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Aiken Journal and Review (Newspaper) - February 21, 1900, Aiken, South Carolina It him no equal. It itrerigTh**ns the aiel vat** {'•nwW'ifxans an-1 build* a worn an aj>. All suffering a»(l Ire guurltie* at ‘rn niftily” periods "nu Ie- JVf« t'cl by its us*> it is for young gins maturing, for in,ith* 9 an t t r w«.men ut Clumse or Lu*. 8b HI I tie u«e»l In fore child htrtU aobrb> all druggist®. or aeijt R*o*tp**<»# on receipt of price $1 #. ■•RPF* tfook on Horn'" Treatment of Ie-man* ibsen.'<■=>.    si‘t>wtb    UfciUaNhO)., Cb>i»uu»tB Hearne****. ' fin* I THE BEAUTYPATCH; i or bs " I. Plat I it < o, Honey to Loan \ KULN U ((DILDY. BY RICHARD O MONROY. Th lion Sail!! La /.a re -fit ion i? hi tho In art of il!c city a a ON GOOD FARM SEI UR1TY, A PIT.Y To J.W. Croft & Son, Aiken, S. C. . MONEY TO LOAN. throw va rd Ely-c Bouto Hall Im* for quem of pr los Til J \ 4» Im Mini rilling lands . <.totoi-'im* a * tout <• i -I cl p.-r B PaL Ka*) pay in - Ch trg**d. o*t of pc rf *• < CCO I . ii KR SON * uluinhut •ut - Bor I 111) I * * * J.W.ASHHUR ST , Llb'h, I HIK ASO A< « ti JKK I CL Oh FU .'Bi itfleld Building. bifoil Mi ill Ii h them a na ti cc! or Vers; incut iou orc I rib Yester Hailh s. ; in ua I et re; fsoui the OJI ti vc minutes s. 'JO minuter, rue. I ti the ,f the laist I the took devoreat. I ♦ tty girls* w hair crowned i» walk d« a n t their ikim'i in t I nu curbstones heels and u a I It ii ay eta stone*’a aa aud the twill#* from the Ffiamps from t lie ll lls de waiting room. the out st* jis. hued tip ijf ot!i •*•- or seeking ‘.ere are always a lot til cm rn va ga lilly yet I to mary cions hats tim* «|* A muter air striking the itll ilieir little •i ally carry mg • pp. sol to give What a comite i Sa int * Germain from the ahove are true pleas FO! % what was the good of IL pray. Mont Vale lien just opposite ?” Idiotic,” returned the deco-gcotiemau. “At that time I was Whe staff of Admiral La Bone ie re • I# Noury. You have no conception, air. of all the mistakes that were com muted during the siege of Paris. Just fancy”— Here the big man obligingly changed ever Into the corner seat. to be uearer me, leaving the pretty brune opposite the fair man. aud he went on with his course in tactics with broad gestures, pointing out to me the maguitlceiit horizon, the Seiiie like a stiver ribbon ut the foot of the green s1oim*s of four* » be vole. and. far in the background. Paris, with its houses and its mourn (Dents, among which stood out the gl ga title silhouette of the Arc de Iii -» ^ omphe, dishonored by scaffoldings. ami j the gilded dome of the Invalided “Remember.” continued the deoorat-ed gentleman, "that we were occupying the region near Fliehy.” But I hardly beard him, for I saw with terror that, profiting by my maneuver. our two lovers had begun to whisper In smothered tones. I he brief was '.till spread out on the young man's knees, for tile hulks of the thing, but it was easy to see that he no longer even oast a glance at it. And the train sinai along, and the soldier, absorbed by tils memories, went on with tiis discourse on military history that I feigned to listen to most devoutly, so as to draw his attention it* the left side of the line. We reach St Cloud; we enter the tunnel aud la the pitch darkness, on my word. I would swear that I heard the sound of a kiss When we rush <»ut aga * ti tut** the light. I east a glance at the tan haired man. who is once LIVE STOCK IN CUBA. SSP* RUA VOL. XXX.—NO. 8. CAROLINIAN • 3 ro.ww OLD AN INDUSTRY WHICH DESERVES SYSTEMATIC DEVELOPMENT. ia nee. I rips tart ii* stain ta ore •ply ale-orbed in Ids case ii i V pr< rn t oi !_cd to go t ,.v my e\p« O' •I ,,r i or J. F. Leitner, architect, d„uieki Building*, Aiken, S. C ■va? - furnish* d I build togs. J ll** Jo I , MIM Hid Rev WAN HEI). r CK OTY t ie* fbi he r*n betire tie to wa tr; ih< rn I,a if p t t r< a h Po to lug * ta g d th- ! tire- . OI - I re at iv * b i I: it f a p -t h t hr ut the if gi Yer icrienee ,v ears ill de to radw tty th* lev pa-sen 'yin* as there sights to "lees to bt* intone the I opposite hey make a* enough lh,ag in. I •tty fellow’ that I had lug It al i company ticket them iv airy oking d lit * ii BUILDER *«- COf*.TRACTOR turn of k p I. aaa a aaa aa aaaaaaaa i V. A. HLMSTBEBT& BHO. ? ►    623 Broad St. (tuns N Pistols d p t *r Ii aud a faint live tin pa* d ti •r in • I with i cd a I, pair. r- of l ire Ani *. it \c!rc, Sjioiting (iikmIs I isiiiiiii ‘ackiu. AUGUS I A, GA. J in i air i Souse ii*»*i.'im I ae Journal him! Review For Sale Cheap Beside gent h -o ra t ion unitary id w as tittie to ■ ti her What do I make out un Ids left nostril but a r tiny little black spot'. Saprto ti’ it is th** patch, tin* killing patch. that in a t bought less contact has loos cmd and passed from the lips of the dark I tea uty to the nose of her admirer I foresaw a horrible tragedy Tor my tactician turned a questioning and sus pielous took upon the lady as if lie had found something altered in her appear anee. he hardly knew what. I would have given worlds to have been able to whisper to the good looking young mar, 'I hi ie a veil - sake, remove that compromising patch at once. or you are betrayed!” Unfortunately it was quite out of the question, seated as I was it a distance So ii seemed wiser til recall the officer's thoughts to tile war of I STO and tin* heights of \ Iro flay But ti** no longer paid any heed to me He chuckled in a sinister way behind his Perce mustache, gazing at the bepatched nose of the fait young man. As for tin* woman, crimson, overcome with terror, sin* began to fan herself violently, a most distressing sight What was going to happenV What terrible sentence was th** im Ida able judge going to pronounce on the guilt* wretches cowering bt*neath I Ids gaze? W as I going to be obliged ; to look on in tins uaITOW railway ear 1 i age at a challenge, a boxing match. I |H‘r! ups a butchery, a massacre? Suddenly, to my intense relief. I I caught sight of the three little yew trees trimmed into sugar loaf shat**. ! that guard the entrance Into the grand | monarch's town A guard failed out: “\ * i sa dies Versailles. I lo* 11 ain I stopped. I gut out. determined to stick to the otfieei to see w hat would hap-j.. n Judge of my stupor on seeing the ladv take the fair man'- arm and trip •long at his side. while the decorated genii' man said to toe as tie saw them disappear: * i hey are charming. I know them. They live quite near me in the Rue I tuples*!*. The husband Is a lawyer TI,. V are half wav through the honey mo, ti. as you might Infer, sir. What a hug he gave her In the tunnel at Ville d’Av ray, to he sure!"—Translated From the French For Argonaut. Rick    Bitewlvc Hance* la Puer to Price!**—Matlve Cattle Referable Old Time Teiaa* and May Be Similarly Improved. [Spacial Correspondence ] Havana. Feb. 5.—In estimating the resources of t uba the live st*H*k ileitis try assumes a greater relative Importance than anticipated. Stock raising la an occupation In which extremes meet. In a primitive way tt requires less brain* and money than any other Industry, aud in its highest state of development the best experience and unlimited capital find occupation. It Is almost needless to say that in t uba primitive conditions prevail, lf Abel himself were to come to Cuba. he would tiud Stock raising very much as he found it when tin* family emigrated from Eden. The best stock ranges of Cuba are Iii the province of Puerto Principe and cover an area of some Iii,boo square miles.    It    is a vast    wilderness,    less than 1,000 square miles being utilized at the present time. I lie cousin y is mountainous, interspersed with valleys and tablelands The elevated plateaus are covered with nutritive native j grasses, which would he the envy of American    ranchmen    who herd    their | flocks iii the semiarid sections of the j western plains. The climate is all in favor of Cuba. Cattle thrive here with hs little attention a* the laziest cow boys choose to bestow upon them. aud tai losses are sustained through bliz surds. Before tin* wars which devas fated    the    Island large    herds were    common.    but    the cattle    have mostly    been killed. Those that remain ar** of scrubby varieties, and indeed the qual tty of Cuban cattle lins rn*vet bet a any thing to brag of. They resemble the tough Texas -longhorns ut former days. The Cuban cattle Industry ha- not yet reached the stage where •animals are fattened for tin* market. I hey are sold a* they come from the range, thin and tough. Oxen bring about Sh) a In-ad and ordinary cattle 'Jo per cent less. Calve* are worth Sl<> or there about, it must not be concluded that tin* climate impairs the temper of < u halt cuttle, for the fiercest fighting bulls that ever entertained aristocratic spectators at Havana come from the mountain regions of Puerto Prim-lye. Primitive as are the methods of stock raising iii Cuba, the methods ut preparing it for eating are equally so A popular way of curing beef is to salt it ami put it in the sun to dry. fin Wit- *»•»*♦ Ace*,raj. •«•** »r- Arr »»•<! **•-j Siiftpi* nu, Gou URI a, 8 C., Feb 15 —Mr* B* ’to j G UU ii lek and Milbridge itowkin* h wa | ba** arrested tm the charge of poison ag UNCLE SAM IGNORED THE PROPOSITION Ama* k*r»on her na mr. A v*h« tr sin* lived, th* StrX . k ii.an* were th* MUuntn b * i* Who sought her heart and hi. bee* sxrested on the charge ot poison cg    With TOu.iu* Grsddick. bu*band of the Host Avoid an Alliance witn former. Grsddick died. * certie Data of des; a from grip wa* given Aud he war ab ut to be baned when an invrtiiga* ti. rn was made. The bod* bad warned burnt trout arsenic. The husband sud wife ver? about 25 year* Ola, Grsddick being a merchant and baker. Dawkiua is Id y ars Old ann had been rn treqoen* victor st toe Grsddick home, till ordered swav bv the Husband. He to reported to have rutted the place woe# Grsddick w is away on basinet- Thr»e neg’o women testify that the woman baa expressed a desire to gel rid of her bu -oaud. The cook !eft the house a week ago, saying she did not Winn to see murder done A negro per* Taut stirs the poison was administered t« Graddick in hts coffee. Du,wains au* mptea to kill hims»*lf vrh**u taken to jail. Iii is of good family. Foreign Nations. The youthful Ay sAons One of the ti* in hi! GA. Bis have wa* ii he th* C'W#*in»o— So chtUlUh* & nu GUL >. a, uhHsofi    R. k. IU6K oaaaog I*. W. HRItDUBSON. UENDERSONS, Attorneys at Law, A f KEX, S. O. Practice in all of the State and U. 8. t ourts. Collodions a specialty. ROSEBERRY PREMATURE (juite otherwise wa* Klolpli't fh.o«, For ’twsa to fury fS; H, acorned to sue k said the furl, Should yield to h‘    ’ CONVENTION Nor I Ii IN RALEIGH. M est to Carotins ll* lu-torata on A on I ti. R alk lo it, Feb. ll — De rn oc ratio s-tste _ hatrm »u Simmons issues his call for the btate convention bere April ll, to 1 rn inmate candidates for state officer*, elect delegates lo the national convention aud e.evt u state chairman. Attention th bpiciaily called to the fact that the **xecutive committee adopted nnaniin u»o the following: * Hr solved, that the question of pri-maries t«»r selection of a candidate f‘>r United Slates - u.vi>«r ive re erred to the people in me t"ai» tor tt;e next state cou van non for -ncu action as that convention mar deem beat. " Due a**iegate is allowed for each ISO Democratic votes ca-t four vear-* ago, aud this wu give abuut UUU dei-gatea A i >• b* til • att I - I J lr Washington, Fob lo — Hugh F. Fitzpatrick of Ai.ibu.tna, seci alary to Cou^rebsujan Burnett, baa a narrow escape lr in di am on a Capitol avenue Traction car Fitzpatrick was riding on the platform, while the car was in Unit'd State* Is Not Y«-t R<*ady For rn Europe** Entanglrtnrui— Sp-cu-Intio* as t* Ifouudatlou Vor the Statement. Washington, Feb. IS—Administration officials are circumspect in discussing tns statement made by Lord Rosa* berry that Great Britain in Decemb, approached the United States and GagJ many in regard to the advisability of forming an alliance. It is understood, however, that intimations were conveyed to thisgovarn-mein by the British authorities of their desire that the relations between the two governments shon.d be closer and in the nature of a sompact, but the administration turned a deaf ear and made it plain thai the United Mates could not abandon its policy of uonen-tanglement in European affairs It is stated that the overtures were not iu the form ot torinal suggestions. but even if tuey had been it in uiuiketv that thev would have met with a cor dial resoouse from the president. Considerable curiosity has becuawak •nod si to Lord Koseberry’s rea-ou for making public tile fact of Great Britain’s de-ire to enter into an alliance wan the United Slates aud Germany and the steps she took to that end t is thought by seine mat the statement wa- determined noon by me Brl usa cabinet as an answer to Mr Macruru s statement that "he did not suow mat an alliance existed between the United Males and Great Britain” and to dis pose of toe charges made by anti administration politicians that such an aliiauc due* exist in tact I he suggestion thai socn a statement should ive made certainly did not oomo lr >m Washing.on. REDUCED TO A MINIMUM "limit Mock" Stie was a flirt. A word ber To sport arith « The dally joy G W. CROFT k SON. Attorneys at Law, AIKEN,    S.    0. Will practice in all of th* rut of ibis State Sp‘vial attexr-glveu to co Hectic fps- T. R MORGAN, Attorney at Law, KN. -    -    0. practice In ail tile Courts of $tate. Prompt attention given bo Sisal. G, L TOOLE, Attorney at I aw, CBG FT’S BLOt K, - Al KFN, B O. practices in all < ourts. Coll* ctlous specialty, Young Ay S&crs* life tor Ban out its tutu! ak.    W* And wbrn you si^hwt for HAotpb s *rm Another waist it Oh. hksocne i- as h\softie d s; Ais..va n«-.» ta strAed. Slit* angled to. ling K.r her fish, A she herself was uV* d: So, girl*, toy i> *t Witt, The « Gains of lh * * Or. lib.. AdiAn . U A sour old nisi . A* lit Hits. R. J. SOUTHALL Attorney at Law, LANGLEY, -    -    8-0. investigations a specialty. I)Po I;, ll. TEAGLE, DENTIST. -    - Al KIN. S C. foil motion His hat flew off, and in ende »v iring t»> grab it, ne fell headlong into the street, our fortunately ne d d not -u-tani anything more serious man a bm v contused shoulder, whim was dislocated bv the fa.*, t ut which bai sprung hack into p a *e when the sur-geon- examined it iii- lace was cot aud hands badly lace lated, but bels doing a- well aa eou.d be exuected under the circumstances. ll ..ll iv I i ■ *-*t I»> Murphy, N C., Feb. I TM I ll. 12 —La Fay et ta 1 Wfm* Arrow o “t w.vs .-truck by the soutnbnund tram on the Southern railway la-t night aud Killed The accident occurred a mile from Murphy, al a enarp curve. Tho dead man wa? placed in the big- gage car ami brought to Murphy He vv t, , u,. til** tirit -ettlers of tins ci univ, an ; was ho years oui It seems that ne ha * gone out to lock for wood ann wa- lo-it Finalif lie got on the track and was coming in the direction of Murnhy I tie engineer anti fireman gave (b** ut.iii. out too .ale to avoid the accident. Colton A iv mc** link V ry S'" hi' . Americus, Ga., F-*b. 16 —The recent advance ill the price of cotton ha.-served to reduce mocks here to a minimum, mere being lea- than 1,0 0 bates iu me six warehouses nert* aud tuts is held tor higher onces -iso While me nop 19 short, Americus cir* w trom oth.*r terir irv to an ext* u^ sufficient to m.»Kc re ce pts quite a- good as .ast year, when nearly HO.OOO haves torougu tho one <j» repress op# in An e: K US Toe mana.er of the coin press de clines t > give the uuiuoer of baits prest>e<t h re up to tni- time, but as a great d a of Colt in is shipped to this pres- trout rf utn (»•* >rgia and Ai*; ama points, ii i- i e,lev* a that me total re ccip s al Amcru us win r**ai ii <•■.' OO or p, .v --‘J. * "'*•    ivy    me    close * this hen Hon, even ii this*- ligures arc aul ex \N *r hi ti semen bete are pleased with th-' seas Ii’h Ln-me part., uiariy smre trice- ot ton nave readied a pay mg Good Rsa*on to He *»u r»er»J ll lows “Superstitious!” In **xcia; i.ii-d of course I am superstitious I -at d - ti to tlinner as out* of a party of Kl once on the Kith of the month, and Id courses were served “And one of them Hi. I?” “Yes. sir t me of th* die I “How soon after ti d .rn “Thirteen years after < w hew Id "it H.■ vv ti to dim sure thing that sofie*hod die So inc I Sine" < liteagu Office on Rich Dud Av* be! ween Pendleton and Laurens St*. DR I t it’s •ll y a di ad lo Otfi ll. J. RAV, DLN ITS r, Office iii { iiatfield Block ll ors Morning, w to 2, Aft on. ‘A tt* 8.30* 'ID N o, t NEWTON A. TEAGLE. Din ti st, Mi Broad bt., Corner Mellitus Ii* A U* * U rf L A. < I A. ( r* WU Hoi Bridge work a ape. laity. Chloroform abd Cocaine administered for palatal . ‘etal operations. suRvno R AIKEN A ii ;rk . ! in btl rust * I to me will re-i attention. Oh ar a vs i W F. v I baals A. S' lits. I-ive ll • Ii - VY til** hi Mob* gomery. MonTC* *M KUY, Alw, Feb. 15 -The Alabama river new stands at 4? feet, but will not go much higher. It is a surging unis- ot muddy water and is about 5 miles wide at me Montgomery cai ohed Md very great los-es are reported. thanks to the timely warning of the weather bureau. Ttie railroad bridge, winch wa- washed away last night, proved t» he the bridge at rfis-truwk’s mo. and n f the lal a-cee aud Moutg* rn cry bring-*, near iaoas-ee. A N gin 11* - it rn iici- « in p*» ny. Dt HI IN, Ga , Feb Id —■ An insurance company wa- recently estaoliahed here mat is tile OU.? cue ot the mud in the i goQjn. It is named the Afro*American j Life Insurau * company aud lanes r -as I on negroes I pally is Salt Ii*'* !*«» |> ii la r I M s ttic if a, lie ■ hi d ti i v -i a BR i . owl d t I' if t I ii*" Journal and Review X •• vs A o rk'a SboppluK lllalrlct. At hist Grace church, with Its dean tone, is reilclnsi ami tin* green and shrubbery in front of the ting looking Gothic rectory. A list mice below the bend all tin* were wholesale. Now they are jug solidly retail. Instead ot the people along the* street att* h shoppers    Down there were ft w woolen; tip here are 'ii) tow infer* short Store bu V el’ n. how Magnolia Inn. for vi-r> rn* n. Ti.is is » -peoially noticeable I tooti squaie is reached, with car- clanging around I mad i.ll Wit; mg fcl ewrv« Here .I t lit -4 ii I. |o i. n • .41 it i: i it*.. 'I iit«ec• i ra lid Lh d I.Ii; iii I hrt> w iter tug. start* d doubt tutu ti ti til' iit now I ten od at* Cill >ar din aud ti it ICI: id* r bilic '.•St mein .low ll lf ‘Th i - i, ah •el the noth- train Ho in. no Jill lo ur is sloe every V* s. ami at I is lo ill - j: , ii ‘ A ii 1 j»at tv pi it»I> pat* It * bi* ti. bare! Lhe Journal hihI Review d bt lady P**r-to-si - lit an a t In* when cable Man’s n front ot Lafayette s statue. own I ’oiirteentb street, may be -cen -hops aud shoppers of the most vir !*iit tcpi*; windows which diaw woi :• ti - heads around wUether they want to look or not. lansing them to run von down and making them deaf ti, your apoh gies for It; big dry goods -tot. - aud small millinery shops, gen vial -tores aud department store# ami ti..- places where the sidewalks are crow did with what is known to the trad* as “Louis Fourteenth street fur tutu re.” All this accounts for there tieing more re-taurants now and ‘bf fi r* ut smell- aud another feeling in the air. Scribner’*, th Graniteville Hotel. rjt \ BLK one rnU VI Ii led. R'*ot till unable, r ic I .gill-. Tar littery lim*!* rat A iig n -U. by r '. IM.I N K I commo-VV 11**ii or i i .im - ai penna-I hu t \ My an I. ic rf r dent of 1,4 lean* vin Top ll To PUENT Good Ideas Vra    ii-.%v    be secured by hen rf *»n h a ba nils t em far as wa ie to the i hearts by att the be.-t and prof lion t.red de I d ti "\t. I As v a re a I tat may he secured by our aid Address. THE PATENT RECORD. _    BaHimore.    Md buGscrtpiious to The I'snitl Sword •; Ai per alumin. l'lfUH*' jo—noon Lh** Au ii run!    K'-vt*"* ti rough my t t “To think thai that L it ii An I nkward t nctrialnty. William Mad’ortnae, the pres! . f tin* Royal College of Surgeons adult, who Is best known to A mer* i>\ his many admirable works i’S"iti asepsis and Red Dross labors, is at th es quite absent rn Ruled lie is an indefatigable worker ami often to save time when studying In ids laboratory has a light luncheon ser\ed there 4 Hire in- a--istant- heard him sigh heavii' aud. looking up. saw Ute iloo-t,,r gl ring ut two glass receptacles oil hi- table. “VV bat is the matter, doctor?” asked un. of tie youngster*. “Noth .ig in particular.” was the r**-plv; “only I am uncertain whether I drank tin* beef lea or that compound I am working on." CUBAN CATTLE. product is called ta sa Jo, which would be jk:io\V!i in the Stat* - as jerkeil beef Ta.-ajo'will ie *q> for -**v* sal weeks, it not forever, and is used for home consumption I*) th*' masses OI the people The chief beef product exported is hides, and no effort has yet I keen mad* to utilize other part- of tin* anima I w im ii have annie fortunes t"i tin? lug < Imago packers, iii*' pi * • — IM** ■ ■ - Of tin cattle industry in ('dim. ar** dazzling, Put of course tic re may I*** obstaeles iv lib it have not yet appeal'd. Fuhan horsi-s are al-<» profitable t«) rat-*-, and Puerto Principe seems to lie th*" propel place for them. I la* pm vailing type bears the murk of Spanish blood, more or I. -- modified by climat ic conditions. Tile result i- a fine ani mal vv it it stocky body ami lithe limbs, remarkably intelligent eyes .aud * apac lty for long Journeys tinder the saddle. The manes and tail- give t ubau nor.-es an attractive upp«aran*-**, wbieh may Pc brought out by canful gro aning. Common Cuban horses are worth about $«W, but some choice stullmns arc very valuable, American bi"*-cd* r-\\l<o want to Introduce a strain af wild Pl into their antu a1- may find -■•: a-tiling to suit their iii.as among tim horses of this pro\ inc**. To attain the hight st success »ti stock raising in Cuba it will be mec-sary t Improve the native herds by the u.tr-dilution of better blood As tie have b* en rev* httionized of Hereford. Shorthorn, Gal Aberdeen Angus bulls, so h*-r*ls of Puerto Prue :pe 1*4 value t*y following the meth eessful breeders in other part- of the world. It can hardly be es^ bd that Cuban ranchtm*n will fatten tla .t own cattle, hut this branch "f the italusuy ought to Im* attractive to Americans who can double the value of Fulton . rs at I tvJ* -    !    ' '■    1 'i: ' f rial iou t< > oiled Stat. - pot -    - asy and cheap, aud improv* -! feed- may be imjjorted from the cotton st it. - an lifted as an auxiliary to the na!im grasses that grow in abundance ~ I can advi-e Ma* rirnn- to take nj rattle raising .ti Ftilto with th*- -am* confidence with which I would a-!    -• them to H'i'id aluio-t everyt ag * 1-e Am,! - Mi ttHlTT. Pros|**-ri > II't«*g- it p-utMii«*n. Washington, Feb. Bl — Secretary Gage today directed that th**re bo eov-ereu in tnt* treasury to the credit of conscience fon t ^ MXI received from Toledo, U Jan VTA inn am out bae been held at the treasury a r -evt rai weeks pending me posHi Ie arrival of some iuforma turn cmieeruing it, bot ae this has not et rn* it I - -up'ro-e I to t*e a conscience coniriGUti' ii and is so treated. j, ,| r.**er ll - si    Itirot I Ie. Gal HNH 'DO, N. Cl, Feb. lo —Jf*hn Fe'zer, a I ast p;«--eng' r engineer of the Son! ae rn Railway cbmpauv, dropped dea.i ill ill- cab ai ha started to pull ms tram t< a -iding in <*: edience to orders •vuicb be h.. i just ign d As he-tarted to i vi.I tm ,lir Rh* lIit* fireman hear I him -av; “I an’t ase.’ ami -aw him in iii o.e vee dead Heart disea-e was t he troll >e ivi v mu Mi i Ii.«ri•••toil. s, Feb 15.- Hon W. J , ep: d the invitation ex-city council to sp ‘ak in night. He will ream the Iuto ta at 8:15, spt'ak at lh manager of me com-H t iv cr bv. w bo is web know u in siam insurance cito*es, !<ui most of the other < fficers sr- negroes. Due comr any bas been organized only a few iii ntbs, bot appears to De doing a g< od bu-mws- already. As to well kuowu, none ot mo big life insurance com auies weI in-ure toe lives of negroes, and me Dublin company ought to no a good busine*-. Larjte Brick * miner*. SAI IM I HY, N. c., Feb IO - Salisbury is to have one of the lar^e-t and most thorough;? and in "leruiy equipped brick yards in N* rib t Carolina Messrs. A J Reyno.d-aud In mas MoMictiael of De.aware, who .’.ave been nere fur -ever ai wee as in (jo-sl of a suitabis site « u which toes abil-b a brl k»arU. ua\e jusic. *ed a sa. w it h the Cen rra. Laud company through Mr F Ii Thompson “What a ta vt Bailie Singleton mean! Yet .-he figure is bat! I Pecan-** hid <L-P< “Lively tni ii*"-Pe.-ai]-*" sotnePo w v i: A ll & Notary HW IIN rub! at is I *r j Aik' k 'I thai P ii for a tract in List Salisbury Tuase gentlemen have a.rsady . I sed the trade for more rn in I O.tXK) wortn of machinery sud Mr McMlchaai bas gone to Philadelphia to p ace additional orders. per is the fa urn ic W ii •k-." - 4 de -tart i rile Iii. ;I tis. ii iarnl I* d t in: >r ti De Oar, J ti a (Jhjs te rr, D E N T I B T . . GRANITEVILLE, h. 0. I tie 411 ll • hi waul sin ii*- 4| iirr) tor “Y “I “\ f.; X -z'-yc' TV g I. t 4 orth ! Fvi ml all fumin. 're a C. S. Wallace, fREAL ESTATE Herald -lie Johnnb min h <>f I nu ’et. Mat J OI* dnv t Vol ill W ti ti -I Most f. ll -IV - lull ' ll ISO I#, don’t te I | FUA5.! LNT* Brr an n a-a | tended by th i Char;e-tnn f j ©ny trom 4 I i fiomvou an J ac - -OU YI I ie ! pointe I I V j g atoll ! here. Shul a lulu Hunting. C id MBI A, rf G , Deb 16. — While ilax-y Feweii aud Hop* Robertsou weie huut ag nock.-, n the forumr’s plauta lion ha pp p'U d or i ,t i urn at y an i leave for at lido. Ac mtmttee ap • iua\ r wii meet the lls* ot ansi attend him w rn e in \ or k county, a lata accident ned. They were lying down by a I ewe.i in trout. I •w.eii was to nm ot iii At and K bertson to lire at toe i (lucks w lien thev ro'f Feweii fired J aud then. in the •xcin tuent tr) see the result, s rang up in lime to get the fab I load fr IU R bertson * guu «n hi- ti. an I Hr lilt d ms ant*y- Fe vo l leaves a wife ami two cut. iran. Kowirtsoa is a boy. fin UUU I * oi.- tat ti th f. Deli th?!! .it I IVxns by in • * way may bulbil Mi- of .at •anam! th** ■I in -rn* •I iisnit it Ash* v111«*. N F. Feb lo—This .’lit on the Southern rail-.ole near lh ack m.uu- E r ■■ I v. ti I A* IU VILLI uh.imug a fr* U wav ran into a ta.a    I ne fir* in VU and one brakeman, negro. a negro, were kiilt* i. and VV si bury serion-ly si aided car- were wit Engineer L.ghteea • K od. -| i. (.I? •* ti < oi v lit ton In Charlotte, t’n AHL** it * lob. 15—About 60 com* pa tile - are represented at me independent te’epm ne c invention in session here I M,.iV \    ^*r laiieUt a—ociati a will ti i«rn • i finis i*'*aid to tx* the larg-e-.t rn* - •'it'-the south. of Villi kind ever boid la T i ii hi Im- I lr t tg- I** Manger. „ tt I . Fab. 14 —At 2o’clock lb s morning the rsvsr is rising a foot an hour and the danger line ha* been reached at the mil)* If the    con tiuucs much arni result. I-or V .ley VI MO trill ll K r«tio«. Fe HY V aixky, Ga, Fab 16 —The primary election for muuit pal officers here re-u ted us to,low*:    Dor    n.ayor, A D fckclUe; aldermen, IL A M»ui evvM. J M. Onlpeppcr. O <* Sing,et. ii nu ! rfi.mey I as-ett. I nt- cud- one of to** uio-t heated contests ever kuowu in tort Yaiiey. Pe r*I in inm»* noil Industry. ABBr.viLi.Lk rf- 0 , Fab 16—A re'Uit of the b eati IU Of factories in the upjer p i rt ot ;-outh Carolina is the shuttle and bo: bin ;anions*, which u%e the per-uii ni n woi <1, givtug to it a value which it never b fore ha J. Large quantities are §o d at tho station h r« al about a Cord. IU • in oi i tis I ll I "IIM ramie. Rn Xvii I I Fe ii 16 A 2 kar vt m.,un in the rough wa- brbugnt to city from LottreP, a small town a M r- t ta nd 5 break n M r— Fur* It th’ pol 'I'm uh u .I i. Mul cahy An v. irk iii w ’ a i . a,. th Mulhoolv (Ws •I * I U 1» J. w. ASHHURST \ Real Estate I 13roker, OEI \ One VA ii y *»t I’bHIuk 1 * “You who ha U0M*to woi k t out, st:;. >I)phI Irift **» Delaware I 4'JI' th* pi Of I to Ton - The JOHN LAIRD, Architect & Builder ip ll »•! rtisffPt I v “Hill “Mb tisuram e. Rea* Siberia OU and Laird -.tate s»-*t I *< FURNISHED ( OTT AGE TO REN J    t    lit!    h    I    rn    Ii    *1 da hue lf the longer teriouu damage nu.es north of h*,r*. and sold to a jewtoer It l* dcc.a-el lo be o lyter aud in the set n t astsoud u* this vicmity in the last tew rn die this few Lii a. fin e ,>UQi nm* NI. * P. VI I ti* a tim Y c-u L .lur I t rent un WW JOHN IL HERIOT. I REHL ESTATE Registration Notice. lite book * tor the registration (if vi tor- w til ne open on lilt* tit-! Moil-day ,,t (-auto month and will remain ,    * |) p,r I bree day - and i i longer Office in Un Court House. Offict houi - nom fi ‘ m. to 3 p rn. S. A. WfMffiW VHI*. < hairmat* Board duperv la* r-. January I, irftw* for ttv«*r K iftv v * u -Mr-. Winslow - rfootbing >> r p ba been used for ut cr fifty years by mil! ion- of mothers for their chiler« n vs tiiIc t . thing, with perfect -nccc-it -notto’S Di*‘ child, softens th** giilil-allays alt pain, cur*".- wind md ic, and i- I he hest remedy for Diarrhoea, lf will relieve the poor little -utterer immediately. Sold by Iiriiggist in world. Twenty five «* -ore ami a-k for So** t hi fig    >) rn p,” es **ry part i>f t tie cent- a bottle. I Mrs. Winslow’* and take no other kind. JI. ll. ll all guarantees every bottle pf ii am fieri ain’t* Dough reined) and will . fund the money to an) one win. is int satisfied af tor using two-thirds «*t contents This i- Urn hest remedy „ the world tor la grippe, coughs. O dcroup mild whoopiiigcough- aud .. pleasant aud safe t * fake. ll precut— any tendency of a cold to result ti pneumonia. Me have in stock aud on the road lie finest lot of note ami billhead--,i\ elope-, cards, etc., we have ever arrted. « ill anet -ee -atopies and scute your tall stationery early. U. Liuon Jt l*"or -a1**. (>r Rent Furnished, th** i--> louse, with all modern improv* ineuf* it the im.rf Ii- va .‘st corner <d Ila mw* wenue and Pendleton -tr.ei. I ***rui' apply f.» Mr-. K. F. I < g tr* corner Barnwell ave. and l.auren -ired, Aiken, rf. I . A full sup! . a1 tv a v - on Dfllce. Iv of ele hand at •f r leal Brill- u I Fresh Oat Flakes ju-t receive Iv latte A Met arter’*. at “I ?i ink I would go crazy with , vere it not for i hainherlaiu* Fain Balm." write- 'lr. W. II. Stapleton. Herminie. Fa. "I have been alfiict* d With rheumatism for -everal years and 11 Jive fried reinedie- without ii ii ill tier. hilt Fain Balm i- the be-t medicine I ot hold of”. < me application r* -the pain. For -ale t*v ll. ll* I. lo. Concealed electric work i- th** univ way to have your house wired. At low price* by Brill Electric i o. Pax* iiev Hat i Buy ) our e • i ru: sundries at Brills | uext to Foal Office. HARDT, PHOTOGRAPHER. (MIW Aiken Vu Lh evek )\ EK tor amal ll FN DEESON I»IRK Priutin ; a JI ll is- * * 99 1 E. W. DODGE, Rubber Stamps. L Seals Brands, Jr' Badges, Etc. Campbell St.. Augusta, Ga. ;

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