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Aiken Journal and Review (Newspaper) - February 14, 1900, Aiken, South Carolina AIKEN, SOUTH fl&NA. WEDNESDAY, FEBRU NO. 7. ALL WOMEN from female trcwfbi*# chouId try th# *'OlU riiutj” Kern od/. It ha* nn equal. It *trenglhen* th* <1. u -.a.- f**ihiii*-• 11 *?an- and lcullrts a woman up. AU suflorin*anti in* xuhuiti#* at ••iu athly” period* eau In- avoided Ilf It* ush itll for young girl* maturing, for moth* rn, and for women at (tun** of Lik tstiou I I*** U'i'.l toff, .re rhlhl birth Sol, I* by till druggist s. or*#nt (postpaid) on ivoo11it of price ll ut). I PI I'- law.* on nom.* Treatment of Fe male Vistas, s. SfcW iPLNctk M tutu NL CO. ui«u*<mx>i*, !•*•*•***• Democratic Governor Passed Away at Frankfort. PARTY LEADERS CONFER i .»r -alo bi VI J. rUlt A < o. Money to Loan ox GOOD FARM SECURITY, apply to G. W. Croft & Son, Aiken, S. C. MONEY TO LOAN. I > \ tanning land- Pasty paymeni-\ 11    <*<    ■    in    tit    i    --UMI-    charged.    bor er payi ai'tital e»>-t of perfeet inj; I, I tit. Tori *1 pot Cent. .I \<» Ii FA LM Kit A SOV pi t.iii,    <    <4ii un Ilia. !*i. * • Bath Sides Serin to lie Sii»e#r*ly Trying to Adjust I rouble Taylor K.-fuses to Krvoke Order I unveiling \ l.glslatur*- at L milos. Fit a ski >>KT, Ky., Feb 5-— William1 K. Goebel, who " as sh of br an nil-known assalto last tuesday, died at ti.45 o’clock Saturday evening. Tile only persons present at the (leat Ii bed w ere Governor Goat el’* bister, Mrs Braouacker, and bis brother, Arthur Goebel of Cincinnati, who bar.- bent! in constant attendance at Gt>vernor Goe-bei’s bedside. Ju*tns Goebel, another brother, who bas been hurrying from Anson* as fast as steam would carry hun iu a 'a.a hope of reaching Dis dying brattier ut tim* lor fc'.nie token of recognition, ar rived 40 miuutes tin. late Among hitler partisans of bath par* ties deep grief I- manliest* I, aud already a movement na- beau started to eruct a fitting monument for Governor Goebel** memory on the spot in (be Statehouse gi uud- where ti* was snot. Elactlv otic hour a^er the death of * Mr (Liebel J O. W Bt. Wham was sworn iu as governor if the state, the oath being ad ministered bv S .1 Sua. k* Alford, clerk of tim court ot appeals ADDRESS TO THE PeOPLE. Managers af Charleston's lCjtpo.Uloa Tahr Aetloa. Ch a RLB8TOM, Feb. $.—-A determined effort is betag made by she business and commercial organisations of Charleston to give a grand industrial exposition in this city in 1901. The preliminary work has already commenced and active preparations ar* making for th* show. Colonel J. EL Averill, who mauged the exhibits from this stale at the Cotton States and International exposition in Atlanta, has been appointed manager, and he is in direct touch with the industrial and commenda! bodies I throughout toe south. I The national gavernment will be asked for an appropriation and aid is ' expected from the general assembly of South Carolina, which has already commended the exposition scheme, there ar* promises of the most liberal contributions trow this city, and the men behind the undertaking is a guarantee that it will he made a success. Toe managing commutes has issued an address to the people of the slate urging a hearty support and co opera-non.    ___ SECOND. BRITISHERS ABANDON MOLENSDRIFT Mf JE Retire ht.W APPROPRIATION BILL, Important Msssars M*p*rtah ta th-■aaa* by Crum. Columbia, & a, Feb. • —Th* appro prim lieu MU hag beam reported to tue -  I    house by th* wuys Md meta* commit After Bombardment he through the chairman. Mr. H H Orwin. The MU provide* for the Appropriation of fuds to nm the govern •MMM year by Boer Cannon. CROSS THE TUGELA AGAIN MU. REH. LAWTON RESTSJN ARLINGTON Dead Soldier Is Buried With Military Honors. THE WAR IN SOUTH AFRICA Buller Recrosses the Tugela and Hopds to Relieve W hite. of the sihte for the next fiscal iTbe largest single item la BW*, hid # 11 to meet the interest on th* public debt. gg In the same connection ie $au,uoQ for g Beet iadebsednee*.    ll The elate hospital for the insane is io| get she neat inrgeet eppApnavon For I running expense#, flOt.UOO; building , I nor noses. filO.oOO; Wallace property. A GREAT DEMONSTRATION Take Up Their Former Poelttoa aa th* South Sid*—lf Baller Merely Fu»hee Through ta Ladysmith He Will Only lucre*** Danger. Bu.. Head Laager. Laoy,.™. '    3r.7«UT'^‘and”U'' Feb a—The British who were in po#* The nan aal appropriation of filO.iKK) session of the kopje at Mo.eu*drift ^ pensions ta re com men dad, with $tk)0 abandoned it after a bombardment by udduioaal for clerk kire aud $170 tor B er cannon this morning and retired    ^>enfcl    emotion    this    year across the Tugela river to their former |16>0qq lg ^commended with $2,000 ad position. A desultory cannonade is pro- ditioual for advertising. PLAN I FOW A SETTLEMENT. A -rt-rint-lit JJ.W.ASHHURST. LUTH, HHK AM I> Att I l>hIKT * INSURANCE OFFICE I Chatfield Building J. F. Leitner, architect. Chili field Building-, Aiken, S. C. I * i it 11 — and Sjw nill cai ion* Turn Ohed for anti | *r t \ it I ** building-. Mo.it in 11 iv • (line- a n |*m laity. 1*1, mmiii »a The Journal and Review WANTED. VV'. F DOBEY \\ act - t be public to know that lo i- ,iu up-to-date BUILDER and CONTRACTOR, and -.mu a- lh-tr pal milage. I -I I mill c- f urn jelled on applies! ion. Work promptly done. : V. A. HEMSTREET & BRO. 623 Broad St. (inus & Pistols lh‘pain r.- of I ire Inn*. |Jir\(*I<*s, Sporting (iomls lolling Tmkle. AUGUSTA, GA. y lot KffM*** IO —! g I* 111 * Ii .tell* ll ll* Ie uovHI‘. Franki ut. Kv., Fab ti Governor Taylor has re (used for ti. - tim being, at It-i-t, to sign til > agreement reached last night in L ut*vine. Ii- was close cd for a long time ibis morn mg with Gimel i Daniel Liu i-ay. I I- I'M a Ie a and T. ll Baker of Louisville. aud finally told toe gentlemen teat lie wished lime to consider aud would let them know when he had reached a dei isiou A peace con fore UC’- held at t ne Gait House ill Loafs VI. ie .u-i night between Beveil representatives of the Republican party and seven representative* Democratic party resulted in the nu in-I un .u- signing of nu age nig wix specific pr q>. promise ii CAROLINA RANKS All Hr cord® In Coiiou MMI Building Ara Hroki-t*. Con MBI a, ti C., Feb. 6 —South Carolina last year made more progress rn cotton mill building than any other , state. There were fewer enterprise* than rn some state*, but th# aggregate capital was greater. During the first 53 days of the present year all records have been broken. Twelve mills have rn that time loseu pi grot* , the aggregate capitalisation being $ I OU, OOO, or an average of $81.-0 a) a clay In ad anion tue Beaumont null at Spartanburg ha* doubted lls capital.    . in addition there ate ttar#« null* which will be established a> an eariy date one eucii at Anderson, Pickens aud ( aril* ie. South Carolina now ranks second rn the oui ton mill ludusti v and her present development excels ail records. HOLTON AT GREENSBORO. of tho titian* meni embody* mom*, w htch attn incut of the party di£.#,j* ■bel and I av mr J : $ Please mention Idle Journal and Review For Sale Cheap A en ce* widen nave brought arnut two state g .vellum ut*- rn Kentucky. I as agreein nt is in substance a* O lows; I I That ii the general assembly in I joint session shall aoopt a re-olutiou ratifying their recent act on adopting the contest report* seating ( Beckham, toe contestee*. W and John Marshall, shall submit without lurtiiHr protest. That ail par tie- shall unite rn an etbiri to bring about -u ti am 4*fi anon of the election law a- ell. provide for uou- pal Mi-an l ici t u n boaras aud insuio free and fair cleciioua 5 That < ouditiens -ria., remain in Statu quo UU.ll M ii lav, th- g iierai Ussembiv meeting un I a J1 or ug from dav to dav until tnat time 4 'I hat nothing shall t «' d ne to hintier or prevent a j unt --i a of the general a*-embly for takn g ac UUU on the ratification resolute u.    .. 5 That the -tate contest board snau meet aud adjourn from day to hay until Tuesday without tak ug .»n> action on tile contest* for minor state nib cgs This post pl milieu' I- suggested IU oro- r mat me act! n of the general a-.-mh.y on tile ratification resolution taken tirst ti That the state troop* shad moved from the state capital at « nee, though with ad necessary precaution for tile public safety. ?, That the Republican officials ana officers of Hie state guard shall have im iu unity from charge* of ma- rn, usurpation, courtmartial or any other sub off dulses j rum Mon lav, while the situation is Governor Taylor will re--es-ion i * I he executive buildings wuiie he Re pun ii ans will recognize hun ami th- D-m erat* will gov- L li«*li Iii a ii of lh* Ii- publican C'oJn-iuit ie** Opens HeHiiijuarl • rs. GKKKNSHOKI>, N C , tab th A. F Holton, chairman of the Republican state executive committee, has opened headquarters iu this city. The adoption of the proposed constitutional amendment will be the principal issue in the campaign in this sta e this year, aud the Repuu leans will make a temperate tight at<ain-t it In ibis tu.-k they will be aided by the Populist tarty machine, which is arranging to establish a daily campaign organ af Raleigh. > nator Butter’s weekly v>aner. The Cau asian, will he run as a in ming daiiv until after th August election. The Republicans are maintaining a daily \ aper at Asheville, rn tue western pan ot the state MATCH HEADS IN SAUSAGE. ce*-diug at tbs Tugela today, but otherwise all is quiet. LONDON HAS NO ADVICES. Hullrr Kxp^risiicr-B Tr«»ublr Iu Uriug- lug Up iions. London. Feb. P —Tiler* is still no news ot General Bullet’s doings today ar yesterday. A dispatch dated I* rere I Camp, Thursday. Fab 8. but probably written with the advanced lines Wed | nesday aud sent to Frere by runner J *ay*i I “The foroet of the enemy are on both our lianas and continue to rsuder our position extremely difficult to maintain ” Beyond the fact that General Buller devoted Wednesday to bringing more artillery aud troops across the Tugela, I nothing is known of his movements. but that he badly needed reinforcements Uevideut from the foregoing from Frere. It im still rn re patent mat it i* im-I possible for him lo advance until me artillery has b«eu enabled to take up for warn po-itious tor the purpose of subduing the B 'erF guns on both flanks Upon the length ot time occupied in this operation depends the duration o General Butler's maintenance of the There are a number of legislative committees whose pay is provided for m the bill ▲ number of improvements on the statehouse are contemplated, among them |s.OOO for rewiring. Tne amount for ret airs to roof is left blank. DISPENSARY BILL ADOPTED. gauBte    Pass*-*    lh* Hawse by a Large M .pertly. Columbia, 3. C„ Feb 7 -The state board of liquor ooutroi is to be abolished and the management of the dispensary radically changed. Th* senate bill to Srovid# a naw system of government as passed the house aud ta* governor will approve the act. The Vote in the house was 77 to 24 in favor of abolishing tue hoard. I ne ac ti on of th* general aspern thy I* the result of dissatisfaction ah over the state caused bv lack of harmony in tue present board. The bill provides that three directors of uuque*iloued character are to l>e eiecttd tor a term ot two years iust<-ud or five years as at preseuf. I he commissioner or superintendent, elected Lottie hoard heretofore, ami toe cause of ail the dissension, is to be elected bv the j general assembly aud given power to ! appoint employes, a right dtuied him ; now. He is to receive a salary of $5,000 ; per annum. There are other features of ritueral Oration Delivered bf Pre*!. de ut S-ryker of Hamilton Cnllegv, Hew York, la Perfect Accord W th** spirit of the Ocoaaloa. Washington, Feb. 9.— Major W. Lawton was buried National cemetery at services at the grave those at the Church of this city, where Preside*! H. M t of Hamilton college. New York, ered a funeral oration thai has bash equalled it* beauty of asp nor could it have been in more accord with the spirit of th# solemn #©• oasion that called it forth Never in tee history of the capital has there been a more represea tau vs gathering of the nation s official life to a last tribute to the nation's him me ll dead No mark of military pomp aad ceremony that the regulations coaid provide wss wsutiug to render Bion soisnin sud impressive. Nearly all the available troop* of th# rsgaiar and military remaining in this oonntry were called out Three ihea-ssnd men, in tan try. cavalry and artillery, fodowed the flag draped oaiaeoa to the grave But uit-rw official formula# were dwarfed beside ihe deep p q*u.ar demon Stratton mat the curial of the dead sol dier caled forth Every de part man t of the government paid us ofiicia tribute The president and his cabinet, repre sen tai Ives of the supreme court, or tim hoa*e and senate aud of tho ai iiiv and navy, all combined to ah the darkened church to it;- utmost But these Otfi la. representatives of ^ a. us mu. ueo a    x. J*. HJtNoansoi V. f. HENDXOSOK. HEN DE USON 8, Attorneys at Law, AIKEN, -    -    S. O. Practice in all of the State and U. 8. Courts. Collections a special^. G. W. CROFT A SON. Attorneys at Law, AIKEN, -    -    -    S. O. lywill i Tactic* iu ell court* of this >i*te riiH-cisl sttea* tiou givvu to oolleotioft*. Ostsael lufan-,ery of ssasnt Mr Of the Rifle j sumably GeaSral Baller is fighting ngagjMg his third attempt to re lieve Ladysmith and newH of tn« gr*a-i est import may arrive at any moment. Yet, there is much more doubt than silt I tattoo. for even lf th* recollection of General Baber’s two disastrous fanotws after auspicious starts were not keen in the minds or tue public, the list* ol casualties publish* today would be s sufficient ruuiiudtu of tue tie mend cst** difficulties cl in* la** Ills > e upa.ru.e of Veal Kraut*, toe L-y lo tm maer ridges, white a pra se worthy and ga. lent achievement, bv uo m**ans sigui fles tUut he anti Generai vVnutj WU I ol evltab.y join hands. Hat -I I ask I or lialbr. kb-fore General Baller ih«-r« ate sev T. K- MORGAN, Attorney at Law, AIKEN, -    -    s-    °* Will praetl '# in al! tho Courts of this State. Prompt attention given la Collections. G. L. TOOLE, Atto! nev at Law, AIKEN, 8. O. * Cc) loc cl oaf CROFT S RLOC K, the people wete lost in the great crowds j fcra]    0f    dara    tigating    ftua    any    ar n i a v ho bt* re- Who Was It prov-d Al in pts to Colson a I* *. Hilly. Charleston, Feb 7.—Will Sims. em-ployed a- a tai III baud by Brevard Few ell of Klu xer, York county, and whose wife is cook for the family, was re-proved by Fe vt ell for using his basin an I towel that were on the back porch. At breakfast, detecting a q’leer taste in the sau-age, I’»*well found a liberal supply of match heads iu the loud. He at rested the cook 3ue stated that her husband had put the poison in the t,aasa*'e and sue feared to ted, as he , threatened to kill lier. A searching party captured 3imsafter , chasing bim three miles, snooting as I vveuI, but with poor aim. Ile j <- mfassed having put (tie matches in j the f id. hut bai I he intended to kill i his wife. PRISONER DEFENDS JAILER. in ntaiu quo, main in po \ I I VB I. Flu ■I Of per I i r i re<*t >111 ernor. The c urate future ernor I ava; Governor ck nam li ef • lits in i- urs ine i V U I »di GOEBEL 13 LOO TO REST. In I'M IM- Hi na) and B-*' leu Magnolia Inn, ll | \ I; \    111    NMI IL, I * r,» pi i * I \ Iii UM 111 l.«>, Manage! I Ii - <1 lit K v, tne r it (Iv -I HIT FRANKI -ll -erv (toe w bleb p »rarv r< it- j a'rn ■ alien i lilt* rmciii can I The pi i , s over el were hi the i• dv iii Chn Are ( <>Ii- Kr k I ut. **ais Feb. ** luueral em a iu a u! ( ,.>.<• r rn -r <i here today, after was placed in a tom* the 11 ti lee r VY-in (%unpe|le<l to I ti rn ll IIH Oil I. (Yimo.n, N. Feb. 7—Archibald Ktng-au-s, white, wa-a witness in au interesting ca-e here. Jailer Former of .Sampson county.was chargeti win) allowing Kmg.-anls to es-tape while awaiting trial. Kmgsanis gw--re the jailer was forced by a body of arm* I men to turn him out. Kinositols    afterwards rearreited, tri, I ami convicted of murder an.I burro- I to VVlliuiugtou for baff* keeping, it being teared ne would be taken out of jai- again. J be cate of his execution has not been determined on, the ca-e having been apili defensive.    . It is reasonable to suppose that the guns aud reinforcements were in post I non yesterday aud another advance l-uow progressing, or at least that tile bombardment preliminary to th# actual ) movement of troops is in pr. gress Mu-,1 V\ Im lJn-uiv- h.ghi. In the meauwuiie new* is awaited ; with great eageme-H not unniixc-i with I anxiety. Almost all the critics novs J point out that the m*-re pushing through to Imdysmun with. ut securing a de- | cisive victory on the way there would j only add danger to what is already a critical snuation Another Frere Camp dispatch says a Boer prisoner aspern that the burghers expected General Buller lo cross at hkiot* Drift, and that tm manus of i B.a-rs were lasing posted al Domkloop ' to oppose such a passage, while on ahead there were only a lew hundred I Johanueshurgene. Tins tends to increase the anxiety or i tho-e who believe that General Buller j has scarcely begun the serious part of bls advance, though tne encouragement is git ailed lr- iii the news tuat the heavy naval guns, after repeated attempts, outing which the mute# rolled down the hill, have succeeded iu reaching the summit of Zwart’s kup, whence they are doing excellent practice. Genet a1 Hector MacDonald’s retire-m>-iii from Kivioos! erg ha* created disappointment But the operation was apparently oalv Intended as a sortie Ana b* success or tailure could scarcely have r* »uiied in auy material effect ou the campaign    T    . To the daily rumor of relief of Ladysmith wa* added last evening the report that l^ird Ruth-child had positive information to that effect aud that be communicated it to various member* of tile house of lords during yesterday s the present law which wilt be auieuded, but rhe main issue is settled until the Democratic primary this summer, when dis pensary, prohibition aud local option will each have a ticket for stale officials. t< ia.ed hr hi- c< unsel. He was mk-*n fi rn Wi.mingP ► u -tlif flit i' orinor. rn jail <*ivsii~ vault, uuiii a -pot for JI LH i i. ,v s PJT J J ut to the cemetery largest ever seen in till- city At I i od ., k toe I i mali n parade began Go Wapping boa led bv a pc no. } • gathered the member* “f |ht* 1 1 cli affied# > an I Grand Marvin Murray, with a .i. zoo mount. is I street w< ie gat here I w a i the B On Se- of tile street, ', w- re v roan-I Dav 11 .1 ai les. is umer- ) mplHV - * **t t uiioii MHU. j;,i i ic,it, Fob ti The labor commission* rs’ rep rt just completed, wavs tcerc are 55,757 employes in North t ai -.ma i on n mills, nearly half being one lentil . hi,bren of men em argand? Hum - u i. d bat p-,ri pa-- GUS IO -ll ►»** SWU**^ a!l ' ritlB*‘hS OU I ut in grea hind these carnages in a mug i *w. i last of alt w me gathered manured; men on hor** b l k Th* parade march* I to Ann sir aud then tumid * nth lo pass m** * w Here tne hearse an I the relatives of iii*, be ami I of ll ii»it-r > Cfi .KL* *T I K, lonlbern car ton bag ga: par I--en ,‘C-e ut* Ilion Hie Journal Hod Review Graniteville Hotel. I \ Bl I Aiolis ii firc- i Iii e M H aud . on) forte bl , Electric light >* rn ic-, I erin- to -I- very moderate. r< .to A sign>1 a I*v rad t >, I* Ll'N K Ell in- comiuo-. \N ond or lean.- al pcrma-l birt \ Top un ll To PUENT Good Ideas TA may I**- #«ur«d by may cur aid Addres the patent record. _____    BattiiBor*. Md. bal,*, rh iluu- to Tie- I’tWOt Record 11 O. i-v r s-.cuua. I    m-uU-u    Hie Journal sud lloi^ lo! hot* rtag*« contathing dr ad govern CST were waiting Simple services had a.lea. ducted in the par, r (lf the D lek ce rem un** in ihe cemetery prone on a mach larger scale. I e*M * there IU great numbers and when William stanley arose to ma-.e me tir-t prayer he stood in tr> ut ot a ihroug numbering not .ess than , uo Then came a-clo tv Mr* Je-sie D Caldwell, addresses, rehgi -u- in ch#: a let. by Dr T N Arnold Rev h G I Mann, Dr S auna and L.dcr NMI lam Stanley, ldieu came V mc rte-*,    i»y a quartette, an I then the ration of me day, delivered bv u.it r I - u-K.ur u Foil .wing Senator 11. ac k' mu, *» >v-t*r" - Peckuam aud others mud -Hurt addr esse a u,u, .oliowed by the benediction, CiOaed the services at the cemetery. (’OU- Tne were were Shier women aud nearly num-r 14 The uumtmr plover ha- !ncrea-ed 60 percent in three years aud that of children ha-., daring nit- -ame period, decreased 60 per cent. Wage- of skilled males average I- IO a flay women 05 cents, children 51 cents Labor h ur- range from IO to 12, 11 I slug the aver tge, Men Mi 17 tin riot te. N ll., Feb. S The ; Hosiery Yarn Spinners’ a.-so-cianon mot at lo o’e.ocs this morning, but ou ac. ouut of the absence of -tome member* adjourned mud 2 o’e.ock without transacting any l u-ine-* ,'-ev* en y five per cent of the manufacturers of I O- erv yarn in the a uth are renrs-stinted in tin- organization. A nu ..bar of northern commission men are here to meal ihe spinners. 11m.I ll.nly gonad Iii « Well. LO KEN', S. (3., Feb 5. A well dig psr went down in a well between the vara- of Ariau Young ond Rose Jones to clean it out, as the water had an off endive odor In cleaning oui the well he found a newly born mu alto gov w rapped in a quilt. The child ha I bien in the well lor about turee or lour day* I ne pol ce arc u,-w ai work ou a clue, but a* y#t OO arrest* have beeu mads. session. Ljrd Rotnachild to<lay said he had no uews of tne natere mentioned and that he dm not go to th# nous# of lords. A ramor that Ladysmith had been re J lieved is again current today, but the i war offic e anthorine# say tney have no J confirmation of the report Military attache* will leave tumor-row Their destination is not given, j but presumably they will join Lord R here*, whone whereabouts have not yet Ij#«u made public. ( unit Ir ll ce In Ueb-ris. Much confidence is felt in Lord Roberts’ campaign against th# Free Slate from I ape Ooh rn v ll l* u >l clear whether General MacDonald’s movement to th** west of Ifensral Methuen’s camp i* anything more than a recon nuisance in force to protect a frt-«h ad I Vance from Belmont rn D-.ug.a- and the i engagement w hich I* still in progress la I indecisive. General Ustacre has strengthened bis outposts north and west of Stork-■t roe rn which wre threatened with attack, but has not massed hts forces tor an advance toward the Orange river General French was bombarding the enemy’s position vigorously yesterday from Coles Kop, hut bt* maneuver* USV* not y*-t benn crowned witn -uc.-ess The Dutch rn that quarter have been heavilv reinforced aud are no longer -cttng on the defensive, but are taking ir, new nosttlon* between Cole* TO MEET AT CHARLESTON. NmII.hi.iI K lucatlun#! A-* ft atlon VV ill I unveil- I II J u >’• Chaki K-TCN, Feb 5 A telegram received bere from Obicago bv VV It Welch, president of the Young Men s Busine** league, auuouuces that tne executive committee of tile National Educational a#*ociatioual ha* decided to hold the couvcutiuu iu Ju.y at Charleston The telegram is from Irwin Shepard, secretary of the boatd. aud is orth lac Toe naming o; ('harieston is a decided victory over Montreal, Omaha and Boston, aud there is a joyful feeling here over tue victory. The railroads of the country have already granted a satisfactory rate lur the convention. The iimeiiug of the association will bnug IO,OOO delegate* ana visitors to this city. TWO BIG FERTILIZER DEALS. N-vv Plaut For I bsrlHtes aud Our to He F.nlargrd. Ch a Kl.ESTON, Fab. H — Reports are current here to the effect that two fertilizer deals are about to be carried through in this city, one ol them a very large - uh. It is stated on good authority that the Ksngsiuau farm, a property on Charie*-ton neck, has been bought by Armour of Chicago and that a fertilizer plant to cost $100,000 will he erected there Ar moor’s representative here declines to discuss the matter. It is also reported that the old Etiwan plant has beeu bought by VV J. McCormack, representing Charleston capital, and that it will be renovated and enlarged st once. lira in’ll Boud* to Hr Built, Raleigh, Feb. 6 —The Cape Fear and Northern railway, which I* owned by the Duke* of Durham, and the present terminus of which is Angier, in Harnett, will bui.d a 14 mile branch to Eoke*barg It will also build auoth..r branch to Fuquay Fprtugi, a health resort It wa* at out- time expected that this r- ad would go to Southport. I. r ii-I* iro Sfuri* Hunted. Winston, N O, Feb 5. lire at Greenkb »ro yesterday destroyed the large clothing store of C M Yansterey & Co. Ihe firm’s lo-- is estimated at $00,000, with $53,000 insurance The stere* and stock* of the Sample Brown Mercantile company, dry good- ani J W Scott & Co . grocer*, were adiy damaged bf water up new position* between (Julesburg j and Fbillip'towu, to the direction of De Aar, the chief British depot of military ' supp ICS I bervie no dertnire informatim re spouting the dUtrthntion “f the ‘JO,OOO j remtorcsments wiih welch General | R Per ta is opening tue campaign on the southern or western fr -utlsr ol the Free State I he Filii* at < harieston. Washington, Feb. w. AciingSecre tary Spalding today instructed t he ires* cry office at Charleston. 3. 0 , to extend me ct urinates of the department to tm-Norwegian corvette E -da, who cab there aboui Feb. ie it-x k Hill It*..# <»«*-* Culler. K- n k Hill 3 C . Reb. 6. The Commercial and Farmers’ bauk ha* closed lls door*. A run started on the l>ank the second week of last Decemlier, and Continued uuti» Friday, the to ta. run ain uu ti ii to $*>5,000 I ne bank til rectors are men of means, and ii ** bi lieved depositor* will be pa ti in fuo. that surrouuded the church aud lined the streets along w bleu tue process! .n passed li.-u iou a ii Ideal Soldier. Law tau was to the people an ideal American - ..lier, wlio-e exploits lh three war* maut- hi* name a household word, and w ho, being a soldier fir-t aud ouiy, .lied in the line of duty, leaving nothing to hi* children but the heritage of an Honored name. It wa* in tribute to tin* soldier s ideal that Amen an generosity for week* just had swelled “’I tie Lawton Lund Im yond all expectation of us originators, ami in further tribute today that tne gieat outpouring of citizens filled ma -treats .dig before to*- hour when the n-rvic-* at the church of the l ov-naut wert to commence o ui the hero whose rem;.,ti- natl .ain IU s al • under mi.uary guar i throughout the silent wilt, tie* of iii- night S n lights hurtled above the chance] w! ere flower* wore piled railing high, win*# ,ha causal wa* buried beneath a load of roses, lilies aud wuite Garnett ti- that Vc r flu vv c ti t Heir nan .tv re-t tug place and tell in a permuted avalanche to the th.or. Th# guard ava r> men fr au Law* ton’s old ci min iud -'O >*i al cadi end of the catalo, que, silent aud motionle-s a* un f< run I -.atilt,#* and toe busti of tho *ueut • huron was br. ken otny bv ma -iitt ire.id ot ti) w ti >euu*red with bowed hen is to pay their last silent tribute to th- brave. t* r >' - < .1 a* on Ha ll»t It. I fly. President M Kmley wa* among the ear.y comers, accompanied bv the secretary of war I he v cam® to thee bur, h with Adjutant General Corbin, wm., assisted by Col aiel Bingham, had j charge of tee official arrangements, j The M-crfitan of the navy, the -scretary ; of the interior, the attorney geneia. aud j secretarv of agriculture w ere a,*>> there, j The supreme court wa* represented | by t hist Justice Fuller and b#v®ral of the a-- lite justices. Admiral Dewey J is absent lr rn Washington, but was represented by (’apism A 3 Barker, , Ex Secretary Aiger wa* also present by proxy, navmg sent from Michigan Mr. Victor Mason, hi- secretary while in the war depar ment, wild brought a great wreath of flowers >r tho a ready overladen casket The military committees of both betise . and senate were nr#-ont a* w#.l as ail ■ the senators and members who contd gam ac — - - t th— > hut ii Army and navy < tfi ter* in uniform tilled most of the forward p w* and a ore-* o.’ citizen* hi i od up at the re tr ami in tile w ide vestffiU e I.cvond the (Ii irs Tm- Presbyterian cur a1 serv; e wa-read bv B v Tennis Ham ;n, i ns or of the church, aud President -tryker then delivered tun orafiou* i .IVA i ) Itll i rd of Hcnor* t The casket, lightened of part of its burden of flowers, wa* lifted to the shoulder* of t r ■ > ipnrs, i in* cl w n the ais.e ti. th# street, past tue gr* it ( r(>w^i outside and rancid to the cai*-on waiting at th# door in# waiting rank* of cavalrv moved forward arni <    *-d ac, at ii as a guard 0f p.j .nor- flung from rank to rank down th- ct wd#d avenue I r^’ught troop after tr op and platoon after piatoou wheeling into line Then, with a ruin bi# of wheels an I cia*h of ira # chains, field aud siege batterie- joined th# w cessi n. and the hero of tlir- - wars rn v- I on march to h * flu* resting pin ie tempt lo forecast til# r#*ult wouM b*-val u#. Ic vs. lf based on precedent, wuiot . an baldly be (Iou# rn wariar#. it woul.i be bourn! to lie in favor of the Boers. for, apparently, the conditions aave sot materially altered since th# last fruit less attempt. On Hi# other hand. the British troops ar# smaruug under de Teat aud win uudonbiediy he uervod to uo.re desperate efforts than ever Ou*or«, aud lf furious gallantry eau cArry G#a erai Buber =v*r the sopj#-S tear far. ) him I .ady -limn will bs relieved within j a week But, *o far, Brirish braverv ba* beeu, rn th# main, w»«fuoy mu guided. ii I* more than likely thai «»#uet». Eartou, at C’hieveiey, may be atrous; enough t*. advance on th# iugelaaud re ii i#r va Ui>b. assistance iroin th# sou i he ast, w ai Ie the beleaguered garrl SOU line.?, according to the a'est dis patches, had been au.e to crsai# a po leutial diversion when tJ#u#rai Huller ha* overcome th# initial difficulties which b# rn th# koj j«s immedtaie.Y north of tbs Tugela Major Bathurst who was wounded at th# battle ut (Jolansp. has arrived ai Southampton on board the r-#rvia lie save there ar# 2b,OOO Boefs at the In-river, OU' to vI ' ieiieral Idoller can gat through J he is prepared to sacrifice 3,00 > or t».OOO men Op.niuu is divided as to whether Field Marshal E ra Rouerts aud Gea #ral Kitchener hav# gone to the Mudder river or to Storkstroeui. («Miucr«* After lh* Hoer a. Turning from th# trane rndaut in Ladysmith, tne who # war area presents j a scene of important activity, Ii.ej ll er atta It on Genera- I falser® s force*, reported reb. 7, fizzled out, the art., j lory > I th*- burg tier*. af'#r sh# bing th'-t amp, retiring upon th# arrival or lh.* Bl it sh relit force men t«. Th# affair I seal eely warrants bel.ag cabed a astr-! niish. 'I he British casualties w#r# -ne ! man killed and four wean e t The latest advices from 8ter$stro#-*n announce that (f#u#.i*l Gala teT t'sv aln in in pursuit of the B..*r« VV ut Ie nothing ha* resulted fr in tm* affair, ii indicates tnat the hurgbsi* are fan? alive to the importance of on .-utr* tiou which ii on the verge ai O. orrlug bet w..#u i he for 'es f (ie aer al# * in ta- re. Kelly K«uuev and bren u, and they do not hesitate in tawo the aggr«**i(s against e* ai. l*hed ; tit a* ,n an at t.-tnja to thwart It. th ntrh u is be laved that a suffi lent Iv :*rg# ’ iv a troops will soon be ma*#e l af (    .***    uig lo In sure til# an i] p. «e - a ivaue# of th* in va ' lug army win u lf I* rea iv lo star* I oat it i* not |>repaiod tor this in v#> m< ut at pre-ent end that ab Ira* at iv im as nry to what i.-H > • rte i; ain move V, AfStice* lh all < ourts. specialty. R. J. SOUTHALL Attorney at Law, LANGLEY, -    -    ti.    a £GpTTu»e*t igxtloii* s 3peolslly. DR. IL ll. TEAGUE, DEN IT BT, -    - AIKEN 9 C. Office on R)( blsml Ave. bet ween Pen-dlvt.-n aud Laurens Him, DR- IL J. RAV, D RN FIST, Office In C hatfleld Blooh. Office Hour -; Morning, 9 to 2; Afterwit oou, 8 to 0.80, DR. NEWTON A. TEAGUE, Den r i-T, No, LTD Broad HE, C orner McIntosh, A CGU3 I A, GA. Crown ai d Bridge work a I hIodoform and Cocains sdtuiiUtered for painful dental operations. I*. S. NORRIS, SURVEYOR, AIKEN, ALL work entrusted to me A ce iv* prompt attention, res AoO able. 8. a will r*« Cbasfes Clar PE K. SA WY EH, Soli* itor id (’Irt ult. SAWYER & A Hor n#y * at ». O WINS, >tar> I’ubll# OWENS N o 7 Croft Bl Will gr&ctic hi ai law, Aik. I the 1 rt, at*. JIH J ti JI UH JU UTT, DENTIST ♦»» i tm i - - GRANITEVILLE, * O. C C. S. Wallace, [ REAL ESTATE, AIKEN S. C. J ny a ti a a* -i is I-A t of Fen •r of ruin aaliis ii in* f ir “X wagons the*! it Weald arrying nu th# i a no rn th rn-.re b it * yen era Virginia h Br* DEO xii U >n d the I). hi* last -I* ob th* Potomac. a win >in .lip--* On *h** Decline. Alabama City, Ala, Feb. 0 —Th# smallpox .-imam ti at this place is rap idly improving No new ca-#* ha*# beeu np ried for some de vs, aud at.oui ab th ** eoutina.i in lh# hospital have been discharged. Bryan I ii VI tell t>» U*l*lfh. Raleiuh. Tub 7. — F M Simmons, chairman of the Dem * ratio state executive committee, and National Committeeman Daniel* todav extended ar. invitation to W J. Bryau to sjwak her# Tuesday uight. They l^.iev# he wwl accept, as he speaks rn Richmond NI lader night. Wi I It#in I’rui-silal# fl«i>x*<t. Charlotte. N. C . Fab. t> William Truesdale, a negro, wa* hanged in jail here this morning for the bi ota murder of his »w ## t heart. He had to I**. a: rie I to the scaffold. His case had been be fore the crtmina- court twice aud me supreme court uu o He pro Los ted hi* tat tir. Feh    V    ran    k    ('ou- ge,T j resilient of th# Groton bridge work*, br too, N N , bus recently purchased ibe *iiv buL-iiug* of th* Old Uuite I >tat*-* IL .ii cg Mill j any atl i will sibling# manufactory. j sa-**" luuoceuce. Registration Notice. IIH* book- for lilt* r. gist ration of Miter* w ill be . pc ti on (he flr.-l Moii-ffav of (ach month and will remain Open lur three day-, and no longer Office in the Could House. Office hour* iron. « a. th- l«$ P* "*■ 3. A. NX ( h ll GY AKI», t bairmatt Board bupervistTS. Jaiiuai j I, I "bd*, l‘«rOfcr l illy Y eat» Mr*. Winslow’* Sootbing Syrup ba* been Ufed forever tilt} years b> million!- of motlier* for their chi W liile left bing. .(db perfect -ucee* -ll -.Hitlie* the child, soften* llu1 gtim-* allav •- a11 paii , c u r« ** wind    aud is. the be-t remedy fur Diarrhoea, It will relieve tin* poor, littb* -offerer j    j,.    % i mined lately. Sold by Druggi-t in t||e nt,t,'54t every part of the world. Twenty live j envelope! cents a bottle. Be -ore and a-k “Mr*. Winslow’# Soothing Syrup, aud take no other kind. II H, ll all guarantee* every bott Ie of « namberlathV ( (High remedy and will refund the money to any one who i-„„t -ati'tb- I after using two-thirds of rell I the - .intent*. I hi- i* th. t.e.t remedy I in the world tor la grippe, cough', , old-, croup and w boopingcough- and i» pleasant and #ab* I vent* any tendency in pneumonia. ot lake. It pre* h cold to result in -.lock and on the road ot of note aud billhead* q.e-, cards, etc., we have ever !or I earned* Call and >ee -ample* and se-(-in-*, your fall -tat iouery early. L. C. LiuoN A ( o. I or —ah-. i >r Kent I urni-hed, the IS*room '< bouse, with all modern improvement-, F it the iiorlh-we-t corner of Barttwei avenue and Pendleton -tree!, term- apply to Mr*. L. ( * Leg ar* corner Barnwell street. Aiken, 3. < A fllH supply of el# always on hand at list office. •irieal material Brill -, next to or ave. and I .atm ic Fresh Gat Flakes J ti tv latte A Met arter *. • t received at Concealed electric work is tin- only v(ay to have your hou-e wired. At low prices by Brill Electric lo. “I (bink I would go crazy with pain were it not for < hamberl un Pain Balm,” write.- Mr. W. ll. Stapleton, Herminie, Pa. “I have been afflicted w ith rheumatism for several years and have tried rem®die* without number, tint Pain Balm is the be-t medicine I Ii sve got bold of”. Doe application relieves the pain. For -ale by Hall. Bu v > our electric next to Post Office. ■ uudries at to k com t in«r#. u a large An rdiuance wa* i ,a-t night granting th# I mger Bridge e jill tau v exemption from .axes lot flite year*. « Land Suit I>* etd#d. Ala. Feb 9 Th* -ait between Major United Stat## govern* lee i*i#d by in# ll nil* d I# court Ab..ut .0,000 jv#d T ire h#.r» of Major all ex #pf a snlah gaj. between Little*' u aud Carnal* unbar gap *** remanded mvettigatiou. Xii I >JiI<*i ' I ii* -.n* «l I*' * I* I on 11. Ii * Hied i • During tin* early part ( jv>- , I contr act* ti a bad , 11***1 on my i tings and was to gi' until I feared t bat consumption appeared in in* ipieiit stat* . I cut stantly coughing and try i fig to ex - md -olm ’ bing whit ll i could i t. I became alarmed and atter giving ! b<- Jim- ii doctor a trial I bought a bottle of ( bainie rlaiii - I tuigli Remedy and the result was immediate improvement, and after I had u-ed three bott bf.# my i lung- were restored to their heal! by J ate.— B Si Low a it us, Publisher ... Krill s I Tile Review. Wynt, HL For -ale by Brill s J u 1L ilalL b n Al Bl KINVILLE. long litigated Do 1 Carlisle an I tin rn*ut has been 3tat#' -apr 'n# aer®* ar# luv (axr.is.e get ii Tun J ar-a limner 11** r I iii.' ny is merely pr. kno w u a s I a >rd ti,, ut ij> -V. leu ed t'apr Town lin ier n an dug t i.ut ti ** ii re. ports was advertising and drivers V\ tin ut be nope*®*8 tn think of lOvaii n and it must I bet ira they ate re* Iv An t her pre .on n-.r v is Ko\..*rts nae i«.v    san'At' u®d kb* formation of th# new colonial veo niaorv, i .nsienng of a troop o. >0 ) mea for aa h basnet r f th® . my, w> pi . tact in# loyal I armer- ii in mo k-vor* Ho* r#. j j, ii ] hi ond, htttrman «>f th® Unii«d Stales Iruh \ arty. wa* loudly chei-r*    I by a.' -*    'll*    n»    of the lr »l> meu>    re wh#a he    rose in th# hon** or ( nun.    Us Fe’. 7 to    rn    VB    an addr**, rn v t- th -’.es n from th® throne, rsprvseutmg th® tim# had airi»ed t, bi mg tt<H w <ir to A con--hi*iou on th# bael*    f re kn::in((    th®    independence of th# Transvaal and the Orang Pre# Fiat#. H# -ald th# lr.sn pari* ai named thin war md intended. t><. far *• p **1 bi®, ti maintain th® independent* df the r# pule I * defended WUU SU< h her. assot Commandant Olivier of th# Orang# Free Srat#, rn a §[■#* -h to lh*- Boer* af Lad* Grey, said that ho* mea were a, un sf * arr ou od® I at Storm o#rg and nu i#s- re. ro11* ware forth* riming be wou d I#- compelled t« abandon the po®itirm Man# coionittH who f. ugot at > trm U^*rg ar# *ai I to hav*- g u# ba k ti. w.eir farms anil refm*ed to return to aotlve sc: vice, though threatened with drub Among those are so me poo* i 1 u °* t urghcrs. who orixinaliy invited the Fr*-** .'-tater* t tuva »■ Ca{#• C Tony Lied Marana! L rd ll b rt# na* o*'t-fi.-d tn« war > tfi « that 40 n rn ti.aud cr* who were ^.rev mi# reported killed a nie.u are prison- re at Pretoria J. W. ASHHURST Real Hstat Broker, a C JOHN LAIRD, Architect & Builder nsurar .iberia OU EI Itl l int ll FURNISHED COTTAGE TO Mag*-r-! I M't I ii w bad w t- HARDT, PHOTOGRAPHER. t f t * # f # # # # john I), main I. REAL ESTATE ii a) !>* V ' e. A I iv I N , iishfed r Sale, ,i 07. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 t Ii. ll A i kl-ii I leveli OVER HEN View d)iim BH' I es I AHIA ti >KR-'»N ^ I OKE. E. W. DODGE LO I I ll 7* Rubber Stamps, Seals, Brands, Badges, Etc. 221 Campbell St., Augusta, Ga. ;

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