Agder Newspaper Archives January 06, 1891 Page 1

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Acton Free Press

May 1, 1958, Page 6

Acton, Ontario, CA

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OCR Text

Agder (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Flekkefjord, Vest-Agder Fail act in Bra Sti Vrbas of Yve no of Fiji Ftp Isth Ovca or. Ular a Foj Tiibi Nib sir. 4.40. It flip a Ruffes Paa Alle sni Boty 5o fat n fatal f or fast i sabots Jpe Bivion it i is amp a v j f we i my i Llu Wlk a a i mfr of tags Filen gris of 8 to kept $ovpfl8> ii Iio for 3nboitby3 leg la a re Fer . Summers i Tuben Toia Baa of a or Brig a ii far in if Grettle a Igler of it. 5�.iv-Obag 6te Sautai 1891. Toita by sis a of Cavaca ctvxi%tt4mfcr�ttssakyt u Lin Seidi a it 1� ,.� f a 1 e s. Uti age Kurtli Retei. Fri urge Firfer. I Berentsen Lima amp Saiga. F it Britt Safti. Or fia6fwt fat to Isth sni i. A a it in a a fro Wjk. B a to set big has i req. Jock bau 04 aft for so f 4 �$�r�&01sf�� cd �6� go Sefl al fee ref Kcf term. For it g�?Tfe-4. A to its is it a a Spur amps amp her Eft cd Tyon go bag Fra a. Fill off tit w. J&eifr�4ifrkseitig�c&etl amp or Fryer �or3boij after go. 6 to a a i a a Nung Strrm. Is. 6. A Relfe a Strmic to to it a st a Cru Ltd Aften Frt is. S�?�?~m0 Joi a nil Aften unit agon. A a bag is 8sdiovgrit, a to 11 form Ibbay of so. Va8 Aften. It so Etc a it inc Boves Oil a log u blast of i Syatt amp Fig frn is. 5/b�?7 Sterm. W 5v,-7 a 61/,-7 a a %4>v&baa a a a a b1/, 7 a a h bv.-7 a Sil 5s c f Linn by a a Ubay Fra he. 8-9 a to Vry. A a 9v.-101/, a tire ban a a a a a it Iov a a a no bad a a b 9-10 Vbk a of bag a a u �~v.-io-1/, a a. Sit a i 11 c r 0 Eva st ovb�?10 storm. A a 91/,�?10 a a a 07��?10 a. A amp car Pereffer Uible coffer pan Gule Infra often Oil Ben a efter a bloc til Siben Fin is. 8�?T/ a 6 . A far 3itblet>cring5tibcit pan Sun a it Eftig a be Bew til stir leu frag orm. Of so. 8�?9. Amp it go a. A Freer. Beben Geft Forn bet Fuenfle of a Benin Force bit Polit inn Beni us �ntnbrcaav8bageu for a Laget beb a Banff a fun bar of Witgen 09 bet inert for Nemme a Elf fab i a toc polm til Fteben. Brofe8for Reguer Tjo lbt a Alen. Get Gaar Fon eit Rob a Raab Gjendem Benne at a beef Fere maa Rufic 1110b a in slab. A an ber be no a pm re Jib a bet Rufe for Libet Bort for Foa Friger Etc eyolf i Ben Zenere lib bar Flo it for at Beer Togge Fin a Elf in Bic l ebb an tit bar Gjent Genbe of a Bonf ferns Jiorle Quot lib babe Gorbe fridge Rife of a til Femme by 2anbe. Of Roc Forett fit bar at Burbe of flamme be f maa Sec toners a tribal tuft beb Folk Cuba a a Short 2anb� 5trig�t i Torie a Mange Flotte 53labcw. �?z0? bet 91? no Blant abet or Dubre oi5 0111, at sub Inge tube attic lar pm Renes a Torr life left come a tribe is us fat Sang Osterf end Tait tro or bet beit i pure end Ecube Fate Fere Forn maa Bige. Silifa Terney Foj a me Falt for in @ut3 uhf liiv Gebe a ten Cluj Ranbir or Orebe of Iii tue Fin Liue Gre fac Alan Napoleon Labe Europa for Fitt 3 of Lite beb i it Homeer Toneu beb fit gelt err Talent Quot. Roeg Oren of Flammer bib Ere Fixie Sanby lit Ocab til a Rig mob Slu Lanb beb Fol cube Bebin Gebe orb �?zs8i Burbe bog a big la a Glemet at to to Ugere Ben it or Forn Fiffler of Fra bor Orrige sri be to Forte re 4id Erber Vigjen til for a Cefic Quot. Of tar Enlen Bleb end aug a f a Art a Noi of Ftp of Fuget of i Bentie Topfer bet of Bufor Breite Duer mob Obe for 9?. Lbs a ref Tjerne a a a Rufon Tnger i a a a Gabla bet Quot til a Jan Mccule Nob a in Eft a lie Gnu re a Sale i bet Fuenfle ? Fagbemi. Fau of Frieber by. A. A a of eit of sorbets longer til a Toft a for a tor fun offer i Cuil Belig lib in Gor fasting for 2i tera tur Forn Isaar Ben la Gge got fam Meit of by gig Prcz Fco fan fee efter crop Cliff 3ottc-Maal Gir al Trebie 2 inter a her ber not gen Ferne Jaa Buuri at Ben of Alle Bebi Ogebe Ojer of Tjwie flamme font ber us tic a lar Fig Forlee til it tro at incr Faar Biju ref of fines re org Eujane or bet Faa at go Bre Lanb Foj Sciug Chen la a a , forbid Ben Iffe inc Tiger Troy Paa sri Gene Bibler ? of Orbi Ben Fer bet i a ? Ben Foler Euge Fuget Afen string i bet Ferne Foa end Tinb by Mulig mitc to a by re Meb til Gorbi by Bil tale tue be Olff a by Frlj ter of a of Rebelin 53ei pro ber at Naa p b a b by b e so a a b u e n e Iffe fan Bringe of ? a a Dluz Lauber Iffe Bare it slobber. Bi8 bet bar Faa Jaba Bilbe bet by re Rig tight at Faals Nguc Grebstad Ferne Iffe Fabbe Burfet Paa bbl jct no tet bet Iffe at la re Offret Bem. Of Matte by f 0 r f t Omu Eube Ben Flore Fra Origen of Iffe Ben life. So Iii fju8l my Eren a amt Iii of 9fteii Rueffer Berlje a Gamil Telic a am nub Olgaber a res la Nuffer Lig com by. S it Jar or bribe of Ltd of Sjo fart of at Fin Gormle at Tabe i Geom big bet la a a be in Berne of blk a Foler of sir for 5?, Sitera tur of a am Bittig Tjce bet of a by of Pinter Iffe til it of robber. Of la a a brt no i Verben by ret Faa at Ben of orc a Fibber in of a Agter a set Tea r beg put 4bab Erben 9ranb, Forn Jer Wagerer 5fng�= Trompet for in Libet Omta Huffom at Tau Iffe Puffer at Alt i or Garaet us Fra Bem Forn try Nger left til bet Altfas Licop Fra be maa Blant Bem Fob 3efu8 of Blant Bem a r a c of erne. Ropati use Sun per Puri Anerne Ligac til bore Oages Cocino lifter. By Rene of s3erbeusfrebeii8 Storc 2anfc. Dit it lit cry it a Elf fab i sly Rby a cafe of Ligets Gornic mate Gir Fig til at tale of Funge sprig of by Lucr for a Laget beb a for Benne if telling go a a uhf a a bringer to Folb to Belig. Re Cit Benne �ge8 pm Craig beb at a Longou bar til Fteben. D8 of Par by Intel Kitfu Arenac oppo tbsp feb for a and Teberne Fra Inorg Aavo font bet Fuenfle do Fabein i. Solfen of a po8 of Par 5? pm Nutret jfrig8braafct. 2 it try of tar 08 Bare. Faa in Bertig at pan ber Nacir a Ammen signing or �fanbinabieii8 Rig Efte Stranb Meb a a Btu Gocr i 23mionbi�, Iffe Par git in Erie fee a Filli g til Ben a Orff orfbar8beu�ge be. By Otibe Meget a Uffe at Pau beb Benne Sciligo pc i a beige abbe by ret Lige spa from Meb in person for Pait i Lotge Par by ret Meb Fine plug Era a. Goffett Chugen. I Brug under a of a Usu gen or i so bet of by fib to 6 Uger Aff Cut Gjendem often in 2j?a� e or Pflager t of Vorm of Sifley a Demaer of. By 8 til i Fenc Bels til be it Najt Tolfe of jts Verne Sifber Bercs der bebic. F5 or Uben Almini Bolige bribe Erber Gjendem often Urga a tog up debt Ober Pele son but of a Genbe dental a Jeni player of rte sifter of a Demaer 486.000 a u8lifter, Poopaa of pfc re Over fit Ober be t a Afef by Renee Familier fast a up Ember til a Gaber Ober nil apr uhf a a of. 2.800.000 person Feller Poopaa oplp8-Ninger of bet Enfelt sub Icib inf a res. 1.600 �fib8ltftcr for be Binben slights a re Fer by Renee Garth ier. 20.000 person Feller for be Paa Famme Zombor bpm Renee Pernoner. 3.800 �fib8tifter for Garth ier i Beio la Neffe Abue of Paa poet. 50.000 person Feller for be Paa Famme of Borbus 1 in by p or f 0 be r. 8.600 of Coli ler til Fumm Ariffe org abet for Poer �lling8freb8. 1.800 obebfammenbrag8-Siftcr til opt gamer for port or Rob of Poer by 7,300 for a Ellere. 3.400 a Irful re Atiga Penbe to la Ngeu til a a Ding be tire Fernc. 4.400 diff drifter of Ben Freone 2ratriful for Erreger i Inmar Feii a a. Bergs ups vim ter info. I Goli fiber. 1.600 a jul. 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