Advertisement Clipping from Cincinnati Commercial, Sat, Nov 6, 1869.

Clipped from US, Ohio, Cincinnati, Cincinnati Commercial, November 6, 1869

A Few Eligible Site* for the PeiuBome,In the City Connell, yesterday afternoon. Dr. Maley, the chairman of the committee appointed to seleot a site for the proposed Pest-house, presented the following proposals from persons w# are willing to dispose of their property for the purpose speoifled:f C. H. Fenton, Mt. Airy, 20 acres; $11,000.Dan(el Gano, two tract*, one fronting o# the road from the Harrison pike to McHenry Bridge, at Cum-mintville, 26.35 acre*; $15,000, or $600 per acre; the other, adjoiuing on the New Baltimore pike on the west, 33.35 acres; $8,000.Win. Rankin, one mile west of Brighton House. 17 acses; $1,500 per acre.Mary J. Holenshade,' tract on Harrison.turupike, 4)4miles from the city, 40 acres; $45,000.Peter Carnes, tract two miles from Brighton House..on Lick Ran Dike, 29 J* acres; $15,000.Peter Fitzgerald, tract west side of Montgomery ike, midway between Pleasaut Ridge and Sharpsbnrg tation. Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad, 13.37 acres; $15,000.H. C. P. Roeplmg, tract 1 mile from Sedamsvtlle Station, Delhi Township, 20 acres, $1,000 per acre, with 20 acres more as a free gift.O. M. Langdon, tract on East Walnut Hills, 65 acres;$25,000.W. Q. Adams, 105 acres, “very reasonable pricdP’M. Carpenter, tract ) mile from Sharpsburg station, Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad, 12 acres, $450 peracre.Jones, Morton St Co., tract H caile this side of Madi-aonville, Maiietta and Cincinnati Raihoad, $500 peracre. * 9H. M. Pomeroy St Co., part of 'Tanglewood Farm,”Badgely road, 20 acres; $20.o00.Same, whole of ‘ Tanglewoo# Farm,’ 48 acres; $30,000.C. K. Bourse, tract in Section 20 on Riddle street, between property of O. 8. Dodds and Judge E. Woodruff,11.47 acres; $25,000.C. Boss and others, committee, Schuetzen Park, Fair-mount, 22 acres; $1jO,000.George H. Fein, Section 2, Range 2, Green Township,40.22 acres; $12,000, or $300 per acreHenry Benson, tract in Orr’a subdivision, MillcreekTownship, between Harrison and New Baltimore pikes,11 acres; $700 per acre.Same, a lot adjoining, 11 acres; $600.Elizabeth Omnsch, tract on Hdrnsou pike, three milesfrom city, 10 acres.Thomas Emery’* Sons, “Billings Parm,” on hill, a mile and a half north of Kairmount. 48 acres; $25,800. «W. W. Mosler. tract, location uncertain, 20 acres, $10,000.John F. Torrence, for Jefferson Thompson; Section 33, MiMcreek Township, one uwle from Hameltown, West Fork of Mill Creek, 22 scrds, $350 per acre.J. J. Kemptou, 20 acres, about one mile west of the