Agder Newspaper Archives June 21, 1920 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Agder (Newspaper) - June 21, 1920, Flekkefjord, Vest-Agder Hilmar Olsen Skry of Kly Deshan dei Anbe Fales. Sorte Blaa of Kali rte Dresty ier same bed Ste sort f Orsak or Paa lager a Telefoni 154 a a a by Ker of kids Shrifter in Bindes solid of Billig. J. B. Thorsen or. 72 a bag der a Kan be Stilles Paa Alle Landes pos thus hos Landros Trudene same i Blades eks edition. A Kommer Mandan on dag of Freda. Koster or. 1.50 Kvart Alet Flek Efjord Mandan 21. Juni 1920 Rel ser Koster for Alm. Plans Paa 3. Of 4. Side 10 a re or. Millimetre. Alm. Plans 1. Of 2. Side 15 a re or. My. 44. Arg. sperm opre tet 1837 Ca. 9/4 Mill. Or. Forue Ca or. 650,000.oo 97 pm. Til 2 pm. or Paa Alm. Spar Bank Vil Kaar 5 �/0. A paa6maaneders of Sig else 57j �/0. 1 Tandle be Drangsholt Kir Kestry det. Moderne Smert Fri be handling. Kje a Chirurgi. Kontor tid 10�?3. Time Ute Nom Kan a tales Telefoni 51 of 144 Tandle be he be Kontor tid Fra al. 10 a 1 of 4 a 6. Smert Fri be handling. A i enl be g. W. Keyser Gre sen 15ii, Kristianna. Kontor tid 10�?12 of 5�?7. Vormor Rosine Halvorsen Telefoni 121 Vesta Yammen Slutter med det Norske a Landeta a Lidste Selska a Sun Foad 4 mail loner Kroner overeager Alle slags Brandford Siringer. Billig Ste pro Mier Ved i. P. M. Eyde. Malcolm Jonsson a Skry der a a Flek Efjord a Telefoni 136. Nes spar Bank a Flek Efjord a Alle Herdage 10�?1 or stating lai. Zubet or a f t a Lovett Fot Fyffe ref at bet i after fee a Tomb Denb hed attire id tag lobe gift Fig Job Guibet me a Banj Felt Latex at tto fee in of fat a gtd Nee me Hent a Milf a Leer font Gaar my Lin but Lobetto Utt fee Bie Greg be font Tigger Ute for a re to Feit or i of Tab fat Stenbe. Re got Jillings Aitt Altert Jobe Btu ger tray of Faa t Leit a trebling get uttry Fyer Jor be Uttler at been a fun tit Meb Paa in Init Quot a Louett. Bilba no Femme til i Itofe Liten uhf try fling at Baa it gift Fubie Friot Foj a us a Beer Omen Farban Tje Belfe Quot fore bigger at be Efte Tatte la a a real grab Paa of Abbot. A it a of join net Bil be for be after Latte of a item Hil Farl to. S be info Finger font i a renew log or in Tommet til a by in f stration of erf tanning for Efte Tatte a efter i Fere fomer Blit Ftfe Una a Uto Belfe a Fin no ring of Fetters or Aagaat beb to den far Ial Falb social Bogart Emente Bun bet erf Aring for at bet for be Efte Tatte fitter Fig Fomen ure tfx big yet at be of Tell lottery Itofe fan Faa erf tanning forbid feb Bommen of by do Falbert Iffe fan if Reg til base tit m us tiffs i lottery of a of tank. 9? car fable for gen fiffer f. Cos. Gaa Brar Fig lunge Etc i Belfe a Tex at Fra by ret Uzfat for Terf f tube Eller tto the under Iffet of fart Borab feb Bommen finder efter Latte bet Ufort Paelig of ure tfx big of be Iffe foal Faa erf tanning life Mattel for be Bermi ter Fin Forfi a gear Utt Beret by Felig ult of few to Lff be fut Fei Ting Forlis it. A under Iffet. Set bit be for tto fee at Bernu foal it Rebcz nerf tanning of a beb bobs fat Paa grub att feb Geom for Ute the the a Ftp Feruth Ringen la a a Beret Bir Efte aarfaf1 i. A Uttler i Fin Brongo Fotiou at bet or Paa bet Rene Meb at bet a a Fig Tjien Utju fan by re ban Felig at Huttt Ted diff Erfy Ramme til at Onn Fatte an Bre by a amp Falb Nibi Bent Foj of Tilberg fort Job for efter Loben maa Regn leg for Ulm fee. A Ftp Fra tet Paa pair foot for boil Falb in Bier Fiffey Mener depart Emente be for it Elbe leg maa by re Abl a i gig an at Boben fat Albeg ett Baab Fetig ult Iffe i lob eng fort and. So ten Faa foal ber Alt fag of Tiller til Raebig Jet it Belg a for fan brn feg ber Imbor ber efter Lovett Ingen of rent Jurt Biff ret til of Abbot fore bigger forbid Wittgen ult fac fan a Abife men poor Man efter bet Oplt fee maa Gaa it Fra at or beit until Elbare a Raff til bet or Ute to Telfert a no Ringen for beit Fig by a for Par Bolt Boben a Eitt out bet fan l a Fin at fore bet Medici Tiffe be big for Bennel no Bil ber bog i Iffe Faa Milf a Leer Forel Igge in Faa Terf Faith for it Farban met Ilju it at ett of Abbot til be efter Latte bit by re Natur Lig of. Rimelis. Get Belg a for i bet diet Treb still cd til rabbi get Bil by re bet Aisne not. Par Jort Gocel Bette at than beb at til taa or of tanning i Milf a Leer font it but i it Forer ett . For in Zufelt Flague to fam Funberg Bougere. Der for Beune b of Remijo ber departed enter Ben store ult Fueg of Ftfe Relifo for of Ifferte under Ute Belvett a Fin no ringer Uzfat for Yammen Signet Meb Andre. Dertil Foutner at of Itlene a Abib Mulig Iffe bor Gaa it Ober be efter Latte. Do Leparte men tet Metter at beb at i r it til erf tanning Genu Etc Fiffey Forfi fringe Iffe bor by re a cube Fot at Iffe Bigye Blair a Juliet Paa Arbett Maate. Do Bingen foal go a be forgo Fobig of instil bib Ere of bet or Forn tfx to Niit gen at ber Iffe foal Peg Crft at nitty i. An leaning a Epbert by a Falb for Ftp leg feb Geom Paa by at under if Feritta ringing Uto Belfe teit Bare poor Fig Bottnen fan Bir Efte of but by Glt forge til base til of a Arlige for poll under nth Belsen a no Ringen of Imbor la be Erflg ring fore Ligler a Faatele for at Ftp Bommen maa Anta at by re Enten Bir Efte fre Malbet Eller Ial Falb i by fent Lig grab Forby ret beb Bigye for Lofb for for at Boben tit a Anta at by re Bir Efte of mib be Bart for Bolt a feb Grommett. Fra Vine Seal store Norske til Baffin land. Gra Dtta a Telegram Ere til 9ieu ter 9iegf or Wittgen a at neb Paa at Ben of Enate Norb Polf offer a Tefan Fon foal Faa for paste Bett of oblige Bel a staffing Lanb Paa 30 car for at pan ber foal bribe of Bra Tab Moefu Gofer of rett Gbur. G Befu Tuffe 1.5 car foal Tau Wittgen Bealing Erly Gyc men i be Bents Ftfe Genbe 15 car foal fjan Betake 12,000 Bollard ont Aaret i gift. A xxi mag Fot ref unbent i Sfa Naba Milf a ier at ber Bil Bli sub fort pore a sorbet a vent a tar Fra a fan Inalien of Man Btl Ifo Fofe at Forbe Bre Renee Tanbi to Gjendem fret st Imper Meb fan Abiff a Engber. Fer. Q. 3. I Imber or. 53, of or. A bin Lanb i �?z5lgber. Tar. 62 de Reg in blk a Par Jeg left Meb in Terefe of Jeg Bil til taa at Bier Enig i ett for Bel a a bib de of Ribeir Mett Berer bog no get Forn Iffe tent mer neb men bet Fatt Faribe Fig Fra bet Baal Lige ipg for refer tet f after Ober be Batter i Betttye fax a bet Bleo be flutter Iffe of Refe vere be Batter of bib Ere Fatt bet Faribe Fig Fra at de Iffe f fett ber fax eng Pittorie. 9lnbragenbet or Iffe Abben a to de us better Mett Abra Genet Erab ett Bato for Ca. 11 a r Ribett a Bleo bet Aubie Falt a of Ober fent Rette beef. Tit Opama Ting of half uterine Ribett Bett till Par bet foot ber Rig Tignor ett Tang of a in a Enten Ben Par by ret Fot Etter fur bet Iffe Jeg men in Ting bet Jeg at bet Par by ret Rippet i a Ngang Ime Llemit beb it brew Etler ett Peu filling Fra . 9d7en Muti Geng by Par Tny no Nibett Borbi go for Fittger Bugge gauge of Tut ter bet i Fob Vigjen big Faa Erba bit Jeg fit org Eliot car by Iffe Pat Uttof a Gaabo Fig politic in i Bike goal Eller Ubab Trot bet Rigep �?z8a r big feb not a a Borl beg fan Bette pm nge f am Mett a a bit Jeg bet Erber Lobet Gatig Paa gang at Arbe Ibet foal Bli Ufort Jeg f Greg Gjernes Man poll cd Ubab Titan Toner Etler i Gin Ira. Of a Baber bet tatar Man Tober of j Lober of Iffe pol bar Ubab Natt pair b to lir bet Iffe ret at Eft a Jfe fam Bisti Petert i Belfe met Neffer Eller Mulig cite bet it for dei s. D. Fitejr �?z5lran Gaar of i automobile Bee of Bigye staff egg met Neffer lat Bent by re it litre tfx big Yfatte object for bib Fettet. \5eg Par to not Femme tiber Naar Jeg Par Pat it Ogle go a of Elf fee Eller Melfa fee for foal of Eller tto gen Potter font foal til Marf bet big Jeg abbe Bigye to Jenneffer per of be fit tube Gaa per in bag of by re of Bennef be Bratte Baffen Eller neb a foal Uttof titter Egeu boffo log Bem for at Pfaffe of beie1. Siler Baber bet for Fra Perl by or bet Iffe under Tref Felfe of both or bet Iffe bet for Par fat 9? i Ben filling beit i bag or. A. D. In brag Ubet or Iffe of Roget Ober Meb in Par Labb bet Taar life rent a Abib Jeg bet til tatar Betin Delferne. Foltmer Milf thebe men Ben for Par Meb at Grote Par no Lig fort Alt Mig at big Bebel Meb fan Iffe Ajeti Neui Joreg i min Febe Tib of Neppe Jot mine barn Blit Olbe Fotz lbs a Muli Keitg a Brig a my at Gat Ober till Ftp Fiebig Oparee Belfe Abs Linen a fan Man re fee Lang Pat no go Faa car. Deter Altfas Iffe Roget Paap for Mig at Faa Sci Paa to Manga late of Faa la nge. Bil Jig Iffe Lebe of Jeg foal be be no Gle Bage Ennu. Beb at Gaa Ober tit Ftp Fiebig of Arbe Belfe a fan by efter att at by mate Reff Elbit poem a. D. On Ogle Faa car be Figer ont bet of Prate Ftp Fei for maa Ageg a i neg bro�?5tafel at Beler a tie Watib Art by Sitf Onich Bept Biet it Iffe Faa a at Faa Bette Ftp fee Opar Bteibet crab Bett Juning Fot Alle Goatbe Fotna of r i Beinor a bet Perfet j renting a Bem alte Ben Bratte feigning lofter�?9lafe fan Bli ett Bei ten f Binger Meb Fig nitty 1 a 15, Ubab ber maa i Geigl at by re Bra of Faatz beg Femme in under big Bebel Naar Bett Foltmer ont Faa offer Mien for at Faa planet Alf big maa ber of Treffer Arne it i Fra 9lafe men Arm til Dertien til broke tank Ogen til 93iotianb. Leg Fatt Tofte dem of a a bin Latte Meb at Ben Tunge of a Telfe de of Frieber ont Par by ret Lite Tiff Tebe per Paa Pecin Kaaren for Bel a Bigye Flere Zambre Menneffee for Leber Paa Bigye Mange Gaarber per of Frig Paa a Ftp Lett Fer Bett rape plan for it big Klimt efter Ben Morfei Nat. X. So. A a Derne. $ an leaning it an Pep Paa a a Bente for Golf ber Iffe Bil by re Paab by there Eller o Pip Fer 9dz. Babini oing at ber i be Lanzq poor Job erne Par Gene Fame Imp Fitzgi 60 til 70 %. Job Brefere. 5 of it Lanb of Polett Parji Bertte Iffe Pat aug att til at f to pc Job i Feledie i Flere Lanb for bump Nien. Bug Lanb Matte a a Beme latib Boft tote Fig i Benfor it be text an gift ont Raabe a a Sper Taen a Lect. De Bleb Perme Tiff Intel Buffet i no gen per a Abs Favaret Fra at a Folbe Fine Fri of ter. De for Erber of a Ben of torte Fiatt igbo Biant it Griffe of Wolffe Jober. U bit Glaub Faub Teg for Rebo Luti Onen Ober 360 forja Beme. Buer bet auder Lebag. Babi Nomitz my Ner at Bonne in Berthp Felfe or bet font Par Bebi Larfet at Mange Jober or Anfu Here Biant be Rug Fiffe Bolf Jenifer men Fertal let or Iffe Bolf Jenifer. Det Joliffe Golf Figer 9i, Par by ret it Lff Rog be pro bereft later Man no Par Fra aloft in a Eri Poi grab d int Cit Creg Ubab per Jobe Figer per sabbat a left efter Fleet Rei Fer Fig for at re of men Grael foal be Bare Ebig. Prins Oscar Bernadotte har med Stor inter Esse Optat Arbeider for in no Mere Tammens Luning Mellem de Fork Pellige Krist Elige Sam fund. Der har 28.�?30. Maive ret Avoldt it nor disk evangelism Alliance Mote a det Andes i re a Ken a i Kristianna. Det Furste Holtes if or i Ajo Benhan. I my tet Delton prester of la Gmo and Fra sverige of Denmark of repro sen Tanter Fra Alle st Are Kirke Sam fund i Vort land. Prins Bernadotte taste Flere a Gange under my tet. Hans tale Utmer Ket Sig Ved sin Enke thet of Klarnet pro get a farm no Steij a Righet. Man Matte Uvrl Kaarlie Mindes den game Koniges Gode Val Sprog a Broder Felkenes Vel a. Did a Vanry it. In Kone i eid fjord i hard anger or for Nogen Dage Siden Dod a Vanry it Xvi let Lik Skue of Obruk tion har brat for Dagen. Like Veriet Bare,26 pkg. Avdy de har Bodd Alene i it Lite Hus of Harvy ret alleles Forse it. Saken Vuk Ker tor of sign i by Derne. A Bergens Tidence Melder at Konen har Ligget tils Engs de Sid Ste 4 car Paa Grund Avet be Brudd. Hun Var Kaar Kone of 49 car in a Forstandig Lei. Hamlet a Lauritz Nilsen. Losleven Fra Guder Senneske Sjo Len Pris git den bit Este Armod mid i al Verden Rig Dom den Mest Tkv a Lende Trang mid i Over Loden den Pili Gate Uro of Jed Somphet under Alle Verden Glt der. Gjendem Ehver handling Ethert Ord Ethert Blik a ver i inf Lydelle Paa Vor org Ivelise Enten til godt Eller ont. Alle Goder Ved Siden a Ristus har har sine mangler Kun Liv Kilden Selv Tilfred Stiller Helt of Fulda. Naar Alle Ting i Verden for Lader den us Delige Fulger dog Hans Synder Ham. Priva Banken i Flek Efjord a capital of Fonds or. 1,000,000.�? or for Tiden 51/2 pc. Paa 6 Maan eders Psi gels 5 a a a a . Uhf a re Alle slags . Der or Ops Tillet in Liste Over 1000 a de mind som har hat den st rate Freygang i den Amer Kanske nation mind som Ike Alene har hat held med Sig i financial Hense ende men mind som har utre tet Roget of git Verden in god Warsak til at take dem for Deres Bestry Belser. Deter interess ant at la Gge Merke til Hordan Disse mind beg Ynte sin la Mebane. Kort fatter Stiller det Sig Saa ledes 200 started som Vise Gutter. 300 a a a a Farmer Sonner. 100 Var trekker la ringer. 200 Var Avis Gutter. 50 beg Ynte med det simple Este . 50 a of Bare 50 a Hadde Velha vende for lure som Kunde Liju Lee dem til Fork Vikesdal Herred 1920�?21. Forts Stelse Gaard Bruyere. Hunks bit. Raustad. Sara k. Kristen k. Hans a. Mathias Jersvig a in Yttre. Vilhelm a. Martin Pedersen Gabriel m Elias Thomasen Aase Lille. Kristian j. Tonnes t. Lervig. Bernt k. Karl Helle 3000 400 12 8000 2925 264 6500 700 48 7000 2525 214 19000 1000 106 5000 900 66 5000 1900 162 19000 1550 172 Martin a. 13400 1375 140 0. T. Gusevik 35500 10350 1237 Ingeborg Oganna 8700 700 45 Tobias Jensen 20000 2150 233 Andreas Nilsen 14000 900 84 Nikolai n. 12000 1400 116 Tobias s. 10000 1150 93 Jakob Olsen enket6500 1000 101 Reier a. 20000 2000 215 Johan p. 7500 1375 104 p. Jensens Enke 5n00 700 37 Thorvald the. 23500 3225 331 Seselia j. 8u00 1100 65 Johannes l. 3600 1800 159 Andreas re Rig 44oo 3o5o 299 Bergitte Olsen 67oo 7oo 48 Kristian j. 145oo 3o75 346 Hans Olsen 9ooo 9oo 63 Samuel o. Oooo 3ooo 328 Ingrid Kristiansen oooo 5oo 51 Fredrik m. 9ooo 95o 8o Nils s. Nilsen 8ooo 1575 119. Forts Johan a. 11000 2100 179 Gabriel a. 5000 3000 267 Lars j. 8000 1300 73 Andreas r. 11600 3950 394 Andreas s 5000 700 45 Egeland. Grethe t. 9000 1425 137 Samuel a. 10500 1500 125 Kristoffer a. 20000 2250 258 Sivert a. 9100 1200 110 1 Hans a. 31500 3050 377 j Martin t. 17700 5200 564 Arthur Brandeland 18000 800 81 Kristoffer j. 10000 850 70 Gunstein Laudal 7100 2600 274 Sofie of Inger 6000 800 57 Grethe Vaarum 6500 900 69 tonnes a. 5000 975 -75 Skaren. Sigbjorn k. 7600 1700 155 tonnes j. 1000 600 28 re Dland. Samuel 0. 17800 2600 272 Vilhelm s. 10500 1400 137 Kristoffer j. 14000 2200 179 Hans 0. 10700 1775 170 Samuel Enke 10500 975 86 Andreas j. 9500 1925 164 Kly Ster. Samuel s. 19500 2950 328 Ribkas. Ole Pedersen 12400 1650 171 Hans k. 10900 1650 168 Hus Fjeld. Tonnes j. 5000 600 36 Peder 0. 14500 2800 262 Fladen. Tonnes Hansen 3000 975 50 Lieland. Hans Tobiassen to oooo 600 46 Ole j. 11500 2975 304 Motland. Tonnes t. 9500 2300 219 Ludvig a. 2500 400 10 Kristian 0. 4500 700 44 Elias t. 6000 300 20 Brandeland. Jens j. 8800 800 62 Ludvig r. 8200 1400 132 Aase. Osmund 0. 11700 3175 301 Jens j. 10000 2750 240 Jens Olsen to 11500 900 79 Mikal a. 5200 1150 73 Ole a. 5100 1925 132 9500 1700 147 18500 2525 230 16500 1750 191 5000 3350 326 in Verden concert or. To Aadla a. Madame Melba Synger i England for Kristianna radio. A of a Persona let Ved den to Aadla be Paa Tyrand she Iden Hadde for Leden Aften in Kunst Jerisk Nydele by Helt Uvan Lig Art. A Lokken Var it Varter Over 7, he rte Man Nogen Hellige san Triller Ute for Verden Grummet. Det Var den Berk me oper Primadonna Madame Melba som a in concert Ved Marconi stationed i England Bestimt for to Aadla a Overfi ring Verden Rundt. Kon Certen bestow a Espar Itali Enske Kumre de he rates alleles Tyd Elig of Var in Herlig Kunst Jerisk Ople Velse for Sirker Man Osda i Iga Raftes taste med try and she ideas Folk ski. det Hele Stod Paa Ca. In half times tid. Det Var set Ike Ute Luket at Madame Melba Stemme same dig som den Blev Hurt Ved Kristianna Osaa Kunde Naa de Traad lose stationer i Stockholm Kje Benhan Warschau Berlin Paris rom of Madrid a Man Hadde endow be Regnet at Passa Geverne Paa de store line Damper Paa Verden Havene Vilde Kunne Nyde godt a Sangen. Verden Gaar i Visse Hense Ender remover. Politiski be Gavet in Gammel Hollander som Gjernes Vilde Regne it i Vilken renting Hans sons Anlo a Gik Pla Cert in Bibel in Peng Seddel Ogen flask whisky Paa so Onens bord a Vorpag Han Stillet Sig Selv Paa Lur for at be he Ormedes Denne prove Faldt it. Voelger Han Bielen a den game til Sig Selv har Han Lyst til Boken of Blair Prest Volger Han Peng Sedlen or det som Vaal Ner hos Ham of Volger Han Lasken Ender Han Sandryn Livis som Dranker. Straks efter Kom Sennen ply Trende ind. Han Saa Litt forum diet Paa of Stillinger Paa Bordet Tok Saa Bielen under Armen Stak Sedlen i Lommen of Token Orde Atlig slurp a Lasken a Vorpag Han Gik sin Vei. Aha to den game of Ned Sig i he Derne. Gutten Blair Verken Prest Eller Kjobmand Han Ender som in Stor politicker i ;