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Aiken Journal and Review (Newspaper) - March 7, 1900, Aiken, South Carolina BV L. CALI(iON ALL WOMEN Puffin nit from f'-mait- trrmblM should try tnt* "Old iime” Ut uitsdy, It has no equal. It strengthens th* d.-ilcub* fem.J- rg.Uis an t buh ls a worn an up. All ti atebrin it and n; -sui*iPie* ut "monthly” |Hiiinin ran I»** avoided fey us usa. it is t .r ) * KNIK nlris maturing, f- r moth* rs. ut1 I f**i    at    U>*r* is of L»f*. Mn»u I I**- u>‘- I bef J«- child UU til -.I S' by iii druggists oneot (postpaid) on ret *, ipt of pi I * Ii OO FWP.fi: r. »>k on If t nu ** Troutman I pl Fe* ira H- inst uses, NfcV, ;>P£N*.tK ML WUN ti CO.. Ctixflaiwoga. fe»«#***c#. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLI ISDAY, M 'I; KST WHERE SLE EP | rem The National    CK rons af file ii j(i<<tt:il ('spit the Hi muftis of ucsrrtil W ere 15ii riell. come sunken, and none in marked by an elevation of the ground. Smooth and even is the surface everywhere. Walk among these stones, aud in ten minutes one may see such typical American uames as Sherman, Whittier, Spaulding, Jackson. Lee. Buchanan, Lawrence, ,Sheridan. Brant. Randolph and Allen. Plenty of good Irish uames may he seen. too, aud German TRIES TO CUT HIS THROAT. A ROMANCE IN LOUISIANA. VOL. XXX-NO. IO. THE STATE STATION. tpi-etMtort Hell, yr Ail* mpted Suicide Bogus Cupful!* af » lUttlnhlp Cr#* I* Kftult af mu Ammu I.    at.*    «    Semi-. Pensacola, FU. Fab. 26 - Will New Orleans, March I —A romance Johnson, a 16-year-old negro boy. bad ‘bat may h*va tragic consequences de-hts throat cot in tne office of the \ *»r-} ranit Lamber company this morning at I 7 o’clock. Tnere is a mystery sarronudiug the [Sp'etal Corr sp r.deno J Wagiiv.ton. Feb. Id. Tin- recent iu-terment of the remain of the lute General Henry \V. La w ion at Arling a, Welt Ki,-umco« of the vita., par.    Sm>    - «T pla Ji»d iii the* uHjuutry s uef**iise by Lier I    it    wa*    ojuroor    or    lUictdfa I **r    bv    ^    «*. I Mn I\ \ < Money to Loan GOOD FARM SE< URHY, AiTi.v i" G. W. Croft & Son, Aiken, S. C, KONEY TO LOAN. adopted nous. Silent witnesses of , George a. Verraait, president of the war’s havoc are all these stones, but I company, aaya he nod just finished est- more especially those marked "A Leg” j mg his breaatast in the office aud went or “An Arm.” tine shudders when he stands beside the spot where in were thrown the bones of 2,111 un- CtUZ«It# A martyr*. h nor VUv ( ) i et i rg< em s. Hording PALM KU A ( • i. 1411 i I UKK, KIRK AM) At t I DUST INSURANCE early da. VK “ t Indeed i’it«*I • a i i* til a 1 ll" # lim* ami buried 1 ti'**: a ] t I fi.'ldi of in < • A « i no coin 1 MWJ*" * I or mad® ( * V I war. the r»*< it « I army N * '.Ole * a ! Idem. Ill id in iii sli ts i to til lh! • F t fair t he I k HO I rom ttle-and kept el v i i leral (Min arteries greatly OFFICE i Chatfleld Bn ii din.!’. tin* kin \ rf, don, til ■ 1111 g r* J. F. Leitner, of Ari Ejr I ! .I ‘ It V lnterw'oti the I leis I k it wa# I of nut lect of history, ax fwd . a with lows fam irigfnally Hi! ut has ARCHITECT. r sn •f that it o I h,afield Building’. Aiken, S. C. I - I or iihod lor ■ buildings. ti S|*C1 I,til V . aiel mid Review NVa-lii fart ti < 'UM is Ult ti ll t Wa? .»f p d t •e th and VV WANTED. DC BE Y sometimes the Lee boniest<aid ties there Is a hazy I a ioli god to I o -.fee s error is due to the hath of John Parke . : Ai lingam Y\ ash o (if the ehildren ol ie of liaise, George e <’listis. by tin* law i in force, inherit {sin the death of - Wa-ti hurt on. In family ii ad U av til ll* A ii it : am ll tint ii •use. known soldiers gathered after the war from the fields of Bull Bun aud the route of the Rappahannock. Over them is a camion surmounted monument bearing the Inscription: Tin ir remain# could not I* identified, but their outlie# #t.d drat It* .re reei>rdvd in the archive# vt their country, and it# grateful then* ui A their Hotter turn* the) r-»t in |K-ace. I here are many beautiful and some magnificent monuments in tin* cemetery. the most noteworthy of those lately erected tieing that over the grave of Sheridan. Year lay year the military organizations of the different states are lidding monuments, but to many by far the most impressive memorial is the imposing granite sarcophagus over the crave of the 2,111 “unknow n. I ulnar cd as yet is tin* spot where rest the remains of iii** boys who fell In < 11tm aud the victims of tin* Maim* disaster However, it will probably not be long before a grateful country will give such recognition to tin* memories ut tin se brave men as may Im- expressed in granite and bronze. Her®, too, will have to in* set a tablet bearing that mute word **utihlentitied.** Wit ii each succeeding year tin* nuiu liers of those who vl-.it Arlington to bedeck the graves of tin* fallen heroes is increasing. Hen* is tin* Mecca of the Brand Army of the Republic. Members <i this organization who visit NY a shingle a, no matter at what season of the year. some time during their stay wend their steps toward the National cemetery, (nice Inside the In-elosiire at Arlington, they forget the present aud live only in Hie past. Who. 1 though he be old soldier or not, can I walk through Arlington without a surging of sentiment and of patriotism in his breast ' W ho t an fail to lie deeply . ipi.-ssed vs itii tile horrors that at i I<• 11<I upon war and Un* frightful price I that humanity bus paid for its ad I vanees? Despite I Lh* solemnity that over-i conies one 111 a thoughtful mood when i visiting Arlington, it is yet a popular I resort for tic* citizens and many visit ; **t-s to Washington 'luring tin* summer i month* In addition to the magnifi rent view had from the mansion and other high points in tin* cemetery to j which allusion has already been made, i there Is much lies ides tin* tombs and i the i oiiuinrttls and tin* mansion to in-1 tctvM and please the visitor. Roads and paths wind among the oaks, elms, map! oat. Finding that na Had isft his a nit ! pocketooos ha went back sud found it in ths hauos of the boy. He took it away sod told the boy mat ne woald have birn arrested. He tueu sinned oat and as he was going oat ut the door he heard a gurgling Bonn i. tamed and saw mat the boy bad cat his toroat with a bread knife ▼eloped here today. An excited young man drove to the head of Canal street sccompauied by an undertaker and a coffin. He frantically cried for a boat to take him to the battleship Texas. saying he was Captain Clara and in command. A boat was obtained and "Captain Clark” was rowed oat. He got aooard the warship, imroanoed himself and said that he had come for the body of Lieutenant Colson, who died on the ship. The officers of the Texas immediately sized nim ap as crazy aud »ant him ashore. It d velop# that "Captain Clark” had married a beauti:a1 young lady from Cincinnati here after a couDte of dars’ The boy. IU a craz-d condition, rushed ; eour^ui,,.    I    he brine is Miss Bertha W artou Sne came here with her down stairs, sud bystanders assert that he said Mr Verraait had cut hum iua boe ran into Hauuey Bros’, drugstore, grabbed a druggist’s knife and a outlie aud waul out into me Uack yard, where be made desperate efforts to hack his throat with me aune. Tuts makes it look like attempted salome, but examination of the room where me cutting look place, shows a trad of blood around me room vruere it had dripped trout me point ot the knife, 'lucre are also bloody marks on the knob ana side of the door leading into an adjoining room aud bmolon me floor in inst room. I he b oody bread-knife was lying ou, the table beside me breakfast dunes aud a brick on the floor is bloody, looking as if it had been used to pound me boy ou the head. Mr. Verrauit has been arrested and the boy has beau sent to the infirmary. It is thought the wound will prove fatal It is alleged that tor several any s Verrauit ha# shown signs of Using hts mind aud many believe mat while in a mentally deranged condition he cut the boy’s mroat brotherinlaw. A-ex Aronson of Gin* cum ad. aud Mrs. Aronson. Captain Clark became fascinated with Miss Warted and sent a card to her room teiiiug aer he was iu command of the batilesiup and desired to meet her. Mrs. Ari usou looked ap Clark, believed his representations and the young coup e were brought together. At J o’ciock trier were married. Mr. Arousou (earning of Clark’* ex aioli made an investigation aud satisfied himself that (he luau was either mealie or an imposter. Detectives were called in, the groom dragged from his bride and locked in a ceil. The bride is prostrated. N*. 1> w > tx .-ll ' •lout*. Jackson villi*:, F.u , Feb 26 — B F. Dillon, chairman of me coinmiitee on reduced transportation rates, has .stated that the scheme to arrange for Dewey celebration had better be abandoned, as far as an elaborate affair was concerned, as at mis season of tao year, wuen me tourist travel moue taxes the tai ways to th<*lr utmost, they do hoi tare to make low rates or haul excursions Mr. Diiiou continued:    "We cannot blame the railroads tor not wishing to handle excursions at this season I ne state is full of northern aud western tourists, aud there is nothing for the railways to gain by giving any excursions now.” Nm a I > |> iz at Florence, Florence, S. C., March 1. —Secretary Evans oi the state board of health has just returned from Williamsburg county, where he ha# ueeu investigating the smallpox outbreak. Dr. Evauesays that tn« in taction came from Bamberg About 20 cases bad been touud in Williamsburg county, but ail of them baa been put under strict quarantine with guards in cnarge. He thinks that no further spread need be feared, as he lett the va*vitiators at work in the whole section. lo* loft al OI :t: ii s anti magnolias, ami many kinds raprons ami thousands of flowers trulls are oil every hand, in the UILDKR *n CONTRACTOR. t liei r pat ruling** lei . appl (lone. [iii * 13 I UM rn i V « O I V. A. HEMSTREET ABRO. I i ti23 Broad Si.    ; (tuns & Pistols i;. ,    i    i .’Arm# i;ir\»lts. sporting (Manta ms at <<f tin duplex N' grn Badly Wanted. Jacksonville, Fia , March I A correct description of tile negro, .lames Bowed, who assaulted Mrs. Wiley Jones, at Fanaiua Park recently. ami tor wlio.t) apprehension a reward of I^.OUU i» offered, is as follows: Height, 5 -eet ‘J‘j, lucUes; weigns between i*»0 and lY5 jKiundi*; hair kinky, thin lips for a negro; face round; age, about kl; color, nark brown; teem good, but amah; third huger on leu hand cut off close to palm, witu sugnt piece o. tie.-»h hanging to me pa.rn Pi* w ( Olton Factory. Jon es v ILLS. 8 0 , March i—There is cousideianie activity here aud in the surrounding country over the prospective cotton mid Town lots are being soul daily and a great many hi.Uses will be bunt this year besides the null houses. The population of the town will, iii ad probability, be doubled iu the luxe 12 mom ha General Manager Littlejohn is pushing che construction cl the mill and WI.I no doubt, be ready to spin the first cotton next fail. Alert Farmers Ar# Keeplns Is Toseb With Tksir Local Scientist*. Farmers uppear to be taking more And mom* interest in the work done by their state experiment stations. At the appearance of new agricultural problems. such as insect iM**ts, plant diseases. etc., many of them loo**, for advice and assistance to their station. The stations al>o keep them Informed as to uew Industries and improved methods of carrying on the old. The value which progressive agriculturists plat*** ujmiu this experimental work is indicated by the alertness with which they seize |i|M»n and profitably employ all valuable information disseminated from these sources. According to Secretary Wilson* stations an* to an increasing ex coming centers of information thorlty on the lines of work TI, they have been engaged, with reference to the local requirements of agriculture. •    •    • There Is no meth od of informing tile tiller of the soil so valuable to him as to have practical scientists studying the conditions of production in his neighborhood.** In order that tile people whom It concerned might is* I letter acquainted with the work done there tile Nebtaska station last summer arranged a series of excursions for farmers to the state farm, which were largely taken advantage of. and many farmers no doubt received new impressions and ideas which were turned to profit in future work. The systems of work ami study and the facilities of different stations of course vary. But the following facts gleaned from an illustrated account in il>e omaha Wo rid-Herald of the Nebraska station give some conception of the methods not only of that particular institution but of station work in general The agricultural college farm of tin* state university aud the experiment tation are in lids case closely related The experiment station Is a compar:! lively new addition to the former, about To acres of the half section of the farm tieing given up to ♦ xp rim. ll al work I hoi** an* half a d</.. a more substantial buildings of brr k and stone on the farm, Including the daw > To those living in malaria] districts I utt s Tills are indispensible, they keep the j system in perfect order and are an absolute cure for sick headache, indigestion, malaria, torpid liver, constipation and all bilidyg diseases. Tutt’s LAak-Pills it, HAN I ic HUSON    x. F. HK.NUfcWHlS F. FN HEN UA USON. ll liNDKKSOJiS, Attorneys at Law, AI KFN, 8. O. Bract ice S. i OU Tis. in nil of tbe Stale sad U. L'olK-ctious a specialty. G. NY. CROFT & SON, Attorneys at I.xvr, A IKEN, -    -    -    S.    O. V\ ill practice Court# of till- Mate lion given t.> collect! all cia! >f |)*« all# n- T. Ii- MORGAN Attorney ut I,aw, A i Ii K N, Will pi actu this State. I'r Colit vMiou#. < Bol I Ismatent t** any n-AW thorbiighiy > fore We place everything vs-same rule cr after trial. »t % pat iii Peon I rial, In We list* tile “Satisfy a customer/’ WYMAN & CO., HAR DW A H E* Please tueiition The J.him ,t ti I SAW iKH At tm \\ DR. I!- II. IE ABI I K K C. ii * u •ii a Av. Baul ii 1’t-n- ■ i UP I > I O' ii ib: J. HAY, and P i VA filch A»*j£ro Girl V\ hipped. Ch a HI.KSK N, Feb. 2b — in Greenville cc uuty a negro girl of 16 hat* taieu publicly whipped by her father with a Atour nit k ry switch, instead of prose canon tea a i rutul assault on an ag**d Ddv, wno hied scolded her for not doing the family washing iu a proper uiauner. No crowd was permitted to Lo present, only oue neighbor as a si>ec ta or, two officers aud a representative <-i tic* injured party to see mat the punishment was properly inflicted. bool. the patio* agrictiltui a1 s. Ihh* animal lions* thin building »f completion. I largo frame burt buildings for im* experiment* in H ITV -in [alogical la born ti h«‘iuicttl laborat’ tin* experiment ; now in proi rsides these arc sheds fill feed illation of bogs and ii cholera trt*atmeLb .04. Oft llou I NCV. IDN A I KAGE Elegance and Economy Mr# *I ( k a ad a Iona ally. Lered (iii ' >!' t .1 AV 'lh in id «1 t I Fish i ut* Turk Ie* AUGUSTA, GA. lea-** mention l h** .l**u • iud aud Review. For Sale Cheap A *ep* \ \ I Intl k store live I ll {a*r eel 0 ta nu I < n, or sol 'in;. V# ll Ut ll III I ire ll.. if al bb it 11 ail and Review ll* Magnolia Inn, ti,< ail of Ult - IOU) mu (doth* ami - in Cit V \Y at VV I in Ii I Mi A Hi s« ii, |*i,.pi V. IU O M Iii KO Mttlotg! K ? tit jfi'S Si b al t u|** its f I IU fit an* NY flu ai' Me bv b*r • v r« ! ll ti i I at I ( \ lift! w it ti ii vv .1 y ,n lot lier ]«P» t or.nth the •led a rs tug ami i uoiiiaa. k. It*‘Vn -ani., own” (’r.ti rn* vv a” 1 in I amphi let* I , VV Itll MON t MKSI TO THK IN KNOWN. rn! Bt of thm verdure ami buoyant veg id ai ie life th. visitor may find sur-.. .o< fr*-ii. Ila- beat ami turmoil of the Cai* * a i i':t\. I iv emotions tempered f*y t!.<* temlei »«-utjiu®iit that hovers over lh** r* ding pla« es of the nation’s dead. In ta. years to *"!iic th«-tv w ll la* thon ands 1 "S.* footsteps vv ill turn to-wiii'S the grave of Lawton, ami loving hands v> iii juI*- high in grateful remembrance beautiful flowers tt|*oti the last brave soldier win* met tiring line in a distant SAMI KL Hi BB ABO. home death land. of ti a oil til linn intiiN I,anil t!*-el. New Oui,EA nu, March I.—One of the rn ob I important iran actious in timber land# which ha# taken place in this p»rt of tne country lei tuiue time was recorded yesterday, when 40,OGO acres of long leaf yellow jim** in Bike aud Mal mn com ms, Miss , chungt-a hands. Tile laud b ouged lo A I. aud K W. Squire of Bruit, Mich., who located it fro ai tim United Stales government in I abd I Be j urcfia>er of me property, wnicn ll is estimated will cut leiween 400,Ooh, OO ami {>00,000,000 :eet. was the Enoch Lumber aud Mauafaci ur.ng com puny at J wk sou. Miss The land lies in Pike ami Marion counties, and the tinner wail bu manufactured al the nu I# of the comjuny at Feruwooa, adjacent. Will FA • cl Mon urn *iit. GOLI MHI A, 8 O.. Feb. 2b—The legislature ha* ma ie nu appropriation of llO.ooo for the purpose of erecting a monument at Chickamauga. A hands' me sha t of South Carolina granite will lie ere* ted, surmounted with a bronze palmetto tree I lie commission consists 01 Governor M Sweeny. Ad jutant General Fluvd, General C. I. Wa.ker, commander South Carolina division United Confederate veterans; Gu nnel J Marvuy Wilton ami Captain C K Henderson Tne monument will be erected on Snodgra-a hill, where the Carolinian# fought fiercely, ami there will lie marker-, tor Kt-ri-haw s, Gi-t's and Manigauit’s brigades aud Cui; >-p-jier’s battery. < h ii r I < # 1 on h. xpost I Son. Cit AULT*:.''ton, Feb. 2G — It is generally understood now that the South Carolina Exposition company will be organized within the next few weeks. Tne letters received lately hav.* b****u of such encouraging tone as to warrant the executive committee in d#>* ussing the making of a 8j*ee iv aud favorable report. The j).an of having the s{«e< tai committee report at a large meeting in the auditorium has met with much favor, aud this will probably tie done. AG BK ’I N ELKAN ii A M HOO! ON th** latt*r hair a mile from group of buildings, ami th** ated at ••insists Ames of IT Ti iii. main beet Tile 1\ S. NOR SURVEY O R to Ii will r< i harg* ll Ii tie- suga Nob prof* are j* th (la i I M I I 11 I *% Im i V ti!**. Raleigh, Feb. 27.—The Wilmington division and most of the Southport di-Vib.ou of naval militia leave Wilmington Siturday under command of Captain George L Morton for a cruise to Charleston It is a voluntary cruise, officers aud men paying ah cxpensea Captain Morton savn there will be two summer cruises, rn winch ail the reserves, t-eveu divisions wni be taken, on cruis«-s to the northward ss far as New Y orK if t: SHORT LINE TO THE WEST. IU*- N al l) A I. 11 111    *    v 1*1 XI** lid- lA bora tory. hi working start chemists et In tho dairy school fat lilti vfded for practical study of als of treating milk, making lieese aud Otho: work of tic Anal; sos of soil and f<» I j>r with their comparative value i<*i or fat or I tone making, are part fours**. TIA* pat ho biological la bonn ry, with its ma< Ufoe-ry f«*r making an handling the In g cholera ami black I* treatmeut and specimens for the st »if tin* action *>f most of diseas*-- 1 which tlomestic# animals art* subject, an interesting part <>f th** place. I ’ 1** Ii I **Xp*M iinelits mitier the stjperv don of the do*-, t r of ti" station a; carr 1'.I * t* with grains, gra sea, sag. beets and other piod-ttcts. On th** western plains t ti * - is * is a rn J I CIV Bi iud an. Ort io» Bl in n.i k r I s t NT I F VHT,I I I Fin Fleming^ Bowles ' 904 BROAD ST., AUGUSTA. P. A NI I P C. S. Wallace, J fREAL Ec ' *““ " * AIKEN r* S I j. c: >c. s r. ic " -JU.- I Furniture & Household Goi IS : .I ti tarn 1: h ii VV iimf. I What’s th** noise in the other room?” * demanded. “h s Maggie." she replied. “The poor d> ar cirl Inis to have s..nm accomplish* men is, % *. ii know , and us the piano dis tressed vi 1 s«* much I decided to let her take elocution lessons” Fur perhaps Ave minutes he was si lent Then lie sighed and spoke. •I withdraw my objections to iauo,” he said. Chicago Foal. t to ny it wa- vt I UC H i Mi \ ti it ii Fleas** mention The Journal aud Review IN oil to pictur Graniteville Hotel. langi I w a v Mi-WI lier* ai ills count! tiii- thresh" jim ugi pte U« **Y if VI eau Th I i»k. a that Jewel of U liirtsl ii left Bo* Blink ills*.pps for $ I more a iv eek girl and • ll Kilo tie VV i en me t«> rn* "Yes.” “NY' ll. would you believe it, that des-pi< 1 bi** PP Hinger woman is trying to titty her away from me.” Cleveland ria a Dealer. 11 v. id ii T \, *-.U -i. Rooms commodious and comfortable. SS «*o*| **r coal fir* s. Electric lights. I* ains at sofia I >le rales. I* rum t*i perma-•I V nmderale \ ngustn t* x ra Th 1 ca lieut guests un nut cs fr« u MRS C >. Ill N h I ilurty i’rop. insheathe*! ills Mini’ll caus* n Ulch w as sui* **ld Inuise sui Til t u.s* net 01 slip #    W    •    wilily    I    it!    I    ll    F.    x    plorer. T ai m Bf a n, Fii iv i. •ai i urn .f NY ill NOTICE. an I. s oil quarters a *i outbuildings a part of tin Just as u h stripped its \ altin! ie I'*’I ii, bi, Fab 27 Among the guest* at th* Roy&i Foiuciaua im Count (Tai net de* Gaiete, w nu regia ter* lr in Fans, though fie has lived so long rn this country that he is thor-ougtiiv Americanized. He is tfie urigi ti ai dis oveier 01 gold fields at Capie Nome, AU-ka, matting the discovery as he was *>n u.# way to Dawson Cliv. •'nt-    >i*c< v*»rr na* ma*ie Count des Gartts a very wealthy man. w i t) A It iiiw ij Kin I (1 ll lls I, I llt-S. Memphis, Mar* n I -Y    A Moliter, chiel engineer <> t*.e Choctaw, Ok.a-h'una and Gulf tai r .ad 1* autfiorlty for the statement mat the line of his road from Weather ord, () I' , to Amarillo •t aga 1 a re The w mill tain cr* u. aud leal tii 1(1 if came bpt h I in if s, ha v *■ en no’ new I* th t h U{» will ce { u.sij* . a* rapidly a> posntilk ( hurjpii With P.iiii* //Bin. ut. j Locating parties are sill* in tfie tiait Co lpm ut a, S. a, March I -Leonard j »u,i ,IU* eil ( :,)n haB u°l Jet bt,t‘n se ,    lected,    but the approximated extension R. Owens, former deputy postmaster at u b,. ,o;J ml ^ WUwn lhl9 ,haU Marmn, and appointed to the \, st mas- tnve been ompieted, tfie abort line from tile At lam ic to the Pacific w the tersfiip several rn mibs ago, is uuder arrest on tile cfiarge of cmbezz emeut-The affidavit was made by Postoffice Inspector Mover. idle shortage 1# said to tie in tile lh a san (is. Owen* waived examination, numbers of prominent Democrats going on bis bono 'idle affair is inexplicable, as ne h 1-. borne an ex- silent reputation and belongs to an influential family. ii -murky MIi»**i*hI Development. Knoxville, Feb. 26.— A spacial from Middle>boro says William Puraee of Pennsylvania has bought 10,<HX) acres ot coal and tin ber aud near Cra » Or chard, Va He wio at once I u.ld a railroad connecting his land with the Louisa lite atl i Nashville at Big Stone Gap, Va Abram Luntz of New York city, bas secured options on I Od, OOO acres of valuable mineral and timber lands in Harlem. Perry aud Letcher counties. Ky. will he througu nit M- rn; ms gateway and it will be consiaeiaLiy ohurter man any Otiter route It I# a.-<> stated by Mr Moiiter that extensive survev* are being made in the ( Uickasaw nation t*»ward Deuisou, Tex., ami me t 'instruction of a hue of the Coo*! iw Oklahoma and Gulf system to thai pol ut is almost a eeriaiuiy Iron (furnace Kor Knoxville. Knoxville, Feb. ‘27 —Charles Peters of lroutou, G , ha# proposed to trausfer a big iron furnace aud coke plant from Ironton to this my He want# the cit- I >»asnujguu lzena of Kuoxvibe to subscribe t idO.Ooo stock in toe company aud lie will put up 130.000. A meeting of the chamfer of coni me rec will be held tonight to discus* the proposition. NN right «t*t« Appointment. Memphis Mar u i General Luke K Wright retained yesterday front Wash lUgton, w ne re i*e went for the purpose Of holding a conference by appointment wun President AI> K.n.ey regarding tfie Philippine# commission When asked concerning 1* # trip to Washington he f-aid tin- appointment had been tendered him aud mat he had ( uuiti-d to the president til* wnnngat-s* to accept. Further than mat General Wright did not cate 10 discuss the matter, particularly us to th* nature of lim worn whicfi would be expected of the commission. It is the general understanding that in-siructmus to the commission are now being pre. 1 aired by the au hermes rn and nut malty Genera* Wright (ii<i n t < »r* to nave a tn.ug to say regarding them in advance of their prom a gat iou lr rn the ca pi im. problem t east of tinfo; tillage. Jt t< ll to plow’t learn***! ain cr •st tanners in these lines. Bu the farm win ai-tenan* e of tL«* family depend success experiment* are *iang«-ro failures disastrous. Here the meats can be math-, and the vv the experiment station is to gi fanner the l»* ueftt of this Take alfalfa, fur instance. Hardly any farmer iniuld have b*«n able to spare the laud and expend tile pato-ncv tliat wa- necessary to demon strut*' the fad that certain land ti ii* I* 1 <a*rtaiu condith it- eouhl proiitahi.v prod nee ll"* plant. It was dom* here, and th* ais ut an* e that in Similar * omlit ions far can safely plant aud depend ti 1» outeom* i.- invaluable to the vt stock raiser Dtisppolntsd In Love. DaHLlNHTON. S C.t Feb. 24 It de * veiops that Jatuc# Gardner, who rom aimed suicide at Mechanicavine by tan ,    . I lug strycnuiue, was disappointed m » love. Mr. Gardner was fr in N r n 1 Carolina and was bo years md ii wiped ad hi* property to the girl w a rejected hun. I ne coroner >. W. ASHHURST, dal Estate I > roker, j I *r -1* Fie Us- j JOHN LAIRD, Architect & Btiildei I rn n t N,V 8 JI II r> ( him. 'I ne coroner s ver wa# that deceased came to hi# d*ath I taking strvcnnine in grape wine wun ■uictdal intent. Military School el Yorkville. Yorkvn.s k, S C , Feb 27 Prof. B A. Davi*. Jr., president of me Virginia Business college at Kichm ud, Na, ha# leased the old King’s Mountain Military school buudiugi anil proposes SO&Il FOOD 4VOV4 V® *,<* DAH44# ♦ ♦ I rianpd'f Ractam ant J I r CCI I vcI\ < tit n a gA’lltr air r my services as an Electrician. Will nil construction and )usiness. Electric Heils, .Vunuuciatoni and House Wiring a specialty. Full line Lamps on Can furnish any style tlites at short notice. fact iou guaranteed. W. ROTHROCK, Postal Tel. Cabio Co. hand, of fix-Satis- nicer in t fun ire of I lo* ceint • lei V. t ii* ii It ge {tai lot S bel II 4 I riel' V« ti f* r tile use * re* ’OI »f tile pail which !* 1***1, and « la**. A register is 1 • •'! nam s a y <41 a * ii*- w .ii!s ba ag k**pL • are” maps of ll e ct*! ii eh ! and diagrams - how - mg I very gia* I* UUU I* It* ||«i IU ifS A if all the k now a ti* a Mo a (' t ba ll I ’.ijsi soldiers who hav e died in dei ell*-' • of the ti.rn ha\ e their last resting I* la* < in Arlington «lf til' SU . a* a fly 0 '•ou an* unknown. VUB Iii HI t* tilt*.*-** ti* jut v * ta* can east y t*e- Ik vc them to i ■ ira* mr on eithc r side long. n gula i i.» f* rilled row 1 of white head ^t**n**i ext tnt {" I Ijceti V*- cf green Ni v, \urk*r tiu>* Proper 1 y. B< ai a. Ha , March I —A New Yorker ! bai purchased frt.m lion. William F. Haisiey property in Tampa aud Ocala. Tne saie here inc.ade* half of the Union block aud the two i-«tory brick store* ou th-* corner or Main aud Ockiawatia avenue; abo a farm of several Hundred acres, formerly known as the "Jefforde place ” I fie pr*e«. paid wa* Iii,OOO. Veteran Ii* Com »I r Mc 11 un tat Do,. Knoxville. Feb 26 — B M. Cran di«>r, aged b3, died ihi* morning Im mediately after the civil war he was appointed by War Governor I sham G Harris to collect all arms from boh federal and coutederate sympathisers in this section. By rn# persistent effort in enforcing this he made himself famous, encountering much opposition. between Hues of w lute, us fur as vision eau reach. The grounds un* perfectly kept. There is no grave that ha* be- Xfvv» anil ?fote». NYw forest reserves or additions to ti lose already existing are projioaed, about 7iu in all, The Rough Rider Is a new stravvt>er-ry for w iii*-Ii it Is claimed thut it is extremely large aud productive aud the latest and lie.it shipping strawberry j ever produced**** X-w Hank at I't-unllli*. Tennille, Ga, March I. —Prominent citizens of Tennille have organized a new bank, to be known as the Citizens’ bank. Capital stock subscribed |.5,uoO. A committee was appointed to collect 60 per cent of this amount aud make application for charter. Ranting Bn Hisn I lr rn #. Canton, Cia , March I —Deputy Collector A J Spence aud Deputy Mar#aal W B harken owe Neu p.ay lug havoc among ifie ii licit distillers rn this section. Up in Die McFarland settlement they cut down -Id uiasn iu:># and destroyed it!) >ut 2 OOO gallons Of beer. At one place they captured an bOgailou etui, cap ami worm, bat at es* not three Other places the still Had been pulled out, leaving toe tubs lucy also found at one piece a "flag” **taud aud a "ihuuii**-” keg By I    °* *hs "thumper” whisky * au be e quicks mane an I removed tnau Ii tne ole pr<'ce*s aud mu* it 1# mat me officers are so <>fie "juet too late " in the same u el gill o; hood th* y *ie*tr yed about 1,200 ga.iou of t>eer aud two very’ large vii. No arrests were made at saner place.    -    ... opening a military and ba#iue#- c -liege at tbi# place. Su h a « ho*.*, for me larger Goys. 1# very mach needed ut the* [ilace aud w .la no doubt be w ell patronized. I rllU*A*f* Rum. x villk, March I — Representor of ail Last Ie un esses balr ayu associations has lieen ut.led to in this city March 13, when a scfieouie wul be decideu upon for uate* for dumuier aud fail races ansi fairs. some of me finest Hooded stock rn ma state win Le on these track*. , Clancy's Restaurant | mm 808 Broadway, A R L t\ L ii sta, u 1. -* n mal P t 4 0 4 <* 9 0 , 0 \ # # o %- % ’% lh HLRKll estate 0 # 0 0 4 f I $ 4 4 % % % % # Ks lives iiaoe meet Fica#** ’he Jo d R*» A Trespass Notice. DODGE lo ^    >11 ll'-ti w oatoiie. Coli MBI a. S. C., March L — A roan pa ny has been organized here, capitalized at fido,660, to market ta* brownstone around Carthage, K C.. on the Seaboard Air Line. The officer* are: J. H. Jackson, Augusta; ti A. Douglass, Washington, D. DL, aud Julius T. Dudley, Bennettsville, S. 0. horn . Tun icy BS aw . 221 Campbell Si I IV VK ** 1 * •*• I V* if i paper and ! 1 lice*t > JL X Hi bwl>#<. rlptiuss t* To PUENT Sot lira) be secured by Our aid. Address, THE PATENT RECORD Baltireors, Md Th Pateiit ll --a.: I I; m per mi.u\WL Iv ;

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