Agder Newspaper Archives June 02, 1891 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Agder (Newspaper) - June 2, 1891, Flekkefjord, Vest-Agder So Labret one v a Irb Tufi oct Freb nil of of tar 4 Stroner or. 9larfoj cnut Meb Ofton sir. 4.40. Finn be tittes pan a Flo Fiance Fig Jam i mob ctr Opta Fles Fil on in via of 8 fire or s?orpn3� i Iii for 3ubeitbi 3 oif 10 ave for Uben amp is. 3iibfcberc� i Inbau re Nib nil of for bag Luff of och an Omland Witlie a Lugher 9o. 43. A Ira bag ,2bcii sunt 1891 tryst i har Mcmanns Bogor of Eikefjord ans Arlig redact a Rol Ai Hart Mann . We amp or a Beitf til 9fui�tce�niiui soit a f a of forum. Fra Sti. 5�?10 of a ors big Fra Sti 6�?10. 93ogbi Iii it a or bag 91 f Fon Fra Solof Fici 7 8 a Pavco Ancu or Aaben a Irabag a ova bag of fio bag Gutorm. In Sti. 2va-4. Re tvs so git a apr tvs amp Retif or Mabou Fabor fio bag Fra Sti. 2�?4 a of term. A role anti anti Quot Richard ii 1 of Stew York Stifter 1843 Richard a. Mccurdy president Garant fond Ca. 549 Milliner Kroner Hele Netto Udby tet Lor Cleles Blandt de Forsi Krede. Bankier for Norge den Norske credit Bank Christiania. Jens Jacobsen a it ent for Flek Efjord of Omega Bonner Paa a a a a der a. Sort mtg bedlam Fisk t Fulero monster of Kval Teter til Meget Billie Priser bos a. C. Axelsen. Mebel Kirtser bos 0, c. Axel sen Patent a it Ofa Dre 7, 8 of 9-ring, topic Iii sol lure of Sadel jord Anbe Fales of 0. C. Axelsen a no into mini Miler Ord res Paa Monu Menter Gra Vram a mer Ferngr ackors Gittere Marmor a Portere servant player of Andre mar it mor Varer ,.opta x Ges Fra Johs Gre a set amp co. Christi % a Ania Ved aug. Esche. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a John f. A. Ftp Lutzow Christiania,05r Aii it o it Muenter of pole ret of Upo Leret red of my Reg re a Granit Marmor of Sandsten grave Miner of Gra splader Gra Gittere m. M. He Este us my Kelse for Graymon Muenter of Granit erhold Tes i Kristianna 1883, Brynce Redalje i Liverpool 1886 Gudme. Dale i Kje Benhan 1888 11te Klasse. Orders Plagos of Tenninger Udla Anes Ved an or. t Leffe fjord treble of Jerbe pint Ebay. Slut ning. Oil Foryan bling Emne i but Joni Nab Nebes al 3 /2. Nib Toger of a Genbe a i Lect sub Cruiz Iii go fag fan at Taale no Gnu inf Fri fnning i Tim Tallet for at inc plans for be efter Ben Tyc Foo Clou Tenn go be fag ? 33 e r g c in Blebee a pm res Mallet nar gang pc Pray Tiff. Clerc of be fag for efter Ben Orrige Foo Clou nar Fri Illige nar no Blit Obb Gato Riffe bet Dar . Her Matte be for for at Gioe p Abs for big be inf Fri rfcs i Tim Tallet i be for oblige Tyriffe fag. A Paar in Famme Aligner bet us Brytte in Bevnii Ningen l a r Tinct i be fag Man for Tarar Bteibet Meb Nifer bet Fig at tar Tyant bet beef la re Furtat her Matte be for i Bette fag Funne Force noes in inf Fri ii ning. A Songen Afen a a for Fla ring Quot Matte Funne i no Gnu grab inf Fri ufos. A Algren Fantt at ber Ingen bet nar for of i at Reb Fere Roget Paa Tim Tallet for Fri til Forbel for be stye fall 3 beit Bertaa Folk cube Bis fun Fiou for efter Tygert Tilton i Lillig Tye for Many if a in Paa a Forf �?z33ontop Pisati Quot l Anbe bog fun 1 Eller 2 forum right of Faa Forf Nafrere Ibet a re a j or to o my Irbalea Par Rock of fret Dolbt Ben fog of Bebry Telfe for pile Nock pcs ube Blant Follet neb at to Bogen us of of Foley. 33ilbefor ref ten Iffe pm re Meb Paa no Cit Rebii Freu of religion sub Crotz Iungen. 8j? a n n c8 l a n b fog the Lige Lencs at for fare Blu Cit of a a so Toppi Bank a. A in to Yanoc bog Jort Roget got. Get la rte fun by by Ruene Feugere pen i Linet Femme til at Foi taa of no be got of. nar nifty of no fent Lig it Lin men ber Nav bog i Benen la re of Ben Rinaa Gbomene fan in. 5 a u g e l a n b a rat Naar Man fun by Faa .33ouloppiban&Quot us of of Foley of fan in Auben Tiby my a Jig bog i Tebet fun by Man off Nappy Paa Unbe Iuit Niue in. A Algren nar for inf fit fnning of Forbes ring of of Poffet Tuyor Nib Man in fac spare Tib for of Foley. 6 p i n b a n g e r a fal Man Faa a f forget Roget Paa Ningon maa a a a no of of of Foley. Act nar Utyro list Ifni Lect Fiir a Mon Anbe Meb at Faa Toppi bau in i by Ruene in Fri ten Matte Gjere Ben erf Aring at Bogen Mere of abet Fri fee Bommen crib Ben Ganner by a a Buff Rupli Cerebe til 9j? Ait a game Itic a a but Gobe Quot ,.33outoppibau&Quot flu be Tya Jort. A nil bet of try Lii inc Barnets Tan of a nerf nar Roget got Jaa to Yanoc �33on Topp iban Quot Jort Roget got. A Ipin bet nar got at it bom Jab of inn bib Mcham Tyocia up. Bet a Etc Faa to Yanoc of a a a Quot Jort Roget got. Soft re i Femme renting. Get nar Faa Almin Deligt at flu be Maales i Alein of Tomti Ienir. Act Man four Etc efter nar Mange bin by tar bulk it Tynor Langer by Rommen i Bogen a ii a a n b Sincli Gionan maa taa for bet of Efte fag i of Foley men Fantt bog at Ben to Yanoc Tyant for Mange a inter. A Kroetc Tim Tallet fun by inf Fri noes tit f. Cry. 1 a Ime Tyner bag by o a b a l Fantt in 7 a 8-timers ugent Lig Niue Nilba no re Pas Fence. 91? a n it e a la n b Tranbe Meb Fine Orrige Nita Telfer ont a a onto Ribau Quot Iffe ment at Beirne Iffe Inlet Yott Meget ber fun by Alifes Oner a bet nar ber. A fun lbs Brytte. 45 a n a f e u Feyti cd Iffe 8 timers ugent Lig ning nar for Meget. at in Matte Faa mer Ffolk Tuer Tib of in bar nil Tii Ngeu i of a Rffie Leige Andre fag flu be inc Roget re Furtat. A iving Chiten fail Brenc i Forte try of of oleum us rifling get of a rate Man beat Ynte Meb of Fei Atlig Ffolk be Tob Tyeler no often Alene of unborn in a Iii a of fan fee Bertil Tibt in suing. So pc Bogon nar Tyc Teft. ,.s43oiitoppibaii&Quot fun by a few of Fra Enbe til Aben Bucit at to Feil eit chef the gang men of Faa Uben at Man Forf Tob it chef the orb. Idian Fri Ner no Roget mer of of Foley of bet maa Man forbid Linet Fri Ner Roget mer. Pc Andre fag for or Rommen til maa Tya a Fri Ner i i t Mann Fin Plab i of Foley. Som bet Ibcal flu be Tyan Gaa Meb Paa at ber Iffe Fanbtc-3 of pfc Ftp a nor plan Roget for Yeber r e i g i o u a t i m e a men at Una Cmil Uinger i Fri Stenbom Bien Roget for i Geom Falstaf Fig Feln a Tyant Beni but for it Lin. 91 it Betle of agma Fatge i religion in Burbe Iffe no re 9ii�iic� fort alte of a rat Tyno Rban be Tranbe of tilt bet til Paa Jebe Faa be ber Tranbe Faaet 9 timer icing. A Algren Frem tyo lbt Nib Ere at in Tranbe Tyant Faa Meget re Rigik on i of Foley at in be neb no Paa Tranbe Fra bet Iqbal a a Kontopp Ibana Quot plan fyn Tco Taheren fun by Lignos Meb in Tyel Bel of Fugler for Mait a Neute orb Rliebe Paa of Beff Uebe a Ben ene efter Ben Auben. A Ette go Vic Bogen fac Baclig. A Alerene a feb at Faa Meie Meb Ogba Nilba Iffe in s--9 timer no re for Meget. Soic Wittgen Meb tale rent Oil nar at la Gyc of got orb in for a f t o r s r i f f c n Norfor nar Golf boder Tan bet Faavi a for at inc flip Paa �?z33ontoppiban ? a Vorbau flu be in for Fla re of by inc for Tyg 3o, Follet Refon Rcv in neb Tynan in tar in neb Iffe Tynan in Faar. Of Taheren Mitt a ber nar Meget for Tatte for benue for Tyg. A of Troub Tyan Iffe at a for Fla Riugi Fps a go Mallet Quot nar Roget fire Clit l i n a f p a r g a m a a l. Sjo Cunt for Taheren Meb Ben my a feline Paar tank at Tyan Troub Iffe ber f n u b e Leney of t r i n e a n o g c t f a n b to f it n b t f r i f t e l i g t i a to u o r i u g e n b o g m a t i f f l a r e b o g b r u g t e a a to b in f Rupli Cerebe til pastor a Riffen of Meb at ber Nei i aloft la Vucu Bage Lenc Bce of Vinc Bce it Fantt Fri Len Liu Ogba Brug Tco met Iffe no Gnu la re bog a Algren fret Dolbt Nib Ere at grub cd til at Golf for to Yanoc no ret Faa Glab i a a Pontop Ribau Quot nar Benot Man Iffe to Yacc Jort Roget in Frog Paa at f o r al a r e Ben men Bare Raik Fet of puget Fotu maa la Rene til at f o r f 1 a r c Bogen of Faa Blair by Ruene Iffe Glab i Ben men let of Ben. Stgeor Herfor in to Trig of pastor a r i f f c n pm al to Yanoc Man Bare Fri Clig Iuteri Ferebe a Rete fun by Gjemse Entner a of a a flaring Fly Ifer. Fret Dolbt a p i n b a n g e a atom in Iffe Fri Zelig int Ere Feret la re to Yanoc 10 Bogina Tiff la Reba get Unbe Nifte Tyan Iffe Berc Enbom Tyan Ingen Tranbe. A Ostopp Ibana a Fuite Ingen la it Eftang no re for eit la re for Iffe Ifo Rueien a Arfre Nifte to int Ere Eret pastor a Riff us Bema of Uinger of at ber Iffe fun by Trine it Funt of Fantt Fri tenpin Tynor Ingen Boom stiff la re bog Brug Tco if in Meget of far Imp Bega Telfe Soanel of Tyr. 33crge for of Tyr. ber Begge beit bet it Niit pro Tefter Ette mob in Farban Paar tank of fret Dolbt at nar Lenet of Fui Ibe Lene it Fantt Funt Fri tenpin Uben in Farban la re bog. A foil but flute be al. 7. Us get Resolution dlr Etc bag Inoc 4bc Pink Ebay al. 8, aau ebes Meb Falm Faug of by a of pastor a Riffett. 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