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Aiken Courier Journal (Newspaper) - February 8, 1877, Aiken, South Carolina iv.- ai*VOLUME 3—NUMBM LIS MAI!. AR it A MC EM ENTS. , ' . - Aiken, S.<C.,:D©cI ll, 18*4. On anti aft«*r this dale the Postoffice (hours will be as follows^ On ring the week from 8:30 a. rn. to 5130 tp. rn. Astliere is no mail received on Sun. ‘day live office will not be-opened on that eke.y MAILS.    6PENS.    ~ I    ^"CLOSEST- %    !    j ‘Northern..    IO A.m.|    3p.m. < *WesterU...    IO    a/m J    S    p. rn. 'Charleston;    4:30 p. bi.i    9    a.m. ^Columbia.. I Oam& 4:30pmj9 a.ra. & 3.-30 pm Charles to u mail closes at I p. rn. on Sunray Dunbarton, Hammond and Greenland mails close on Fridays at 0 a. rn., and -'Open tm Saturdays at § p. rn. . * Leesville, Merritt’s ‘Bridge and Mt. *.v <Ebal mails close on Thursdays at 4 o’clock <    ;p/ rn., and open on Saturdays at 4-o’clock ip. rn. * *    . '    E.    CONDY, P.M. vrn-        \    ---- : v ALTUNA’& LETT BU.. ' ©EPARITRB . OF ’ftlAT PERIPATETIC Female. Althea, alias Marsh Mallow, alias Holly Ilbck, the atrebillious female, allu-ded'to in our last issue, who was probably sehtdown herein the iutcresy^hecriiii-sbia shirt-win- of the Hadley! pSrty North, *4o ifrite down Aiken and bolster up the ^fortunes Qf Radicalism in this v thrpa^h the 1 influence of the ^^^brt^rcarti press, hearing that some of buzzards which she has been indus-hatching and sendee off to the ^ ; jforthetn market as innocent^cJuckerio, ; ^’TOing ^acfc AP rop?4-||dden ly. a toHfcynd ‘‘AUp^^a way SErning Biti by tb\F early traiu on %>e sorry ftr^hie, 9Pr femsltiftg rhfj^pia fin. PALMER A T PL FMC UHR cm poi.I^l^^rbdhced hiifc, SfiS?* *p>*cb ow the tppiftdia^ Republican • gillie e^iifeaM JfolfSMUpi of the pai ticulu*y    djtattered    in    the    hunom- Jti’ febc our humble aoknoiflU|4yK-so graceful a crawler. Anc? Wb hope and trust that . 2smy Mg alluded to, in these letters, of 'i Holly    record    the n in tho' *•-    k    • } i -a*-*..-. ti~. '• • ■ 'I '    '    ■    j    ‘    S same generous light aji we do. If the •    ever    retuijBs..toAiken, as we have I ■■■ intends to do, we trust vr ^e town authorities will awwdf her a lll&blic. reception^rVng Chnmbegpia’s 9sj-Radical officials, who honor-their confidence while Jo a conspicuous place in'the pro-The following is the rnenda-' ; cions epistle verbatim r f NOTES FROM ,THE *S0U PH. ^    frcm    ^1C    Swamps—Colored Re- .•'^•^feiicHus to be starved Out—Misrep-%^J^en<atioii8 of Southern Jon rn als— ^bsdauionsRess to Democratic Niggers—Weak RuUdazmg -The Freedman^ School—*‘0!d Prob«iblliiie>? Again. ■    \ it - rwrtine * AI n i a n a c ir’K^^ontativon will Rebu&fcans and MS rkrdc members'Ho be ;

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