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Aiken Journal and Review (Newspaper) - January 29, 1930, Aiken, South Carolina Nearly every family la Aiken Comity reads tim Journal Review. J IO PAGESl VOL. *0 NO. 5 No Paper Published in this Locality Equal* the Journal and Review * Circulation in Aiken County AIKEN, S. C., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29, 1930 ii'MN lf .I, LOW ASSESSMENT MAY HALT SCHOOLS K. O. SMITH WARNS TAXPAYERS lf School* are Matted Blame Matt Not Im Pm* OM County Superintendent of School* $2.00 a Year—5c a Copy And Attempt! I understand from food authority, that many of the taxpayers in Aiken County are giving in their property at a much lower value than it baa (been assessed heretofore. Of courae. the object in so doing is to have leas taxes to pay. With these people, let it be clearly understood that I have no quarrel at all. for it is none of my business whatever, how the property is assessed. No tint realises that fact more than I do; therefore, it does not enter into my thinking. There is one thing that does enter into my thinking and that is this-—I am afraid that when, as a result, our schools have to be closed or fail to open, that many people will be so foolish and unfair as to blame the Superintendent of Education. I feel that it ii my duty to Inform the general public that such action means that your school system is headed for the "rocks." Now) I beg you not to blame me for something you do yourself. Go ahead and do as you please, but do not he so wicked as to blame me for not putting across a half miHkm dollars job with a few nickles. The Legislature can make an appropriation to run the County Government and then, rf the assessed valuation of the property is un* half what it was last year, it can double the levy and thus raise the Suit «nd Pistol Taken From Baptist Minister.—No Ciao os Yot in Identity to Night Prowler, GUESTS—AIKEN’S NEW HOSTELRY A thief nonchalantly entered the home o-f Dr. P. J. McLean, Wednesday night, fried to sheer bunsen, discarded hia clothing, appropriated a complete change from the wardrobe of Dr, McLean and left the house, remembering to take Dr. Mc Lean'a pistol with him as he left. The theft occurred while the owner of the home was at the church and no clue was found which might establish the identity of the thief. He left a pair of overalls and a sweater which were very dirty and wellworn according to t hief M. L Kibler. This rogue is suspected of being the same one who stole the automobile belonging to Mrs. Hastings Wyman, Jr., and which was parked only a block away from Dr. McLean's house. H. C. Hahn Thrown While Out Riding I    afV u    .. A -ti .4 One Hundred Attend Temperance Meeting Monett* Gathering P,„M R«*ol«i-tiowo to Sufgoot to LofUJatiirw. Mr. IL C. Hahn suffered a rather serious accident early Saturday morning, while taking his usual early morning horseback ride. It has been his custom for sometime to arise early and take a canter on his horse through some of the drives about A iken .th the Henderson Hotel already tenor. Furnishings and interior jcharg, of $4.50. In connection walt Watering guests, another first class decorations carry out the Early!the Hotel will be the dining room, hostelry has been added to Aiken s American motif, which is quite evi meal- for which will be cook ist of accommodations and will soon dent in the lobby, with its wide, high ed by an experienced chef who is have a formal opening,    fire-place T , . tm* ,,    .    ii!    ,    *,    .    coming to Aiken from Atlanta. .* J* J- M“,n, Al.xand.r, | Mi.nd.nl -qu.pm.M (or ,„h room K„ryth,„, p„.>jb|, h„ b„n «P«y"cod "» »f I "'"Vino. '"'><■*« » trigon,, . Simmons „ed, l>rllulm, dWmHsh,T, it be,or mruuun* by Gilbert A. be,!. be.uty-r.,t nHttre.,, deep. bo. „rn. .viarttn, formerly manager of hotels springs, reading lamp attached to River when his horse Humbled and fell and Mf, Hahn was thrown some fifteen feet He was stunned by the fall, and the horse made a quick same amount of tax money, but not I V H Way’ 1 he nc,r*e returned to so with the schools. About the only ,    , *"d th*’ famiIv immrd,ately tn v mAMAt* •«».* ...iii ..... . i I started a search. In the meantime tax money you will save to buy au tomuhiles, gas and cold drinks with, will 'be school money. I am told by a reliable automobile dealer in this County, that more automobiles, gas and accessories were sold in this county last year than has been sold in any one year in several years. Do as you please but do not bisme me. % I am keeping a close check on the books and am making every dollar count in so far aa I can We aff preparing to notify each district in advance before such a policy causes it to hit the rocks. It is not my purpose to let the schools get thousands of dollars in debt and then try to make excuses. The ship is sailing lovely indeed now, but remember that the force of the wind will soon fail fifty per cent. Then what? It might be well for you to remember that many schools have heavy bonds to pay and according to contract with the bonding company, they arc to be paid on a certain date, school or no school. Respectfully, K. I). SMITH, < ounty Supt. of Education, at Monroe, N. C., and Rock Hill, S. < . Mr. Martin has been at the hotel for Hewer*} days vuTrrnntrndtng the arrangement of furnishings and flx- „    ...    *    *    tures which will give the final cie- He    l(,r„„,h S.nd|„nt touch lh|, beaul|fu| 0,w building. The exterior of the Henderson hotel is one of extreme beauty. It is built of brick and the porch is supported by tall and stately columns which lend air to dignity and grace to the front of the building. bed, mirror lamp. . .. J Aside from the manager, Mr. Mal v omrortable, . •    .*    ,    . „v> r .tuff-* .hair, make far rn,hi.1    I’"'    -""'' < ■>( th.' hot.] mil „ m- rn -.rh room. Ems room ,n 1' U<**    C'"‘N    Whil'    *nd the Henderson hotel has a hath, most of them of the tub type, some with showers. All floors and hxihroy* of the three story building are carpeted with noiseless carpets, over concrete floors, which make all movements silent. All walls and floors are     - soundproof and the entire building,in* public and winter residents, is absolutely fireproof.    hotel    with    unusually    high    grade wait- Mr. Hahn had to walk home. and upon examination was found to have had two ribs broken. He is now confined to his room. Fulmer, five bellmen, and flu ers. Finished at a cost of $ I al),OOO. the new hotel named -The Mender son” in honor of Messrs C. K. and D. S. Henderson, who did so much for the up-ibuililing of Aiken, The Hotel Henderson offers to the travel al cr I he Western District conference of the W. C. T. ll. held their quarterly. meeting at Monetta on Saturday, with about IOO delegates pre-OnL Mrs P J. McLean, Mrs. IT. (Si Anderson, Mrs. Abbie Hitt, Mrs. A, ll. \\ illiams, Mrs. Leon Holley and Mr*. J. R, Grier were present TPpr* -I nting the Aiken union. The most important action taken at this meeting was the adoption of a resolution to memoralize the legislature now in session to pas* a law to make violation of the prohibition aw punishable by imprisonment, rather than fines. This applies to hose manufacturing liquor, or having it for sale. The proposed bill further provides a heavy fine for those receiving, storing, keeping or having in thgir possession alcoholic liquors. The folliwing la the bill proposed: “A bill to fix the punishment for violations of the law regulating the manufacture,    sale, transportation, receipt, storing, keeping or having in possession of alcoholic liquors.” Be it enacted by the Gem ral Assembly, etc.: Section I. Any person convicted f. or pit ad ii g guilty to, th. manu fact ure of alcoholic liquors, or the ale of alcoholic liquors, or the transportation of    alcoholic liquors for purpose*, et -ale or Lh* -doting of alcoholic liquors for purposes of shall hr    imprisoned at hard RESIDENTS ASHED TO REFUSE BEGGARS ORGANIZATIONS ENDORSE c MOVE All ( aaa* of Tho** Bagging Should bn Referred to Mise Elisabeth Woodson Say* Mayor, Rooms are finiahed in whit*- md I v»c* -4U>oiiiiin#nt- and is moth-. tc‘,mmo,|BtI foJ 1J5 truest* Windows hung with white scrim cur- cr link in the cham of attraction-•re offered at the Henderson, the taint.    whuh yearly entice hundreds of vis Auditor's Appointments Wednesday, Jan 29—Montmorenci, D. B. Bell’s Store, 9 a. rn, to 12 rn. Saturday, Ft*b. I—Gloverville. J. C. ."'Ti rad I* vs. *£w#noon. Night Appointment* Monday, Pub. rf -tmgtes, Oi Store; 6 to 9 p. rn. Monday, Feb. 3—Langley; Tho rn p-son’s Barber Shop, 6 to 9 p. rn. Tuesday, Fob.    4—Warrenville Drug Store. 6 to 9 p. rn. Tuesday. Feb. 4—Graniteville ; Drug Store, 6 to 9 p. m. Wednesday, Feb. 5—Bath; Scab Chavous Store, 6 to 9 p. m, interior of which carne* out the    The Mendel son will be run on the promise of beauty given by the ex- American plan with a mini,mum it .irs to the serf*.” “Queen of Winter Re-1 GENERAL SESSIONS CONVENED MONDAY JUDGE FEATHERSTONE PRESIDES C harge to Grand Jury Contain* Plea to be Courageout in Work Before It Suggetts Investigation*. Aged Negro Dies As Result Severe Burns Death Saturday Night Follow* Burning Friday—Nut Thought to be Dangerously Injured. aid Thurs- \ representative of the insurant company carrying the policy <01 tin car returns it to Mi Wyman Sat unlay. Mr- Wyman wa- \rating at < h**f terfield -tn et at about 'vip Wed ne alay night and after dnying a short time went o it I., drive bomi Theft Of Dogs Under Way, Rewards Object A *igp that the winter season is getting under way has been shawn in the in* TC a *t rig thefts nf dogs belonging to winter residents. The method employed is to take a dog belonging to a northerner. watt for an ad vt* ct item* nt offering a reward, return the dog and collect the reward. The turnover in this busine** is something fierce and can be run without any capital. M. L.    Kibler,    chief of    police, has advised    tourist*    not to    give    large rewards when dogs are returned and not to offer rewards through the papers.    Thefts    of dogs    are    to be reported    immediately    to    police headquarters. The friends of Mr. Gary deifier will regret to learn ‘that he is confined to his home with pneumonia. He was recovering from an attack of “flu;' and had a relapse last Wed* nesday, and hi* illness has developed into pneumonia. Yesterday he was doing aa well as could be expected. Abraham Woodward, 79-year old negro of the Kitchings Mill section of the counlv, died Saturday night from burns suffered Friday night when he was pulled from his home in flame*. Burns on the hack -cerned to be the extent of hi- injuries when examm ed Friday night but death came Saturday. H onward, who lives on the place of B. T. Hallman, evidently lay down too clo*-e to the tire Friday night ai d caught fire. \id was summoned and Mr. Hallman rushed to the spot and pulled the aged negro from his bed, covered with flame- His burn- at that time seemed t » be of a minor nature pm! not until his death Saturday night wa- th. seriousness of his burns apparent. Judge H. B. Garvin, of Wagener made an investigation and declared that the negro had mime to his denth from burns. FOURTEEN YEAR OLD BOY SHOOTS FATHER Cltl* Blame for    the intensive crime    department of that plu • wave being    experienced in this    '^a-v n*£ht, country was placed at the door of the parents of the country Monday morning bv Judge <\ C. Feather--tone ,n his charge to the grand airy, at the opening of the winter) lei rn of the court of general ses-ions. Touching .ii the prevalence of crime. Judge Featherstone named va* rmu- agencies    which he said were    an'* ber car was    mr-ang.    ! !•-sponsible for    these conditions. The    w, r«‘ immediately    notified    an grand jury was especially urged to make a careful check of the van >us county institutions and the handling of finances in those institutions. Schools of the county -hould be inspected in order to insure that moral, high grade teacher were b< ing employed he -aid., He finished hi charge with an eloquent pica to rant', 1 a her then lower, the stand-ar !*■ of manhood, and to be caci mg -•mi- in the work facing the grand j ii ry. Tv > r* y 1 ne cum - were br light Wyman Machine Found    AMPHIBIAN    PLANE USED BY RESIDENT ^ Visits on Che** te f field Sir Ami    . *    MI    AMI    AUGUSTA    IN    7    HOURS I he Chevrolet coach belonging to    pin    d    ha r~    ,    r    * M, ll ..l r,,. ie    *    '-ol- K    K    McCormick    Lome*    lo    Ai- airs, Hastings Wyman, Jr., which was stolen Wednesday night, wa found sri ( hit riot te Thursday mum mg. a communication from th* police ken via Motor After I and nu; Augusta at i od of I light. labor for not less than one I I t month, nor more than two <21 yea!« and, fur iinv subsequent manufacture, -ale, transportation for purposes of sale, or storing for purposes of -iile. upon conviction or plea oT guilty, -hall he imprisoned at hard labor f01 not less than three (3) months, nor more than three (3) years; provided that, in addition to he penalties hereinabove pre-cnlred any I ircuit Judge ma\ also impost a fine of not exceeding -ne thousand ($1,000) dollars pro j vided, further that the provisions of j this section shall not aiqdv to ea*es fending ciu, L,, ■ -fit -.ji-.,-.. c * -re to 11 - ted prim to, the approval of this Act, | (nit all such offenses shall he govern fed and controlled by the provision |"! law in force at the time f, and (bd. H rn t \ ikl after - o come f i ta in hi H \b( hi ii M nm nil k, Ti bu, e vv inter the city j'. afti r up to, shall I outed, vision “’MI Gin rn \ I a Fla., t< re it rn phi lo von hour? May hen Mi I nf were apprai* fiver* in vat iou cd of the theft. Thin; lay night th bion received bv Chief K bl. that the car had been f lurid in 1 Bdle ai   I condition. \ cli. G r. M. < 'or rpick i? it. aviation and tho piople will fly of ’' e c Hintry O' coinmiifiica- around tto- corner. ing throughon: regularity of jut •in corp, in hi iii i firm believer the lav when ovi r la I ce im I ions overnight just \ir I rn f un lie nit! ii vvi’h enger trains, is Slitfl nut th, i rn * bi approval of tin tit • 11 fable, and' judgment n ancordatic(> w.:h ut ii I law. n J. \ny pi r on conv >b ailing guilty to fen keeping oi having in alcoholic liquor f«j pn ill pay a fine of not mo e hotisatid i $ I,oho i dollar r impriiotmu ut .it hard lub •re thun one ii ear • till <iIsl ret I! (J Itll lr I ng mn' ipir ii is rn. on-1- repleab-d lotion i. ■t immeiji the (JoVei Nil act or pa tent hnew th arc This vt hall upon it AIKEN ELECTRIC LINES INCREASED obi I - ber \ me Aiken Boy Success In Wofford Debates • bdl! Mi Hitchcock Still Kingpin of Polo Tomnjy Hitchcock. Jr, rap tain of the Unitad State*' International forces, still is the kmjrp'n of American polo. Revised handicap-, announced bf the Fruited State* Polo association left Hitchcock a rating of t* n coala, highest po* •ible in the game, untouched Ranked at nm* g -sis again •aa    F VV <*    Guest,    former Yale    Ital and    of the last    American    “Hit    Poor.'' Thee* cero led alf the •■«#*. "Ver fi -rn the prev!(hi-I term of court t ' be add' I to the large numhei of indictments which the grand ary i-- ui" * i return nut of tin xty-n'ne ca- e< gr, en to it. True Bill* Trui bills returned by the grand ury up to the time of going to pr- ■-w e re : John Williams, violation pi h;G • rn I a w. Fbi Moore, larceny, John Manning, forgery. Arthur Deering, burglary, ■' 1 *’ : i ll, O' -.on'    ; w ith intent to kill. Leroy Jackson, and Lh mil Green. \ ikon'-powir car lee? I iw he mnie im'ely a he Hon th Gat sunday, Instr J ta ai'jii fi a n y for ligl: ai i from ’ wo rim Hey can be in result of work Bowel compan I ie lying on A wer, voltage a from the Br is my bv means at Norway times .ii ’ • til Id | I ch roll ii .lf h. id ll, b VV ork n Iii a.. ' ii h At this season of the year Aiken i« usually the haven for every professional beggar within a radius of IOO mile*. They come here from aa far a* Charleston, and are quite a burden to the people of th# city. There is complaint among th* tourers aa they are asked to contribute to people of whom they know noth* mg of. In many cave* the beggara are in need, and ver^ frequently they are crooks. With a view to stop all these abuses, Mayor Henderson has sent out a letter to the members of the cottage colony asking them to refer all beggars to Miss Woodson, the social welfare worker, and not to make contributions, unless they know of the needs of those asking for contribution*. This letter it endorsed by president of the Aiken I Hospital and Relief Society, presi-I*ut f the Civic I eaguc and president of the Chamber of Commerce. The following is the letter: The Aiken Hospital ami Relief Society has engaged a Social Service Worker, Miss Elizabeth A. Woodson, w hose office is m the Bank of Wet-t< in Carolina Bunk building. Her office is a clearing house for information and records of the ro-edy and desi rvntg case* iii Aiken County, Mins Woods on is a graduate nurse, and will devote all of her time to ^Welfare Work. Fhe will prevent overlapping or duplication of aa-' am e, by keeping iii close touch with the County Health Unit and other social agencies, In order to make her work moat effective it is essential that no money nor h*dp he given to the professional beggars who reap a harvest from their door-to-door cam* pwigns. All person* applying for aid should he referred to Miss Woodson’s uffice. We Tapirst 'birt mr rrmtTibnhons be made to persons soliciting for institution? or causes, unless solicitor hits „ permit from City authorities. tike! various Civic and Charitable organization are endorsing this conceited effort to drive from our street the beggar- Bv th co-operation of all thoughtful citizens, money I    v givin v. th    no investigation, z ill be given through Mi-s Wood-n, Her knowledge of local condi-t im will mal • po- lith a wise expel dilure of mone. anti a i to the ii* set vin. poor and di^’resfe,!. Manv permanent mj winter resi-i*    f ’ ii*. < been    Ie viced bv tmall and ragged children who try to sell Howe! from door to door. These e lid ’ • I ’ mild be discouraged, as ,:    limo ’ i . cry    n tam e. tSic flow- < off th ta I are    broken ruthlessly I nim G.i• ‘ in the gulden- of unlit* if ed hon is; however, the stealing i met Hoe- dor ■ early in t he ii I g from    iici aph I house*. Th;I I a form a vandalism which ' -vc a* L do i,    GJV avers from 1    i:    Mtu a Clit ’ ‘I , IU to    Cm- I    ha    ■>    poi gr, at rn ed for the ’ ’ f ae•; individ ml. A civ truly urs, M .ii f \ Kell : , | I    ■    '    en ll. .I ital & Belief Society., by    -I lh Sail. y, Bn-uh ut. ■ : -    1 lvie I ' ag I. , by I! it tie I’ Hill. Br e-iden?, I hi ' lia i ber of * mn » ive, lief man Ii. Hahn, I’ e d» nt. As the result of a gunshot w md inflicted by his I I year old son an , ln “T.t't,," Ofter Lybr*n l, f th, Ne.    Arthur    F"wkr “• " II -Hand section, was taken ; > th, Aiken county hospital Wednesday. The best information is that Mr Lybrand came home drunk ii' i quarreled with his wife ov' i a i knife. I-v brand m allttrfd to havi* Hit his wife with his fist, km*k ng her down several times, and then, J She -ass, hit her with an axe' The your g boy remonstrated w th his r*rrvr*»* but Lvbrand turned on tun, it is stated and pursued him ! ne boy, took a shotgun and fired upon his father, 'v bullet tsking effe t in Lyiirand s leg M ntn Sheriff H >»*rd reached th# seen#, Use boy had disappeared, but hia mother told the officers that he woald a# doubt be beau that nifht ar the nail day. Tis# boy seas i^er armied by Short# H issaed and >ail«d making and larceny. H ii::, Dill, house-bmaking in i arn ny. (>! n Hair, vs dation of prohihiG n a vv. Cheater Harris and Ed Mitchell, joint un of prohibition law Suit ter Hill, .ioiation of p- ihibi-I arv? i»w. H .race Sims, larceny 11 liner G - > t-n, Isrcenv, two , mn ! ’ C -h' nan and Leon, a: « 'lim H'dMfi«on. murder E.ght plea- of g lilt* wert m ar » Sage ann a shoit \\ bile the w ork vv city r» i eived poi t**ti* n sn. I .which gave out a !■ voltage, \ no ther i rn pi ovemi nt an; our. by \ S. Davis, iisuri t managi-r f the South Carol na Bower compar is the building >! f vc miles ot a ■ I ',<•••'* volt line from \ ken ut " ff Sunday.    I'm I-av < bpi: g dom •    nee the iii 'brough - uh Jiving ' hat r hap; not kl Met • rial V im tige I Ian a I! II ti FIVE STOLEN BALES .lienee Fefg a atef ■im e Fe g < Jrcg JSed „<■! along th* mite man of b Bi. Satin g, c.i) -.Her i Mer lay tie an I his v- mdav zre with Nj one av aria \ ken '■nt throo irwai \ Howard (jet* Another POI t IRY LAK DUF IN J f |? \ a; f ti lltrv will «... larceny. a- f ill w* r Green >«< = •< J tw cha g four month* sn ta. karye '-un-,ter MJI, violation of pr»hibi lur. aw co to rad, four month* tw ff on g oiad behav tor c oitaood on Bm* Ton Aiken Cnw rtnyuary IO-1 wan. cot!Bt} Chis car w ,! Sa ey a HeetIona at • itncwmont *> > d j mg the week f sc arn,.uncos C Lee far rn af tnt teach •< Gktn VV rid I A afeavr n ., nf » ■*«* potata Th.* an * Mean arado ma* • or t ta«bofou* -aqutrfcM from peat. fry .-a tin tin .(Sud Uhs fount* *« mf a.* •* : * IS IHI I IM - I GU KS I J j, ;

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