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Aiken Journal and Review (Newspaper) - March 28, 1900, Aiken, South Carolina VOL. XXX-NO. 13. iFIELO’S BODY hOUND. all women tf from f*-r 'Old I iujtt" Ukiu ™rr** fr?m    trr try taw “rn,! i *— . . should It has no amini It ttren^hm, th* rt.-itr ltd-1»-ii» ll---. gms iii I hull i* u vioOJ Bn up. ah •;.....i..* ti — U1I>    , ...    „ f I I....th. rs . I for W<«iu n ut Wwfiw * shim I »i*u -i »*■ r *‘" cl»ua Wrth H<»ld*hf nil ‘IR wrists or sent u*-=>U**',J on recall* of one- ti <*>• lU.-p. (ti h tic i>!i U mo‘I I ar, trr«*nt    .ta mal**Vim >* ' »•    N,:*    ^nU-X    •tt.Ua.itr.    co.. Lfcaiuo**«l* r*,;#c H irrtW* J F t KK USO*. & ball charred I wo ann bad    i_ \    - foal,.i iu the woods. I Here breeze*}' dance thai she had beau murdered liar THV Jackson. John Jackson J. I. btesu aud B«u JactmB, »B white men. are rn jail ae suspects. ^ Hwy at c>i it iu hi a. Columbic, a C^. Mtrch 20. - Ad Mirai George Deetey was eninnsiasti* oally greeted when /be passed through the capital of fk ,,ib Carolina. Thin alate Relit a battalion of naval i-serves, a regiment of in fan try and the r irs! arni cry bind to take part ai tue l>ewey parade at Mtivauuah. Alleged Assassins Arraigned at Frankfort. a,.,... ..-a :j K. iv YoJTm.£ « -Th Vi wa. • Atlas,.. M.rch 2, -1- -d, - .    o. OO ut »■« bs... ««*«* K.lir H.    Wf„“,o«riLu .ut. auO nth., cie. TT^TJZ ^ZTJrZ. ...1.0. ui . — tost against the prop»,at of tue Italian morning u»    gnat he to,...ALlull A branotiu* fc.w Yon al...    BUU.a..J wa. c«h»r o. ... ^A.h.v HAVANA NOW CLEAN, secret of Beauty REMOVAL OF THE ACCUMULATED UIhealth.The SCXfel "0'*^“ > a. ui Ni«t    *    t*. dAJiuiiuwi >* K. UKC I ac UCON. Dirt of a century. ONE WITNESS EXAMINED I t.i Iii Mr,. 'N iii-: .vs bren used f‘»r O' intl* of vs ll lh* !-It MH.lll r I 111 v I w Soot Iii usi r lift J > • im i? I ii* r w tor I In* t Iii ll Af. wilt! w St o I •ll rf, I or ll, VV .I IMM 11 A « Honey to Loan -I r • * v, 11 \ GOOD FARM SEi'URlTY, \ri'l.Y i‘> EW. Croft Si Son, Aiken, S. C, MONEY TO LOAN. ai la J -i> the I will r i in medial cly. «*v i*i v part ut I — ut - a twit t !*• • Mr*. \V iii'l** aud I it*** .it i rut 111 Mil -hildr 'HITT” .. ch lid, mi rte na • h** gum*. ti, cur--* v\ md * * * * * ic. ami undy lur Marlin**a. it ll,*- poor filii** miterer Sold by I>ruggj*d in world, iweniv live It,, wtir*- ami »~k fur s Snot Iii ll g >.vrilp.*' . I I M A> I! I > i'll . I *1 ISM o < lim iii1 ..pin) . I. ''Id- A dm tx Lit S - ii I I* • \lhtN. n 1*1-*- | Elll kl Iii I .lim' i-d. v, iii h**r ,,l sin* - SA LII \ fit ll INA In Un* * ours I I,,* I Ilion Mid I I nit Plaintiff *, .vv u r iii I• I. aud .tat** ..I < .aim-' I in I ,»v pa v im ut' Vo ,  .....  .I    ' charged B*ir- r pay a a. tint ■ --I of pert**. Hug I iller* -I ' |- r • .-'.t. .ISM. B IAI M IK A SON. ii, ,l(ll    «    * dumb ie,is. I • VV I '-III. > UY MMI •ll. V' .«. V*-r I ct al.. I HH **nd»i»t -cut an order of ii j,. (Jal en 'I ar. ll 3 ,r wale I" tth* Ii I ii 11 *' ,«****se*** * * JW. ASHHURST: UKK. F IKK ASO All MIKKI * INSURANCE OFFICE I Chatiield Building. I < ? ,n t Ic- iirwt Munday i» rue I ut I In* * our! I l*m* w 11 Ii111 tin* I* if ii hoUI 1111 vs i -i it dew.ri t ’••. I real All thai I r-t< 1 "r I*lfl i rig and b i ud >1 at i* c. * ■' •♦*'* 4 * ’ ii red icon ai r»-' I, or I ti bv land' • \ , Lu X t ON ck ; Mini ii bv I A ' N in ia * NI on It rec \ . Iluiior Ii, iou I, I I iii,Ider, Npnl, IlR*0, in \ I k cli, >. -lur 'ab', t Im c'lati- to vs it cl ut land. I v * I he futility ,*tu *-i *•* u : i ive liun more ar Ii", bounded i iii i ain I oil uxiii aud . ;d bv Point Hun \u oi K. II. i*» os trr ; vs cwt by lauds id .I«di11M ii aud \ Penitentiary Warden Lillarii Describe* the Shooting “Fatal Shot Fired From Secretary of State * Office Militia Guard* Courthouse. Fkanek iUT. Ky , March 2J - A Rquad of Ta extra i»olioe aud dopmy sheriff* guarded the oater enirauce to the court-house this moruing. while a ll e of soldiers st .od at the doors aud pa-sad un the credentials of persons euteriug the room The l^exmgioa aud Winchester companies, armed with VV luchesiers, were scattered through Varina* rooms. Judge Moore oouTeusd his court at IO o'clock. Tub prisoners, the Repub bean wecretarv of state, Caleb Lowers. W ll Calloo aud Johu Davns, wore brouctit into the courtroom ami took seals by their counsel. The commem vv cat lh witnesses were called. me name of Eergeaut Golden was not lu the list    ti    # At me conclusion of the ca I or me commonwealth wituesse-, Couutr At Limey Roisgrose auuouuced mat ue wan reaav tor ihe trial rn the ca-e ot toe common wealth against rower*. hx Governor Brown read the warrant against Powers oh Arg! fig him with being an accessory ll me murder of Will am Gee bel aud a krd dismissal of the defendant ou the gruand mat the wan r .tnt was fatally aeteCtlve Judge Moore oveiruled the onjectlou to me form of warrant IHM delouse announced ready mr trial aud called August Man outer, the i uvingtnu undertaker, as .ne first wlt-u,.„w li^i did nm auswer and au attachment against hun was issued by the court OU a demand of tho deteuw.*. Hon Ll I lard, w anorn ut the Frankfort j en lieut tary, was me tirsi wttuesa. ^    .    ..    T    — I * , lAA I is* I VV ti Hi! {£ akerite * I. presided priuo.pbl siieech    . I cere are tiuudrel* of tbousaud* of uoiiats inVrsied in the It- »*“ banks in till* and Omer cuie','* be san. i « i Italian government has no right to stey I iu ana trv lo monopolise tni» tiu one ss I vs ti IL ii IS already web cured .or aud Lour--lie fraus ic ed It now amounts I lo about $ A).boo.OOO a » e ir in money ie I untied bv Luhau Milieus aud muni Kraut* lo relatives, while there I' IU our , banks aud in me AiUi-rioau saviugw I Lank* soiaelhmg like I'.VWb.UOJ COB »tau t v ou deposit "    , I'he liaisau govemiaeul has a postal cavings Bauk ayeiem aud if U estab ' liwhet mi* branch, as proposed it win 1 virtually meau lue estau.lsumenl or a branch OI their postal savings bauk here I hose wishing to »eud money home cad thou rn-re y depose in i t' proposed New York branch and tbe.r LOUK' Wilt lie hoiioiod lu any La.tau postoffi e, mu* avoiding the luierua nodal mouev ordwr offices A in illest, winch win be forwarded to Koine aud alioth** to YYa8hiugion. wa-adopted THE STR KE IS SPR geV, r.tl iluM«lre«t A lillllooai NI , ne Mov in et-Cee Vi i vm>, March 2d A largely attended aud uumuslasUi; meeting of the striking machinists was held early to day According to tho reports received more men are out today luau on yester cav It wa. claimed that uot less than 1.700 men had joined the movement lu addition to these it was pointed out that iu mauv esiabasumeuls a large numuei of molders aud paterumakers had necessarily bomi compelled to cea*.e work owiug to the machinists’ strike ADING. dull! II •ll *r to pay ,r pap W M a* put-cha- i. I Hup' \|. Ii Mi I* \ N . I \ i k»*ll * OU Ut) J. F. Leitner, architect, JI VS IKK S SALK. CIVIL SERVICE RETIREMENT. "Hatfield Building, Aiken, S. C. ai' at VI Dill Ut* -I WANTED. W . F . UCB L Y LU I LOE st a* mid -olti ii- I t iti rk promptly i V. A.HtMSTKEtTS BKU. , I    t,23    Broad    St.    \ Guns & Pistols LVpoi IliFvelrs, S|H»rtintr Lend CONTRACTOR, their pair 11 i' 11 • * d oil a{ lo) I rnis ti 'ab . one bail it a > rill it ot <" it* v-ar. •oui d t oi sat - al . rvdil p * rt iou — -ur-d I»> ii r- h as r. aud a liior tr—ut > w-s -old. I In* un W &* with Senator Goehel when ihe_fatter was shot. He wanted ahead of Sen-ator Goebel am he was just entering me sta.ehoO'0 when the shot was tired He turned back from the stat-house ■ ten* and ^w what had happened lie looked toward the executive building and ow mal the second window or Hie comer room was slightly raised. Ibis was the office of the ani rotary of state. He thought the shot had been tire i from .his room. There were several oihei .hots bot the latter did not come from the same place Hie tirsi shot wasevi-neatly tired lr un a rifle while the oth^ er* seemed to t*e tr un pistols sui werj uut so dear aud distinct. U cross examined by ex Governor Brown Colonel Ll third said he saw me b.,i» IU ro..m (rom which iu. -hoi   IO im*    llr-li    “ud l ” d‘ nut we aiiv one IU the main do* r or on trie steps of me building at the time of the shooting.    ,    ... C , i email Wingate was the next witness He was uot in the statehouse yard when the shooting occurred but arrived a- the crowd was carrying * en c r G ta tie I out. He saw armed men At me entrance to Hie executive build ii,: and recognised John Davis ami Beiry Howard among them. an agreement is reached. Troubles Between the Sugar Retiuer* Have Been Adjusted. XB u Yuks. March 2d —It is stated a excellent authority that the most se nous negotiation that thus lur have teen attempted having the termination ut cue troubles of me sugar rentiers in vrow I ii v o beeu in progress for a week ^ "^conferences thai have b-en held lut ing the progress or the u^oi..uu..h 1U,V, b,,u I ar italjr "lti:rul;' u,, ll attended t>y fneuds of the several . 'ri.,ewts of snfticieul im^rtauce to jus-tl-v the assertion thai an agreement has J,',, ...... in--I and vruuid    the «0,Kin u( ut reliusr. ibaiu.o.vo* RAILROAD TO BSL REBUILT, twill,,  .....  M"“    T‘—,l*' "ou U< .mime IHI. Okke;svii4»k* ^ March 2d Mr lip nims Wilson, a wealthy lumberman ! , Lh low er i>art of the state, h ts pci (acted arrangements to rebuild the ( ,iroiin t. Knoxville aud Western railway, extending from mis city lo Ma r.Htt’a lh ml.es above A »uu * now pending lo compel the ow ne s looper Lm the rood, an I Mr Wilson * deal will probably put au end to this IN I It lim lo I* ..so*., Hove, ...ll Hi I hi ploy* s lo It Int roduced. W xsiiiNUtON. March 2G A N.ilioual Civil S'si vice Inurement a'.sociatmu has b-eu organ I/-ed ti re Its object is to becure the passage of a bill by con gras* providing lur the retirement of the emp ut es of the gov- rn.neat under civil service ragman .us. by pay mg them an annuity .hen th-y i»V4 reached a certain age. ami bave t» en a certain number of years in tue service Tuts is to he done without .'*peu3e to the government. lynching N. gio Vt lisps* I" Hur.l Haugh bv — >1 «»h. Kl Pl.EY, 'lent! . March 2>    — This morning in the heart’of the city the | I,,(dv of allegro. Units Rice, wa- louud I dangling from a limb of a tree Toe lynching grew out of a trial rn the circuit court of lauderdale county, dur lug the curse til which R e testified in laver OI one ut hts dor. who w.is charged wiih the uiur-ler ut a white mali uamed Go Kir.en I) b ii.* I’osi pon I. I Athens, tia . March 2d ihe annual debale between me University of Norm Carolina aud the University of Georgia has been postponed mull April *> bv request of Norm l arolia i I ne subject tot debate is: -Lite Kugdsh in Niutli Africa; lr* Their Uoorse .lusufiabiei-tieorgia defends the natives R Hume Sn, I lh aud Kin ny Weudingion will represent Georgia. Both ate speaker of le oguiaed merit lo It- 11 v lh** Libor K»nttiip. Bk IU.iv, March 13 lhe Agrarians ■re discussing wav* aud means of perusing me government to aul iu re I ie v i d g the farm labor famine Hie agricultural chamber proposes that the government should appropriate a large -urn lor settling laborers in me country ami asks go.doll,OOO manta as a t>egiu-utug fur Mima alone. II \ Iii..VS *• lo Aloin*. Roc KWOOO. Ienu , March SS - Frank Day, a white laborer who was at work on the Tennessee Genital railroad, at tempted to dig a dynamite cartridge kl UWU Ll CBU '.-V.      •    ■    ,    • Bnuahe-d was cashier oi tne Marina tau Lim lusurauc* couipauy. and ait examination of hts accounts alter rn* disappearance ducloaed a shortage o several ibuDiHod dahars It was sup-iKised that ne had leu town. A disagree*un- tnioc coming from un oer bis uouse led lo th* investigation, which resulted in finding ms body. w uicn VSS removed to Barclay & Brau-don’» un sertakiug establishment, where the coroner beld au inquest I ne cou elusion reached by me jury was that he had died by his owu baud I ne ccruticaie lurutsued the county physician gives me cause of ueatn ••unknown. nut trout me evidence po**ib.> bUlcide. TO BE INAUGURATED JULY I. |{ ural KrF« Mall l>**UV<*ry Along th-lii*or gin Star KoUU*. Washington. March 22 —Rural free luau delivery will soou be established in Georgia. due second assistant postwastel gen era!, rn a letter sent to the members of the Georgia delegation, has asked if they desired this service iu the' Us-(riots, aud thev have notlged hun mat tuey did. Toe new sci vice is scheduled to go Into eft ct Juiv I Uuder it the carriers delivering the mails along what are known im the star routes will be required to deposit the mail of natrons in sued mall boxes as they may provide aloag the route This new p.an will carry the benefits of free delivery to .l large portion of the people in the connu v an i is a long arride toward a complete tree delivery system. A V-RDICT FOR PLAINTIFF. Au luterrsnug >u,‘    1,1    lbr    Atlauta ( tty I <turI. A tlx VTA, March rg-Ine jury in the case of Giovanni i errario against ll H. Smith A Co . beiore Judge ll M Beld in the first division of tLe city court. found tor the p-aiuttff lue verdict was for Ii SOU principal, tU»y » 12 interest and $'J protest lee, maxing a total o |J,.'in'- 12    * I - Tnt) plaintiff i* a resident or Milan, Italy, anil to* alleged mal A N van CICCI, residing in Austria, near lhe llal-lau border, wa' a pal tiler of Smith It was charged that Ivan: u u had borrowed l-i.UCO from Lei ratio, giving him three promissory notes, al. Hight ti ii Ii >mitn & Lo TENNESSEE. CROOKED LIMBS STRAIGHT. I I»s<- Otis Sutton KH* cis A11 »• g <* d NY nu «l» 11 - I i < UM at < old iii bus. Col I min Ga , March 2L Certain remarkable cures, real or alleged, on the part of Lev. Otis M Sutton, a im-'N.uarv Bapt st preacher, who claims to operate through faun. have caused a -'Teat heal of comment aud discuS'Nm in Columbus am vicinity during the pa* I tow ti av s. na* oeeu openly and generally has, K«w Theory of the Detraction of the Battle**!** Mala*—looser vat Iv e View of the Baillie-* Outlook—Minina and t attle Knlslnu. [Special Corrtspondenat ] Havana, March lo.—Havana is now urn- of th.* cleanest cities lo the world. The change is wonderful. Aa soon as the Spuul di soldiers withdrew Un-American conquerors began to rid the city of a century’s accumulation of dirt. Waler flowed freely, aud thou sands of dollars’ worth of diam (detail! was used. the people at iii>t opp the renovation, and so force was ? ossary. The Immediate results of the crusade lave beeu a reniarkalrie lowering «»f the death rate uu-1 the absolute baui.shincut of yellow fever. The exact cause of the blowing up of the Maine will probably never be known. Here is ti new explanation: The cruiser was sunk OU Feb. 1*». USHS, aud during the November previous the steamer Guy of Americus was also sunk in tit** same harbor. A geol leman W ho w as on beard tins latter vessel auld lately to the writer:    -When the City of Americus went down, I had to HW im for my bf* The boat rested uot far from the shore ami IU front of some warehouses The wreck impeded commerce, SO the authorities decided ^ to destroy it. i'hey procured dymi- g mite bombs, uu-1 I noticed that the I work waw doue carelessly. Later the Maine "aw anchored near the spot. and I sometimes think that a bomi-, carelessly left there, was tin- means of destroying our magnificent battleship At the time Captain Slgsbe. sent a message to the president asking that judgment lie suspended I hew* » U attracted instant ai tent Ion. and the words had a calming influence in tic-whole American press and public. I ti-captain bas I we II extolled tm hiw fe . gram, and his last sentence ha> » come Ulhtoric N et uuxal nm! mdita > officers say that Sigsl«-e merely . totted to a k the Washlngttin govern Iaent Hot to blame Ulm for th.- affa..' until nu investigation "as Heeinw that he did wlntl "tis under tie ell eillliStaii es. ai effect, it must i*e confess* make of blin nU-her-U tigui There I' little or no • hall. in regard to trade relation* land. I 'Y. I Barrett of the New York and Cuba Steamship company said verv recently “Shipments both to and from Cuba are at pre we ut very quiet I rn mediately following the war a Ie-amount of goods was sldppcd | The mark- ts in came o\ orsto- ;,- i an resume.t uot mal < - -n il v . r\ hojieful of t lo* t It 1,0! bell. .c that nnles-•s are undcrtaU. ti trad .lowly aud n<>t with iiuite.” eit\ at • fad I the power to digest and a *sun Hate a proper quanti y ot food. This can never be done when the liver does not act it s part. Doyou know this? Tutt s Liver Pills a^" I Ute cure for sick pcpsia, sourstoj constipation, tj iaundice, HkNhkRSONS, Attorneys at Law, :x, S. o. rra-ficr- in nH of the State and iJ« S. t uurts. Collie lions a spccialijf. G W. CROFT & SON. Attorneys at Law, AIKEN, -    -    -    S-    0 lit practi.-o i* «|* ;uurv« of lids >iau    Hp etal on given to collections. .f i*'© allen* T. K- MORGAN, Attorney at I aw. AIKEN. ,    *    9 0. Will practice In all th* Court* <»r this Slate. Prompt attention given to Collection*. TOOLE' G. L i.UM.... Attorney kl Law, CROFT’S ULCH K, - AIKEN, 8 C. ColloetiocM Practice in all « uurts I apemnlty. Cf’ Jfew  —* Elegance and Econontv H It ire * ..* Xse, dary PuUdu WW ER \ A I are the chief -tiara furniture. BuyiUr *e<*uritJ— we tell y materials are j* made and and more * to wilt f urn Y our mo I h»n i 1 d* * iv R- ,) I*. n\\ ENS :t*y w it law , k, Aiken. S I Ii, ii i ii.......  e ll. TEAGLE, . AIKEN, ti w I - IU " and Av and Lait bt*tween Peu- * i, -t > I *. oil At ii ii. .1. i»r: s 11 HAY, d Bi made. elision , bough .1 wa it lid1 I -I 11 NI WT0N A. I EAGLE I >E -T, to l« *n th t I i-leminy; 904 BHO A I) C* <w\ U I >1>\V A’JOUST A nil SFA aer Mi GA. ,r < ii I -k !X -p lait; F P POWELL • unr administered q.eration*. NOURI: V Ii stated that K--v Mr Sutton throngn toe exercising ot faith rn a .liviue power, been able to Btraigtiteu oui no We I i.ml.s and to remedy other physical malformations N. vv t>. t».»« e »»r < omnibus. MFI * Ga , March 2J Mewfers. | J. M Lagan aud ll Comer ot the Ventral Railroad of tieorgia are in the city (or the purpose of se uriug certain propel t v im J.* eat to the present union depot. It is me intention of the Gen- | trai officials to ©marge the present carson* i put m mote tra.'Ks, build elegant waning ro- ms. ticket offi es. baggage office and aud a tustciass restaurant, j thu' giving Go unit.us nrstciass depot faculties. I * i r a a Guilty to ('.Ki*|iir«oy, Sax vxnah March 21 D A. Tyson I aud all tue men save one wUo have t,©en on trial with him in the United tate* court charged with conspiracy, . -    -    .    .    .    .    lit    t    ha    til* trade ba* sin*- tloiis W c ill. tm-. ho"4‘v**r gr-at #uterpri w 111 iner. as.* Im,out. as Itta ny an i< TI.— r.Si d S <f tlii: lug improved. In many block pavements have t — I LA N ill VHT surveyor ‘ I Furniture & House A Ok Goods A ic will re* . Charac* plat -ii n don hi id in Graniteville Hotel. VIP. GI < rn six * o Aint nit i inn mon I * I ca * \ - r, I ’ I a i n 11 ll. x '. and J-ukius Kit ant * iii virtu— of an * r ti . t .ag**, dal t d ’J it rja V Iii durn coat fir ream! lien! in. iud * VI I utnxccibd. K.»ot and comtortabti. i .i. ctric light'. rates IV Tingliest* very moderate ir-m Aug||st:1 toy rH C S. I Ll NM I ahi. ti cr tor - Monday thor t he « *»urt w it hi u t It Will' NOTICE. to toll Honor March, I'.1 i> . hippest iud -u.I day *d ' pei ii.,Use. at Aik. t I bour-, t or wale- tbcd r* ai « -I if ain pte-e, pared or t u ate. tx mg 1 :h* he lit if s,,ut ii t arm I u t, * on id \ .ut a 11 -1 o g tin— hundred dei oil 11 ; rt* spfdively «»Licr my sgi-is im KKaLviviitiL \\ Ui viler a1 uoiist vttct ion aik! biuiuf ss.    hi ec trie Annunciators and Wiring a specialty, line Lamps on hand* Can furnish any style ot fix turfs at short notice. Satis* fact i. ai gHai-ixateejh w. ROTHROCK, Postal Tel Cable Co. I \ices : do a p repair Bells, House Full and eight \ lv" , acres, and bout the bort h by band- ut ------- ‘    ort ,.H*t i,j lands id    I ..I bitt and I o- N,.v ; nil the wont Ii by Uttd* m.w or formerly Ut ItuO.s Staley and    Moi- an * and on the xm-i i*y some hind formerly Cooeyed to " . < . Il‘.dn,an lo Hit la Moi ma u and ut lier *. by thor ,,‘rtam deed til convey alice, and recorded ill Idle JnAI page MO. *«. (lo* office til the ll. NI I • tor Aiken Goutily, "itll md power tv* authorize the said " . < . M oil, It uMc, . a* aiore-Ha,d lo sell. a-sign «r convey, tor the benim of th- *e*tiii M'l* ‘«u't any rl-i,t thai he or they may have ihne- ,nTerms of sale cash. purchaser to pay !for „.p.r- ...u    “JuKhAN. Master. Aiken t ounty. Mob. 6th, 1900. Mr Wilson ba-* lo*ly purchased ab ut ti,OOO acres of beavdr umbered LoI IU me laouniaiu*. which are now i„ac -v.se I tile    I'be Auantic Coast Line la bv bind Ihe transaction Body Horribly Mangled. Coi t Min s. Ga , March 23 Lion Jeu kins a wed known farmer ai Midland, Ga * t A miles from here. was found on tho Southern railway track ne-r his home tuts .naming, nu body mangled almost ba V OIH I recognition three trains are sunpOM-d to have pa'-F.l over It dor mg th., night It is not known whether (bor., wa' --ui play. Jenkins be.oug-go, d faint v. aud was SI years old aud unmarried XI i»'I" pp' I*-pu »!•««. j„ KS ,v MU. . Much -I*. K K Pre* db chairmen of me Populist stale executive committee, has issued a call for the Populist state convention to a* (temtde IU Jackson on April .6 for the i,urDose of selecting delegates to me national convention, which will beheld at Cincinnati. rn... AY ut N I i!“ * Mt* r*Ml-    | Mf.bfhis March ii Overton, the i vear-old s.,n of Belvidere-Peuinah, who wa* being prepared at Montgom Hrv park toy George WalkH^ fur 'L" i aob tart con grew stakes to bu ruu at Ve^ t )rleans, will not t« shipped south A start m that event, owing to heavy tam Ii ft lo •!» Y tsrsi»«. K.LKIUH M.rch 38 Mr* D » Hill h». iwu >1>. conl«d»mt« v.t.r.u. . u> ..iud MT H,ad.r..m..U. to b. u.tja lur .ac.mpur.ul V.ur,,u.... frtJUl a ll rill Uole ma bad faded to e* uloie Toe .ar.nice exploded aud t>iV was bown to aloins, ll being difficult to find enough of me remain* for burial. I n l>- 'It-y-u bx h iv-Vu font a, B C . March 23 Kuuka-U(s,k. a town of 1,000 inhabitants, at the terminus of the Grows Nest pas. aud Nelson and BelUugton lines of railway has Is-en destroyed by tire rendering the most ot the people destitute, whose want* are tieing suppli- ’ by OIH ten' of neighboring tow ns X.w    I*, « J cled. Chekaw, S C.. March 23 the projected railroad Irmo h- re to Lid rster Pas been place,! ti* the hands of Stevenson and Math son, attorney* tor the road. who have gotten oat a proKpectu* and are making an effort to tm mc.- ic so as to secure lh© early completion of this important line Hr -I** «<••» < oi Q I rot >1 itch* 1 Memphis. Mar, u "~3 - * ap tam * A TiUes. the welt known turlmtu. is rn Memphis, ll- has arrange! a match race between F AV Brodie, the >-ti >rrs crack California campaigner and Paddy romimson’s pet coit. ine Conquerer. tor a |o«»0 pulse ( ’hi,.tm - I .*11,,t* AIU* < Ii**rC»-r***1. Coi.L'taia. S. 0 , March 23 lite Almira cotton mid at Brad ey, Abbeville < ounty, has just b.*.*u inc rj orated Tne capital stock is *bK> "OO. with priv-liege lo increaae to l^aO.Ox o 1> ...th of HO K m r. NKW BERKY. S 0.. March 23 Hi h-ard ll Greneker. . well known as a have plead uoilry a* charged rn me m die* me ut D A Wilkes would not • ©a t guiltv aud was released as the evidence was not struug agam.t hun Judge Emory Speer will sentence the defended soon lue case lias beeu uu ireU two weci-s Atlanta I x t < I *- Mach I ne Works. All.AMA. March 23 Secretary T. ll Martin of tho Atlanta Business Mon s league bas issued a lengthy pro8[>eetuB selling forth iii detail me plan to estab* h*h H-re a plant tor tm* luauntacture t,f textile iiiAchiaery. Of me $100,000 u©c-s'ary to be raised in Atlanta in order lo secure the location of tne plaut in this cut more than bail the amount lias a.ready t»eeu subs rilled. A tintr>«I 1» " **x Is 111. Savannah «ia.. March 21 -Admiral l)Fwe\ is still confined to Lls room by . illness, aud a part of the ©elevation program rn his honor has beeu dis-i.eused w.tu He bo[e*s to is- able to review ibemtluray paradeand banquet General Nelson A .Miles and party uave arrived, coming fr.»iu Port Royal /; .a. lvOAI'NI A k I NO I N HAVANA. Other portions ma. ad.un has I   os No section Of the city has b* * n u I, ct-d I ll- a- '•> load* nu ‘ 'to Gal bag- xx agons UU a'4*-"' ut a , tain hour, mid seldom do, - any dare to throw refuse in the sir*-el A prominent Amcri-ait cattleman i doxv staying at otic of tin* hot* Is In n lie is thinking of invest lug in th** I •* 1,,-ws In I ’Ulm and say * I b, Ic vc t -i is a tot of mou-y iii to, i abd tm * ■    ! tto la «’aba < Yrta.nix t . scarcity of lea f in Transport at iou bet \ oi k is nu att!acti Ii IWS can make ti lagoons rates t'»aii Cut r ms J H V K N . - GI lit /(.vkrr, T I S T NITE VILLE* K* 0. M -r^r \ i ase ii in S. Wallace, ^ | A ' v’,. SOME FOOD sal Estate Broker, • re the Unit.-, -ell Gllba e t» at tire. Ut hat i V I ♦ Ip ta: Off. ! h— re p. n-t-r. Ind-p, These think till, ss in I Th- " d ft is s. to r t ’n!,; it .rn Mw , mild ,d ii.. I at ll I Clancy I ♦«*»>* t    ♦♦♦♦1♦♦♦♦< u Restaurant \ rn JUHN LAIRD Restaurant Al IH' ft UL sos Ga ll Itll* Iii IT Wilt I i**»’ I it I- h Im ic 'till. Ii I 'VU.I F. Ga . March 31. It is said that ti.e ParK Woolen Mills comj any will a* an pariv day -reft a fabric mill here f<>r utilizing me product of their I II 11 woo ic u mill and Hie Colton mill to t« erected 111 this CHV txMore next lad, the ereett >n of wha ti latter [naut is now a«-bured I- . 11 lo It I** Ural ll. ATI anta. March 22. Charles Beam*, ll years o I, fell tr na the banisters of me st-ps it the Young Men’s ' hrtsttau association building Wednesday a'ter noun at a o’.docs, sustaining injuries Mi ii—r an IhstitUb «*«lh trad mining i af Ii. \ I I rU>JA). BICYCLES ' I ISSt PF. . JJ t    Aa a/ I    Ril l O' \\ stain<1 I v-r tho to. “nm t’iff iii ti valuable lit Hill from Which ne d.e l three a.mrs iater NY I- i. |.h i ii t Hell h> >phr» h. Sparta. Ga., March 21 - I be doctors differ as to the nature of the disease pre?a hug her**. > one claim that it is I in XI ii ti it «• |»< * r i 'hmm .rtlntt '< rmnn' I' Iti ut IIo'»* W. •*- MHI»r. HBBKVII.L* S- 0.. M»r,-h 30 Hod W.lwr L MUH*. >L» dMtioROi,b«l jar,et. ,< d,.rt- M.u. o! Mr Mil- ara ii mreueaci. * . -....... * maruadst throughout the state, is dead univ a severe tv— o ^    * Li i v *w    while others are positn at his homo rn Helena, aged about ox •Wha' at on an a and Fun. P; tot s papers bad been copied 'n leading la"’ journals of Europe aud t e United States. ( Kfo.l. a R *tlr*»H»1 SM»td. YoKKV.iXK, S O.. March Si-Presi d^ut W A Barber of the Carolina aud Northwestern Railroad compaay has Nmgnt the I,ooh ^har•s that Yor* CH.unty own* in that corporation at $250 a share. years Senator Tillman >1 . k -a «»©..lal. WasHINuTON. March 20. — Senator Tillman of Scuta Carolina denies that be has accepted an invitation to talk dis-nenssrv to the people of Alabama, or (hat be expect# to take any hand whatever in the senatorial tight ta that state. ArcM-nt*‘ KHIihk *»t N-vrh-rry. N’kwBKRRY. S. C , March 20 —Louis Dunbar, while playing with two otm-r tx,**, accidentally shot and killed Hope Williamson, son of Rev. J L Williamson of the Presbyterian cuurch. Bota boys were Ii ye*r* old. elephant itch. vThiie”©Boers are po,ltive mat it t« genu tue smalipuK Lac kens ^    . March go —Mrs I-** viuta C. Br a rn ie ti. wile of James Ii Bram ;ett, died near Mount Be me I, this county. Mrs. Bramletl wax also the Widow of Captain William L. Wood, a gallant soldier of two wars, who died about 16 years ago. Caroli na’* Statehouse. Columbia. 8* U., March 19 —The South Cero, in a statehouse commission will award contracts tor completing me building on April ii At that time the architect win be eie-ted, ami in the , ..... meantime architects are lUTtted U son* ’ tie to a hoi *e and -ug^ nail nlaua    t two phi > b ti |)*>.«ih- Krum ll >’«1rop COIA'MBI a* > L. Manti 13 Mal dogs have eau'•<! a I ani© In several lo caline* of tho Pee Dee section. Sam Nelson of Statesboro, bitten six week' ag".    l    eiJ “l hTdroohobia, I urst f^»ri!i' — tm!< ‘Ke4 after sa if-*rmg    ‘toe wurst tyrui' An other man, uame HOSnown. is re pot tC'l to have Cited *n Sutute* county % i g**ii I*.*" ll skull I urve st.,opp* ny Mall. Aiken,s < You can jiaxx n anything from a nm k - a    t    j| " ill pr. fit nan of four quir--A tilt ire *»! t to* sent by ii '** st.. Augusta, Ct To PlTEIT Good Idm 1 « st* irot by o .{ aid. Addf< aa. THE PATENT RECORD Balt.morti Bd. .us ta TU* i'st,... Rot. rd • M^r •*«**■ ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Aiken Journal And Review