Advertisement Clipping from Oxnard Press Courier, Wed, Sep 12, 1945.

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, September 12, 1945

, .::ul•*•* * ', ,4 •Chevron Supreme has the highest high-octane number of any gasoline we’ve ever put on the highway. Now that doesn't mean it will turn your family car into a racing car — far from it. But it will do for sour car just what Chevron Aviation Gasoline does for aircraft. Here is how :THIS IS WHAT HAWNS WHIN A MOTOR KNOCKS.. POWIR WASTID\/HIGH OCTANt GASOUNC BURNS SMOOTHLY FOR FULL ROWtRThis is how Chevron Supreme prevents improper combustion in your engine. Motorists call it ping, flyers call it detonation. It robs engines of power, wastes fuel, makes cars sluggish. By taking the ping out of your motor, Chevron Supreme helps you getevery ounce of power built into it.You'll drift over the toughest lulls with never a knock on Chevron Supreme, you'll hjve ready reserve power in traffic, and alert getaway from a stop light — that’s what high-octane means. Try this highway version of a famous flying fuel — you’ll say:■#'There’s a new kind ofthrill in driving whenyou useRfC. U S.PAT ©PP.SUPREME 6AS0LINESN/AAT STANDARD STATIONS, GARAGESCHEVRON GAS STATIONS