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Aiken Journal and Review (Newspaper) - December 12, 1900, Aiken, South Carolina UC UU IF Min. { K i iii'STI AMD cm T*    11 KI*< >SlTOBT. r**frty bose* to iUot LZ UY L. C'. LIGON & LO. (imuwmwtuwwwiuwutwiuwtui LEND US FIVE| aike: THC AROIAN a7 WEDNESlfv. DECEMBER Ii. OHIO.     '"" THE BIHM MEI. $ CAPITAL.......  »60,00tt. ■ ^ V sDBPLCS ...    •    —    «8M»*    y) V £    Your    Aaeouat    Bolk***- VOL. XXX.-NO. 51 ‘HIC ABTS SHOW STS ^"j“*“ut,oa bas proved u i --—    b*lSr,°U.d    C8omew^°tU8lmll..r manner Im4 effective »oH I ALLM — .tti LIST RI ES AT JOHNSON ACQCllTEH ^^t^n^ure. Tuft* von TMK killing tir william pti|s wiH not only cure, t. belling***.    t'Jcen in time will prevent Gre.,i.iure.unth.Trui. u- »»* rStek Headache, 1    »».»    MluUtrm    f    the    -------- —' OI*'1'    "    --- —re-The CHH. Of the dapepsia,biliousness. malaria Rev.' Win. L. ^‘^ constipation, jaundice, torpivl anrT kindred diseases. M mule4 of ym»r lime to read OH* »P«>t have been wandering if Y0,‘ J _ winter Soil and Overcoat, ruiiot -lybrand 80 Iliff*?rent from »n« Lint lo see JOU before you buy that we want to J    ^    wi||ter Hat i;uderwear amt S'* ^ the 'latest 'VT r rsrc^i»-. ;s    I lt**t. na¥‘    . ,ik fo add that    we alway* »*"    *    3g- „„ ... at thi* »P*«* wi    would •tt. r tonality toi Less Money !    , CKH    F    J lf' liver and kindred disease s. J? TUTT’S Liver PILLS r-:    absolutely    cure. J-. HK N OK I IV Sixty lo 8pecta I lire were lo the—— ff    j violoncello!—J me? nfff.l K IO rn It, r quality for Less atour,.    ^ E. S. McCreary & Co., g CMhVfJ. Vumnlin. HMers. Y,« BROADWAY,    *UCUS1\ UMM W»kM«MMMUMflMWS| ie Youi Picture Frames Made t»| f W. H. Turner’s Furniture I . .nillimrs anal Furniture ™\vK^;.:    szJrzJEt T,r;'n'.o:.«>    w.    H.    turner. 11 st) ll road Street. •    Uetlew    |W    The    Journal    and    H    Q_ .Yeane meotmn The Journal and Review.------ EnpedMISFtal PW>« *<>n»l| Deer over you too Bach. alio ul«i Iou rn to say **oo" ocatimBmm Mr. Kopeck—Yea; that’s •iriib to goodness cfi iiH* pion. b shul it* nog* circuit. Bell in-hich no respond -lily which —  I life. *rew of* Mr. Be! I in Her 6 wn a Inuit h veal of which wa* pcr-^Jhnson, who is a next ESot the Belli ii Hers. It * w Nils were pa*-**d between Jnves of the two families at End from tin- their relations i Aud worse until Mr. doh ti ; —lf, Hie father of the dead JB?nt plated a division Pb separated the two h»u^. At , it time Johnson ordered Bel niger -1    reinter out of hts yard. \ounK Mr _ fhp Con. I Cnffger took up the dispute, and. it r irr*"** a1 *tleced. some very church of Monson. Mass.. la order to become the tary of the Christian Knot India, Burma and Ley- I itKN l»K KS* *N. ili:N DLK^ONS, \Homey.-* ai la* AHvi:S. i’ractice B. t uurt". in all of the Stat Colh ctiotiS ft "i 5 It At illy O id TI. (I. W. CUO IT AV SON. Attorneys at Law AIKEN, -    -    “ S* °* MT WHI practice in a1 *'f !’># aoufu of U*i* State Special attm-tiou given to < idleet t«<us. It. <, \ UKK I I * It B. KASSELL, •’ k %ar i«oii*r    —    J    _ .lu*t I!(‘c*ired, a forge stork- of Wilt rh rn, < locks and .Yore!!irs. I oittr. in rod nm hr Hour sri rr tunj hrl'orr Hwy fir /nrkrd or, I. , They me nil n. How are your Eyes ? / CHH I111    *    nli‘ J. I. L1NLER, ■^T^TdlrectIt kfers' fi I to8* 'iawns anil si^urty an^’ apr'roarh.'ii In one din,.Iou throuRb% Rn., coueerv.-tory l.«din* from the u...u> u.r io.ltu al buiiaios The scheme > f » lecture, structure and IlKb.I.U, of la bull.UUU will I*    "s    h it Callery, which It will la1 In la. I. aa In it will he Krouiw.1 the llnlshed r«iilt.I of the art and skill of the imper maker, printer, euurnver ami the Imokhlnder. teether with Hems of mntenals used. historical relies and such ol.Jeeta of In ..in.,.1 i 1111 iir it“S ai Jtf* Jeweler and Optima. GARRETT & RUSSELL, Successors to Garrett & Latimer, Cotton Factors, Comer Reynolds and 7th S-S., t augusta, ga. HS ,1 cs.Ii ade  ..... uiloo    in    Stored F, B. CARRj 1 /     ,    A    UBI I \\ n UTT EBS SINES, LIQUORS, { Special attouti' -^tjiyeB 08 & HO Centre St, AUGtJS ,oiion I he JourtMil and \\y rJpin|* t^ade. IM Campbell St. i joanal and B»vi»w. Graniteville Hotel. ti I I>    IM    *111    HI« ^r'g.tu very  .....  Thir.y ...... ’fop ** BM YOUK LIFE JU - JW Andfrpf rived in / rsi rn 4 Writ ■> A if Bluer Bread and Washington TE. W. DODGj Rubber Stai Seals, Brandi Badges, Etc. in cm tit ii ti.. Al tv of Hardware#-H Whatever your «'*{[?* *" jj'jl w eau meet them. We ar. j*ii S**ar2s:?^5Mi'- KgLSBjta ■ uc.‘d Photo by Sa un,Mm & Muller. Ueffalo I HOM AS M MOOKE Bl.,us Will he marked by so radial a de,.u,lure  ..... J’™' rn"lo eT|U»lllo'' I as to point h new rn m I work. IU the matter of ex hihit. .■• exisrslth.n will he distill, tile rtlitl I ive the aint ladug t‘* *ecurt‘ iii. . ; Pest iii-iii", the moat attractive and those niosi lit tingly Ulustiaitng pi.» ; gresslve methods aud artistic d«-\‘ M ments in American >kUJ. Ingenuity and j ^Antons tim numerous original fctu tules of the Pan American otic of me tuost reuiarkaide and l.npoitani m these Will he the division devon d o Ihc graphic arts, the exhibits in uiuch will comprise paper pr.iittnj* *»- * ' lu.r bookbinding aud their uliicl ndu trUs A, th. « h.cairo World s lair aud other great expcsUU.us Hies.* gmui constituting the graphic arts welt vlded aud sen it cml hi various ’ Inns in such a way as to very nu t . Iv destroy their value to the craft am their interest in the eyes of the £ IU,bUC* Alti“e l^rmnged astocoustl be so uiuss.sl and an.ius • tole a uniform aud Impressive total. IU OO branch of human Im us,ry un the North American conttn. nl bas I n development b.sn more rrnnrt* • than In those brauehea of tnt. i ults comprised' in the general t. rtna I “printlog** and ••engraving.” Prtuuug. „‘to other great .nveo.lon. wh en have been the aceompanlmeuts of ex panding civilization. Las bMOWU Step by stop Gradually apparently 'n ulK,‘‘ hie obstacles have beet. deal od away The old screw hand press of t.titeii ll:, on which were laboriously no A | ed u f a few hundred copies a day has -•>«;• ■•“.t^vSsr'U Xs=“t,V,:a^unhouUnd even steau. aa a motive power I.aha Int, supphtott.l l.y electricity, which Iid.,a tined to play an Imporiantpar expaualon of the newspaper industry’• Th* progress in all otuer branches of printing other than the products of the newspaper press, in Sag lithography, slo^grap y «d the use of aluminium plates, tuts lout equally amating, and the enormously needoctlve’ paper mills of the country are being tated «9 «h*.*— Itr lo supply Hie protllgkms deroana printing prc»«* worklng dn^nnd nil ovcv thin gwnt Limn J tjf turning    BnvrnpnynWh i In ■ min na ftlff bbhhww nt Calcutta «rd Everett Hale. In spite of ^hcHqovs to be active in t ie ^bf the Boston Associated Chari Ben And himself does much of the ne* eawry personal investigation ami lux among the poor of the city 11..,xnv villa rd gnv< Hsra-"r « p -J ^if'bnt'mrSe ’mlowVui on this day, oui iii » *»«    •    •    • no.roing as'Mr Bellinger wa. reinn. iou from bi. morning trip 1,1    ** *'t"i! . tug    ,    .. I itll, -on niet un b offic* ne aud Mr. .»«>    wh.,.j 'furli-le Killing ^1...    ■ IA.VA the rrnr rr- Im. ^ (| I Johiwtmnnd He linger »» a duuble-ba. relied    wt    i, ut amouli WW lAro' ■*'* —    •    w i ti* * *"1 ' li^-11 i ct I a v *•1 • sd with ?he tote Henry Vlllard gave away a    one    ma,,I sn,I a great deal of money durlug    naner    in the of lid . time In addition to numerous beno-    al    nxn,    !arle lo-e a tn,n.5^ contributed morally to n ■    I    i bai I br    would be T. ll- MOUG AN, Attorney at Law, AIK KS, ;    -    -    • S* *’ Will practice in all the < mrrtn this Hit a Le. Prompt at lent ton gt*« Cuilectious. AU -' i lint I / d i OO l.L Slid)' K Pi o i Stiffen < ‘tort -alt y M Notary Pu‘ 'tat dor at \ I K K N •Mitt Law ITI J i, I ga (1,1' :i '5 "• blan on E >y r S I . WU ii ? i't-rin I. AU l*K K- a AW V K lf. L airer, w .... . -r,    Heunque    auh...    •*    . h. which will l»c installed    of    1Voo.,.    Tex.,    has    a    bush exhibits, etc., illustri'U^g (n    unique    and    that    1 methods and proles    j    pru,.tice.l by imbody els** « ag the I c t results Tg|. ,H*r . The ,ad ac1s HS interpreter * liistoriCal    auu . (..rest r.-laicl to the alllcl lmlus.ru.. as will servo to fully cx.u.pbfy 'ih.;m-is oKpccto.l thai ibis “graphic arts ga I.,,-,— aith its nieclnietc of flue printing engraving and  kblnd.ug. will elf will. the due a,rn prih-ry W irs Interest end attractiveness 'n PUA,u'olnlnE the “«•*!. ry" «« the north win bo the -vork.shop of -br arts** a building about l>> •"    • ,    .    *.i    ex    Hastings    <    f designed o| A ami    u^.-.u.    tl New York. Ill which will be InT.tlb UK working exhibit, etc.. Illns.rab.ig Hie means, un aeeoinplivhilw! .he I e-t ' " making, printing, .-ngrar m» v ^ V . binding Here nill I e shown    '    I mus opera,i. % .of 'b — kmp ■ u <    . tvnlng st. ©hyping, typesetting, I Vo" aud other engraving, folding. I we fnrat big. bookbinding, envelope and tag baking, tv.ti. pm ‘lug presses and sr I . i ...iii The location of tile a na i nod In d* tau.    noi.lv    the cr-inhlc arts buildings is probably tile b s rn the grounds, being on the direct .ta -realest travel and conse- "“Uy ^rtaln to attract «bc a.teutloa , f , very large proportion of the cipo-s ri  .......They    will the Mecca of all visitors engage*! lu the paper making, printing, engraving and allied industries, aud the fadM.hat I -United T.vpottieta* of Ann tU i the [ Photo Engravers’ association a «    ^ Association of KlectrotyifCi ,    * tional Editorial association and many Every second Tuesday Is » re<-eptlon day Of the king Of Sweden. Any of his subjects may call upon bl* ma;J* *7 ™ that dav rite only formality required Is to send In one’s card, the visitors be-I 18 K    .    ...I .noir torn comes in -- 1,0 WH' announced I ital th'1 1 ,l heard today that people catw* and in ar I • ‘“'ar llwf ,r^( vMiltcitt)r ’id * ,tfcu \& to Bono in uiiv- a » mg received wl.cn their turn comes the order of arrival The salaries paid to the Prince of Wales out of the Brl.lsh treasury add up $tifW.'"»> a year. and In • • ,,,„« income J^-^rrkU ens TVrT, I ou. severs, tunes over aud still Ave enough left ■ k; away a library or two when he bit “ncnrlqoe Amal. ll fen™ “lli'l.'at rive of Pecos. Tex., bas a huslm 3 ii go. The lad acts as Interpreter 5-*>! gunli. bo p'";,b s Of emigrants f";»>J^ lie has crosse*! th** ocean si\u. and always brings a large colony French settler* with him. 'l’lie court mom Wfl* cation. I were in attenoi rile State is re! <; cneral G* I bu oil B rom a t .Limes L . I/ l*r Jlin^eSiy^*- of t. r t- e 11 v 111 e .JlJj BXteuUff |M _ble i*l “ Lobe rf Ahint r. win L ary I ’ I* v» WENs ik*-n. Let ^ STAGE GLINTS. The Rebel* Faversham is to star. .WkIrew Mack may tak*- to Australia.    A    \ Stage fever is prevalent. One . York dramatic school has-JUO pup! »•    j Beg,nab! de Kovcn is said.ol~. think- big seriously Of locating permanently in bandon-    „ Blanche Walsh has heea m«t g with great success presenting Than Qu**en” in Canada. lo a version of “Quo Vadis” given in Ban Francisco recently real "°I »«   .T brought out durlug the arena sceue. sieged the shot « a-Uh saki that the Prince of Wales \„*b u*ht no .1 r , sv^sl all bls theater aud concert could be blade, a . has saved all ms t    ^ tK), aud . The coat ai programmes sinte    wore when It filed them away In blank boo •    I    ^ The English lord chambertin roaaMtaMm . J Iv refused to license the lllay in which the chareter* * te and Mary Mafdalemr    g 'it v courtl ,S t,. Ma) lichi alii Mite) of llautb consumed in el which wai* -eject* panel with M . I k> liMOSY Hr L 1>- Brun 11t >s to lake lh He I est tiled physician ha- lived J oti M *y \V. Ta palh leading f«lnthe C*l wcnotd ac row ihe ch front of the house of J no. t/er lather of deceHsea. kf when I reached hitm lived ten minutes a Examined wounds I bm kshot had pierce lin g*‘r'H boily, some ted his liver ant ' which caused de* , titie'* that in orde have ic en shot in th* wounds to Itay 1 artii. tliaL-J** have been iteld In a vertical o and ti nt it wot| for Bellinger, around and ex_ son to have been side from the dir, a at... ah git * I eel I ,e| ad »*P J The K«n*.. Ctty couri Alice Nielsen the right I paine as ,u‘r rvn o.‘e tome time ago. The snit pheuro thea^ I ejecting won bf 0 vas decided t1 the right to person. On election O’Neill pr«*t tbe Academy. $2 .mi*-This Is 1 •*er4n**° .OB OHS ^ _ . !Sld I ut a I p.%if lor,, p in fit riccessary vc* turned partly his *ide ! 0 d«)hn- j HIHIv I Iii t lit* Tight I ii in iv fj 11 Ii ii is| fire i I >r I'.’iin- : I .’..iii I" I . tv "hoi film ar r > lie ii. I if lh rliger I VI : -    « \ hi’I! ted w oil ti d s pdint-:    lit*    11*■>till» d .v rd Could not j - valid thai Bci-ij lls v en st d yrs hands aud btjqgf lie LhU been j s u ye* VV .I s f fie fir. Emi - YU 1    '    r :etl partly! A IK EX* \ 1.1 w<irk entrusted tov . a cr!vc prompt attention. reasonable. THE AIKEN INSTITI liaq Der fi j    _ examined j '"iii oiu*yM/i H i>k mu i> ac i«h>l quarks on    i**tt itoys %ni* (hiu> g ant! •mall)    u    *0*0    -• nu vi.Mv.iiij ‘wpt. 17. »n<l Contin un* Mu*. Mouth. Fan 1 j i y : L. W. Dick, I’rTncipaF II. Xolaud, First ,V"i-rani. L sis!ants; Miss Jennie Lou Brjfwn Blinger jet Wren pole at nor. Miss I sa la TV. Edgrrtot^i merit of *' Keif L, VV. First A.s-. 1; Miss Janie I>, Wrij id*, Mi sal Addison: SjDi'l of lt] VKn ;

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