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Aiken Journal and Review (Newspaper) - November 21, 1900, Aiken, South Carolina BY L. G. LIGON mw the new st< Honest Clothify? We knot one Ii u ml WHI TI lev are ami sold -t a H'lpoj niter l>1 tori sire one . lass of CU.tl.hiK-* ■“»>    * the dollar, at "huh «**    ' Ut for comfort, service ami stjle, hack if von want it. Won. Ihi. ■knee it is irapossil.le fm tm “ * tan we are now prepareil tootU r. Tv. u “Ye* aah." Haiti Cutie Ba*to». . ’e(j fu’ (tat cong'gallon two yeatut, Eti I e*ab got tm ae mein tai ba wa. “o Ten doTiahs. sat.. Not a tea. mo'."    _ „ it “That was miserably poor pay, don’t know,” rejoined l'utle L^ “ ‘etching hi* h«*d reflectively. forMifc1* beaL me Preucb* for Bl    1    * of ob ttoB    raised to i* tventha aa there ti In the TipOILEDTHEmlum THC CADETS HAD A LAUGH AT THE OFFICERS' EXPENSE. week •roils |ty pn» r than barrel*, arable com- our m*w McCreary & C°.» «.w . miliar. Taal. wa.»—w*^* •■sd «Be ator r DlMt*vtnr. There are many tradition I flee of eecapa^y Bt the Imj at • vmMg* »pd mm I down from    v I the moat I latins ■ after the civil war the ion the aiert for I ainuaeuieut. decUtol ■ like to have II cooingly ■ coUectloB A LITTLE ROMANCE. the preel- Betas aw Adve»«»r« la Which Com! a** • MIII»o*«»rc F*««re. [Copyright. BMO. by C B. -Ah, count, U it >’oU •' 8Hld tb _ tire aa he arose and extended I see you well? *lu ^grande A Strong Fortification. Fortify the body against disease by Tuns Liver PAK an absolute cure for sick headache, dyspepsia, sour stomach, malam> constipation, jaundice, biliaps-' ness and all kindred Roubles. ( “The Fly-Wheel of Life ~ Tutt; Your Liver Pills are si \IK td SOI iii    , SI XTE OF SOI TH CAROLINA.- ‘ 4 i«s t v t»i Aik kn. In j*1* ( ‘,‘l*1 MAlh    *    *■    •*“    I    ’mwMRt.    Bf    n 0U,.„U11 l-leaii.-A^i ‘^Vrld pi*,mitt, v» ■'• * - ‘r:‘"uT-.t.; ti*. IOU Atilt .l,i^V‘ l*tl    1    "    V    ’ *    , It wheel oflife. I shall ever notice. I feel of life. .Col. Us furnishers, %    71G    BROADWAY. §?UUUUHU 4U44UU1 Hailers. augusta, ga] im Have foul Pi Order itore. W Wisi-n tfc ]S\:\ luMually | p r es kl e nlH -rC;!A Lay tiling I “ * W cit J^VhHwhS pee hojf^Ull* *B^B H I (ae. for Major Hmm ■ I [NI |HT under th* «b£bi I time. and CaptBfilM I Ina me into a I ting P*d- and aa [■■■ I *e ash't 'ad UM jail I don’t count VIK KS < oust*.- In tile Court of I mum »'* i teas*. ‘    n.^.u    I l o. I’luinOtV. vs. Nanty r®gj Defendant*    ii    W IU virtue of sn order o*    His    it.    W I udire It < . VV a 11 s, da led    November 1st it**' I 'vi,, “,1‘r ,,,r    1° dihe.l inditer on the «r.t Moodsjr in l>(MV„il>t‘r. next, in from of Hic J ’ Kila., will....    a    !'«»■- sabs, the following described rest ' "vit’ti.At ioi i"*"".1 "f .OIIUC. * A..— --- a..ll tem* gA‘^|;    t«.•»- ,r the accident that •    <•>%«*»,    ■" •    -    <    r„.tu,r-    Bom.;",;1    v.:, ‘ :“im. > V .lull aw >H, ........ lull'll by land-,’..! Im..- Terms of *aie, 1 4 . ..oim.pa and revenue stamp: • pay for papers ain * ^ jnlU»A S, M a-ler, AiKeii < nun* y -Nov. 7, IWO. iliPKM"* M. C. MASTER’S SALE. to my bnay| and my m all of the Siste k*"{ I Collections a specialty- _ hit it*’* ^‘ka°down#the persimmon and i Ta ta’ Boy will show Cr«Jc.“«c.rytn the next Cg. tar TO. -.ut -r llspatch. G-%. CROFT & SON. Attoriie)i at Ltw. AIK7-N. s I C. BU i \\ i i  ........  -...... ut „.a r^Sf^  ............  L Ii anti ait or a   , r. tmn"    ^    ^    TURNER. I J lf) Broad Stitct.    Review I; I Ile view flemw mention The Journal aud Review* nett** mention 0 he Journal ami He. ie ^   - mi»a<irvt    . MIMIWmWly*11 ^ wit! generally mrmonnt *T*5^^*®cle I,, tile la-arch alter »roth.-Emmon». Whaovcr Is mi n.. In his 5»»"' runs a grist risk of tHH'oialug »,"eTU' i, vu. ri.KT years. Me, *W‘S9 leads to VII ta „v With faisl rJractlon.-l'herhu- \ KRETT. It. IL I*' .LLL, Jc. Iie7.. GARRETT & RUSSELL, I Successors to Garrett & Latimer, Cotton Factors, Corner Reynolds and 7th Sts., augusta, ga. ,.1    uMfd    I'hamherlain’-    <    »0"‘- i f irs mu. I'im rh....* Koma.lv mu • ;*|ai it t>. lie a irreal medic iii* ,    »> M K s 1‘hipps, of INueau, • r • >1 r..^> «"■»»’    rt    |    (.j| n ii ut .Mired me o » *    ^ '['his remedy .nuke ii a favorite t severe ea-es maK» severe ca^e.    Hall everywhere, For sale by IL • ,,AH • Iu*ra I ,|i advanee made oil Lotion *•» Htore B. CARR & BRO" .......iii.-    \    I    FUS    IN WI,..,, you f""i "«« ‘V^Trfl’tam- .....  nm    '    **‘d,riN^:. I Wvr T. Ms. sleViyH 'll- — IMPORTERS ANI* DKA LF.    A/IAO ^IIRES, LIQUORS, CIGARS ARD TOBACCOS, Special attention given to Jug ami Shippm* tnule. 10IK& HO Cintre St. -and -    222    Campbell    St. JMP*3rTjetX"    A-<3rA-- t- “W*-*    ' (nM« meaUua rh* Jaarasl ...J lt*vifw_.. et. TW Jonrn*! nod [SHRED FREE! _ a r til HHT ION ANSttHtbl* v.s August. Flower still ha-i    *. Ait, of any medicine iii the U*i#ed w orld Your moi her- and civilly*    ’never    llu»ught«»f    o>»«1 FT jjraiidmothers never    f.    or m. say I J ws.u .aru. all.! N mn. ITO*Ira!Inn «>r Heart «i'« ^9 ,    u»evl    Migust Flower to dean ‘.I    \ tem aud -ton fernieiitution out tile ay-I* m *    J . te the action :"riS:Tr^mrn:a: organic adion *d I    5    ant, m Lr ....... y.»““aii-B-o^k    ...... Hic matter with you, lur.. *1. IMatt a l o. ►olii •,„  ......... a ....... I urn: Kirs, -..ak Uh- i„n in war...    " down as id O’*, Iv pare it without torn or or I hi lilt, then possible draw injr blood and appl) i" I .rliiiti'- Fain balm twice daily ; I dia rn I- r la* n -. i »    mi    Bale* »s rn.,bing vlg.Tnusly lur •** "•»“,„|er each appl** 1    *    day*4,    to    pro- s him Id he won. for a b w day , v e.i»  .....-    •«- augusta, ga anti rheum*!ISH*- •    yr    lU„ equaled For sale h> IL IL Hail. Your Feel Aehe awd ««r» I Easy lien 'aw-ming’^K All,a's (Boa all nato r .ii rokiii aud given reel »nd i?i*    »'-MAImmi it*fitinio- ors have mrr    jr'11™ ‘ it.-..re. white,aa w»lk. rr, rn — **»• c0*1 Wl1 table wa* »oob I aouroe of great cadets. A keg of kept on up, end im the celling, giv- BPH^beery appearance. a MfBDers of the club uged to gath-« tt^m*“ho«r. of ti, day n.ni Dight, when their presence w»s not ie » -wher, hr *»ete dafWo. aud ■It around smoking, drinking mid tiling .Tories white two of them Phiyed The''an I borities soon I... aim aware that there wa. a billiard table some-The.,, in .he barracks, fur they conte hear the balls clicking lobefin r. I,Ty could no. and It. Th,, rad, .scow United lo enjoy the privileges of billiard .lull for more than « >• *'■ Finally one night Boon after ut night as two officers were ret unlink from a convivial evening at the »«* they saw two cadets, clad In then un deT'h.thing and dreaslDB gowns emerge from the north sallyport and dlsapp. ar down tin. step- to tlj,'Sr«. way in front of the barracks lu!*,a|lt j Ty the thought Of the billiard table ,lashed through the ..linda of the too officers, aud they started quietly the cadet*. On reaching th.* base.iu ut doorway of Hie alv.h division the two on,l.us em,u,a1, and the other,*, arri lug a moment later, saw them .Unit over a pile of coal and enter an op, ii do>,r. through which came sounds of laughter and eonversutlon met t • clicking of halls, while .he air vias la d. n with fragrant tobacco The officer, paused for a u.oimu.t aud held a whispered consuUmlie Finally deciding that they would ll the other officers of tlclr discovery and have all of them come down the to lowing night and enjoy the    » r'“'!    ,hl’    tTt'dU all tlie officera went home. Next any at the l—l "ere Informed of the d every, sud It was ananke, that raid aboiiUl ix-cur at midnight. All UjtHbt have KOUL- Will.    ttR o.tlc,> might have hnd lhcir bulc fu^ had it not been that there wen tb cadet* the previous night ‘U*u« two. The third had forgotten bu pipe aud had gone hack for It. " [ ® otiier two went on and were drover „ by the ort!ccm. The third, ceiling alone a moment inter, saw the °mcJ?r8 and quietly followed them «*»"'*« all their movements and listening their whispered conversation. When they withdrew, he went n told the members of the club all be had heard aud seen The cvoUu. m ^ realised that It was all up with ti club, but they determined to !>«'•“ laugh at the expense of the ortki . Accordingly all arraagements wer^ made before the club Adjourned that 11 The next night the Cheer* met a* a rranged and crept tteal lilly dow u * areaway, and Into the Wi*tb dlvUlou. Bear*Hg| no sound of kiicklug i • lo^ l3c-ami rtepttealiud concluded Jim kits but never-^cum^1 ^ng tlH> over IBB papering More Serious. What ever became of that pa of jour* you were telling me hc’H got a complaint that’s giving me a great deal of de. It—Indeed? B bftl's " * m-^Sokum It’**    « complaint about Dr. Silk II »    Philadelphia the amount or my *»“»• Fresa.    _ Will practice sourt* of 11»i^ lion given to colleen hi nil id »h* •w^ircial atlee* OIH. T. ll MOUG AN. Attorney at I.aw. AI Iv K N, S. «' Will practice In nit '«•*" ' ‘‘ " ” thi. State. From pl altcnDou g.-o Collection*. He Wa* OHL Joking*. They sat on the ru«tlc seat. Hi. he her baud. “This reminds me of pl. J mg poker,” he gigged soft y. “In what way?” she bepille. til    M lit* was uiuj ••Holding a big hand. IU ■ I il(,r Put I he neighbors will tell you That the lakes those delightful moon I,kid rambles with another fellow. San Francisco Examiner. (I. I. TOOLE. Attorney and Counselor at Lu*. ( KoFT'S HI A *' K * a i k f: n , . .t <t ti ti In*' cd StVt'c-’t'uuVl*.'*1! uve-tikaU'oyi Terms* i r(. , J j —« » I 111 ( \ Id >1-1 N A . Si Airs "r    .    _tn    the    I    ourtt < ,,( n iv 04 Alta*, rn i    » of Lo in WI oil Idea- i.eor ■.. . - SnrnlH-rger,    FlalntitT    vm    Nargar ,-t IL Nuroberger. Defendant. bv virtue of a deeretai yrdc‘^“nJ 1' hcitix sale*d*y ill *»'^n»“» v.s.r«b- .vuXat'ilt^Hlld in the I olinly “I \iken. andLute of asouth Uaroiuia, ctniiaining rU|e tmud* .-I a*    of h>.» and bo*mLicd North by a I .enrue IL bitrdei F.a-t, >outh and west toy land'- .....  L sud lim ilig > ach -hap. -    a will  ...... fill', splicer by a PUI made t,v lames FL r os land, dated rchrtiaiy 17ti, I ‘.HSI, being I lie same is' ,1 conv eyed to the -on! Margaret ii Nun,her-„ r bv NV. M. Jordan. Ma.-icf, by ‘b e Led I'c. c, her Si Ii.    rccmd- , ,, i„ the pruner nth; v <«. Book K, p*k J< AUO ii obi* Alf th-undivided in and lo GM    three S :Sr laud,,, Wtu’,,1 Hamhutx.' ii of Aiken.andl^ate ufhouWU- |iY**virtuv*of an order ut Hi- tl"iu’r-r 'owo-end.tLiicd February -nth, [Hori win utter for -alc to the li.gb-esi inditer, on I fie Ur*l M.mday “»    ‘ celli lier. next, ill from of tin* « ■* *rt House, ai A * ken, > (    ,    J ',**    *. Ky«S [tours for public, sales the folk • mg de- rind leal estate. »o WH All thai piece. ^•‘ ‘•r-    ;ir [•“•f iV,liti,.l,iu xTkin I ouniy, in the “it Male lit .via* “    ti:,, ty1*- twyer^ oi^^L^LLJu and Mel im ret k.lie in g I he xv*vX”™*£ t„l f,, rn * t irene r>»wyet - «*Utt* ‘VlT.'r,n-?iaaiV. hall cash balance “« „ .r,-Hi •„ uav ji'*r- "",i tush. I* u re baser to P-w, {"r PftIM reveille siam|s.^ JoUl>AN ii iV,n-r. Vikeii * nu ut J*, N m >    '    • MASTER’# SALE. • :    I    ’    - In the I ourt I). >. Header* <,, Sedgier, et. VIK < »F * I 1,1 I til si*    OI    A IRKS ut I «MU IM nu    Flea*. son. Flat itll ti, ^ s, al-, lie, nd.iiti- fiji*^Honor, IU > tet ii ii ,,r * r '    •    , , j. , Waits.dated November bt, L - V s iii ..Her .nr -at.-1>. . I-- of    - der. OH the torsi . 0^1 >. ^rl |iou>t, ‘TMw-n’-' ‘..... '»»**    leg*!    hour- I ii.,ales.,In- I,lib,wing .tea.,rib 'idiat' lra. T 'al laud in A ike, i,    i ’himdinu, mmtaiuing 1 ""111 i    '    i_.i)    acre,    more    or    leas, thirty and    ....    is. a    kumvn -rnf    .. '■ vV i m lo e. • Soiiei tor v W I I Ii. 2ti ( irtoid v owns#. Notary public It    SUHM.    I Wright I w ish to submit this articTo , OO the - I.ail.! ITves of Our Million. alK.l,h„- I .out want it; d‘»n 'Tm. I don t you write about something “^'■Uvfwhtel I can't imagine I a bigger snail than a millionaire a bfe.j MpPhlladelphia l’rees. Vil«lee to Weary W lllle. -I sec yer mo vin out. boss rem.uk ed v very dlaivputable ooklng '\\«ta WUIle who had stopped to wa i operation. “Is thy anything you IU*»y>H”lsnap^d the crusty a uh ur bate Ite. tossing a bundle into the v*    .. bath’.” Catholic »taudar#iaiMl lime*. SAW V KR & OWKHS A It or ne y s at Law. , reft r.lis-g, Aiken, M ‘I* Will practice in all tl.M’onrt. 'N. DU. Ii. IL TEAu . AIRE na, hounded No Mary bchillcfr' South by prui1 aud Wrt‘ ‘ Se c* UH near oaf DLN HST Office nil Highland Atte. dleton and Lauren* HtB* lilt. II. J. BAY, dentist. Hour NS ( nu Hee •* J«*ke. Watts Don’t tell me an Luglishman has im scn.-e of humor or can t see u Jtd,s I. la now up to JOU to prove It Waits Well, I have told an acquaintance of mine the times, and he likes it belter extry time. -I Bdl a na india iv *ss. DENTIST, < ’hat lichi Hluck I Mime Hours, ll lo^p All Looked For I*- Mr, Lurker-Excuse me. Miss Snap per, but I have long nought this oppo *U\U>h~Snai'per Never mind the pre a im blo Mr. Lurker. Run along In aud a k pa. lie's be. » expecting this would 'J for the last two years-fcx change. All TSM***her >»»". “YU of us fellows lu the graduating class,*' said the new fledged ^medico, “have decided t«> grow a bfard. -That should he easy, replle<I the if you all work togcth-hair* hi L’ach to COO sarcastic man, el-. How many tribute ;

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