Barlage Sells WL Douglas Shoes

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, October 16, 1880

W. L. DOUGLASBeit material, perfect fit, equals any 15 every pair warranted. Take none unless “W. L. Douglas’ $3.00 Shoe, warranted’.** Con-ess, Button and Lace, ■hoea from dealers. sendfryou cannot get theseaddreaa on postal card to W. L- Dooglaa, Brock*. toq, Maae.For sale by CARVER M. ABBETT, 124 W. Fifth Bt.. bet. Vine and Race sts.: JOHN F. BARRAGE, 305 Central gve.: M. MAILENDER, 525 Central avej H. DUDLEY, cor. Court and Elm ata.; W. M. IRWIN, 384 W. Sixth «t. rah29-13t-M-8p