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Aiken Journal and Review (Newspaper) - November 28, 1900, Aiken, South Carolina BY L. C. LIGON SOUTH CAROLINA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER ‘28, 1900. v af® ll I I £ £ »mwtiumwu*wuiwuiwiuwi*«wiuwuitniu my LEND US FlVf*^ M mute* of j our I tau* to read this 4pace al ti a v«* tier ti wondering if you wert* tit*! v\ titer Suit anti Overcoat. We have full of aly Ie ami so different from wha! dial we want to see yon Im*fore you buy. is, that any man or boy who buys his wit jog our new styles dites himself a great - >1..^^;- -JR * pocket hook an injury, also, for we know he could hate catted ip ey by buying here. our Hat, Underwear and Neckwear depf* j merit s also deserve your attention. It is replete with all the tat and l»e*t. We have not taken (ive minutes of your time, but at/ bottom of this spare we would like to add that we always se] Better Quality for Leas Money. | E. S. McCreary & Ch    Mrs,    Fu rn libers, 3 716 BROADWAY, lituwmw rmmmmmm Have Your Picture Frames —AT— W. H. Turner’s Furnitu James,?. Bai Gentry, SH 2:<J0%, and Iii taken iHB Perfect Health. Keep the system in perfect or- about my waste, but when I looked him square In the eyes he dropped bis and had uo more to say. I had been with the Dysons five , I «    : weeks when the climax came. The obi OPT Dy tile OCCASlOflcli Woman was holding her own, lf not Tutt’«5 I ivpr Pills. They reg* getting better, and the husbands im 1    . j, ** nat(Muu> hail a ail V' ll mi (ut<M tn It ThaiP llbtP tuP hOWfiB 2L11Q QRJuUCC oa the nortft side, deep excavation for a factory. MASTER'S SALK. 8 TATE OK Mil III » AKUI IN A. A I h i s ' in sn. iii t he * ooh of 4 oui it i iii (‘Ini'*. I’ ml Mustily < o. Plaintiff, v-. Nancy Powell. Defendant. By virtue of an * flier of ii." Honor, •fudge It. t’. Wan.*', dated N »wt»»liei 1st, 1900, I will offer for sale to fin highest bidder on the fir-t Monday in .December, next,:n front of tin* court " AfeaKiim the legal :■ >. r * • following des. riffed real es- el of land, !> mg County, State of Containing t wen -re or Ie-', *itHate d on t he niirt Ii by It; on the east by Johnson, on tin* James Powell aud on s of Jato**- Powelhand lot of laud conveyed to dint by Sylvania John- rn. tLOf sale, cash. Purcha** r palier* and revenue -taint'*. w. m.Jordan, Master, Aiken « omit y Nov. 7, moo.    * MVS I KK S SALE -* I \ it. of >ol I II cm Niv *>i Aik Kit, of < nm mon Pleas. -I ‘,‘un ti ti, \ *. .1. F| Na.*tun .itll Joseph tends lit s. Iiy virtu ll. A . D tm)?, I w ill sd !. IU r (tiiiler, next i I oust*, iii Aik ii ii I hours . r {.;i hi ic sab tug des. rilled leal entail A I that pie <*, p ir laud i out a tn it g sixty ie*-, >it slate i ll Aiken 1 'Mate o* “*.1111 Ii i ir.din.i, M. { ii r < ret k. Ii oil tide J. I ( A ROUN A,— — in the < 'ourt \risel Sawyer, I (linter, E re.j Kt ll ll ii ii i , * t< ni an order i send, dated I .ti e; tor -ale ii the ll rat M vt. in from it Ho Honor, ‘ehruary 'iii! It, to Hie hi git 11iiday iii Ic a*! ibe « ourt ii. t lie Within es. the .to wit: •I, or ira. ai rt *. uteri nu my, in aud lying ii bv land ow \\ and i inn have a complete Mock of the latest designs of Mouldings and Furniture Moves aud Matting to seleet from, to furnish your home neat on piete. I ive per cent. discount instead of premium tiVkets. Sat* fact* ma raid <ed or money returned. W. H. TURNER 1136 Broad Street. rl. ase meat iou 'Ibe Journal aiel Review, flea** men* "on The Journal and Review < B. GARRETT* It. Ii. RI SSK! L, Jn GARRETT & RUSSELL, Successors to Garrett & Latimer, Cotton Factors, I Corner Reynolds and 7a Sis., AUGUSTA. GA. DMO uncle. £lsk* I Fttuutleroy and w ccHsfully aa a chih1 and Pa ii tier." la a pdfmlar Joseph Jefferson'a company The following have lH*en printed as the ages of some famous theatrical people: Frank Burnand, 05; VV. 8. Ull-tiert. IM; <'tunica Wyndham, 04; Henry Irving. 62; Herman Merivale, 61; Clem-cut Scott, red. An interesting Item In musical news Im the statement that Miss Clara Clemens, daughter of tile famous American humorist. \\ ill he heard iii a series of concerts and recitals Iii different cities during the sea son. Liberal cash advances made on Colton in Store. F. B. CARR &J\BRO., IMPOR TS AND DEALERS IN- WINES, UQDOktSUII AND TOBACCOS, per ok Special attention 108 & HO Centra J±TJ<3r' lies SM bmoHm The Journal and lUrkw. YOUUIFE and Shipping trade. 222 Campbell St., r,4tLT /K JmSkm prjcaL* Journal and Review. APHORISMS. A great nation Is made ofily by worthy citizens. C. I ► M al lier. Ile conquers twice who upon victory overcomes himself.— Bacon. The aum of Individual character makes national character.—B. C. Maim. «lur greatest glory lo not in never falling, hut in rising every time we fall Goldsmith. T'lu* v aim* of conscientiousness is principally seen In tin* benefits of civilization - Chark* Kingsley. ‘*1 have u*ed Chamberlain’* Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and find it to be a great medicine,” say* M. K. S. Phipps, cd Poteau, Ark. “ll cured me of bloody flux. I cannot speak ten) highly of it.” This remedy always wins the good opinion, if not praise,of those who use it The quick cures which it effects even in the most severe cases make it a favorite everywhere. For sale by II. II Hall. Write 7 PU AL HE Corner Broad and Wiihta^ip SI e. w. DO&M5?tii When you feel that life i* hardly worth the candle take a dose oft'ham* berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets. They will cleanse your stomach, tone up your liver and regulate your bowels making you feel Like a new man. For ale by IOU*m»l. BBT I'IN A Vs VV EKEH (agust Flower still ba- th* of any medicine in the rorld. Your toothers’ aud »rs’ never thought of using »lae for Indigestion or IiiI-Doctors were scarce, and loin heard of Appendicitis •rostratinn or Heart failures used August Flower to clean lyateiu and stop fermentation NHted food, regulate the action (ver, stimulate the nervous aud Hon of the system, and that 1 feeling dull and mild settler aches »s of Green’ iform, to make ling serloti by W. ■ nrai It wa&nseless to talk In. ut’wUB for this! reason that I flmn^J^ld a toe to an\luteUi-gence oMcMLf/Margate street aud was at length sent for to take a place* at general housework. It was an old man named Dysou who wanted rue* Ho was willing to take me without a Character localise he would have to pay lc.-s wages and because, us he grimly asserted, there was nothing lying around loose In bis house for oue to steal. As we nut face to face I sized him up as mean and penurious, but I did not see any evil in him. lie had an aged and inturn wife. he told me, and I would Is* the only servant. It vc as not for me lo pick and choose. I must have a place and hold it long enough to get a character again. I vc cut with him miles aud miles out on the I lo I bor ne road, aud we at last arri vial at the cheaply built aud cheap looking cottage* he occupied. It vvas a place devoid of almost all conv enicnces and had been selected for its cheap rent. I found the old wife dent’, almost blind and palsied, ami it was apparent that she had no care* w hate wr. She had become childish Mini petulant, aud before I had boon In tin* house half an hour Mr. Dyson whipped her with a strap for saying that she* was hungry. As he whipped her I saw him look at her in a way to give me a chill. In tin* course of three or four days I made up my mind that he regarded her with de testation and abhorrence and was hourly hopiug for her death. I wondered that in* had not pushed her down stairs or found other means to bring about an "accidental" death, but tin* old man was full of craft and cowardice. I soon bad evidence that In* was in love \\ itll a w idow in the neighborhood, or at least he desired to be free so that he could marry her. Tin* man had lift occupation and seldom left the house. During my tirst two weeks in the place in* never allowed un* to sec tin* wife except in his presence and found fault lf I cooked anything extra for ln*r or expressed my sympathy. He had a way of whispering to himself, and a dozen times over I heard him say: “I’ve waited for live years, but I won’t wait much longer. I ll get rid of her aud la* happy.** My natural impulse on finding out how he felt toward his wife was to fly the house, but I have explained how* I was situated. And. too, I soon got the feeding that I ought to stay to protect the poor old woman. I figured It out that, while be might thirst for her death, be would not proceed to extremities while I was in the house. It seemed as lf he would have lived on alone, aa he had done for the last two months, lf he meditated anything of that sort. I didn’t know th*depth of rn did not till of a win* toed add in my ievwaxB. I reman rushing across the iii toe, of hie dashing open the hts striking toe down, and then darkness which lasted for weeks. •truck me with a piece of Iron and my skull. Ile then carried body down stairs and bore It a er of a mile away ami flung It Into anofftpr excavation. Before taking me from the.house he put ou my hat and cloak, and thus It appeared to those who found my unconscious body next morning tlmt I had been coining home the night before and fallen into the pit. As to bis wife, In* gave the alarm and brought tin* police and made out that it was a ease of suicide. While he was fast asleep, as In* claimed, sin* had stolen to the window aud leaped to her dualh. His story went, and It was seven months lief ore there was any contra diction. I had a fractured skull, brain fever and pneumonia and for wtvks and weeks lay as one dead. W hen I mended, my memory    confused, and it was seven mouths before I told my story and put the pollee on the track. Long before that Dyson had married tin* widow and sailed /y America, and, though efforts wet, made to find him. nothing came of them. Never dill a man deserve tin* hangman’s rope mon*, and yet, if 11 v lug today, he is free and has no fear | of the law. stood on him ntKiittr. A few years ago John Best, the eminent organist, a very dignified man, j was present at a great public dinner at ! Liverpool, abd it was understood that i ho would contribute a short organ re ’ cital to the harmony of tin* evening. I “The organ will bow play,” w as the j curt style In which tin* mayor, who was in the chair, chose to announce tin*. performance, and Mr. Best sat still in his place, taking no nutlet* whatever of the observation. The mayor repeated the words in a louder t me of voice, ; find still the great musician made no J sign. A waiter came anti whispered to Mr. Best: "Didn’t you hear his worship, , sir? The organ will now play.” Mr. Best merely looked up with a surprised and injured air ’Vonfound tin.* organ!” he said. "Let it play! ’ Tile message was duly conveyed to the mayor, aud then the mayor rose) again. “Our distinguished fellow! townsman, Mr. Best." he said, “will now very kindly oblige os with a gelee- j tkm of muse on the organ.” T hen anti not befop* Mr. Best arose and entertained tile* company.    I aft _ Will practice in all of Lh* sour ta of this State Special attention given to collections. T. U- MORGAN, Attorney at Law, AIKEN,    -    -    9. WHI practice In all the Courts of this State. Prompt attention given to Collections. ll lit e I* a ill Mal/-ie *« a 111 icy s tvv \. r-' id pot , I.. E, I Mc Tier ( reek* being the 11.1 t -•si from I ’la ret It* > a w y«• 1 * -V i > *4* 1 Sawyer. term* oi *a»e, loci ca * ii bai i . rediI I-: *« a- y ear, vs ii Ii t rom day ot sale. * red it pm urn! bv a it md of the porch s i mortgage ob the premises *0 ’i 1 Mi* nit and convey -.Late Co utcr (’,. I, TOOLE. Attorney ami Counselor at Law. < ROFT’S BLOCK, - AIKEN, rt. < ‘.Practices in Mate and I nited States Courts. Investigations a specialty Money to loan on K sy* Perms N of ary Public for S. C. 1 with I. V I HK 1 . SAWYER, Solicitor id < ’i roil it. SAWYER & A Horne) * at No 7 • raft Block, V. S. OWENS, Notary Public OWENS Law. Aiken, rt c. MASTER'S SALE. STATE OF sol Iii c V RODIN A. ini nu iii Aik KS, In inc < ourt of < pin mon Pleas. George A. Nurnberger, Plaintiff, vs. Margaret ll. Nurnberger, Defendant. By virtue of a decretal order in the above entitled cause.made by the lion. R. c. Watts, presiding Judge, October JO, I woo, I will sell to the highest bidder, on Monday, December Jrd, RUO, it being sale*day iii .*aid month, in frond of the < ourt House, within the usual hours for gales, the following <1 scribed property, to wit : All that lot *u land in lit** I oijnty ol Aiken, and Male of **tMisii I'aroluta containing one bundled t re* moi eor less, and bounded North by laud.* ut George ll. Harden: I;. south and West by land.* of Gasper i Ransey. and having melt shapes and bounds a* w iii mole fully app* ai* by a plat mad* by James R. Crostand, dated february 17th, BH hi, fie) eg tile sa tile land conv eyed to the -aid .Margaret ll. Nurnberger by W. NI. Jordan, Master, bv deed dated December bl ll’,, I nut, aud record « d ill tile proper otliv ill Book I un * H* ti. tlid ri ba- Pi hi ha opt ion ot r to pav tamps. \\ . M JOKI Al i-tcr. A ikon 1 paying for pap IAN, 'until v MASI ER S SALE. AIK OI* SGI III ' 1 OIA TY OK A I h I 'N . of 1 otnnton Plea*. son. Plaintiff, v*. I iii.. Defendant. By v irt in* of an order * . Watts <iitcd \ >v* VY 111 offer for* -ait* 1 < > t on till br- M<> *t AIB >1,1 N A»— I n the < ourt [>. S. IL tnit-r- km aud AN ill practice in all the Courts. DR. R. II. TEAGLE, dentist. AIKEN, rt. < Office on Richland Ave. between Pendleton and Laurens Hts. UU. IL J. UAM • KS I IST • Bor I In- i Vopie 11 our* fit a. nu to S. n in. Bank. ’Phone X o. ll* Also a one-in and lo tilt?: f« eels of land : lot* of land i ty of Aiken. na, bounded N Mary Schiller; South b and W rte near s mg I we as the t on East na (irov North b of Uyam I W. H. I sal ^ all N ov. lilt] DR. C.W. BURCKHALTER < hat ii eld Block . 1 * thee 11 int rs, Ufo DU Omvum Aiken, rt. C p. in. and J to 6 p. in - ‘ ^ /*• J ii ll UHS UTT, -! DENTIST - - Q HA NITE VILLE, 8. 0. J OO. I P. s. NORR! S U R V E Y O AIKEN, LL work entrusted to me will Terce ive I reasonable. rt. o. l\ eel vc prompt attention. Charge! ilia craft however. ton there to work herHjj||| toe. The first thing I Wray was. oue luoruiug^^.^ B to help ber iowa stairs. || skaky*aD(] h«i ri steps Ivoae. that WKHNKKm*er o4r taal. M brought through Melliftaoaa “Baboo” Eogliih. The late <K AV. Steeveiis gives an example of “Bahoo” English in his book, "In India.” It Is an effort to express admiration for the speech of Pundit Madan Mohan Maluvayya at a native j congress: "His sptHH^h Is as mellifluous as his j name. Ile inhs a sw* *et voice aud Is one of the mostNmi ti‘ascetically w e! of men ontjU t. congress plat- bidder, ber, nex at A ike for ptibfTc sales ed real estate, to v Fir*t: That ce ! with three small -f ded North by 11^ erty now own*' : tiumired aud ti } ens street, six * ' x the folio* HIU S'- ,!•»■* th lf' K i • XI. I •» Bai I rid Boun- ) gsniY’ \\ South by lo* Tredeni«|F feet* and >a - by f. M>rm. Neither tall wm Hi thin; not^^jjL ■bite, wltb^^^^g round top ■ bort nor stout, reseed In pure >be which goes ends down be-ladan Mohan when be ad* tm rani, admin* of grartty. THE AIKEN A VV l l.I OKCi VMI ZI hilt Hors The Me*t Scfcalun se|»l. I 7, aud Cl FAC OI TY J L ii. Noland, Jennie Isx m r, MUS* ll VV. Kd| ment Reitta partmei The He Ut hi I school si trict, for itlon as, 7tb Gi 8lh h LIV [t certain the jhG'^ JVort Ii I Irt l l a IJ prop - ni«iu>. '>ne [ t Ka-t by I .auf-1 , • more *-r tes, j , :    Al    r- Pi !; j,]fed ai d ti Ay of the *• tat** ,l! : in .r** **r I it - ***-ut, **r parcel bl men is -thereon. IDgtiiami ave-fifty feet., more U* street, Olm feet, mort* or Ie*-Henderson, one more or lens; by St. I ha*! n as Mr K ig* r e hundred aud Sr ta i ii lot or par< et North by I>>* of the I pony, one bundt or lea*; E*a*f c*. iu>idre«i and e«gj ij^ve ii ne, J It OI payment w hole or in ‘a* e k hi bited JnllN AV. ll <, Kl H.’G K P., JUHN I. Hi’ Executor* of < let lith BX HI. Sale of Farm Near morenci, S. < WK, the umler*i at the of Mrs. Laura VI om bvy, X ov. id, im rat bidder, for £ I the fiSSI    CI ;

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