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Affiches Annonces Et Avis Divers De Rotterdam Newspaper Archives Sep 12 1812, Page 1

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Affiches Annonces Et Avis Divers De Rotterdam (Newspaper) - September 12, 1812, Rotterdam, Zuid-HollandA Quot. I8is.a n n o a q e Avis differs a a b. Riv a a a r / a a a a. Quot r o t t e r d a i. A amp Midi be 1i%. A Pete More. R no. Xio adv rte a Tien. Aank0n d Gingen 7. It n a b e i Tena a a a a utter p a my saturday Den 12 .september.,a la Feuille do Auto urdu Hui. Eur Ajoury uns up pfc intent. F by Het Biad Van/hetltn7s Een supjeinymgevoegd., lot. Per 2 3a 4 5. 6 7 5 4 5 5i 5 4 5 5 5 4 -5 eff e t a p u blk c a a Amer dam a 19 be Plemert inscription a grind vre. Cen Fri cats a a of v7 a a a certificate. It a of pfc Ripton a a certificate v ,. A a a . A a a a a a a certificate. A a i to. A. A a info Ripton 7_ a a a a a. A. Certificate 1 a. A a certificate i-.-,7 a. Cd Riff cars. A Sariri Ait a de Yingto ins 1805 /. fur Les by Maines. 1. A. V Boas do Syndicate note Furie i kid amp a 4tae. A Idera. $me., a Idem a 6nie err a a tiers Cou didds. A. Cert Jutca a do Idem. A Rufie t. A a fans. Amdncaibs., 7/ope, comp. T 0>�de. ,. A a y. A 1 Prusse a a a a it Ai Triche Chez Goll amp to a. Ill up t a certify Catsie is m2 in 4� 3ar Reva incisor Lem port 0ga 1 to i�., do a nes Nan pipes i on re Idem or. 124 3 a j. A to 3 4. 3 its it i -1-225 f j _ 1 a s to a. 27. I-.27f. Is �5x m it. 50 a 5jj. 99\ a 99f a. 90i a let to.82 a 82? .75 >7 1-787 a a 78j l j t 37f it 38. 85,3 a 3d it it6 i ,37 a 5i� a 52 a 17 a j9t 13�,it hi-17 i i7i. Ii a ily. .82, a 84 a i1 pc t 3 .31 4, 3 5 4 .5 r .1 / v. C a p f e c. T e n -.i. A a a am of ram Din a a is a Timber. Inch roving in Het Groo Boek. A certificate a. A a a r. A a a a. A it ,. A. A or certificate. A pfc braying. Certificate. Pfc braving i. Certificate. Inch roving. Cerri i eaten r. Info braying. Certificate. Certificate. Twin Rig Jarige Renten 1805. To Meir Boos. Bons syndic at 2de Ferie. ,. K Dato a 4de. Pc. Vidito. 5de. T ,. Dito ,6de or. Tiers Congo lid in Van Dezelle. Obi Gatis nop Hopt co comp. Sweden a. A �.1 a a a Prai Fen. Of Stesyk by Goll up comp. Otto a a a a �1 a Weener Ceni Fieten by Dezelle obligation Spanje 1805.Dito. .<.1807.,. Portugal ,. One Fiche Tollen. A. Mop re Napoleon. A �?�.,><�. Certificate Dito. Pc i2jr 11 1 3i-vu v a \ v. Quot a 5i 5r Yiyi six a 221 k a a v 27 h i six. Run a i 5&Quot. Ii. h 51 j. 991 it. 9�r a 91. 82 it 82. -75 75% 7?1 h he. 37? 4 3� 1. Fis a 86. 26 a 27. A 5�j i 52. 17 1 19. I3ira or a 17 a �7� i 15 a.11 amp of a m. 82 a 84 6 a h 6s, or i x t c o 1 r a n to Rotterdam it i septembre. A a drivable Croute Ronge iii. F 22 b 22j Croute Rouge Jaunt de ski 1. 2i2 i a create Rouge. -21 ii Are Idem create Rouge. K to do a to de Gouda in al plus Bis que Chelci Demai. Tunc de 14 a Quot to tgu a Quot i lok a v ,"1. 1 Francais de Gouda de .5. Ï2 if de Lelide of de cumin ,. Dito de Delft l8i2 it a a -4 Burre hol Landas ,. De Fife Diton Degueldre 7 Dito do Bois let a 16 a i it of 5 h i �5 it it. 8 amp 9i 23 k 30. We it #3� a ,20 a 1, p i a s c o Ura n Rotter dam Dan w september. A / code mid Elbare Kaas 1811. A a 22 k b2, Jonge Jito Dito Mey nil k 32 Kleine get Heerde 21 a 215 Dito Retourne folder 20. Gondi by. Zomer f lager als de in Fly Kaas. Jonge Van 14 k 16. 16 k l6j. 10 k 12 a. A v. Is b 15 fran Che Goud Che Van $ k 12 amp \. 15 Leyd Che a Mynde. A lib Quot Delft Che a Mynde 1812. A Quot a a 8 k Holland Che Boter. A a a 28 k Yri Estebe Dito. A. A a a y 22j k Gelder Fobe Ditoto Bossche Dito. A. I l1 a 19 a 9% 30 �3�

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