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Aiken Journal and Review (Newspaper) - May 2, 1900, Aiken, South Carolina STATE CO DB! TjjtBjmoFJiia CAPITAL. SURPLUS lour Account Solicited. BY L. C. LIGON A WARM BED i* • *• n»..NDE«ao5, HENDERSON^ GOOD FARTRHDrITY, ■■I    APPLY1* ■ Croft A Sonir'keD,S. C British Success [depends Entirely I pun General French. Attorneys at Law All Telegraphers East of His-aiasippi May Walk Out. WILL AID SOUTHERN MEN MONEY TO LOAN 0. W. CROFT & SON Attorney, at Law ll practice in alt of th id blate    bocci ai al I to collection*. J.W. A8HHURST: £ LIVI, FIRM AMO ACC'IDEIT WILL SUPPORT POPULISTS ll'.il Ma (it* \\ lit* ret. \ lf ■ m Ii 11ii. va. 11 HPT tbs Court* yf Attention Riven to iii cit cl rat* l us 11 nuati iii v CV. [uturns :    OFFlOBi    j Cliatfleld Building J. F. Leitner, ARCHITECT. ( hatfieltl Building, Aiken, S. C L. TOOLE Arrest disease by the timely use of Tutt’s Liver Tills, ail old and favorite remedy of increasing popularity. Always cures SICK HEADACHE, sour stomach, malaria, indigestion, torpid liver, constipation and all bilious diseases. TUTT’S Liver PILLS Attorney at Law, b BLO* K,    .    AIKEN, « 0. es in ail* yurts. Collection* SAW VIJ .V DW ENS ana spent! on lions furnished tor iblie anti private bu Btl in#*. Dell! 111. villi! K* rn Spei'lult,. uifti'.iuu I ha J oil cult I aud Kit, law. NORTH CAROLINA CAMPAIGN ll. TEAGUE Dre.ile.t Political li.ittlr Since IST*. l*i Nutt la Progress. Raleigh, April *14.—The greatest p >■ Bt lea I haiti.- that has Im-»*u taught iii NJ *11h I arulinu simx* Ih.d, ss hen, mid* r the leadership of tin* lamented Z* n Nance, tho Democrats wrested til* -ta from R.*puhli<ati control, ha*- nisi A WARM ii ED. »f the h«-.l and ut ail angle degrees. Next a strong In ti 11. .rn out* gable t* f Intl |* for a ridgeiNile. This oh over eavli ga I>le ami ••'DI.J at each on*! of the t Is securely Staked. If ■Iv. this wire milk* - th** WANTED F. DOBEY AIKEN. S. O WERE SAVED BY THE POLICE • toy Mid ke r* A ..ta ii It Ivto Italhin I .n cans a V. A. HEMSTREET# BHO. * 023 Broad St.    I Guns & Pistols Vt* kid to tin* flame at t he i .iHers at cacti »s <*i> .I ss Itll tin* same l«H» «*os cf turns the ■ cold mid I*, aiuiust It is com pa rat I v cly tin* bod Deeds at ten * loosened es.. pt at J it Ii (’RSUTT, D EN II8T - - UMA.NTl’KVILI.R, 8. a I his is the Season NEW CHARTERS GRANTED Repairers of I nc Arms. . Hilarity, SjMUtiiit; Goods . I Fishing Tackle. j | AUGUSTA, GA. I I leu*.,, luau ti un l'h«* Journal and Keviaw. For Sale Cheap A V Al ( UU I. I SSO-.tors brick -tore EX bm Id i ng in the |jVt, t«.wn of ♦ M i llwood I ’a s - over IO per cent net J" f* . Also a ho ai re far iii I mile maid * min 11 on-e. i all oil, ar address lh < . Im PRK, * ■ rec a w nod, S. I . Ult us,* mention l int Journal aud Review In.. Knitting Gillis aud Other Indii-tries For South ( aeolina. Con mid v, M. CL, April ‘>3. A .'hart* r [.as I.. *ii issued t>. th.* < trang. burg Knit • mg mill. A commission for ii charter voiir \. tiling i fr-: at :: vr:^:vr r>c jj C S. Wallace WYMAN &CO HARDWARE. AIKEN S. C MOLDERS MAV STRIKE JULY I J. W. ASHURST, Real Instate Broker, VERDICT FOR THE PLAINTIFF OlUer Awarded blo,OOO Dam •*g»‘s Against Ka! I road. t i MHI S. * April *JH.~ Att. r In* nit all night the jury in the Olivet has returned a verdict of #7,(too ii * rf Mrs * Iii Vt* r a gal ii.-t the Collun NewUrry aud Iaur.*n> raili .ad Oliver hail stied for ilO.tMJO dam Magnolia Inn M isnt to M It, I v IO (MI Kl Iii. \|* Elegance and Econoim JOHN LAIRD, Architect Ai Builder Escape*! Convict * aptured. B ai i ioh. April CU Th,* negro < ,n- vi t, Pat singleton, who a1 tor four years’ Ii* .loin was raj.tUTed tins we. k in s.. * navy yard ut Norfolk, wa- br .light h t ie* penitentiary t<. eompl.te a dD-year s* til* ne**. He wa.- *»rigumllv 8<*nt up I manslaughter, and just Im-fore his term * nd. d murdered a fellow convict, lf was f »r this sentenced do years, and has '< i v.-d lo y« ars ot th,* term Ire. st si in aptur* hun If* is one. J th, a. t * .es j rate at all tie* c.«n viols I. mg a s any < a I s method sh.mid and th.* iegulai I also tx* found are easily kill,.! green and lim, , he Used before some other rem iud I ids Is found < >Dv loUslj this ‘it ripening fruit, applied In time an ate bef rn .* the APPOINTMENTS ARE MADE Graniteville Hotel member la* *at iou FURNISHED ( OTTAGE TO RENT FI^ming:& Bowle 904 BROAD ST., AUGUSTA. rod,!, non at the We w hn-h I- distill bing t .la; ti adit kms .*f rn mi JOHN IL HERIOT RE/\L ESTATE AIKEN’S NEW MVI IO HI si Ut I lit. I’m rk Au*. *^» Gruuml t lour. 0. N. CRIPPS, Photographer I atest Style*. I illest Platinum lie and Aristo A DISASTROUS EXPLOSION E. W. DODGE R u 1)1 PHOTOGRAPHS! er Stamps, Seals, Brands, Badges, Etc, *L^^anipbell St., Augusta, Ga All w.»rk Guaranteed First < las*, and Permanent, lectures Enlarged Auj M/e in * rayon, Pastel, Ft. . Picture Frames, all Sizes VN e kindly solicit your patronage Re mein h. i neat to post office, Park Av,-i‘lease mention Th* Journal aud Review SOME FOOD ny the g \■ rum.rn a> night. The walls • f ii destroyed and fin -• neighboring d . i*. a Xhe shrieks .»t vs. uh* n the adjoining -tr* t limns of the se. ne. I killed and .'Ti wen iii Herr (iniub.-iv, r d* Works. Hie most important saved, idle cause et rn known, lh.- works ,*i suns, mostly French an Look at the label on your paper and if you are behind please pay ahead without waiting to receive our notice. For liver Fifty Years Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup has been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind eolie, aud is Hie best remedy for Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by Druggist in every part of the world. Twenty five cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for “Mrs. Winslow* Soothing Sirun ” and tab*ho other hind. Concealed electric work is the only wav to have > t.r bouse wired. At low prices by Brill Electric Co. J ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Aiken Journal And Review