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Aiken Journal and Review (Newspaper) - May 30, 1900, Aiken, South Carolina VQ ii BY L. C. LIGON & CO. WMSM’S LUCH is hard enough aa it is. it is to her that we owe our world, and everything should be made as easy as possible for her at the time of childbirth. This is just what Mother's Frierd will do. It will make baby's cornin* easy and painless, and that without tak jug dangerous drugs into the ay* tem. It to simply to be applied to the muscle* of the abdomen. It pencil ates through the skin t arrying strength and elasticity with it. It strengthens the whole system ami prevents ail of the discomforts of pregnancy. The mother of a plumb balas in Panama, Mo., says:    *' i have used Mother s Friend anti tan praise it highly. ' J. C. W. BECKHAM OO' United State* Supreme Coart In Favor of Democrat#. Washington, May RI.—The lucky governorship case wa* decided by the United State* *u court in the interest of Beckham, mg the decision of the court of a* of Kentucky. The opinion wa* Chief Justice Fuller safe the dismissed for wuut of jnrisdieti.dL He said the c*>4$4 should he the last to overstep the bound* limiting its own juris- nm iii I nm iii nill mouth carolina harbors. CORRUPTION VOT I Owtttw Service Prom-ieee Brest Beneetion. WITH FEAR th,-null And ttiHt th** *let,*riuiu»tion od it this cases of this cSeucter, contests for stuU offices, must aecUtoRarily be seettled by the political branch of the government. That branch had acted in the K~ _ ca**- when the general assembly took ju risdictiou. There was uo appeal p|rom the assembly’s decision, which wf\ fa-v*»ruble to G * i»♦*! aud Ik i'kluuu, to the tribunal of the j**ople, Wmt) tribunal the chief justice -sud, was always in r***N'ii>u. Ii** al-**» -sud ib<* case was purely a state case thai Kentucky was in the full possession of its lac milt n*s a*H a member ul the I Ilion and that there wa> no emergency ai this time calling for interference. Tie* opinion w as not unanimous, Justices Brewer, Harlan, Brown aud McKenna dissent i lig ht All. AND WIRE IN HIS BRAIN. Measures KuptojM I bb uilcated Terror Stricken. HsvMtoftofft Makes Strong Protest. Attire rn D. White rn Vice PonlbtlUy. J f V ar m WashixotoN, May 85 — AtfV^a hon ill the Qubun customs service e- threatened which promises revelations as sen-bs the disclosures in connection with the postal service. A customhouse official gives the iu-formatiou that the customhouse in Havana is honey combed with fraud ami corruption and the employes interested are trembling in fear of investigation. That congress must make a thorough investigation of every department of the government of Culm is the conclusion being rapidly forced upon admiuistra Hon leaders in both houses. Nothing Ilion of a •searching inquiry by • com mitten containing representatives of the Appropriations J Will H® Made ,    Their    Uttgrovement. Washington. May 21.—Congressman Elliott has been notified by the appropriation committee that they had reported favorably the appropriation of $135,OGU for building the Sullivan’s island barracks, which has already passed the senate.    . In addition to the provision in to* emergency river and harbor bill, which has just ionised the house, for the improvement of Charleston bar, there was also passed a provision providing av to Win vah bay that the dredge, when prevented by bad weather from working on th** outer bar, could work on the shoals between the liar aud Georgetown. The Charleston item provides that the HYMN BOOK ORDERED Report of Special Committee Adopted by Auembly. TOL. XXX.—NG. 22. OTHER BUSINESS ACTED ON J* • • iUr» vin ling P r purl Assembly Refuses to Support Woman** Suffrage — Salary Question Settled. Dr. Chester Makes Statement—Sev\ SMK*?.' «**' Raleigh, May era, ten white and. lf livres in an explosion at mines, Gnat ham county, afternoon. Tue explosion or* air, 4:30 o’clock and is *upi«o~ d to have been cuumhI bv a broken gauze in a "iii et \ lamp. The accident was in what is known a> th* east heading and K-tw*- a AQ «aaLfr> men were in Th** min*- ut th** THE WAR IN SOUTH AFRICA k Boers Are Falling Buck Before French—Battle Imminent. .l ive w re brought * ut :uiv> while none of th fro ta men parts of tho mini' were iu- Tlie Charleston item provides that the general assembly t*>day c $1 75,000 heretofore appropriated to build ^ pabtication of a new' a dredge for dcejieiiiiig Gharlesion bar    I    .    .    . be used for dredging the bar, either bv cont ne t *(f otherwise, whit Ii, with the $4.7 ,000 irn-unled in tm* sundry civil biti, makes $8lo,GUO*available for dredging at Charleston until the passage of the regular river and harbor bill- SUSPENDER SAVED HIS LIFE. Let Mother’s friend ut lh*^ Druq Store, SI per bottle. The Bradfieltl Regulator Co. ATLANTA, GA. Write for our t • - ll st ated book, Before Baby is Born Money to Loan GNT— GOOD FARM SEI URITY, AI'I* LY TG G.W. Croft & Son, Aiken, S. C. Rutiitisuu Resorts to Dra-tb to Secure Keller. Oc*a1 <*, Fla., May 81. The queer conduct of Julian Ko ta a -'on, who recently shot and killed J. A. Walls aud sari ously wounded Dr. Bhtch here, ha- l»een ex {dallied by the prisoner* At times Robinson would fall up hi th© flour of his cell aud r.-muiu in a stuj*»r I * »r se\ « i ai hours, wbicli was believe*! to I*** caused by pmsou. administered by bis "i-ter, who has K < u sending th<- pns-uuer his meal-. His condition led to an investigation and the startling dis*very was mad** that the prisoner bail driven a ti jwuuy null int** his head in an effort to scuro relief from a pressure “ii the brain, the I prisoner stating that a lump had formed ! on hi" brain which caused lulu luces-I naut pun. The nail not giving the de-| "imI reh«‘f, Robinson took a wire off j the bedspring, which he ius**rted in the I in»le aud twisted around. ! Physicians were summoned and the ! wire r« moved aud the prisoner is resting easily. onnority party will be accepted ‘ie Bac*. It is expected that the Bacon resolu lion w ill be adopted by the senate. CUBANS BECOMING RESTIVE. MONEY TO LOAN. () N farming land". Kus) payments. No commission** charged. Borrower pays actual cost of perfecting loan. Interest s per cent. .I \i *. B. PA LM KU A MFV, .(j., nm.    <    olu rn bi a, S,(’. S J. W. ASH HU RST J HFB. FIBK AWD ACCIDi INSURANCE OFFIOEi Chatfleld Building. WAS FORCED TO KILL ROUTH Negro A"".*"4'1 I mn I leu tv* Henderson Havana Paper Protests Against American Occupation of Islands. Havana, May 85.—The Diaro de la Marinas says that it foreigners should not be employed by tin* government tile Messrs. bh.v", Fry©, Wood and others should immediately leave office, adding: ** I luring the previous era, wheuCutia s neck was galleti by the yoke of Spanish despotism, the island had a constitution under which the people enjoyed home rule ami under which all the public offices could ouly be held by native Cubans or Spanish residents who hail resided a certain length of time iii the island. No governor general or chief of customs would have dared to violate the spirit of the constitution by nominating a foreigner to public office. Hut thanks to the glorious revolution which freed Cuba from Spain’s rule there is no con siltation and no law save the sabre aud th** latter is supremo.” Bullet that Would Have Pierced the Heart I limed by Bueklc. Leesville, S. C., May 88. L’wo negro*--, John Cooper ami lJaul Foster, had some difficulty winch resulted in the latter shooting and killing the fume r. Thor* were some other negroes present ar th** time of th** shooting, aud had it not Den fora suspender buckle allot ber .-ne w ould very likely have been killed, but tm* buckle turned the course of the bullet, which otherwise would have pierced th* heart- Bud blood has bet a existing between the."** fit ml Ii - tor sum* time, as Ma* k C.Kip r, a bi tiler to the negro killed by ; Foster, shot ami kill* d a br*»ther to Paul i Foster vend y* ars ago, and iii** latter has b t u lr* atoning to kill some of the Cooper I aim Iv ev* r .-in***. I "lei* has left for parts unknown. WILL PUT OUT STATE TICKET -in Iiiiplieat* tutti IMH man, Bk* hie vim n, Fla., May 88 Bob Burn", th* negro w ho confessed to the assassination **! Kouth, has created a sensation at the pr« hminary trial Burns states that lh uderaoii, SamD-rsamt Pittman, the whip* men held as a*'complices, enticed him into their turpentine camp under pretense of giving him work. Wneu he got there the rn* n told him they wanted him to kill Kouth. This h** refused to do, when they told hun if he did not commit tie* crime they would kill hun. In order to force hun into submission he was held prisoner in a house without 1*«k1 or water. All efforts of attorneys for the defense th confuse the negro hav* Ken futile. AUDITOR SWEENEY RETIRES Cuban Customs Kin ploy©*. Washington, May 25.— lhe war de-partmeut has issued a statement from the division of customs and insular affairs designed to show that the number of carjiet - baggers in Cuba has been o\* i-es ti mated so far as the customs service of the island is coucerued. According to the latest returns, which were those of Dec. 31, there wo re 66H customs employes, of whom 515 were Cubans, •*1 Spaniards ami only 50 Americans, ut whom 2b wo re employed in Havana. C elebrated the Queen’s Birthday. Havana, May 25 —L. E. Guardian, the British consul her**, celebrated the queen's birthday by giving an official dinner, his guests including Governor South < aeolina Prohibitionists Are I* or H03 I mid Livingston. Con Min a , S. (J., May it instated j up Mi good authority that tile state prohibition convention which meets here Wednesday w ill put out candidates for governor aud Ii* utenant governor. Several names haw been nM*ntione*l for haulers of the prohibition t icket, but at this time th** names most frequently and pr.siMently ad iated with tiles.* sup ire-1 toils are I ’olutiel .lante- A. Hoyt ,»1 Greenville for govern *t aud Senator Knox Livingston for lieu!, naut gov-« ruor. A ii 11 i"t orie Paper. t’oi* Mi iv. >. (’., Ma. 82. — In the plunder room of lh** statehouse, which is being * apl. <4/* t, one of tilt* interesting finds wits th** legislative r**jK>rt of the 111yi -ligation into the famous Charleston insurrect ion,    The evidence was taken iii* June I>22, and as a result a numb r of hangings were ordered. I he evidence is quite interest ii g, and shows t* int us.* ignorance ami superstition id ogre. s. erat Important Matters Consute Atlanta, May 25.—The Presbyterian decided upon publication of a new* hymn book. The report of the special committee appointed to consider the work of the permanent commute, was a*looted at the morning session, providing for the publication of the U(ok after giving time to hear from the fall meetings of the presbyteries. A list of the Ii quills anti tunes will b; submitte*l t*» the presbyteries for criticism aud approval •The question was ably discussed by Dr. Therou H. Rice, Dr. Gamma of St. Louis, Dr. Walden of Athens, Ga., Dr. A. VV. Leland of South Carolina, Dr. Siler Of Mississippi aud others. A strong effort was made to postpone action by referring the matter to a committee which should car* fully review the work, invite criticism from the presbyteries, and report to the next general assembly. Various amendments seeking to secure this end were voted down. A vote of thanks was tendered tho hymn Lr ok commute© for its work. A recommendation of the Sunday school committee that the churches ap pant a rallying day for the children precipitated a discussion on the words •*rallV** aud “rallying,” which ware stricken out on th*; motion of Dr. Finley. , It was noticeable that the ol«l«r mem hers of tile assembly expressed their disapproval of the words a> an innovation. The recommendation that churches observe the lirst Sunday in October a." a day of special effort in Sunday schist work aud that a special collection G-taken for Suudaysch*K*ls on that day was adopted atter considerable discu- The committee reported a falling off in Sunday school attendance of^ loJXHJ, with 9U0 churches having no Sunday schools, amt recommended th** tuuploy meat of a man whose time shall b* given entirely to this work. The assembly declined to give its sup JR,rf t*> woman suffrage. The question of th* se**n*tury’s salary, ujH.n wnich th** committee had favorably reported, was referred ba. k t*> tin* committee. Dr. Gii« "t«*r at this point addressed th*- assembly, declining, un der the cir. urn stances, to accept tin* increase of salary J rom #8,7*00 t«» #3,Ooh. Within ail hour aft. r the w**rk <*t re sen* b vim all th** IkkIi*-s esc pt brought to die top. This is the second . , -Cpl**" ti bv iii had b former on** ii iviiign**- 1885, when 43 men I Tin* mines ar*- sitc; Ciiutham c**unty, a1 Sault »i‘*I. I Me rn in** in a des ult. »i • ta.shi* >) uel A Heuzy <»f Phi a oomi»uny and put i* Qty, There are tw ti fat iou, aud the of Ii mg shaft, is sxl'8, a liur*- than 5t>> I* • ‘ it In Decent I cr, I ''•*5 place ut thi- sam' lives were bist- I I caused by “fir** dam , of tli*>"<- kill*' I on th* lives from th** re-about 85*) j>*umis of i th** mine. A gr* at i j were burned. I he month of th "it it j This disaster i> th : curred at this mill , a*ler> about s.'» in ai ami man v oilt i - it av XJ*|o -loll t ai" min" l"t f • mr v, ar-, th'' •urn •<l ** ll Doc*. 2S, it th cir ii Vt a. it G a: UK* k in ii (Ut ti I nil. " from aas I ; I* mg ll'*-'I t in I""" Bam* .ad*'I pith i hi'gamz*‘d I im > ■: * • s it mach tune tor Veil* r, ti mara woi'k- nd i s. 0 , .n-iucraldy , an min si "i*.n t • ! which -E iii- 'ij(>*ii(«U Wit; i *’ th' •ugh iii iii' >ii lost th. u xpf-, ("loll o * iv ii; in it stored n W * ! * irs un ai ml til I' l"tl in t that has O' j LONIS IN, Mav 24.—General Frau ch isas | r*.*;ushed Pro"iK-ct station, about 5 miles north of RiiieiH>"t«*r river. The Hk-I " ! are r* tr< ating straight *ni the Vaai. A dispatch from Rhieiiostet* sa vs: “The general opinion is that we will I arrive at l*retoria as fast as we can march, though the Biers announced t*> all the country side that they iut«*nde*lt*i tigiit to the death.” I General.Ian Hamilton is eo-ojK»rating iii th*- advance on the right, liras Lord IvoIk rf ", who presumably i" a few mi. s U*hiud < 4**11* rad French, will r* a<*h the Vail bef*'i** tim etui of the we*-k. Na»:v*-s report that th*' Boers have Mink two guns in Rhieiioster river. In Natal (iem ral Buller’s forte s have , <•>(.">* : nit* tim Transvaal, near lngogo, "till Ii* 1*1 at bay at Laitig > N**K- , i the exception of thm j»as>. Xqall I ii,,, a- lh tv will hurdL WI bolti tim i»»itiou mIwj* UM/1* % a tkitiking a* v, in- tit frmucthe hat cr* »S"«**i the tngog** river i ti - .a Pr< toria announ' To those living iii malarial districts Tutt s Pills are indispensible, they keep the system in perfect order and are an absolute cure for sick headache, indigestion, malaria, torpid liver, constipation and ail bilious diseases. Tutt’s Liver Pills a. u * no. USON    R*    r.    u*    >ro    ie    Keo* C. F. HEN OEKSoN. HENDERSONS, Attorneys at I,aw, AIKEN, S. o. ! ’rad ice S. 1 auris. in all of the State and U. Collections a specialty. bm af Wii i- oh J A G. AV. Cli OFT & SUN. Attorney** at Law, AIKEN, -    -    -    ^    0 lied A practi**e ,r courts of ths~ State. ti; first train north wit* rede. .* ami ti-, ii fin drat \p. • toil next week. <1 f hat tim r« lief of NLvf t-ion given \o coil 8 a ! ’mn*Lr -I “ne of I - bv W ill'll I iv UC. lid ut ill" pi U1 to cat ' if the aft' r cr**."" -! -g M»*l*»(K»ti^ id1 Mi* the f«‘»i* ’als ha*, r* "til dote rosined defense of the* in all of p*e Special atten-ctiooa MORGAN tturuey af Law, 3. 0. if V \nrr I hi - State f t t4l**ctloiiA, In all Hie Courts pf Wpl at tent iou* given to BROOKER EXPLODES A BOMB. Ll .    |    sink I ami Alleged Irre ; Cl lit I iii' A i ** I v | Com m im a, s. i’., litical scnsisthui • : of N. W. Lo** v r, a fuml Sw«*em y. Bi *k* r i Compert ill* r g» im rn I a tinu ha> *"■ t ii.* ;*• ■' us it is a direct b: *v turn. After a mi stilt vs that i IMI* >fat- mining engine* given six m**uth>- leave of a -umubly for prof* sting again"! "ition to blow up the-mines .itch from Newcantle, Natal, the Ku."sinu ambulance e**rp8 Boer" is disgust***! with their Mid lijs request* ti the caai to rn. E- TOOLE % Att* at < HOFT Bract i 11 ( our Baw, AIKEN, 8. Cf. t". Collection* .pee I; I fit I" Ii I .*>-** II ©av 11 > • iv, May 24.—An official b • s here says! British cavalry cum* int*' ‘ M I HI. * * W INS, art Bu bib ful ii hit" MISSIONARIES AT DETROIT. ties 111 til £ in,otto, to tile g*)\ ' $i,t.oo M ' gat it rn.    I tloll to Tee while tim r* ftt"**d f eaasc iii" i 111 v >11 sion Ic t w aud state Of sev*tai Ii' 2u with HO of ,, i at Schoener’: I an hour. T : , ss * .arui !•". Tv . I OUM Mf it SAWYER \ OWENS I. a w, A I Kell ti and • bv he i on rf tor DR. Ii- ll. E, at ll it th* TEA! A S K EN, S. V. eve, bet w et n Pen-iiirens d f lilt. IE .I it AN . J. F. Leitner, architect. Chaltield Building, Aiken, S. C. Biali" an*! Speoiflcat ions fiiriiisht**l for public and private building". MoUt'lll 11 V% *• I ll 11 R " **    S|i**< l.lll > . Please iiietttiott The Join ual Huff lie view Itepublleaii Ottlelal I ransfera Kecortls to Democratic* Successor. FitANKt'OKT, Iv y., May 24.—Hepabli-, att Amb! <i >w> . mv s. of t >r l>*iu*(-*-rat it: Auditor Boulter and u» (tiffed him lie was ready to turn over the stat** records aud possession of th* offic*; rn th** statehouse without waiting tor action bv the court of u pp‘als and th (Teneral Wood, the bishop of Havana, Senor Tamayo, the .secretary of state, Senor Mendoza, president of th** »u I avine ***(urt. the f**r**ign consul" general, the prominent Englishmen ami the heads ut vit ro** ( ai«iliim \* Washington*, May Gbaud let lins preiwnto IG mmi"tcr." *>t WANTED. W F. DOBEY Wants the public to know that he I- an up-to-date BUILDER ANO CONTRACTOR, and solicits their patronage Estimates furnished on application. \N tjrk promptly done. I I V, A. HEMSTREET & BRO. 623 Broad St. Guns & Pistols Repairer" of t ire Arms, IHneles, Simrling (iikhIs i I Flailing larkh1. augusta, ga. BU*Hse men ti un The Journal aud Review For Sale Cheap A Y Al l \ KBE t wti-'lttrjhri* k "tor* building in the live town *»l Greenwood. Bam *»\er IO percent net in r. ut" Also a WI acre latin I mile trout < our! lion se. * all on, or address |>. < , Pl BKE, i» recti w ood, S. t • incase mention t he Journal and Review Magnolia Inn, transfer was made today • Ii !" understood th** <>th« r R. publican official will do likewise iii th** next *luy or two and that by lmxt w**ek the "tat** house will bo offictrred exclusively by th** l>**iii‘K*rats The Democratic state ut ive me* *mg her** bite drawn a big gathering of Democratic haulers. Four Set" **t I " Ins, Vii la Ko v, Git., May 22    \    ilia lima t-not only a twin town, known as odd ami new town, hut th* - tw iii towns hav* loui sets of twin Libies. Barimy I ,tv* i >t obi t' w a * >iii»* -> hi "t with girls; next E J- (.’hew of new town with twin Ik (Vs: Dr. Sewell of mw t*iw ti came along with twin girl", while follow mg in fit' general oi*b r <*t things Jim Ham jilt at of '1*1 t w ii ha." added a hrai e of girls l*> the ;».puluturn *»f the twin t*(W ll" hurt lier Shortage Revealed. Hv\\nv, May 81 Inveatigatkm "h«(W" a "hortage IU Ne**l> " ai counts outside 'J* th*- amount supjsased to have be»*n taken ill "tamps, but probably it will not nils* fbi- estimated defalcation of $100,ooh. Evid* u* ** rn ;u*< muulatiug against*Ne* ly and there will probably be "t-v*aul counts against him if bels brought I wk !**r trial. >I« H. >1. K eiiiiit \»*qultte*i, MiMi'll rn, May 24. Mrs. Maggie McKenna, who shot ami killed Bd Mbitting! oil and seriously w**umi***- Ii* unis Brogan, two West Virginia miners, who ha*! engaged til a row in a i* "taurunt, has Ik * n acquitted, th* verdict of the c*tr**u* i jury L lug self defense. ■ I umped lilt** the River. A11.anta, May 24- After having his arm shatterad by a rifle ballist, amt after hi payments White Is a Posslbllltf. Washinuton, May 25. —Andrew I). White, I 'nit*-*! States ambassador to Germany, is being seriously considered bv Republican leaders as a vice presidential possibility. Hts name will be further discussed at a meeting of mein-Im*! s of the national committee at Philadelphia ou Sat unlay next. CYCLONE AT MOREHEAD CITY Did Lasted About Five Minutes but Considerable Damage. MoREHKAI) (Tty, N. O., May 25. A cyclone of gr«*at yitdence struck this place about G o’clock. Its appninch w*i" uunotice*! and it only histed five min ut* ", I>ut during that time it tore planks from the depot, turnetl over and broke the mast* of the Samuel Buck man, a jig 2 "HiI sharpie, which was tied to the wharf, and the men who were on the wharf only saved themselves by cling tag to Jk*sts. ii raised boxes of fish weighing 300 I is arad." a" high as a man’s head ami dropped them with such force that they w ere crushed to piece*. I i’rot**"t. 24. — Senator i jK-titiou from nth < ’ar* J ma t«» the senate calling attention to rh** oolitical , conditions iii th** slate, declaring that I th** in arr o r sid*ats .it South Car*»lina ar** disfraiH'hi"' <i For <*«(rrecti*in of abit"* " th** petition asks for legislation (l, j- (tii*-** fie r* pr< "• atef ion of states iii i* nay* v- Ii*-re the in gr<( vote is nulh-tied. Lived t*( the Fifth (ienerattoii* p\, ii.KT, S Ma* 28. Mrs. {"alii** Kirby is ii i<i D* re in her ninetyninth year ( h* r nm nag* "la* all lier lit mother o! gk'l" all w *»mcn. ti* (ii Ue{(«(rt of 1‘tiblieal ion Board aud Dflleers of the Society. Du i n*>ii, May 85 —Th* day’s sessions of th** lkipti"t missionary anniversary anniversary were devoted wholly to the American Bapti"t Publication *Ki.ty. The principal features of the morning * session were the annual repots *»t otil* cers aud lK»ar*l charged w ith publication affair" The latter report -suiti that in many rasped* th*- juist year im" Uvii ] one of the ii* st in the history rn the so- , 15 v, itr, q , fit t v.    ,    i is th* only I Th.* aggregate sail s for the Veal^ ls #*>78,017, showing an mer* ase of #,.*,-.11 j over sales of th* pr*coling year. In tho I missionary department tin* receipts w* re $103,41 s. Th*- deficit in this deportment ut the beginning of th© year wa." $3,114. I At the close of th** y* ar it was $11,300. I This lucrens.' in the deficit is not *lu* to a liiininutioii of ordinary r**cxdpts, which were greater than last year by $0,133, DIED AT AGE OF ll J \\ ,e I bu ii in I S I < iii lid W .i ll i IU YEAR: atle Ut GEAN*ii IM oldest inhub and pr na died lust Vt1 near Brut. Sib** J*iv!,• : year afb r ti gazing Ain* 11 i" 11 I • yr. M; I he lino I lit iv * r int ,,-r J-ll* av Ii* Ovrraa j n av us kit, D K N T IST. . . QH-VKITF.VILLE, 8. 0. I It *» t I; , 141 II » * til “ti mull; nm*.. vvrp    f    *    . Ii. .IU,I. H.I..-«-.»Lllmv.-n-Mh.-d I bul iuil..*.*i.!»W-m.-ntqii thr w-.rk un, hundr**df} s was Mn year. Before mur-i[arris*>n. aud lived iH MT till" pla<*e. Ehe was tin* ll children live boys and six to a falling oft of "pedal funds. IS NEARING COMPLETION. lf VV 11**111 lived to b Ii v> d ti and • men and • se** ti v * * g*:nera-bi md kilt. Git llU.il < I SHU* * * I I her* . I 1 Hi ilia i was we! Shiv th. w * nt in doors. f r< UU iv \\ hot* "ale (.IWW'" Mi*i*t, ti.KST* in. May 24. - The ninth an-iiiveutl* ft of lh*- Amt born Whol*- r* meis i"".w*uition I" m i-siii tit K (»- IK-igb; ii j ,r**si« * line. Iii*' ass ut tit-* (’Itartest*rn bv Th** * '.invention in tm it IV Si -SSI* IU Jr., of Kiat i**n Mayor xii ately a »u behind closed RUSSIA ,1 apiin©"** STILL AGGRESSIVE. I I ll < harlot I**. May 22 Fire in > farmers’ bonded •sir* v*'d about itll loss of tile 111 c 'ALKEN, L ll MN Kl IU s* I*. I*i **|irl«*«r. A. |JIA»MI*Flt«4. -Manager. 0 Th* glie"t ■R.ih's s j lo,-n Spa LU rates Pi I iv 1reek. cuisine is first class, ami the well cared or. ( onvenienUy bleated, within easy reach .if the business part of the city and the railway station. I ighted by electricity ami equipped throughout with bot water heat iii halls and public rooms and open fireplaces in bed roams. Elect rube Us, hut and cold baths, and all modern conveniences. Good Livery Mable. Omnibus meets all train!'*, transportation fur passengers and baggage lo all parts of the City. wa- cha", d by bloodhounds, Sam Barnier©, an escaped oonvi* t, threw hiiu-*df int*» the surging Ghattahooehee river aud found death rn the water, rather than Is raptured. Ant I- A unto-4 nierlr.ui < oittblne. Rh) KH J AN* KIKO, May 84 It is asserted that i-ousnlerable money is being fcjient here by agents of the Bpauish, French and German gov. rnments to can"** to Is* published trucks against the governments of Great Briflfiiu an*! the L’ ult©*! States. ormtar^^^HT ti. Nkw Volta, May HA^^SaKim* of Price, MuCormidk 4$d»Tnas b**eu an-uounced on toe Gottou and Prodm*e Ex-changes. Warship I* Fired Curran Water-. Vt* rnKiA, B. I’., May 85.—The northern pack luit-r Greuoble brings news that Russia I" continuing her aggres hi,ms in Corea Reports publish* *1 iii Ghiua state that the Russian WU ship lir. *1 a shot at a Japau«*s** vess**l in ( >-n un waters. It is believed Russia will offer troop" to China to help suppress the rebellion which is breaking out afresh rn tori* nr. Will Attend Louisville Reunion. Jal ga*rnvu.le, Fla., May 85. — The old confederate veterans at th* Soldier" home, iu this city, w ill attend the Louis Ville reunion as the guests of th** rail r**a»ls. Every urn* of them has lH*en in riled by th** Louisville and Nashville and the Flailt system to tak** a trip to Louisville, the two railways to provide them with a sjiecial car, oil which they will go through w ithout change. In addition to thi" tin* railways will del ray all other necessary expenses of the trip. Big Crowd F.xpeeted. I    Louis vims, May 25.—The committ** having in charge accommodations for the confederate reunion rn this city next week says there will be at least 50,000 Mentors iii Louisville and that many of these will b** without acceptable sleeping quarters unless they wire the ouu-iii it tee at once requeatvug that quarters be reserved. iTHHin s fully ©overed by in is still burning. * • >iuj*artui©ut and < Olton I 11 ** a I Ch v UP HIK, N. C , th** m**rcluiuts and war*-Ivoa"e i*aitia!!> *1 Mio bal*•" «»t eof ton, . ubm! $l,5o*.^ w Hi*-Ii i I insuramv. I !*v * but I" •***ntin ‘I t I s u u * I > I' - •*' t .laiid*T" \maiig t at t Ic. Ps , „ N, - c . May 81. Dr. Cr. BL Nes*(iu, th* \ * t« ii Harlan «*f th* • station, wh*i is "t* o tour thr ugh th* - tat**, rein >rt* sev* nil ca'*-" of glanders aiming .■att Ie in the »-astern count ms of the i stat* . - rn** of th* in Rung fatal. »  - ■■ i I* limit tire Factor) For Greeux tile. I C< *i im KIA, S t . May 21.— A chart el I ha- I**** si grant«*d to th** Edwards Fur-uitur* < ii u pH ny **t Gr**tiville, < a pi tai #10,*>*»). Application for a charter has \\ ivrehoust be*• 11 made In the Bat* "bap company, capital lf lo,odd. Southern Railway F.xtciislon. Hampton. 8. C-, May 21. (trading stake" ar** Ring plat* < I and * on tracts lot f> *r t in* * xtension et the {"ouih* iu railway from liardc* Ville to this place. Work will in gal ut an early date. Kaolin Deposits Near < berun. Cut haw’, S. U.. May 28. Kaolin of a fin,- quality and in abundant quantities has been found near here and it is ex-t.-d *iult.' a ling* busin**"" will yet be Work Rapid tv Progressing *»n Montgomery Ft«**‘t rh* I**.w cr Plant. MoStoowrky, May 25 —Th* gramtest water pow* r plant of th.* ".rath and one ? of the largest in the Baited .States is being installed by th** Moutgomer Water Bower company. The plan of the improvement is to c*»u struct a dam across th** TullapK.sa m* r at a jKiint 4 miles from th*' famous I ai la-"* > falls, 30 mil* " from Montgomery, mid to generate *,4M> horte-iiower ami transmit th* power electrically to Mont-g»m**ry. Ll,* work ou the plant is now well under way to completion, and the contractor!! promise that flu- power will bo in th*' city by July I. W tilt et. Demand >*:parate Seats. M* >N TOOM KUY. Ala., May 25, A va ry empliatic protest is R ing made by the whit© citizens .rf M »ntgomerv becauae ut til** frtilur*- of the st root railway coru-nanv here t<> provide "*q*arate s«*ats in ti,* str.et cars tor th© us** of whit** aud negro j Kl singers Montgomery has a large negro population and a p tition t*i the « nu ii i" being irculatod praying Ibiit tim whites and uegr.K * b* aoxirded geparal'e s**at s, Five < ti 11 ct r«-it Burned t** Death. R vt.i ion, May 85.—Five chiidr* ii of Daniel Person, a negro, wore left at home bv their mother, in tranklin county, near here, while sh*' went visiting. f >n lier return ."ii*1 found only tin* ashes of fin* house aud Kines of her club dr©ii. The children were from I to * y, ars of age. It is suppos.sl th** ffo**r caught fire and that the children wert too small to extinguish it. HS can I* ev* ry |ii** Amene * f**W rn n oeutun ’ Tim of crane ti* tine - all dr* u "iirviv grand ami g t barie \V Asm**; yet be* a n* confer* • a* •*■ * t * * * 'ii if'm. ^ gr, ""!i an E I th*- South t kept n. toil* ant I <1 ' ti ! ie N '< ■it i."t lb Hoi.t Mav strong l**»"lth>ns. J. W. ASHHURST, Real Estate Broker, -loll win ( * t IT ' ■i » tam tii.it * bill un I t and N itll ,H(»I >J K ot til' other citn ■ JOHN LAIRD, New < ■*1 OM MHI A. S. Hilt.! .f it f tar) th* St M ut $200,0**“. A t*i t he M : aal Cheraw I ie is t«> I- -f issimd i" th** i of K* rs! * vs. is, 41 “ <, i ,i iiit •* * Rat KH hi, - un rn t I Ott md Laird ii, ii RN (OTTAGE TO RENT. b pray caph aud at* • gas i I.. I VV * the lax HMN ll. HEMM. J RE/\L ESTATE Nit I Lit ii t B dune in tins min* ml bt re. < otiiiili"sioii Is"*»ed. CoLUM»iA, S. C,, May 82.- A commis Hon f**r a charter has b * n issued to tim Marion Milling company. The capital Huck Is to be #'>,000. Graniteville Hotel. moil.}'. HIICX**-'!**'!- Boom coBiBio- T dlwi. and comforuble. Wood or co*' fires. »--JJ|aS* ISrSSJTJi nloder.,. “i«:Tr#Lr»>top. Notice School Trustees and Teachers. For Ow«*r Fifty Years Mrs. Winslow’s S,>othing Syrup mRl’STkES and Teachers are here-1 bv notified that I hand Pay have on Trustee Records and l ea* liers Certificates, to be bad *’nJl* D. L KG IGN, County {Superintendent. Jan. 23, tf. iia" been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with jierfect success It soothes the child, soften* the gums allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It wilt relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by Druggist in every part of the world. 'Twenty five cents a bottle. Be sure aud ask for “Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup, and taka no other kind. Concealed electric work is-the way lo have your house wired low prices by Brill Electric < **. univ At An F|»i*l* *»**e    "    hooping    * **ugm Last winter during an a lideuiic of whooping cough my children contracted the disease. having severe coughing sn©lls. We hail used Chamber-_ lam’s ( .nigh Remedy very successfully for croup and naturally turned to it at that time ami found it relieved the cough and effected a complete cu re.—,1 * * n n K. Ci.iFFoKO, Proprietor Norwood House, Norwood, X. x. This remedy is fur sale bv H. H .Hall. I titular Na in**a. In China there is no fixed nom en* la* tmc— even the country Itself is without a name-ami this lack of distract and recognized app* Bullous v\as a frequent sonic© of difficulty, or personal Information from natives there was none obtainable un which any cretic nee could be placed. A Chimupau, unless h*; be a porter cooly or a boatman, rare Iv navels or gets during his life more than a few miles in any direction from the place where he was horn. When trying to procure Information concerning the immediate locality, it was no uncommon thing to have a native, and even sometimes rn* a of ‘ local position, say. “Uh. I have never been so far away as that,” or. “I have never been across that LIU aud so do not know what is beyond.” Harper* Weekly.  __ Quick Recovery. Mr. Vert rash Talker (who did not 1 catch the name of his partner) —You see that man behind me—well, if I there’s one man in this world that I hate, he’s the one. His Partner (in surprise)— Why, that’s my husbands Mr. Verirash Talker (quickly) \es-* of course—that’s why I hate him, luck} dogLondon Telegraph. pro*‘tarnal * n last w • • k man, who a near Fay1 11 I ar- 'I ion'*1 I tive. Hosiery Bi ult am, *a< t has K oth* r h*‘."5* t P (W I *    I"' complete * I * V -Iv I 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 E. W. DODGE ll ami i YI an il th v. M 'Up ■" I) Sa- w Hi Si \ : (dge 221 Camp bt ll St it)bor St.-* . I    I iJ    i! Etc mi ast a, Ga, FL ii Fount Robert Mav \<I v a im i na < rHKEN v ll Fountain ll W* "tern t SIX hll-iUC" fo.KJO. n ivxi an I a ol 'I v -t ■ rh af" Mu \ V- ! Mi tier t i lev* Sa lid H- ria i t N I In* ancient - t**    ■ . * ti"in was t in* w -rk • a man. Ama on* !> tiuK of setal 'n ><r in’! *    «>    ‘ mat i - in V* ill agre** thro i" demonic enough so w arr ii lief. it Ii:*" OCA cr Ae * n.1*1 • ( ba iii be ria in’s Bairi^^ aSivli n*d v /»<-z'~yc' o'- L C. S. W allace, 2 “ REAL ESTATE, i r ASKEN. S. C. i % Lu.: J*-:; a*-:-; J mr> r <t ri" A t ti. I iar- out demon", but it tisni, and hundred the truth of this st plication relieves ti quick relief which 5* I worth many j by U. U. Ha tot*.! t \ clone In I • lo-*- Dali as, May 2 - -A wind and el* Iii oui st*.rn i is it patdut Ma.era I Web E M. Ba I bird’s* busine^ I wrecked. HaBettsviB rep*>rt" * i Many form" were, wept cji i • * 11 L • 11 I VT Mf ^ Notice of Final Discharge. vf * * I i . N ai a I ti __wert academy at Malay K'k WH" i a cyclone. lean. Tho vow as destroyed ir I ir. . M r, admi M. Bo r* t)> given that I wi T. iv, What ley, I’ro-Yik< n ( oimty. >. ( ., on , 2 4th, I O' *o, for my dis-i"trator .if the est ale • ' it wright. deceased. \\ , lh iA'1 vv lib,HT, Administrator. ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Aiken Journal And Review