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Aiken Journal and Review (Newspaper) - March 21, 1900, Aiken, South Carolina STAT# Safety Imtn 'AWW w lout BY I-. C. I. TG ON SOUTH GyROUKA. ’WtaDNESDAY. MARfcH 2^^900. VOL. XXX-NO. 12. 4LL WOMEN Puffer’r»« from Ti mole Tmnbles Should lr/ lite ‘OM Dine” Itemed/, mm It h*« no ^nnl It *T* iSS? rn.im ut- *.•■:• ii***•».t ots nn-lbulla#a» ”* . I ifferliO anti    fltlt'l    fit “u    ’    I.    I*    Ss    eau    I*    axonic    1    ‘*    *** im# for t,, ii»k girls maturing. fin tint! It *» J .    ”    **    ■    * moi ti‘•I* s. Mil’I I1 it.a I tn* u-* I I id it of ice, .'he other Me*? #- br it*«  I at D»*c*e OI Lit*. f,s "’eau t in ti or tent (iwrtptMflJ -f r.- , IKfCMM-jt. Nfc* Ht^l Mt.Ut.lNt ttt.. Ci*tl**et»i*. Teas*#***- SS J. Clat I A * Money to Loan SUMI KR. & jury broo eel to Magistrate . Ui»uo|)Tiiie tor .fusil1#gnu# sud tao ii-. »t ease w»* tried resu.t a .1* aa a, qi.li tai. T cane* will tie lr a I ueit wees-irate Barrett wan presented grand jury last (ail, aud was tarn ie* moTrd b* lbs go»*-raur He netted for aa investigation and til© mailer was re (erred to toe couuy iegi.-lative deega-liou by the govern .r Au luvestiga* nun was held an ii ou the re com mend a-turn ut in© delegation he with reinstated TU© ouei mow IU court are the lehU t et the priseutuieai made by rn# gland jury last tan. I «r Ut er Flits I eat - Mrs. w inflow * - Simi bint! sy r* p I o-J |«*eu ii**cd for over tiff) years bv million* of Hint lier" fur their .■iuldr.-n While lei*!hilt*. *»ih periect Ii sooth*-' th.* liti'L - »fteii> Ihe gum* pun, fur* - wind eoiie, ami I remedy mr Illarrhoea, ti .Vrt the' p' <>r little -nilerer ->.i.d bv I w u g g t# t i1 ^ world. Twenty ti vt lit* >;ire aud a * In ,v?g > Kithing >A nip, AUENAMENDMENT LAID OH THE TABLE Senate by Vote 30 to 17 Denies Constitutional Rights. REV. MR. SHELDON’S PAPE# | MARCH BUZZARD STRIKES COUNTRY The First Un*- Will Amouli to 300, OOO C** pl** a-Top KR a, Marcu Ii—Toe first issue of t the Sheldon edition of the Topeka cant I    ---- tram ou the Cnarle«*ton division 01 ..I WO. .O pr-» .« sat a.. »««    Thousand    Men    Battling    Soulu.ru ra.lway by -mpg fire to lh. ..........    <».u. OTT HornerJ* •    *££i5 Mr. Sueldoa stayed i“ tue cffice uuU 1 RAILROAD BRIDGE IS FIRED. Discovered Im rims to Wafu Train aud Svav** Bridge. Au oust a. Cia , March 15—Aa at tempt was made to wreck the incoming tram ou the Charleston division of the i* t Km iou »I lh J ova    *-- ,he pr.ee .i.rlod aud curriad borne WUU him the first copy of the paper. PORTO RICAN SQUABBLE All me man were cautftal .na the r    pre..    MO*    ken .—»•    »«“ tula;. brin mig .ometbiug over loo IWO cpi., Th. reel of .he «lmo» will *• Th, With It In New York. a av * all i«*. t Im* b'*-will r<*ii* iiiiu.ediat e v > I ♦•ut -Mr-. .ti 1 rf <• a tin! W ii kl* III* Ut* I" I *\ GOUD FARM SE< URITY, A IM’LY I * > C.W. Crolt a Sun, Aiken, S. C. MONEY TO LOAN. MASI IMI ! lid. ’X SALI’. Juitrs Proposes Fees Trade—Steerla* App.l.«d-H..r Offer. , eop.e. ----    New    York. B~oH.ll...-MoM.ll.. lo.r.a.oe. , P>”'*    *“.....  ^    ^    d„iy. I A I ..I 'I \- \M. ll 5|l,j -. I i- V J. I-, ll.flit - Ht,ts '-barged. Bor- l ital co-t *.! perfecting - I».*r c fit-I*Ai MIK A MIN » ,lumina S. I . u ill I hi* ni it*** * a it it it ♦ a W. ASHHURST; LIFK. FIBK ANI* Ait I IMC KT INSURANCE OFFICE. Chalfleld Building J. F. Leitner, architect. Chalfleld Building. Aiken, S. I . I ’intl • I t I *-4*1 I ! I \ ID» LIN C xiv I ’ i All; ( ammi**o I r*t gage I in ii I 1 x. ei — , intl - Tile and ,** I our I i iii* o IT u -i pan), Iii mi V-tileJ, it' Admix of U. < i. i< r * I* I* - Biali WU ii t iii'.-, n -ii'iii, aud t 11 All ie - ii, -\, ct ai.. I ’ lint “I an « I . age. da' c* ii rd vt \| i Pant -of ii - Honor ti. I bl I K I t* r ! *»r " a I»■ to I ie- 11 iX 11 e liunier drift NI mn i i) ,j t In* t nul l t ii ii**)! Aprs . ID 11, it V sk* !i. f tun tim legal f;tr .lo-, I i bo h at t rai l or d tieing, -it ii ate afor* -ab I OU r> a J,alai Oil **-! a eel “ I ll 1 i Pi HI rf f T tit Ii- ftl ti i ii ti I i, I) ,, I <I ii ti I •T vt? i ii ii . bolt ii * I * -1 un Important HIU. Washingtom, March Id After the morning business had been disposed of the adnate took up the Bono Hicau appropriation bid. The amendment of me senate committee limiting the ap propriatiuu to revenues collected prior to Jan I, ibOO. having boeu agreed to yesterday, a vote was taken ou Mr. Allen’» amendment declaring the constitution extended over the island. Mr Alien’s amendment was laid on the tab.e 3b to 17. as tollows: Yeas— Allison, Baker, Bard, Bever* i ige. Carter, Davis, Deboe, Elkins. Fairbanks. Foraker. Foster Gallmger, Gear. Hale, Hanua. Hawley, Keen. Lindsay. Lunge, McBndge. McComb. McCumfcer. McMillan, Feu rove, Perkins. Pritchard. Quarles, Hose. Sewell, Mi uu Simon. Spooner. Tnurstou, Warren, Wellington, Wetmore Nays Alien, Bacon. Ba e, Derry, Dotier, Chilton. Clark. (Mou.) Clay i ack re 11, Cnlberson. Harris. Kenney, Mc Dour .n Morg.u. Hawiius, liilmau, iUMrVJoues withdrew the ameuduieut he* i»tTered yesterdav and rn us place ot! red an amenanicat proposing tr**e trade between tue Untum States aud Porto K eo It oiiTgis from Hie first whicu matrices will be sect daily. liv    •*♦    ca    a from Augusta. The lire was discovered ----- I    by    the    crew    of    an    onigoiuit    train    on the Columbia division of the Southern road, STREET CARS ARE TIED UP ^  ____     ilia    untcaill* aiviftiou IU! rn HUUS— flagman was sent to warn Ute on*^®* lug Charleston train. He had J started wuen the train was fi*»rd col“‘ mg but tue engineer stopped his train in lime. The crews of both irams set to work fighting the Are aud it was soon extinguised, but not before -J*™ crossties bad been badly bornnd»»« D1 .uv,„    __________ oue of the sleepers burned N.W York lod.y ..J 4.bbO «... .reb*.. | «too.«bb ^ >t 1Q I|uUltMl thug wi.b it ID Ma. na lr... Tar.. h„ 1WK, j,,*, Imi M V Number Horses Killed by L ve W ires. Mali Trains Delay*?*!—Mauy Ihsflk* ade* aud llusuirss Impeded— Hutav-lens Seftt K hart!y« NKW York. March 16-Nine inches of snow and s.eet cover the streets ot Perfect Health. Keep the system in perfect or-der by the occasional use of Tutt’s Liver Fills. I hey regulate the bowels and produce A Vigorous Body. For sick headache, malaria, bi iousness, constipation and kin dred diseases, sui TUTTS “ ‘ a. UKMiimrvoN    t.    lf. lr* I. KE.N'DlKAOy* UEXUEKSONS, Aitorney© at Law, AI KDN, S. O. PrnctM-e I. ( ourts. in r.H of the Suite and U. Colkvumif a specialty. ►lute cure LLS •I Kuh A. \ - Mo' Dux .Itll. I. IN hi It anti Md A* h ) iii ♦ v N ll ISI KU S SAKI.. I V Pi ii Ak<>I In lh \ . vs SIV' ID ii d I s lur! hut bl hr amendment Mr. Jon** offered, as the one he prop'wed yesterday provided ih.U the rn .joey collected should be repel I to those who had paid it. Senator Allison, chairman of the Ke-pnbhcau mucus of the acuate, today announced the steering committee ou ( hoi to Hi can legislation, it is composed , .,t Senators Foraker, Hale. Davis. McMillan, Spooner, Warren aud k«*n Mr Hoar of Massachusetts offered i th*e following resoiuuon, wuicu was ( adopted:    ,    , -That the Pecretarv of war is directed to communicate to the senate a letter of . Fmllio Aguinaldo, dated at Baour. July s ihitb, addressed to the American com- niffud-r aud forwarded to lYeuerat Mer- ritt JUiv 27. lbHH Mr Gaumger of New Hampshire I.tiered a reaoiutiou w hich wa-» agreed j to that the members of .he cabinet be directed to comuiuuicnte IO the acuate the number of clerks rn their depart rn**uts,giving the number between specific I agas aud also .hose who, rn whine or in part, are permanently incapacitated. Mr. ii 11 vt .Iliac *.ii I Im* .I** ■ tall a id ti VV WAN 11:1). F. DC BLY ,1 - Lh (blk to know t bat be t- ah up-, o-dah BUI LD DR a ** CONTRACTOR, J, ft«i -nit.at- their patrosnigf j .iHu.it- furnished >*" apldl- . t ni W : k pi*. HU id I > dohe. * ♦ ADI Iimt I a l or i>- r <*l ol tan j uale in * in* * od tit y .ii V i ken. and lot Sou* ll 4 ,kr *i.iia. to w *i : ^ v , ij , * ..it, lid | dt '-ii a* re-, t | I I \ J J jf •* | hf not iii I i \ la IHI" til ' « 1 1 I I t ut ll- K I Ko ole ; **o t he * ■ a -1 1»> * ‘ It. M . Bell ; on I u*- -iii*', n bv la I V. J. W all a* r-in-e, ain! on i lo* w I.. A. I O' , r ai. *1 A . .a Ii !*,’*-• lb-1 ♦ 5 ♦ ♦ vThemstrelt&bhoJ b23 Broad St. (inns *N Pistols I n j r- * I    ;    ' RicNrli-Ss Sportinjr Gooibi I Mi redo (Iii » ; in*rl halt • ui ba •ii I UM I, r*-1111 -c- i :i g tfwr fbi* ll ai asb. > in L I J AUGUST A, CM. j .. ............nm!    i    Ii**    .Journal    and    lieview Cheap I i 'li i mi ' ai k Ii'. augusta, ga. •* ... J* hi iliM.lomtial and KeviMW For : A >r j> r- un M •cd j. clinid I I of' cb Nu bi Hied h -ball lance »r I in ii. d rev -■ \\ M i-i< . I a I) I ga! ut > In id ut t *r of Massachusetts renewed I ask request of yesterday that a date be hxcd I »r tho taking up of the ca-e re latin I to the seating of Mr. ^uav a\* , v r (rom Pennsylvania aud asked taal the time bo fixed at two weeks I ruin next Tuesday, the consideration , f ICH . 1-e not in interfere witn appro , - ainu bill*, conference reports, un-buimci ba>mess or tue Spooner btl < ut erring authority upon the president to gov-rn the Philippine*. I S 11 nor M -Mullan today introduced a bul “to j re vent robbing the mail S pp bill provides a system of j>*.st Check# to be -eat (Brough the mans instead of currency. EET, Cli Mil ES n. SHEI PUN. ma- igeuient of the paper savs the inaii-lug list and Cliv cirl uiatiou now contam I 360 OO'J copies, and hiat (re-u orders are coming ny every mail, 25 OOO yesterday. Mr Sheldon w.is at hts desk again at 8:25 this morning. The paper was not entirely eaii-tac* tory to the regular suuscrii>ers aud cut-side j»aj>ers have been bought tree.y to dav. ( ontruiR of the I 1 F» r-J The first item un the first page was a prayer written bv Bishop John A. \ in- . ’ cent of the Methodist Episcopal church. , j It is as follows: |    *•    A    morning prayer and resolution: *1 will try this day to live a simp e, sincere, serene life. repelling every • thought of discontent, self*seeking and ! anxiety cultivating magnanimity, ae f-ccntrol and tho habit of aliene*; practicing economy, cheerfulness aud nelp* fume ss. ** ‘And as I cannot in my own strength do the*, or even with a hone of >access attempt it, I look to Thee, oh Lord. my Father, in JeMi- Christ, mr Savi. r, aud :ur the gilt of the ll ny Spirit. thousand more are at wot s in Brooklyn. Traffic has been par Ha ly ’.ara lvaed rn some sscttons of the city since early morning. During too early bour* tne Brooklyn bridge traffic was pea Heal I y blocked. The sleet on the third rail suupiving electric power to me bridge cars cut ob me current au I a genera; blockade was Hie result. I he lr *Ley lmes over mo > Hems. bridge were not mu a better au I th u-sauds of persons were forced to wad. across me structure in me face of a ca ting wind aud sleet Bu rf.see traffic was of course eve ry where delayed an i me Fifth avenue elevated road, widen u>-» the third rail electric system IU Brooklyn was almost completely lied up atter midnight. In me crowned streets d> WU to wa fallen horses aud dray® and trucks greatly impeded business. causing many block ides. in the outlying districts ot tait* onghs of Manhattan au l the Bronx I similar conditions prevai.ed I he tai - of snow in Jersey was Ueavier man j I the city Mali tram. were ae lay cd ny \Z “LD, and .ho ,u..l. -re ...or. hours benin    I in their ielivery    On I many ot thi    sa urban lihes rn Jersey I the muley    w ires broke un mr    me S weight oi their coat of    and    ice.    ( tying ui) several nae-, completely uunu>«r of lr..- — kN‘ 1 tact with the ave w re- No .acad from the cold are reportei in me ‘ The station house** amt Chanute.e stitutioos were crow ded WIW the hume-ie>b COLD WAVE KILLS FRUIT. Gr«W *rs In East I . im**--**** <*nd North i Mutt el Do — . CH STT AS* HIG a, March Ut Che w *r-t to t*e feared by iruit gr -w ts of tnis inotialaiu section of Tennessee ani North Georgia was re t:iz >d rn the visit of the coni wave last nigh:    it had l*eu predicted that the tnerrnometer known party. 1^ >w**r Krsight For V«**etahlea. Chakeesft>N March 12.—The Atlantic Coast Line has announo^i that a new tariff win go into effect March 20, affecting all classes of vegetable* and small fruits. The rate sheet has Dean issued aud show* reductions in all Un apples, cabbage, potatoes, turnips, onions, squash,    **![ plant! kale, spinach, etc . the r^dn^* in barre.s or barrel crates is from * I cents on Washington, Baltimore, New Yurt. Philadelphia, Providence and Boston. The .ame reduction ie bandon bt an- t>eas, cucumbers, toe ; also po a u,‘ aud J»bb.g. rn buik. Ou M^rj. MU3 rn crates the reductions are from IU to 15 cents per crate The feouthein rat.way has announced a new vegeu tariff to go into effect March gd. bu figures are not yet avaiiaine. ( Olton Manufacture Haoiwlog- C■ I I’M' ta, Ss C.. March 12—The record shows that fTop,OOO aadiuonal capital is to go lino cotton mill# as a result of declaration# filed within the last 4y hours Un Feb. 27 a statement was i ubushed in tin- correspon leuce -how IU * mat the capital invested or to be invested in comm mills for the present year aggregated *a,b*5.(XW. To this add:    Woodruff    Cotton    milt*.    I-oAOo    j, F W. Poe Coit*>u mills, increase $-«> GOO; Oro t Manufacturing company, ViK-'ir |i;*'I,OGO; making a total of fJ,-07.' OOO. Luis does not account for a.* that are in sight, hut gives only the actual dc .aration* that have been filed. G. \Y. CUO FT & SON. Attorney# At Law, AIKEN, -    -    * s C M-wjil pm* the in nil of D'« curia of this State Sift cill aiteu- EJ and Economy are the chi* ! « I ' * furniture. Buying M*eurit y—we \ *    } material# are u-ed. is made and vs by and more tban w *■ w ill turn out ju Your in ante) I >011*1 fail t>* -Iiin* of Siltm!Moil yon we know . Beaulifolly q a well frolic '■' Secret :iry B *•    ‘    !    * •IIll it*-H VTI! ii*' v 1 i CI. I IV MI > D--G- I us * I :!1—I MIM. * cm .IN ' t‘ r i -1 of t: - «>i i n leap V I •.lit i • itll T. H- MORGAN, x Att rn* y st. Law, Al KFN 9. 0. j Will practice in All til® Court© of this Scale. Prompt a tie nit nu given to I Collect ion-.. I 6. L TOOKE, Alton • v at 1 aw, CHOL i ’8 BIT>' K< VIK HK, 9.0. L’rai * s ’ :"* IU* ort-. Collections t spe- 5G-iJ _____ i i \ ! I > I K. S A WY * I Silt (Cl I (ii* 2d I \ s. d\V KNL rctiit. N**tar> PuUIld ‘ SAWA KU & i i WK NS I . AU *i no# at I aw. No r Prof: B Sock. Aiken, " c. , • AV D I pi I.,- t curl s. DID K- ll. TEAGUE, DENTIST'. - . AIKEN, 8 C I: : 4*1 Ave. let wee dl tir* tis sta. Pea- Kl ll. .I DLN l l I AY. Fie mn^cc AD Ii IV. I AUGUST. aril ii ii a lo pa: \ page was devoted to local new and tne leading features ot today’s mm-wore report# ot a temperance revival and un anti -igarette meeting Mr don lustral tea the police reporter that incase of a murder or otuer cume to write a bare st ttemi*ut of the tao s he had the    to    spare,    instead of , filling it up with the usual deta.ia, he j would go into a di-eu-siou of the causes leading nj. to the crime    ! One tag© was given to telegraph j news, w hich ordinarily occupies ahunt ' three lime, that sjsice i he Awo lated Press report w:o> necessarily a ue p- u-ciled with a vengeant e. The m^rttet reports were cut I rom four column# to one. All quotations on Slacks and bonos, giving options aud other matter involving transactions rn futures, have been con-igueo to me waste basket, and only the a tun. casa trices of grain, products, etc., will tie qU\ notable feature of the paper will be the method of handling advertisements The familiar corset advertise-m-uts of the magazines, a companied 1 brent* have son gilt in vain tor space. V> retail adveru.-emeut# from Kansas would fall co 30 or pcrmm- to 28 and. in mal event, there wa# s<mu b p- ma porti *UH of * >r hards protect' I by moon-tams intent escape. But the reports at the office 1 observer tut- morumg -how that mo mercury dropped to 24 and Mveriaiug i* lio/.MU over this Clime sectiou I mil ♦rival I gr >wer, whoa few days ago were ra^ SU.I- I .ll.,ut w itll but— .it - *■    ’ lilJY, ,,,r .lr. Ill f-.r »pir>-. •»!*=■'*>'? f* the fruit was also Killed last \car practically the same way, although a week later man this year. I ae loss bv this I re* ^ will amount to hundred# or thousand# ot do -ars. Will I ndur-w Bryan. i’ll a it dot TK, N € , March I % — A con- ] venm.i of the Democratic party of this Blate Wilt be held early next month to nominate candidates for state officers an i presidential electors and select deb elates to thr national Democratic c a-Vei iii ii The April convention will un doubt-dW indorse ll *u. William J Bryan, an i a s did Bryan delegation will ce -eat to Kansas City to me national partv gathering His majority in this state rn UKW was just antae lese than 2‘J.bdd. and# tne party leaders arc claiming now that it will exceed th *e ligure# by several thousand next Nu* I vetnber. F. P. rn OI 11 in < I 1 : Mer d Bl N £\YTON A. 11! AG L *~s *J L Nill urniture ? i nu Id Goods ad St. LUU: d Ii rid Mid I A< ?r lit t A. w *rk a -j». • ialty. .-vine Rtiniinistifed . rati*m~. NOHR H i SURVEYOR 8. OL A fi,.i d to me will re* •I attention. (. harg^i * I i ii I Ult Dabot Org>M»txi»g. ii MHI A, ti C., March la—“It will M. J' 1111 * — * iii D \ ii t * Vt \ I II Honor VU x * i* I •» n. Washington. March 16. - In the house today, Saturday, March 24, was set aside for paying tribute to the memory of the hue H-preseu tall ve .Sydney \> B k , >f Virginia After agreeing to me yen ate amendments to a unrulier of j « n-ion bib-, the hou-e went into com-Li„e.. of tne whole an i toott up the J n-Id era I iou Cf private bill# reported m me committee ou claims. • *    |    .Xii reian ■'*’•• *•* — ----.    «_ i i ntr t,r ont of-town tradesmen will t*e SHE KILLED HER HUSBAND.    ^ x Mr Sheldon holding that this _ . 7. . ..___v.,ituhi«    would be    an injustice to home mer- > a y - H IlfHi i. si -bow fat I lit Y *.<r«. KA, xvi lee. March 16 A special to The Sentinel from Johnson City. I erin., j says:    'lh®    snow tall h« re yesterday, last night and this morning is mr K aw j rest known rn year#, Telegraph and telephone wire- are down I P to IU O C,OCK last night U incnes of snow had fai.en hero. South (i*•«*r-1a N*>< Hurl. MAGOS, March 16 —The hest mfor-mation from farmer# and weather offi dais hr* IS mat the OO Id snap of last Uignt was not serious enough to affect me I Ode.lug trull tire, I uere is mu* ii apprehension, however, t vet toe pre-' •    - for tonight. not be many week# betare every skilie I i laborer in tho cotton mill# of this state 1 and the wh.de south will be a member OI the D x;v.*: Worker#* union.’’ This I statement i- male by a member of the VU Ti aud there ut a.ready evidence of FU- change. Hie mill owuers hate. so fir is i- Un IWD, agreed on noconcerted amen about this organization. ; are up J *#ed to permitting uuious to be i J ran z-td bv tneir employee, while oth-! ers * limier that a- Hie mills c ane to th- cotton. *o will the ,abt r sentiment come to the mills Tat durn Th** J< ,1 Re DM, o». - J I) It E N tHv III HS KIT, r I b T SI LEV ILLE, a c. ii c<~ V MASTKR I o 110 M I Js Ii \ \1 I I Ol pe r HY u*r \\ Hon: lh PH l h** J* tai al 2A KF. Mlul.D Iii IM. « lf. V' . M ti r Ap Mairnolia Inn, ill Mil It * \. IIM »W*t* oil, l*r.*|»» Iii.. M I ti ag*' • . 4 H *>! . I I 7\ Vth ftl I M ii t cli th r ii, IL ‘ sr st - tx \ \ ail- Elf,* Had It* **•» a V t-rn.auin li lt For Year*. Cis* in na VI, March 16. -Cnarlos Ad* ains, a passenger agent for the Union Pacific, ha- been shut aud killed by his Wlte    Die only person present was Gertie Turman, sister of the wife. Mrs. Adams said that she had been 1 i % dig in a veritable hell for years, that r i u and threatened her life, tbat A. w.ii>d hold ber ©Tdest son by the M„e - head downwards, out-ide of a ti tm story window, and had been Ii ab!«na ll v cruel He had recently tor. it* Qed her life and ah* provided uer-elf wim a revolver for self d«feu»*. He opened ai .upper with a terrlfio • irj.it* "f a use. followed up with a, » v a* rosa the nose which    felled    her to ;.e rt,,or men    struck    her    again    rue struggled to    her    lent.    drew    a pistol. J Pre I cue shot    which    stru-    k him    in tile , r* u ii*r He    turned    his back and men rn. fi- i agam    l'nia    turn tne ball en- l„.Jj    IU. r.Kht    Mr    Min. OUI I    It    WM »    t»«l .hot Adams is detained at tue police ♦ wan nuder surveillaace by me ii.y tm- winter for terrifying r lie vs Mr** s anon. A I ‘HI ..... mesaong M IE I i K si b^ au injustice to homo mer chints.    . Ina twenty do Fir **uit-of clothes for $ I J 75 .-tv Ie of ad vertisiug is ai#o barred, Sn«Ulon»> Policy A ii ii un need. Tue leading editorial was an outline of me pap**r’# poliev nunug the week aud in part I# a- to I >w-: •■l.ist December th# owners of th© Topeka Dauy Capital as   me to ashine entire charge ut IU.* paper for oue Wv.«k ani ‘-lit it as a distinctively I bristlau daily. • I accepted the iuvitauou on coutli- tioii that I receive no nu.ai- .a1 comjieo-eation aud that a mare of the profile bo used for some benevolent worn ann named    the we**k beginning Tuesday, March HL H*U0, as me week tor th * tx i'm uhs understanding of the c n-duct of me paler this week. I will state in part its general purpose md poitUcs. “It will bt* a newspaper. * h* w- i i nod ms    back    amt    men    '    u    ^ defiu^d as auvtniug in This    tim*    me    ball    en-    J    q(    <Ully eveatB that rn* pub lie ought to know fur it- development aud power in a life of right© u-u* »#. • On    the liquor question the j>aper will advocate lh® prohibition of tne whole liqn >r business ;r-)in Maine to California and aa arrand m« globe t v prohibition I mean the total extin iou of the curse of making, selling, t ny mg and drinking mtoxmatiug loin re, us extinction by legal enactment, by per- diction **f lr-PRIMARIES J IN ARKANSAS. in „.,ra ll an i!©d P'nr Assault. «»*«. Tex.. March IU - Kl:,* ll I),Vis an.! >• ti a t or Herry Win I w , i <**ilid*'s. Litter R n'K, March 6 Lh® Democratic primaries held in Lincoln anil i De-ha counties yesterday resulted in overwiieiuuag vi t ne- for Senator Jam a H Berry for re ch. u- a and At* | ! tornev Jeff Lew # t r v rn r. Davis ! (i«tv.u-*    s hie opponents    bv    at    -    ‘st    -    to j I, wails Berry A vote over Jones will be i uh ut 6    to A*    r    ,    . , ; W Cn ekett for secretary of .-tate, 1 Abner Gaines mrrailr a*I commis-1 aer aud Colonel (ieurge W. Murphy tor at t Mtrev    general, also    won    in    ‘    “th    conn »    ’on^rp^iiLiu    *!    Rn    R tu>!    ne J. .i* r-**i ;*U ; J Wool \>r a mAjuruy ! I of 6 to I rn L> n Join county. I ll HU TM ti ce < tulip • ii It initiates. Ss Fit an, I.- •*. M irca la. - The I Chron ltd© say#:    loo Nippon Marino - Insurance company, limited, of Osaka, Jai an. **'    ..cm    an i repudiate i ail n7ks ami    p -,..*- written in Us name on its ueba.f in thi# city sin c J.iuuarv . vst, aggregating a' *ut ?■ * ’. OOU m* h is the information waich tame in the last mall fr in Jai rn t t lie - o. ii pa u v ’# agen I h in t hi# mty. is not known what caused tho Jai ame-* rate to tabu* su n a tloH. fin*1*, Intl) dis I'm st* Ari ‘NMA. Mart i 13 —The deed of the formal ti raster of all the property of the Wmshlp Ma hme company to tno Contineu ta; Gin company of Delaware has just be* ll filed IU the Office of the clerk of the Fulton superior court I lie I Continental Gin company is a recently ur•»auized -ompauy, capitalized at f2,-0*0 O IO au i chartered under me law# of i tue state of Delaware. It is componed of five of tile largest cotton gin mauu-i fa* luring plants in the country, ana tne I juans tor HS * rgauizauuu were hr#t put j * u foot las. f aih li* quest Fur Ir it k’s Pardon. Coit mu; a. S. C., March U.-(iov-ernor NLm-we**uey ha# received a te.e-graphic request for the pardon of Jeff j ti ok, whose condition th# county su-. ervi’s r states is “pitiable ’ Govern r Mc Sweeney has no ye caird of th** aj j-li-, a lion for pardon and none or the pa-i Hr- in Hie case are in hi# cffice. He lei-grabbed t< r cue fact# >f the rase ami if meritorious wail no doubt ^iant rn patltlOU. I>r-I*er.iie I- »xht w nu < onvicts. ! i*, i vs in. S. t’ , March 14 —This un ruing nv ‘ iiv.cts on a peu.t; unary farm ui'UT Tow city attacked Abe Nailing. a guard. iuey got his Winches. -—'I A, l c. S. Wallace, ' RBL ESTATE. AIKEN, S. C. i i : .J»f— "    L... SOiflE FOOD ,>♦->04J ♦    D    '.('tam    ant    %    % I J.    \lASHHURST, I I Astate I oker, # R 3,4r. Br I i I UL 11 J* ♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦*♦♦' \ajDLbIii Alii j ♦ a Isla. Ga. ♦ OMN LAIRD, Ald lit III Ft Af la in I ut (ii i not know h w H - *jj • rate it aud fought him with h- es He su*-,e led in drawing bl# pish* aHer © rate fight, an i killed T<»in Houghton, . ,, d.-si «ra-.io. and w >un led nu* Ii * * *•' A 1 oth**r. I wvi burr • IDLAi ISS- '-r se HL!LH' p A> IC re LES /(A of • red and ■ 1. dir* til Graniteville Hotel. I' BA V ii' in NI ii i \ \ t mv I * r criminal as#au;t ou a edaranou that turistian-* eau m vise. man He stoo«l upright in a 1 *.ihe great social question of the age .«    will    lie    given    prominent:    •    Ihes»eiasu- u«»*n v\ hilt* w wagon fold h v rn n • I nut*Ict*ili*d. Ive* u, -tmi eonilortnbi eel lire-. Lb ciric l.gbt reasonable rales. I erin* lietit goestb vers tm-.l. ralc. minutes lr  A,t?r\kM! j* US. <’ 8. LU NE Kl I id-, comm \\ **.*il I r anis ut j** rtiui-1 Iii rt \ Moi [ . I th it hin • > a in. l’rtip AIS t rue J in ti I ital *1 I notice. 3pectively ot'U-i? my services as an Electrician. W ill do a general construction and repair business. Electric Hells,    Annunciators ana House Wiring a Full line Lamps Can furnish any Ic tares at short nonce. faction guaranteed. W. ROTHROCK, IWhl Tel. Cable C o. specialty. on hand, ui* ii x-Satis- tat or-'-aid a and el gill \ 111»* n«*rt ii , a-I h> la % * <iii th turf v 1*1 IDU us >t a 11,*in . and on tin* " for im* cl.\ cnt. t »•> ml bs luna Hobnail ti 4-,-riatti deed **l * <*. , ,r.s* ii m I ! L.• * ti,e * dice i*i Do- H. Fount), with full } Uh* said iv . < , U ..ii -ald. It* -cli. a-sigti Gig ll ,d SN nill lf Holm bv ti; \ ,•> am e. ami r<*-k 2, page ;>»d, >’» M I . tor \.ken ovvcr I" an hon/.** \ i 0-5 •< . a- afore-or r, nI\e \ . I' *r Iii** Ii. toy ■re in-in* tit cl the i*-m» «p.i u‘,‘ .iglu that lit* (*r ii .*) tea) » *‘'* lU IVrm- of ' »*«• cash, j*urchns**r to pay for papers and rexcntie ‘V 7 *    NS . M. .Ii »BDA \ . Mister, Aiken ‘ ou my. Meta. (ii Ii. I*’ M‘* , dr,von from th** . a r * mail a mile distant, sud sang i all the way. T ee thousand Isolde were in town. but only ab- ut ,*0 were admitted to the gallows enoloenre. Martin j>rc.erveil hts cmimomre to tne end -an I said from the Bcuffmd he ae-served hi# tate. Mr. \N Ii’I -k -r I ru«"" . T ou't, Fib . March 16 —Hon. Chailes V* Wnitaker has been appointed trnstre of the Ex#* Florida seminary to *.uc-mMt Dr H I Lvkes, who has resigned. Mr Wnitaker ie a young man who is VCI V uupu.ar IU mis Cliv. aud has many friends WUU arc pr< ad to know that he leuu appointed to this re**pou#ib.e l< .aition. I It * r I «*st <*m " * ll I S M« KmUy. ChaHEKSTon, March Ii—At a meet j urn of mc city council held tonight an official invitation wa# extended to Brei-rn, ut McKinley to visit uuuriestou dor-the convention of the National LY national association, which is to be held hi ie during next July. s,||,ii Ut# Fat her* In. Law. Asb****, a C.. March Ii-Burk bo., a prom,naut larmar near here, has h«n fatally .hot by ta.. ..    _ i/a ,*ier The men had a ale pole arx,at a fenoe corner and had kwaa quanti aug for ■•▼•ml day a Win !**    >41.0,*    J    --------- ocs# of mailkiud in every t rn, ot tree . •ommerciady am politically, will be considered a# of more .- ri ms oonso-Quem e to us a# a p-op.e mail msnv other matters which too otteii engage tne time aud attention of mankind ■* I he palier will deciare its ahhorren of war as it is being waged todav, not in Africa, but in the Philippine** »nd evervwhere else. • Tile main purpose of tar paper win be to influence if# reader# to seek bret the kingdom of God. A nation seea i g Abe kingdom of G G hr#t of a! w Ut rn time find right answer# to question# aud beccuio a powerful \ °*“May Goo hie## the u-e of this paper to the glory of his kingdomi on earthy ••ChaHLJts M. oiiEEixja. Dr. Moore Head. Sp a KT AN Btl RO. S. a, March 12 —Dr. Alfred L Moore died at his home at Wellford yesterday afternoon, and he will be buried this af itrnuou at the Nazareth cemetery, where rest tue bootes of many of tho i'yger people. That wa# one of the first if not me first punily cemetery start© i in me county. Dr. Moore wa# in hts seventy-eighth year. He began practice in the early furtii#. His p.easam a»mre#s,^geueral information, kind attention to the sick, with hi# knowledge of his profession made hun a most popu.ar man. ti .V \ I HIO I 1 " 1 v } I I, S AN 5 NI. i * rn M ** ;i Thoma- I .als. underwriter # -1«- u rn me citv luv --IGN ‘ m^' lei “I th 16 Mr. „*>-iiT. ll V- tho matin miidiug of the Dnt.sii  ........ K , ta»m»i"n. <»■ ‘J*......*■    r or Cum »r..ul..und on Mu ta a lo, IU.' tank   of    »uIt.k« fbi rowinir I«e VOT-**1    «•**••«    'h“J .. . a -.'til WI J 11    a. low. A, lo writct - ak,en‘ ***»» t vessel v. ti# >sibiv injure I in any manner ♦ liitrf. There was a iii e lorato 8 )1-rnui.n. W NT : urg, was shot .vt r,tuKing a 1.1 nu* af ■ : 'N*-. ft*-x (pier, thirty th rd verse, n Blatti* u prosenti^d me the cha] im, wii * im:nonod a sermon from taal (Ttl« Atm. the Army petaled at iv A in y Soon- ‘ y • Marco 16 —The Society of I' rte Un* has been inc- r S]>nugfield. Colonel I re I Bennet of Joliet, former.y iii >mm md of ihe Third Illinois regiment, being on© «*f the organizers. Tne society will int lo ie -o.dier# who fought rn me Porto Bo aa campaign. \\ Ii! ti* Mf ll lo I hat rigs eg. Sr MT kb, S. C , Mar h 13.—Two white msu have been reu’euced to toe chain* yoar ea h. Hi nard A convicted of aiu,t*-rv and  Bryant, caargvd witn big _tuy, p.fe.t,it-d guilty a aa a-# I I t mercy. C.srk of Court Nash say# th;.’ there are more white no n before tin court this term man there ha# rwen in many years. The trial of Jonn (Juincey Curoett. me white rapist, ha# ueeu set for Munday morning, aud. as he had employed no attorney, the Judge as* signed Me>stJ *hu Clifton aud B. i*. Kelley lo dc I end nim. five cand! *a* - or mav. r .    mn.• .    , have run the final n e nm,, ** *'-*“ a,*-nt man eiection I he v .ors t* i, ,>r. re < hi iv i *41 vi rte - were t a, I Dr. Earl winning by 25 major.tv. v %    'N® %• Bt    4* b. HERIOT. ES TiI r. f- a # 0 0 0 # $ 0 0 0 0 Sum h r - n t«» tin gang for one NT a re wa# Hiram A I s. I immi.i'ci un mf ll- I. I* March 12 Bail? a*i eon-iru : r# ..re bere u> lo *k over g-'* - 1,a,a fin railway** r »d tx* :u A->io*vu-H 13 Cuatt mo ga. The auy has appt printed >    with    who h to bul new wa #3. new grad©#, new siding# and uew stall rn# from A#Uevi ie t na (tan nog i L’ne coni rant will t*e awarded iu Wafthifigtou March -u **n wors w ll. begin inline I lately meres- e ^ Wtien me jot* l# compleled in,# wi tee I.nest section of ta.‘road in a,,Din per ire • . ti Iii P iu r ■Al dodge St a rn ps. rands, Etc. * Aug 50 ■ t I III* bt -t . dim lh: ?y®,Ga. T Boo(F*di»s [To PATENT lur Wa* , ay V, secured by our ald Addr ms, IHE MTENT RECORD, Baltimor#, HA- ■——- .    .    n - - . I. -JU MaiMta ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Aiken Journal And Review