Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Wed, Nov 26, 1879.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, November 26, 1879

BA*E BALL.A Novel Game Played In San Francisco.The following account of a game of base ball between McVey's nine and members of the Colville Folly Company, is taken from the San Fran-oisco Chronicle of November 19:The contest, between the Cincinnati Base Ball Club and the Colville Folly Troupe, as played on the Recreation Grounds yesterday, was conducted under #Buch burlesque conditions as : to suggest to a practical observer the ad vis ability of transposing the nomenclature of the respective contestants to the Cincinnati Folly Troupe and the • Coilvillaiuqus Ball-tossers. In view of the immense superiority of the professional ball players over the disciples of Mourns, the former were haudicapiiert by certain onerous conditions which gave their less skillful opponents afair chance for competition. According to the agreement.entered Into by both parties the professional players were to reverse nil the usual methods of playing the game, and use only the left hand for batting, catching, pitching and throwing. The base running was also to be left-handed, or, In other words, the Porkopolites were to make | the tour of the bags In a reversed direction, commencing at third Instead of tirst base. These stipulations were faithfully enforced, and j resultod in a most ludicrous contest. There was a | fair attendance, among whom were a large number of ladles. The female portion of the burlesque j troop occupied the reporters’ stand and officiated ! as official seoi-ers The contest throughout was j characterized by most execrable playing, relieved bv an occasional act of forgetfulness on the part of the professionals, who would in a burst of excitement make use of the dexter digits in their manip- j ulaiion of the sphere. The skill displayed by the j dramatic nine in holding the ball indicated that they might, under moRt favorable oil matlo and epidemic conditions, be able to catch the small-pox, but that would be j the limit of their catching qualifications. ! At the bat they proved more skillful, which is probably due to the fact that they are accustomed to making 4,hlts,” but the manner in which they reached for some of the balls indicated that theyoould do better execution with a boat-oar than a bat. Reed carried off the honors in this respect,