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Aiken Journal and Review (Newspaper) - January 24, 1900, Aiken, South Carolina BY L. C. LIO ON & FO. AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA, WEDN|fepAY JANUARY 24, 11X40. « >4 LL WOMEN from    troubles    should Ktiff-fn '--------- try UM ‘Mild 11 me Ueuieujr, ♦ ? 4 4r > * ♦ 1 * * i +- *    4 . * *    4 *    * * • ♦ * > • ^ • it A HEADLONG COURTSHIP. I * * * ti ii t * UY PETER M’ARTUl'K It (VU ail no ©quat. It -Hit. f^tiui'••:ii Kuna an t butaK a* mouther » it »-itll* r*. a r»u I '«* u I »jf ai . I tux ana ifi***ularlttt*» at 1 im i iud* < an tw avoid**** *>> for yoni.* Kirla mat urine, for I fUr a...ii. a at t»*n|f of LU*, i before cldld'blrtfi lru»cvi:»t«. or »ent (postpaid) , •♦- •. ■•- * •* this we revolved to bls old log w«n* freezing while Bin^r. ami it "as »r<* ; j I , . I I»t of puce ll O®. I _oc0. u/H ,te An Borne Treatment of Fe-XQDmw spence MtatuNEco. in XX J Blan A I o. lh; ptyofTin ll •ta - - -    /“    *    ' like chicken- oil a tild keep comfortable ,.ur«| \iout! tin* ll** toUi it pit la — .    ■    .A.    *    *    *®' *♦* ? *♦* * *• ■* Hhftintis Mil r Fampbell told me •toff OIH' wi' “*r uight a before Hie open fireplace bouse. Our I act our faces w**rt* only 1*3 turtiiu that we e front of tie    he hi Viol Ba. lie UOt bMHUKf , ak Bullish, but because more tiueiit lh hi*. mother thi> versiou is I. erely a Moreover, it is tiauGated ♦kl u word rather than tin* bat. being true. I hope if w ill humor iu the retelling. hance to use a -st it ll it t ¥ * * ♦ * I * ♦ * * 4 < ,»Afright, H W. t> V P« frr .Vf.4rO.ur. * £ , .. .♦.    -*.■«    a©*-*•*••*v    * it - -*§«H father In the till could not «l he could i»*‘ tongue, so translation. from the sp w litten; not lose all Itl lf from time to time I tin* Du PE I SSO NAU TI ES. Ii infill) rill) p Wimlhetm. chief Is coming to tins study of our polk XW x \\ '■>J r lur ,.st contributor© to-I.a* consumpti*es in Iv. Ldter aud ii Mr UMI ill >1 Ut lid id Walker of the Sfimteix die, Mass , \ men- a to bu port for the mainline ■I ll Eaton w ii nu ii a Baul.” -t ins. ti > 1 * ll* •atli is un a • : lie fa J !*"I of Ii I-, said that trance policy su ♦ta. Tin of ts ll • WI adv of I I l ei I I* Ismay, u ho was ,lte Star line of mourned by tin ,1 many of who® I am M* 1*11 Alk OOT waul through his gen I la id. the \ at d a Italian cyclist who t jtu Zimmerman at ii engaged as the . Ev rie t healer. Mil thorough musical .1 VV 11 11, ♦f ll ex I*re* dealh is e canion and was , I tecum* c raison, c Brince .. VV itl tlgulsl* idellt of ii lino tine ■ of Nett! less than president t t hi M the sate »«« Un spoil her In the I husband Burt is. an bice was and mayor of seliatol .till out ♦I Mel 1 ear* 1 Iii resp i> years than fin e Bcuro till ill of old rn Indiana. Rev id! by Butler o eel to youth, th* of age aud one ; other hollow se of Pennsylva South Caroli na •NEV KH HUARD HOW DI GAI D Vt ARRI I D .' 0,air Idiun.. it «ii   bn    1 .in trying to give ti*    *B“k t[Quality, lint I.« “» ......  in    th.    v I, 'i' .1 I li:.t lo':.,'.I ll. aud I Hl.l-I tO'‘-u as , .an, w„1; = , story his face was aiteruatUy licht and shadow, but winnow f ouid always st e ids ex es iiushy eyebrows '“You are a fool,’ sail the ‘She is only a bally. What we want Is a w ife to take care of us anti mu a child to raise.’ *• ‘Bul ifs me that’s to marry her. gaul Iingald. ** ‘Ilech, h Is. is ill* *al<1 tht* 01,1 mau testily. ‘But I can’t see how? a setisi blo man like Dan McMillan would eyer be such a fool as to 1**1 a baby like Mary marry a big redheaded oaf like you, even lf I am to leave you farm.*    . “ Ile hasn't I*een asked, sam gab). Folks going to get married now don’t hare things made tip for them *> tim Old people and ministers as thew did when you were young. •••A,QI VV lion .11.1 you have time togo ..parking XIary without IMH .....  you?    I ara even *urprlae<l that Mary didn't give yon a clip when yon 'asked lu r. ** ‘But I haven’t asked her yet. just going to now.’ •“Bo*if!” said the old man. 1 n big fool: I Mi git Id. aud know nothing of the vva vs of women. Now be sensible and let me send for the minister • nil*) Tiger Dunlop and old Mrs. Mc* Bugan, and we will nick out some nice body suited for you and do tilings in an orderly way    . “But Dugald didn’t say a word, lie Inst walked out of the house and star! 1 ed across the Holds toward McMillans I place ll** was a redheaded giant then. though you w takes up the collection now ,;,f„ro he had worked himself up lo ft ,wllnt where he was no more ;hau n negro Malay that had run }limMk Having always been bashful. be didn't know how to talk to women so xx hen he got to McMillan s he Ju< walked into the kitchen where Mary was working aud spluttered out:    ^ “‘Mary, I want you to marry me. “ ‘What are you talking about, you big. long legged gander? - .-i he house is lonely with Ut a been looking at mau called his two sons aud told them. They would rather lose their best team than their housekeeper, so the three o them piled OU him at ouce. But Bugala** blood was up, aud the eyes of Christy were ui»ou him. When the searchers arrived, the redheaded hero was just after thrashing the father aud two sons aud was trying to get his breath to propose to <'bristy again. But the diversion and the unwonted exercise brought him back to bis usual condition of bashfulness, aud be let the Tiger who could hardly keep his feet for roaring aud laughing, lead him to the wagon by the collar, aud they took him away home, “That evening they talked matters over. and next day a match was arranged with Betsey McPherson, a tine old girl. win* was past the age of fool-(slitless, and after it hail been announced in church they were married, and a happy marriage it turned out to be-She was sensible, and, though folks laughed at Dugald. she lived to see Ulm an elder in Hie church “Poor Christy McEarlane never got over the heartbreak from losing such a tine husband, and when Dugald was put Up for elder She did all she could against him. saying that a man who thought no more of his word was not fit to hold such an ofiiee. “And that xx as. th** way WHITE RE8AR0E0 RS VIRTURliT RELIEVED LOCAL OPTION BULS READ. TI* re* yi aaa re* Provide* a Chaa** Im rile li quor gt|«i*n». Coli*bi,. S. a. J»». * -Ttara, >» cl option bill, ere introduced ** *j* hon*, of r,pr«ecnmure, yesterday. "■» Britons Taks a Hopeful View I    m« >• ->*“    “,ho“ 1 oi the bill* h,av» heretofora bean of the Situation. EVENT3 TO MOVE QUICKLY they rnadr mat* lies In upi* i Arf* 11 o i i *1 vv I IP ll I VV IIM couldn’t think It when I"* As I said HoAtt.mpt, Bdwiv r, to U»d.rr-tr tbt pHitg r moi I) fit* u)»y of <i-»-rrsi Ho I *rr*B r*»kyU^P Lad>-b >n it It V Bibi*. \    \ London, Jan. lh.-Messages fmm the front appear tx) con Hr rn the general im preseiou that events in Natal will now move quickly, though Hardly as rapidly as the tongue and pens ut the rumor monger* To*re is nothing up to the present to ■ support the story that the relief ot Ladysmith is an accepted tact, but it is , I learned on excellent authority that the ] I situation ie now r g irded at the war office with entire confidence, and that the beleaguered town is considered prac-heady relieved, although there ii no attempt to underrate the danger and dith-culty of General Butler’s task. As suggested rn tm »e dispatches yea terday, General Warren was actually in rue vicinity ut Acton Homes We.tnes day and a portion 01 his f roe. under Lord Dur.donaid. secured an    I po,mon w.»1 w*r<t ot .oat p.bo. dormil , , 111, eTBuing OI Jan I. on <*>» riwhv flank, threatening toe I* tee Slaters* communication wi n colin I r. b, v.,v of Xnn HmmUi » I • -• The British camp outride of Lady smith ought to be vinb.e from tnere. as the intervening country 'T “    p T dispensary men, aud one of them brother of A Howard Patterson Barnwell, who will run for governor the ssratght dispensary platform. Mr. J. O. Patterson proposes to abolish the state board of control and the people of eacn couuty are to elect their dispensers. The iegis alure is to elect a liquor commissioner with a salary o la,OOO. aud a liquor inspector with a salary of #1,IHX). The duty of the com-iu lesion will be to buy to be opened in public. No liquor ann uo moue, I. IO UM, ',broa}lhh?‘* b““ K^presenirttive John Ashley lutr du. ed a bill aboiunmg the state^ dis pensary arni proviu ng for a vole in L h county at the next general ^1^ lion *)i» in** questions “dispensaiy, *TGu» Mr’T'K Mcl-»r,» Of Marlboro attracted general attention. I U*o,.d„ tor .leer.''BS in towu, of tunabitauts to towns over IO WO in Habit anis 10 decide un vthat they want in the itqu r line. 0 the rest, oue big dispensary , auf di^u,.ne.,Uvtr,.qoor,Bern»l cost, WUU margin for expenses l’be counties will conduct melt 1 .1, .ret will be no state businesses, aud there win hoard to “eoutroL FIGHT. MAKrS A WILLIAMS t It ut Iona Ut V “* '*)' (i‘ or**i‘ *m iKr.tiit Act Q'f "'"........ Jan. Bv — R. A. (”^8 a tight in Sir Elh- Ashmead Bartlette who has arrived at Rensbarg, Colony, expresses satisfaction with lien eial Fr« ncc.’s dis po* Hi .u ot his troops IL visited Kolskon yesierdav while toe of the Boers’ calili* was pro *    *    BU- • Helling cr..ll..g WI'*! «»?*>    “‘kl-r. 6UK (.AVE HIM A (X>t PLK MOR* SPLASH KR young.” aald Shamus as he tried to stir up sum** life In the tire before turning like whirling the frost was co we were cs because which dervish uouneed on good authority that iii and St. hor>y§ were killed Ad vices from Cane Iowa sav Web ■ter Davis, assistant secretary of the in terior at Wash lug ton, sailed from ort Elizabeth Monday for D u.go t hay It is unuarstood mat the imper a. yeomanry will be leavened be'ore that to tho front with other conv Atlanta, Leg”) William* will make the United states coart for hts liberty Habeas corpus proceedings we» commenced yesterday afternoon au 1 Slier.rt Oiivt r of Greene county h is been Judge W. T Newman to bet ore him on Jan 5*5, at IO o’clock in the morning, when th** hearing will occur Toe allegations rn the petition ft D bees corpus are in theme* ive. jesuit ID a legal couldst of rn Q** Bai •hip ▼I* oom*s 1 plague, I \veau de which arrived here departure of the Dofi^’ olutu Jan. 13. This brings the total nu from tho plague for break ut* to 23 aud ti is un,1 there are itl cases in the heal *h otflcials. The Doric I rings news lu’s Cnmatown is b mg that evar/ effort is Demg maxi out the disease. Tuo Doric did not dock at but the Hawaiian mail was tohermtugs. The local health authorities have a* tamed the vessel pending all mve« sea tion It is not yet ku**wn w cern r will be qnaruutiueu or a lowed to oeed to her duca. RIVERS. Honolulu, taken out she pro G. U. ordered bx have t tie prisoner IMPROVE ALABAMA liitroducad by It pr- Jx IWS < J-car d staling ifitrcH ffiM’B n' *“v    ----- hiial detachments a* quamted wain wurtucd by the tactics t ii*' mar aud I do® t tuD \ OH *11 Im XV Ii!I < beard that (ours I** bis I iu ga Id In til* his posit mo I * park Hug bot w** aud tin* patriarchal hung from ids high *‘b* ample waist-“So you’ve deter heard ti* •pied, haven I you •' « fid people xx ho aud Dugald lei'-Ider In Uh I I*, chut ch thanks to his wile ie a man of everybody know IL aud bed at it till tli‘* la l Bm I IU ll I IIC ♦ mg the famous gun „t euler* *1 id® nlnefisift a Just I** years slue** lie fur Ids Invention of the eel 11 lading gun But as f ti,*, modern system «*f dcserv«*s even greater gut! has given him. is <0 tiitti'b Interested sin* lately g*»t I often story of ii 1/cBtii'd fi'd u,al emirs** umtw of »lu* kn«*\x it are dead now been ti a* heat for 20 x ears past. Betsey, xx tm HUM 40 years ag*. Tiger Dunlop tau day of ins lilt*. didn t make a wood’s or Fraser s. lei h in his day. and they wet** too, though Ile had no very for the truth. cause in* and Bet sty    ,    lo Mewls, aud lo' dldu * tUmV It rit-li* to xx its *>f Loud.® *01 hiisbamt. xx Oh the Mel’hails la nun I mauy Black plenty xx n>n* ii tines. high regard But perhaps if was iH* ‘attle to I1*' g* eat tress, a lei I haxt in the church ami have made up rn mind that you ar*- lh** woman •Se tl.at s Why you have »»e« ti gawking at me in chili* ti, is it . ,U often looked hack at me. could I help it when you turn round In front of me a:. I me xx itll your big f*M)i eves; without another word Mary tile of hot xx afer et! lh*' fireplace and soused I *n fit him fair, ami In a hen 1 hell In Alan Before be got gave him a couple more splash***, nm though it didn’t scahl him. if ms de bim ll i father ami mother heard toe aud carne running in found out xx lint xx as him rigid, so Du narrowing the circle dx lug blaze, “Tile courting came after ti ag** instead of before ii k»,.» ibm it was a bail plan, tor ■“« of ii XVII- lost.” Aa I ce lid not gainsay this a I cli nil m** I to the loft ami mad* comfortable lo the pile tile spare l»‘d mid til ship that xx.is more modern (General Buller ha- W*!egraphed the War ..the* from Sp^nmnu s X amp. un d.f date of lad evening, a** follows:    # ••Lird Dundouaid. witu a Iwalv o. nto adion this -ertlon myself )f blankets <*n a mod of a court moon tea troop-, came vt;th a 1 *r. e of B* **r- xvest rn After rn fight he oCCU- whi ii h** ls sud mg and max no little consequence. i*er I he usual tads, me ijetitwu SR Williams in being illegally .1* *‘u d la me GU die vt un tv jail ny the abe: iff of that county and ail demands lur his re lease have proved fume I he petiiu-u a.*0 CQOtends th.u tnt I a xv pas-cd by rn** gem tai assembl v of Georgia, known as tuy •migrant ac. \S ihiaii - is.now lie I for a vio. at mn of this act is uuconatiiutional Ihereare Ort number of other allegatum* in bot the main gr<®nd t i mat Williams 1- Important HIH • .•■it at I We U od * «xv .♦od. BIK MINO It AM, Ala., Jail lh comes from Was bing ton that lion W Underwood. repre*«utativo iu con gresa from th » district, lots in in ttie hou*e a bill authorizing the im provemeiit of the B.ack \N irrna ii' r a uo ve I u.-caioosa betxveeu lo* a and dam Nu. 4 aud Valley river, from its mouth at McAdorv, near Bessemer. The purpose of the umasur-* is to open a waterway from Birmingham mineral district to the Black Warrior river, and latter stream navigable where \a a* river en leis Attorney at L langley, Afif“lnv*-tigathms a Specialty. nu. i> hTteagce, DI K HSI’. -    -    AIKEN.    9    c. between Ben- on 111* hi and A vc JU iou ami Laurens Sis. Din*’* DU. Ii. J. HAV, DEN DIST, iiiJD e in I’liatftehl Block. th iur- : xi urn mg V i J to ii-UG, After- ti lull, Pit. NEWTON A. I EAG UK, tne ■et 11 mu, a terno*)ii Acton Homes pied sevtra kopjes, holding Field ‘ rn’’r 'u'lun killed 20 hurcti**r* xx ore k ne* prinet s t»Ken k.lied an*l txvo a. tm* tilt* im MMS coria** 18 be ng .h ■ I tor vtoiating an uuc usutu tiouai la xv GROWERS ACT TOBACCO *• ‘But y *■ How used to stare at And then grabbed a k cram in the gal.! xx itll it. It t**< t a v» ll «*ut of him like lo tin* door she a the 1*1 ift‘1 ami bud *igb chairman ami xx lien the matter veil. 11**1- t hey they said it nerve* gala went away ami sat down in th dry ami cool off, the MePhad I'hlnpif civilities. Men Im pan <** I tour into tin XX ax from every quarter, hoot tug. souk; ran ahead, always i proposed to walk, but said it was not >ate. lh** o[*cn chair however, was equally an abomination Tin* crowd became Pl.CM* xx a- lim. ^ I recognized many enc k wet Uc” (foreign devil) eater:’’ swelling Info a roar row streets liecamc wounded aud lo pnsou-r* < **»** Two British aohiiers wore w**un<ied ii was turn red on a ni irniui; that after Is amir onatlge. th.- 10 amu,. •» tight rn x; E* iy**nit n h«*i l>“* n and that G n**ia VV arrow yhtainanie. ti *w I*la III on • ft*ie<* * the S'oi k Ex* UM HI bn a si r-disv bad Is* dense ami nob nim It i>*ti**utlug aud yelling xxommIs t< ••Now, I! nit in lier make the burgh laugh at her wax- StOplH*«l ox el ■ss of the < a nm way, un E*iiu Ile a1 frere always md Dugald made up his mind uh) show til** young hussy wife when lie want xx Ut n the besin**.* pa ay brought i*i“l lhi> a time xx ben I was a over lo the boll box esc use to go his jokes. **\\ ell, tim truth Is that xx ii* made an 0 to ti* ar Dugald prom 1 lint he xx ti,at he could get a , d to Oil the next farm lived the M< Benns wit! four strapping daughter. 11.,,.,uh Dugan <»»•«    g' „U,. ,,f Hmm,, for .1 Wife. be arado up hi* ^     'bzt of “V aug ami ”< bild Tin* liar iliuo-t Impassable My chair was struck repeatedly xxiii' sticks Mud aud unsavory missiles were thrown xxii!) excellent aim. A well I man. ladder *«r more cowardly t hit me a smart whack xx hick left a weal kited Nothing wa-ever tending to verify Du* rumor, and u had no apnrcc 1 do    on A cabin**I rn***'ting to* » p for tim purpose of arraugm liiiivB pr gram fl,! of i.ar ’.amelu at ap*****' a F rnuvl order1* havi 111. bl.!/,* the Eighth d*vision British arP_^_____ SH*. LLED. ■ to -U-ee t dav iii-* mg is t ii,- coming Sassoon lid to outline iii-* qu*®u * , . XI I t a lid A K .mil* I o-1. , )< ii Jan Is    The North Faro si.* dom ) growers* convention j r% • , stet day iii i xx r- in *■«*• on ck t in- moi mug try d- little ami feasib.e ngfittug toe Aliter . it mc K f *1 > k t ic v met leo lf »ued h; of the dr* than til** r across my cheat* from behind lilt tm* across the ITW* howling xx as infernal (‘iiim s** mob. I bet** but to sit stolidly frightened ©t t Kiters she tilde! It xx as an anury xx as nothing tor it aiel not te appear huti though I was all three.-by Mrs make up his mind xx Era r to 1 Bael tile »f VV a letter In German \    made    up    hG    mind    to    g*    t    l‘uLl I di ♦ I h niicr In Berlin. preK*- is I br the improve I*J,    in    which at sia* herself tiller off **r on ■r allowed her is I am t* d ! t« Mi red t ♦ rat* I * IS IWX urn*. ru-U bo )♦»« nu* u"‘“' k- ... ten the rag*- MxtaJ- 1    »•«*    «■'» ,„u. ii-    *>‘uii»».    * iH.y ..r to at *(•«    —    ",    m    I ,tiat bo wouldn't  ......  "" (or bis racata a IM I, ab> OI Ha' iris of tin* scUlement were a at ti* d n a i ! UP lit ♦Ut ti* ll IP tor senator from I , take tis** oath. in* i He on the arm of dengue from the j tnintitca Utter the It,test against ('lark's tai the ground that the e den had been procur u.cthod- Then Hie two tit'll together. or a fid \ f NEWS CULLED AT RANDOM. It \BPKMMi* »* A, ,< j j |. st O ii EH. PAUTA OH Dou-t* oil a x l»it “Ills mot he I died )cir. and he aud hi dor s hull through dreary time th**.' luau xv as g* it tug cd. and manx a    . the fire and grumbled because he lath ed the car* he xx as use* without a woman i den. ami bcfoi** sprit! “*x< **»•>'- •'      tm, In tilt fall of (lit » tallier k* id lear ii the xx inter, ami Dad of it. I he * : xx * ak ami thin blood inclining he sat bet re Southern hosiery tanned prices IO per ticuerv Dabney ll witn dtsiiucimn Civil wars, is h*v« sd* makers en t. Maury, who -srved in tne M* mau aud dead at I coria. Lls i ae N xtioual lfuildsng Trades Folia- vu.,ex v-’O rr«»'>lu *“» , .nim lh. ,«tatlt>'“ of loc. UU,OU. ihreu loartb* of * cut p.r o.,p, »• ate mea* of Colton tot export lighter so far than for the I to. A tmuse not a home, hut a tilt* old man felt \xouran < ame to take care f thew bo bouw HOI bo ll*, was too S ir stricken ID himself to think of marrying I Raga id "a*    of    the ii the matter With annov cd, “Yangtze Valley aud Beyond, J, B Bishop. Rp.lKn.-d lh*- 'lee Presidency It would proha lily puzzle must pen t,i tell i)‘»xx ii president or vice pi* could resign After writing Ida na t ion. xx Ital sluill ii* law, xx hieh was passed by eon lT'.cj lays do"n th** modus op •'file only evidence *>f a refusal a resignation «>f the <»f xii'** nresldetit shall BOER Naval I K t N C ii NA Ult t > u I ft De iii*- Ii r i I t>-I» 4m Iv* H irl n«. Coir, Natal. Jan 1% — hen havo been p rdst-all day met h unlit ll* a IU ET ti* CV p.an t**r *H it an I ubrtcco «* in I *“v . I [ti- '.Hein I ag al ti O * •gam and aller mnne tanner discussion aa ;    1    ’ti.iown g agreement; 1 • NY* ag ce lo en -r xv uh J I* • Jordan an 1 hi geii to t nem ...    «.»a    r*    , I all KU ¥ a a%rc u. ?! ov i tao prices of t to ac, 1 during th,' the (.al l rice lo be fix* d on. a majorUf 01 whom tit Tic* ’•'•lier. nil** a * on tract . .♦--no,ates lo raised (taring tne ut ZI bv * y ars »t an ad Vance of not Bpkahman The B or mu, m s ently shelled bv the naval guns long. Milan parties ut ii*»ers were seen at intervals aud a large force from tnt* direction of Ladysmith was -cen going towards the northwest Brltish n-sit ou. A balloon did good service iu observing. Lvltleton’s force made a deimmstra in toe direction Of the Lrekofon inan lo V)4*r tile -ame gt ade la>t live X ear S, by a c nim s ti na * i rep to make from a point It to th* PHH’ wfi*r« the fix r fiat ae rea iy been improved im bill ap * prunes ll 75P.OOO tor the Bia, k \N rival work, aud a sum rn*1 x the aggregate #4,600.fl^f « me imp".va merit ut Va iev river, tm? whole work V,. done urnmr tile esttm.t t by me war department ou I» The project, whit u is known Yan Hoo-e canal, vx *. first -et on ,c ii ,u. J A V in House xx hen ne m nor of Bo rn in c tv* ui. F.ui-re-11, on zed tan preliminary -nrvcv Engineer Kip ey *wi»e and toil,meted the port he said the V al cr- ,tmo, MCA lory io n. ,«>>nth at th'- Bia kWarrior river for *4 a®,U U His estimate a so i» hi .ho a, p-••salme and feasib e ihe nous rn* non of a canal from Birmingham to Mc Vi *i> at a , oi 14.000,000 'I ms .atter project 1- not em hr a Mi Uudei voo*N bill. l»e ng tiubject lor future con*ideiation U ierwood’ * purpose li< f° s : • Warrior >pcn tor n*x* gallon up month of VHiev r.v f, an I met. t - nav Valier nvei canalized to ” x lory i fore any step I- taken to the cJty of Buuimgfiam Bks ri.-'f, Broad St., ti timer McGTo-h, A I * 11 "* I A. G A. >rk a - De* 1 »>U U xx a- , aa aud to thi* di-trict snrvev In hts re river could bo SA M \ KR & 0WENP? Attorneys at Law, N<*. » * roil Block, Gken, S tile (durl xx Iii prat t ice in as -k with (ta id J 11 Ae fur th- r agree to lake hi ah ani ti -as- cat* s IU a cor-burnt 1,>n xx hi u shall he formed for the Lip. se of manipo ating aud disposing ,-o-Old IO -,‘ d J I J«• »“ .tcs to toe extent of no I the valu 1 of < ur turn in the dire    .    - H tem kopjes. 4 ml HS north (it th* I* -    --    neavv riti-u art ll position, under cover O’ ierv tire, to which the Boers di not do xx’itll it rt .......................... Th!* gross in erandi t«* accept or flee of president or vice pi* bt. an instrument In writing declining the siiuic end sul.seril*e*l by Ihtso« r, fu-ing to accept or resigning, as the case max lie. and delivered Into the Of fii-e of the secretary of stat. president John < ins*. 2H, lsd2. and Ids now ou tile at Washta secretary of state ■pond On the h»H General Wairen’s troops remained in possession •»> pro.,,,,,.,,, kopjes behind s-donk-p There was some i>oor suipiug. aud n ss ass less than lo 1 **r cent -aid t, i>>cco. ••We invite the co operandi guilt, s ml) Faro ma and whick. grow hnght toha* * hr*ng the prt f . x    - - —    *    .(1 » i) lf) .*h p tied cana MAY DEMAND AN INCREASE. Ii Od a Secret ( OI* t< , I t- Jam oh un Ural VV >y Dup •*> • l-MOCf (It >!• icons. The B st-1 iii Orr .* J ll HU IC A’ ** t v, d e v tis t - - GU KL. rt (J. I jrer- tfi*- of Vir- h,r sec tunis It in settled Vice Fatboun resigned on resicuation is tm In tile de partment of the Boston I ta ascript. ,t marrievi. Du- world years again, i»ui right age, so he mist him. “*lt is time yod 8° glib!.' in* sa a1 one moi mug “•Poof!' said Dugald lug J our head? “ ‘You are 40 Pa<t-    .. only 37 " in n i ®nat1 'cd. from the subject * *u chop. •YOU -XUK A FOOL! In the cud be asked pf them' would Instead they all got mad has been ‘Are you los tfie old man kent on, ‘and I wa To get away The int ha-* I e-u ae period daring any ****“»    ^ ga id xx cut out to the slashing to cow* But the old man bad the notion ta 11 * Dead and kept thlokloi    * ** didn’t matter. t**i them all. atta none listen to him    ,    . and joined in pommeling him so that De xx as ihankfttl to esx-ape with ) xv boh.* -kin. But ids blood was up. and I , xx as going to get a wife before mopped lf it cost him ins Of them would IR* able to say that fie couldn't get a wife, and fie put into his doing- that day as mm*»» boU n**ss nuoth#,r man would show in a bt* tim*. -The news of ins goings on soon toi and when Mrs M< Bugan Tw mv hall a, Ooln.uhia. S 0.. which niodsru opera honso witu 19 111' UC    ,    , The Graafrienet Boers evacuated r csk, Jan KY *u,i letumed u ituwaro across ti e river Itunwti of Joint I*** ti I Jo... -. WASHiNOTON, Jail 19 - Th - propo ■Itioii to remove (lie bones or ( .mu dore John 1’aul Jones from Paris an I bury them iu Arlington cemetery will pro! ably receive the sanction of c rn kr**9s B all «h ut.t c«n t>** removed as t Hie complete ldnntiflcation of toe grave of the naval hero win u nas b*en s. long neglected that it forgotten I itinti 10 coiigren- me .aie- fti Vt .• I ti in ( ll at t OMi'i'i Q ){ A I I a N 1 " 11 ’ ' Jail IA ♦OIbern 111 nutria! a--<H’iation, d us firL conv a lion iu lust fail, will ho d it-* ii time ti ug in this city ai p. ac hied apout bv Hie Itiers a ive I.ere trout Govenmr Virginia, president t a r v N paten say► “One of the m 1st imp rf ant , ences of railway workingmen em great strike of iktit s-ezau at th - La today aud is being ti al be doors It- pm    is    I rn * S. W allace, Ip,ie hot© blad dosed consider grievan es • J —r'    ©    Ul‘ “Am.mg th'1*© v* u a. u ti.- dell ‘ — f * 1 -us ** I REAL ESTATE. *1 *) t,ihii i a that Un . which ii Huntsville, A next -emla III*O' it date I* veil lion ou- !♦■ en received M. ( \ji k e o* VV ©a® of the association. P Iii imp-'>n of Huiit-V' ie, expressing their apl rowal cd .in to hold in*' next meeting hero prominent p»rt ll ( t »rtef- not *. «uai Hat of Ka I way * oadn land, ob et st p NI Ammi cm) rf* an i P 4 Firemen IKEN, S. C. mrs Hx aud ERJ lit i til© pl I I MONTO' ME Charles W lh itll •nuuunced bis ll r or « x, Ala. U010- navy will lend to congo'*" ‘ho latest iii lie None is to con i am a a ■eating capacity of I.bcd A post mortem examination 1 r. Either H Hoot halo at king, 2 Dell rd . Hie of it v us aud t ii© present pros pee in toe least encouraging 1 a 1 .iv or a widely known •uTpopnlar^ Memphian, m^hu huutmgmui fishing resort Bl OI Memphis on th© G hoe taw raiiroed. Dhe bot lac of * sawmill on gin*, bo- talking to Dugald every UU Dugald besan to think of ta too. around. nottlenient’* matchmaker. Dis father to Aud out Chicago upon «“•    -    (hmt    thfs ch tai alod from measleH .w nae unaer t he .     *    rn Rifler ( aroon, a dis. Ip*© oi forniatton iu toe po#sessi**n of the of naval lnteliigen* © Jan a bill for whites and xv lieu lie stal led b>j b'ita ,o .tar. ti*    th, aud the more he starvu ■    . . be tho.,**., of acw«teMO|- “ she hurried to -*•♦* When sin* found ii "’as. IT what they must more are a i tit* Wilkerson, al Rig*11 I ugtug IO Joseph "““" I, wreck conn i v, I ©nu., atpiooao. wre** i    huiTduig Vnd' fatally injuring lug His butt 1    Yancey and John 1 two white m«n, Ha^'a    “    knoWU I vans. and one negro, name unknown. 4    4    4 Eighteen deaths from bubonic plague ha' © occurred at Honolulu. Preparations are being mad©    ^ Iou 1 a. N F . lor the ©rectiou of a eouon uiiU lo co»i $ I, OOO, OOO. ♦in r> e** n ii a of doliars’ worth of prop JXTdonJorot being carried away l>*-' b“bor br AU ice 3©m. as^iirttuS’^jEsai pct people, and wlien ti.*> I tliolr min,la on a tblo*    *'*'    “ oothlnK elae. •*•*    '“S    „ , moat bashful man In Hie count ...    • though tie ©tared at the girls, tie would color to the roots of his hair lf them happened to look bac    ^ BUU I have always noticed tl*at backward man screws up his murage lie xviii do things thai an ordinary man would not have the face for “Well the old mao kept talking rig t .long, «n,l r>,itf„l,( bop* whoo the «prlug chih, he J,i»i «>*»" bls mind that the old aint But he had Hie seeding to do, aud he kepi in himself uuiil the spring work was done and th*-resting spell between Hie seeding aud haying. Then one tine morning turned his homes out to past are, tils Sabgnth Wack Clothes and # lf it xvere tm** f.he planned rigltt o do.    _ ** 'fi e must send for the l iger Dunlop, and minister. nile said, ’and f*»r t iinrrv gilt) calili liitn ^^ then we must hurry ami fore he makes a i>**rt**et t*»*fi of “Within a couple of hours tin s*aM mg party was hot on th*- trail of caid and tracing him by Ina {U U"Mli . was never known just bow    en b Du It many girls I mt the uu rn- bor has, boon pa, a. high a. '* •••I.., hurry" eartalmoa tho np, ,s vv pl I aa ho could with laughln* don', catch trpof Elder I anion, Dow ie, Hi© i©nh cure proacuer. 4    4    4 Thomas McDowell, (he *rs. mayor of Sacramento, Cal., ladaad, ated lh© Virginia house has passed r**«t»**r **'T separat© coaches aud b.acki. \ rai-e of SO cents a I,IHM* hii* h<,pn dered by th© axacntiv© committee *> the Southern Lumbermen s Manuel luring association. I, rumored on .he P.rU bo*roo th*, /a , Rti.ni de Castellan©, husband o Anna **»““*• b»s lo*' ;*'oW''WO ,r“DC* ? uuiuthy »i»col»tlo„a Britain aud De proposed to that dux Both *-    serve,1 notice thai they have formally w*"5;       ,    thlJ Germany ley Hon *>f 'he lf him before be reaches Great KC IVT.Uially    .* Ill protest against foriin*a Nicaragua canal if mat v.---- con,tincted by th. timer,co govern- ment. United States Munster Deicbman, a tJrue Switzerland, hasc^b.e i me stat? tmaut that the Swis* government departmeu      aud    gives yi iii urn In HoIm.-i H'rtl'fi. Mom'FR River, Gape Colony, _General Methuen, who is in robu-t j health, personally directed another ■ Tong raconuois-au e yesterdav. Lh,* ll ghlauders succeeded in driving tho liver- from me Biotin river bans by long range volleys. Tne Boar tire wa-lueffect'v© Dr hi ti S IIIC"' **or 4L-I1. Savannah, Jan 1« — W. S. Mell win last night convicted of murder without recommendation and will Ins sentenced to lie hanged. Moll shot aud killed bin 15-veer old brothar-in la bee, on the Popu isis M el III April. RaLEiOH, Jan. 19 —The Fvipuhst committee met here last night anri the State convention for April Raleigh. It was pradicaily decided to continue the tusiou arrangement witn the Republicans. In Soil t ll Africa. IIH r *4-Hl an. J ID I*' Hon. ll pf I U-k g©« h ll can*! lacy for congress -man Bi ewer I hump our si i u - a t * i' n - k e g* e and has lur some tear- be**n .'I seiv Idenutiau with poU-ll*? i- at present a rn en! ber of ie ll a VB from M io» He is in tax ,r A tin* < 'tiler Ct Le© of Fiev 'Dram men. c in live Engine chief of Railway **H la said me O' “ to adjust certain ciHferen es h rtti r ■ I- aa 1 men empiwyes an I RKiar the adviti»mUtv-^>r i - weetdn pH d to con in tor*, engineers, aud 1 liner htainihen- ( i ll f ti) ll ■J , w wa* I, > • * ut. cal eu > r ween t>n«* I f in a CUUDDQT X . a 4 k i n g incise*© *n t *■ a gen -a ag • fire rn* n i I \V. ASHHURST, H I Jan from THI 19 — Mini to -ii coed t on tree* u,.’t lh, lua-nn has made a foriune rn , r intl*** and akricu rata* tics ♦.tate c< .untie* th© it ml Bullock Hrvaa aud I rt**,I t Vie 1 “Ria Li G lava. who arrived aa attempt on Hie life of In , inv* r-attou in rafor no** at ion *here ,**a gBitanrt the nfl* of \ Real Estate Broker, the Chicago p.-HK 1 in- nit I in I* rs-hwl. .VII LF. All r. i? M an ii th *t ails o* (Rid to the strain© a, Od* 1111®, wh o a -if • r *m 'n© »«i»- *'* -    ,f    ' ,iiers WH-1 zzsd tm inforlai y ii), h**»d A* *0 who fired to© mo: was disc >vtir*’d ll© -rtiil til 11 •' once appeared on Hie firing ne U', l»rt\ Him sengtr ,tl) IS A lites* hfstcr brin ga the ta* L UIS b ©-ar, a ha k wtiiie ♦ndsavoring I ,rmati driVtVjCiu! Kr, kVriver a' Buck s turd vs is drown* 1. together I-!**.** he was fin'mg oue Iv DD** -App ' “I *    *    *    *    • r " ' ■ r YIaNils, Jan IU —Brigadier General Hob fie hast- «*u apo**iuted gov- rn- r Albany province an 1 James liuz if tar a ooa of Oct 2 last. called l>s at to U <,11 yesterday, mV^ KTg'-'a Graves t Chattanooga, • p«»s©nu**r in th© hack, swam ashore and save,1 himself. Anomer I* TU <’olton MHI. Ch A rn.OTTE. N o..J un IS around a broken rn Rutherford county mill to operate 40,000 or W,-. ...Yi es The mill is being erected ii lianes. Dr T. B Lovelace and Colonel Frank Ooze. The location is ou Second Broad river on a site par-cnased a few d,ty- ago. ct F Mr ut * Hr** M ♦♦» ks. G. A. Drutzei Catanuuanes i.!»ad aud has temporarily t*«n pieJ* in cunru of me is ands of '?atnar an Lev ta IB- cointi- and etubracms mc principal hemp pr•dm mg 'uutrv Dan bren instru ted ta estabd-.* >»*‘ gi,v*-rnm©uts in the pin es un fi r his ja risdictiou. JOHN LAIRD, Architect & Builder an Towers. * 1 k -a has la* for a ri*fif i!l 000 bv ii I a11 ad* g** Di ii**!*' Fulls. TaidOkoAi Aa, Jra ta Charles W Vandiver, a druggist of this tty. made an assignment yesterday -.Ara ( Hi* credit . TS lit, XX I a© I nsurance Siberia R Coil Hit I K s' H.y N- w Cape Town, Jan IO —Adalbert Hay, made up was right. will marry bim out of hand. •But when they finally overtook Du Ha* revoked a former decision and gives general authorization far .he miporta-liou of American dried fruity the new United States comm tit L’reto-ria, arrived yesterday aud will f\* ' f his post Batarday.    t‘. xx ll i e, Jan. ta Oi Cb,. 4*U "Od Ter,, other Ctipntihs,, xi city nav© decided lo establish a * -uruttnr" fact* ry here Uhs thou ■ana r xx ade* will CO*onized to operate the p.ant. of th larg* It lia- beet) demonstra Mlon ‘ac*- ^**a mid they iuiurrupteU him lo bra bour at trim,,lib. Ile had r.ael,. d John, Mi Artabe', place bud bad propraradJo Chria,}, who wa 40 yeara old and eyed. Now. Chrt»iy had tong beeu busbtiod. for — for Over Fifty \©»r» Mrs Wlnslovi'a Soothing Syrup has ,.^n used for over fifty yetirajjj ions of motherj in every fiat** m tD*o I ^ ** believe^ uur euift-1 ot.- i I flit I ti ll pp! v cf eh- • iii vax's on hand at t riv ^ Br.V materia . neat t< benefit of hts creditors Dr. W I Thetford wa- nppoinsefi as-,ghee liaotlities are reputed to irs ah' u v • O O An in vent,fry of stock is now be lug taken.    ____ Cap' a'** ** *• -I,,ne Dead- Mi bile. Jan. ta Captain S. Graham Stone county treasurer for maav year*. „d who. durra* „» . .. rarved gtilltibtly to th. crate navy, dun yesterday, aK©d. years. r, -    •, . t- ll, ll. Hail guarani* » -ex* r> i hamberlain s ( owgh rPincdJ refund th* money to any 1 1 Ht’taflcd »ft«r Using txvo-tbn I bi- s- th- Lr FURNISHED COTTAGE bo KIHN B. J REHL ESJ. till XX I Wi I1» ; not \i o contents the world ♦ I 1 * ta IU lur la grippe, lUgti* # 0 0 # # 0 -b and ii md lf 1 F.ood I ll av ii** % ye* AIK* A, mug for A £5Tiji,t <“    "■ ■^^^lieumaDstn bai ibcrlam aft foliD. croup and whooping* and safe K* take. I . pl yenta any tendency *d a *’«dd    ‘    r*"‘ 1- pleasant vent - any t in pneumonia. Hie .........    ^    mg    bx*    an people who tiuffers and ©ciatira know Bain Balm reft number of other •fur bad failed. It a ever hown ‘ baretta, ii a. -^ii^rws&amr bo E. W. DOD road We bure in    a»d    on ♦ bf fine", lot of note and ,,,vet,wc .-“lf call bhd see HgatftgE ;

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