Davies, Keusder & Brown

Clipped from US, California, Oxnard, Oxnard Press Courier, May 22, 1958

rnlticwpornfcdRav Shnllx Bllt;Areas10504 Harold J Wells res gar 2301 Roosevelt Blvd Oxnard$0,000 Ocean ViewgarRdadd 48 $ 1.800.Mtn Mew Oak ViewBeachBldrs contr.10595 Lake Sherwood Mutual Water Co pump house off,Sherwoodj10604 Robert Wrightson carport strom Pools contr.1601 Hillcrest Dr Thousand ! 10615 Clifford TousignantOaks $200.10605 Harry Falke res A 1365 Strawberry HillThousand Oaks $14.(XX) E W10657 to 10672 incl Simi Valley resl Land Improvement Co res gar (16) res gar Wright Ranch Unit No 1 $148,000.Ravmond Rainey res 10674 Jerome Lira res 212 ErbsBox 207AWylie Inc contr.106061Stafford Rd lake839 lt;Springs$150. | contr.10596 George I Noyes duplex 10611 gar 202 104 Oxnard Rd Ox-ard Beach $13,500. iD Brown move res Ventura Ave Casltas$700 Frank Doancarport Route 2 Fillmore $10,000.10618 Clinton Holbrook res A2921 Cortez St El RioHwv $1,200.Chas J Johnson carport i No Alvarado St Meiner Oaks $300. ••10597 John Ashburn playroom iooi 2 Bryan Compton boat stor-101 Rincon Beach No 2 age accessory bldg 772; Corsicana Dr El Rio $1,500. College 10614 William J Everett swimming pool Route 2 Box 260 B Santa Paula $3,500 Wahl-gar $12,000.10621 William, Ringqulst garNewbury Lane off VentuPark Rd Newburv Park $1,000.Rd Thousand Oaks $9,000 George Andrews contr.679 Eleanor O Si beck res 170 Palomares Venturagar $14,000. 10682 Irene Shippers packing house 924 E 3rd St $18,500.8827 Santa Clara School repairs 323 So E St $202 Oxnard Plumbing Roofing contr.8828 Rosenmund Gherini res repair 162 So A St $65 Oxnard Plumbing Roofing contr.graham contr.1062Long bath houseRobles Thousand10600 Calif Lutherantemp office Olson Rd Thousand Oaks $3,000.Lou3495 Los Oaks $200.10630 Orville Bafford 272 Mahoney Ave Oak View $ 1,000.10631 Lawrence Logue gar 125 E Loop Dr Camarillo $1,000.10632 I ,er» Eller re« add 4787 \d-Hernandez duplex gar 272 Fulton St Camarillo $2,000.10683 William Murray sun deck145 San Fernando Rd Oxnard Beach $300. res add 110684 Chas R Jones storage bldgCitrus Dr Moorpark $200. 10685 L B Malkins res add 320 Felkins Rd Santa Paula $500.8829 T W Baron comm repair 1650-1660 S Oxnard Blvd $102 Oxnard Plumbing Roofing contr.Ventura Bldg Permits Wm Mall Bldg Insp21449 Kenneth S Fox fence 6020 Loma Vista Rd $500.21450 C C Cratch patio roof 63Madera $100.21478 C Grant Partch shed 397 S Joanne St $100.S830 Est of H H Eastwood commrepair 309-311 No 5th St $1,667 Oxnard Plumbing Roofing contr.21151 Mr Burman fence 298 N Homer $500.21452 So Calif Edison Co offices 2316 Channel Dr $35,000 Allan Constill contr.21453 Thomas Kincher .res add 476 S Howard St $3,400 L K Smith contr.21479 L C Elver fence 534 College Dr $225.21480 Gene Ragatz (Bisonte Motel) add 3135 Ventura Blvd $21,000 C R Pride contr.penter Service contr.21481 R Damkier fence 119 Ixy-ola $585 Durable Fence Cocontr.fence« %ARd Thousand 0aiviToDavison's000$100.tvradiol oqie634 Union Oil Co compressor 10688 G H Dalton gar -bldg add South Lemon Dr nut Dr El Rio $1,500Jkvvvrotpo«*iblHtreport* providedtelevision tonighton HClimoxlTOP SHOW TONIGHT — Time of the Hanging/' on Climax' tonight ot 1:3 p.m. over CBS-TV tolls ttto story of a hard-bitten ranchtr who finds himself fighting th# whoto town when he fries to save his brother from o murder charge. Starring Lee Marvin (It. Ballinger of ”M Squod') and Marsha Hunt. Playhouse 90 follows on the same station. __ —. ■■■■ imM——■ — _. . —i—. —■■ —. . ——■—■————www————h5.Santa Paula $1,300 Steel Bldg Co contr.10635 Frank .T Antonieh convert gar to res 325 E Oak View Ave Oak View $500.Pacific H0689 Roy Ward LawrenceSwanson service sta gar Ventura Blvd Service Rd Camarillo $40,000 K F Wagner eontr.Good 10690 Ramon Subia gar 426221454 Leonard E Noran fence8831 M K Inadomi res repair 450 Seton Hall $500.117-119 \\ ,th St $147 Oxnard 21455 Dale RobertsonPlumbing Roofing eontr. 6009 Hunter $140.8832 Ben Watlington res re- 21456 D A MacGregorvpair 402 S0 D St $368 Oxnard 211 S Brent bt $80.21457 Jack Mehlhoff res gar 21486 W M Stark fence 48 So 3135 Grove St $8,900 Chain Constr Co contr.fence000ColorcastThursday5 p.m3—Hawkey e4—D'th Valley5— White Hmi7—R Weaver7139—Movie Pat Boone Ghost Towns9:30Hope St Oak View 10637 Jim Almaguer res add 1123 Walnut Canyon Rd Moorpark$1,000.10639 James D Spiecher convert shop to res 3705 Roosevelt Hvvy (101 A) Oxnard $1,000.10640 HuenemeC! / \ /'S 1 T \ 1 f ry f m • « «Subia garSaviers Rd Oxnard $200. 10691 Mrs Frank Graham res add 110 Solimar Dr SolimarPlumbing Roofing contr.8833 Wenlev Krouser res repair 120 Magnolia Ave $75 Oxnard Plumbing Roofing contr.8836 Est of Joe Schreiner comm repair 433 N Oxnard Blvd $816 Oxnard Plumbing Roofing contr.21482 P B Merryman et al fence 85-77-69 Loyola Ave, 61, 78, 66 54 Wake Forest Ave $2,355 Durable Fence Co eontr.21483 Joseph F Taylor fence 4399 Dean Dr amt not stated.21484 W M Dyer fence 278 N Dos Caminos Ave $150.21485 City of Ventura restroom Anacapa Park $2,500 HlghtConstr Co contr.21458 Zebco Products Co comm alter 1294 E Main St $500.21459 Holiday Homes Co res It 120 Tr No 4 Holiday Homes $13,455 Davies Keusder Brown contr.Howard St $35.21487 Don Harris alter res 230 Brakey Rd $275 Ventura Car-8837 H J Becker res repair 329 21460 Holiday Homes Co res It So F St $95 Oxnard Plumb-000.I Louis137 Pasadena Oxnard Beach $7,000.Elementary; 10694 Louis A Lewis res garring Roofing contr.8838 Joseph Jackson alter res 134 So Juanita Ave $1,000.8839 Oxnard Christiain Church alter church 601 So D St $61,-000.8840 Carl Alpvnndpr nlfpr122 Tr No 4 Holiday Homes$14,747.50 Davies Keusder Brown contr.21461 Holiday Homes Co res It123 Tr No 4 Holiday Homes$12,214.50 Davies Keusder Brown contr.rpc ! O1 n.. ~ 1 * rr: 1 A - ^Ojai Building PermitsOliver Bigler Bldg Insp”28 M J Hirsrh res add 415 Grand Ave $4,650 J Gustafsoncontr.mt.■f /\ oj ';» 4 4 ■' *• *;urSanta rt mm compaky, di Gtowto. CAiirotxu4v,