Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Sun, Sep 28, 1873.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, September 28, 1873

:veINNOOF»ESOd© !B,tojre tneirthe ST. CHABLES, 30 and 32 East Third street.The regular dinner lor fifty cents comprises all th* delicacies ol the season, and served in the best style. se2-lm CHA8. SELVES. Proprietor.DEBOLT EXCHANGERESTAUBANT.Avr THIS POPULiS BE80RT, COiWEJ Of Coon and Main sts., visitors to the LjWosi«turn will And the most complete bill of f^'gKgtendance, and reasonable lt;■ barges. R £lt;JC NEB SO CENTS, Including the gubstantlals^Mgood tatweeH|ernH seS-lmW2k STSSSS^ A’SHmmm. how* of B«4» o’clock. cH_COMMEB.CIAL COLLEGES.BRYANTI