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Aiken Journal and Review (Newspaper) - December 5, 1900, Aiken, South Carolina NO. 50 C. LIGON & CO. iiuimuiwuiwuwwiuwuwwuiii IND US F1V »»f jour tune to read this    fit *n wondering if you were not vail mol Overcoat. We have so teSOf iyIc and so different from what you want to wee you before you buy. Th*! any iii an or tM>y who buys bis winter * new styles doe* himself a great injuat bm* .n Injury, » fur w- **««<* **- bujinit lur.-, our ll.., U..d.-r«e.r ..id N«*«^W |P£ E)U al.n.lr»ur*e your aUrntiou. It I* r. plr e..... r«l br*t. 'WI,., .I I' -» en tom of tilts apace we would like to add that w* Kfta Tooxer—Do you know I’m 9«H» Hover In the theory that we hiw Wrw tmfore In some other shope. ^ _ Looser (vv ho lins just paid for th® ninth drink! Ab. very likely. Tourer—Vt order what I was ^a (Hlf r life?     e^ew. r— Duuuo. Sponge pwmwf* lie-Up. Love, when spring Sad lroa»*Mr lapauM Ma th* tend*** Uke* To look With wonOvrtaa f*— ***.“    '* —    .    vl    .i    wiver)    green. Uuwuini gloon; load and tm*. "wo; good looking fellow lo years ago! lier glance, that was keen lf kindly, acted all things—the shirt, with the band all gone; the coat, with holes at the elbows; more than all. the hollows at his temples and in his cheeks. Those— and the weak tears that came into Ida eyes! She boated herself writing out the recipe—and toting “It ain’t «Hp.J<Kaay, I *»«*•• only Basle. She never was a bai look after children, on there’s ti to your place. I expect It ain’t like home slnce—glnce Cyi A SIXTY DOLLAR BILL. IEWS. rw Probably the 0*0 Piece of Money et It* Kind Kll*»t. Spokane has the only $*»> psi* * ^ll in United Slates enmncy known ## ne Ut existence. It was Issued at the first neaten or the Continental congress in I TTH aud lea with it all the crudity of that It is a peculiar looking document. piece of greenish paper of same majterUil as the present ey eXCpgt that It is heavier. *    . . .    with    dl Inches, (fitted the Secret of Bea is health. The secret of he: the power to digest and aksr ^ -slate a proper quanity of food. This can never he done when I "Cog | tide or I haystack th’ ?r to re yrs for % a1 r, according congress st ier caB«w?**-Clai ll Is drawn n the liver does nut at t it s part. Doyouknowthis? Tutt's Liver Pills are an abso lute cure for sick headache, dys pepbia, sour stomach, malaria, constipation, torpid liver, pin jaundice, bilious fever, biliousness and kindred diseases. Tutt’s Liver Pi He Ratter Quant v for Le#* Money E. S. McCreary & Co., Usa la “I’ve asked ft High up. Unto iy have Clothiers, . Halters. 716 BROADWAY, A ll GI I isnksg.ving fhttiffUU imiMUMmunWli Mr. K, I*. Hendi ,went down to Rat! with bin brot lier ** r£LL HARD ike accoil tit. of don. Have You! Picture Fr w. H The following gi cot * age :    ML*    Ml and Mr*. HheM ^ Mrs Munson, of wi Mr. W. F. Enhaut!*^ Turner’s moved to tbs I Ut IIC! D borhood*and ha* ter the Rhett pl] Mr. George Kfistli Srhaub cottage for the r ll. We desire right, declared Mr. C. S. Wallace. Thii house he occupied eight yei Mr. I. N. Eubank- and Teague are down on the petit the pre-ent term of the Units ag court In Charles!on. ■sa*11* They had an ice storm in New York State isnt week that broke down all the shade trees. Aiken suffered a similar • — #iAv«AMa| vt*M I13 aa /*»*■% and complete, rive per •■nu. ■O' «'«•"* I cr nit im-,    y    ^    TURNER. t J Hist I Ice cires,. - „    . stuck of Wa ti tles*, and Xurctties. Corneum aud make (four sri potion bef bro Ut on ore nicked over. They (ire (til Finn rn ii feed. How are your Eyes? / cun Fit )'ou. J. I. UHLER ? J e AC lei and Optician GARRETT & RUSSELL, Successors to Garrett & Latimer* Cotton Factors, Corner Reynolds and 7th Sts., AUGUSTA, GA. Liberal nill »dv»i.«es mini'- oil Cotton Iii Store F. B. CARR & Graniteville Hotel. I M rnKTKRtfy^NII DEALERS I I “I I " "Is * *» **• r W- - ^    M TOES, LIQUORS,JAARS A10 TOBACCOS, Special a.t,,n«ior., JMfcr^hipping trade. 108 & HO Centre    ^ Campbell St., A.XJCSrTjeiS^R- OA.O I Men so mention The Journal and Ksvls^ rfiABLE unexcelled. Rooms coinmo-1 diotia and comfortable. VV nod or coal fires. Electric lights, learns a1 reasonable rates. Terms to    mane uL guests very moderate.    Unity minutes from Anguria by rail. MRS. <!. S. I l.L NKE I I, * fop. , own* —— — Whim -with Tis friendly radiance the little ope story house by the roadside. It looked like a beacon—ti star. It made Farmer Brown think In admiring but unformulated fashion of a steadfast love pure. unwavering, brilliant. It attracted him. It drew him—the worn aud harassed Im sly and soul of Ulm. I ncon-sclously he tightened the reins. Rut it was not until the plodding horses attmhI stilt In response that he wondered whether he might venture In and what excuse be could give for his visit. Suddenly he lifted his head an sniffed (thee, twice. Then he hurriedly twisted the reins around the whip Block and eluinbered down from the high seat. Swiftly, soundlessly, o cuse and encouragement had colin* to him in the guise of an odor at that. •Thin sauce! lf she ain’t a makin chili sauce!” lie was burryiug up Un-short path to the front door. at which bt- knocked. TH tell her I want the re celpt for Susie Itelliy to make some by. That’s the ticket! oh. howdy. M s Richards! I was gt.in I louie from inM! an the nicest smell come a tloatin down the road! See int d S if I was hack in mother’s again, an she was puttlu up chill sauce.” He sights! aud moistened his lips at the recollection. “So I thought I’d come lu an tim! how you make It. our Him- tomatoes «/o.t all gone yet. Maybe Susie Reilly could make u quart or so!” Forty placid aud benignant summers had passed over the brown bead of Eh ira Richards, but w here was the girl along Turkey creek who carried herself with more grace and dignity, aud what matron could laiast such a fresh complexion aud bright eyes as Why, you. of course.” “Then, sir. I’d have you know’ that my name is James Johnson Jones. “But we’ve bin uayburs and friends the last 15 years, aud I’ve alius ied you Jim.” ‘Yes, I know, but things are differ-; eat now. Sunthlu's happened.” I “Good Lord, but w hat kin It be?” _jrse I do!” she cried cordially. “You know that red euif of mine— Kant the receipt an the chill' olie you said was a whooshed ■auce.”    ^    Waal.    I    entered him at the county fair “Now, Elvt^y! V011 know I want-— —» <—    »i.^ si«u rti,u>it ‘ a (me -I”—he di .. know w’hat I mean, Elvlry- you I • Well, you got to take them if you take me! There’s Elvira ha von’t Her tone was delightfully coquettish. “I got one in each hand!” Tie stared at lier, <-i>gor, half Incredulous. “I*o you mean it really? been others”— “There’s been tithers, Mi" agreed complacently. but I took any of’em -have I? There now. Barstow Brown! I Hi behave! I reckon I might git ready in three weeks, but your team will bt* clean fror.e waltln. Oh, Barstow. I didnt think ’twas in von to aet so dreadfully silly. Laud s sake, look out! Let me sot down this Jar of chili sauce anyways! I here - now-go! it ll be all of !> o’clock when you get borne Barstow Brown!” - 4’hieago Tribune. and lit* took the blue riblion. “Jim Johnson, you don t mean it! “It’s a cold fact.” “Then, by gum, lf you’ll run fur president of the United States. FII vote fur von all day long! M. Ut ai*. t.eneroun Treatment, “( barley dear.” said young Mrs. Tor-klns, “politicians are real unselfish people. aren't they?” “They don’t enjoy any such reputation.” “Then they are misund-r-t - I I never saw anything like the way one side g* ts up and warns the other that it Is making ti mistake In its candidate and its platform Instead «>f letting it rush tat to disaster aud defeat. It is positively noble.”- Washington Star. Along the mar J Is again pout (he words, ’’Printed 1778.” At the bottom _je signature d t • The letters have s., faded it It Is almost impossible to bd *^0 character* Some    ti..tig tad they could trace the signor re d ,rge Washington ui«.n tho-* others could not Imagine w hat an he had to distribute*money at date. is rare bill la the property of Otto Flechtl of the Finch ti quartet of tic Coeur d’Alene. It was presented rn him at the Charleston earthquake <■' 1886 for the saving of an Irishman-life. The open hearted in t of the big German toward his hereditary i many so overcame th*' man fun Ll in s r-i timt he gave him tile .inly art! I value lie possessed Mr. Flechtl was *1* tabling tin* true vain* Is 18US sent it to VV as was kept for siv treasury department Issuance of the bill legal, as the issue of #''*• time was known to h;o though this is the only < not been returned t«» Iii partment The pie* e * considerable vnlm* outfchte amount upon Its fiueaK^e man now iii Jm -st refused an Jiff" rf says mf price c« i with It Spokan , a. to; M*rn-hum    ». ». Bk* *>**•«»■ I* ) . MKN DKHdoN. HENDERSONS, Attorneys at Law* AIKEN, -    '    * l*ra nee in all of the .State and L S t on ria.    ctlons a apccUHy. G. VV. GROFT & SON. Att' rn?y* at Law    V AIKEN, -    -    -    S’ 0 jr^pr vv IJ i practise In ft5i ^ ,M#* f.mrts of thL Stito Special ait«0" tion given to collections. *.f T.    XI MORGAN, Attorney at Law, AIK! N . TV* Jwnul and Review ah YOUR LIFE ll Write for PUAL H Plenty of Hardwares •ml...... .our willies ill Corner Broiid end Washii M^MyVhatcvp,r your wishes in thisj line we can meet them. We are J11 ~11 IM affable when celling a b*»x <»f tacks y when wewil a at«»v« for $iT>.<M. Our siM is to K»v*» sstisfactb.n in conda pricea sod treatment, Slid we Skink Ste Mummed    1,m’    \ IMM us by the nexC^f 10,1 Ifpf thin* Is opt riG. W. DOI Rubber Seals, Bn Badges, TTP. ;o., “To be sure!” she cried heartily. “You come right In, Mr. Brown” She drew forward the l**at rooking chair, with the Butteuberg tidies on tin* entreating retl plush arms. “ ’Tisn’t much I m*ed make. Hun alone as I do. but a good storeroom Is a fine thing to fall back on You d n* « *1 a lot in your house, I’m think iii- I ll give you the receipt with pleasure, an a Jar to take home for Husie to taste by. How does she get on, Mr. Brown?" Barstow Brown looked around the bright little room. at the shiulug glass lamp with the red flannel wick, w hich stood behind Hie row of freshly potted geranium cd.pa in tin* recessed window, then back at the plump, white aproned figure opposite. “Not too well, Mia’ Richards. She a kind of shiftless. It cornea natural to some folka to be shiftless. Seems Uke the work alius keeps a bit ahead cf ber. Seems Uke she can no more catch up with It tbanaban site could with a cottontail. Bcom<^-ho|hs*welL Mi shifOft^>4ack. Tfala Food Vwlnes. Blanch* I almonds are the highest kind «>f nerve *.r brain or muscle t***.«!. having no beat <>r wn?de, says a w riter In Good HousektH*plng. Walnuts give brain **r 11 cr vt* f<Msl. muscle, heat amt waste. Green water grapes are blood purifying, but of little food value. Blue grapes are feeding anti blood purifying. but too rich for those who suffer from th** liver. Tomatoes have higher nerve or brain food qualities; they are thinning and stimulating. Juicy fruits give more or less nerve or brain nutriment aud some few muscle food and waste, j Apples supply tile higher nerve and muscle food, hut do not give staying qualities. Brinies afford the highest nerve or brain food, supply heat and! waste, but ar** not muscle feeding. Oranges are refreshing and feeding. Green figs contain nerve and muscle food heat and waste, i lie great majority of small fresh seed fruits are laxative. Lemons and tomatoes should nut be used dally In cold weather; they have a thinning and cooling effect. Raisins are stimulating according to their quality. “Americans are so droll, the visiting Londoner wrote In his notebook. I heart I one of them say this morning that he ‘Had a corking   I time last night.’ vv lien it w as perfectly plain from his disordered appearance that he had had an uncorking good time.” -Chicago Tribune. A Hn;>*d Descent. “Yes. the girls claim the family was once in very good circumstances, but they suffered a great come down several years ago.” “How was that?”    w “Their father fell out of a balloon. Cleveland Blain Dealer. Mu 1*00(1. Mr. Freeborn Jackson—\\ had yob gw ine name ’im, Lau^j lia? Mrs. Jackson Any Aug yob laik* s -anyting ’copt Alias. I se noticed boys o’ that name novab comes to no good. They's alius In th** police co’t.— Brook- 1) n Life- John’s Many The majority of the names that you gee on tin* signs of laundries or tea Btores kept by chinamen are simply fancy names adopted tor their auspt- ^ clous significance. 'I hey are simply mottoes, having no reference to the proprietor or the members cf a firm whatsoever Every tif*q>erly constituted Chinaman has five names beside* Id* surname or cognomen. The last is fixed and handed (Dawn from one generation to an- llountl t«> Keep In the Swim. “Mrs Fot lier lug ay J ii. bs carne to my reception without an Invitation. “You doii*t mean ll?” "Yes; she explained to me that she felt sure my omission of her was an oversight.” Indianapolis Journal. The I* Martin B. 8 a soldier no, of th** *K*cut ii soldier wa hold of Hie tors and com I he Russian I hey work the! during the t night. % Mar supplied av w taken from the ^ here is held in pie of all other ll tve'ng j W KtH' but u 1 never di".ap go* sis on. ' TS same slz Russians looking so _ tie* l**ast frien merciless In the] new im*    . Though the/T?^K^Pihis frttl“’r land he Is BOmatimeS, v ry glad to Im out of it, as the foil* vim: story w hich j I heard the other .lay ■    I The other day a y u. g German, a well Bftrttltd Ulm. — .V i.• tbost^. ^isslan names known ojierat! compatriots few' dis ira rn- ; st*r. Later Barly In t ■ 11 the iron u a tud&j ll 1 t; feting S*HtM ; * iii ade ;t ] iii Us i-1 - ut Abe kn \ j as tw isted sis they 1o<j| IIe_'i lp.y are ludo are so h"i>e!essly In vc railroad brakeman cd nounee them.— India^ t .plaiters In a bote* ;u in awoke ami I of ! • /A* (i ii■> t*> his hit. red that he hail sai'i bing uncharitabb r* spot ting^ Kin William and^ot Int** a eon litten ie funk .as Jjpthought he was In E»    Imprisonment    for lajesty. 8uddenl * ** * he mUkrmui,; L A . I    ii    f l\ s. NO1 SURW! AIK EN, LL work entrusted to me ■Ito hltnw lf: R? I am In reive prompt attention, reasonable. rf male child txirn in China Ulled by bls “milk name.” VVhen^^^g [wa ald enough to attend school, ^^^0^ ,' I name.” When be has of comi>osition» ' * .'library’ honors under EEB,’1--,*j which is finally H|il j he successfully passes ' Ibsfr'bdjU and obtains bis de- ;‘‘ .[address him by anotb-^^M Hoe “The greatest Chicago,” be® “You < interrupted I fancied I ZANpfp line. 221 (1 v I Ll ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Aiken Journal And Review