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Aiken Journal and Review (Newspaper) - April 11, 1900, Aiken, South Carolina 1 I r* Tour kifrma* Ho**#*. ■f W'3A3**®BBBBBi B' AIKEN, SOUTH CART 1DNESDA OO. VOL. XXX.-NO. 14. JL ROWDIES TAKE THE TOWN. Ala. WOMEN .« i Ce re n R from female r r> >n Ute* a boult! ti) I ..*> 'UlJ I hue Itemed/, It has no ©qual It •trentr'ticri* th*. 4fltr.it<• U aal***tr*tan*on tbuilds« ««»m un up. All >rm iiiif ami In -Sir.u if lr# ii t •iiiu.it hi *    , r; m!i ran la- uVu *U 'l ti/ III USM It Is t* I > ‘lr: girt* n nu line, fol i)j ft I i - t 'I i Mi* uii **li af cfc.i*ie * if Lilt .Mi* Hid !»* ti' • I Im !•» •» Child birth H*it f it) ait dm gut tof >uul ^•oali'ald on I*-• elpt ut {•! I*-*- ll MO. I kl » n*- rv oil I'* til** I r©atm©nt f t a ,ua . | .is, ,,* - NfcW XPENwfcU MIUMtlbK CO CkMUMOUNl*. TcilBOKC .MISE The Vermont ^Senator Makes Strong Pi^a For It. Drunkt*u Men Parade the Streets and Defy the Otlieer*. Hut Sfkin is. K C , March SH.—lo a drunken row here last afternoon J- ^ Floyd, Gay Tuuruer and Duke Lamb intruded the streets ot th** town with draw ii pulls, shouting every one who trust to opp I-* them. Jack Paris, deputy poll..... man. was slot in the face w ith t shotgun in the banchi of Floyd. Hartwell Simi/. r, also a deputy pulioriuan, was shot Richard Ralston, a bystander, l,u«*\\ III % Ive >|i*H#ior Bro- wu„ shut by Turner in the alsl uneu and ailment- to tilter*! itet oui* 1 ma) ill*:    Chief of P»ilice K<*etor shot l l I)’d in the breast aud arm Assistant Chief Daniels is reported to have taken EUROPEAN RECRUITS FOR THE BOER ARMY GENERAL JOUBERT IS DEAD. After -Gem The Hero of MmJu! u Hill Dies a llrief Illness. Lokknzo Mab<*;k2, March *JS. erul Joubert la dead. Cieneral Bietru-kobius Joubert, otwn- 8trdam of Fighting Men Pour J maul taut general of the Truusvmd force©, was born al*out us years ago. He THE WAR IN SOUTH AFRICA British Arc Preparing to Move on Pretoria. DEPEW SPEAKS MONDAY ing Into Transvaal. AMERICANS AMONG THEM wa> descended from an old French Hue* res* Senate on Puerto llicau Law Before < oiuniltIee. w Ah ii f .Vi hon , March J > S *u< * was given iii th** senti to*lay by Mi Depew thai he Would address ta*- senate oil M in Ll v ti \ * on t . Puerto lit* an hill. pa* * \\ I Plan A * Money to Loan a of ail H I" I lh lab* GOOD FARM SECURITY, A PPI V Ti» C.W. Croft & Son. Aiken. S. C. MONEY TO LOAN. I ) rilling lands cumin if*>iiun I UH I Cl P p.t > - liner IN'*. Gilt. as v pa \ iii** It I ' teirg* ti. iior-t*f peri eel tug Hills w For th* I) Bailey Ka ti ii < 1> cl -hit ai lilt I unit T ii' the Bi!;gait* Cl I'»r Iii N. r<> hi11 at * ■ Jon* ' * lf .Vi a ill tar) of war i i s of ’th*- pro**- tin quire call <! ? * hitrv d- ;vet on it Mr. Sp c.m r ,. ft lilt'*" tin s Ila! < Pie rt-1 llicau tall i * <nsi*t**ri* i ai WO! l'i 'Sullied at I I it. .mc vs VI Br dressing tic- s* nut .tit* in I >1* ut I' k ai* trull* i"*i Wish flit States and was ar t *11. av h ; bruit > if Be. t o the w at ids sheriff Ramsey of Mar shall w as wired tor assistance. He re sp Hided with a heavy posse, aud after t itii'id* ruble trouble succeeded in attest tug all concerned. Tin* town is paatc stricken ami all the business houses are closed. Mule trouble is b ori J ’ibis I onntry Is Iteprrwrnted Anion; Those .Joplin 4 Kruger’s Ton es I.en-real Botha** ti real V n tory Over British at Spioakop. Pit aroma, Mmvh ys). —Til** B H r ann) has thus fur Ben -strengthened by about 8.ouo men who bac *• our into fh.* country through Delag* «i liny since tile war begun. Thi^je thousand is a I *vv estimate, hut the exact number ounuot be ascertained ev* ii from file war oiti ».* propnati ta from lit*' M iris se ii tile I ntver.sity at j,\ i s. aleuts. -r d yesterday by Mr. as directing tit** se* retie to tile -> nae a copy gs tin- court o’, lulu vestign.tr thi ixMfinhh*-•! the arui v, wits puss**d. ive non.- * that in- w aid * iie.vC *1 . i ii hi v «u th** hi he the MUST ENLARGE THS ASYLUM V LD I Ii a ><*N ' ti! ti 111 ti i It S. Oil I*ofU I ti** a ti minter (nippon tin lute Ltiii :j.w.ashhurst. * * * LITH, h i KH ASIA At CIDKKT A INSURANCE OFFICE i Cliattield Building. J. F. Leitner, ARCHITECT. < fiat field Building, Aiken, S. C. It* ti for md pm: ll Helling u I I*.. I s I nrni bu I it! 11 ti< Hi ,1 N* w the (’ ti 11'a M Btl Coll, .* ^ k e, Mr Ltngl* V NI i 3.1 (K K ) of tim Uirg* 1 tim V uit«*d s at* - I in V vv Y irk T of I it, int' rec tic Atren 21 lien* si ii ! h-dio g that The) IIM'IV^ I f I vs >i til* -«I • I j to I > I M Ii IC ‘ti tho j ■ Ulm! ll ULM Ie e t ■ th, ii ll ilk-41 , \ ; ire— int*'re ♦tat. Cai have the p av ,*r I, (ii, a e mit I- iii' fit ■* vv* r Uiii a Xii Iii ,t I a -ii ui'ii' V r i > it j i la rail r un i* tic**. «i -d sit i- t > ? P»i rf • Ii: tit bill i Mil. ii*si-hi ot routine •t (i cl Vermont ad I ie >1*. (Le Us an UU Of tile policy of free I-Lind ami tile I ult* d a, . outed close att* n I loll I (Ii'* chauth r. ‘Hat • c tm lit i 11 ce on interstate ** bn lay heard arguments in if of'tin- prop -iti a to anieml stafi '-oiii!iwave law by Jane s lev of tie M r. hants a..-.*** (cia i. Ii !    11 cl'’na ii of aud Dlwaid ioaf id MiiWuU- -1*1* here, which is willing to tell alnmst anything concerning thetainduct cf tile war. This large body of men hav** been recruited chiefly su Europe, where sympu- . ti.) for the Hoers is second only to tile’ Lute for the English, but many men have j i onic fiuiu America and even Australia, j Kv**r siiict* the war l***gan a ut*•atty ( •treaiu of figfitmg im a inis I*-en pouring j into the XruiiHvaal over the Portiigu* •*• b*ir<t« r, although the English official-j there have done everything in their p* aver t*i sp * p it. Every uaiu arriving from L *' uii>» j Marque/ brings fr«»iu fen (.» ah rwruitn, i and a sh*a * tittie ago such a large num- | ber of men were clamoring fur transpor-t ut iou from til** Portugues* t*>wn that an * v****< tram was run for their accommodation.* »,* o .areel linos of summers arrived at Lur* u*6*) Marquez, tin- (ivrinau Bist Af I ncan and the tVeuch lines, ami oui h is I carrying all the |so*s*iigr»froiu Naples to find i.uiguag* I MmA< ides tliat it can accommodate. >*>tii it I i rot Itta ICii I srprl***.    por th,. ui*„r {mrt I in pass* agers of Cot.f MHI a. 8 0.. March-ii. A charter j tiles** i>.(at> buy tincts to Durinitl, but Mu MU I ar ult u« I aal»Lu 11 on* fur IU** • I it*au- Ar** I*.*illy t i uwilrtl. Hvi KittH, March *lh — The»tato board I of charities hat learned a rn aal earueat . appeal to a i officiate, lo the iegitf alure aud to the gimel a1 public, thai more ac commo .atiuua be provided for the rn eaue VV cere (bere are now throe aecium*, con lam lug 1.175 white and 445 negro imtaue. the boaid boa* thai no ieee luau oui white aud -’3^ negro insane idiots aud epileptics are rn poorhouses aud jail aud in private care. I ne increase ot uegro lusautty la very great, wuere Sd years ago au insaue negro was an extreme rarity. The board urges the building of Ductal-os aud IU.; "colonv eystein” of treating me lusaue. I ne asv Sum for the negro lueaue, already twice enlarged, rn u si have an other cxieUs.ve addltiou livef and k IsANiatN, March 'iii — Tho wax ofDce genot futnily which settled in South has r»Hx*iv**d tile following from Lord Roberts:    #    ______ “General Clements bas occupied j XUTT* Fautvsimth without opijosition. One 9-pounder un*l one Martini-Maxim were dis*everest in a prospecting shaft of a unite, where a large quantity of ammunition was buried Arma an being sur-reudercd gradually and t are settling down. Coloni F lied l^idybrand on March 38. mg the town tie was attacked by a party^ of tin enemy and one of Ids force was wounded aud five are missing. Daring the skirmish north of the Mudder river on March B live men were wounded. Three are r* i»urt«*d to I*** missing. Captain Sioane Stanley -it the Sixteenth Lancers aud live men of that regiment were tak**n prisoners.*’ Conje*ture Prevention better than cure. Tuft s Liver Pills will not only cure, but if Liken in time will prevent Sick Headache, dyspepsia, biliousness, malaria, constipation.imundice, ti »rpid j. a. uiln nraso.v 8. lr. I* I. rkndib/dk bJdkksons, Attorneys at Law, A I iv EN, s. a i ra t.ex in ail of the State and O. S. Lours**. Collection* a specialty. liseases. I PILLS G- W. CROFT & SON. Attorney** at Ltw, AIKEN,    S.    0. Will practice in ad of th* courts of Lins >Ute $ixcik! aultr* lion given to coUecSioo*. W* " OK NKR AL .I'M BK KT Ixite Commander iii Diiief of the lYaii**- vaa! Force*, Africa iiiauv C’ajM* I ol hi) , r* ^t^ v\ hen Orange Flan* from early < urn) hat. the He i> dc f.-arlcss ta as to the advance from .    Bloemfottn-iu is the U)[»ic *>f the day and years ago. He was Bim in u hkrly tu r))U!1i.u, so. for the British but was taken by his pa- troummuder lu-chief in South Afri«aooi»->evt rul v.ais old to the oeals his inoveiueuts as carefully aa he April 2 is set by T. Ii. MORGAN, Attoruey at Law, ALKEN’ -    -    3.    0. Win pro Hee In all the Court* of Hit** Slate. Prompt attention g»to Cube.: I ion**. ti. U. State, where he was taught hi Id bood to about st might British. ii Hid as having Ihhui utterly schooling h«- bad but lit ic aud h** never saw a rn \v spa|s r until fie was ll' va ars obi In spite of lids. iii** ambition prompted him t<> read tim few books he could obtain and he succeed***! rn obtaining a fair km * vv h-dg* of hist or y al ll* UsUl, vv ant* represented Ii- mists in them ls*nig ■*l til* hands *» altin* i*oe 1 mi mission '.ud that Ille.v w as a vs. tv a' "much at the ct nato bar j a, s as prior bt the ti vc ox law s*t rick Ii- mid *n off Iall ) . I It#V iew W AN FFI). W TC BEY at, I s t ti.- ic vv Hi LUI I DER *n CONTRACTOR, their pat n ag' lpm a th* qiitiiou that tile <> Hii in t -si ii should iivi t iii ens. ' where convinced i >f t lie v I*» i v im vv ii* re the pi «>t cit. ami a1 i*eqlitre -man - »mp!am*’d cs-sat toil in rat s by the iud want* i th, law has bern issued to me Abbeville Sav HIK* iud In veil luau t comp .ny of Abbeville Tile t at aal stock or Hie cuiu-l*auy is to be >0.000 Ilia Cuanesiou L roc nary company bas uoiihed the sec retary of state that it has increased its capital stock from |U.OOO to $,0.ooo A charter has also been lssuea to the E M Butt company of Hamburg Tue csp Hat huh*k of the com pally la to be $1,000 and the put no-**, n to d j a real estate aud insurance business A to uiuiuiiiu bas beau issued lur ibe reoigauizati«iU of the Cheater Boitiiug cuujiwauy. capi-tri, lr.boo A vv ariled to \\ ay im* < 'omit v . A ii vs i a, March I b** «■*," Macro* ol land over which t'harltou aud Wayne counties have Im . a fighting during tho greater pan »f the present c«*utui*y have pr. d tit Mil i . Bt ut I lh** • I bt *« .lithe ic g* u th, I rn ti* iii Ll* rh* nmo B ill a s ta! t >n*ir I nile ma . i .la . and urrt Is** ii docktr**<l by So. r< tary of State Philip Gsik to belong to th*, i*ounty <>t Witviit*. I ador tho act of th** I* gisla-turo th*' decision *»t tho s*.*orv*tai'y ot state I- final, but ut tho same tiiuo there is a t> 11• i« ticv to beth v ** th* a* t *»f the legts la lure III conferring on un * \***-utiv«- ..til elal amleniable jiuln iul jm.vvcis, is un CO., tit Ut! Hid. Col iodin. I villi v S I ' I apt ii red, Mar* Ii '-Pi Mobil* leave tho Lsi's at Lorenzo Marquez iii I or«fcr to give u wrong iiupression to the p-*tisll otfbs i's who search the Vess* Is *it ; Alien. |    . a** Bier hero of tho first four in niths | of tim war is L.ui' Ii .tim, tin* victor of I Colen.-, and 8pi<inkou, aud th** young**sf j i gone ml in tho repubiioau urmieis. lh** Bars are stoical t<* I lave nmnv [s.pul ar heroes, but th** nam* of Buba is on every tongue in the republics, The fight at Spionkop in th** Litter part of January was th** first *>t any con se*faeuoe, inasmuch .*';* British v ictory would have been follow***! by th* raising of th.- si* ge of Bul) smith. A *1**1, at for the Bairs would have changed ’ho title of the entire camimign in N ital ami to guni <t against u cuLuuify * «• neial .b u b**rt placed G**ncmi Botha in charge. To show how succ* ssfuHbvneral Ii-.tbs was rn t om I jutting rile British I ret - it is oui) Mw *ssarv to say that - veil da. s aft**! the Bit ti* there remained on the aides of Spit mkt »p aud in The valley I . low iii * « than Tim I. dies of Euglisli s..1 tilers, while tin: total loss of the Boers was bo kiii*-*I anil I bt wounded. The total I’ -cr force engage*! in tie figlit wa not nit.ro than ■>■■■>. while im British fort *, was no loss than 3,0*hi aud probably twice that number, lit.th na t ions s* . in to L* prom I < J hts vi«*t> .ry, but h. shares tin gi n') with Ills s..Utier* who made such sLmght r. In cousetjut nee of the a tfuisition t.f Natal bv the British Ins family moved fit nu Natal au<l 'ctfleti iii tho IraUsViutl. Stoa af forward ho became a hurglu r of th* Saith Atm an republic ami u daring fighter. I* was claimed in his U'halt that he could R ati a U.tly of nu n more suet*essIully against ht.stilo nariv« s than ttiiv other man iii tile rraiisvaal. He caille to i*e si. te.iivd bv the natives that the knowledge that he was at tile beati of a punitive exiiediti.ni usually r* suited in their surremU i It v^a- during tin s.- wars with the natives that ,balbert l»<,mn* acquainted w ith Paul Biugt*r ami th, two men la-CHllle la> st HU friends Ho was clit-toll vice pr, -alent ■»! th* l'lunsvoal ,:i B9G. dt I, t’e.I Sir ti* i rge t ,,il* ) at Hill in I >a I anti acfed.is president of the ropubiic in Bs!, (luring President Kin has thine in the juvst various entlea iv* the prt*L»able dute fir the ticjmiture of tho uuuii army fr*>in Blts-mft.iit* hi. It la point«d out that thor** will then be t>»* r a w**ok’a hard marchiug before Kroonstudr is r*aciit»d, tin.ugh thoro acoma no certainty that KiiH.tistutlt will entirely occupy laird Koliorta’attention. The advance, wlltbil it dt mw occur, will proUibly be made by jtttrullel columns along a br-wd frotit The movom**nts of the cavalry't .roo ami juirt of the infantry tow ani Glencoe can scarcely be c*)m*truod aa un ticfiuil ad vane**, although they nud*mbte<Uy jv.int to tim imminence of such a st**p But only a -1111111 part of I ieuernl (intacrt s forces have yet armed at BLamf,,nt**iu ami until that movement is **oniplefed it is not bk,'Iv Hoi .orts w ill star! tot Pi toria. The latest dispatch from Bl ., niton t«*i11 says: It sin .u It I Im clear! v nmbrstti* >*l that th.- prt'-.'lit halt iii the vicinity «>f Blo'-n.-fotiteiii is ubst.luteiy ti* t cssary as a mill tarv pm nut it rn It should Im; t^rin in mind fii.tr w,> are nL>ui to enc i si a | now pitas** of «>|m*rations with tin' mala commutiifutious through a recently ta* cupiotl hostile CAiuntry and that tho r«* cent sa »*s-* s uei-oasifated a groat ox (N-nditnre of horse {tower Hero and in Natal we shall move oil tim < Minuj, ii* <* I int ut of tit*- Soutli African winter and j must L* pl* jt.uctl to trt<‘0 til** effects tit tho Tii sf frost ii*,n.u such animals as ma; la* affected w ith horse sickness. The i‘or r'es | >• indent at It i s riiaf ri.f B >,*i forces iuiv** L***u n- t tjuip|M <1 anti lo -avs ign publit Elegance and Economy Bra* Ii * * is. i aper-laity. ' auris, i'aUftCtiaa# r vt to k. I a WY k a ■soii, Hor id Or. b OW KM. ary Pahoa ii i* are tile chief t i,ara t>*rIsli< furniture. Buying cf i* security—We I* h > nj * \ . materials arc u-ctl. I., v un is made anti w I > a lid mor** I bun We w ill I urn nut "-I Your mon* ) t o ■ . I Im I. ; fail ! line of IS id** h arils you w c k It vv . ii ii dt SAW HIU , A Hon No.' 7 ( raft Bb \r ii pr* -, DU. II- > E N l l ST, * A OWENS if I. i. k Aiken, S. i > in att t lie < ourta. ll. TEAGUE, - Al KEX, 81 a Beau! ifuii) aw el I f roil I s i ■",r,*tai v 1 eittl h -s V H I, I Love') i» Pi IM'* IJ ‘ ‘ • Hi it Bn J Av* bf I v»e co iVn- * ton moi I aureuJ Sin* M I 1 KAY, Fleming'& Bow les N I I' I. At ii, r, bi 904 BROAD A Ii > * I -NI A. 9 r -A), ♦/I'M Fi    r\ . P. L L L I A IE AG UK, I Ii BA N I NEWTON Dx n rtsT, ll -ntl M., < miler McIntosh, A I <* L A I A, ut A. I filii* lf •ii. BRICKLAYERS WILL I hre.iteued ♦ V. A.HEMST.HELT& BHO. 623 Blond St. (inns *N IMstols * Iv - I 'I i I ,c la “s.i ii Pi It mint*I loll ot VV ago March;:*. W RESIST. nots* ai 1. ar I I HI a if ’rail April the i o. I-- vv < R w in u a gang of ■ .hiv lets mu tin- farm lear (NJ lim but made an ut t c k on ti., g lard, which resulted in the killing til Min . tilt wtiunding of auotlicr ami th* ...p ule <»! all hut Griffin, is is cain a pi 'I?* mer. While la *ing parsiiod < p. din la am** entangled in n lorb wire t. I ci an i Im :<»rc ho could « xfrigate him s. It in wa- handcuffed and shackle*! BRITISH L, WERE REPULSED. I descltK, Sporting GmnI; Fi-hii»L r| tick It*. AUGUSTA, GA. auk, * .lls ’ The int in 4.-*. w ill mu ami mal J I -*> a i * * 11 * hi I tie .ban aal mid K**v n w For SSle Cheap AMI \ bi I t.vv st,HTV I*rick si,>r< t * - Cl Iii ti* this it v\ ill I.* assi rh* building trad agre, I that nolle < hi any building t iou unit rn in* n ai drill-hi |*ieXitcnt NS ill Attctid, i i.s'it.s, March *'.1 Lh* local 1 *>* tins received a lettoi*ailltounc * t Pr sided! McKinley wrt! com** I u, ( mitt st >n during the Nut a dial Din ; rational a.--,'Chition ctmvrii!!• hi and that \ . s pi J .ably t toner**! John H (it.rdtm. t>rive l'hein I-Coni I heir I’osi-(1 ii at Fourteen X roams. L »s [a in, Mart ii be Beja hts that L »rd H J., its will remain af Bl >ctnf< nit cill allot lier mouth arc prolud.lv in!.ml. ti for Err etui' iiupfiou and tho rcc. nt im.v**-nn .it <J troops ami otln*r indicati,.ns jM.ini to pro}uumtloti- being well ad gel sal.-' i *t- in Blimp**. (.,-in ial .I uh* rt wa- always in favor of tin- u-c of foil50 iiisf«*a«t of diplomacy, anti President Erugot on several occasions ha*l gr* ut t ti iii t'ult v in repressing I htt j, fuU> , Mjtvincod that, ion,(HK) foi in- lit J heat lo*! c«»ll«*;vgii»*, notably in Is.!* j trt»u»s have I a-on land* ti to aid tin w in-ii .b adan f, WU ii Kl ager ami Proto i an-, w a- planning tin rebellion to over    j ' y    dnputatiou * *f Dutch bur ii lulu is throw til** British rule in the Transvaal.    ,    ft.r^    |1US( jul*i nu auttiein ** of    Pr* uii**i Tin- it .ult vvii- Majutai iiill aud tile Milner ut C’.qaj Town i im ministers plat Hi a1 lint,-jMiiitt ne** *.t tin* I muMftuii. i urg**d the -• {an'a tit .ii t.i the sick an It was Jonh* rf win. tH g.uu/, ti tile army w**ll Boer pi i.-gjiicrs and asked that iii, .ii tin - alf Ii    Nil I- all I, public.    ,    stock ta*    got s.*ut to St ll, baul A outing    to the genera 'si plans every'    i    jt    ,-*-{«.it* it tiiaf tile prison trail lii.tiv** la-.a*ut*■ a trained s*>ldier without    ^    ja.ri- will -nil i«»* St Helena at    th*- **nc leaving lin bum with his equipment a1-    :    ,,f vt ,-,-k wavs al hand, So im ar perfect    was th**    1    From    Natal and Mat* king then* is    J. sn sit m carri    ti t.uf that within    Is hours    j    further    m*\V.s as this <lis{iutcl) i--cut aft*a tin* present war was declare*! the b;,« i nuti1 »n was mi<t**r arms.    K    r ugcr ('oniitlcnt ut \ ietory, It was also du. Ct I (Jeu* rn Ll .ula*rt that    p(U ,llUlA March    lh*.sui,-ut Krn til** .South African rcjaiiJics .slice****d*-<l in amassing fin ammunitions of war    g>*x.    in    a    I * -    clit    uiterv low    ,    says visi, us wtu- Ii Ini vt* sttaat them    "Nb    burgh* rs    are    fighting    bravely, ! Furniture & Ho i J I ;■ it+• vfurk n 'pc. laity, r. xnd Ac one idniinietvrtdf . a alai operation*. l\ s. sun NORRIS. VEYOR h. a -t* I t me wiU rjf-h I ic i i lieu, uh arg*? ii and pi> in such now in pro When th Md stead during flit* conflict - p all. I av; ct Hit mi mg tin ,v Ulellt I lie > this morning cs r<> tight with tin ti, tin* i.itt**r end. ♦ted and supp .. fed bv I - *s.unt il, w ii ich ha- 1 J it- men -itall work j ut am vv bah mterna- I inHuiuander-iu chi* t of th** I ailed A,on fetid ate veteran-, will a1.-*, be in tin* < 11 v on that «a:**asiou. \ I ov> I* eel .rn. I or ad t it in i Im Pin Iv*-' I, Mairnolia Inn, THE ACID THROWER CAUGHT. Who HUNN omen I e ell I en arf/J fig N. r. -f« d. Kl v ttemt W M acid g th,-! )n\ al wan a lira.ie on wa* a nous ii amal dav md ■ adit- I limn ii ad on ut bt v • it Ut I* HI Ii I Mil It I -* ii . I * I «11* I It I im v iii *» vi hi ia,, vitii,m# * • ii nm AS f hi tit Jai u t VV * I hi gin *t ic**at« ness part st u I i< n cpl p| cd Ie at Hi i open lit* bells, bi I dr! it eel. (.ct d I ad 11.1 liger- amt (up VV ti I sl hr - v ll i.i-s, aud ti i on v cli leu 11 ii «d t tie id' I ie i al I vv a I ll y an* id vv atef ms ant el I ic id) mid i igbti *1 bv **i* cir, I bt ting bunt vv ii it I. ail' and puhlu* lo* nu i s iif lit *t re. ii.- ii lid > Mid bat its, and Cb leu* as. iv. ry >iat ie. t hntftbu- meet? . 11 uI*-piif! al 111ti tor pa' -• n hug , ct lo ail pan- lh, UK Graniteville Hotel. T tiiiiUs aud comfort*bl* c it pres. Elect ne f’ttlits reasofiable rates. Terms to ileal guest* very modern!e. a**u1.1 * s na in Augusta bv rail MIA. *    >. PH Sh K I I . comino VV (Hid OI team- al t penna-I ‘ 111 r t lf Hilo ? of age }«*, pm, her im a ( ll mg- VI ll.iller In * • ■ >* III 1.1 IIC Heil. CHAULK-TON. March 36 —Ii*!? Arthur Gratin, pastor ut the T irac Baptist church, proa he.l a seusaboual sermon bun lay (in vice iud ain la Uaarleston l.a-l weak he Visited rile blind tigers. gain h-lug ii u ani quesuonab e ie horls, aud his sermon Ille-e {I.ace'. tor a ciiurcn. bid* v,*riior fit oil" I >»-»*, I J ai kson, Miss , March -d. — Hot), J. M .Stone, prasideni of iii** Mnrkvil e Agricalf ural aud Mechanical cobego, a mate lnxututlou, and ’or leu va ars tnt* governor • *f Mi* atippt, tiled at Hoiiy Si,ring'* tm- morning after a nhort lit Qts* with ervmpelas Th# rcmam.- were taken lo Iuka ior miormrui. Pm VV ASI IJS* i ll i rf <i» Bi (»\. M irt p s ■    '    '    t    ■    ’..: : coin}*«u';d ive -bd* int ut ,f merchandise * MHirtctl of San tm ait Ii- I,ort-. til,* J ti lr pi** vv ar < i \v ti ii in h Pm* F* bm. nary, I I. 'V11iI i XIoar I Hi I v nine , port taring th,* V. is*,.;* ami moo. »a. til, t 'tai t xjK.rt-!in* total amount of I in I bm rv, 19*KL In Is,ct I vv flit t, to there lf cs ((111 V* it VV ii 11* c I toted ' sillpta ti *r c< ut of nan of Daring Fe hi wife flJ79,(HJ un I'chaildist wa- tm Iv ¥ ■ ‘ file total * States. VV lull r ■ tin I nit the total 'Vt* Ti et I. .Viola »5ii/t* Money. S w v\v VU. March JU. flit* ease of tin* Spiiiisli vv.u pi u ' 'I - vt ii i si I i p .Vt I u la, U in ll wa- ! I ... of int-, Sa van I. rn. aft* r L ing t u{»tared off* flu* <*om-t of Puerto Bleo anil w bidi wa-prize, hi Op rn I IV*-- I ii-, iller. »-•*. Your Ville, s C , March vs —Th# York cotton mill* have an non ii cod Liar they would ou uext {jay day g vc their (iiHjral.vi*-* an increase of 3 per cent in wa****-. Ttie wag-ee of eoine of me em {Jove* hail recently it**eu increaaed Mi per cent ih>*aj were not . ic tuc.ca-e vesterday. include.I tu III- Head I to I let I *i ti*. I. (Nim vn tv, s (' , March J7 An an know u vv int* man was shot her, last night, thro*' .-hots wen*, iud ut Ii mi at sp rt range front a .Th a ii Lr i. vol vi* i    All three shot* -inn a fin- tel low in the In ad. but tin bullet* glanced, oui) mfli* ting -calp wounds. vniMvtl for a forvvuni in entire si l«*ii ev© of tin- ca bl* I- regard* i a- significant. rh** lke*r- Ii,Hilliard*st tin- tovvu of Mal, king Monday and Tu**-*lay, i>ut did little damage aud hopes an- cilt**rtained tlint ii may j trove to Inn* la n tin- final effort to reduce the {due** Ut t .re rni-mg tin* siege. lr i- in .vv suggested thai the apparent inactivity of flit* British at Warrenton is merci) d* signed to impress tin B>a-v-vvirb til" notion tiiat th* ) are theckiiig the Mafekmg r**h**f eolumn which, in n ality, l- advancing bv a westward d* tour. Color I-lent to this vi* vv by He fact that 3.(xxi troops commanded ny ('•J in i I>ininnitaid and accoiujiitnicd ny thn** lotteries, a pHit*Kin ti.uu and v v tau! a*.; at-< t alum uni non pa--, d Burkha West, March 3*». on an **vt* nsivc march, tin* objective ,.f which I- a strict secret. V dis}aitch from I- >uit*, u north of Warrenton, J '«{**• ( th* Boers, March ‘.’s. tied a meat on the British camp the! tie British replitwi.f*< bl) and the place during the night. up 111 in fax Iii - bort, ' era id* rn hi. ar nt«T- were locked ’n toria jail. Jonh* rt wa* strongly ; r their immediate exeeuMoii. ,'e . ,f these > inti-acierist ie*,, Jon-nm* >»• > usi n- -h .wed consul i' gat'd f i ti tu u-.tg,*s of civiliza-VV lien tin L his I aided flu- Blit l-ii territory J* Hi is rf w ,i lieut ik«a- ,n ho puncment and th** w 11 Ii draw a1 tei ntorv -Ized sicii ani* — ii I In N v. rn » i (email .I n i and la’< i r* a a (undy w < lam I* * I indei lo t !l iv ti, bi The em (J* in ral JouIk i di.-]*atch Iroiu I t I j »r, be.ma land in ISSI, Pubiv th** ouly }vr(Hni- , i ti,    t.* .-up}*at tho I opp —iii hi resulted iu a :i.< Boers from rh* a- ! thr*-ateucd to re el iii- VV ,i \ . i t ii was repirted that id >•, a killed in iA<*tloll u I ie* was dangwr-till ii.a1 to use a cart in ; he : .erat i>.its iu the it t i ,-s of th** death of a i' not * \plained in the Marque/, which ald vvitii much tam.-tues* "And tfii v will < .ll tin Un. to do ss > OU til (ri'cut Britain ask*, t a }» a< l wr withdruwb Inn soldiers W« cannot * x}***ct U* < uiouci sev* rn! hundred thousand uu,rn iii a day but inv Iiuighcrs are going ahead rap j idly, a- you cut) se* bv Tm .king at th* place whet’, we keep oui priMouers. “Even u- y,.ur forefathers fought uguiu-t great >d is in the rev dntioruiry war, -o ar* vv« st ru cg Hug and even a-(rod wa- w nil von so I* He with u- VV, iuiv* fought w itll England liefer** and d ii and we vv ill ’ct.non- Duke of of |n >St rai wing to tie fin * tievt in S urb \ :: . a with tie - '.Sussex ii/.< Stream-, my, says » ml»urd-atid t hat vacniit. (I i . calili* va-|m} cent Iv n and wii ((diei ii I oeefed , life VV on til tile fact that William >'o\, a ere crc-piindent, who was, r©-,i a• a ti ai pn> ai ut Pr* t' na , ii.ts arri va st at l)mrl«ui. said .louis rf wa- n{»paretitly .-us f h ill ii- artedm ss ami that his Id I , in danger *t fin* bunds of it Br* f*.ria wa- be-ieged. bul glu t --oil I lit arattna \’ct era ii** Queen I ables lier X input tiy . L'M*on. March JKL- Qm eu \ n r,.na ha- cabkd L»pI Robert► telling Dim t*. convey her-y rn {lathy to the widow of General Joubert for the i — J lier im-band and to t* ll her that file British |*> •>-{.I.- always r> gar*!* *1 the dcwi getiatal a gallant s> M of ( ' Hltil i tidier amt bono rn I i- jetliau. C* 'I I uni v. ? Irvv int    VV* a ll mauder < >t f lie of rii'- I lilted IU the cit) t im‘tit - f« .r til trip of tin- -tut* to Lun-v ti! C trolinu to is largely tin- I, niiioii, and is hi tm ireb rib < I©uem! larlest' .u, til** com * ‘aroliim div lsion • rat, V eterans. is I im ina y arrange-ii,- veterans from i I** d"'fir*‘s South rcpr*-end'd ftt de.-ire to have I •**im*rn I .limber!    I* ii iii*rn I. Bki t<n:iA, March d" (i*>m*ml Jon liert's funeral f*h.k phi**** ii* re Thursday Ii,'w iii is- buried on Friday at Rust for-tem, in his privat* man- bum, vvitii military honor-. Iii* csiptur* I British officer- her* -cut a ti* ira! f ii but* Veterans who go ti .rn tin- -.tuteg! get her, nieeiitrafing for tin -rail S{*urtanl arg and pi >• ■ > ding Hmm > the mountain i ait*- to L .uisv ill** t, at i>s defeat again VV II I (i o to th** I ion t Ll>mtov. March -'U I to-Norfolk has r* signed rip- <>ffi * master g* i- going f yeomanry. I Ji lt t-ii \ re liontcd. (’vim. Town, March The Bfifi.Ji force that * ut* rid i/alybrand wast reed to retreat lmrriedly I- i' re a large nun, ber of Boers who may have tw** n {*art ol Olivier - * lutuaiid Firing ba*, bis ti heard at Modd- r Point, which w -uld hr CIU to I**1 Hear M d«l»! Pp* Ut, bt* th® s< mf Ii vv* * st of (I cotan p, *c-il»ly tine Boer r* ar guard has hts u en gag* d there There iiav, D rn cavalry skirmish**.- ut I gird Roliert-’ outposts in th* Fr*** Sta!* and <., n, tai Bn lie i n in Natal The vvis-kl) casualty li-t -now- that tile British I >—* s will ti,* vary Iihiw Mi VY vndham’s original re-ut# * -ti mut*- thai the war woald b< mi rn through at a coat ,.i not rn .re thai) 3,*f hves t- hound t*» is I’j» to Saturday th NOTICE. I respectively oiler my sen vices ,1!*- an Electrician, Will do a general construction and repair    business. Electric Hells,    Annunciators aud House Wiring a specialty. Full line Lamps on hand. Can furnish any style of tix-tin es at short notice. Satis* faction guaranteed. W. ROTHROCK, 1‘ljIuI lei. Cable Co. iideium d a- a war - Ii finally settled, Th* United Stat, - Mi prom* 1 ,urt has r< fu- d * h* (iring in tin* ca si* of th** Vdula ami th** pro - • <1- of tin* -.ii* t tin* ves-el vv ill be divided aum mg th* >s** *ufitb*«i tore .vive c* imp rn-at i< hi for tin* jart they t.Kik iu capturmg Ii* r. \\ .Kim Will I ic 1111 s. I ii ,Vi-on, (ii, Marco *J(i — H, a Tumult- ll VV athi.n wdi not accept me ti oui I urn turn of til© Pnpu i ut party for iii© pre*niency. Winn asXe.i for a statement nu the nut.jecl, Mr VVats .n slated ihai ua wai oui of poiuics. Loan Negotlated!, C<*PF.Mi vio.v Mar h Sd. — A -yudicat* of bottu and for* ign lituker- bas (ak, it over tile mw -fat*' loan of Ski,000,000 kroti* r Ut J ; t ,**i*-t»iabl* la .lids, -ubj,.xt to tIi* -auction of tim ngsdog. l-’or fiver Fifty V«»ar- Mr-. NN in-low - Soothing syrup ha-been used forever fifty years h> million- of mothers for floor children white teething, with perfect success. It -nothes the child, -oftens iii** gums, alia)-ail pain,'’lire- wind colic, ami la tile best reined} lor Diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by Dm^gi-t in every part of the world. Twenty five ce lit- a bottle, lh* -tire ami a-k for •’Mr*. VY in-low *- Snot Iii ag    syrup,” tod lake no OI bel kind. \v :11 virtk*1 i onr>'Mi<ii(, K\i Riot). March 76 —Tom Joiit^, the negro wti > murdered Kila Joues and flea chi dreu. aud who is in jail here, ►ay- ne will t«il th© whole itory in coart, being under the itunr#eeioa thai a eoufesMou will »»»e hie life Rvi.Kiotl, March 38. Judge Dirs**v Batt 1«* of the eu-tern district criminal *■< an t died this morn iug **f lognppe at in- home in Rocky Mount, N. (J. lit has txv*ii ill for two w«***k- aud in addition t*> btgrij*}M* lit* suffered a great deal w itll iii- heart, (ioveruur Russell will aj.j- int in- successor. Iii* ll I.en,I .not    I).    |Mi-il-. IV x IX VILLI Ma: ii I ' V valitai J" leu*! moi silver ore <l* ji -it b t- I.* . ti discovered at Friendsville, J ,-nu., ii ar thi-cits Till* lend assays sj p*i*i ut, whuh is ctm-idered extraordinary. Th*- -ilv*'i is thimght to Im in g'Mid {My ingquantity D-a1 capitalists al* inter* -t*-*. *iui .sill organize a st*H*k compaa) to work tic <t*‘lK .-it- It will Ilk, I) i« 1 apitalized at flit hi,(mo Belted VV itll Paper Itall-. Rome, March ;>;t (Iii til*' pre side I it of the choiuber of dcputi staking his sent t«siay for the session fit**« xtrem* l**lti-i-began a tumult, shouting, ”< «** ..it! ami {(citing him “ vt.Ij bail- if }«i}»* i v-th** in|t*rventi*(U ■») th* ushers was fruit-Idsh, the pres>ul* i aas com{(*_• lied t,» nu jouru the sitting. t*.| I MHI S (J., Mar-ii .’7 Two m w is it toil mills have i*een projected, bringing the total capitalization t*»r th# year Ne, I, I Sr* (ken by a I- all. Kn< »x vu.ll, Mare u £• Matthew Hardin was kilbsi at th* (’ai ut gi** ir>n fur-naee at John s< di th tv bv u tailing eh* vat, un He was ii fie* * levator when th# st *'*'l cable hoist mg i■«-u-t,it rabic ,ii- nu hr* >k n by t ii*- fall ii* < ’li lt br k* It fell a and In- neck vv as I ).*a h w an iii-tan ta New 1*1 i ii t I n I q»* rn I Ion, Mi btu. Leis no *. I* nu . Mar* h 27. steel plant refiling mill mode its “roll, which was very successful, plant i- now in full bhi-f and tin* rolitn mill will be ip*-rated siaiultaueouniy with th* furnace- The plaui lutn until rec* ut Iv D <!i bib t r two or three J **ai'a I w.» N> W Mill* < h * r tr red. KaLemh, March 26 —Th# stat# hat chartered tu# Oxford cotton mills at Dx fora, capital fll25,OOU It will spin aud weave A charter is also granted th© Charlotte Wast# t un paay, capital HO. (ML wit hill $100,000 of th**    NJ,(KAI mark. Each * if tin*-* mill# in capitalized at #100,-(KKt. on, l>M'at«‘,l at V * r.ierv . t.n -en vv im ut county, the other at Liberty, Pickens count v Child Horned to Death. Man i -v ti ll. S. C„ March *27. — B* rth-raiu, the 3-ycar-old child of Mr. Joseph Autlersou of tins place, wa# accidently burned to tleath. Til© little fellow was Bluing in frenit of the fire playing with a pioee of paper, which, ut some way, caught lire, lgi^it^ug ^iiB cjothe*. strike at Knoxville* Knoxville. March *2i Two hundred union employes t th* Kin.xviii* VV ,*.i* u mill w> ut on a -trik* at IU o’clock. Refusal «<1 tim * >*ii}KiU) to r*xxjgiuxe La# uni ll In the cause. Victor Herbert was lately presented with a hail,!-,nut* silver loving cup by tile rue i u he i s of bis Bitts! * arg orchestra. It Is lh finite!) Settled that « i->ie L» f tun -im ll app* ar with MIU**. Moiljes.a as V .la Aud als,, iu "La Kataiilc des I tame-.” It i- told that til** Chinese minister officiated as niediatur and settled certain differences between (’bing Ling Foo and his managers. Henry V Esmond’s play. “When We Were Ta I uty-one,” has made a success in New York, though uio.-t praise goes to Nut Goodwin aud Maxine Elliott \ cry rn ti* ii esc* British fore** lest 2,i j*t men killed, w hile St,st>7 wounded ami d bl . nu—ing<>i pi i-timkiuu a total of hi. 4 .1 I 'til Is* added I. .'‘HI deaf ii- I s • ho dis- us* grand total <,f ltt,f*.V2 Th*-.-* figures, howKv* r, *1    not evident the actual weakening British army due to dine— hat and long march**?*. (ietieral Mac!>< nald. writing ft BoardeTiurg,-tat* - that th Highland brl gad*' Ii iv* I at til** tim* n.\ ri    It, **r- amt l.tKKi men tit bu duly out > J    a b tai * 37 officers ami 3,o(Jb ooh Hard man ii ma. bivoua**ing til tm    -a t Hoi trial.- of the -**v ©re camp t gn haver* duced th*, brigade - stt ••im ' Ii neat Iv •** js-r cent. Tho I,<xkj men that remain*-,; f til garrison ut IaJyoiittb are r*-*.•vrio;. very *fiow Iv from th© ©Ae t - if ii: It rimy Im- week* before ta* * ar** ut ■ I (art lei j ai re in any mill ton movam* :-r letters un Dow arn vat.# tr in !-uw .-luitii which show the d* tat*' 1 Hon to which ti.© garrison ! a*t ,ne when relieved Only '**' men vv * *j * left tit to offer any clet#num«*d r- si-tama to the Boers at the urn# Izad Muz Don ald arrived. Baft Gilmore has be, ll relieved of the bullet ie* ha- been carrying in I knee through ti.** Instrumentality ■ the X ray ll*- was *lu»t In a stage a eident in Dacula to®* Mr- Iii, hard Mansfield, who wa M;-s B* arr:* ** (’atm*run on ti)** sta was really Mi— Susie Stegetiian cd Trov She has recently bought In un der foreclosure *(f mortgage for the home of her childhood, where her father -iii! lives. Aiken Fawn shop i HTV© st., opp C ity Hall, Aiken, S. ( You .an pawu any thing lr oui a neck tie to a horse aud buggyf<    7u To PATENT Good Idm rtiny bd sueured bf our aul. Addreas. IHE PATEN! REI RO. 8altlmo*«. MA DuiMcritjUuu* iu file P»ivui Kiturd «: JU ©cr AO©(OO. ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the Aiken Journal And Review