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Aiken Journal and Review (Newspaper) - May 23, 1900, Aiken, South Carolina BY L. C. LIGON & CO EN, SOUTft CAROLINA. OF THE FILIPINO* DECISION. KILLING ______ Seattle Wants Information as to Cstt unities Among Hebei*. Washington, May IT.-The senaW tip, agr***! bo a further cuufcwacti OH CLARK fHn do. It will rn ak e baby s com t raj easy and painltsH, aud lust without taking dangerous drugs into the system. It is simply to be applied to the {nullIi-' of tile abdomen. it penetrates through the skin tarrying strength and elasticity aith it. It strengthens the whole system and prevents all of the discomforts of pregnancy, The mother of a plumb babe in Panama, M.* , says:    “ I have used Mother s Friend aud-eau praise it highly, * the Dist rict of Cs ii urn bitt appropriation btlL a A conference wit* also agreed to the naval apppopflpiaH bill. A bill was pH|** granting to General Heber* 'J Ore a month.    f    jg A resolution catling tm We secre of war to infuruM* senate how many Filipinos have bedirt 11*1 aud wounded ainee the begiuumg of hostilities, aud also how many have been captured are now in our possession w as off and adopted.    % A bill wa* I surfed to provide for refunding of oertain moneys illegally assessed aud collected in the district I.'tab, Mr. Platt of Connecticut said he w geek an early opportunity to reply to speech of Mr. Bacon of Georgia, na! opt*»sitiou to the resolutions, but to coriin t some statements made by Mr. Bacon. Mr. Wolcott ut Colorado called up the postoffice appropriation bill ami its read-lug for amendment was begun. STEALING. Has Over rn Will Tote. ‘H^PBOTBST Man tan* Demand* Tine af tHttttor’s Ap-; His Absence -A*»K-Referred. u-Wvj I* privileges CHARGED Mutt WITH i wi Get Mother’s* I riend at the Drug Store, $1 per bottle. The Bradfield Regulator Co., ATLANTA, GA. Write for our free ill ast ated book. Before Baby is Born.' Money to Loan - ON-— GOOD FARM SEI URITY, APPLY TO* G.W. Croft & Son, Aiken, S. C. MONEY TO LOAN. Arrested at tampa I,IMM> on Him. Tam?a, Fla., May IT Ii. E. W all, a white man, w ho has lieeu arrested here nu a charge of stealing, is believed to be an important capture. I he man wa- a walking bauk. The arrest was made on complaint of a merchant, who alleged that Woo*tall had stolen money from hi!' cadi drawer. In addition |A this was a valuable diamond studded gold watch found in Ins pocket. The man was curried to un-county jail, and before being locked up he was s* u'< Iud ami over ♦ I,I*M* was found concealed ab»ut his person i*> learned that Woodall has been in city for >o e*'    !,u cltttms fro In* lo nil loo. gl tile charge against him. It the a at chi s, ami lie denies MURDERED UPON HIGH SEA. VV Idle () y tai ming Gild- I * J pay un Lls N o com in iss ions charged. Borrower pays actual cost of perfecting Joan. Interest H per cent. .INO, It PA IM KH .V SON. < oluinlmt, >. I • ‘.nib lim. Sj.w.ashhurst; I LI VK, Kl BJI AHD ACCIDENT J a a a a a ♦ a a a INSURANCE OFFIOBi Cliatfleld Building. < apt ut ii and I- View Killed Ollie* ' Are VV OU ade* I. L oci Nil Mo n, May IT. A telegram ti an Roping, Sui t! ti, reports that a.-the steamer Hoping was passing tin-Frills Hurl, a man sprang Upon the dis k ut the lait r vessel aud shouted, “It any one conn*'' mar I will sh '>t. At the same moment a woman was seen hanging over tin ship’s snit mg for help. The man escaped in a boat thi* Pi in- Carl was boarded it was found that Pi men had been ■■'hot, six of whom, including the captain, w. re dead. The r, >t were found locked iu their quarters tine of tin- wounded has since lied, the murderer being pursued. . lh.—The wen ahi OH. Jplftieges- and election-* hHf di-nntfd Chairman Chandler t o press wodoil OU th* Clark resolution a> origi ually retorted. The blowing dispatch was rec ‘ivcd and read Lo tho committee from G *v eruor Smith of Montana: **I desire to present in a> forcible man nor air possible my protost against fb i course pursued by Hon. W. A Clark in attempting to defeat the action of tin senate of the United States in the resolution offered by the committee on priv lieges and elections affecting his title t< , a seat, aud protest against the method* j pursued by him in securing ail apinhnt incut at the hands of the Ii* ut-nan; gov eruor during my absence from the stat* under circumstances aud c ee * us which to my mind indicate collusion amt fraud. “His conduct in attempting a resignation and procuring a reappointment nuder the conditions as he aid, if tin matter was before a court of justice, would have been considered a contempt of court ou his part. I therefore trust that tile senate will proceed t * * a pro}# r an I complete consideration of th*- question so that th** rights, not only **t Mr. < dark but the state of Montana in the preen s**s, may l*e determined, aud ilia: up- ti the presentation of hi> credentials ot appointment by the lieutenant g senior tin- same In* transferred to th*- committee on privileges aud el* ct .oil' lur in vestigatlou aud that he not be p-rniiti* I to make a more complete and dil it i statement *»f facts conoerhtttg the ta* of the resignation of Mr. Clark. The language«>f th*- resolution <<t ? committee directing Chairman • 'hand!* ; to press th*- resolution follow >: - ■ lies* >1 v«*d I hut the chairman I • -ii reefed to press t<* a vote ta - r* >• >lun-*u reported to the committee. AN IMPORTANT Rights of Firms and Individ aa Is In Bankruptcy Defined. Raleigh. May 16.—Judge Purnell of th*- I'mted rkates district court has flied un important opinion in a bankruptcy preceding. He decides that in a voluntary proceeding iu bankruptcy by a partner slop the firm is a distinct legal entity. The estates af the Arm aud the individual members must be' administer, d separately, hence the clerk, referee anti trustee are entitled to fee# in the case of each person in the partnership. The question involved is one of first impression, un decision having been cited or found that the bankruptcy act wa- intended not only to be joint to the bankrupt aud the creditors, but to the court o(ricers, and that any other deeis i.rn would be tfagrautly unjust to the latter.    ________ TOWN HAS BEEN LOCATED. Laying of Cornerstone Attended With Appropriate Ceremonies. ♦ in Kaw, S. U., May 15.—The laying of the cornerstone of the new' town of M C* *-, ii the teaboard Air Line, 28 mil- - from here, was attended with update - re monies and was witnessed MIO MIFEtMTS RELIEF neil Statement Ie Made by Befu-geet Reaching Marquez. I sw earing to The crowd c *tuuieue*Nl tim  _ a disturbance. The town | * nT. tempted to arrest a negro f DOERS TO SUE POR PEACE J conduct, wherv*u}*>n the a  _,    tacked the policeman and beat U most inf usible. Some white men at Report From Pretoria That Overtures    u> u,a tht. p, ’Ueuiau, but v^ere will Be* Made to England to End the ku**. Led *i< ii or sh *t at. • i jgss rrsr* MTR Buller Take*(Many Prisoners,    j    era| n*gixs s w.-re wounded, but not ta Lorenzo MARQUEZ, May 18.—I ive j talb* ^ ^ JM>0pit, were wounded in the hundred refugees who have arrived    shooting which followed the at here agree in stating that Mafeking ha-! tyk noon the officer, sumo of MFV    “G , | ma deeply. of the we- hour* I Im guar company ’’ •p ‘ J]1 r** '\^ber them with *lnccn» ■'■■''lur. SiKHinamoi*-. bch*-n mrWmmt j. **Xo young man of mf HOQHHlBtance ha# ever brought me M delicious clux'olate creams as you Hve.**—Cbicago Tribune. ’ Jb As HBM DM USO*    rn.    r.| P. r.HMxmriuoM. HENDERSONS, Attorney# at Law, AIKEN', -    -    S. O. Practice in a1! of the State and U. State aet S, t curls. Oollcclions a apwialty. }>r-»i bv a I arg* crowd. ■ 'I hi' i- to be the site of the ueWioUth-rt. It i' the center of 40,000 tn i aer*— of pule laud b»ught by the syudi-rat Wie n the building **f the road was first del* rmined upon. A town is to Ihj mini -ii ar "Iv laid out, sanitariums built, lot > - •.-I, on ton market ma4ie aud stores L.ult, 'iii* ***»•  --- * at urn i.-> 480 feet above the t i ^    ___ ____ them st I an . e1ff ltt*en relieved. The eud of the war I    _ .uticipateU by tho quoou-. birth Joy RIVAL LOVERS FICHT IT OUT. May 24.    I    Hurst Attacks McIntyre With Kn’ft London, May 18 —There is a lack of frerfi new. from South Africa thU morn (     |D miles from the city, Lite lust night, in ----------^    j within queen s j Hurst ami Is Mint Down. Chattanooga, May IT.—Jfi fatal aft ray ing, but details of pu*t operation# tend occurred ->u Walden to con finn the view that the eud of the ■ measurable distamre. which John NI* lutyr* sa* t ib unton Hurst. Both wert and fatally war is within measurame uauimc.    «    —    -...... From Krooustadt comes a story, attrib-1 wounded men ami sakis -it vve.i-t-*-do ttir.i young ers. Tliev >. a lev* at-! it is predicted by s**m*- it w ill have w turin a year or two a popu* Liti -a of 6,ULM. A- Jam* I/.tai J cam] of nu u legmn. < amp Ut Indian \ et** ran s. EVI ilk, Tv. CL, May 14.—Colonel M Hay of Asheville has organ* b in.I of Cher*»kt*e Indians into a ,t cml--i* rate veteransoomposad * 40 served in Colonel Thomas The organ!/atiou was effected uted to excellent authority, to the effect that a peace party is being fonmd at    h    i    {    j(U;trr    ]M    :U„,ut    a    younj Pretoria, while reports at Pretoria itself    laM    ^|in>!riuas.    ami the trouble had iufiu-ate discouragement at the recent uev.-r b.eii - til I Hurst vvt nt to the and th. ,»*UUU,.v of aa early | M.-ta,yiv bu.j^and suing for peace.    :    ft.v,,}v, r u,lS sp, r his a-xulant, th*- bul There is nothing to throw light on . lH.netratin^ th** left Inn g aud ranging G. W. CRO IT & SONI Attorney# at Law, AIKEN, »    -    -    s*    °* fg'Wlll practice in al! of courts of this State, Special att tiou given to collections. T. R- MORGAN, Attorney at Law, AIKEN, -    -    s*    °* Will practice in all the Courts of in State. Prompt attention giveb to < oilections. TOOLE, G. L. Attorney at Law, CROFT’S BLOCK, • AIKEN, 8. 0. lTa'-ycHgrf^ll Courts. Collcciioni First Bull en her. Second Bull e>“T I.t-t’s run ov* r aud fright >iie didn’t run? New York Journal. the mystery of Mafeking. The usual crop of rumors were started .rn th*- Stork Exchange aud elsewhere, based most Ivon the fact tbat this flay, May 18, is th*-earliest date .iii which l»rd Roberts held out to Mafeking the prospects of relict The national anxiety is strained almost beyond endurance, although nowhere is there the slightest doubt that Colonel r« glop ot th. h. ar:. I Lid*-ii - Powell will keep the union jack »>li the surr*-i i* mn mg t ii* their am*. LIV shnk When kn^titg mill organized. n ii I Fleet I I I HI*-*-. A in* **t-Us*- t -r th* WILL SOON BE COMPLETED. I s o*>* I Progri t IU AN At engine*!' sion, who at re*.' 'lade on the Proposed ( anal Bowle. a, Nicaragua, May IT.— I he >f th*- I■'thiuiaucanaloommis- makiitg a survey of the prop*i)H-*l Nicaragua vv itll their assistants parties of ab >i*t I" canal route, have, funned into two 111**11 each ami ar* Warrenton t itixens >!**« » Otfh-ers—Work to Begin Wa HK en TOU, (Jam May 1- ing Was ht-l.i LU the 0>»Ulth purpose of organizing a yarn an ting mill. Mar* than #2U.(k)o w s*-rih***l. Organization was p it.-the election of Mr. J I. Allen pi Tho mill will Is* known as ti; Baith- Manufacturing company, eoguition **f th*- energy aud Colonel ii. L. Battle, the Lirg* hokier and the prime mover gauization of th** enterprise '.t is the intention of the In. sri rectors to incrt*ase tin- share ta kin i.OOO, vv hi*-h will give :m>i>;< f»*r a plant of th*- kind prop *-«•■I. is autnorized to begin at on nit aib-1 iii tiurty fifth anniversary of the r of thest* Indians, as they were -t confederate* to lay down The officers of the camp At** Owl, commander; James Blythe, adjutant; Ih-v. John Jackson, Ii ii ain; James R.-g, color bearer. To ■ imp is given the name of “><>.•-N h * aud will attend tile la»ui»vuloi oflion: re ani ti.    {    “Methuen    ha < h.irlestoil's K*|H»sltlon. hin>.ion, May lo.—lh*- Elliott ovnliug for a government build-1 evhibit at the Charleston ex}*** inling befur*! the bolis** •a appropriations, is modekal Buffalo «-\}«>sition bill 'Vjifthe line of Lord Roberts' advamv. the univ important news is that th* li***.rs have blown up a bridge over th*- Rkenoster river, IT miles north ut Kro«>iistadt. Ford Roberts’ K« p**r«. Th*- following is the text of Lard Roberts’ *ii'}iat«-h from Krooustadt to the into th Smallpox In Burke < «ninty. M«»Rf.ANT*.x, N. (’.. Mav ll. — A terrible scourge if smalljHix is swtoepiug the Hunting creek se*‘lion of th - southern jsirtion of Burk* •-••linty In ii stojs of country the**- ab ut 8 mil* > long an* miles with- th* re ha*< * -;i>**s. ihe < ■: fitrnnTH of th d ti >.> far has b *-n I* nation !m> Vs en ref us* t- > ta > it. ea>* itlivt* on th** clothes go anr a stilt** iustitm i«»ii' n Im • ii ab>ut .ii) I' among th** w'hit** non unity. Isotldhg to I in iv it \ it ^'1* or*-*!, hut the p / r-oiis N*» I, h. - and iSrtii. lr ii d m-utter it* The iii-.- in *la:ig**r. A l*nlt»ttbl« Miilulif. Mi Sn:}»kills Ah, Mrs. Ilightnind have b<-« ii vvotnlerflilly stru.-k b strong resemblauce you b*-ar to your kasha lid. Mrs. Highmin l Young man, you are altog. tli.-r wrong* I do not bear any I it.lane< whatever lo my husband H.    V. S. OWENS, reuiff Notary I’uhli# E ^ Je OWENS at Law, Aiken, 8. C. in all the Court#. r« DEN UST, - W v bill, i* ing ii: Mtion, mo* i- »mnti; tee . which entered H.tOp-tadt un-op}M>sed. Generals Duprev iind Daniels unti 40 men huve surr-nd* i.-d. “Br*oadwood occupied Lindley after slight opposition. Univ two of our men were wounded. St*-yn was not there, a-his government oftieuds had left fast Sunday. “Hutton’s mounted infantry surprised i«i miles u*»rth\v**st I in >j* Col , i>umao *-x|>."oiou ooo    ,* : and captur* d. about mil-* nortnwes; nine »».. U...1 aller uther .«    0ou.nuu..lH..t Botha, Ft. lo J 1 "f,r    11    ''    •    ’ .rrvZolii^u. tivt- Johiilineahurfr I"> 1 .^Mhr^dinJ Ii Boer.. There w,re no 1< ii. r>. Ij. , in r*- pluck ot -t - li.ii***- in th* **r- * i nm* t ions bs UU i e, but th*->«* will be purely j ll' ann i* iun-uts touching the gov- i casuiittl it . xhibit. The nr*'.-lit iiidieu-tba; iii® bill will be approved I committee. Natal t a ta I NY *i I ‘rev eat im, May Id- gr» *, bol' Vt Ii bo J. F. Leitner, architect. ( Hatfield Building', Aiken, S. C. taking soundings al th Pal*itic terminal ut Brit. and at Uri 'lora on I he w est side of l*ik. Nicaragua. Idle menders of tl**- hydrographio }*artv ar.- still mating tin- How of til*. -r>, the rise and flow of til** rivers TIV. d th*- ratii- Pla ii - and Specification* forui-hed fur ii hi ic anti prisafe buildings. laity. urn! lakes, th*- evaporation an tall. The * at ire survey, which is conducted in a most thorough maimer, will soon lac completed. VI title rn ll'* ell****;' » "1“ id* ase mentidu The Journal HU*! lie* lew WANTED A s-Nit ti It «-*) the I’o'tnneter THOM. vsVll.l.h, (ia May IT. — Most Johnson, a negro, lias b-eii arrested aud I*slgvd in jail charged vviti* attempting lo rob the postoffice ut l)*-\vitt. The ne- CHARGES AGAINST ROWAN of PostuuLSter w F. DOBEY \\ ui.t' the pit bl ie lo know that he i- att up-to date 3UILDER and CONTRACTOR ;uAid noI leils their patronage gro « ut«-red th.- store Uuarterinan iu which the p**stoffice is Lh ated to get ti pice.- of tobacco. VV lien the postmaster turned his back Johnson attacked him vv itll a club, striking(^uai-tertiuui in the bock of th** head. A crowd was attracted to th** place by the but th** negro made his est'ape Hoise I 'tuna?*-- furnished on apple , ai ion. Work prolixly done. ll** vv a- pursued, hovv.*v* r, ami captured. Will lie i ourtiuartlaleil Im Insulting Fieuteiittttt Koarh. Knoxville, May 18.—A private I* it* r r**c.*iveti here from the lffiiiippin - an nounces that eln|fges have I**-, ii pre ferredagain*.t LieutenantUoloin ! ll .wan of the United States army by Le ut* u ant L. L. Roach. The charge is that Rowan ma*I** in suiting remarks concerning K<«i**h iii In-presence of enlisted men, Rowan w n national fame by his daring display in penetrating the heart oft aba lahore tin S|>aiii!'h war begun and th. r>* • *m uleatiug with General Garcia and •• la Helling. Tom Smith, a Helms is . a brought h* re from Golds ami jailed for tin* third time to pre lynching, lie is charged with mur-in J* lh tis* iii county. He wa* first t hee directly after arrest, was iii i aud convicted, appealed, was *u*w trial, was brought hee the trial to Wayne count . :    <    .nvict*    »l    aud    again    apjiealed. ap-" ii is now pemliug in the su- oii our side. “Buller reports that s. v* nu farmers are handing in arms I oiiiiiianduiit But ha CIi|»ture«l. It has just lw t n ofti. ialiy auiiouin * d that General Methuen has entered Hoopstadr unoppos* <1, and that (reneral Sh of t ll fir* nu tin In due. ii; bcariiq the far bullet i ta iv ii t moiled | The • I In* IU : th att ago. J, I '. < in i v * oniinit HY. N■ 0 ,-May I I —. •linen, af:. j- sanding' h a.... . -hot himsi ( urry ll idrell trough I. i ii -'alit r tie r n*r w it,, hi hot fall* * .md tin* til into th* to til* . Th* i an in- .til**! wa ->8111* • .ars. •I to the V.-al* My husband looks Uke me. that is alb I - (’to a.n> Times Herald*.,    !    Office    on    Kirkland    Ave,    betwe I* for :er Art last Henri to IF-nrt Com Aden «*e». hi,. «; I win Don’t tell'anybody. tin* world! - See this rills. S asher slipped it on my ling ii _ a    i Me.ma Zevver— Yes. St’s nice looking. will make a black circle around before vtiu’ve worn it a TEAGUE,. , A - AIKEV.SA^^ * ^ fc* * * DR. II. J. RAY, it it mr tin: Dffh Off!* Hon DENTIST, e iii Uh atli eld Uiock. \v* *eh un*‘. it *liu on mine.—Chicago'Tri!) *r Morning. 2 to. J; Afrer-UOGJ), J to IL JO. I)H \ w « ll I ll pi I* Du prey aud Daiiiels ami IO men hav   t * .-ii and that (iem-ral Fro; id a surr*-n<i*re w>hm! als*, oo *upies Lindley It is further announced that Hutton mount*-*! infantry Korpriscd ami cap tured Commandant Botha and hi otheis SO miles northwest *»t Krooiistailt. C fairy th* < IZ* al t state la lr*>lina no ut T>o.,m* m - iii Bul I “ ait Au Old Deed Found. VU i VA I t ( J*ii I! is, un iu* J vv I.Ii' ram.*- lug a !« •' fir* 'in * > a .til .I > • I ^ til I US I hoi NX./ :. t h ■ Ii lire! * *W 111 •ti bv the M*.*m I .ut-- sine* I d'.b i lioma- min a th el* meat mg Caban ortie.-rs r« Limc to c.nuini os on the island. V. A. HEMSTREET & BRO. 623 Broad St. Guns & Pistols Repairers of Fire Arm*. Hic)chs. Sporting 0*»o*ls I i-liini; Tackle. augusta, ga. i Im ——————1——I i-lense aiel* ti ou Th* Journal aud Review For Sale Cheap A \ a1 I \itl.K two-story brick stun building in the live town al ort *iiwood. Pays over lo percent net in frills A I so a od a' re from * curl House farm I mil* ( all on,or addr** lh EKE. <; recti vv und, s. < Please mention l'he Journal aud Review Magnolia Inn, Ai ill NUV IU st n, f»r*|iri#toi A. It* OM 111 KG. Mel.**''- 'tholes $ J to Sptiijlrot*' 'fbi S S per day. I e\a# River* Are Rising. Dallas, May IT.— Reports from southern Texas show another rise in the Brazos and Colorado rivers. P*-ople on farms and plantations mar Navasota have moved to tin* highlands. Southern Pacific operations ar** Iwui'y cripple*! by tin- washing away ot th** large bridg** over tile Col«»ra*l«* river at Columbus. This is the fifth time that bridge has been washed away ill th** last -iv weeks. Two Negroes Lynched. Bio*>evim*:, f la.. May Id. * John Hill and Jeff Davis, ttjro negroes, were shut to death by a mob near here late las? night. Hill and Davis, with John Gaskins, another negro, wen arrested in this county aud wen* being taken to Hernando county, when an armed mob took them from th.* sheriff and slrnt Hill aud Davis to death. Gaskins was badly wounded, but eacuped. Peru liar    lit    I liinpu. I Tampa, Fla., May IG.—Frank Mom# no t with a peculiar accident here. A graveling man, running to catch u car, dropped his pistol from his pocket, which, striking th** ground, was discharged, th** bullet taking effect in Morris' arm, mflvetmg an ugly wound. N. vv Iu.lustr> For lampa^ Tampa, Fla.. May in -Application has been made f*»r a charter tor the Tampa Fertilizer Manufacturing com iai|v ny: VV. Farms of Memphis is president - The ortnpany was organized W.tter Supply Is < Ut < ll. T via, VIX-.; a, Aln, May Is. lh* wa terworks here have been shut down and it large proportion **f the citi/ us J I ai ladega are without water. Ail tin** the slate iustitusious, th** Or}.huns home, a number of manufacturing • -tabli thliiCnts, the railroais. aud a! one-half of the houses ar** dup nd.-nt uijoii the Waterworks coiupanv for tm a ffNI .    att,    ani ( L.* W VSI Va. a t mils S. i\. May 14. James eltl/.eil of this ntuiltv, among some old paj>ers dis**overdi a land grunt, Governor Ihmkm-y t*» I a a tract **f land m ar Ii. vs Inch hind I ms been * % *111 us aud t heir ii** the date of this dec ('..Hills was t!io great j cher of James Foibles. ,( I* -loll (.cts Naval Station. i >n. May IT. iii** senate I : rii*» amendment to the un i .ti. ii bill providing for the j Huller l akes Rrisouer*. Dannhai skk. May IM,—General ler lias found a number of rebels ut th**ii homes ami arr* sted them. The Boers north of Newcastle are falling back on Amanda. The Bods thought the two doctors had an ambulance here. * Eli May 16.-j;ranted a I Giacnvi A chart**1 grunt. *1 the Lam m Fort Mill ami (ann. ry •»’ iatigl a Ville c**UJity . ea}i!taliz» •* c< .mmissioii Publishing purp's** rn f capital is f grants**! th* Choil* "t cl Baicli oi Yoni*.: Dnetoi TI Ii*' si‘ere hart.-r to -. capital A I w as also put 111 si I ]„>    >.    I.*1 I lilt* 11 ‘ti till •wo *d, (ir**< n-t sfjipSjO. A to IU* Manning Manning. Tin* rn‘WSI-ap*-! i. A chart kik* cs’ un ARE YOU BAN KRU PT in health, constitution undermined by ex travalance in eating, by (hsrc tmrdinu the laws ut natuit , (>r physical capital all ,k,('n*‘. it so NEVER DESPAIR 'Futt’s I aver Pill > will * ure you For sit k headache, sour stomach, malaria, torp biitousne OfFUii I J Ii.    JI    V    Rif dentist. - - GRANITEVILLE, 8. 0. Tin-wa-U of ia, C C. S. Wallace J REAL ESTATE, r    AIKEN.    S.    C. Ct Mi si st all* JE liver, and all kindn d (list Tutt’s Liver Pills an absolute cure. I OI I numb Iii O' I th *; n ENROUTE TO WASHINGTON. York by t. i i, dele Boer Envoys Viet Iii New Committee. No w York, May is.— l’he Boer pates left this afternoon for Washing ton. The committee appointed by citi tens ol Washington to e&eort the visitors to the national capital huve arrived ami cived bv tile envoys. I h« dele d of Senator Allen Dt I iii! \. i I- ut ar t; \\ :1 In i North um**m b** «-.*i b ill, Ii ,.t in*1 naval station from Port . t a1 stow. Senator Butler of it i'< *1111 ia ciiihav ore*! to * >ht ain an n; proviiliug that Wilmington , .it iii pr*‘f**r«‘ti**e to Uliarh-s-tla- am**udtueiit luil*-*i. 0* u. JA, aas j rf iii j water supply. The city att -rn appealed to the Tinted Stat*-session at Montgomery for an strain tug the coiui*uiy from * ut ing the water from private citizens an lo-; p. »rutions. |»y lux wife’s It«*.|U* 't • Wit.Mi no ion. K. G. May iH -Ernest Richard#, wit** of a y -Hug 1. glishmuii, <h*-«l here rec* ntly J31*! ! d**athb*ti request wa# that lu r bu- .ai shoul*! immediately marry ta r ’n Miss Minnie Pearce of skmthport Bi Ord# and Miss Pear*-** were nu.sn. Thurs*luy at Fayetteville, th*- young I dv’s mother obj*H*ting t** tin* iuF*r. a Mr. and Mrs. Richard# will I* av. at a for England on a visit. M v - irs nil Killing Near Columbia. Seth, May lo.—William .mug white luau about So «, was shot ami killed by *. alout T miles eu-t of this said th*1 young men quar ts l- Lau I his ie youu add escort a youup A tijiit eiisue*l and pistol and instantly Cholera Attack# Famine < ami*-Hylkrabau, May 18.- In on* Jivi no fewer than 4.» fami rn- < am}»s Iweii attacked by cholera, ii.' virulent typt; is at Gujerut. w Ie r<* nu i Hi*. mg 11**1. piny vv of N is ca in us near light pas I I -dim. I o Harness I he « atuwba. ll J I., S. (J., May ll—At a meet ti ’n. re the Ga taw! >a Power com-organized, w itll W. G. Wylie s \ rk j>r*5si*leiit. Th** company were I** gate.n wan c»m}K    ^    . andUongrensinaii Robins*® of Nebraska, lt*‘pr* s* utauves Roger# aud Daly of New Jers*‘V, and Sulzer of New* \.>rk, and U. T. Bride of Washington and Cornelius Vamlerhoef of Baltimore. After thev had Ih***h intxxxiuced to flu* Bkt delegate# Mr. Sulzer formally invited them to Washington and Mr. Fischer mad** a brief r**s}*oiise. Mr. Vamlerhoef invited tin* delegates to visit th*- west. ( im* of th** delegate# speaking in refet enc* to the report that tin* Boors were in this country under the auspices of th* B< -cr government said: “The envoys are u.»t lien* under any body*# auspice#. They come with credentials from the Trail'Vital and Urauge Free Stat**.” DISTINGUISHED STRANGERS Boar The ih/. J at lioo.ObO, and will put . tn»* plant on the ( a ta wha river r, , Tile c«»mjiany will furnish ,.d p.*\ver to the surrounding thousand# liav** perished In th* * • * c.mi>auy aloin* then* hav* I# . ii I sands of victims. An ap}«alling I-* life seems inevitable. UN Ba * i it Napi*,) Mill <IperalIves. \\i> N> ch. N ( May I I.—An-Hitting mill has I teen projected ::"ws A (’uughetior aud J. K I ai' null will work negro ojv-, entirely. Andrews Ac Bowers . a u. rth aud purchased ma*‘hill id will phi** Envoys Will He Received by Sectary Hay as Snell. Washington, May Is.—What chime. th** lkwr commissioner# had of being receiver! officially bv the president and Secretary liny i- I. sa iling in eons** quem® o* their conduct in New York Administration officials have been h»l lowing with close inter* Ult* ut it as soon as the can b* cr -end. bv (lh k first for ia>*, an*l the r advenient!) cuisine ifc guests Hell cxrerl Caled. wi.hii. *.•».•!. n* tlw bu»> ness part of the city and the railway station. Lighted by electro ny and equipped throughout with hot water heat in halls and public rooms and open fireplaces in bed rooiiis Electro beiliyikit* flttd cold dern conveniences. Good Livery Stable. (mini bu #11 trains; transportation L,r p»**«ii' gers and baggage to all part# of th* tit). with a }»atd u}» capital of f25,iW0. i barter TaLlahasskk, Mayg    otters    pat silt have L*er*u is# tiuu of the Mein1 with a capital of Boll. baths, and all mooter is e in*orpora va com}siny, Bt. Pkti of a torpedo day. Tiding six persona. si#. The boiler led here yester* Request Is Denied. Washington, May is. A di-pat. i from Mishni-Novogorod anmmn.** s t hat the minister of titian.***, M. D*W itt. , has refused the request *>f th** \ ••    *    ~ owners ami manufacturers t«. intl >*iu.*« ail extort duty on p**tr«4t»um. wit lith view of reducing the }»ric.* tor frtltumi* tiou. a % KvttB *    Elects    Delegates. N Ashville, May 18.- The Evans win. af the Republican party has Hominid* Brock f«.r congress A t tho stat** th** delegate# hav** mad**, lf is unusual, according to th** officials, for th** diplomatic representatives of f..i > igu governments to **omc to th** I lilted Stat* # and immediately *»ti their ai i iva> to publicly announce th.* purport of their mission l>**f«>r.* they ol.tain recognition. and some of the authorities do not h**si N> call such con tinct highly nu tate Brid dent bliest nk Peculiar Accident. \viI.LR, fe. O., May 14.—W. J. tin* victim of a peculiar ac*-i ll. had a j>i-toi iu th** seat of his and *u getting out the pistol fell, ing point ' anti the of the buggy ami tiring. Lh** (tall entered th** right thigh, t ming ..*n J inches above •ut: ai Lee VV. Graniteville Hotel, IM otic© School Trustees and Teachers. Rooms com mo-Wood or Teams at Tamable “'‘cxceiie.i.Rsv^^g^^^a® d Iou# and c o m t *> r t a h I * * . eo#l Are#. Electric tig his. lyrate? ^Thirty LcYYktI’. Prop rpi<l STEES and Teachers are here of Davidson aud J. W Pitts *>t ^ornery were elected delegates to delphi#. Will- Mont i’hih.- ( arolina l>»*ii»o«*rat« >l«*et. v ! i mica, S. 0., May 16.— l’he state D in rati** e*>nventioii is iii session here. A ia * it ii' *>f the }«irty have united aud tm- meeting Tile aiel iut| tm me* mig I- v**ry harmonious. av* ut iou is a unit against trusts Holism aud for Bryan und fn*> projier. From the administration of view th** action of the delegate their friends is ealculab-ii t*> stir up u .sentiment designed b> for*® the govern in**iif to receive them without any sag gestiou they may make. lilt* purpose *>t the state de}*rtmeiit is receive the delegates as “distinguished have presenter! such palier# as they may have, the question of their recognition a.- r* j»-reseututiv* s of the Transvaal will b*‘ «l> termined. If is becoming appar* ut to the official#, however, that the mission of Mn* commissioners is more of a palm than a diplomatic character and the right tfiigli j    ^d after they tv the point of    J    h    TtfiiKJs as they J >44♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦ J. W. ASHHURST, Real Estate j Broker, til j t< i s the Season JOHN LAIRD, Architect & Builder! A gem \\ •tor ’taw1 Vt,* I M Insurant e. Real Estate. WYMAN &i CO HARDWARE. Sibem OU and Laird, if.,, ,. x, v i }><i«o t*» IL* ilk **t Aiken* FURNISHED COTTAGE TO RENT, Aph wi V7 $ 0 0 0 JOHN It. HERMIT •REHL EST HJJ 0 0 0 0 0 0 f ai I e I h od Hilo, ll.* .is* X * i VIKI ’ I*. < I. I! 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Elegance in*.! Economy ar.* I or d, ti E. W. DODGE, Rubber Stamps. Seals, Brands, Badges, Etc:. 221 Campbell St., Augusta, Ga. i cir dr F. P. POWELL cal their representations, it likely, will tx declined. is altogether sue The winter wheat crop of Missouri < >>t t<«n Mill < hart en* R.xt high. May I*;. A iiart* i->u* d t*> th* Linn (' *t *>t i.inn. iFw .J. un' to '}>in unu w \NITEVIELE Mi avi >tton an* I (iii • ut -ar v .rf en bv midi fled that I have on hand Trustee Records and Teacher# Pay ( ertificales, to be hadjin^calk^ t’outity Buperintehdant. Jan. 2‘J, tf. •    For    liver    Flit    v Mrs. Winslow’# Soot Iii ag Syrup ha I teen u-etl for over fifty yeurx by mill ions of mothers for their children while teething, aith pert***J so* * *-' It Goethes tile child, soften# the gum-allays all pain,cures wind colic, and is the best remedy for Diarrhoea, ll will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by Druggist in every part of the world. Twenty fix* cents a bottle. Be sure and H'k Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup and tike no other kind. / I" *« lied electric work is the only fi a \ *. your home wired. At s by Brill Elect fie < o. and Kansas has conn pond it iou. through in good iii * I y I ie ■'t lim i.o > k * a-1 t y from > -k- t ..Iii V. < liar Tty .** >.Otl : o nil s ii A it I I* hi nit if* of hooping *'*»»iuh. I w inter during an epidemic of NX I; oping cough my children contra*-1,-il \ \ *• discase, having severe cough* I * Spells. wc ha*l U"**d t’hamher-ougli Remedy very successfully for croup and naturally turned to at that tim** and found it Throughout th** corn licit <***rn is la per rent and hogs J'* per cent higher than a year ago. Ten cent cotton In* the south measure of. pro#|#*ri'y which is Mottled l>y Ti **elil cot u the corn belt. and $' is n only hogs ic it relieved | complete j reuerallv known that t *»r «.    ■    .    It    is    a fact not Hi** cough at‘d effected a compete    breadstuffs I»ro- ... - — -— i= for sale by U. U .Hall.1 some system or irrigation. I J io= remedy rile ai 11 - in was ti..* work < J a man. A ny **f»e 'v !l ta«*k of sciatic of if mat i'tu will agre i- deiuoui. • u< u-lief. It has neves he ii < ( haudtt-riaiii ' Pai i BjIuj out demons, hut it tism, and bu mined the trillh of fciiP plication relieve quick relief whic j wort ti many time#, by ll. U« Fleming& Bowles 904 BROAD ST., AUGUSTA. Notice of Final Discharge. \ Furniture & Household t ousts!Ing in part <•! Bal*' ( al I gi \\ Ii I* K is hereby Iy Hi I- V\ cite Jiidge of Aik n I'hur-J iv . M iv ~ lib ,.irg«* a- .**ii tuiti i'5 r;t i or o« I I I q\ I . M. Boat w right. dec** w . u . in * \ l ((bi ( d IJ J 11 • uh, I yod. r rn tle- Muti 11 ti(( it j*. ain: Room so, des ii I rat til aud them ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Aiken Journal And Review