Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Wed, Sep 6, 1876.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, September 6, 1876

ST. BEBBfABD.The Democracy of St Bernard and vicinity held a meeting Monday evening at the Engine-house, to organize a Tiiden and Hendricks Club. There was a large attendance of voters, and much earnestness was exhibited in the proceedings. The meeting was calledto order bv Wm. Bode, the Executive Committee ofthe mecinot, and Mr. Henry Feusterwald was made Chairman. John Post was called to the Secretary’s chair. A Committee of three on Peruiauent Organization was, on motion, appointed by the Chair, consisting of Messrs. Robert Kemper, Wm. Scoulhoff and Wm.Bode, who reported as follows: President, H. Fenster-wald; Vice Presidents. A. Attermeyer, Frank Broxter-maun; Jacob Hies, J. H. Thamana and Samuel Kemper; Secretary, John Post; Assistant Secretaries, Henry slacke anu B. Brenners; Treasurer, J. II. W. Rott-' A Committee of five oh Constitution, consisting of George Kuapke, L. Attermeyer, George Young, Henry Ketnner and Bryant Finney, was apnomted.On motion, it was resolved that the club meet every Thursday evening, at the Engine-house, at 8 o’clock.On motion, ail who desired to Join the club were invited to come forward and appeud their signatures to the roll, which was generally respoudea to, and the names of fifty voters were signed thereto.A Campaign Committee of live was appointed, con-sistina of Jos. Finke, Wm. Bode, Wm. Stevenson, Wm.Schnlhotf and Robert Kemper.A Committee of Finance, consisting of five was ap-Sointed—J. H. W. Rott, A. Attermeyor, B. Brockmann, i. iiobraer and F. Broxtermann.Thec.ub then adjourned to meet Text Thursday AVHtilmr. at the Engine-house.