine fruits and fresh gay, aud all sate one sighed audibly ;1 nuts. He was then robbed of a sum of money, I am[ citron, fresh crackers and biscuit about sixty dollars, and a silver watch, deluding Exton’s extra butter, at Sat** and the key of the store was ajso taken J.tejthwait’s.    -    > from the body. His head was badly I _ Opening of a fine assort**** af | crushed, the skull having been broken J p^ggrf,; next week, at Satterthwait’a^' in three or four different places and his J  Mince pies makes cxoelfont JuHiert, eyes protruding from their sockets.— and Anderson’s mince meat makes «K-• When found he was cold in death, and I cenent mince pies. The genuine arri- , his head and face presented a horrible cje jg gold rf Satterthwaitf*. appearance. Suspicion at once rested I — Lovers of maple syrup wifi find a on Vincent and Bradford, and telegrams I gorier article at Satterthwait’s. i were sent out in various directions with _ gnest that Bas ever been descriptions of their persons. Bat the I exhibited in Aiken baa been on exMbl-worst is not yet told. The wife of the, j ^on rf establishment of Messrs. murdered man was tnciente at the time, J Turnbull & Soot fliers, during the past and was so affected by the horrible news I weejc Every description of fruits,' that she is now lying at the point of J ¥egutabUis,etc., kept always on    - death. If she dies, a doable murder    * will have been committed.    | cheeper* and more Bob Thompson, a notorious horse I the grim nut. 8atteithwl batMk thief, was captured in Columbia on Fri- J supply.    v    •    j'-r*- ^ day last.    f    J — For good, *hoteao^^ The eldest son of Mr. H. S. Koon, of J split peas. To ismfe;t Abbeville county, was killed, last Thuza-1 purchase them at 8. C. day, by a falling tree.    j — Fe»sfla inclined to Last week the corner-stone of the new j find horse radish * very Baptist Church, at Abbeville, was rob- * dimout. Safcterthwaifc has tho puce lf- * IM of a number of china.    ^ tick. .4 ;

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