Agder Newspaper Archives June 25, 1920 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Agder (Newspaper) - June 25, 1920, Flekkefjord, Vest-Agder Hilmar Olsen Skry of Kly Deshan dei Anbe Fales. Sorte Blaa of Olorte Dre Steier same bed Ste sort forsaken Paa lager. Telefoni 154last ice by Ker of kids Shrifter in Bindes solid of Billig. J. B. Thorsen i or. 74 Agder Kan be Stilles Paa Alle Landes pos thus hos Landros Trudene same i Blades eks edition. A Kommer Mandan on dag of Freda. Koster or. 1.50 Kvart Alet Rel ser Koster for Alm. Plans Paa 3. Of 4. Side 10 a re or. Millimetre. Alm. Plans 1. Of 2. Side 15 a re or. Mm.44. Arg. state late or Stet 1837 Ca. 91/ Mill. Or. Forue Ca. Or. 650,000.oo 97g in w 2 Era. or Paa Alm. Spar Bank Vil Kaar 5 to paa6 Maan eders of is Geise 5 �/0. Tandle be Drangsholt Kirke str det. Moderne Smert Fri be handling. Kje a a Chirurgi. Kontor tid 10�?3. Time Ute Nom Kan a tales Telefoni 51 of 144 Tandle be he be Kontor tid Fra al. 10 a 1 of 4�?6. Smert Fri be handling. A i enl be g. W. Keyser Gre sen 15 ii Kristianna. Kontor tid 10 a 12 of 5�?7. Vormor Ansine Halvorsen Telo Fon 121 Vesta Yammen Slutter med det Norske a Landes a Lidste set Kab a Grun Foud 4 Milliner Kroner overeager Alle slags Brandford Siringer. Billig Ste pro Mier Ved 1. P. M. Eyde. I Guys a Ineer do mme Syken Sickert Roget a det Sty Gueste Han ser hos sine barn. Hor or Bot Emilet Mot al ukr a Rig do men ? det at do mme Sig Selv. A Dersom i do me of Selv Blev i Ike do mtg a. Blair do Streng Mot dig Selv Vil Dubli mild Mot de Andre. A glad her tet Somme ind i Bod of smelte hen i Jesu blod a Bliver Kristi Milde sind i Sjo Len Prenter Deiling ind a a dam Ike Luk. 6, 36�?42. A Sog nearest Gunnar Dehli. Jesus Ristus Kom Ike til Verden for at do mme Verden men Forat Verden Skuld Bli freest Ved Ham. Jesu Kald i Verden Var Ike at do mme. Det Skal Heller Ike Vire Hans Venners Kald. I Duer Ike til at do mme. A Xvi Kan i Sranske Jerter Eller Snyrer. Deter i Verv for st a men for dets of Hoo for ska Detha Slik Hast med at do mme i Skal to Alle Ngang stil Iles Frem for Kristi Homstol. Daskal Herren fire Frem for lyse det som Harvy ret Skult i Market of Hje Ternes Raad Skal Bli Waaben Baret. Daskal Ehver Faa sin Dom a Gud. Do mme Syken finder Intel Forshar i Guys Ord. Deter in Stag synd. Men had Mener Jesus med at do mme ? der or Sickert Mange i Vore Dage som Kaldes det Onde for godt of det Gode for ont of go a a Lys til my Rke of my Rke til Lys. Hoo for ? de har Ike Evne til of de Vil Ike Shelne Mellem ont of godt of Ennu minder Mellem Onde of Gode. A at do mme Quoter Ike at tale Sandvet. For Mange or Sand Het of la in tro of Vantroy like godt. In Jesu Trende maa fur sit Bare live Skuld a Skillet Kart Mellem Sandvet of la in Mellem ont of godt. Deter Ike dam Meyke. Deter Heller Ike do mme syke Naar in Kristen so Ker at Bli Klar Over Andre Menn eskers for hold til Gud. A Var to al Sjo Les org Mulig. Her Harvi Bare ett at Huske. I Kan to Feil of i maa de for Alt id Vire Rede til at la Herren Faa reviere Vore domme. Do mme Syken or Dette Sel Gode Vosen som har a Iet Luket for sine Gene Feil of de for Alt id ser no Stens Feil of Synder i Forsty reels Esgleas. Deter in Almi Delig by Dom i Guys Trende Meni Ghet. In . X Cut of a Serif Tettz bag Tab Quot Huber Sherf Riften re it Fame Ulbig a pub Quot brat to Artif ter font Pao hat Flot of fit Xet Fri Velige Tab ber Beisber Fig Mot Mare Laferen of Tufu in Fri or by. A. A set expo eit admin Betig fee not Ting at be to important after font enter end a Roget Art Blet Par Meb Orifet til beit bin fee hat tag Foj Rufert Teft car i tug Ltd a Uto i Mobile r of Bamut Ftp. Do bet or Fethi a la Ling a a a Poh Quot Berer Uttal gee Tiem Biff be to poster f ett of bet be amp he Rne maa in Bra a Meg at a a Bantit to Herteg a bet Flette of Rempet of Eufra Par a Cut Fig font Fri it of att Epelle fee Betig Oifer Fig of a Manet Tabei Berwic amp deity Ore. A xer or no f. Egg. Be for Plohg my fige of Rubbe Pfaifer. A a Benne Forb Prietta Ligget font it Fnu Greube Tref face Rig Loeb alte be Maugis oblige mme offer i Bort Fame sub font fun tatar Fastje int Center at a Oey to. F. Feb. I Fotij a a in finer ten gen fib Tente Elter in Beffe beit Rente Aben Ftp stat font Bleb fax that for Fri gen of my a be Batik go Tih Gfa a pot for Oie. A of a Beu. Of Jotty Rajmatie to to True pc be bigwig Ermit Faa of Faa Meget by r Ere of be for of a Par Merf a it fatiguing Erber bag gift Ingen font Oit negate at it Feruck i. Mau Guf Oil the tits a tier or Funtig a up. F. I it a Blet uttry for of Reaffer i beit mob pub to Gate form. Xer fore bigger utta tether Fra Paa Libe Tige me Teffer it Benfor be for pause Tab Rane per of at i Orifet i i text Iffe Taar i rivet it for pot tit ten a Eielt forbore the ao1 Fero by f Terne do ber fit beg Rebe Tige Farad Tyrer for Briu bet or eit Battig Porte at fun the for Tange Prifer for i or a Beteg urim Elige. Be Tore Trefter of Futer an of a for Berer fast a a get Par Ingen Quot. Or bet Faa Meget Bebee pig of an Paa Hiene Aina l. A stats Raad Holst Mark. A tat r a a or for by fee not Enao oort Lambb Mcettr Paa omra Abe. A it Ang tier roof i bar if Edttge car Ocheret Ben eit Efte Fourier Brut beb Atte Oore tank Bruffy i oter. Vai ibo in i. Pm. Febo Volet Bir it feet fat Barben of ban mening ett Gaa a Eube Toi t us Tib a of Fyan Boarer leg to Star Ben tro at Biet stir wait Fetig at Brioe a a sub fit by Fra for flip for of for Frigen fun be Gfa be Oer . Yaeg Troy out stir no by tit at bubbtjr1 Nen Faa Ben Oce Fettig Btag ger Baa bet Piemme Attebe Fot. Xiet Oit Tiffert Bette Gaa an at Brioe Nob oeb1 got Job feet of end at Brioe Tju Nen of o be in Job to Fra for a Tott Fet a. Eva fru Konow Vilde Hagoort. To Tafta vie fac been by Fote last fru Conolt Bette Foate Brittn be at beit Foin tie Tege in Geom it a baning bor Gaia of Otibe a a Gera us be oat i ung Jenta Quot it Odom brag Gaa of Mitch. Go leg Otibe Gifta Meg Merf Mitoro a Foo. Nes Herre Styre leg Vore la Here. De me Nesker a poem of to Bend Freygang or Feitig Job Conger or Iffe Bise l tto Tojiro Fteben it Emma pox to Over my it Beni of boil Tio Eren it n in Bentoi Tutta tion for at Oerby a my be tro Fate Foj a the for Figer Tibet men Taar Fate a for Iffe Roger a a go Terne Mett no ter at of Tabute Fig meb1 be feb Itenbe of Ftp Nib beter for f Ati Retter Fin of forget efter fur men boar or in fast far after tit ent 0er Tib. Gub bettor Frem Betel bet Jorfe Tige Teber Flag i Tibet Iffe tit Blip be for Gorff Ai men tit Ben Fate titter fare for of Arbeit Iffe Formara at one Paa. Oar be Tofu Gelig Star Over a feg of Ito tamper Faao Iet i Breeb of fret for i Aifen at bet oar font at Tiffe Baa Beu i Iet Boeff Bot Mitt Jeg Troy but far Jort Fin Uette. X a Jeg ret bet tar Tarnet Fafeng for Mange Ogba tar Jeg Raabb mrs Maat. Peg fun be be for got Tab bet Bero men to tags eit Fer Meb boil Fen ibo rib get ber tet leg efter Ernut. Butter of Meb Fertit f eit Wittert it b or Beteg of fait Jea Iffe negate pc Evertte beit a thebe at of a Bible i byte pan flirt Dolbt Frem i Tefet. Leg Gir to fat Paa Ben tit Femme Fon Toillie at Opta Noguit Bistu Baton Meb Horgen Gat Bat. Xot an Fer Jeg efter tone i inn int cell for a Beteg fact aloft at Faa Roget Globe it to for Wittgen or bit Nierel end Netopil Ben for Iffe Oit be. For Faa Banne pm reaper Perrien tag Etter Britter. 9jien of t an Otibe for Fofe Fig Paa at Regne it f. Efg., pro eit to re Tea r or. Arbib time i for both in admin Fetig a Beiber a arb Bru Fer Etter fiffer bor to fee Motta rent Tate Meb att Forbes orb. Sart buteo fee not of of Matt i Ngang i Hinter net of for in for raft Ateret 19. No oember 1919, of beit ice Fer for i Tanferno Oit Gaa tit base tit tto oember if or Oit Tiffert t upe not Fen ber Fob i �?z2tgber vibe it Quot of Slober 7 orgies Gatt at Meb Tieten a Frizer. Jio Tifin fun the of re opt Snigier of Toig forgot by be i sseft3tgber, a of efter at by of Matt Senu Regta of dubber item Fri ter ban omm Natt Pter Feeba Meb 200 for. Tit Foar la Rar Baabe i for of maa Fonten. Xei attire by ger Pter inventing. A a int be Jent oar 57eg Bien for fee to big Terrie berm frying ber Giao for Mynatt Gog Babbe a i,2 car 200 for. Tit Boer to re. Do bet Parfet t r. Gat Bat i a Keitg trib a t a lemme 9ieg, Etter bet oar to Oan Oare fat Jeg Iffe notate loge to mening of men bet mer Feti a Eer at Maben a fester offer Fig Post Iffe i Ennetta do Bev Uei Salter men i a a a a Ferne Oil ant Gelig a Mermet Fig i ,.,9igber&Quot or. 71 ett 58. G. Ber Troy at a in net Roget at pm Inge Batien Paa. Ant Gelig or ban for met forfeit it to Fin tune from for Etters Otibe pan Tea of but. 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To Euffe Pam Titt mer of be a Jap of of totter Bant Faa got be Funberg Bab for Bam Anfu let pan Btu Oba Aret to Beret Fjor Tibet of pan buteo Atter in Matt ber Babbe tro Paa gub of Pang fit a Tippet i fit Puerte. 9 1 on i Iffe fan to re Roget Pei to ? 97 car of Fer f Ruben Mon bet a Iffe ofte or Faa at bet Ermer Jobe Tig Barme of a Tigre tfx i pee ret end Foj a Rig Boeteng far 9 7�r to bom men end to pjs Penbe Rebb Enbe f a a a Tippet ? a al Liber Skattei Ningen for Vine Seal Herred 1920 forts Stelse Gaard Bruyere. It godt for slag. Get ung Maite Bier har meet Ems a eit Fri Fettig forewing Babbe a Cit tags Gange often Baar Tigs of forget. 9 7att Tatte of at Ute Tuffe Pipiu to for Ningen of Bette Fortag by Falb Teg to Fere. A a in �?z97ei to of off a Gjere bet. A. Of Petter Duffe t do Titt mer Quot a a a Oab Mener by Quot f Purt e in. �?zl5o, to of Euffe Pam Titt met a of of re Titt mer of la of be efter bpm. 5o mer pan Fonber be to mer try Nger pent tit Ben Foj a a Tibet ber Par Ornborg for Pant of Oit pee the barn a Bette buteo be Jent for Ben Sindland. Tonnes a. Aanen t. Tonnes j. Karl r. 0�?Te g. Jacob t. By Vert j. Biktjorn. Bertin 0. Tobias o. Tobias Tonnesen a Anen j. Vaa Dju j. Oscar j. Hompland. Tonnes p. Reier t. Tonnes t. I Tjw in Hom. Tonnes r. Syvert r. Ole t. Reddest a a. Staale o Jens o. Basgaard. Grethe o. Andreas s. Fredrik f. Gabriel j so Bergum. Andreas s. Syvert j. Skjekkeland. Ole Abrahamsen Mathias t. Lars Enke Vilhelm l. Johan j. Tonnes t. Andres s. Amalia s. Omland. Hans Andreasen Ole a. Rakel f. Andreas p. Severin p. Ludvig l. Omland. Beer Johansen Lars Andreasen Johan a. Abraham a. Johan Hansen Jette j. Hans g. Stegemoen. Tonnes j. Tonnes 1. Rafos. Ludo. Is Enke Elias a. Ole Tronsen tonnes Tronsen Johannes s. Hans a. Lars s. Form. Int. Skat 5000 18000 12500 7000 7000 5000 36000 1650 156 2575 242 2125 215 1450 136 1300 84 750 50 3150 355 22500 3525 382 5200 x550 264 7600 2450 206 7000 1400 117 17000 4100 431 7500 2625 278 18500 2125 206 6000 1975 139 9200 1750 133 18300 2000 212 13000 1450 124 10500 2200 220 45000 2600 350 20000 2000 228 6700 550 36 9000 1450 140 10700 2150 203 18800 2200 250 10000 1800 184 7000 2400 192 9500 11500 10000 5400 12000 8000 14000 23000 1500 147 1575 103 1200 79 3100 297 2435 213 2650 231 1900 191 1750 161 30000 3000 368 5200 2800 260 4400 800 54 13500 300q 311 12000 1975 158 26000 2000 197 2700 1100 54 8400 1000 85 11400 195j3 147 10200 1950 159 6500 1300 104 3000 600 32 18500 2950 281 6000 1500 140 3500 1100 87 14300 3000 5500 14000 11800 22000 12000 1050 90 2025 154 1250 109 1900 153 900 80 2000 198 3500 358 6200 3200 832 9000 3000 292 12ooo 1775 185 5ooo look 78 25500 3225 352 33000 1975 251 3700 1200 60 2oooo 2ooo 2o4 Ole s. 6300 3150 281 Jens 0. 24800-2400 262 Ole Jakobsen 10700 3700 362 Andreas l. 12500 1425 144 Jurgen j. 14500 1100 109 Nils a. 3600 3300 288 Johan g. 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Andreas b. 73oo 1800 135 9ooo 145o l4o 2ooo 5oo 23 41oo 13oo Loo 8000 26oo 225 7400 1325 88 8000 2ooo i80 6500 2675 269 2oooo 3o5o 341 2oooo 2695 29o 22500 29oo 328 oooo 19oo 162 7600 3500 340 ;