Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Tue, Oct 26, 1869.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, October 26, 1869

NEWPORT.The following is the annual report of the Treasurer of the Campbell County Turnpike Comnauy, submitted to the Board of Directors, ou Saturday last: Amount of cash in Treasury, October 21, 1868, $1,485 55: cash received from all sources during the year, $9,937 47—-total, $11,423 02; amount of disbursements during the year, $9,286 45; balance in Treasury, October 21, 1869, $2,136 57. The receipts of the several idilgates on the road during the year were as follow's: Gate No. 1, $6,483 40; Gate No. 2, $2,063 71; Gate No. 3, $1,064. The following officers were elected lor the ensuing year: President, Bciij. Smith; Directors, R. T. Thornton, P. B. Spence, Cliaa. M urn an, Jacob Hawthorn and Dr.. John Orr; Treasurer aud Secretary, Taylor Williams.