Gatewood Farm Sale 1870

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, September 28, 1870

LEGAL.♦Commissioner’s Sale.Kenton circuit court, Kentucky,George W. Jones, Trustee, Ate., plaintiff; against John W. Coleman, defendant. Equity. 3,495, By virtue of ajudgment and order of sale of the Kenton Circuit Court, rendered at the September term thereof 1870, in the above cause, I shall proceed to offer for sale at the Court-house door in Covington, to the highest bidder, at publio auotion, on MONDAY, the 10th day of October, 1870, at 10 o’clock A.M., upon a credit of eleven years, except one-fourth (Jfe) of the purohase money, money to be paid in three (3) months from day of sale; interest payable on the eleven years’ bond, the following described property, to-wlt: That tract or parcel ofland known as the Gatewood Farm, in Kenton County, Kentucky, and belonging to the estate of the late John W. Coleman, deceased, containing 173 7-10 acres, and being situated 51* miles southwest from the city of Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky, adjoining the land of George Phillips and lying on the waters of Horse Branch.Land to be sold in parcels or as a whole to suit purchasers.To be sold for reinvestment of the proceeds for the benefit of the parties herein. For the purchase price,the purchaser, with approved surety or sureties, must execute bond, bearing legal interest from the day of sale, according to law. Bidders will be prepared to comply promptly with these terms.FRANK P. HELM, Master Commissioner.SALE OF REAL ESTATE.That valuable farm situated in the oounty of Kenton, and State of Kentucky, ana known as “Gatewood Farm,’’ and being part of the estate of the late John W. f oleman, deceased, will be offered for sale by the Master Commissioner of Kenton Circuit Court, at the Court-house door, in Covington, Ky., at 10 A. M., MONDAY, October 10, 1870.This splendid farm contains 173 acres, which have been divided into lots varying from 15 to 37 acres. The land will be offered first in convenient parcels, then as a whole. This farm is beautifully located, 5H miles from the city of Covington, and lies upon a good turnpike road. Valuable improvements are situated thereon. Soil fertile and well adapted either for agricultural or grazing purposes, and contains many handsomp building sites.Terms of sale—One fourth (It) in three (3) months, and the balance in eleven (11) years from the day of sale.Plat of said farm can be seen at the office of FRANK P. HELM, Master Commissioner, in Court-house,Covington. Ky., at any time. se23-3t-se23,28,oc8